Sneezing Face Emoji

A face displayed sneezing with a tissue blowing to one side, and closed eyes.

Sneezing Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤧 Gesundheit


🤧 U+1F927


Tweets For 🤧

kelman ♡ ‏@kelmannn

@slumpedjules @PHORAONE Phora really be hittin in the middle of the night 🤧

moon, stars, and flowers🌻 ‏@siriusuho


. ‏@izainaab_

@agirlnamedfajar REALITY CHECK! 🤧

pat ‏@patcaorte

sunday is a sKUL day,, 🤧✊🏻

jonny🤧💕 radio stan ‏@BeyonkaBoss2

@bluebltch My brother 29 he still around 😷🤧

LvzxrLvcvz ‏@_LukeAss_

I got friends that be more family than family though 🤧

ayesha ‏@lavienbyun

1.) the sweetest right from the start, I remembered the first time you dmed me and i answered it 2 days later YOURE…

afrinazhar ‏@afrinamalfoy

My mum made me lorbak 😍🤧

R ‏@complic8edrania

Also that’s a virgin strawberry daiquiri 🤧

Anne 🌸 ‏@kaylorganic

@taylorgraphy Francine you're honestly so brave. 🤧

Eric🌒 ‏@_StrifeXVI

@EnjeruSutairu he fr had one! 🤧

ㅈ ‏@g_sooyaaa

@thisseokjin I- I know right but I'm triggered. 🤧

kam ‏@itskameri


#MazzaleanSZN🎭 ☄ ‏@_OsoSandro11

@SusTrapperazzi You aint tryna shell like this anymore 🤧

우영's мємєу | sad atiny hours ‏@JusMemey

@brandnewjimin @AteezLegendsss My best friend @pokapanda0110 I cannot thank her enough 🤧

resha | loves holly sm ‏@smolbean_28

@zouiswonders yall 🤧

✨💫 ᎪmuᏞ jᎥ ✨💫 ‏@MySweetheartCK

I am finally back...🤧...after a short break... Koi hai yaha...🤔🤔

lovejiminpupupu🐥 ‏@jimkook4eva

Please retweet this HELP 🤧(ik it’s nbd buh I want this pic so... help plsss🙏🏻

🦋 𝙺𝚢𝙺𝚢 🦋 ‏@SimbaBaby_

@dosemesophie What a queen!!!!! You look amazing 😍🤧

gabby ‏@AbadGabrielle

thoughts bukod sa tangina ko — though we're shy and all shit at first, im glad that we're close na hahahha always g…

ivan ‏@hanrivergyul


Ƭ.K ‏@scarletcypher

@getawaycarjin13 I love me some Tayjin crumbs 🤧

jimi 🌺 ‏@jiminiewhore

I always like someone who doesn't like me 🤧

G҉u҉O҉W҉ ‏@_kimberlays

I love Sarah 🤧

joanna #DREAMLIKE ‏@leehyunjaegf


hottest DJ inna world 💕 ‏@LenaBandz_

My allergies are killing me rn 🤧

jan 🦆 ‏@mochicheekth

oomf is so consistent with this challenge i did this once and i forgot about it after 2 days 🤧

Taty 🦄 ‏@stuckontee4rl

this why i’m single 🤧‼️

Jess Cason ‏@casonn

Sometimes my allergies are so bad that I literally wake out of my sleep at 3am with snot pouring out of my noise, a…

King Sparrow🌿🔌 ‏@yungkhalifapaul

@jeffphilips1 @YashimsDavid @DrJoeAbah @coachsanmi @IpoOfficial Americans don’t negotiate with terrorist 🤧 but I be…

007’s Elsa ღ ‏@littlexiunshine

@k_curare It sucks. 🤧

Nonjayisengwa 👎 ‏@vuyombebe

Ayi I don't know 😢😂😂🤧

BTS_truths ‏@BtsTruths

So you do believe that a person who can't even read a music sheet will be able to compose a song by himself 🙄, yo…

キズ ₁₃₁ no metter what ‏@ikonicdotdae

@konhoez trot but they need to go back to sokor 🤧

- ‏@Minblueee

I’m crying rn but more like feeling overwhelmed aaa Mr. Darcy 🤧

fa🛑 ‏@ahmdfrdd

@Mariessamhmd fingers crossed 🤞 🤧

Person ‏@sci_fiandjunk

White males oh white males 🤧‼️

OhMy!Jess💜.•.+ ‏@jessloveomg


🍑 ‏@cbgyutie

@mcutxt ure one of my fav oomfies 🤧💕

Eric🌒 ‏@_StrifeXVI

@jcxshort how it be sometimes 🤧

🐳🥀 ‏@natasham_w

@MIA__Juan @tonestallworth I wasn’t in anybody business either but tony dead ass tried to date me on multiple occas…

Autumn 🌻🍁🤸🏾‍♀️ ‏@princesslaylay5

@s_walker5 Trynna go to that smackfest shit 🤧 probably cut thru the west side cook out before that 🤷🏾‍♀️ idk yet ei…

🏳️‍🌈 K H A L E E S I 👑 ‏@Just_Chikko

@arushapot 😂😂 fine, a bit 🤧

S✨ ‏@sxdiqs

them ones and then people think you’re lying about your age bcos you look 10 as well 🤧

amalina ‏@beherebynow

Seulgi as a dance instructor one day 🤧

ً ‏@summerfiIms

rewatched first man ....masterpiece literally a masterpiece 🤧

Jungle Boy' 🍫 ‏@toby__x

Amaarae I aff come 🤧

🤪 ‏@talerria

We could be face to face BUT I ain’t hearing you 🤧

🌺 Khidkitod Priya 🌺 ‏@Priya16Patel

My babies were so perfect 🤧 Sala sab jalte hai unse 🔥🤣🤣

✨whEEZING @ ᶠᵉʳᵃˡ ᶜʰᵘᵘʸᵃ✨ ‏@LanceMcNugget96

This BIH wears balenciagas. The ones that look like socks 😩🤧💦

SuperLoverBoy ‏@LucidAdventurer

@Mohdkhan_0786 @marshawright You only wake up from always wanna stay in your dreams. thats why you…

P E R S O N A || TAE || 💜 ‏@_theindiangirl_

@jhsaurora Thank you 🤧❤

Hanis 🐶 ‏@daelitedubak

@nashrahanum Keep it for me pleaseee sis 😂🤧

҉ ‏حبيبي ‏@fentypt

@peidsfenty But Work and another old hits make it up for that. 🤧

mar ☾ ‏@Ioveyrs

@_defbeom alles voor got7 tbh 🤧

jonny🤧💕 radio stan ‏@BeyonkaBoss2

@UB_peredot @roseivmyself He is so musty 🤧

— léa ♡ CSD 📌 ‏@wisoonieI7

#어떤미래 is now trending at #12 Worldwide I’m 🤧 i hope that Woozi and the boys are seeing that! @pledis_17

Blac Hamza ‏@angrysomebody1

@omotaraaaa @iefamharris @HansonSparkz Nothing about love. But I wrote something 🤧

📢 iKON LEAVE YG ‏@konyxxlyn

@binniester22 Kak its hard 😭😭🤧

ara ‏@seokjeany

@danarawe hope he gets casted if they do a kdrama 🤧

José Martinez ‏@AimBotJose

@BigEx @LosPollosTV Ex really riced his gta r 🤧

j a z z 🖤 ‏@Jazzmine923

Today's my last day in the RGV. 🤧

Joy Te 🍇 | ‏@chanwoosnoona

They should have stayed for a while so he could watch Hyun-jin Ryu (his favorite Dodgers player) pitch live. 😭🤧

cari ‏@itscarismaaa

my man rlly is my favorite person 🤧

Fentse ‏@ofentsemdk

But I miss gel so much and my nails look 🤧

Maryann ‏@maryann_lambo

I need me time 🤧

yung millionz ‏@MalcMillionz

what a fuckin night 🤧

petite petasse blanche 🍬 ‏@ribauderie

tops : can’t wait to rape that **** bottoms : haha I think I’m in danger 🤧😳😳😂😍🥰 Is that crack ? Is that crack that…

Titus🇧🇸 🌊™ ‏@TWEETO242

The brain's so interesting man 🤧 I'd go into neurology if I didnt mind being in debt forever Lol plz vote for Berni…

🍑 ‏@cbgyutie

i also want cheeks 🤧

Tea ‏@tiarawrr_

Movie date anyone? 🤧

itsashita⚡️ ‏@the_wisegirl

aww Shrenu 💞🤧

҉ ‏حبيبي ‏@fentypt

@peidsfenty I got Shape Of You, Happy and Harlem Shake... At least I got Work. 🤧

ً ‏@melhellody

im so tired of seeing tweets blaming ahn jae hyun pls stop🤧🤧🤧🤧 not that im a fan of him but we only know like 5% of…

BAD ATTITUDE ‏@Rosaliaxx1

@GabrielaKhumalo is such a good friend 🤧

RiCH💲HAWTY🏳️‍🌈 ‏@lolsgabby

You know someone never really fucked with you if they move on right after y’all break up 🤧😂

ً ‏@irikyeri

don't we all 🤧

irish ‏@irishdmdlngbyn

@fatimarigat0 miss u too babe 🤧❤

Vincent. ‏@itsyabooOo0Vinc

7-7 class tomorrow 🤧


argh sinyal 🤧

🥶⚰️🏁 ‏@FatHoesAndSyrup

The eyes behavior so cute 😭🤧

nivy’s mommy 💕 ‏@__ZiiHoops

tomorrow imma be running off faith fr 🤧

aryssa .°(ಗдಗ。)°. ‏@aryyysofea

@kebabthe4th this is the worst one so far cAncELLeD 🤧

es. #quantum_leap ‏@eupnsang

i bet the sender is @xphangyul hyung. 🤧

Junasaurus Rex 🌙🦖🦕🏳️‍🌈 ‏@HopeJunni

@chouchanne1 Honestly they tend to throw the smaller fish to the wolves to save another big wolf 🤧

★彡 wave!! is my baby 彡★ ‏@dazaibiotch

@genkiiina oof it is a true dilema 🥺😔 for me if i see an inch of a spoiler i close my eyes and just rapid scroll away 🤧😭😭🤣

• ѕαℓ • ‏@aashiquikarle

@mallikaaaax You realize samosa tera favourite hai aur mera nahi? But ok thenxxxx! 🤧😭😂

D💰 ‏@2SuckaFreee

Never again at the Waffle House 🤧

ˣˣˣ 디나 ˣˣˣ ‏@chanduckies

tbh i agree.. and i can feel the pain of having bleached hair just by looking at him with the noodle hair 🤧

btech natalia taylor ♡ ‏@_LiaJade

I had a dream last night that Jade followed me on twitter 🤧 oh how much I wish that was true

ayșe ‏@firstgirI

her big smile jdncnd0%#%#/$/ 😖💗💓🤧😔🥰🥺

Kief || STREAM LOVER ‏@swiftofmahheart

@GrayFlicker ma- it’s seriously good!!! 🤧😭🤩

𝑇𝑒𝑞𝑢𝑖𝑙𝑎𝑤𝑖𝑛𝑒 ‏@__SheaB

Alcohol never broke my heart, hurt my feelings or sell me dreams 🤧

MatildaWormwood ‏@TillyWormwood

@ClubTolu Yeah I’m gonna message Mich hope it’s nothing bad 🤧

Giyuu's salmon daikon 🍣🍚 @AMG D21 | Pinned ‏@Yusukelogist


Sheefa Khan #ARMYWithLuv ‏@SheefaKhan11

@BTS_twt I love you babies 🤧💜 will be back here later tonight 💕💕

ririm リマ ‏@sipit0156

@womanfeeds Mager :/ sekarang si nars exposed palette, jouer, milani, wnw, glossier, colourpop stix, clinique, nars liquid #budakblush 🤧

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