Sneezing Face Emoji

A face displayed sneezing with a tissue blowing to one side, and closed eyes.

Sneezing Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤧 Gesundheit


🤧 U+1F927


Tweets For 🤧

cumonmycorpse 🧙🏻‍♀️ ‏@MermaidsKush

Gonna clean my room then knockout cause work in the AM 🤧

ricardo garcia ‏@ricaaasss

She gets me so ughhhh idk but thats my baby 🤧

Cut Up Bad ®️ ‏@StevieF_

I’m still... up 🤧

ich bae ‏@DaddyGiz

I been trolling you from the get go u bum, get ya money up tho the skruggle real 🤧

violet ✨ ‏@violetxcanon

@elijahwav I’m proud of you tryna come out 💪 just everyone on instagram are idiots 🤧

V. Michelle 👑 ‏@__Vxchelle

I just need to survive the next 2 days that’s all 🤧

ѕωєєтяυρтυяє∂ℓιﻭнт ‏@sweetrupturedl8

@vonxjimin SAME! I’ve seen no quotes from him either 🤧

Umiko Airi. 🥡 ‏@sunflowerxvibes

@Oh_So_Animated He’s my favorite too. 🤧

$ara ‏@artificialbitch

@jenniferatv I miss you too 🤧😍🤪😚❤️💜💯👌🏻🌟💫

lia ‏@_maliawilson

i want to cry, these cramps hurt like a bitch 🤧

six piece chicken mcgirlfriend ‏@fauxfruit

FAN but marlon is fab too 🤧

g♡ 📌 ‏@tinyrenjuns

i miss renjun 🤧

🅿️haraoh ⤴️immy™ ‏@janus_slevin

naked is better than boo’d up 🤧

Xsenia ‏@SalmonXsenia

I can’t sleep 🤧

Patriqué Evra ‏@periom1

She said she is a vegan 🤧


@BossManeBalla Shit in my blood foo😂🤧

Jazlyn Imus ‏@jamjarrrs

Back in Manila and had cough and flu due to pagod 🤧


@jennajeann13 omg thank you so much 🤧💕

Komo ⊙♡⊙ ‏@chansoogurl

When ugly guy more SOK DAN BELAGAK! Than handsome guy! Bissh 🤧

Lil ‏@khalil_C24

Real life in bed like this 🤧

Anuj Dhole ‏@AnujDhole17

Congrats👏 on your stellar International career #ABDevilliers . The saddest day for me when I heard my Idol has reti…

lex ‏@yunglecstasy

I haven’t had a celeb crush in a while but I’m obsessed w Hoodrich Pablo 🤧

jo. ‏@jordynnc2224

this is literally @KamrynCottrell 😂🤧

Jess ‏@_jesss3


Sapik ‏@99thseries

@yourgirlmish Yo reply ws thank u 🤧

Tokio 👹 ‏@tokio94_

Love you too 🤧💖

Ricardo Gutierrez ‏@RGuti99

@karlaadoe_ @rayyg77 Well nobody likes a bully. Bullies only do the stuff they do (bully) because they feel insecur…

🖤™ ‏@_noookkie

Stayed with a nigga while his whole entire life was in shambles, fuck em when his dick hard, cure em when he sick,…

Dec. 1️⃣7️⃣ Jul 3️⃣1️⃣ ‏@D1Hound

I gotta go to sleep cause if I don’t imma end up texting you tryna get you back so this is goodnight 😕🤧

💖Jaidedheart💖 ‏@JaidedMemories

Praying this nigga doesn’t have a crazy baby momma, a secret girlfriend, a drug addiction, a small dick, or commitm…

t ‏@knjasteroid

@godjinnie 21st century ass 🤧

Esa Niggardly ‏@_arleeezy

Someone come through with taco bell or a big mac 🤧

Sour Bucket Ⓥ ‏@gabgrilll

This is your reminder to live life to the fullest bc you never know when your treasure will be taken from you 🤧

ً ‏@airpIane02

y-you was my baby 🤧😍😘

kuku ‏@alfaroclaudette

@TremayneFlores Same 🤧

WHY IS GAMORA? ‏@eric_aaaa

I know it says only one word, but I’m FLATTERED 🤧

gabs🥚 ‏@huelo_cat

I forgot to do this one assignment that was worth over 25% of my grade. I worked so hard on all the assignments to…

Tokio 👹 ‏@tokio94_

I love you guys 🤧

ً ‏@janclausell

bout to record some sad ass music, if the rain lets me 🤧

[HALF-REST] ‏@melonpanpann

@00flirt We'll be really saddened if you do that, but if you think that's the best thing for your well-being and he…

➖ ‏@nygdrew

someone send me some selfies 😔🤧

🏦...🏃🏾‍♂️ ‏@Quez_Fame

Throw hundreds ones get it right back 🤧

HiRoLLer👑 ‏@xx_Lexxii

I’m woke shorty,I’m growing and maturing 🤧

Alex ‏@ayeecanseco

@heart_ofthelion @mari__poco This shit making me feel so lonely.. y’all cute tho😤🤧

✩Liyi✩ ‏@jungkookreally

I completed them in 1 try 🤧

litley ‏@radical_lesley

Pete is a good person who has struggled with a lot so hop off homeboy’s back 🤧

nemo ✨ ‏@kaykessss

Wasted Times On Repeaaattt 🤧

Jazzy ‏@byunbabie

But I still can't get over the fact Chanyeol wore yellow tshirt for one day only during his trip to US. Like the ne…

𝔧𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔞 ‏@____janna

my parents didn't see each other for 12 years and now they're happpier than ever.. this fr how happy i'm tryna be 🤧

جميل ‏@broitsjamela

currently missing my baby, like always 🤧

Cassie ‏@cassandra8_

I love you so much. I want to hear that giggle for the rest of my life. — actually speechless 😭🤧

EXO Grace 🐤 ‏@exogracia

Tak nak berharap yg view dia akan clear. At least I'm just happy being there. Oh god. 🤧

BD ✍🏾 ‏@BryinD

I wanna be successful so damn bad 🤧

McMillion 🗣 ‏@GoldenboyDre5

Was sleeping so good I thought I overslept for work 😂🤧

mute me | 슈가의 시선 is back ‏@Ashantiiiib

i love you namjoonieeeeeeeeee!🤧

mensa ‏@bulibando

Leave me on read just delete my number 🤧

nette og ✨ ‏@netteog

@darriolaaa @LoveClassieee ima die waiting for tha day bih 🤧

Kay🧞‍♀️ ‏@na_kaykay

Let me chill and cut all the chit chat💯🤧

Ramón ♥️ ‏@_romero09__

@JessicaAlize You said I can’t??? 🤧

sam ‏@staystrongsam26

i just want chocolate covered strawberries and i'll be happy 🤧

Gareʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ‏@garrett_aldrich

@mairdemak Just a bunch of nerds proving they are alpha 🤧

Sammy ‏@sammy_kaira1

Rula do rula do don't leave any kasar 🤧😭💔 But gorgeous edit Meghu 😘

des ♡ bamie ‏@ahgasefangirl

I’m so tired of this song 🤧 pls stop

Lata💅🏻 ‏@princesslata00

I can’t send my mom selfies bc she don’t know how to open her messages but it’s ok💕🤧😭😭😂

rach ‏@rebrandmedanny

@AmazingPhiIlIl ty ly bb 🤧

erica 🥀🖤✨ ‏@ekaaaycee

my scalp is so fucking itchy. i hate not being able to wash my hair 😭😩 now i remember why i didn’t wanna color my h…

kiannz ‏@bbykiannz

haven’t seen John all day & I miss him 🤧

ージ ェ ノ ‏@daphnee_la

@vanilletoile nooo u don't like justin??🤧


I don’t get why most shops don’t have goalkeeper jerseys, like some of us want that 🤧 now I’m regretting not buying…

lil stemSs ‏@versacecodeine

i needa get tatted again i been laggin it 🤧

P E A C H E S ♊️ ‏@__raawwr

just want somebody as nasty as me 🤧

Jesse 🍇 ‏@Floresss18

@_romero09__ @j__andra Oh yea Jared don’t whip 🤧 ik he clean @Juliom222 but only on tuesdays :/

🧙🏿‍♂️⁶ ‏@DuisLavila

Both are pretty bad.🤧

sica I yoonmin ‏@shootforthemin

spring day deserves 2017 soty she is still charting and in top 20 your PAKs dont confirm longevity 🤧

Hamlet 🌹 ‏@jaceryan_5

Blue Burst > Gold Scar 🤧

Ash 💛 ‏@ashleykay465

thats MY girl 🤧👏👏

jk’s ℘ąηɖıѕąƖ ‏@Kookiie5SOS

Nw: season finale of the flash 😭🤧

Ⓜ️oddDolla$igns ‏@_lilfatguy

i got all these blue faces oh my 🤧

🔥ε.и.D🔱 ‏@LuciferIRL

Bitches be taking my selfie for catfishing. Nasty e-hoes 🤧

ari🌱🌸 ‏@diaryofarii

I don’t like cereal 😭👀🤧


lana was so sweet 4 writing this for me ugh 🤧☝🏼💗

audrey 68. ‏@rendezvouzhaz

officially the same age as this smoochie 🤧

LA⚡️ ‏@idalanis

@yossss17 I’m disappointed already so I haven’t even finished episode 1 🤧

cathy ‏@Caaathyb_

I missed you hoe 🤧

Andrea 11 ‏@semperirwin

My name looks beautiful with the 11 🤧 my fave number ajio

AB ‏@thestoryofAB

I cried when we won this 🤧

. ‏@Evelynajolie

@drsalazar_ Ugh that too 🤧

isa ‏@mochiiteok

@naebegin @cypherr34 tbh US armys get so much shit and a lot of it has to do with aha being American i think. I ge…

rey rights! ‏@reysvulptex

@ridIeyrobbie your layout oh worm... rey and snoke would be so proud 😢🤧💕

Liloa Kalima ‏@liloakalima

A 50th state fair date this summer is a fat mood but a nigga ain’t got a date so like lmk...🤧

Jessica ‏@jesscobedo

@hillaryteacup @kirimandu_dodo @nui_be @kingsehvn @kimmyeondae @sweaterdaes @ur945 @0506_b_elieve @Exo4Lwith…

CHRISTIAN 💔 ‏@BhrisGoBrazy

Juice Next Up 🤧💔🚀

Sourabh bansal ‏@Sourabh_pcte30

AB de Villiers that was wrong Decision 🤧 #ICC #Bcci #CricketFans #cricketfansclub #SadMoment 🤧🤧

𝒩 ‏@nakysu

same 🤧

talia ‏@taliajenkins4

Never had one of those 🤧

🌸🌹Veronica Yvonne🌹🌸 ‏@Vee__yvonne

I have felt so shitty all day today, Erick goes you look so tired your eye bags are so deep😢....bruh I am sick....I…

boo boo the fool 🤧 ‏@amirahan18

I’m just here to gas my friends 😸🤧

Maha ‏@hometomaha

@sunflwryouth @ShawnMendes Thank you Khalid’s wife 🤧

lil‘kil ‏@akilmacsss

ion do that 🤧

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