Snowboarder Emoji

A person snowboarding downhill at a ski resort. Wearing clothing designed for cold climates.

Snowboarder was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🏂 Snowboard

🏂 Snowboarding


The Snowboarder emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


🏂 U+1F3C2




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kiarra ‏@kiarraunger

i’m so excited to be back on the mountains today 🏂😩

Stoked ‏@Stokedcom

Waiting in line at the Peak chair at @whistlerblckcmb on a bluebird powder day, let’s get it! 🏂😍 Captured with gopr…

EdgeCore Fins ‏@EdgeCore_Surf

I just added this listing on Poshmark: 🏂🏂🏂ROXY WOODRUN SKI/SNOWBOARD PANTS. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

Team Colostomy UK ‏@TeamColostomyUK

Earlier today we shared a video of ⁦@LondonHarrah⁩ snowboarding 🏂 with a #stoma. Now here’s ⁦⁦⁦@OliOliadams⁩ again…

✨S.J✨ 9⃣6⃣ ‏@Neak_Jones

I wanna go sledding 🛷🏂

LetsGoLunaHQ ‏@LetsGoLunaHQ

Andy and Leo LOOOOVE skating in Russia! What are some of YOUR favourite winter activities? ⛸️🏂🎿 #LetsGoLuna

ᵐᵃᵗᵗʸ ‏@mattdisyou

@JordiTBG Thx playboy👽🏂🤞🏼

seattledot ‏@seattledot

Traffic is no fun - so avoid it! Here're our TOP 6 things you can do to avoid the #SeattleSqueeze traffic.…

Dániel Taylor ‏@DanielTaylorArt

"It's Too Late" ⁣- Personal Illustration, 2019 ⁣ Thanks to everyone who bought prints so far! As I mentioned in the…

Carter Toyota ‏@cartertoyota1


Sumyra Nissar سمیرہ نسار ‏@Sumyra_Nissar

Snow pictures ❄🏂⛄ Location kp road Aishmuqam J&K.

January 23rd 🥳♒️ ‏@ronniesanders_1

@miaa_jaanae Thanks mia 🏂

Ness 🤙🏻 ‏@DstressNess

Snowboarding this weekend I’m so excited 🏂 and then next weekend my birthday 😁🎉

Weezy ♠️ ‏@KalebBloomer

Cold life🏂❄️

Craig Littleman ‏@craiglevander

Lake Tahoe, Aspen then Whistler Blackcomb in Canada to finish this winter shredding out 🏂

Ankur Singh ‏@ankursatyam007

Today i had such a lovely time with my lovely Skaters🏂 at DPS Prayagraj Alld 🏛

DereK ‏@Aderpt_

Morning ❄️🏂

BeatenPathCo ‏@BeatenPathco

Your Beaten Path is your passion 🌞 Whatever, Whoever, Wherever. It’s your life... live it 🏂 Tell us what your Bea…

Josefin Möll Whitney ‏@JoffaCake

2 day left in work before heading down to alp d'huez 😍😍🎿 🏂 #honeymoonpart2

take a bag to the store ‏@B1ALLPuRPosE

Snow possible at 4:45PM 🙏🏼 ❄️ 🏂

ℓαтανια ‏@arreagod

@PRETTYMUCH give the phone to edwin he KNOWS ME!!! PICK ME😂🏂 PICK ME🙈✨

Young Life ‏@YoungLife

What’s your winter go-to? Sledding 🛷 or shredding 🏂?

Tylt Sports ‏@tyltsports

Which is more fun: Skiing or snowboarding? ❄️🏂

Skiworld ‏@ski_world

Schools out, skis on? ⛷🏂 Check out our half term deals - SF, CA ‏@SnowPalsDotOrg

#sf #bayarea Got #philzcoffee 😋#philharmonic #cupofjoe? My fave @philzcoffee #CampbellCA is opened; this store is…

Halleluka ‏@lindstromdevin

It’s almost street snowboarding season 🏂 🚙

EdgeCore Fins ‏@EdgeCore_Surf

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: 🏂🏂🏂ROXY WOODRUN SKI/SNOWBOARD PANTS.…

THAT DAMN SHOW ‏@ThatdamnshowSAC

Don’t miss your chance to hit the slopes with TDS! Click this link for the pre-sale. The GP gets access starting Fr…

JAY ‏@GetBuckCuhh

I’m trying to learn front 3’s this weekend🌪 🤙🏂

Erica king ‏@Elkingdom1

Openings available next three day with yours truly at the dream. Better book asap as for I will be heading to Utah…

Lucifer💡 ‏@LightCM__

Stick shift today. 🏂

laLUNAdelleMONTAGNE ‏@NextMauBa

WhatELSE? ❄❄❄ ⛷🏂🛷 #discover #Tarvisiano #differentholidays on 🌜…

Coach Zo #Denpride ‏@Hi_ImZO

@DMVFollowers @Forbes Can buy a boat but won’t even get Kap a chance to revive the franchise 🏂🏂

Autumn Lewandowski ‏@AutumnsWeather

TODAY:🌧💨🌂❌🛷⛸⛷🏂😐 TOMORROW:🌨💨🤦‍♀️👍🏂⛷⛸ >>>

Autumn Lewandowski ‏@AutumnsWeather

TODAY:🌧💨🌂❌🛷⛸⛷🏂😐 TOMORROW:🌨💨🤦‍♀️👍🏂⛷⛸ >>>

Gill Williams ‏@gillcwill

@charlozzi @Theminoltakid @aliowl78 @rachaelhxx @ruthwignall @kelseyredmore @fiftyminus2 @itsSaraOlsen…

Dan ‏@CrosshairDan Domain Name Available at Nice Domain Name for Sports Museum, Spor…

La Grotte du Yeti ‏@grotteduyeti

Last minute to the snow? ❄️ See here two offers you should not resist. Not only is your apartment included but als…

anthony ‏@Anthonymayn

Who’s tryna board 🏂

Big Sky Resort ‏@bigskyresort

🚨 Powder Alert 🚨Overnight, 10” of new snow fell on the upper mountain. In the next 24 hours, we could see up to a f…

K ‏@NuaVeKRecords

Weather might hold me a day but 💪🏽🏂

BILL ‏@bill_doee

Walk on top of waterrrr 🏂💦❄️

Annalèise ‏@imflawless__

Can't wait to go away next weekend. ⛷🏂☃️❄

hayden stamm ‏@HaydenStamm

All I want to do is snowboard 🏂

Ever Grain Brewing ‏@evergrainbeer

Week 2 results from last night, our ski team ⛷🏂won again! Congratulations 🎉🎈🍺 @roundtopmtn . .. ...…

Jessica 💎 ‏@_Miss_Ramos

When he tells you to get ready because we’re going snowboarding after work 🙌🏻❄️🏂 #WinterWonderland #snowday

PC Eddie O'Toole ‏@TPSOToole

@Jenny2Hugs @ArmorocCA My last day today, then heading to Quebec tomorrow for the weekend ❄️☃️⛷🏂⛷🎿

EdgeCore Fins ‏@EdgeCore_Surf

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: ⛷🏂⛷ROXY "SNOW" SNOW/SKI PANTS LAST ONE🔥🔥🔥.…

theeQueenLex👑 ‏@lexxipoop

Gonna be playin in the snow in a few days with @livelikelivy 🏂⛷

Willard Morris ‏@WillardMorris

The 2019 Winter Games collectors pins are in! 🥌🎿⛸🏊‍♀️🥊🤸‍♂️🏒🏂🏸🏓 I will be handing 50 of these out with my colleagu…

Bellsbank Primary School ‏@BellsbankPS

What a super big playground full of fresh snow to play in today. We even had some sledging going on down the bankin…

HeightsInc ‏@IncHeights

It’s not the destination🤖it’s the journey 🛫to the destination that is more important 🏂 #heightsinc #togetherwerno1…

Mule Post Media ‏@MulePostMedia

Anyone around St. Joe want to shred 🏂 some local terrain today?

VirginRadioWinnipeg ‏@VirginRadioWPG

Shredding at Holiday Mtn! 🏂🗻 If you have pictures of you celebrating winter, share them with #winterwaybackcontest…

CtMS Braves ‏@Ctmsbraves

Friday January 25,2019 is the last day for ski club. Have fun⛷🏂😃

Divine Mercy Parish ‏@DivineMercySM

⛸🏂🛷☃️ @ Divine Mercy Parish

Proctor Ski & Board ‏@ProctorSkiBoard

We have all the essential and cool gear that your kids need for their favorite winter activities ⛷️🏂 Stop by today 🤩

borealmtn ‏@borealmtn

Mini Shred Park is getting a facelift • New metal, reshaped jump • Who’s stoked for some blue-bird park laps? • 🏂:…

Geoff Hayden ‏@geoffhayden

You gotta love the mountains....and nearly getting lost!🤪🏂😎

Clark Dumont,MS,APR ‏@clarkdumont1

@NHChronicle Looking forward to visit tonite to @RaggedMtEq founded by Cort Hansen, HS friend and #603Milford native 🏂🎿⛷

hashitan ‏@hashitan

@TheStruts It is too bad that it doesn't look like I won the tickets to Festival Haus. Oh well, I hope you'll all h…

#TheGlenzitoSuperDrive. (ST) ‏@Chillies_FoReal

23/01/19 Day 116 @MarawaSportShow Anchor: @robertmarawa Producer: @Bevstar7 ⚾🏈🏀⚽⛳🏂🏆🎳🎾 ⏳📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻⏳…

كيلا ‏@nickikillvhhh

woke up w the urge to go snowboarding. 🏂

PedigreeSkiShop/44 ‏@PedigreeSkiShop

Our White Plains crew making turns at Mount Snow🏂⛷

Sonya Lindsay 🌱🌿🍄 ‏@AncientGrove


zillertalarena ‏@ZillertalArena

For everyone who couldn’t be at the Zillertal Välley Rälley we present the best scenes of the event 🏂🏔☀️

TheSauce♐️ ‏@Vndrielle

booked a solo trip to portland just to night shred friday & saturday 😅 who wants to join me? 🙏🏼🏂

Special Olympics New York ‏@SpecOlympicsNY

❄️ GO CHARLIE! ❄️ We're excited to cheer on Charlie Kleiman as he competes in the 5th annual @SpecialOlympics Unifi…

SnowTrex_SkiHolidays ‏@snowtrex_ski

Which is your favourite region for skiing and snowboarding in Austria? Maybe Zillertal? 💙⛷❄🏂

Anton Gudkov ‏@Anthonygudkov

First time on the board 🏂 Bruised but happy! 😎 • #winter #snowboarding #life #sport #happiness @ Wrightwood, Calif…

Dream Ride Alberta ‏@DreamRideAB

Race ya to the bottom ✌️🏂 #Jeep #JeepLife #JeepWrangler


Come on, just be careful and that's it, ice skating 😘💞❄️🏂⛷️👅💛🧡❤️💜🙏🏾👍 Enjoy life since I am SO proud of you for bein…

Coxswain's Log ‏@coxswainslog

Finally accepted the fact that I live in #NorCal now and that I need a better jacket if I’m going to go snowboardin…

flinder ‏@flindereffect

We are just four days away from flying out of London onto the slopes of #Morzine! ⛷️🏂 We are all packed and raring…

Bodies By Farny ‏@BodiesbyFarny

Sir send it coming down steamboat🏂🏄🏼‍♂️❄️❄️this place is amazing and the POW POW is so soft! #sirsendit #tippindown…

Luis Salas🤙 ‏@iLuis_Salas

Can’t wait for Aspen this weekend 🏔 🏂

William Vermilyea ‏@vermilyea1

Anyone wanna ride hoodoo Saturday with me and Caleb ? HMU 🏂🏂

Cambridge Fine Art ‏@Cambridge_Art

Love this piece I bought for myself from basinreclaimed in #killington #vt liquidartcoffeehouse! Check them out!…

The Duke ‏@NortonDukes

Follow everyone who retweets or likes this tweet 🏂⛷️🏌️‍♂️💥🏂

Tony Fordham ‏@antelopetube

8” of fresh powder overnight. Heading out for the first lifts now 😀😀🏂🏂 #WhistlerBlackcomb

sarah◼️ ‏@sarahflem_

too stoked for Big White ski trip this weekend 🏂⛷❄️

Rose Buahin ‏@ThornBird17

Yes! Glad to welcome this ski beaut to the world🏂⛷ #WhenSkiLiftsGoWrong @HugeCalfStudios

Julian Hofmann ‏@xitnelat

🏂 Only 45 days till #T3BOARD19 ⛷️

Shawn Preabt ‏@spreabt

What will little boys like to do? ⛷🎣🚵🏻‍♂️🏂🏄‍♂️🚣‍♀️⛹️‍♂️⛳️ 🤷‍♂️

elizabeth carrington ‏@elledub500

new #chairs in the house ⚡️🌈❄️⚡️🌈❄️⚡️🌈❄️ this one just sold but lots more available. gimme a shout 🙋‍♀️👋👊✌️🏂🙆‍♀️ •…

NitehawkAdventurePar ‏@NitehawkAdvPark

Have you heard our EXCITING NEWS!!! Nitehawk will now be OPEN on Wednesday Nights for Skiing⛷ & Boarding🏂 from 5:3…

Cyfarthfa PE ‏@CHS_PhysEd

🏂⛷🎿Ski Meeting 🎿⛷🏂 📅 Thursday 24th January ⏰ 6pm 📍Drama Studio Please could all parents attending use the back entrance (Penyard)

Eric Pfeifer ‏@pfeifer33

2weeks and back in the Rockies 🏂

Westheights P. S. ‏@westheightsps

#Day3 today. Be sure to get your Friendship Pizza Combo! 🍕 Tomorrow is ski club for the club Members. ⛷🏂Did you bri…

WiMLDS Paris ‏@WiMLDS_Paris

We are waiting for you with our warm ❤️, technical talks & 🍕tonight. The ❄️ is not scaring us 🏂 #WiMLDSParis #WiMLDS

Victor Cicco ‏@CiccoVictor

@FuturesTrader71 actually waiting for mouse finger to de thaw up here in the east🤡🏂

Brandi ‏@momgoals6

#snowblower #snowfall #hellosnow #freshsnow #newmarket #bradford #king it’s about time we got snow ❄️ I love it &…

Christopher Arcega ‏@USNE8SW

@HaleyRhiannon @tjc_12 🏂time

Lexikon_SK ‏@Lexikon_SK

Winter in your pocket ❄️🎿⛷🏂💨Read about the best winter apps on our website👉link in bio🇸🇰 #snow #ski #skiing…

𝓚𝓱𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓭 𝓐𝓷𝔀𝓪𝓻 ‏@KhalidAnwarPTI

Dear Friends 🕺Let's enjoy this Gain 🌹Gain f0ll0wers🏃‍♂️ 🏂Retweet & like 🥀Follow Me 🙋‍♂️MY follow back💯 💚Comment…

minoia board co. ‏@minoiastore

🏂Nuovo carico di snowboard da #minoiaboardcoitaly 💥 Restocked @NITROSNBRDS 💥 Snowboard | Boots | Bindings…

nylecoj ‏@nylecojvm

I can’t wait for our mini vacation 🥰⛷🏂

Nik 👱🏻‍♀️ ‏@noforreall

Me: *goes snowboarding once* Me: let’s go shred that gnar pow pow 🏂

Cry Baby ‏@R_meyers97

All I need in my life is the westmark rocker or Bryan iguchi pro rocker and all the natural kickers in the world 🏂🏔❄️

Lowerhouse Cricket Club 💙💛 ‏@LowerhouseCC

No running tonight for the seniors. Iced off... 🏂⛷

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