Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

A smiling face, with smiling eyes and rosy cheeks. Showing a true sense of happiness.

This emoji smiles with its mouth closed, which makes it different from the other smiling face which generally show teeth with an open mouth.

On Snapchat, this emoji next to a contact denotes that this person is one of your best friends; someone you are in frequent contact with.

May be used in a similar context to the text-based ^^ emoticon.

Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😊 ^^

😊 Happy Face

😊 Smile

😊 Smiley Face


😊 U+1F60A




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Sha ‏@nshazk

@AzhanJaafar @GoodVibesFest There you go 😊

XY흔영♡방탄 ‏@ohheunyeong

That purple hair and that outfit makes Namjoon look so soft I want to hug him 💜😊 #BTS⁠ ⁠ #MAMA2018 #BTSatMAMA_JPN…

kiaaaaaa 🍕 ‏@candyscribbles

For my fourth pa-havs, because we miss their OOTD together, please follow the instructions carefully! Don't forget…

Fox's Biscuits ‏@foxs_biscuits

@greigo_uk Great choice Greig! 😊

Fahad.O.Kateregga🇺🇬 ‏@KatsFahadOmar95

Prison Break 😊✌️, For All Time

Lance 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@lorensabelyo

@jovialjal Love you to sissy 😊

Mary_Ruth ‏@RuthVildosola

@kpopredict__ Waiting for that to happen😊

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

🎅Neil🎄 ‏@NeilsArsenal

@saintdougie @davethespread @sarah56055075 It's a good thing Doug 😊

GAURAV SONI🇮🇳 ‏@iamgs_7

@His__Love0 👌👌 wah wah kya baat hai😊😊 thank you mishuuu ji you are such a sweet girl😘❤ thank you

❃ nako—chang ❃ ‏@izoenako

@mnhyune oppa, followback juseyo~ 😊

AmeBot: Become Santa 🎅 ‏@AmeBot5

@lenchen1796 I'm a friend, I'm you snowman-building-buddy 😊⛄💙

Paenggg ‏@thelastdiazs

Thank you love, Ilysm 😊😍

Kusumrawat ‏@Kusumra81551655

@AzmaanShabnam @Nikita12S So beautiful amazing pic Dii love you 😀😀😊

Tom ‏@tomaaronrica

I hope every glimpse of smile is a positive note. 😊

Paayal Rohatgi Fanclub ‏@TeamPayal

@Superpatriotic @Payal_Rohatgi @Sangram_Sanjeet @ZeeNewsHindi @AJENews @ABC @TOIIndiaNews @TOIOpinion…

Dave C ‏@daverock87

@cjcheesecake Good luck 😊👌🏻😘x

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

Rashid Uzzaman ‏@rashiduzzaman82

@Hunitsirk @BangtanSeaDayak Thanks so much! 😊

(♡ τᎯરεκ ♥)⌒。+♬゛ ‏@axlrose995

Good Vibes ⚫️ Everyday ⚫️ All Day | GOOD AFTERNOON 😊 @BEyes60 @LaraGraeff @LindaCousino @DenyMeNever @TAlsop2

Sarah Kempster ‏@sarahkempster_

Bye bye Theresa ✌️you have ruined everything and i'm sure your party will continue to. But I will enjoy the inevitable fallout 😊

Ꭿℳℬℰℛ 💕💜 ‏@taegimisfit

@MusicalDisaster You do a good job. 😊

KonradKlutz' Art Place ‏@Pastel_Dusk

Thank you 😊😊😊

Gin ‏@rnsavitri24

@nomadsteph Buy something with my own sallary😊

Adamgaim/ZETA! 😊 ‏@AdamBlackRX5

@Ddq8joKy5mum6Mf 😊✨ nice cat

Linda Gibson ‏@lgibson12397

@lonelyangel1121 Good morning Angel 👼. Doing ok thanks-still drinking tea😊☕! How's things with you lovely x😊☕☕💕

louise ‏@beltranlouisee

@asdfghjinkoy Thank you bebe😊❤️

Vicki 😂❤🇮🇹🇳🇬 ‏@MissBlackyChan7

Good morning people! Hope you are all smiling 🙂 today. Let's all be the first rate versions of ourselves rather tha…

seventeen fashion style 📌 ‏@svt_outfitstyle

so sorry guys i haven’t update for a month because i just graduated from my college. but tonight i’ll update all se…

Meeeeee. ‏@DonnaDlm71

@celticgrabosan Cheers lovely 😊😊

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

Dee ‏@dparkbaer1230

Maggie have a wonderful day today. May you find new floods 😊

𝔠𝔥𝔦 ‏@__chachiii

@clydesthetic @itsmesamyyyy ayiiiie thnx clyde ! 😊

Juan Carlos ‏@jcroa23

Last day!!!! 😊😊😊

well I wonder ‏@jonnyfp

@7Bigmouth7 @LustforLifexxx Good morning Lynn, you too 🙏😊

Anna Gene Ommen (#Gal Gadot #WonderWoman) Stan ‏@AnnaOmmen

@Skyhawk1 @AmazonGoddessD @Rexy_panther @Wondergal82 @deezel21 @GalGadotUSA @IrishPatti1 @BrokenBridgeGXB @jav5022…

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

Q ‏@_quincoo

Late nights w/ the wife.😊

theyveed_ ‏@theyveed1

@Kxng_Praise @munira___A @iam_Davido Ohh okay Thank you 😊

thank you, next ‏@baby1Dsperfect

Was listening to BTS and I loved it, then I turned on One Direction playlist and now I feel 'Home' 😊♥️ #DirectionersMemories #Directioners

Shaleh Unique💗 ‏@_MelaninGoddess

Damn work went by fast asf😊

Smurph ‏@SuelMurph

@ginnymorris73 @physio_cal @2GHBAusArmy Thank you 😊

🎅Neil🎄 ‏@NeilsArsenal

@saintdougie @sarah56055075 @davethespread I would be of that bed Doug 😊

bambini😈 ‏@bernabekakath

forget the mistake. remember the lesson.😊

Rap Industries ‏@RapIndLtd

There's no 'I' in team... but there is an Elf 🤭🎄 ! Working as a team to get our made to order products ready to shi…

Iram R Choudary ‏@IramChoudary

@Hanzalamalik82 Congratulations bro 😊😊😊😊

Shaheen 💜 ‏@DebbarmaShaheen

@rednpurpleheart @golden_shookie @mygtrivias Yes😊 friendship is.......... Irish bomb 🤜🤛

DarkTall Matam's ‏@IsmaelMatamela

@hadebe_merci Let me take a walk with you? 😊😊😊

TheFrugalFrenchie ‏@AFrugalFrenchie

Earned £4.30 this morning from only 3 surveys 😊I fricking love Prolific. Bordering the £30 mark of earnings now 😱👍…

#JusticeforUyghur ‏@__crystalsnow_

#MAMAVOTE #BTS⁠ ⁠ @BTS_twt If you see this👀👀 you are required to retweet 😊

FatIsMyFriend ‏@JoanneReynold14

Mushroom soup with #bonebroth thanks 🙏 @Daxa1768 #LowCarb 😊👍

eBay Auctions ‏@fabauctions

Just realised, I spelt 'kerb' incorrectly in a previous tweet, I blame my 'head cold' 🙄😊

EL ‏@elina_wish

@COTTONSUGA Nevermind.. It's okay 😊

chin ‏@chintaehyung

@jiminshianne You can download VPN Turbo 😊

Puas🌹 ‏@EibersonRapada

H A P P Y D A Y W I T H M Y B A B E😊😍🌈✨

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

Helen Cullen ‏@wordsofhelen

Exciting times @harbourbooks! One last signed copy of #LostLetters available for one lucky #Whitstable Christmas sh…

💜Sowmya💜JinTaecember💜 ‏@Sowmya44490283

@Tataoutsold Love you too fam!! Cheer up!! Fighting!!💜💜😊😊💜💜

Plodding Historian ‏@lke73_historian

It would not be #Christmas without the #GreatTwitterDebate about #DieHardIsAChristmasFilm. 😊😊 And P.S. IT IS!!!

Geronimo Jazzco ‏@GeronimoJazzco

@SynDaGrym They will be changed to Europa live 😊 read the FAQ

Scott ‏@ScottFromAZ

@PkmnMasterHolly Bottom left is totally you 😊

jessi ‏@winkvmon

@aRMyplaylist no need to thank me 😊 if you want I have other

Sabrina Ejore ‏@SabrinaEjore

@abkbadawy Precisely 😂😊

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

Keabetswe Motaung ‏@__Keabetswe

90% that's what I like to hear 😊

Riech (No BTS™x ARMY™, no opinion) ‏@ladyplscalmdown

@BTS_twt looked really good on the #MAMARedCarpet I was fortunate enough to witness them coming on the monent I tur…

PRESENT : Jackie28 ‏@mrinmoyee5397

@GOT7interact @GOT7Official On the 1st day of Xmas, my true love #GOT7 gave to me, a "Jackson, the moodmaker😊" and…

فی100 ‏@supikaan

@Haalo_fraand @aniqa_bhatti Hah! Thank you so much 😊


@swetasamadhiya Thanks 😊

Ana Sanfrutos ‏@AnaSanfrutos

That's me some years ago, walking on the frozen Maybachufer and holding a chunk of ice.  I left Berlin two years ag…

amaan ‏@khyberamaan

@Binte__Hawwa You should marry first than see real love 😊

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

Jeon_Jhestine97 💜 🇵🇭 ‏@jhestineabayan

@typo_taco @busanjm_ @bangbengtan I'm a 99 liner😊

Surendra Singh ‏@SurendraSrd

@rishibagree Some times it good to lose something which you have, it will give some new opportunities and learnings. Be chill bro😊😊

Fell ‏@FellForGames

@nofuel_games That’s a really nice idea for a game! 👏😊

Babajide Sodimu ‏@jideunconformed

@Oluwaseun_BC Seunnnnnn. Congratulations!!!!!!! I'm so happy 😁😁😊

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

Meeeeee. ‏@DonnaDlm71

@doghandleruk @Liv1204 Made me smile 😊😊😊

Joe Quinlan ‏@joedquinlan

@enoughspace83 I do! I’ll put Steve Miller forward for you. 😊

Dami K ‏@diesel_toh_badt

@Cici_akanke @taiemie @ghettokidddd @IamToluOnifade @Forlarkehmi @Vitamin__Dee @sleekmeastro Side peep 👀😊

Ed Neale-Scullion ‏@EdNealeScullion

@adpm92 You won't regret it. I constantly refer back to it. Well thumbed book I can tell you. 💪😊

lowel ‏@LWLFBRSO

have u ever tried to show her that you love her? — sinong "her" ba yann? HAHAHA pero oo naman😊

xxCΛMΛxx ‏@neishlovesanime

me inside : 💜☺️🎢🎡☃️🤟🏽😬🚀☺️💙🤤😊💖✨💥🎉💓💕💯💟🌀

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thank you^^ 😊

Gill Cain ‏@GillCain2

@Peterhouse_SLO 😊 my bedroom was the one in the corner 30 years ago in the L2 set !!!! Saw that it is now an office…

Muhammad Kwaifa™ ‏@Abukwaifa

Daily prayer of average Nigerian young man😊

Eddie ‏@lesbianquery

@talkphantom Enjoy then!! 😊❤️

ヴェルディ君 ‏@verdykun1969

Hello, Mr.White. I'm looking forward to seeing you😊 #verdy #ヴェルディ君

avana🌼 ‏@rochaeanne

Thanks alot😊

PROVI PRESS MEDIA ‏@Prasanthcinehub

Meeting Happening In @SathyaJyothi_ ... 🔥 Regarding #Viswasam Expecting an Announcement,. 😊💐 @LahariMusic @immancomposer

Monster MJ🎅⛄🎄 ‏@Ps4GamerMike

@feini5 Omg Hammer 😱😊

LizRose90 ‏@Rose90Liz

Hey, 🍑 I'm on #lizrose90 #porn #ass #creampie #horny #snap #dirtytalk #latex like if you want some pics! 😊

Kath Cox ‏@kathc4

@KLM_UK @mr_plantgeek It was my birthday a couple of days ago so I have a lovely bunch of all sorts from the parents 😊

샤이니’s soldier 🌙 ‏@_keybumie

What's the most memorable thing that your parents told you? — They actually told my sister but it concerns me: "oh…

‏﮼العريق ‏@Areeq070

@Turki_alalshikh @Hsf_6 و Dirty Look 😊

Joe-Vonn ‏@_TeflonVon

Good, Jonique up 😊

Jayson Cruz ‏@AwProPapaBear

If you want something you never had, do something you never did. 😊😊

Saskia ‏@saskia86

@Kolijsss Dank! 😊

BOFINET ‏@BotswanaFibre

Yesterday we welcomed the festive season with a magical night of Christmas Carols😊😊😊 Stay tuned for more images to…

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