Face With Hand Over Mouth Emoji

A face shown on most platforms with smiling eyes, seemingly concealing a laugh. iOS currently displays non-smiling eyes which convey a more serious tone.

Face With Hand Over Mouth was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes and Hand Covering Mouth” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Unicode Name

🤭 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes and Hand Covering Mouth


🤭 U+1F92D


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DMacGaming ‏@D_Mac_Gaming

@SatisfiedCurve Girl I told ya it was gonna get better a yr ago! When u where playin Anthem!! 🤭 https://t.co/jagSwWj5G2

snake🐍 ‏@ghostofyouuluke

we can all agree that mitch rowland is one of the hottest people out there right 🤭

ShaSha ‏@ShaaShaa88

@suzanaz11 @BiggBoss @justvoot @Vivo_India @AmlaDaburIndia @bharatpeindia @BeingSalmanKhan #ShehnaazGill is not sel… https://t.co/Il6f6zXrRO

Ale Campos ⭐ ‏@LaElectro_Lover

@WRamz05 @CumshotsDaiIy Do that to me please 🤭❤😍

Mel🌻💙 ‏@Mel1804

A.C.E 'Slow Dive' performances in Hidden Track. It's a must to watch💙 But prepare ur heart because their fatal char… https://t.co/UPX9wwmYiI

fernanda ‏@fernandauzivert

Growing means not saying hurtful things I don’t mean out my ass when I’m angry 🤭 that’s the tea https://t.co/9bCFn0iQYh

Heba issa ‏@Heba_ajjawe

I think my phone is hacked 🤭

𝓈𝒽𝓊 ~ ✌︎☾ + l❀ver ‏@Clevercookie101

Kinda funny you could sense the tension in the silence but I didn’t care cause she doesn’t deserve my attention 🤡… https://t.co/NfvX4CtIBq

Quincy Stallworth ‏@iamquincysean

@inimeaniee What song is this in this video? It got me in my feelings 😭🤭😭

Beto Trejo ‏@Brilfigvre

I’ve never begged for someone to drop music ...but drop that shit G 😤 😳🤭 https://t.co/BZEmWuWuKx

✰ 𝖊𝖚𝖌𝖊 | 80 🍒 ‏@morphtolegend

wow! i love harry! 🤭 https://t.co/wawN5K6IDm

keila🍒 ‏@KeilaGuadiana

you tweeting bout yourself hoe 🤭

レイヤ😘れん ‏@reiya_shosan

Umm they shud pick ren picture that look at left (kishi) baru seimbang 🤭 #KingandPrinceConcertTour2019 https://t.co/sKmBm0LQyo

DEVIL’S LINE😈 aka Ęss🃏 ‏@CR4nBy

im literally describing what I’m doing rn 🤭

jess ‏@pashells

@nakisaa_ Dude remember when they got banned from schools? 🤭

Loli🎀 ‏@LolitahS

Wednesday snaps 🤭😩 https://t.co/cApSryTXTV

Tía Dolores ‏@TiaDolores_Bot

🤭 The silver thimble disappeared? #TiáDoloresDidIt 😈

Manish | idle-empire.com ‏@man290746

@kwaxxi Dont know... to be in my inventory i guess.. 🤭

Princess Glenwelyn ‏@Prinwelyn

hope ya like it!! 🤭

˚✧₊°✧ME⁎⁺˳✧༚ ‏@RRaniaF

I wanna say sumn but mcm jahat pula 🤭😗

Gotrunks ‏@Doindat1thing

And I was right 😂🤭 https://t.co/Jobp1Rj3pC

Chris 🎄🎄 ‏@ldy_chris

@KnteinLight1 @OnceInHollywood You know me pretty well so the fact this appealed to me=🤭😧 It’s not a film of soft d… https://t.co/GIwlgqNYRN

Marc ‏@marc_ncheche

@_sindarin so early, oh, forget it’s festive 🤭.

jesus ‏@Jesus_M1000

@MrBeastYT and @pulte ya should do a challenge in mount airy North Carolina Js 😔🤭

𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙢𝙚𝙣 ‏@carmenultrasoft

anyone else nut to really good music? or just me? 🤭

marianna 🦋 ‏@mariannaaa_31

damn that’s fucking sad, he doesn’t claim you’re his 🤭

Gary Teale 🇬🇧🇺🇸 ‏@gastrichorn

@AmyBonaduce Get drunk first!🤭

moronica haze ‏@flourellaa

maybe charles manson would still be alive if he stanned blackpink 🤭👑 https://t.co/NkPCJB9vgc

QUEENnie ♔♚ ‏@proudtobeEnie

Rightful owner 🤭 https://t.co/zSwmINexqI

A Mohd Aiman IZZACH ‏@a_izzach

If uwu sama class as i am next year , my first prayer to be with her comes to reality 🤭

¬|| ꁅꂦꋖ7 ꂠꁲꈼꌚꁲꋊꁅ ‏@LU_aghatiny

@raidofregulus IZ! Thank you for reminding I should stan them 🤭

ℝ𝕒𝕖 💜 sophie day!!! || 𝕔.𝕔 ❅ 𝕧.𝕝 🥔 ‏@oriharachel

@mysilkyIove jae may be a pain in the ass but hes actually a big softie who gets scared easily. must protect materi… https://t.co/Ccx6qOZNKU

Marj 🍉 ‏@_annenavarro

ok im ready to learn now 😎🤭

jm ‏@jamekarashay

hate me // trippie redd no idea // don toliver change on me // d. aye add it // coi leray idol // bts (s/o isaac… https://t.co/9dQ84E98rQ

ChikniPanda ‏@Sapnayyyyyy

@JohnySin420 aik to yeah sala public demand 🤭😜

Samantha Yeang ‏@celestynskye

@MLQC_Lucien 😂 Lucien in a lab coat 🤭

Magzznificent ‏@Mahge8

Somtimes what it takes to make another person feel secure and happy is the exact thing that will make you miserable… https://t.co/MagrgqDQfv

ted ‏@_tedninja

Watching the 5 strangest anomalies in the universe and it’s just more questions than answers. 🤭

honey ‏@honeeeymariano

palin ru ismayl dyle?🤭

stephanie ‏@stephaniexvo

@MaNemGeeb that’s your “baby” but that’s my daddy 🤭

Anxli 🇲🇽 ‏@mendezanali26

My housmate let me drive her mustang and this girl really kept saying, “gas it” lol and well my dumbass did & I loved it 🤭😅

zialyfzh ‏@zialyfzh


tobe ‏@tbzi

@Deedee2die4 Please equality... pettiness is not gender sensitive..🤭

ziyyad ‏@themychah

@Guy95Malay I am waiting 🤭

‼️12.12 and YEAR END SALE ‼️ ‏@norahwax_

Its all up to u 🤭 https://t.co/eOFOi62O7f

Chewy🥰 ‏@chewybabyyy1

bitches like to say everything but what they did😭🤭

✨ iℓiαทy ✨ ‏@ilianyyy_

Bby boy wants to stay at Fountainebleau for New Years and I- 🤭

MinaJacquelineJR8253 ‏@msjacqueline79

@juanangel702 🤭😩 My eyes and everything else hurt rn

mukhabu ‏@mukhabu2

@EngnrDan Harsh partners ie from higher regions 🤭

Vera Ketaren ‏@verashinta

@vinnilona As for me, imma human version of laperan 🤭

ᴋᴇᴠɪɴ ᴍᴜsᴏᴋᴇ ‏@muxoke

Too much information 😂🤭 https://t.co/HKVxDBdeX3

GUGU NONJINGE 🇿🇦 ‏@Gee_Skiti

Tbh I forgot that there are people that still go to work 🤭

The Doberman Gang of India ! ‏@DobieIndica

@bahardutt @laliteshwar9 Watch out ! Many gardeners including "The Doberman Gang of India" don't consider "Ferment… https://t.co/QiQzV6GW5j

Melka ‏@MelkaSM

They might drop by PH..🤭 Oh [email protected] I hope it’s not on Apr 4! 😁 Charles LeClerc will be waiting for you in H… https://t.co/ilPujthoQS

Joanne Crompton ‏@JoanneMCrompton

@resophonick @LlangollenRail Maybe.....🤭

Harry Styles Updates. ‏@TheHSUpdate

Harry introducing the musical guest Harry Styles!🤭 https://t.co/uxWbmR5BAS

♥‿♥ RinnaBlair ♥‿♥ ‏@rinnablair

Same for friends. 🤭😏 #girlsfromstudio20 #WednesdayVibes https://t.co/HUwwAo8bKe

twice jichaeng au 📌 ‏@ojousamo

😺✏ — hmm? guess 🤭 https://t.co/FzmmAgLHOM

2DO 🍓 ‏@toodoh

@krbkholidayzine I would say cuddling and staying warm under blankets with hot cocoa cause Bakugo hates the cold an… https://t.co/4Pfy806Yld

punnypunypony ‏@emmathepony

@Lemontwiist65 A nice... big... hot... dinner! 🤭

seren ◟̽◞̽ ‏@evasincenewyork

harry and edward 🤭 https://t.co/NZ6P4SKDM1

karenraakerhobbs ‏@khobbs5677

MISSING please share 🤭 https://t.co/h5dTIYud7j

Eleanor J. Duchannes ‏@eleanordjane

@petitesparkIe See? I know that's so true 🤭

💚 ‏@Marthyyyyy

Crushing on a GDL rn 🤭 hi @jordigdl_07

Karla✨ ‏@_karlaaaperez

@__Josie23__ @liddleisabel this really about to be us 🤭

BasketOfSun 🌞🧺 ‏@Ra_Kete1

@ToomeyWright @MarthaThomas20 Well sadly, he wouldn’t look twice at me. 🤭

BinoBlendz ‏@bino_ysl

Ducking off when i find her 😬🤭

boss_Mi ‏@bossMi9

I Been To Myself & In My Own Lane Lately 💯🤭 On some Fuck everybody shit 🗣😌💯

^^ ‏@brttlerfly

Was supposed to get fired today but the people at work like me somehow so I still somehow have a job 🤭

punnypunypony ‏@emmathepony

@MelonieMac inb4 it's revealed YOU are her motion capture artist. 🤭

Selena ‏@selenamarcoccia

@madmansully And when we finally did we had to find a way to kick them out after they just bought us 40 nuggets 🤭

Suppandi ‏@Suppandi

“What exercise equipment does a koala use? A eucalyptical!” 🤭

Felix's Brain is dYING ‏@lixies_brainya

@angeIjaehyung @sonicgirl16_jv YES IT IS (no wonder I also have this account 🤭)

Lolo Saunders ‏@loloSaunders

I’m watching this show Glow Up like girlll you don’t know what a cut crease is ?! And that clown look ? 🤭👺

j ‏@jayyysalgado

@ Xmas party I put on the Santa jacket + hat & point at my lap 😏 to a cute girl from a different department Older… https://t.co/Ha9iF5cbKe

Zaleesi 👸 ‏@_Zarmah_

I'm enjoying the sex talk between Vongai Mapho and Mihlali, angisahleki 🤭

choco_latte🍫 ‏@ahninii

@arewaspice hello ma. Are you alive, what's going on??? Message me before I murder you. Thank you 🤭

biffmack ‏@biffmack

@McguireScotty @cinderellagrah2 I don't think this crowd would put up with any "allahaha snackbars!" right now. The… https://t.co/8f48LxiKZA

JKing ‏@Jeter4Jen

When every #Yankees trending #GerritCole except..🙄 🤦 #TwitterMomentOfTheDecade #HomeAlone I'm sorry 🤭 it's 2 easy… https://t.co/PlrVlExq57

Dean Lee ‏@deannnn1968

@TiredBrownMan @BCHSThunderBand @MyThumbyHurt If I get a TSMP, does that mean I can get my first detention?🤭

Arnoldo Ruiz ‏@thearnoldster

@isabelhijarr Ouch I didn’t know tanking you out shopping and movie nights at home weren’t considered dates ? 🤭 or… https://t.co/NsI1tgMhgo

Phenom Media ‏@PhenomMed

Very special interview to kick off the podcast dropping later today. Stay tuned...🤭

LeiLei💜 ‏@latiababee

@jenjenandjuice 😂😂😂 I told gelo 3 years and then i'll try 🤭

itz.mehoe ‏@kimcervantes__

@HeirTruth Yeah, eating totinos pizza rolls aint gon help g 🤭

East Atlanta Santa ‏@ASAPWicky

Bruh 324 million dollars..... 🤭

cam3roncat_phlp ‏@kpopenpals1

@PJMCLASSIK Signal twice 🤭

Rose ‏@cutierose0728

I don't own any butt plugs tbh 🤭 https://t.co/tUY0ppTOC9

siebz ‏@siebert_dev

@mebank https://t.co/qPUr11Bsf6 the terms and conditions on this page link to your UAT environment 🤭

Jon ‏@JonaTHOT_g17

@ajhatty18 Lowkey glad he’s not playing in the AL any more 🤭 he was just getting healthy too smh

[email protected]#£&)😋😊💕 ‏@Nancy72946014

Hubby-Wifey🙈🤭💙💚❤️💛💕💫🍁💘 @MSuppasit @gulfkanawut @mewgulfofficial @MewGulfPH @heart_of_gulf @GulfKanawutPH… https://t.co/kOMh8SCOej

Piya! ‏@sofiatwsl

Lemme answer this for you, @KendallJenner. Meet Me in the Hallway, Only Angel, Ever Since New York, and From the Dining Table. 🤭

uɹǝɟ ‏@wicked_nando

all i could think of when i saw this was @brennen__a 🤭 https://t.co/wK1E8sRfl4

Jay Ray ‏@JRayiam

@CNN @Cisco Sadly these good people won’t get much notice.......no one watches or believes anything CNN says! 😱🤭

Julia✨thepoisonofgod🔞 ‏@poisonofgod1

@Katie_Krause @etnow @insidethetube You're angels, literally 🤭❤️

Anïes⭐️ ‏@anieslh

🤭 Proud mum https://t.co/Lxy4m7IYz0

Jesus ‏@blueshinebright

@marianahoneybee Facts I know they saw my tweet 🤭

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