Face With Hand Over Mouth Emoji

A face shown on most platforms with smiling eyes, seemingly concealing a laugh. iOS currently displays non-smiling eyes which convey a more serious tone.

Face With Hand Over Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes and Hand Covering Mouth” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Unicode Name

🤭 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes and Hand Covering Mouth


🤭 U+1F92D


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Sehrish Naseem ‏@sehrishnaseem04

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Desiree ‏@drippendesiree

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Volt ‏@letsvoltzin

My spirit animal 🤭😍 https://t.co/tYMRieKyVL

Nalwamba ‏@Chilubafungo

@Calvin_mlw 😂😂😂😂😂🤔 It makes sense though..🤭

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‘’Don’t even let him fuck put this pussy in his mouth’’ 🤭😈 kashhh doll came hard with this one🥴 https://t.co/Idzp1WKYAp

Ashmal ‏@overdramaticass

Mama thinks I look like T.B ki mareeza 🤭

Souled Out 🇯🇲 ‏@lindzapplebee

@jayy_fowlkess @ShmaKhakmahGHA @endlessmercies Smh. I am just deciding if I shall address him before I block or if… https://t.co/hzL6muko3l

BTSCanMakeItRight ‏@_chimmy13_

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Ms.g00d. ‏@Chinky_Eyesz

Say my name, watch a bitch reaction. 🤭

mįel ‏@amyelitoooo

Welcome back 🤭

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Dhula➰ ‏@____ndapandula

His personality 👌🏽 But his texting kak🚮🤭

caäa ‏@camimibalqis

@ayyztie aw thankyou hehe 🤭

Hana ‏@withnotes_

Forget to screenshot 🤭 @KcgirlLovesiKON https://t.co/0gvvyU6diX

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V ‏@vidalavidaloka

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@Joaog02 @_xoxomm @Achinesa_ You’ll always be our lover 🤭❤️

Spank Emma Christie ‏@EmmaSpank

@ben07051960 @Lucy_Spank_Me Hehehe most definitely!😉🤭👋🍑💋

🌼Cik Kembang🌼 ‏@NurfarahNita

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Olasunky💥 ‏@Sunky_01

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Zai🌈 ‏@babycheetoz

this is me all the frkn time😂🤭 https://t.co/kP7Nt1meXI

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Godfather ‏@Puddin500

@Iriyaghosh17 I know you very well 🤭😀

padz ‏@padzRfc

Should be a interesting one today 🤭 #readingfc

Jak // I'm so curious~ ‏@Jaksatus1

Ahahaha, I can't - they're worse than my friends used to be and that really is achievement 🤭 😂 https://t.co/DBx30b3sBx

#hellomynameis Samantha Miller ‏@Samanth32789588

@lcashy @AndyGbootneck I 💯 % agree but you put it a lot more politely than I said it in my head 🤭

🐺 ‏@_moeg99

@ColeCluster Arghhhh i clocked ur right😳🤭

🎉2020 is almost here!👌🏾😀 ‏@LaoTzu5

@TGorySOThings "Johnson Out!" was the phrase of choice a fortnight ago 🤭

Anlu ⧗||⎊ affected sa AUs. ‏@ANLUfet_

"Yes I have a girlfriend and I'm never lonely." Ang yabang, @IBGDRGN 🤭

MrsMissy ‏@MrsMMissy

During Red October. Whaddayouknow... 🤭 https://t.co/71GMktAiRe

Akanimodo korede ‏@K_kkani

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✨Lildswaggin✨ ‏@lildswaggin

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Amazon Help ‏@AmazonHelp

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c ✨ ‏@_tenoutoften

@mengfifi_ ohhh yeah good point 🤭

Rebecca ‏@AquaBetta_

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Alias 💙🍼🍼 ‏@MiniiMinn

@waistdown19 That... Would be unfortunate 🤭

Krista Adelsberger ‏@KristaAdelsber2

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Camila Falcon ‏@CamilaF65770187

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Tamiracle Williams ‏@TamiracleW

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niiazhr ‏@Niiazhr

Mommy ! 🤭 https://t.co/OieOZSVrwY

Nassima☢ ‏@EXhOBlink

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Mhick Lang🇵🇭🇰🇼💜❤💎 ‏@FederisoMhick

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It wasn't him...?! 🤭 https://t.co/zA437Nh12j

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@stephpgold @Sumayyaaxo @qaliilshaafto Maybe you should have lived in a real country 🤭🇵🇸

👑 ‏@debbiejaneth_

@AyoMando_ i lowkey feel offended 🤭

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𝓕𝓮𝓲 🌸 • UNIXERSE IN MANILA ‏@zuwoonism

Rowoon tagged Jaewook on his IG post! Does this means Jaewook is the photographer? 😍🤭💕 oh mah ship (zuho mian!) heh… https://t.co/ADxeZRR5D7

Sab 🌻 ‏@sabsabsab712

Don't lie! Name drop: 1. Raica 2. Nik 🤭 3. Jam 4. Abby 5. Papa 6. Idk?? 7. Daday 8. idk 9. Daday 10. Lance 🤣 ❤️ For the questions!

WorkPlaceFedRep ‏@fed_rep

Im now watching the commons.... Hope they all sorted child care out? 👍🤭

Mayeh ‏@MayehCullenS

Gonna delete this laturrr. 🤭🙈

Nik ‏@nik_lee13

Fetish List 🤭 1. Maybe 2. No 3. Yes 4. No 5. No 6. No 7. Yes 8. Yes 9. Yes 10. Yes 11. Yes 12. Maybe


you are not the only one on that point. But at least I'm not on my textbooks. I'm writing on my notebooks instead 🤭 https://t.co/N5c1XAyjk4

🥀 ‏@sabsmoi

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Mom's 2nd ‏@07_February_

@johny_theblessd Finally someone recognized it 😌😌😂🤭 https://t.co/KtTUfPeQT1

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@LarnChyee_ @LOLsuren Landmark lah! 🤭

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Marie Loraine Patdu ‏@MariePatdu

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public.enemy🖤 ‏@iamtrellyyy_

i really get evil thinking about this person 🤭 , it’s scary asf .

Jan Verboom ‏@janverboom

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*Lady V* ‏@tanbotha24

@figgy671 Thanks 🤭😘

🌻 ‏@Ferrly_

@oliverwoodxx Oops.. 🤭

Eshigose blairseen ‏@blairseen

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@smittenperaya Things we do for our lover 🤭

🔱LifeStylist🔱 ‏@AbbyGuguBanda

Yeyi!!!!!! Selfishness feels great!!!!!!! I now send her “treats” every now and again.. she appreciates it so much… https://t.co/jzBfZ16kOk

🍊 ‏@hwanandonly_

But as much as I love Jinhwan, I like Junhoe's style the most. Minimalist kind of style. ps. this is also me lowke… https://t.co/hg66jQZDcg

Summer ‏@Summer5890

😺✏ — more like ill make you cum 🤭 https://t.co/JgBl39c358

Candice Evans ‏@CandiceEvansss

@TheOnlyWoodyFox I was actually sneaking behind your back! 🤭😋😈

JIMTOBER ❤️ elistar 🐥 ‏@fayelistar

Collected some pretty fansupport goods again and also bought a few prints 🤭💸 money well spent hehe Thank you… https://t.co/vxV1eOPaGQ

Joy is here ‏@CrislynnJ

@polbirnard30 maybee...🤭

enesu ‏@radophile

@boradoingthings I can't 🤭

ot7🌸 ‏@goldenfairy13

"he never once got rejected" damn someone is so darn attractive or whatever. tsk 🤭♥️ https://t.co/iXxnTmUbkX

Lady V ‏@LadyV1705

After some hoo har over not having my own little space. I decided to carry on anyway. My first family shoot was a s… https://t.co/j5hcqZ1zk3

SoRockIt ‏@jesuiscynthia

@reeceking_ I feel offended 🤭💀

sky ‏@yobucky

@mackiestiddies OH MY GOD I LOVE HOW MY MOOTS STARTING WATCHING IT AAA 😭 good luck with season 3 🤭 [email protected] you’re a dabi fucker huh

Enoch Cheruiyot ‏@EnochCheruiyot5

As much as Wakenya tunataka ku outdo Rwanda with this #KenyansTAKEOVER Our girls are no where close to pretty as Rw… https://t.co/8OVkZDm9gO

D🥤 ‏@zel365

😺✏ — I hope MU win 🤭 https://t.co/urxxFLddQu

Juliet Gee - UK ‏@lady_jae_UK

Love this guy to The max...aka Pirate Pete What's with it with me and Peters....🤭😉🤫. (So genuine and approachable).… https://t.co/H9sIyl5Z69

John Xtina ‏@JohnXtina

This latest brouhaha among the Barretto sisters is in juxtaposition with the ongoing horrors of Duterte admin. Be vigilant bitches. 🙄😏🤭

[email protected] ‏@Apocalypse_Bug

Don't tell me you find these kidi balloting programs transparent 🤭😛😆 Give it to my UG students, can crack it in le… https://t.co/05tgFjCn6u

20mnandi ‏@AphaneOrbit

Oh oh, 🤭 https://t.co/QaNBTicX4D

🔮Bäbÿ Mömmä🔮 ‏@fat_assash

I can’t believe I’m 7 months pregnant. I still thought I was like 5 months pregnant. It’s so crazy to think we coul… https://t.co/RqeJbfVYBI

I wish you well. ‏@06251822_

So my most favorite is in instagram 👀 might do promoted tweet for that too depending on how much budget should I ne… https://t.co/f9273asujh

[ᗯIᑎ:ᗪ] 아델 (Adele) ‏@hwaniverse0527

@Daehwippy Right.... btw he looks exactly same like himself in begin again mv 🤭

Follow : Find U ‏@khynw00

@bisexual_demon Shownu gonna block us 🤭 be careful hdjsgdhs

🔱LifeStylist🔱 ‏@AbbyGuguBanda

It’s not really up to you, unless you migrate 🤭😬 https://t.co/TvipGdGenj

lovelyNu2 ‏@LovelyNu2

Back On My BullShit🤷🏽‍♀️😬🤭 https://t.co/9uzYUo02ie

mimimimi ‏@tabanbakhtyar

No way 🤭😁 https://t.co/FDplLAF7QB

Shykh Abdullah 🇵🇰 ‏@abdullahirfan__

1st form, 2nd form and 3rd form 🤭 https://t.co/UbvUopPj3d

Kittu 🍜 | मिन यून्गी ‏@kawaibangtan

Can your faves make Arya Stark do Idol challenge 🤭 thought so https://t.co/Qz2pFcSORF

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