Sneezing Face Emoji

A face displayed sneezing with a tissue blowing to one side, and closed eyes.

Sneezing Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤧 Gesundheit


🤧 U+1F927


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🐝ᴀʙᴇᴊᴏʀʀᴀ🐝 ‏@wobblydreams

The school struggle is hard, I just want to sit back in my kiddie pool, drinking my juice from a sippie cup.🤧

Madara Uchiha🕸 ‏@Jay_t_Cox

@breenalepka Too bad you didnt beat me once 🤧

Pranav☀️Adityah ‏@rebel_adithya

@NishBrunel @Sunnykesh U could’ve discussed with me 🤧

hailey ✰ ‏@haileynikolee

i’ve been 19 for almost 6 months & i still tell people i’m 18 bc i forget i’m even 19 bc it’s such a boring age 🤧

penny ‏@pennyymay

Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown 🤧💎

Miltoneo ‏@corimilton

Walking out of jewellers with baggy & out of anyone to hold door open for us two it’s Gary Madine, the two kids who…

Jessica ‏@jessmb0411

Naaaa it didn’t have to start pouring like that 🤧

Hannah Harris ‏@hannah_bean02

The outside is slowly killing me. 😷🤧

Peláiah ‏@___pelaiah

I am gonna need this relaxation in June 🤧

Poísïon🥀 🖤✨ ‏@BihItsSHAY

“ I Told My Hoes , Told Them Not To Call & Txt Me No More “🤧

eddie ‏@Got_Eddie

I don’t know how I woke up at 5:30 this morning. I’m up tho 🤧

Ryan Valdez ‏@kingryanvaldez

Quit acting up, Gru needs you back in his lab 🤧

Breanna ‏@breanna_cadena

keep alive, stay alive 🤧

h loves doil | NEW DAY ‏@shydoil

@NCTsmtown_127 i would do it but nobody is gonna do it with me 🤧

Dimi 👑 ‏@Wrapped_InDimi

@Zariaaaa_ Stop listening to everybody 🤧

Bryan Talavera ‏@BryanTalaveraa

8-10 pages yeah okay professor, you finna get 5-6 and a crisp high five 🤧

Aesthetic Gurl || #Clé1_MIROH 🗝️#PERSONA ‏@DarciEstelle

@Jae_Day6 Kpop is not a phase 🤧✊🏽

3.2GPA ‏@toy_jasmine

Whew Chile 🤧

sunshine☀️ ‏@firehearthyuck

@xuxitheomelette yeah HHHH I booked one already... Do you want it? I can ask for you 🤧

Brandon 🔌🏝 ‏@_brandongil23

Don’t talk to me about struggle if your parents didn’t feed you for their next fix. That’s pathetic not a struggle 🤧

Mickeyyyyy 🐼 ‏@emeenemz

I really hate spring 🤧

•ŁË§ŁÏË• ‏@lxslix03

@DemetriusHarmon This really hurt my soul 🤧 #AvengersEndgame

bela ‏@blakesvest

@gwenstefani @blakeshelton aaaaaw i love a supportive girlfriend ❤❤❤🤧

Tas 🍬 ‏@trixiexoxoxx

@irenekariin It happens to the best of us babe 🤧

🌸🌜 moonchild 🌛🌸 ‏@Peachy_Evie

@sopesystem FACT- 🤧 not gonna deny.... #BBMAsTopSociaI BTS @BTS_twt

Jayne❄️💀 ‏@isthatjayne

@BurningRadiator didn't even know we were dating 🤧

deñeℓℓe • #SSFW ‏@baekkohyun04

+updates from kyungsoo 🤧 and cbx 🤧 + THIS ORANGE HAIRED GUY WHO KEEPS ON MAKING MY HEART FLATTER 🤧🥺🥺🥺🥺…

haneul 🇵🇭 || multifandom with luv 📌ults pinned ‏@hoeslutjung

can yall stop messing w me and get out my acct 🤧😩

chi ‏@M00NFAIRYS

@minjoonerz thank u 🤧✊

Chad Payne ‏@CP_from_RC

@maceymurray31 So I should take tissues Sunday? 🤧 I’m wearing a Thanos shirt 👌🏻

aubssss 🤤💚 ‏@AQbrEii

All right y’all, so I watched Endgame and... I’m just playing. I ain’t watch it. 🤧

make it right ‏@sleepyoongi_mp3

ok so when i’ll be in my car i’ll do a quick storytime on the sweet cashier who gave me 2 bts ly posters 🤧

maica ‏@emaigawdd

WE STAN 🤧😭✊🏻


@WayV_official aaAAAAHHHHHH, YOU R SO CUTE 🤧💕💕

frani 🌸 ‏@hauntedmp3

idk if it’s a ragdoll or a siamese cat but i love both those breeds i’m baby 🤧

HBKGQ🥶💔 ‏@HbkGq

How my dawg ain’t get drafted 🤧😓

xanny ‏@bigdanixl

I check my emails every morning hoping my classes get canceled 🤧

BTS make everything right 📌 ‏@yeonkxv

@djimd33 @BTS_twt he is an angel 🤧 #BBMAsTopSocial BTS @BTS_twt

Sapphire Loveday ‏@SapphireLoveday

This moment... Gave me chills!! Bring on season S15... Can't think about it being the last season though! 😭🤧…

信仰 ‏@emanaIk

@playusers I miss you 🤧

Danny ‏@Danial_Damir

Physically not prepared for this trip 🤧

biancaaaa' ‏@adifferentbtch_

but it’s payday .. 🤧

Chy 🌻 ‏@chyythegoat

When people ask me for money the first thing I be wanting to say is “get a job” but I’m definitely a sign of servic…

D ‏@dgdurano

Gonna be sick for my birthday 🤧

Emilia Isobel ‏@JonerysT

Wow,Avengers Endgame serving Girl Power!! My b*tches are THAT powerful I'm-🤧

Queen of the North🐺🐉 ‏@heartless_natbo

@StrawHatNinjas 😩😭 y’all so real!😭😭😭🤧😭 omg! I love you guys, idk which one of y’all did this but thank you!❤️

David Costadina ‏@onlyakid0401

Only reason Giants picked this guy cus he’s butt buddies with the Mannings 🤧😔

Joey Baloney ♎️ ‏@joey_bruhhhh

traumatizing dream last night. went home to visit mom & dad only to realize that I had a exams in a few days. looke…

20BITEEN 🌈 ‏@naynanjani

@LOLGOP and he hates Mulan 🤧

deñeℓℓe • #SSFW ‏@baekkohyun04

my heart is full with updates from minseok’s circle of friends and jongin’s padding squad 💙 they’re all so cute and…

🕷 ‏@namkookers

@BTS_twt i love ur smile 🤧

Nise || Persona 🌸 ‏@jhopelings

@wskksw23 @AlexandraAgnes I remember when he was so excited that there are some fanboys in their concerts in the past 🤧

Kavon Seay ‏@MrKSeay

When students hit a milestone you celebrate. Several of my first graders who came to me reading below grade level h…

Taylor🌹 ‏@taaterrr

I told my waxing lady that I was going to marry her 🤧😂

Maritza ‏@MaritzaMedrano_

@lizb3thhhhh he’s so embarrassing man, worse than you 🤧 i can never take y’all out

🍈🍞PrettyRose🌹 ‏@foryooJeong

@owhaYoo I like Hyo Joo too! 🤧 hv watched all of her movies/dramas

🤟💜PERSONA💜🤟 ‏@KajjaWithLuv

Is that a box with nothing in it?? Akxnsnxnwjdj baby👏🤧😂😂 I LOVE YOU💜💜💜💜💜

Atu ‏@2_wen

I eat little for a fat person 🤧

𝐿𝑒𝒾𝓁𝒶𝓃𝒾 𝒢𝒾𝓈𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒 𝒮𝒾𝓁𝓋𝒶 🍍 ‏@moodybratbrat

I legit have been laughing all morning. Oh this is gonna hit me hard later on I can feel it. Going ✈️ under my covers 🤧

乃卂乃ㄚ♡ ‏@cqfejoons

this song is already so good but tae makes it better 🤧

greatestspamzz ‏@greatestspamzz

You don’t know pain until you gotta force your heart to stop loving someone😩💔🤧

Bre🌸 ‏@PocahontasBre

I don’t even like chocolate 🤧

𝖋𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖆 ‏@paperlanternns

oh my god 🤧 so inspirational 😦🤪

Timeless Sports ‏@timelesssports_

(2010) Would've been one of the craziest dunks if Shannon Brown somehow finished this. 🤧

may🍎 ‏@emhyunjiin

I love you sdm Christopher Bang okay?🤧

jerz ‏@jerz_mallari

:,) yes we love this song 🤧

yh 🥑 ‏@stanjinjoo

@Prisz_one this is so true 🤧

민아 ♡ #BBMAsTopSocial BTS! ‏@Naiara68458736

@__arasseo @BTS_twt BTS GIVE ME A REMEDY #BBMAsTopSocial @BTS_twt 🤧❤

Ange ‏@angelapalkia

@temporaryoliver Totally 🤧💖

🤟💜PERSONA💜🤟 ‏@KajjaWithLuv

Hi! Ur the cutest baby😭 it's hard getting tickets huh?😅 well, I hope you had a good day!🤧💜💜💜💜💜

whyG. ♠️ ‏@YG_Ayce

Lol man i would gave her ass the boot so damn quick boy got me fucked up 😭🤧

Vivi 🍓✨ ‏@radxvivi

@ericjcenteno I can see that happening. I’m gonna be so sad about Brienne. At least she got to fight as the knight she always wanted to be 🤧

Dana // rockjin ‏@zerocaloriejin

A crying today 🤧 Johahhaehaehaehae buing buing

` 태형이. ‏@adorabwi

@montseurat think of something cute? like your face! 🤧

catie ♡ fairy bun구 & yawie & lette ‏@cherubfairy

@rapgodknj i do 🤧 and it really hurts alreadya yxuhsjd thank you my beautiful eri for always caring :(

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