Sneezing Face Emoji

A face displayed sneezing with a tissue blowing to one side, and closed eyes.

Sneezing Face was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🤧 Gesundheit


🤧 U+1F927


Tweets For 🤧

y ♡ jennie ‏@chaensorn

I’m at my end of year assembly and I’m gonna kill myself this shit goes on for like 2 more hours 🤧

S17MENGTON ‏@just_toolitt

Top 2 and it ain’t 2 🤧😂

sahar ‏@miyoko_sahar

hyungwon killed it 🤧

Użoma🌹 ‏@JusteauX_

@debsofine Thank you 🤧🌹

Mïthrandir ‏@_H546

@abdxllahi Let me know if you find someone bro 🤧 Laziness is real here too

Lilskrt4k ‏@Lilskrt4k

Lilskrt4k “Tu me olvidaste” drops at midnight, i need everyone to get sad as hell one time for the one time 💔🤧😞

Makazi ‏@Siphokazii_


☁Luna Mercury☁ ‏@lunaxmercury

@QueenofBulsara Awww NO NO NO don't cry ❤❤🤧

NavyBaby ‏@KevinCash___

Life goes on doe right 🤧👌🏾

oliwia ‏@nuoyanji

i love you both 🤧

CC🥰 ‏@CoriaaCade

All that fake love that’s that shit that ion need 🤧

Ethan 🎱 ‏@cumingssly

without a doubt ! my nana is lookin over me 🤧❤️ .


@ManUtd Embarrassing can it get any worse 🤧

muvá ‏@yafaavgrl

my daughter farts smell really bad 🤧

sabrina ‏@drunksweetz

@grqnted yeet 🤧

ashli ♡ ‏@dxpejimin_

jimin, a whole cutie 💜🤧

Rocky ‏@namjoons_bitch

Imagine being that talented and successful and winning that many awards in one night, I feel bad for BTS. They just…

NoVa Austin 💯 ‏@Austin_E21_

@YoutubeFordy dm me 🤧

JAY VERSA ‏@jay_versa

@SacredFlex You gon drive all the way here just to get whooped 🤧

Alexa ‏@DreamingAlexa

The holidays are always out here makin’ me wanna fall into some lovey dovey stuff 🤧

Kpmarl ‏@Kpmarl1

@repofavillain @DamatoAlyssa Aaaa Brittany Murphy 😢😭🤧

Tash ‏@TashanEdward_

Daniel would of got through if he wasn’t so full of shit 🤧 peak

↬n ‏@njpg_miya

@yoonvt @aeochwe thanks b 🤧

zoe ‏@cutmylipmp3

@BanditoCatie my bad dawg 🤧

December 21st♐️ ‏@ElMicheno

“ body like you from the islands’ 🤧

Użoma🌹 ‏@JusteauX_

@_Jayizzle Thank you 🤧

ℛoss ‏@sweetieben

i love them 🤧

💓 ‏@miguelsrams

I miss going out on cute dates with someone 🤧

isra ‏@israxm

nahhhh daniel uno i didn’t see that coming 🤧

YOUNG JOLLY MEAL 🤪🎅🏽 ‏@nickyram79

That SC record was the good ol’ times of being a Trojan fan 🤧😔

free ball jamal ‏@__4buddy

Omw ! To find da guys ASAP 😂🤧

rubs ‏@rubiherzz

i hate the closing shift at work 🤧

Maaaaaf ‏@mfz_zz

@barnacleboy21 Thanks 🤧

♡#1Hooligan♡ (📌RT PINNED PLZ) ‏@ForeverBMFan_1

I follow a queen 🤧😍😍

H U M E S🐐 ‏@ball_foreverjay

Can’t believe you doubted me 🤧

enna ‏@biscoiteir

aawnnn 💕🤧

Socheela 🎄 ‏@itsxochitl8

Yoo can someone like me cuz being single is get mad boring 🤧

nyaaa. 💚 ‏@Nyaa_Babbee

I’m so bipolar bro I miss my man 🤧

Rosa ‏@MRosalindaa

I was squatting and my leggings were a little see through so the guys “built a wall” so no one would see 🤧 #real

Buggz B🐰 ‏@UtsheS_

No rest 🤧

Gary Noble ‏@GaryNob56668899

@biglad1 @luckyhens Only get to sleep inside if 🤧 here.

Ondine's Ċ̵͊̈̋̏ͬű̇͒ͪ͂͒͠r͛͋ş̶̿ͮ̔̂̕e̓͜ ‏@ondines_curse

Upd: it has Hermés perfume among other things 🤧 it's my fav brand for perfumes ever, ugh, her mind

eddy ‏@ao_adna

@ayesha__k7 it’s still a pretty embarrassing win 🤧

woozi_kanda ‏@MissMoonlight18

@PrinceSeoksoo Cause he’s your other father 🤧😆

vells ‏@1Mervella

Cinnamon swirl honey buns pls 🤧

ᴋᴀʀᴍᴀ🏳️‍🌈 ‏@karmaraene

I danced too hard to Faun’s playlist that I knocked rose petals off one of my flower strings 🤧

#DEWDAYZ ‏@Iremhen

🤧 look like the babe I saw at toyin street today

Yazmin ‏@niazxwesley

This is so cute please i want one 🤧

mvpxlou 👽$ ‏@hennysossa

every mf in this world is like a dollar in ya pocket 💯 they will go away and never come back , don’t trust or get attached to mfs 💯💯🤧..

Angel 🌻 ‏@zeeezaaah

This weather better let me be great 🤧🙏🏾

McKenna 💋 ‏@spobycabello22

3: Cassadee Pope- Season 3: coach Blake - okay her voice was one the best out of all the winners on the show but…

G⚓️🇬🇷 ‏@GLIMBO9

I just want some tbell.. or Mcdonald’s.. 🤧

princetongirl ‏@ThisStinks96

Shawn saw my tattoo and SAID IT WAS LOVELY 🤧💕

🎄 ‏@LeJINdaryKerBer

I love character development 😍😍😂🤧 #BTS #BTSARMY #JIN

ig @btshiteuuuuuu ‏@btshiteuuuuuu


Baksuz ‏@ghuccitae

She really is the one 🤧

gisellllllee ‏@gisellegut15

I low key have the mentality of a male relationship wise 🤧

exo💎 ‏@yixingsheep_Bbh

Glow up 🤧

nikki blonsky from the movie hairspray ‏@LEVINODENIM

/ hey laid ease ... we going ✈️ plot? lms to plot with this dumbass singing frat boy 🤧

𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐬 ⁕ ‏@tobicalifornia

@princehylas Being a hater is bad for the skin 🤧

🌸MiniminiJimini 🌸💘 ‏@yourhignessuga

@BTS_twt Soo cute 💘💘🤧❤️❤️

𝒶𝓊𝓇𝑜𝓇𝒶 ‏@jiminspeony

sometimes i look at videos like this one and i refuse to believe they’re humans like shit how is this even possible…

da real LUL YE$$😍🏆 ‏@yesssyy_

If u can’t go inna house smellin like weed 🤧 then why are u even smoking 🤔

t 🤧 ‏@tee_sosaaa

i want this lil chocolate drop 🤧

m👑 ‏@mixwmady

@htxzo soooo proud 🤧💜

flo ‏@tachyyung

@_straythename_ instagram asmr accounts have been found jobless 🤧😔✊

cristian ‏@cristianmk7

Side note, I’m actually Mexican and not white, y’all need to chill with the racism 🤧

minstarchild🌟 ‏@minseorina

Last night was so lit😷🤧💜❤️

maria ♡ ‏@kixth

@jimaadness ahhh thank you 🤧💕

a ‏@SoIoAsh

@fentyy Remember when she'd drop an album every October and now we're starving 🤧

jaEbUm ‏@sikkofgray

You are my coffee in the morning 🤧

Sasha ‏@Realmadriza

@Zincrozine It’s true, the amount of times I’ve cried to “only then”, “paper hearts”, “2U”, “lost stars”, “if you”,…

12/13🤪😏 ‏@flawlssdee

ask me some questions 🤧 have nothing else to do😭😭

p🦋🖤 ‏@paytonnquestel

Country never fails to get me in a good mood 🤧

eva🌨🎁 ‏@shookchalamet

ur all offending me stop voting yes 🤧😤

🍓⁸⁸ ‏@niniwaffle

ill um sleep 🤧

💀 ‏@yabitchyaboo1

@pftw_kxty stop posting about how you don’t vape when you literally snort coke 🤧 no one likes a coke whore

𝓇𝑒𝓃𝓃𝓎 ‏@sleepyrenny

Why did my past self know I started stanning before February 12th 🤔🤔 still don’t know the exact date 🤧

🌸MiniminiJimini 🌸💘 ‏@yourhignessuga

@BTS_twt Awww i didn’t see this earlier but anywyas congratss 🤧💕💕

𝕞𝕒𝕪𝕒 | MiRACLE ‏@defxholic

Some of my moots went viral today 🤧 proud of y’all ✊🏽

laura. ‏@im_jaebong

@ahgahrin i love this duo 🤧

SΗAyΠΣ★★★ ‏@shikishayne

What kind of mind does Namjoon have. So clever and so sweet. 🤧

ℓεxү ❥ ‏@lexxyrojas

Omg i almost crashed again and I don’t want to drive anymore.... I just want a narco bf already so he can give me a chofer 🤧

Problem Child 💯😈 ‏@__Sheesvalidddd

No Offense But You My Bitch 😍🤧


No one in da league but we all ballin 🤧

hope ‏@yiiinyang

@uncvrings you're adorable 🤧❤

Cory 🎄🎁 ‏@haeinslatte

My oomfies have been so sweet to me today i might just be whipped for every one of you 🤧

destiny 🌙 ‏@taemsgrl

made a new friend who’s super sweet n cute n funny she totally cheered me up and made my day 🤧

harRY christmas ‏@missmerpussy

just did a photo shoot with my goat in a t*wk shirt and uhhh 🤧 sis snaPPED

rach¹²⁷ ‏@365zcl

@jinglejens i did think thate sounded a little harsh 🤧

EDO💔🖤 ‏@ElieserOrtiz100

cut her off, ain’t a loss 🤧

rei loves winwin ‏@winsoonin

@ultnoir an underrated queen 🤧

Lungile ‏@Lungie_x

Young boys went out with a win from Juve... what a confidence booster 🤧🚶🏽‍♀️

Natalie Tuday ‏@_EskimoXs

Hot tea and honey for me 🤧😷🤒


Glad it’s over 🤧

Maria ‏@Mariaaa13_

“rocky is really sad, you need to check him out” but like me too sis 🤧

ً ‏@qtseokjn

im forcing everyone i know irl to watch their mama performance yesterday ✊ idk how but i’ll convert them all 🤧

amerikate: endgame 🌟 ‏@wlwamerica

@katesbishps @lesbianIaura gsjdjdnd omg thank you!! america chavez would give you a tissue to dry your tears 🤧

Mariyah :,) ‏@0Mcreations

@Sdea2016 @NakuulMehta I’m desperate okay? 😂🤧✋🏻

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