Smiling Face With Halo Emoji

A face with a halo above it, used to represent an angel, or a good person / person who has done a good deed.

Smiling Face With Halo was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😇 Angel

😇 Halo


😇 U+1F607




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All India SKFC ‏@AllIndiaSKFC

Happy birthday @balasubramaniem sir 🎂💐 Wishing you on behalf of all @Siva_Kartikeyan anna fans 😇 #HBDBaluSir

Th Barnaudt ‏@tbarnaud

Can you choose just one movie pleaaaaase ? 😇😇😇😊 Thanks

Krishan Joshi ‏@krishanjoshi

Everyday I wake up and have already won!!! Everything is just bonus 🏆 My four year old Cha Cha 😇 visiting the UK 🇬🇧…

soni kc ‏@sonikc18

@sadaat_sahar From different comers of the world 😇😇❤ And especially you😘

Mutabazi ‏@250_Hopemonger

@e_rwa @CIMERWAPPC and 60% or so of the perspective shown on this pic is made of glass. Shouldn’t CIMERWA worry? 😇😃

Dustin John ‏@dustoinksjohn

Thank you Lord! 😇🙏💘💓 RSPC, here I come again! 😂

Jémmy ‏@jmrsdyt_

@marloumalayao yez naman, GOODLUCK 😇💓✨

Chris Morrison ‏@Debat69

@nadkinjad Patience is a virtue 😇 😉

Njiiri's 🇰🇪 ‏@theNjiiris

@enockmuthusi @ElkaNahKipNgeno @Eddiest_KE @MukenyaKE @millanouma @IamSamiSamuel @Crazy_Nairobian @ItsBrayoo But mums still rock 😇😇😇😇

Tommy ‏@bluescouse

Super.....Super Kev.....Super...... Super Kev.......Super.... Super Kev......Slurper Kevin Campbell 😇🤘👍💙 Just kiddi…

MissBlaire ‏@missblairebaby

We failed at spanks tonight but SUCCEEDED in Blaire cummies 😇🤗 I love you guys. See you again tomorrow night!

AMERI$$ ‏@amerissnunez

Someone scoop 😇

Gabe 💖 ‏@gabbyvalera_

6 down, 2 to go. TYL! 😇

Nabanita.ashvik ‏@Nabanitaashvik1

Princess 😇😇💫💫 Excited for our doll's birthday 🎂🎂💃💃 Only 5 days to go 😍😍😍😍 #forevergirlcrush💕…

Dubaroons ‏@Dubaroons

Can anyone help me get one of these skins?💯 Dm me please 😇🙏🏻 ⚜️Retweet and Like⚜️ Hope you have a good day 🤪…

🌞 ‏@Prx_Jenn

I’m out here tryna be good & save money & here i have my bro’s tryna convince me to go to the casino & lose my mone…

Evaaaa ‏@Eva_Manate

Congratulations jeff and kelly 😇😇😍💪🏻🍺🍻Wedding day🔥

Ashley Gale Crosetti ‏@CrosettiAshley

@kingyvonne67 @dallascowboys @dak @CityofOxnard Awwww!!! Well girl you need to move to Texas!! 😇 BUT HAPPY EARLY BI…

Olivia putri ‏@PutriOl48849522

@mas_mas145 Retweet Dong.😇

Abinaya Selvam ‏@abinaya_selvam

@am_kathir Thank you so much Kathir😇😇

Bharti Airtel India ‏@Airtel_Presence

@thegoodperson18 Hey! Please know that my team is resolving the matter as we speak 😇. Will share all necessary upda…

😂🌸Avril🌸😂 ‏@Avril30610428

Happy Recollection Day Understanding!! Enjoy and have time for God always...😇🌸

Swim the Lakes ‏@SwimtheLakes

You’re welcome 😇

Chris Morrison ‏@Debat69

@KatCelt @TheHoopsFan Bet it does, always a way 😇😁

OlyNessSign515 ‏@HERMINAHESSE05

Wonderful..insane..crazy .. in love 😍😙😇☔⛅👏👏👏Thank you @ArianaGrande 💖💖💖💖💖Congratulation🎉🎊🌟🎂

Meghna Tripathi ‏@tripathi_meghna

"Let your kindness be like the rain, that cares not about, whom it falls upon."😇😇 ...................Talib al Habib.

SHINee💎 Ft. Krista💋 ‏@itsSHINeeThings

Kim Jonghyun oppa was all over my feeds 😍 and I'm so thankful for those who tweet about him 😊 my feeds are so bless…

❤Sahar❤Afghan❤ ‏@sadaat_sahar

Yeah all tnx to twitter for all the beautiful frnds we found here 😇💞😘

Abinaya Selvam ‏@abinaya_selvam

@sidhuwrites @UptownIdeas Thank you so much 😇😇😇

Ladyboss Besas ‏@BesasLadyboss

It wouldn't be a party without you #BIGOLIVE > 😇😇😇😇😇hehe.

Leo Silva ‏@leosilva__3

We get it, you’re at drakes concert 😇

Nicosia Blue ‏@ILoveAteMika

@MikanismOFC @mikslmnc Congrats ate Mikaaaaa, we loveyouuu💖 God bless always😇💓 Road to 300k na dis❤️

angela ✨ ‏@forgetitang

hey @MrVictorJonesTV if you ever need a mod I’ll always be around! 😇

Apple Lyn Osea ‏@MiSs_Lyncessxx


Anthonyjade ‏@Popolssss

Jgh from UPtown😇

Bougie Tingz 🕊✨ ‏@DestineeDaione

I’m About To Really Boss Up 🤷🏽‍♀️😇 I Been Really Working Quiet 🤫

Chris Morrison ‏@Debat69

@karen_flynn Oh I don't know had my moments 😜😜😇

sajadah ‏@sajadah

@zuk60 @shahista159 @Ahmad1038Iqbal @amjadSheikh50 @moazzamali66 @mohsinmalvi19 @drmansoorakhan @samiyabh…

jocelyn ‏@Jocelynbhd

i had a really bad headache but then I sucked my boo’s dick and I’m all good now. Dick is everything😇😇😇

Alisha Sheikh💗 ‏@AlishaArmaan22

Wow Blessed 😭😇 #RealHeroes 💯😍

Virbien ‏@vrbnlcrdc

Famiglia from first yr to forever. Chazzz 😂💜 HOY MAY PA PANCIT SILA 😂 (Photos from saibear 😇)

Tin ♡ ‏@itstinmntflco

I hope I will be part of the batch please. Please Guide Us. 😢😇

Proud Pakistani👑Aamirian👑 ‏@MadinaLover786

@AamirLiaquat InshaAllah one day🕋🙏😇💖

Jannat ‏@jannatnigam

@siddnigam_off This is awesome!!👌👌🔥🔥🌟🌟❤❤Talk about inspiration😘😇

White ‏@White23036666

@maddelenarose I think you're right person for me😇😇

•Hannah• ‏@cyrene_hannah

@keirosalesyt Thankyouuuuu😇💓

Joshua Taylor ‏@JoshuaLillas

@gayealferez I’m always okay 😇

hannah ❥ ‏@HannahLGallardo

@vivicapimentel Love you angel😇💕

shams ul akbar ‏@shamsulakbar

Urgent need of iran n russian states electricity lines to be install on emergent coap shortage😇

#worldintervention ‏@NoluMabece

It’s two days until my baby’s birthday and three days until the day she passed. She would’ve been five years old this year. 😇🙏🏾❤️

Emely ‏@emelyblossom

@x0xnissa my passion might just be the only way I’ll pass college! 😇 muchas gracias !!! 💓😭

Muhammad Khan is on a deadline! 😵 ‏@mkhanauthor

@ClaireFayers I remember this cute kitty! Is she the one who vomitted on the day of the Cardiff Lit Fest? Glad she’…

faith🍬 ‏@faithadriana_

Birthday tomorrow 😇

Andreya 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@AndreyasAsylum

@WholeLottaRosex No way...😇

Ex Why Zee💣 ‏@Thekeen7

@PhupoO_kA_betA Keep jealuse,😇

Syeda Trimzi 🇵🇰 ‏@TrimiziiSyeda

@NeemPoet Stay Interactive 😇

ᴍᴀᴅᴇʟɪɴᴇ ♥ ‏@irrelevanthell

@chellecious17 @Shooky1212 @bangtans_mutual @eightninechen @sofijkook @taekewl @sketchieu @beajunghoseok @myoonkink…

ヴィンセント ‏@vncntlcn

Praising YOU is more worth living! 😇🙃

Naseer ‏@BeingYuvNaseer

@filmy_farhan Aameen😇 You too brother !

mik ‏@imperfectattoo

i’ve never been more content😇😇😇

Fizza Zehra~Janbaaz ‏@FizzaZehra72

@iqrarulhassan #TeamSareAamJanbaaz is ready to help in every way alhamdullilah!! 😍😇 Proud of all💚💚

Syukrisaifuddin ‏@syukrisaifuddin

Jump into your dream!😇

🌚 ‏@cynthiachavez35

Movie night all night 🍻😇

janbaaz 🇵🇰 ‏@iamjanbaaz

Thanks bhai g 😇😇😇

Simran Miniya ‏@thesimranminiya

Yesterday had a beautiful evening with #gurudev . . #blissfulleve .🙏😇 #anandutsav #Happinesswithgurudev

Joseph Wallen ‏@josepe4u

Hey ❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻 Sylvia Murdolo ❌😇🇺🇸 thanks for the follow!

nidhi ‏@nidhi_nv

It took the vision & resilience of one man who knew his job to change the whole face of the Economy. India saw a t…

Hilana. ‏@HilanaBestavrus

@Minamaher_ @BishoyFo2ad Bt3 rabna awe🤷🏼‍♀️😇

Ashleigh ‏@ashleigh_1313

It makes me so happy knowing people who don’t like me still think about me😇 I must mean something to you😂

نایاب ‏@CutesyPie__

@iamhamzaabbasi It's my BIRTHDAY today Hamza please wish me, if possible 😇💕

Famous 🔥 ‏@famousmagacom

😇😘 Blake Lively Goes For Neon Green During 'A Simple Favor' Event!

Marie Raszeja☮☯️♒🌊 ‏@Marie30734307

@theImpresinator @DeanObeidallah @MichaelAvenatti @SXMProgress Yes yes yes Have you notice just how many "michaels"…

Donnabell ‏@Donnabe00776709



Forgetting a few minutes.. Spending time with friends makes you feel better 😇😇😇 #Friendsmemories…

hood boujie 👑 ‏@rroquiya

@itsjustsb_ I spoke too soon bitchhhh😇 gn 🤪

CubanaBarbie 🇺🇸 ‏@CubanaBarbie

RIP Aretha 😇

V✏ ‏@VonneyHeard216

And that's my testimony for today 😇

Mahnoor Shah ‏@imahashah

@iamhamzaabbasi Alhamdulillah!!!! 😇 Saw you there during the oath taking ceremony!!! 😍 How are you now?? I hope you…

depETmeHeLyn❤ ‏@LynGolero

HAppy 8th birthday PIO Godbless you😇😇 #thankyouLord😇 #kids❤️😍

गुड़िया 🎎 ‏@meenadwivedi02

@sihagrakesh2013 @golgappa__ @RainaAshok2 @RJ_18_JJN @Jetha_Live But thnx a lot 😇😊

summer ‏@scnelsonn

I definitely don’t regret my last long-term relationship because now I actually see the signs of what I don’t need in my life 😂😇

cranialrectal🌊✌🏼♿️ 🐾 ‏@Cranialrectal

@TalbertSwan Such eloquent words from @realDonaldTrump stating the Queen of Soul is “dead”. If there’s any thought…

Martha ‏@MarmaladeMar12

@kerenswan @YouTube Just a cute little name suggestion.. Brandon ♥️ hehe unless you've already have a name 😇

Jahlesia ‏@Xolesixo

Craving someone is a real thing I see 😇

TASH💗KYLA!!!!!! ‏@caIlenreese

@destinytrios HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS BITCH WHOMST I LOVE WITH ALL MY BIG FAT HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💓💓💓😁😁😁😁😁💓💓💓💓💓💘💘…

Charlotte Dy ‏@Karloootaaaaaa

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O M E! #16 Thank you God😇 you always be my life and forever😇 God Bless.

William Kedjanyi ‏@KeejayOV2

Breakfast 😇

Gitty,Harvey🔊everything yaw hear🎧 is me🙏🙏🙏💯 ‏@Gittyharvey89


Liiiiaaa ‏@eLeL_1k4

@OfficialRCTI Done. Wish me luck. Amenn 😇😇

Voodboo ‏@Voodboo

Your music, has touched my very soul, of which has not devoured by the devil. God bless you, Evanescence. 😇

smileguru ‏@smileguru10

Sardar attending an interview in software company Manager: Do U know MS office? Sardar: if U give me the address I…

InfamisChops ‏@InfamisChops

How do you kill a garden angel 😇? @AYEVERB @MurdaMookez @ANGRYFAN007 @piperboywilliam

Padieoetattoo ‏@padieoetattoo

New in stock😇

jyceekenzaulda ‏@kenzaulda1

TOP 11 with awards💛😇

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