Grinning Cat Face Emoji

The cat variant of the Smiling Face With Open Mouth Emoji.

Grinning Cat Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😺 Happy Cat

😺 Smiling Cat

Unicode Name

😺 Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth


😺 U+1F63A




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Claudia Cat Girl ‏@4238_449

@incredfurbabies They're so beautiful.🐾💖😺

GūrūKïRãñ ØffīcîãL ‏@KiRaNGuRU_1

#HappyBonaluToAll.....😺😸 👉Pancha Kattu Showing Our Passion And Culture #festival👦 #TelanganaSpecial🤓 #Panchakattu😎…

matts emotional ‏@mattsemotional

😺 Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth

hot rose ‏@hatch_hotrose

Hello😺 #quickdrawing #drawing #cat #猫 #お絵描き

MC2 (squared)🏀⚽️😺💊🙏 ‏@Freckles2178

My boyfriend surprised me & got me NY Knicks pajama pants. 🏀❤️😺 It pairs nicely with my Amare Stoudemire tee shirt. 🏀❤️🏀❤️🏀❤️🏀❤️🏀❤️

⚡NEW Music Vid - Energy Like Ninja - Link in bio! ‏@NinjaTea0161

😺If you like cats, drop your fave cat emoji in the comments 🐱🦁🐯👇 ... Inspired by chloexpu 😹 * * PS: new NinjaTea m…

Ellen🍄🌶️ ‏@BongwaterAmoeba

This is from late July but I found it and I dig it so 🐙😺

Spicy🌶🍒✨ ‏@Spicyselfcarex

Things to do with friends ✨😺

Lindsey Kate Sutton ‏@LindseyKate_

@Kelsey_Shelton You know my feelings on cats. And I will tell you this every time you post something about yours...…

Kathe Nettles ‏@kathe_nettles

Very true and very well said @TrooperPesola. It isn't about the driver who made the bad judgement call. It's about…

chlo🍒 ‏@Chloeee_313

like 4 a tbh 😺

i t a •᷄ɞ•᷅ ‏@jiminiecharms

Have I told u that I miss Yoongi so d*mn much?? 😭💘💘😺💘💘😭

✖️Riley Rae✖️ ‏@rileyraegrey

@ImYourDad____ Aww thank you!!😺💖 that's how I feel about my kids too... Jinx saved my life cause I was in a dark pl…

Katie Saunders ‏@KayteeGrace

Work trips made exponentially better with @MyFavMurder played through a copper horn. ❤️🕺🏻😺wanta 🍪? #SSDGM…

Gege ‏@Pomquat

We just lost one of the kittens in our living room.🙀 However, after searching for more than 30min, we finally foun…

CatVid Repository ‏@CatvidRpository

All cats are unique and awesome in their own way, but orange tabby cats have a special place in many peoples’ heart…

mari ‏@cherrygurl108

me all day everyday: I’m so tired me @ night: 👀👀👀👀😺😺😺😺😺

SEC48♏️ ‏@daytonan12

Fritters, my eyes are tired & I need to sleep. I wish all of you ( the ones Twitter didn't take) smooth sheets & co…

Dolly Shot ‏@Dolly_Shot

@biancaxunise you do everything you need to do to take care of yourself. 🖤 I can't imagine how traumatic something…

ale🦋 ‏@Ale_rosaas

this is my happy face😺

Elena sando ‏@elenasando

My beautiful beast😽😺#cat #tuxedocat #lovecats #beautiful #kitty #kittycat

CD Bihh 😈 ‏@CertifiedCD

That 😺 keep calling me

Eli.B ✨ ‏@EliBAsc_

Family from New York visiting this weekend! 💕 I can’t wait for Eliana to meet them 😺

Candy Working ‏@CandyWorking

@saki_tokyojapan You are so wonderful beautiful Bu 🙂😺❤️

bonnie goldman ‏@bogo_82

Oh h h . . . . They are gorgeous..😻😸😻😺😹

jenna 79 ‏@jennajozeph

@CUTMYLlPLlVE he’s already posted about me before and it’s just fucking stupid at this point and there’s no reason…

Lil Kitta ‏@lil_kitta

Hey nice hoomans, drop in and say hi please to Sibling Revelry Gamerz! 😺

Maubox ‏@mauboxcircle

@cfm_rin_eng Yaaay! Thanks so much! 😸😺😻

i am Ingrid Faith proud ARMY ‏@WingsAthena

Twinning w @BTS_twt #hobi #diminie .😺✌💜 athena wings oasis

Marquis Spell ‏@SMSSpell

Thank you Mrs Henry for stopping by The Field and getting some work done for me👏😺! #udidnthave2butUdid😺!…

CHEETO BLAZPHEMY🏔️ ‏@BlackVeilAngels

@dansedelamort Thanks,stubby is super cute,will probably do the vid at the weekend 😺🤘

Marquis Spell ‏@SMSSpell

These ladies are supposed to be planning a workshop🙄, but they’re over here taking pics at The Field😉😺! WE Are...Wi…

Marquis Spell ‏@SMSSpell

These colleagues kidnapped me for a lunch PLC😳😺! #okletsgo! #buildingrelationshipsiskey #DOMINATEdontcompete We Are…

Keesha Sharp ‏@keeshasharp

@Soonerthanwyro 😺 I will do her version when i play her. But here’s my version :) (produced by @mrbradsharp )

BrickinNick ‏@BrickinNick

Check out this super cute Clockwork Kitten we built as a special #LEGO viewer build request! 😺 Check out the secon…

Dr. Kelly S. Whitten ‏@Drbunny17

@UchennaN_42 How about a date?! 🤷🏼‍♀️😺

🔮CrystalSocks🔮 ‏@GoldenHairPunk

@Chukkaque @DaUnknown817 @giltsummer5196 Replied to the original 😺

Debi Bradford ‏@twit8626

oh nice nice place to lay 😍it 😍😺helping

Debi Bradford ‏@twit8626

great pic good poses 😍😺😺pretty

we are 💞 =^..^= #FreeTheRealRoseanne ‏@UnderdogKitties

spoiled 😺

whistlincat ‏@whistlincat

Hey cat friends out there ... 😺😸😺😸🐱😻 Must love cats Season 2 Episode 1 😺😺😺

Mauricio Pizarro Fuentes ‏@Malico77836654

it's officially announced in More countries I trust you with love Mauricio 😺👍 🐶👍🐯👍🦌👍🏾🐮👍🏻🐹👍🐻👍🏿🐨👍🏼🦁👍

kayla_lone_wolf ‏@kaylalonewolf

That true and that fact I do 💕💯🐺😻💖💋@BaronCorbinWWE I love baron Corbin I dead baron Corbin my life 💕😺😇 the end of…

Sandpiper👑✝️✡️🐕🐈❤️ ‏@darhar981

@DougHawk Good night Doug! Thank you for the gif 😺❤️ Sweet dreams. God Bless You my dear Friend Abundantly.🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️🤗😴

Bronner Yorke ‏@Bronner4Trump

@bella_inxs @kimshawn0209 @luvnewinfo @Jali_Cat @USATXFL @wwwillstand @ScrewedHumans @LaurieDumilieu @GartrellLinda…

Tri-City ValleyCats ‏@ValleyCats

Ramiro Rodriguez lays out to record the final out of the game - ValleyCats take the first game of the series 3-2!…

CornAnon ‏@AnonCorn

@IanColdwater I try to keep my tweets about hypersonic corn cobs and Da’s waifu. Sometimes other stuff, but I try t…

Chester & Max mom ‏@pukipie

@harlequin_van @ItsMeDeaner @SneakTheCat @ronithebrat Sorry Meadow we don’t know because our mama always does it too 😹😹😺😹

The Pie Piper ‏@thepiepipernz

😺DONATION DRIVE😺 This weekend!!!!!! The donation drive is almost here. If you bring in a donation over this weekend…

Aimi 🌸 ‏@untiltings

@Dinom1973Di hello!! 😺

MsGoodMeowsMum🐱 ‏@LoriAngel13

@WalkerNewton_ We love you too!!! To the Moon and Back!!! ❤🌻😺

UK College of Ag ‏@UKAgriculture

@JerichoCurry @UK_MANRRS @farmcreditmid @universityofky @UK_BSU Congratulations, Jericho! 😺

Patte Diggs ‏@patte_diggs

How cute is this??💞😺

PROPHETESS ‏@briannachiyo

would help with my bills and taking care of my kitten 🙏🏼😺 $briannachiyo @trvisXX

Sheryll Stacy ‏@sheryll1127

@ColeTheBlackCat @lynda3035 Happy birthday!! Love a kitty snuggler!! 💕😺

Jesse Evans ‏@Dillion167

@echo0816 I still did feel really bad for her everyone's insecurities and worries are different I'm glad She got th…

FNP💘 ‏@CmorePhresh

Busy chasing 😺 cat 🏃🏾💨 Get some 💰 money Set the 🕳 trap #WednesdayWisdom

★Иᵃᵗⁱᵛᵉ Mᵃᵏᵃᵛᵉˡⁱ★ ‏@NativeMakaveli

Yₒᵤᵣ 😺'ₛ ₘᵢₙₑ & ₙₒw ᵢ dₒₙ'ₜ ₑᵥₑₙ wₐₙₜ ᵢₜ......

XSharonSisterUpstairs #BernierNationX ‏@mmccdenier

@dan11thhour Perfect, Dan😺

jenna 79 ‏@jennajozeph

what am i to u 😺😺😺

wiselatina💜🐬🐈🎶🐋 ‏@Wiselatina626

@people @thevampirednews Both of mine going tomorrow... just that they don't know it! 😒😺

❌VotedTrumpPhilly 🇺🇸 ‏@BioExcel_Philly

@thre3D @NDAA2012 I can tell!😺

🐾 Puff 🐾 ‏@Pizzapuff15

@cocoa_dot @timzmom @RatesDaGoldfish @Rottenscotty12 GN sweet C & D! I think there should be a short cartoon starin…

Pudge ‏@pudgedev

Got a commission done and got some new games. Goobnight 😺

ScreamAE ‏@Gamerboy90

Unreal Tournament 2018 (25 Frags) Ok! I'm Ready Now😺| Elimination Pro | ... via @YouTube

Cara ‏@cara_ford12

a rare sight of me dressed up 😺

paige toth ☾ ‏@paige_toth

@plantbasedashh Omg I assumed it would take Canada awhile to get this 🙌🏽😺

KimonoKat [TK] [PHXN] ‏@KimonoKat

Fyrestorm is Now Live! 🔴 !play #MarblesonStream 😺 Come check him out! Thanks so much for raid the other day. You ar…

UK College of Ag ‏@UKAgriculture

This year's Living Learning Program (LLP) shirts are hot off the press - we'll see you tomorrow during move-in! 😺…

Waffles Mom ‏@BlackJaplove

@aww_cats So true 😺😽

XSharonSisterUpstairs #BernierNationX ‏@mmccdenier

@AppleLong I think I deleted that tweet...there was an error..i put up a new one..sorry And hey, THANKS! 😺

J. ‏@Jessie_JiaXin

Joon is it you 😺❤️

DegaMomma👣 ‏@Pixxydoodle

@charleebeartrts My kitty gets treats everyday 😺

🇺🇸Douglas 🇬🇧 ‏@rukiddingme3590

I planted this flap jack succulent in memory of Milo.🙂😺🌈

tropical_skittles18 ‏@harley_quinn102

I liked a @YouTube video FiveNightsatFreddys2 😇😿😺

tropical_skittles18 ‏@harley_quinn102

I liked a @YouTube video Minecraft Papercraft dance 😺😸

Myndmelt ‏@MyndmeltGaming

Her life is so sweet she feels like Cody. Catnip time. 😺🙀#cats #catsofinstagram #rolling #catnip

camille 🐼🌟 ‏@camillecastanas

@gelafishhh Happy Birthday, tita 😺😻

FTorres ‏@FrankT2jr

@backt0nature Yes. Yes he is 😺

Ken from Chicago ‏@KenFromChicago

@sjnews @MurrellDan @RothCornet @screenjunkies @getFANDOM This one's for Ed: #ALadyAndACatAgainstTheWind 😺

albert ‏@albuuurto

hey i am high 😺

Kate ‏@KateNotSoGr8

@moxiesaturday Kitty teeth! 😺 Also, pls don’t leave twitter, we love you here!

🚀Space Cadet Barbiedahl🚀 ‏@snapdragon4561

@SRuhle oh no @SRuhle is shouting in all caps! She must be really mad. 😺she’s so nice.

R∆GIL ‏@ragilrahasto


Sip & Purr Cat Cafe ‏@sipandpurrMKE

Drag Bingo! September 19th @bloodyearlyhour:30pm! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon!🙌🏻😺Link in bio! This month’s…

Electra ‏@oxbritneyoxx

LOL seeing the today show studio made my day i’m such a nerd😺

Chester & Max mom ‏@pukipie

@vroberts9 @PattiBrookd @JoyOfCats @catsrule0 @SassyCassyCat @Palmolive_S_Pan @sharon_cantley @WalkandWatch…

✌ ‏@shiny_melody

Let's kick this off with Skittles the Skitty! Not my most recent shiny but she's lovely all the same. 😺…

everything1k💦 ‏@KyonnaDenise_

I can’t fw no nigga that be fw no bitch cause my 😺 wayyy too good to let you put in ya mix🤪

TProphet ‏@TProphet

@LoraxOfSex Mew mew why did mommy take me to the dentist meow 😺🐈🐱

Bronner Yorke ‏@Bronner4Trump

@luvnewinfo @bella_inxs @Jali_Cat @USATXFL @wwwillstand @ScrewedHumans @LaurieDumilieu @GartrellLinda…

Lucky ‏@bluemoonwolf64

@pookagoat When I was hiking I saw a bunch of caterpillars eating the leaves 😺

pheelit ‏@CanUPheelit

Everybody needs a cuddle 😺

Lucky ‏@bluemoonwolf64

@6thsensepony I'll play with you 😺

Lucky ‏@bluemoonwolf64

@LeoxKatsuro @tobythefox26 Dang you both have the hover motorcycle awesome! 😺

Lucky ‏@bluemoonwolf64

@berubeswagos Aw you look so cute 😺

тσѕнι ⚡️ ‏@Kyroko_

@mutsuki0511 No problem 😺

Deuce. ‏@Shon_ThatGuy

All that barking and I know he a 😺

Missy_LoveCat ‏@LovecatMissy

I love #art 😺❤ #cat #cats

Gigi ☾ ‏@Gbodonn

Everything is going so gud for me lately 😺😺

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