Snake Emoji

A green, coiled snake sticking out its forked tongue.

Snake was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐍 Green Snake


🐍 U+1F40D




Tweets For 🐍

dorie ‏@_doradee

Smh, I live with a snake 🐍

Tillie🌟To🌟Mars🐷🚀 ‏@TillieBusted

Hurry up Saturday, I wana be in my Slytherin uniform again for my friends Harry Potter themed 30th Birthday 😍💚🖤🐍

jamisha 🥵 ‏@petty_lex


Fugazo Eliel 🥽 ‏@Fugazo_Eli

@Jeil_a my mf brother mayne🐍😓 we needa chill soon

Paola Alondra🦄 ‏@alondrapgr

No fake people 🐍

blast2bobby 🎉 ‏@blast2bobby

How about just nibbled on a little while dropped out in the wild? 😂🐊🐢🐍

Zero Positivo ‏@_SilviaJane

Last two dreams: sharks 🦈, storms ⛈️, aliens 👽, people with insect face 🦗and, oc, Satan 😈 who whispers to me "I kno…

Joey Vicens ‏@ponyboy818

@myelingames @Jonathan_Goff And thank you @myelingames and @MyNameIsByf for truly introducing me! #LoreHipster #FashionablyRouge 🤣🤣... 🐍🌹🐍

SOTBP Conference ‏@Ste_BlackParent

There is 💰 in poverty esp. those w/ wolf & 🐍 Ness in Dem! Dustmites are they! Discard!!!!

Rach to Riches🔥☝🏾 ‏@Rachko_Brain

@Evra how can u be such a snake my guy? 🐍 Clean up ur face a lil bit....there is still pogba’s semen on ur lips fr…

Tiger de Souza ‏@tigerdes

@edoran77 @MartinBriderKRE @_DeclanRice Hang on a min. So his tears were for his recently deceased grandparents, he…

🅱️0️⃣💲💲🎰 ‏@OfficialLilWalt

"1st time a nigga trust a snake 🐍 he got bit "

Darious... ‏@__DSolomon

wipe a nigga nose that's that slime shit 🐍

Gin Ichimaru ‏@GrinningSnake_

@RozunoItami 🐍 Never studied, never got into fights it would've been too much of a bother.

TravelsafeSgt ‏@TravelsafeS

@sunrinder13 @kenworthy39 @michaelbate23 @MikeUniCop @traceyk9 @NWmwaypolice @WYP_PCWILLIS @OscarRomeo1268…

Trainer Uchū ‏@Daryl61914707

If you get it I would be amazed but here is what my next drawing's are basically based off of.🙂 🐀🔮💪🏿⚙🗡 🐃🔮❄👻🔔 🐯🔮⚡↕️…

CEGAR = Resilience ‏@AfreecanQ

@LocoMocoNg Those snide remarks.... Subbing HMs while pretending to the cool with them ...... A snake will forever be a 🐍🐍 🐍🐍

Sl🐍me🎱Mizzle⚂x ‏@ZantboyMizzle

A Hoe Gone Be A Hoe & A Bitch Gone Be A Bitch❗❗❗ That's Why Its 2k19💚🐍🔋🔋🔋I'm BIGSLIME Bitchhhh💪🤮🤧

Chrissie ‏@Christi80172188

@Kerweey @peterworby @LBC @Nigel_Farage Well said the illegality of What has happened The young dont think the same way Lying 🐍🐍Lock them up

Impeach Ginsburg ‏@USARebelSway

@LizMair You have 4 billion dollars, yet you want more money from us pions?. That's called greed.🐍

ѕαяα ‏@gypsysoul8

You find out exactly who people are when you actually need them the most... and there’s a lot of 🐍🐍’s in my grass these days.

24/7 blues, giving you news ‏@francis_h_anyim

Why didn't you sign for @realmadrid back in 2012???? Would've saved you 7 years of faking your loyalty and love for…

🔱InchHighPrivateEye🇬🇧 ‏@debrabu74043212

@teresadg0 @CllrBSilvester Oh yeah! This 🐍 has an agenda & is definitely not impartial. 🤞 it backfires & we leave on 29/3 with WTO anyway.

Don ‏@KingRoss_211

I hate rats, disloyal mfs & dumb hoes get ya nation's right or get 🐍


🐍 at it again. See him and Brunt couldn't wait to give interviews once DM had been sacked.

Bokoo Omwansa ‏@BOmwansa

We are just vultures circling awaiting for he people to die and descend on their carcasses for aid. The dams money…

JefePapi ‏@EsQobarQue

Middle GA niggas a different bread 🐍❤️💚😈

shishichan¹²⁷ ‏@aYUTAeyong

They don't stan they fake They 🐍 And wbk

Chrissie ‏@Christi80172188

@BBCr4today Of course Minister Zahari The millionaire kurd wants brexit so he can make money He doesn’t care about…

Brick💰 ‏@JASONR300

Got alot plugs but only fw migos🐍💯

VA ‏@zanafor7

Let’s get ittt 🐝🍵🐍 #BTS2MPreordersParty


@Bdawg_burt oh yaaaaaay 🐍

Dr Serena Love ‏@drserenalove

@SchoolAncient So true! It looks so beautiful and majestic from the air but on the ground is a completely different story!!🌿🐜🐍

king🛫✈️ ‏@samiralnoby

@Pastpreservers Snake Anaconda the largest snake in the world was the Pharaohs catch him from the Nile🐉🐍🇪🇬

🐝Low ‏@jb_lowther

My birthday is Sunday just in case you guys were wondering🐍💚👀

Susanne Gustafsson ‏@swesussig

@RobGMacfarlane @velosam ”Orm” in Swedish means ”snake”. Makes sense. 🐍🇸🇪

Evelita Muthoni ‏@Deeva_lita

This irks me all the time! All the darn time!!! Especially the fact that these runs don’t necessarily equate to vi…

Khari ‏@SixtyGang_Kay

Is you really wit me🖤🐍

Gin Ichimaru ‏@GrinningSnake_

@RozunoItami 🐍 The school never wanted to let me go, I had amazing grades and pulled the average score for my class…

iam_Khan ‏@iam_Khan6

@Noxious_Numaira Hearing is in progress. Judges cheer phaar kr rhy han. I am optimistic the verdict will be adverse for 🐍

bbq Jamie ‏@JamesonMcD

@eThugNA Young slime you’re close 🐍🤞🏼

Drakoo🧸March 25☘️ ‏@DaJoundoDrako

you can’t trust everybody🐍.

Lee the Man ‏@leegee1232

@GMB @LBC @piersmorgan @Nigel_Farage @GerardBattenMEP @LeaveMnsLeave why is Tony Blair interfering he is a Snake 🐍…

king🛫✈️ ‏@samiralnoby

@EscoBlades Snake Anaconda the largest snake in the world was the Pharaohs catch him from the Nile🐉🐍

⛵Chris☔🌞🌷 ‏@supyo192

@reagankathryn_ You absolutely did!! Hahaha SO AMAZING!! Spot-On!! 🐍👑✨👏😍🙌😆💓💓💓

Kana Ram ‏@KanaRam03275741

Come and see 💲🅰️🅿️ N🅰️🐍's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE:

‏‎‎‏‎‎وشواس V ‏@Vtna20

@Anti_31Percent @deepsealioness Lol 😂 time to move on. So many 🐍 all around. Should I compile the list for you 😉

Claire ‏@Clarabear91

please stop making mornings worse! Tony Blair on again. there's a 🐍on my tv #GMB

🤩💋MOST.HATED🗣👸🏽 ‏@ayascott3

if yo vibes off u gotta go 🚫🐍💯

Stuart Collier ‏@stuartcollier83

In the words of Dame Shirley Bassey it’s all just a little bit of history repeating. Fuck you 🐍

👄 ‏@biggloww_

She say she want some young slim love💚🐍

🗺 a tiny map ‏@tiny_map

.     🏦     a literature       🚏      a hostility          🐍     🐃   a dollar    dad's accreditation

R ‏@RenaldoMason8

Happy glo day slime @geovaniegarza24 get that bag homie 🐍💯

Kent Bonifacio ‏@imekdb

IE Night of Reputation ✨💀🐍

Haiden Li 🤮 ‏@PelicanFly_

@LondonOnDaTrack On God 🐍💚💯

Caliginous atmosphere ‏@Nami_Ot7

You know what im gonna stream as if my life defend on it(str*eam on spotify too armys). Eventho utube is 🐍 we need…

Alpha✠Global 🌐 ‏@AlphaGlobalCorp

@EsotericExposal No line with Trudeau. He's in head over tail. 🐍

🏈🏀⚾🏒🐶🐱🐎🎗🌊 ‏@Raider_Hayter

@daffi515 @CheriJacobus I think you're correct. I felt her shedding skin in 2016. 🐍

Cool Bot ‏@Coolest_bot

And remember, only popular bruhs like to sing while crawling ❄️ 🔥 🐍

Joonnie Centeno ‏@Joonnie_Centeno

@NBAKicks @NBA @KDTrey5 where's the 🐍 logo design?

ruby tuesday ‏@ruby8888

@donnabrazile Whatever,🐛🐍🦀🕷️🕸️

j.nicolee🧸 ‏@jordiinnicoleee

i need him for my happiness.. to block out the sadness.. to listen when i try to cry to myself.. to stay up and tal…

æzriəl ‏@TweetofAzrael

@ellygatta81 @FleischmanSteve @nytimes I think Bannon is pure 🐍 and I Trump ”firing” him was just pretend.

im from busan💅 ‏@anubangtan

@Farchim_ PEN GUE GAROT🐍

👑 ‏@goMrPercfect

couple 🦍 Mostly 🐍 alotta 🐀!

DesertWind ‏@brenner_colleen

@DIETeacher @Redhead4645 @Joemora63617406 @IlhanMN @AOC Omar is a snake 🐍 Americans aren’t afraid of the likes of her.

✨เอลลี✨ ‏@ellieburr20

IMAGINE being that two faced about someone but then going back to them 😭😭🤣 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

😈𝔖𝔲𝔭𝔢𝔯𝔫𝔞𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔞𝔩 𝔓𝔬𝔱𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔡😈 ‏@ThePotterGeist

Yesterday @SpikeTVNL aired the @GhostAdventures Hellfire caves episode and in the cape of Lady 🐍 @AaronGoodwin look…

beyond_inkd ‏@msfinesseee

@JADOREtheGreat Girl if u only knew what I’m going through I’m solid af and I let a snake 🐍 bitch come in my life t…

LCS/LEC Margarette | #HumanoidMonth ‏@NAloveEU

summoning circles 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 @SplyceVipers 🐍 🐍 at…

L00P$ ‏@LupitaRodrigzzz


Gin Ichimaru ‏@GrinningSnake_

@excp9chick 🐍 *Sends the best of luck*

Daniel Nolazco ‏@DaniielNolazco

@youngthug King slime 🐍💚

Mai 💮 ‏@Mairadicallove

@gradeint I was just thinking about how it’d be real sexy if someone just wrapped me up like a python and bit my head of. 🐍

Emilio🇸🇪 ‏@EmilioH1Z1

@Simmeleleee yup, kallas snakes🐍

Clark Kente *RT ‏@kentewest

@Trey_Richards REAL slime behaviour 🐍

FredyMPR8🐐 ‏@__ogryan

It be like that🚫🐍✂️

Anthony Garcia ‏@Anthony310_G

I’m drunk right now, but that’s just fax (.) and on god if you gotta problem you can hit me up in the dm’s🐍💯


@kickdoeshit i got u🐍

૩ ‏@Vro3_

My life I adjusted wit it I snake you just to get it🐍

Pami fox ‏@pamireay

Even if a snake sheds its skin, it’s still snake. 🐍🐍🐍🐍

Sl🐍me🎱Mizzle⚂x ‏@ZantboyMizzle

You Got Issues & I Got Demons💀 We Are Not The Same📶🐍

🅱 I G Spyder 🕷 ‏@BdgBigSpyder

@MizzCreme Most Definitely Add Me 🐍💨

تنوير Tanvir - #ChowkidaarChorHai ‏@Tanvir_Ansari

@deepsealioness You will not be able to get tge daily dose of snake 🐍 venom anymore🤣

Frontier Mad-Forest ‏@FrontierMGF

The creatures on Nosy-Be appreciate the work we do for them so much that sometimes they visit us on camp to say tha…

Bullah Shah ‏@BullahShah

@GFarooqi 😂😂😂Look who is threatening who got no leg to stand on 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

Richard O. ‏@lil_rich112

@itsangel9810 So now you hungry? Fake🐍

AyeJadn ‏@AyeJadn

@youngthug March Is Almost Over So When the Album dropping 🐍?

taylor. 🖤 ‏@Barbiemariee1

•scenes• 🖤🐍

انندیتا Anindita ‏@anindita_guha

@deepsealioness Chef Ali blocked you. Celebrate. No snake bites for you 🐍

Chenda ‏@mindful_vinyl

@MILKTEETHPUNX @frankcarter23 @BBCR1 @OfficialRandL Saw him at the Wedge a couple of weeks ago... Just awesome 💪 🐍

Milton MP ‏@milton99186418 Ore Jeevan Lyrical Song From Neeya2 🐍 #Neeya2 #SnakeSong #SridharArunachalam…

🐍 ‏@spillingdrankss

every time I pretend, it kome wit a bait 🐍

Nayab Gohar Jan ‏@NayabGJan

Random though- the most memorable character from my childhood- KOMOLIKAAAA 💜🐍

Milton MP ‏@milton99186418

@Raailaxmibigfan @iamlakshmirai @Actor_Jai Ore Jeevan Lyrical Song From Neeya2 🐍 #Neeya2…

☾asey ‏@cvseybee

My nail lady didn’t have to go this hard 🥺🐍

Kate ⚜️ Griswold ‏@bookheart

@MarkJKremer She’s loony. Probably paid. Bannon is a 🐍.

jaime✨ ‏@leoreads1

slytherin + leo!! 🐍 + 🦁

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