Smiling Face With Halo Emoji

A face with a halo above it, used to represent an angel, or a good person / person who has done a good deed.

Smiling Face With Halo was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😇 Angel

😇 Halo


😇 U+1F607




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mamí ‏@supbrea

@WaterPappi Thank u 😇

Primo ‏@arlan_danielle

Thank you Lord! 😇

JIیA💖 ‏@JanaaJiyaa

Ask me Anything ! 1. Height ! 2. Ever Cheated ! 🙄 3. Favorite Song ! 🎶 4. Favorite singer !🐁 5. Favorite Colour !🐸…

Wesley Andrade ‏@WesLeySkyWalkeR

@Samanta_Ruiiz Need one boy with you ? 😇

🔻 ‏@cheysnchz_

good morning!! happy easter sunday!! 😇❤

Jackson Brantly🥂 ‏@BrantlyJackson

@kayspringer0 My beautiful angel 😇 ❤️

VINO ‏هههههه ‏@vinoelpadrino

It’s.... just something you’re raised with 😇

Monica💘 ‏@r_monicaaaaa

@El_OsoBarbon Aha you're welcome😇


God knows we’re worth it 🙂😇 #HappyEaster

Loisaaaa ‏@MaEloisaCastro3

Happy Easter 😇😊🐰🌺

Hannah lane sangalang isidro ‏@LaneIsidro

Picture in a big house hahaha😇😅

primo ‏@pasia_renuell

Have a blessed sunday everyone!😇

ingkiii ‏@msjinkyyy

Youth camp is waivinggggg!!!! Waved back!!!! 😍😇

Roma Grace Romero 🥀 ‏@pinkromagrace

Happy Easter Sunday Everyone!😇❤️ #HappyEaster 💕

diana✨ ‏@_irishxdianne

the Lord has risen, He is truly risen 🙏💯😇🥰

Reggy Wehantouw ‏@reggy_wehantouw

Happy EASTER everyone ,jesus bless you all😇😇😇😇

Alleciane Maria ‏@AllecianeMaria5

Happy Easter! Jesus bless uss😇

Maria_Worthy8 ‏@maimai151617

We should be together, eternally. 💕😇

Berna Evangelista ‏@its_bernbern

Happy Easter everyone 😇

KAE ‏@theofficialKAE

What do you love the most? Please answer — You 😇

Gab Eugenio ‏@gabeueio

Good morning, happy easter everyone! 😇

m ‏@yowmara

He is Risen!!! Happy Easter! 🐰🥚😇

Zed & White ‏@ZedandWhite

@MrTalin @AdobeXD @Pinsky @madewithadobexd Sounds like I'm doing it all right! 😇

PIEY💙 ‏@_PreciousAine

Thanks be to God😇❤

Jhoan Camille ‏@jhoaners

happy easter sunday 😇

Andy🌸 ‏@andreabr10_

He seems so sweet to me😇

Jullia ♡ ‏@justinejullia

Easter Sunday 😇

kassy ‏@kassyyyv

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone 😇💕

Mc Brian Fajarito ‏@ItzzmeBriaaaaan

Sunday Morning!🌞😇

Rhea Jane Sabado ‏@riyajin_

Happy Easter 😇

bad lil’ fox 🦊 ‏@BindiaIrie

@Que_Hill lmao i been drankin champagne, dont mind me 😅😇

Yonathan Triyoga A ‏@YTA_92

Happy Easter, I miss my Famz 😇

Bellen ‏@bellsandales

Thank you Lord😇

marby ‏@marviloussss

Happy Easter Everyone! Godbless😇❣️🐣🐇

Samantha🖤✨ ‏@SamSparkks

I just realized that next year 4/20 will be all month and I'm so hype about it 😇🎉

Kate Barlow🌋 ‏@_prettylonglegs

@annahmaria29 A medium would be REAL nice of that booty, dang I meant body 😇💯

that rainbow peanut butter 🍯🌈 ‏@deefiercemonsta

@Ktlnpcmn Have a safe one love, we re here praying for you 😉😇❤

🍍 ‏@jonapenR

Thanks God for loving us 😇😘💕

Foot Goddess ‏@XXXGoddessBabyX

just made a dirty feet photo set 😇 if you want any, please DM me :3 #footfetısh #footfindom #findom #michiganfindom…

Prince Esoj ‏@Princeesoj21

Happy Easter Sunday😇❤

iz chubby ♠ ‏@lory_laygo

Blessed Sunday 😇 Thank You Lord for waking me up 💜

Nin😎 ‏@Paull1188

I'm so happy in this day😀😀😊😊😇😇

小⁵ ‏@elizabethnnie

Happy Easter! 😇

Riri ✨ ‏@rmsase

Easter Sunday 😇

JR Versales ‏@iamjrvrsls

Musta ang holy week natin? 😇

ElyMarie™ ‏@Elymariefit

@JoelOsteen Amen❤😇💯

BV☇ ‏@boray_aan

Happy Easter!! 😇😂

Jäîkššš🖤💋 ‏@jaiksssamonte

Happy easter sunday🐰 HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY EVERYONE❤️😇

Rnn kyl ‏@rianna_kyla


Faye ‏@fayerefuya71

Goodmorning, blessed sunday to us😇

JES3094 ‏@theonlyjessi

"Smiling is the best way to face every problem, to crash every fear & to hide every pain. " 😇 #happyEaster2019

Johnrex ‏@Revamperex

Posses a good one 🙃happy easter sunday 😇😇😇

LaurieB ‏@LaurieBEvans

@JamesRenner I have to wait for seven more. 😁😁😁. I just saw the series about Amy M. on Oxygen. You showed unrelenti…

Krabypati ‏@Patrickkarbss

Have a blessed Sunday 😇

twiksi❤ ‏@Balugs17

B L E S S E D 😇

A¿ ‏@arranicabatalla


sàm ‏@nicolesamarita_

@ervinatienza16 Iloveyouuuuuumoreeeee😘💖💯😇✨

Kevin Yehuda ‏@Aser_Vin

@TumbelakaEllena Selamat Paskah Bu. God bless you 😇

(。-_-。) ‏@ItsmeAlendale

He is Risen! 😇

mykewwwl ‏@mykajacevp

happy easter, godbless you!! 😇

luv ‏@myonlystern

Happy easter sunday🙇😇

Ked ‏@ON1Y_KED

No more pain no more 😇

Juswa_ ‏@juswaxfernandez

happy easter sunday to all God bless 😇

PeNg ⚓️ ‏@callmeladyyyy

Jesus’s blood washes away sin’s stain. 🙏🏻😇

tatinee ‏@theRealTatine

goodmorning happy easter everyone! 😇

Sogeking ‏@amatorjnr

@sedi_slim Yes sire. I check like slay queen, I can’t say no to free food 😇

UgLy🙂 ‏@Morie_Cloud

To enter Heaven we should be merciful💖 Happy Easter Sunday😇

jnr_Tallerman ‏@jnr_tallerman

@yitsugee Manage sprite 😇

sherrymaytuppil ‏@sherrymaytuppi1

@officialbogumph @BOGUMMY Happy Easter Sunday😇🙏 6 days to go ❤️ I’m so excited kahit na teambahay lang 😪 still supp…

Melodyyyyy ‏@lem_mariel

Happy Easter Everyone 😇❤

grgrgs2000 ‏@georgie_raagas

Thankyouuu so much lord 😇🖤

klang ‏@riga_claire

H A P P Y E A S T E R 💖😇

Dhellzpratama ‏@dhellzpratama


Mai-Mai 💫 ‏@sinomag_nueva


🥀 ‏@Exam_ha_yar


Maria Gracia ‏@emgieeeeee

Good morning 😊 Happy Easter Sunday 😇

aljun ladero limbo ‏@_aljunlimbo15

Creator God and Lord of Life, You who call forth from the darkness of death all those who love you, we rejoice, on…

Burakkuneko ‏@rastiwidania

I guess we have what you call a "type" for each group that we stan.. 😇🤩❤️ For me, they all haave self produced so…

Haman Karn ‏@MaikeruRX78

@classiclib3ral Thank the lord for allowing this blessed vehicle to take the life of the heretic Kevin Sorbo 👏🙏👏🙏😇🙏👏🙏

marga ‏@louisealcayde

Goodmorning 😇

maicee jung🌞💚 ‏@maiceejaydope

Blessed Sunday!!!❤😇☝

PRINCESSITA ‏@incesshech

Happy Easter 😇🐣

Kimberly Anderson ‏@KimberlyAndrsn

@TheRealJasDulin @Swilua Queer Potatoes is way more inclusive. 🌈😇❤️

darshali soni ‏@DarshaliSoni

Travelling has the answer of everything...😇 #hustle #happy #blessed #maqtoob #darshalisoni #travel #journey…

Josue Sanchez 🇸🇻 ‏@SJosue16

🕺🏻Become an influencer💃🏻by May🙏🏻 🙃😂😎🤩🤗🤓😍😇🥳🤓🤭🙃 10k 20k 30k 40k 50k 60k 70k 80k 90k 100k 200k 300k 400k 500k 600k 7…

Gary Landrum ‏@GaryLandrum6

YOU TOO SIR🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇🇳🇮🇺🇸

camille ‏@camilleee_DG

Happy Easter Sunday! ✨😇

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