Sneezing Face Emoji

A face displayed sneezing with a tissue blowing to one side, and closed eyes.

Sneezing Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤧 Gesundheit


🤧 U+1F927


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rip stan lee ‏@yvmborghini__

On the highway wit a double cup in my hand She like ridin on the dick when she off the xanx 🤧🔥

congratulations it's a bunny ‏@usagiboiz

@mitty3c but wahh using a shopping service is so much work!! i want it in english, delivered from america bc i'm am…

Sharon;🦀🌙 ‏@KINGSBTS7


Zai🤪😘💓 ‏@Zbabygocrazy

Ain’t even have to come for me like that 😭🤧

Q ‏@ARQ__13

@jxreyes99 @Jared_Cam43 Slim Jarren ain’t as funny as fat Jarren 🤧

Manny ‏@TheManny__

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend yet” LMAOO haven’t found the right one yet 🤧

🦕 ‏@allje_1

@soIemnsorrow @waIlowz i’m happy for them n all but it’s kind of irritating 🤧

BTS to Canada | hobi ‏@GrilledYoongi

@handsofyoongii @chuushopeworld SAME GURLLL, give Canada some luv, Do it anywhere in Ontario, I'll come, my mom wou…

nic’cole ‏@giselleslemon

my face clearing up I’m so proud 🤧 maybe retweeting those pictures really did do something i-

b ‏@pydbez

miss u queen @nickiminaj 😭😭🤧

𝖴𝖢𝖧𝖨𝖧𝖠 ‏@zbala_

@SirSmooveNation @baby5donquixote Agreed 🤧

aiso - seoksol day ‏@soyadesu

I need this so much 🤧

Daisy ‏@borderlannds

@moonchild_sj Love maze and tear 🤧

2decs ‏@2point4decs

sometimes this anxiety be hittin 😂🤧

Karley💫 ‏@mcnialleruh

Yes 🤧 especially the younger version of an old rockstar. WhyYTYY

brooke ‏@tessaxvirtue

@scottthoney stop i thought the same thing 🤧

ㅤㅤㅤ ‏@mattybrydon

fresh weekends from now like sick of being a skint divvy 🤧

bri ◟̽◞̽ ‏@paynolwt

@gwslarry nope 🤧

Fancy Flo 🐥 ‏@nasa_seok


nataly ‏@combativebarnes

@bjllies you know me so well 🤧

nana loves ariana ‏@hunniestwink

@mylittlearii this gc >>>>> i love y’all 🤧💞

ℂ𝕒𝕥🦋85//pinned au! ‏@trashpandabucky

@modcrnloves They absolutely don’t deserve a platform 🤧 electric chair for the lot of them

!wanheda ‏@quintenksz

she said “lemme sit on ur face” i said my nose broke 🤧

elijah ‏@CryanGosling_

run this up! 🤧

Dezzyy💋 ‏@MissDezzyy_

Another new number 🤧

Pretty_Buskut ‏@PBuskit

@LilA_Nae I feel it’s easier to talk about those issues in POC environment but so aggravating in white ppl environm…

Gabz ‏@Gabzaroni

I really gotta stop & applaud myself for keeping my composure through all the bs I was put thru ... like go me 🤧

🥀 ‏@_LiaDivine

That “lmao” at the end tho, I know sis serious 🤧

B r o o k l y n 💋 ‏@TheyCallMeDee_x

Oh dear.. 🤧

‎‏ً DM LIMIT ‏@izzr_

@harryftbI who said i’m still on dm limit 🤧

🦹🏾‍♂️ ‏@_chand__

@symlmao Says a lot 🤧


@Rvyaal should be your ass didn’t get waypoint 🤧

Jay ❅ ‏@jayruymann

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full-time writing job? 🤧

sky ‏@sorryidipped


bridgette ♡ // ia ‏@smillingherron

@inmyavery Literally it’s so good and they never playEd it at the invitation tour and it’s in the invitation album 🤧

Treyusey ‏@usey_trey

I hope for the best but i prepare for the worst!🤧

𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐥𝐞𝐞 ‏@needyvalentine

@MlCHAELSLANGDON as you wish 🤧

Justin Z Gadson ‏@justinzgadson

2 more weeks 🤧

yeollie ‏@_itstheloveshot

accounting 🤧

baylee. ‏@BAlyseee

@daddydwebb50 I try biting my tongue and not bringing up the past butttttt there’s always that one person who just…

Jazzy Cakes ‏@jazzy__cakes

@elianaruiloba YOULL LOVE IT😭😭😭🤧

Jenny Roman ‏@callJENNNY

No more vacations for me 2019 😔🤧

⚡️triker ‏@sweetliketeaaa

If my intentions were to take, it wouldn’t be a try 🤧

je veux crever ‏@Shinrin_tae

@lucindasuga19 @pennygirl1104 Thank you honey 🤧

nabil aiman ‏@NabilAiman10

@nasran_nabil I was the aspiring student before 😭 but after u have to brave the icy cold weather and pray u dont s…

Ma’Riya 😻. ‏@devotion_lust

@LARRAYXO i love you 🤧💞

Momma Kay. 💖 ‏@kaayylaD

i gotta start being selfish. 🤧

✨ ‏@tnxowa

All girls have signed up and been going gym, whilst I’ve been stuffing my face. Least we know who will have the yam…

Jodea 🖤 ‏@ash_jaw

Some people are just so nice, gives me hope for humanity 🤧

val 🌸 ‏@prettygangst3r

@BarbieGanngg @tinny_tayy @ASTROMARAJ She's so twisted !!! You don't deserve 🤧

Aashika✨ ‏@Aashika_Raii

I wish this happened🤞😩🤧❤️

H͙O͙B͙I͙ ☀️|𝒽𝑜𝓅𝑒 𝓌𝑜𝓇𝓁𝒹| ~alo~ ‏@Jimin19_95

@darkskiespjm @fluffxtae Thanks I need it 😭😭✊🤧 hope you get to go to tho! ✊

𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓎𝒶 ‏@priyav48

My bby so cute 💋🤧

ً ‏@goryhoIe

idk what the hell ariana was thinking including it and making it that long 🤧

𝚙𝚑𝚎 ‏@lemonfkneggs

@rutajm it’s me 🤧

🎈T.O.BI 🎈 ‏@illestmcTOBI

@MI_ayidu My guy is capping for clout 🤧


@taeyoongls hhhhh what a mood 🤧

Vanessa H 💋 ‏@adele_hasmywig

You were so amazing! Saw some videos and ugh. Can’t wait for that to be me one day 🤧❤️🙌🏻🥰 @AnneMarie

jt ‏@juwianne

don’t tell me to remember u when (fill in scenario) happens because that’s annoying just shut up n do what u do lmfao u ain’t special 🤧

torawtosettle💅🏻 ‏@selfmadedri

@themusthave1 i jst don’t like when ppl talking about they self 😭🤧

fineassnayiaa. 👸🏾 ‏@nayiadaadoll

getting tired of everything .🤧

JAE $HMONEY 💸 ‏@jaemetro

@miIIiondoIIars what if it was a fluke 🤧

nico ‏@hocoholland

🤧 AYO you better be watching gotham... also imma be needing some more music recs ,,,, anyways i like complaining about school w you love you

alfonso ツ ‏@chidorichild

opening a wine bottle is fr no joke 🤧 shit took me 10 mins LMAO

chapis ♡ ‏@chapis_1210

ok but i wanna go back 🤧

Tay K-47 🤕 ‏@SheTooSelfish

@teangelaaa_ Me too g 🤧

shego ‏@jazzellebustos

@uniiiiqueee ya i thought she was the only taurus i liked until i realized all my friends are taurus 🤧

🌺Leah ‏@LikeLee_

@_taytayy1 Your attitude is 🤧

ᴮᵃᵈ ᴳᵃˡ ‏@zultrys

Soooooo today after telling my new(ish) friends to shut up bc PILLOWTALK was playing, I discovered that 2 of the 3…

TrendWay ‏@_Shadjay

Either a Gemini or Cancer... them mfs crazy 🤧😭😭😭

Teee. ‏@LOVEtai_

So I go into Walgreens at least 3 or 4 times a week. And I always run into the same guy. Today he told me when I co…

M ‏@MichaellaPhebe

@headwrap_hunni Damnit. 🤧 It b like that sometimes.

HeadHoncho ‏@MrHumbleBeast

That ass hot 😂🤧

a. 🤟✌️ ‏@dragonxwolf

Two of the most important moments in #ErkenciKuş happened at the Gran Pera Emek Salonu, both for #canem & for CD. T…

I am: 파울라 🇪🇸 ‏@Skzlove9_

@BigHitEnt SPAIN 🇪🇸🤧💜💜

Yle ‏@misstarslover_

@QueenJKonta @tennisstans I was hoping Tatis to come here 🤧

delilah ‏@lilahchristine

I miss the sex I used to have before I grew ovarian cysts.. now is just hurts all the time 🤧

bethuhluhh ‏@bethmarti19

Needing to study but having no motivation to study 🤧

Ana💫🌌풍경📌 ‏@Euphoria_Wings

@MinYoon29878389 You’re so sweet 🤧💕

☆ Isabel ☆ ‏@izzygalarzap

@staraquaria This tea 🤧 they should've thought better before they tried it with Aqua

missing jinki ‏@bhuwakulloves_

@z_zzzzz_zz_ army+ariana stans too U got it all figured out fr 🤧 !

Min 🐭 ‏@savantyoongi

dear Bighit, just make sure we still hear trivia: love, just dance, seesaw as well as serendipity, singularity, eup…

$ Very Sleepy Thug ¥ ‏@Debirubiru

@Off_AgentPie I am just so happy 🤧💖💓💗💓

mmm✨ ‏@KharmiaNicole

me asf & be peepin’ shit frfr 🤧

greg universe ‏@kurrrrilovin

@raacchhh_ Same 🤧

Demi🇩🇴 ‏@demiiladomi

@mikaylapride Factssssssss 🤧 weird ass bitches

Noel💞 ‏@nlspro

Two, big grown ass, 30 damn near 40 year-old men unashamed to use song to reflect on the mistakes they've made in t…

melody ‏@freshmeat3me

we’re not talking about tristan because he’s BEEN a cheater 🤧 but we ARE talking about jordyn because she had it MA…

𝐣𝐚𝐲 𖤐 ‏@lvmxna

i can't believe there are people who voted "she-ble" when it's obviously "shy-ble",,,like his name is literally sch…

🌙 taylor moon ‏@quinzelalderson

and mad cause these two idiots better not fuck up angelliot scenes with their real life drama 🤧

☔️ $adLil$ith ☔️ ‏@half_life__

@ashleydragulaa “Somehow ppl think we are teaching him hate, and idk how they came up with that” 🤦🏻‍♂️ well first o…

lörełëî 💗 ‏@loreleiralleca

Then she hugged and whispered “thank you so much.” 🤧

سناء ‏@_Sanah22

I had a cheat day today 🤧😓 I had roti and I’m upset now.

apad ‏@apad23

@BeccaMVP remember me when you’re famous 🤧

Domi 👑 ‏@__domahenry

@WordToHollyWood i think i believe this one 🤧

心☾碎 ‏@HBKQuan_

I found my wife just waiting on the wedding lol 🤧

tiff ♥ ‏@xmeetyouthere

Everyone was sucking up to * and now that he’s unfollowed all the fan accounts ya’ll are hating and acting all surprised I’M—- 🤧

Nishbëom🌴.with.GOT7 ‏@nishbeom

The big Jaebeom frame has arrived and I cry 😭 this photo captures his very essence 🤧 Thank you my dear…

정국’s giselle ‏@jeonlure

Do you have a unique ability? If so, what is it? — Yes; I spawn money when it comes to bts 🤧

. ‏@Pyrostn

@Kobe0802 Popeyes and watching kobe what’s better 🤧🙏

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