Smirking Face Emoji

A sly smile, often used with a sexual, or smug connotation. Not to be confused with the unamused face, which has similar eyes, but a displeased mouth.

On Snapchat, this emoji next to a contact denotes that this person snaps you frequently, but you do not frequently snap them in return.

Smirking Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

🚩 Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.

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Also Known As

😏 Flirting

😏 Sexual Face

😏 Smug Face

😏 Suggestive Smile


😏 U+1F60F




Tweets For 😏

Dj ‏@DanielDejJordan

@PGATOUR @samaxon2312 not the water anymore! 😏

Jim Bippy⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@Jimbippy

@Alberta_ADM @DawnTJ90 @cathmckenna 97% of scientist are ready to verify the seriousness of CCSD😏

T A N i A ‘ 🧁 ‏@Diimplesssss

Sometimes i be forgetting who tf i am 🤣😏


@thaibltea @rinuk86 My man looks damn good 😏😏🥰🥰 #WHYRUreadypremeeting

Johannes (TechPhD) ‏@Johannes_sensei

I'm not mentioning any names oh, but... @Ntito__ 😏😂😂😂

TJ ‏@The_Mentalyst

@tsephang_ Come 😏

Mollie the Cocker ‏@cocker_mollie

@MaxCoPo1 I'm off to puppy training 😏 hope there will be plenty of treats 🤞

Miss Rage ‏@missrage

Will choose a winner once i am back from dh Leipzig next week 😏

Sun 🔆 ‏@alohomora39

@SakuratanFC_ @mushroom111319 @renveriouz spoiler 😏

Peter Goodluck Shokare ‏@Shopeters001

@MosesShokare Are you her PA ? 😏 @__adeola__ biko Shulai come your Dm 😊

Ayodele ‏@Nath_Olla

@iam_topboii Mo ya look away 😏

venus 🎮 ‏@yoonpeg

meet my gf and our dog 😏

Miss B🐝 ‏@BloodyPolitics

Welcome to Scotland. Unless you're not 'one of us'. There's a word for that. 😏

LovingPrinceTamayuki ‏@PrinceTamayuki

@DavidMakres My fudanshi mind totally saw this and thought of something else... 😏😏😏

3L ŐSÏTŐ ‏@xxositoxx98

What is it that I’m doing so wrong? I’m doing my best to do everything better... I’m not perfect but I am trying my best...😏

ac ‏@allisxxi

no feelings attached dude 😏

Russell Charles ‏@russiecharles

@tjandidakpansi1 😏where’s that Thantharea 😂

Darling Cabello ‏@camilasdork18

@lsnchl9 Okay and send those pictures 😏

ɳσσ૨ ‏@noor_scian

Insecurity hitting harder every hour 😏 Now what ? Should i start ss game again 😂😂😂 #Sanjivani Seriously these k…

IamVotingEFF2021 ‏@bigkoostar

So Manyi makes it his business to consistently defend Jacob Zuma. Cyril has been called names here. Did Manyi ta…

Ella Lee ‏@elee_bella

@EbonySecombe You are cool and glamorous as far as I can tell, and so much more. I also prefer the word weirdo, to…

UsseryWilde ‏@UsseryWilde

When ya can't sleep so you buy yaself another sword. 😏

UFCStats💭 ‏@TheUFCStats

@streetsovrage Very tough 😏

Zainab Abdulfattah ‏@Zeelinger

@AM_Saleeem How much is 5k that I wouldn't pay😏 No 1 should stress me like that!

Gonzo ‏@MuscleYoda

@FuriousCoops I wouldn’t mind getting comfortable with that body shape 😏

Irish Europhile 🇮🇪🇪🇺 #FBPE ‏@IrishEurophile

@f505eb72b9cd493 @brianbloop @MeroQueso1 @JohnRya13591294 @tripleGGGx @GeoffKeey @Charlie_45uk @TheAntiPopulis1…

🦋. ‏@aaareik

seeing ghost like that make me feel like i know him..😏💔

Oluwaseye Omidiora ‏@theReal_SeyE

Spectranet how far weekly Sunday promo? 😏

🇮🇳 Bharat ye rehna chahiye 卐 ‏@iamniteshnaik

@Swamy39 @erbmjha Perhaps India is a country where if you are popular, people implicitly think you are intelligent…

ian ‏@TunaMayoBoy

@jan2awesome Well, 😏 is part of hibernation. 😄😂

nikki 🐢 • 25 ‏@chrispynugget10

@cherrymochas well when u say it like that 😏😏😏

papamayo☃️ ‏@pApImAy0

Girls be complaining about how there’s not enough communication in your relationship to make it work, like bruh you…

Cheeky P ‏@0000seapea808

@PoliceBadBoy That’s always a great plan 😏😁

aki || MAVI DAY !! ‏@toepillar

@numbear_ big cock 😏🙏🏻

ROLLIE ‏@zastoner

I'm stunned! What the heck Proteas!? 🤔 You didn't even set the fire for the #ProteaFire Bowling was not up to par.…

˗ˏˋ ✧ ‏@spinnermyungjun

[ @offclASTRO | #엠제이 ] . WHAT YOU WANT FROM KIM MYEONGJUN ? IS THIS ENOUGH ?¿?¿!!! BYE !! 뿌뿌 ~ 😏

Ma Nithya Vedananda ‏@NithyaVedananda

@jet_sabre Talking about yourself? 😏

Dalia 💕 | self-love szn ‏@foreigntrash

@Dejs_twtt Says a lot about you huh 😏

bbyjo ‏@Banana_JoAnna

@amnezeeac Girl you know I like my martinis DIRTY 😏💋

tolulope ajayi ‏@teeman14

@edomalo Did it work?😏

mami. ‏@Leyahtjie

Hate texting man😏

Ebunifeoluwa ‏@TheEbunoluwa

So many reasons to be happy!!!!😋😏

military.bratt ‏@Girl_Love_Polo

Mhm idk , ion like her horoscope😏..

لقمان ‏@LuqmanJohar

Just gonna wait and see 😏

Fred'Oz™🌐⭐️⭐️ ‏@DREFF_XIII

@CommeEclair Coquine 😏😏😅😂😂

Perc Angle 🥇 ‏@AyeLos93

She finally went to sleep, Time to turn the PS4 back on 😏

thai(bl)tea ‏@thaibltea

@RANEonBTS @rinuk86 ofc you are 🙄😏

Carlos Mendez ‏@CarlosMende200

#NuevaFotoDePerfil Take note that this, this is for you. 😎😎😏🍻

Deb #SaveHannibal ‏@DebbyR96

@cxpxldi Ted and Cate 😍😏☠️

Catie M. ‏@CateM5550

@JeffMccowen @ericgarland They are as dumb as they come..😏

Hinata Shoyo best boy in the world ‏@yuzushimmer

I married Lan Wangji, the Light-Bearer THE HANGUANG-JUN. What have YOU accomplished? 😏

I don't have a view - 🐐 ‏@FootballTshepo

Only time he has to worry about me, is when my uncles and brother @LutendoKhoromm2 come to your parents house. 😏😏

mb_ELF ‏@mb040715

@LindaChrst On the one hand SiHae.... by the other KyuHyuk 😏😏😏

- ‏@harowo_on

@piaXtae @SF9official wow today’s outfits are a bit 😏😏😏

Aaditya🇮🇳 ‏@silnt_thinkr

@the_good_dr_ @kausmazum Just like her doc😏😏🤭🤭🤭

Choclate Factory ‏@The_Bimss

Can twitter make it that those who lock their accounts can’t quote tweets?? Don’t quote my tweet if I can’t quote yours 😏🙄 @Twitter @jack

Willie D. ‏@willied818

@elledee_emm Good night 😏

essieee 🧝🏽‍♀️ ‏@abcdessence

if you ain’t nasty don’t @ me 😏

tele 🐧 ‏@koosmilf

@OGhoseok come over 😏

H💫 ‏@imisshanxx

😺✏ — Dirty date without fuck? 😏

. rayonna 🥵👑 ‏@CarterNykiah

cancer tingzzz .. 😏

BrianOBryan ‏@BrianMayeshiro

Realized that new cards come out on Tuesday so might as well wait until then to queue up standard again. In the mea…

clowndy 🤡 ‏@killdragons

@montilyet oops I mean shb but u should be and ur patience will be rewarded 😏

Kurt Broderick ‏@KurtBroderick1

What made me called the north daredevil? Simple I love people do parkour and doing extreme stunts it just so awesom…

James 🇰🇪🕵️‍♂️ ‏@Jmkmutuma

@ahmednasirlaw That thread has possibly led @Benjindolo to a confession box. Seems @DonaldBKipkorir has kept lanes and wisely.😏

Fan ‏@irfandnialrzk

You need to see my ring first before talk to me😏

Son of Creativity ‏@IamNgongaJohn

@5_peopl_e Lies are easy to be detected 😏

Turky love ‏@Turky_Dat_Nigga

Dick in her mouth got her cheeks like a fat kid 😏

Kelly ‏@KellyNgwazi

@_NdiMncadi One day babes😏

𝗟𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗜𝗿𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲 ‏@leicester247

Talonflame getting recognition it deserves. 😏😁

Cookie #AlliedStrong @ Round 1 ‏@cookieFGC

@AzureNexus damn i was playing him as a full main, now ima play him as a full main 😏

WE or NEVER 💙 ‏@DivieyaM

@DharaniyaRajan And I was there too 😏

Matt ‏@iamtherealmatt

@IcedFruitCake Mornin lovely 😁 Can you get the senior discount when you go out to dinner now? 🤔😏

Nobody's wife 🧚‍♀️ ‏@AhmadAbeedah

@__usyy No way my boyfriend can off his phone he's not allowed 😏



Lia❤J2❤You brought me back😭😍❤ ‏@liataghva

@IzzyIceThunder Ooh he said too much😏😍❤

S!J!_ ‏@sijibomi_

Who remembers Kungfu Hustle? 🤔 Well if you do, you know where I am going with this 🤫😏

Barry van Someren ‏@bvansomeren

@mbootsman Trying to forget 😏

Mpho ‏@mphosello

Sometimes you just have to say "wantho wantho " and jump into someone's relationship 😏

_αɱɾιƚα_ ‏@Ajeebrajvansh

@fille_positive Ignore him 😏

LA PROFESSOR DE LA FCB ❁ ‏@Fcbarcelonab4l

@MAGGEZEH_ Who took the picture then😏

kuroumaru🌸 ‏@nemugane

@kirbyotaku Why not Do both depending on the piece 😏

Paul Smith ‏@paulsmith1878

@MikeConnolly4 Save your sob story lad ........ fuckin wool 😏

Sugar baby 💓 ‏@faaatiiimaaa_x

@ me with your chest😏

Jamar Johnson ‏@Pettywavegoat

If you ask me to rub yo booty my fingers gone end up in yo pussy😏

Sarah Tyler ‏@Sarah_racewear

@oGototheS @Brydon_N No...... Not at all....😏😊

Avocados From Mexico ‏@AvosFromMexico

@agaphmou Did you know that every day is a new chance to win some awesome prizes? Now you do! 😏 #AvoNetwork #SB54

Mason James ‏@MasonImpossibl

Who this though 😏

عمارہ ‏@Your_Baji

Twitter should have an option of "who has viewed your profile" @Twitter 😏

Sugar baby 💓 ‏@faaatiiimaaa_x

Yen yen yen🙄. Yes he has a wife and we sharing him PERIODT 😏

ThanosIsaDyan ‏@zolilekona

I can feel it, Liverpools first loss is here😏😌

Cass cage ‏@cageddynasty

@OutworldKahnum Oh really? Show me then I don't believe you 😏

王洗 ‏@LeoKW99

I run upstairs to the bathroom, take off my shirt ( so my little muscles and tattoos are showing) and was already f…

Ian but like a hot version 🔞 ‏@broadfluffydame

@fapin_ bet you're thinkin' about it a lot now though 😏

pALMWINE Papi 🌴 ‏@senor_timi

Hmmm 😏 I think you've got something

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