Smiling Face With Halo Emoji

A face with a halo above it, used to represent an angel, or a good person / person who has done a good deed.

Smiling Face With Halo was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😇 Angel

😇 Halo


😇 U+1F607




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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Thanks for the RTs 🔃🔃 this week, much appreciated :) 😇 @Soca2k2E ⛵✈🚢 @soca2k2 @machouruguayo22 🇦🇷🐟🎣…

Mylyf ‏@Mylyf9

Thanks to all you lovely people sending Cumtributes and Cocktributes 😈😇

PLUTO ‏@Real_pluto_

For you not me.. But things go turn around b🌹😇

laura¨ ‏@defjaebub

I stand corrected, it was at namjoons requested 😇

Kesh🌻 ‏@keshyanawareza

@giveawaymerchxx Doneeee!!!! 😇💕💜

natasha romanoff ‏@karzorell

@danie_alsn study ko oy 😇 GROUP STUDY EVERYDAY

Sammar Amin(Janbaz) ‏@SammarAmin1

@PakistanUbeauty @iqrarulhassan @mmahamm1 Thank you so much😇

Hemanth ‏@ihemanth22

@ImRo45 #CEATCricketAwards Who is ur rold model in your life (even before entering into the cricket field) U r my rold model 😇

mics 🦋 ‏@micaellahmdr


@Mr.J ‏@ampalayohanjudy

G- God 😇 S- Stay ❤ W- Wonderful 😍 ( GSW )

Olauria✨ ‏@BlackCanary_x

@A1Burston 😂 nah dw it’s not a spoiler, just clearing up any confusion innit 😂 I wouldn’t do that to you😇

Scorpio4ever ‏@scorpiopeche1

And stress free, happy, and fully independent 😊🙌🏽💪🏽❤️💯💁🏼😇😍😘😘

Mino Natur and Animal Lover ‏@animal_mino

@DanaDorrell Thank you Dana🙏😇😇😇😇 Always my pleasure!! Actually,don’t remember which wonderful twitter friends send it first😌😌😌😌😌😌

Aida ‏@AidaNabilahx

just incase you want to watch @Nicksyaf15 😇

Noelia ‏@rink_noelia

Purple’s wild side with Soki Spawn 😇

Ronellie Rose 🌹🖤 ‏@Buknayiiiiiin

Just got home from class and St. jude 😇☝🏻 #blessed

JULES ‏@iamtheonlyjules

I’m here for this 😇

Anthony J. Croce ‏@Topcat19582005

@Cryptic1iam @AimeeHelene1 Min disowned go ahead. Amazement. I dare you 😇😇😈😈

Ching ‏@YYChing94

Stay grateful, be happy, life's actually great 😇

ΓΛHKΛ ‏@rahkstar

Got booty called ln way past my bedtime. Ima scoundrel tho so u know I went 😇

Wigwamholidays ‏@wigwamholidays

Glamping this #BankHolidayWekekend? Here are some tips on how to be an expert in #glamping etiquette 😇 …

Claude✨ ‏@_semwenmichelle

What he said 😇

Love😍 ‏@chlzyjhycb

Good luck! 😇😍😩💪✊🏀

Tracey Fidler ‏@TraceyFidler5

We need more kindness in the world 😇😘

Louis ‏@louispalo_cpa

Happy Happy Birthday to the ever energetic total performer, @Espanto2001!!! God bless you always. Have a blast, ido…

まほらる ‏@AnzuKon10

@Burinomunieru13 You areGod…😇

😍FanGirl of chef VikasKhanna❤😘 ‏@heenakau

@Team_Vikas AdminJi 💓 @Chandni_Rajani @meetlife240 🎉🎂🎈🍰🎊 @TheVikasKhanna Cheffu please wish them #TeamVikas 😇

j ‏@joangrans97

Cultivate Kindness😇

Mitchie Maravillas ‏@MitchieMaravil1

@heavenlyleann #HeavenlyGiveaway 😍 You look like Jefree Star. Like Im so starstruck .You look like twins 😱😱😇 fb: m…

Maria❣ ‏@Nicolemillar_

St. Jude. 😇

Tere Romero ‏@TereRom14

I was shipping the father and Zelena before all the stuff with the kids.😇😅😅

Rose Lowe ‏@twiddergirl48

How about Johnny Cash... " When you got the blues.. Get the rhythm"" NOW THATS A SONG RIGHT THERE😍😍😍😘😘😇😇PLEASE AND…

Ashraf.♣️ ‏@Ashrafayman999


Unwanted Speck of Dirt ‏@triggeredcutter

spending long hours with your one and only love is very priceless and full of genuine happiness😇💘❤

Jamie | SB Zrqie ‏@Zrqie

Hello 😇

robert Tomlinson ‏@robertT29205814

🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show ⚡🌎🇩R🇮F🇹W🇴O🇩😇⚡:#Head2Head

betchayy ‏@mnnslbrndtt

@airaamae__ happy birthday, bebe gurl! ❤️ always choose to be happy, you deserve it! God bless 😇 game naaaa

7k ‏@ImSoWavyGB42

Blessed to see another day 😇

神崎のりこ@再就職😱 ‏@noriko_2015

@SunBofu Its considerably dangerous. 😂😂😇😇😇

☽💜Mikela💙☾ ‏@KeldeoXerneas

@FeelTheFlowe Hope your drought is broken. Prayers. 😇

kfelix😻 ‏@FelixKeithjames


Davina Mckinney👑✨ ‏@mckinnda17

@miklong18 @abbyhiller97 Nope tm is Friday 😇😅

Jade Pennig ‏@zahnster

@pennig @toddhgardner Don’t believe his lies he only says this because his wife has literally two. 😇

Fanny Ståhl ‏@FannyyStaahl

@TheVampsJames her Instagram 😇

BlackMamba ‏@RellikYaj

What a might GOD we serve😇❤☝

🆖_🅱ullaH 📝لکھاری ‏@BullaAali

@RiDa___7 Jeo Same Here 😇

Center Fairy 문쭈쭈 🧚🏻‍♂️ ‏@renyuwe14

this 😇 doesnt really suit me lol

Daman Mayal ‏@damanmayal

@DiMarzio The God has spoke ln, and hence it shall happen 😇🙏

Jobana Torres ‏@jobana_torres

@BKhalil95 Didn't lie😇

brooke ‏@tantonbrooke

@simskaelin1 You’re welcome, I love you too😇

🎯target_ofenvy👸🏾 ‏@__Telfi

Patiently waiting 😇

Trev Devlin AbatePC ‏@Abatepc

@carlapunkgirl Spot on young lady 😇

Anna07 ‏@FretAnna07

Been outdated. 😟 Thanks G. I am fine now. 😊😇

Me🌸do●︿● ‏@Medo79573853

@Shery53651047 @genanashaat @Mariamoo3o My crash 😇😍

mari ogawa ‏@soSoLoveMyself

Thank you Lord for all the blessings. 😇 #BusinessIsDoingGood

Andy C ‏@Andy_16c

Done my little bit of good 😇 for the day and donated a pint of my finest 💉💔 Now I can go back to being bad again…

Gio ‏@giovanniongg

gimme something to do 😇

Senna ‏@Senniha

@desh_bhkt @JhaSanjay @narendramodi Bhaiya is this original ? Hope you know meaning of original. 😇

em ❁ ‏@emilybaker77

Add my snap 😜😇

blake edmonds ‏@blake_321

@struble_taylor Amen baby 😇

lynn✨ ‏@ImyourLynn

You are my everything I want and more🎶☝️😇

The Real Quin Junior ‏@quin_bixch

if you woke up this you blessed , if you hearing the birds chirping this morning that means you AWAKE😳 your blessed…

Teija Monét 💫 ‏@teij_xo

OT real quick with my bitch before work 😇

Shyann ‏@shymerchant

Woke up to my pandora playing picture by kid rock so I obviously replayed it and had to sing it bc that's my jam. S…

Nayeem Beckham ‏@NBeckham7

that night was! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hala Madrid 😇

伶 ‏@ohkwangjungs

@Iovehojung @khojungg i will be w yall spiritually 😇

G O D W I N ‏@Godwin061103

@jomer_penaflor Its a vocation not a decision. 😇

xJManx28❤️⛪️✝️😇🙏🕊👼🇺🇸 ‏@xJmanx28

Thank You Jesus For Saving Me & Changing My Life Lord 🙏✝️ I 100% Feel Like Dancing I Feel So Incredible ❤️🙏😁✝️⛪️😇🕊👍👼🌞

Secure Administrator ‏@raashi1963

Day 44:Good Mourning.If you are sitting in IT class and you need a special project, just have all your class mates…

Gerald Greene ‏@GeraldG51287711

@imselena4u You all should have came and protect Gods son.😣😇

F𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰 ᴠɪᴘ ⓥ ‏@SupportDawg

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Lisa Appleton ‏@MsLisaAppleton

The #Buffet and #BirthdayCake was delicious 😋 bless you Liam so lucky to have beautiful friends xxxx 😇

Center Fairy 문쭈쭈 🧚🏻‍♂️ ‏@renyuwe14

@sixveryday but maybe you can uhmmn sacrifice 35k won for our dear wonu 👉🏻👈🏻 it’s not that you can buy it anywhere…

Sabelo Senala Vezi ‏@VeziSabelo

Healing and miracle Baphila Abantu waphila nawe saphila sonke receive your healing now and your miracle.😇🙌🙌…

Sapna J 🤳 ‏@FarebiAankhein

@WorldOfSterling #Travells because Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul 😇

BenFaygo-vonditsio ‏@benfaygo

@EricTrump So cute enjoy!!!!😇😇♥️

alexandra evalla ‏@Alexandra15283

"Without Charity, were nothing"😇💕😍

Lexi Bªlfe || 77 ~ 37 ‏@LexiLovesCait

@DreamForBalfe @AmiFraser122 Okay I AM GONNA LISTEN YOU 😭😢😇 #Momknows

🌸Dara🌸 ‏@madonnaSic

@vanjamsimovic Jeste...🤘😘😇

F𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰 ᴠɪᴘ ⓥ ‏@SupportDawg

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Expect nothing,just appreciate everything😇

Refiloe Fifi ‏@Refiloe_phalane

@ItsTheRealBizZ 😕😕😕 diamond sauce you say 😇😇

മഹി ‏@Mahi_Euphoria

@Livinfx @vikramanmuthu @najukka_ @joele__ @jojin_7 @laluoose and many more 😇

ben styles ‏@benstylestv

I love happy clients 😇

αʝм ‏@asiaaajm

lmao aw 😇

Marvella ‏@updegrovemarvel

🔜 Playoff football didn’t go your way? FLBP will make it all better 😇

_ ‏@Makhuvha_

I need to find glow in the dark powder 😇

Fiifi 🇬🇭 ‏@fvckboyadjacent

@_deLaaaLi @oba_acquah Lol I saw what her daddy was trying to do there and I’m here for it 😌😇

Fayza Aulia ‏@FayliaFayza

There is a lot of way from Allah.. Don't be sad if you have any problem.. You are not alone☺ Keep smile, always doi…

kwnstantina xondrou ‏@kwnstantinaxond

@pagdiwa i miss u brother♥️😇

훌리아 aka Your local gay ‏@YourLocalGayMoo

@AvengersRadish congratulations fellow moo!! 👏👏may you enjoy selfish to the fullest now 😇

Abi ‏@abigailwhiting_

@jadeordish It took you 19 years to post half decent photos- thank you! Can’t wait to see that face 😇 xxx

Dano😎🧠🎶🌈💋💵🍖🤗 ‏@algierz

@SeanAstin #SeanAstin blocked me just for that? this spoiled hollywood brat, born to corny actress #pattyduke, just…

Marjie💕 ‏@MarjJubleMabao

everything happens for a reason, in gods time and in gods will.😇😇👆 #Positivity

Isabel B🌟 ‏@GoodVibesOnly77

@Miqbalkhan @ZeeTV @KhanEijaz @RK1610IsMe So excited about it!!!... looks very interesting!!! 😊😉👍❤... you are beaut…

♉Richard oliver♉ ‏@Future_Aviat0r

- Im real and honest 😇enough to say: “ I don’t take my own advice “ 😩

😇Sue 🕊🔮⛤ ‏@suziejane3579

@thewitchbrmclst Good day dear sister have a beautiful day 😇⛤😚❤🕊

Raw Halo ‏@RawHaloUK

We're at @planetorganicuk Muswell Hill until 3pm today with delicious samples of our raw chocolate. #Organic #Vegan…

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