Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

A happy and smiling face with big open mouth, showing teeth.

Differs only slightly from the Smiling Face With Open Mouth emoji by the fact that these eyes are emoji-style smiling eyes, instead of tall oval eyes.

Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Smiling Eyes” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😄 Grinning Face

😄 Happy Face

😄 Smiley Face

Unicode Name

😄 Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Smiling Eyes


😄 U+1F604




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Katie Heilman ‏@heilmistress

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IdaSofia04 ‏@idaSofia04

@dantdm I totaly understand dude. Hopefully everyone else does too😄👍

Scott Blake ‏@TheScottBlake

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#2YearswithAgustD ‏@LiaRae__

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Chad Brachbill ‏@copinblue

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Star Queen ‏@Stargalaxydream

Omg I remember this I loved watching this as a kid. 😄

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nicoIe ♠🌹🍵 ‏@roseredangels

@sinslovebot love you much too dee 😄❤💐

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Thanks for the ballpen😄

McDonald's ‏@McDonalds

@Traviscarter42 We'll have one waiting for you, Travis! 😄

Joanne 🌼 ‏@joanneofarclol

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Pam Pineau ‏@PamPineau

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hile 🦋💚 ‏@hileparx

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Aisha is my first and best friends 😄

Caleb Walters ‏@cwalt816

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MonsterFunder ‏@monsterfundings

Please #retweet 👍 Please #share 😄 #thankyou 🙏 #love #share #life #money #crowdfunding #monsterfundings…

Aspen ‏@treesquid72310

@thesethbishop I'm ready 😄

SixRock ‏@SixRockFire

@danielxx135 @MarioFan7464 Steam is actually water😄

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Good night 😄

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@BMDderp20 AYYYY~!! You're welcome!!😄 I'm really glad you love it!!

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Peace Love & Hockey ‏@HossasBitch81

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Adriana Moreno👑 ‏@Adri_anaaa22

Been up since 3:50 & I'm tired as shit. But im definitely staying up with my sister & the kiddos!! They're finally back from Alabama!!😄

nicoIe ♠🌹🍵 ‏@roseredangels

@sinslovebot indeed indeed and my aunt who works in taiwan sends me high mountain tea and other nice teas so I get…

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aditi ‏@aditijoshi22

@jliu3030 Thanks Jonathan!! 😄

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everybody needs one every once in a while. keeps us grounded in reality.😄 today's kids are not grounded at all.loos…

fen ‏@fenrir_71

@kmm_vangrl Can't promise that, sorry. Happy gaming!😄

Imperfectly Perfect ‏@Saitej_AA

Watching : #GeethaGovindam #Sarrainodu Reference Undi annaru anduke 😄

🍭Diane 🍭 ‏@DianaV7654

@IKRAVEMUSIC Bhahaha That was awesome! 😄Twitter is apparently doing a “bot” purge on followers. I lost alot of them too. 🤷‍♀️

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I love watching Shane Dawson's conspiracy theories 😄

Vikas Mohan ‏@alwaysvikas

Very good morning / afternoon / evening to You !!! 🙏🌹🌠🤝💫🍀🙏Wishing You 'n Your near 'n dear ones a Very Happy 'n a P…

Eternal-Frost ‏@eternalfrost78

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Braddur£vÿńń✌️ ‏@Alohaevynn

Try working 6days 10hours shifts then you know my life 😄

🍀Trini FalPal🍀 ‏@Neuro2343

Hi Justin😄😄😄 #FallonTonight

Yvonne Chan ‏@yfchanmd

@Penelope04046 @newzealand Sounds like NZ is known for its whites- which is what I prefer anyway so will def try it 😄

Mikesha_ 👑💜✨ ‏@MsDillon96

Doctor Appointment In The Morning 😁😄😃

MamaBearTellsNoLies ‏@MamaTells

So me!! 😄

Jimmy Horner ‏@hornerjimmy

I love when art and science mesh so well together and show us interpretations of creatures we will never meet. When…

Mithilesh ‏@mithilmja

@musttravelmore *Keep Munching* 😄

ساقی ملک ‏@SaqibNither

@seski_boy @tom_ki_jerry Thanks😄

Chief ‏@BWeahkee

@TessaMentus why people gotta be hatin on you tess.. damn just cant understand why?!!! it's all good tho jus love t…

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All of the feels right now 😄😭 Disneyyyy laaaaand 😍

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@leefer3 I reckon it's to drive, Lee 😄

The Grimdragon ‏@the_grimdragon

@wraithsandroses Holy fuck. Living on the edge! There's only like a 5 minute window of perfection for avocados 😄😄

Jude A ‏@JudeJudeb99

@mrpford Arhh ha.. yes I was starting to worry a bit also 😄

Josie ‏@EjamiJosie

@Ali_Sweeney I’m so relieved there is no Safe baby. 😅 Thank you! 😘 Now I can look forward to the Sami/Kristen/Susan…

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@DerekPa16641676 @Tinkerb67353068 @TomHall @BarrettKays @bynsny @GeorgPapp @AlexTelman @AuthorStClair @zamsq…

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Will Julia ever learn to have a sense of urgency and stop missing her flights? find out next time on dragon ball Z! 😄

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