Sneezing Face Emoji

A face displayed sneezing with a tissue blowing to one side, and closed eyes.

Sneezing Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤧 Gesundheit


🤧 U+1F927


Tweets For 🤧

تمارا ‏@MaraShenelle

a solid relationship w/ him is all i need 🤧.

júlia #expectations ‏@laurmilaverses

@alejandrocabe12 camila deserves all the love in the world 🤧💗 i love her more than anything

💕 Reii day 💕 ‏@lvtcwrd

This is not a teehee matter - how could you, those poor people, just want to chat with you 🤧

dyl ‏@DylDyltran

@Fuckinskatedude the pants better be tailored as well 🤧

seanelle ‏@SeanelleCabanos

@lizette_renee omg i love and appreciate u so much IM GNA FKN CRY BITCH! FUCK! thank you a million times over 😭🤧

ْ٠ ‏@Messybint

I hope my man can take pictures as good as me, I deserve photo shoot quality pics too man 🤧

emi ‏@sugargay

missing nyc 🤧😫✊

The Geezer ‏@thewondergeezer

@Partisangirl it doesn't matter; Twitter decides...🤧

madeleine eva ‏@piinksorbet

@thehaloclive i’m sorry clive . i guess i’m just into a slightly colder touch 🤧

Hannah Ingrassia ‏@hingrassia9

soccer has been over for 3 days and i miss my team more than anything 🤧

Lu 🐺 ‏@Almeida__4

@xNadiaRosanax Lol I’ve been cravin ever since I left 🤧

~𝓖𝓸𝓶𝓮𝔃~ ‏@Prairie1992

@PoppinTears @6inchSel You did good mah 🤧 this is what we need in this world... stans braver than the marines 😪💛

M E L A N C H O L I A ‏@celestine_hopes

cold morning + blanket + watching sad movies = so emotional 💔🤧😪

kuans. ‏@_kuanele

@_BoipeloS I don’t even know who that is 🤧

Des ‏@dspxna

Im getting towards dana fairbanks death in the l word 🤧😪😪

meg ‏@MegannMichta

I need to STOP getting so attached to people! Especially people that I dont even know!!!!!🤧


kings are back 🤧

Leah | ✨FIONA DAY✨ ‏@SpaceWanderlust

@untilthespring @bossymin @mawmare You’re my wife, you have to say this 🤧

Alyssa🌹 ‏@maciassalyssa

Ya girls just trynna go to the pumpkin patch 🤧🎃

cait ‏@CaitlynFischerr

@daisyyymarieee The worst huh 🤧

Game Changer😉 ‏@YoLondonnn

@MoneyyJaaay That 🤧

bEnSoN ‏@BenCullen_16

Our generation be like “streaks/giving birth - n/r😭🤧”

M A M Ã B E A R 🐻💕 ‏@its_tweedy

Year 3 yesssir lets get it 🤧❤️

🤫. ‏@tou_SHAY_

Today was such a long day 🤧

twenty96 💋 ‏@ohkayToni

I ran out of weed 🤧

Miss Firefly 🌟 ‏@Bobollicious

@fab_ekay Zenith bank 🤧

Ashley “Laee-B” Beckett 🏆 ‏@LaeeB_

Not spit friend 🤧

SMN 4 life ho 🔊 ‏@Marion__27

@DhaSickest would be killing these boys defense 😰🤧‼️‼️

forever your boy💞 ‏@jjoogyu

I love him 😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧💞🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭💖😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧😭💝😭🤧😭🤧😭…

will ‏@vVill_n

@hanuhleee WTF we deadass have no pics together?? fasho gon have to change that 🤧 LOVE N MISS YOU TOO THO 😭💕see you soon hopefully!!

georgia • 8 days ‏@raindropirwin

@babylxnmgc @Michael5SOS @Luke5SOS @Ashton5SOS @Calum5SOS trying hard to not flex 🤧

Odessa Rose ‏@shesodessa

@HausOfLucas it takes a lot of practice 🤧

renee 🌹 ‏@fairyykarla


Ⓜ️Ike Ⓜ️acon👴🏾🦍 ‏@_m1k3x

Quit playing wit cp like that 🤧😂

Moo💵 ‏@SaveNoHoe_

y’all b sucking the redskins and don’t even watch football bunch of dick eaters 🤧

💙💜SopeForever💜💙 🌈Harling🌈 ‏@Jung_Yoongi9493


_Papita__🎡🏋🏼‍♂️ ‏@eewwicc

@VirtualNicki @DarkKnightDummo @QuavoStuntin You’re mad cause Quavo rip and dip 😂😂🤧 sorry SHE NOT FOR KEEPS

Josefine🎃 ‏@msfreakel

Religion test tomorrow 🤧 haven’t studied all that much (I tried though, but it wasn’t worth it because our book sucks) so wish me luck

Lil’ Jaz 🤪 ‏@jazyjose99

Got me doing things that I don’t do usually 🤧

ellayla☀️ ‏@ellaylarose

people give great tips on the weekends 🤧


Last week I made like 10k 🤧

CP Uno 🤓 ‏@c137p

@Sxmplivity Fuck seige imagine still playing it 🤧

$TRIP47LIP ‏@Strip4Flip

16 lines would make me feel fine 🤧

Todriaaaaa ‏@_HarDria

@brownn__beauty Most of the time lol you know fathers 🤧

🦑 ‏@nascheROZAY

i need more time to chill but i dont have any time to chill 😭 busy last week. busy this week. 🤧

Leanne ‏@ankopawn

What the heck, I wanna wake up to a follow from @Ashton5SOS too 🤧😭

Ines ‏@khobzyabes

How can I proudly tell my mum how much I spent this week and all she said was yeah but you’re poor 🤧

spooky kenny 👻 ‏@6g0dken

When none of your friends know how the fine guy at the party was 🤧

courtknee loves michael fucking clifford ‏@OhSabrinaa

@UmSabrinaa you replied to the wrong post 🤧

JCons ‏@jordan_cons

I loved it 🤧

Meg ‏@bexanamaguire

@JessBxrrett been my friend for the past decade but okay 🤧😪

snck bndls ‏@crwnmvrie

I’m so embarrassed for Kaep 🤧

erin • TODAY ‏@aIwaysmissyou

@esnylarents what do u think me n ella were searching for 🤧

Karla ‏@Karla16914929

@jacobsartorius Omg yasss 🤧

Que🖕🏾👽 ‏@_marquejohnson_

Don’t do it to em 🤧😍

chelle . 💜 ‏@ohitschelle_

block a mf and keep it pushing .. 🤧

LLJaypee⭐️🕊 ‏@_LT5_

That nigga been speaking bad on my name wish I woulda been on da scene when he said it 🤧

i am: jade ‏@jeongingertea

@minjoon @Honeyoonger don’t mess with the yoongi stans 🤧


@mascaratearx I love you 🤧

KP💰 ‏@KPBands6

2 years ago today was my last high school football game 🤧 time flies bro

maureen ‏@maureenosei_

@kwamzy_ the backpack 🤧

liv 🦋 is ia bc finals 🤧 || pinned please 🌚 ‏@maraisoflight

@endlesslyjonah @SeaveyDaniel oof you’re so cute ty 🤧💕

Calvin ‏@CalvinRaad

Saturday nights, that gray Silverado You drive it 'cause you have to Stay up working late at a job you hate Fix you…

Thanh-Mi 🐬 ‏@buteraknown

@httpscrawford babyyy 🤧

Franken Sal 🎃 ‏@severalthots

Stumbled upon your profile late but your tweets are strikingly cerebral among the bunch of teenagers. So keep up! N…

J.$aav💙 ‏@_fineejayy

Ian never tell you lies, I’m too G for that...🤧

alexis goertler ‏@alexis_goertler

@skylarberto The only tree that isn’t wet 🤧

lau 🦇pinned! ‏@flickerVEVO


Tolú ‏@ToluWho

@fik_ona Fave 🤧

Loft Music™️ ‏@Loftong300

Finessing is a sport 🤧

chloë || stfu ashley ‏@InfinitySana

@sugahanbinct I miss twice 🤧

Bex ‏@Bec_Fricker

You know you’re ill when you spend all day in your pyjamas 😫🤧

H🍍 ‏@AkhiNextDoor

girls want a 6ft + man but what u got to offer u can't even reach the sink 🤧

Tyrese 🤧 ‏@Taddy_Tyrese

I be sounding like a little bitch 🤧

nic // #mono 🖤. ‏@httpbangtaen

perhaps I cried a little 🤧

original ‏@PrettyMe_Lexy

y’all hoes really think it’s cute to be with someone else man ? Clearly you can’t keep one 🤧

crybaby ☁️ ‏@tayyyfeld

another one sry 🤧 #NewProfilePic

pinkertoon ‏@pinkertoon1

@funkofinderz I’ve been after this 🍊... seem to miss out everytime 🤧

kat ♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔ MONO ‏@lovemyselfyg

@hwallcosmos i watch too many vmin videos which one 🤧

Haunter Stevens 🍂 ‏@twobree

I wish candles and wax melts had ingredients on them. I just picked up some wax cubes, and within 5 minutes my alle…

A҉b҉-J҉e҉s҉u҉s҉ ‏@abby_tello10

Early bird gets the worm 🤧

spooky dai 👻 ‏@stainedbeysus

@godissasel My acc isn’t my face. period 🤧

rachel¹²⁷ ‏@spookynctzen

I’m literally so fucking happy I got him back 🤧💘

hannahween 🎃 ‏@spideybutIer

@evolvebutler oh rip,, i’d rather starve than go to school though 🤧

Ness ‏@_vanessamariexo

I just took a fire ass body pic 🤧

Jeadd✨ ‏@__Jeaddo

@thvgchrizzy whewwwww 🤧 dont wish that type negativity on me

BLACK DIVA ‏@alexisjanae_fdb

Had to cut off a couple bitches I thought was with me 🤧


i just remembered with all the niggatry i did on there & i’m cringing harder than a prune 🤧😫🤣

🐒 ‏@_heymarley

Charts say im only 1 tape away 🤧💰

dula peep ‏@jocelittt

cant wait to travel to places like these wih my friends as soon as our mexican parents set us free 🤧

emily ‏@emilytlane

@DrewRamosNYC too broken to hmu w a follow back? 😩🤧

cece 🎃 ‏@jaebeowom

that gold shine tho ella rich classy bitch 🤧

Emma 💕 ‏@_emmajane4

Currently playing the role of mumma to the little bubba parrot that has been found at work! He's so beautiful & I j…

kay ♡ // semi ia 📚 ‏@flwrgrdtae

@starlitcosplay OUR MINDS WOW WE'RE POWERFUL 🤧

𝚜𝚊𝚍𝚐𝚢𝚊𝚕. ‏@sadgyalxx

i need more fun people around me...i been so bored lately 🤧

João Delgadinho ‏@JoaoDelgadinho

Just gonna try and live life without worrying too much about others 🤧

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