Grinning Cat Face Emoji

The cat variant of the Smiling Face With Open Mouth Emoji.

Grinning Cat Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😺 Happy Cat

😺 Smiling Cat

Unicode Name

😺 Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth


😺 U+1F63A




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Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@luvcats142 Thank you so much! Have a wonderful Wednesday! 😺💕🐾🐾

Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@SlmThereal Thank you very much! Dad makes sure we all get treats. Have a wonderful Wednesday. 😺💕🐾

Camilla Higgins ‏@CamillaHH1

@KayGreg49730854 @The_Monty_Dog @ArchieLakeland @goldenprincessG @DavidWilding271 @PFezzwig @mollie_Apso1…

Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@garciapenelope_ That what he tells us too, thanks! 😺💖😘🐾

Mill Cats ‏@mill_cats

@garciapenelope_ Thank you very much! We're glad when he's here. 😺💕🐾

SensitiveVeg*an🦋 ‏@__Julie_Rose__

@sasoriza_chan @Nvcompte5 👌🏻 ... my words😺

E ‏@EshaSrivastav13

@Surbhi_fc_mm1 @SurbhiChandna @RedFMIndia @RjakritiR It's audio right? Where can I find it??😺😺

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@OssieAndLuna @MrSilverForCat @AngelaStillwell @lkclayton2 @duchess_meow @Biscuit_Meow @CounsellorsCat…

Angus McPussPuss ‏@AngusMcPussPuss

@OssieAndLuna @MrSilverForCat @AngelaStillwell @lkclayton2 @duchess_meow @Biscuit_Meow @CounsellorsCat…

A C H O O ‏@A4APaul

@rzlnnbccy Alaws 😺

PUCc Meow ‏@MeowPucc

In a deep sleep 💤🤗😺😻 #cats #CatsOfTwitter #cutecat #catlife #cutenessoverload #CuteCat #pawsome #catlovers…

Pickle and Nancy ‏@PickleAndNancy

@MollyMoggy26 Pickle quite likes it but usually because she gets a treat when she runs on it! Nancy just looks at i…

Nick Reay ‏@nickareay

@ChukaUmunna @ihaveleftlabour Only 48 are 😺

NicolaWalker Fansite ‏@BonkersButBrill

Good luck to #NicolaWalker #AlunArmstrong #MaggieSteed and crew of #TheCane #RoyalCourt tonight, press night 🙀😺 wai…

army ‏@army7r

@OfficialMwave Our MEOW MEOW 😂💜🐱😸😺😽😹😻

Sonic & Nala Elisa ‏@SonnyRed01

@Biscuit_Meow Aaah 😺 good to know that you also do it. Daddy doesn't know a word for it, it is HMMMM! 😹 i often do…

✨Helen Winson✨ ‏@helenwinson2010

@HorseHour @RockfishWellies Would love these wellies 😺

MM_Art ‏@Miss_Myriad

@_ALIMATES_ Owh, thank you!! ❤💕😺💗

Cherwell Cats Protection ‏@cherwellcats

OMC! On the 12th day of our #CatventCalendar 😺 it’s 🧣 wearing Cat from Down Under Frisky 🇦🇺 😻Come back tomorrow to…

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@virusvikcky 😺Happy bthday hukum😺 👏👏👏👏👏😂👍💪

semi-hiatus ‏@furrytaetae


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Barney has apparently made peace with Santa Snoopy. Phyllis has come out of hiding. And it’s a partial Phyllis ecli…

Ivan Clark ‏@wobblyclark

@FartyCheddarCat CAT has a special surprise coming her way from the US, hopefully in time for presents day. I think…

Lindsey Gansky ‏@lindseyithink

all i want for christmas is for @VistaKicks to come back to dallas please we miss you 🌊😺🎄

Chloe Cat 🎄🎅 ‏@ChloeCatUK

@BelvidereCats I'm not sure, they don't seem to come up on my timeline. Paw hugs to you all, but well done on the mischief 😺

ELijAH BARNS ‏@ElijahBarnsUK

@brownbowlerhat 😺😬me neither - I only posted it because it pretty much stars my books. Nice bit of taxidermy you've…

♥️🌹🎧Music Kitten🎵🌹♥️ ‏@musica1akitty

@PNEShirley @musica1ity @YouTube You too Shirley 😺🌲❄️

🌟☃️🎄ジョルダン🎄☃️🌟 ‏@jordans_magic

When my cat does this it only means "Hooman my belly needs scratches... oooh your hand looks like a scratching post…

Othello & Leia ‏@RealCatAttack

@sandrafcurley86 Thank you! Our furiend Ford @DomesticGideon needs all purrs 😺

Lustig ‏@PallasWest

@BarristerSecret @SLATUKIP No disrespect to you, but by the same logic, so would my cat 😺🤣

Edward 😺✌🏻️ ‏@Edwardonatav1

@AnnaCAAlves17 Great place, remember chocolate hot and coffee ☕️😺👌🏻 Great quote Anna, have a beautiful day..🍃🌹☃️😺😽😻

Voucher Angels ‏@VoucherAngels

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@DrEReinhold @GemmaSPearce @SallyPezaro @jenbrea @BluesteinLinda @LoveInYourTummy @BendyBsms @ehlersdanlosuk…

Dat Nicca Lito🥁🎬 ‏@LitoLeftFr

Ain no cocaine in me but when I’m hurt I still cracc a smile😺

Ryzunja ‏@Ryzunja

@barrywyman2356 Good morning Barry!😺😊🙋‍♀️ We still have winter and a little snow))❄️❄️❄️ But very dark. I want the…

Katzenkater ‏@KaterOlli

@hildekinthaert1 @SquireMogli @lena_valentin_ Olli has been back home for 3 weeks. 😺He was away for 12 days.😕. He is ok.

Hayley Turrell ‏@HayleyTurrell

Bob! Everyone needs a little more mischief in their life! 😺🐾 Check-out Felix’s latest adventure, then tweet…

Fernando Reyes ‏@WweFernandoR

the love ❤😺of my life #feliciahardy aka #theblackcat ❤😺

Ce Gao ‏@gaocegege

Kubeflow 0.4 is comming 😃😺

Hisato K. ‏@HisatoK1


Anjali Dhar ‏@ada4058

@SaschaBenny 😺😸😺Endless lies.

Tamil Tiger Toes ‏@TamilToes

@AngelaMortimer2 @SOSmoggies Yesssss!!! 😺🌟😽 People think Moms mad cat whistling but we come as soon as we hear it 😻♥️🐾😽

Karibu🏡 ‏@princeshericee

@JazlynnRenay @TErraLeeann_ Such aggressive language. Why don’t they empower the pussy or love the 😺

Pauline Wardle ‏@pmw_77

@TreasuryMog @popsaboutabit @T_mR_g_rs #Gladdersyoga has started early I see 😺

Anjali Dhar ‏@ada4058

@SaschaBenny Thank you very much😸😺😸Just wondering what Mrs May has got in store for us today.

Charity Deanna Winchester ‏@Miss_Charity_M

@VjMahad Wow, you look beautiful😺

violetwords ‏@violetspeak

the mama carpet live is on,imma watch 😺✌

Kitala Laris ‏@KitalaLaris

@cowboy_steel Its gorgeous 😺

🐾Cleo🐾 ‏@carolineCMCE

@mr_b_and_dillon thanks for the advice about insurance we have gone with @boughtbymany too 😺 they sent me a message…

chaiii ‏@childofbreezyy

tatted this weekend😺 might mess around and get like 3

Ashlie Clifton ‏@Simonebaca04

@chrissyteigen Same. 😺

Susan Rumsey ‏@rumsey_susan

@Lgh95 @dawn1968 @juniordrblog Good to have a happy ending in these chaotic times. Must have been traumatic for you…

David Powell ‏@DavidPowellHud

Thank you to ⁦@HuddersfieldUni⁩ estates colleague who has sorted out the ‘window problem’ in the office I share wit…

Fre$hPRINCE$$👑 ‏@DeuceyDavenport

Soo I had a date 🙀😺

HighlyUp ‏@HighlyGoin

All she gotta do for me is to put that😺on me & cook for me

Paula Ann Blissett ‏@kinsindeeks

@hemswrcth Hey Homeless Sexual, will interact with u, i don't get too excited anymore, when i get un followed😵😲😥😺😸

richard w sampson ‏@sampson305rw

@puscatelle I understand, purrrrfectly.😼😺

Alex🖤 ‏@aleksadl

Why not😺

CSS Frankfurt ‏@cssfrankfurt

Backenders, designers and non-dev-folks are welcome as well! 😉 See y'all on Friday! 😺🎄🎉🍪🎁 #cssfrankfurt…

Emily Webber ‏@ewebber

@markdalgarno @scottcolfer Now that’s a meeting I can get on board with 😺

Fejes Attila ‏@fejesatti

@KittySource Perfect and sweet. 👍😺

Pauline Ann fearnley ‏@fearnley_ann

Everyone needs a little more mischief in their life! 😺🐾 Check-out Felix’s latest adventure, then tweet…

Jessica Duchen 🇪🇺 #FBPE ‏@jessicaduchen

Huge thanks, @CramBookClub @annecater for this super review! Glad you liked the ending... 🙃😺

Celia Parker ‏@celiaparker65

Cat has captured and brought in - a dried flower stem. He's now in the killing quarter (under an occasional table) torturing it to death.😺

Pamela Stewart ‏@Un_vuoto_pieno

Everything will be fine as long as you cuddle a cat! 😺😘#cats_lover #CatsOfTwitter #catsarefamily ❤️#grateful…

Princess Morgan ‏@moggymainecoon

@SteveOverall At yes, those lovely flying snacks! I was also caught here, unsure whether to read the Maine Coon man…

Georgina Clarke ‏@clarkegeorgina1

A treat for cat-lovers - and all who despair at the world. 😺

𝕲𝖊𝖊 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ ‏@vloggyfroggy

@ClaimsFair 😺😺 Awww, thank you (!) and...

MAGNIFYK ‏@magnifyk

Yaga Bluberry #FBPE 😺🐕🐈🐈🦔🐼🐻🦆🐥👌🦄 is now one of my followers! Thanks! 3926…

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