Snowflake Emoji

Snow falling to the ground in the form of a unique ❄ snowflake. With enough snow, a snowman can be made!

Snow found at alpine resorts and mountains is often used recreationally for skiing or snowboarding.

Snowflake was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

❄️ Snow

❄️ Snowing

Apple Name

❄️ Snowflake


❄ U+2744

️ U+FE0F




Tweets For ❄ ‏@skiweather

❄ Snow Report Livigno : Livigno 86 to 215cm. @Livigno @skiweather

❥ศาสนาโซชิลัทธิแทยอน ‏@mmiinnnniiee_ss

Four Seasons Four Seasons Four Seasons🔥 Four Seasons Four Seasons Four Seasons❄ Four Seasons Four Seasons Four Seas…

Koto✨ パイフロ 16/3 - 百ステ 23/3 ‏@KotoWari16

I had a thought... maybe it turned cold(er) because Yukionna has arrived in Kyoto. I bet they'll be happy. 😊❄

YamaPTeachar ‏@yamapiiteachar

@ohhara_rika me too❄:;((>﹏<๑));:❄

Zebron ‏@Zebron_

Damn! Cold world ❄

Mahya^^S♡ne ‏@MahyaSone

#Taeyeon_FourSeasonsMV #태연_사계뮤비_오후6시 For seasons 🌸🌳🍁❄

chris ‏@ramenmuckbang

Make sure you are unique by following as many trends as possible 🌍🌠❄

vd ‏@mauriciogvng

my chains on my neck ta gelado frozen❄

しーちゃん ‏@gecko_1izard

Today’s code ❄

SOOJUNG. 🌞 ‏@gidlewoogi

Currently On Temporary Swap. ❄

Marco Biondi ‏@MarcoBiondi5

Winter is coming... ❄

Bloody Commoner! ‏@RationalBean_UK

@madinatoure They're counting triggered snowflakes ❄ that's why... 😂

SoCoeurV🔆 ‏@betchaboux

Bittersweet. ❄

Ruth Raven ‏@RuthieR

@CharliePLBaxter @vanterheyden I love snow too. You can make things with it. ❄❄❄


@Glender24635509 @SethLieOFC @OfficialKarSeth @KaoSethOFC 👉❤👈SETHLIE ❄❄❄ ‏@skiweather

❄ Snow Report SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental : Kelchsau 80 to 160cm. Itter 80 to 160cm. Going 80 to 160cm. 10cm…

K.C ‏@K_C_1230

New release incoming from a person that is beautiful from inside & out which is charismatic I can't imagine how my…

Ster-Kinekor Zimbabwe 🎬🍿🇿🇼 ‏@SterkinekorZim

Here is our lineup from March 22-28. New on circuit is The Kid Who Would Be King 👑⚔ & Cold Pursuit ❄

Gino Quillamor ‏@ginoboi

Winter is here. ❄ So happy I was able to get myself a pair of these beauties at @SportsCentralRP 😁

CE 🇫🇷🇨🇲 ‏@ce_on1

@TxrreiraSZN Facts bro❄❄❄

Rukia Kurosaki ルキア 黒崎 ‏@Rukia_Shinigami

@amgamabito342 ~❄~ Nope it's not late. It's still morning. So good morning 😊

Roberts Frank ‏@NapsRoberts

The best feeling when the rain starts ur Friday for's going to be a cooozy day❄❄💯💯💯😍😍😍 ‏@skiweather

❄ Snow Report Snow Space Salzburg : Flachau 100 to 120cm. cond. good -4.0/16.0C. 44/45 lifts 119/120 km…

Alexandra Bulat ‏@alexandrabulat

I was wondering this morning where is my daily dose of trolling on my #citizensrights tweets?! I guess even the mo…

SR2🇿🇦 ✨ ‏@SandileRichnet

🤘I'm feeling #supadupa ✈, waiting for 12:00 ⌚ so I can go attend my Corona's at Fridge ❄ #FridayFeeling

🙄 iitsBluncoYT 🙄 ‏@AjGaming101

@zeddotpng That's lit. 🔥🔥🔥🌬❄🌊💧💧☔☂️🌂☄⚡⚡☃️⛄🌀⛱⛄

martin (All views are through my own eyes) ‏@martinjustmarty

Make a load of ice up in the freezer send it up to the polar bears climate change solved👍🏻😎❄❄🆒️🐨🐨 #Belfasthour…

Umar Abdullahi 😝❤ ‏@Umar__farruk

Who's your favourite Mortal Kombat character? Mine is Sub-zero ❄❄ love playing with him

ja, and a fl🌸wer ‏@sweetfireforcy

@xiubyundae @xiubyundae stream beyond to have clear skin & for the king of ice ❄ ‏@skiweather

❄ Snow Report PARK SNOW Donovaly : Donovaly 30 to 40cm. cond. good 2.0/5.0C. 0C @ 1700m 4/16 lifts 8/11 km…

hayley noon ‏@HayleyN41

@piersmorgan The world is going mad!! I'm worried for my children growing up in this 🤪🤪😭 ❄

🔥🔥🔥johanna valentina Duarte🌹⚘👄💋💜❤ ‏@johannafloresd1

@FoxySparkles23 @_saker_falcon @Jojos_Bucky @jjwinters_child @gigtripper86 @iheartsebstan @Jenzzyuk @jedisebstan…

Dusty Bridges ‏@DustyBridges5

2 new singles check my tube! 🔥❄

Pha RADZIE ‏@palupiradzie

@hilmiturkmen34 @saaliihhhh They are special gift, for special parents. Once, we educate them in a right way, their…

V_미래💎 ‏@miraetaetae95

Why soo serious!😻❄🍬🐳💎💦💙 #TeamBTS #ThisisBTS #BTSARMY #BTSV #CGV #ARMYMY #ArmyMalaysia #방탄소년단 #방탄소년단뷔 #V #taetae…

V_미래💎 ‏@miraetaetae95

I'm died with his smile!😻❄🍬🐳💎💦💙 #TeamBTS #ThisisBTS #BTSARMY #BTSV #CGV #ARMYMY #ArmyMalaysia #방탄소년단 #방탄소년단뷔 #V…

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 iJake 🚌 ‏@PopTarantula

@piersmorgan @metpoliceuk Super Sensitive Snowflake Alert ❄ And since when did you become so delicate & fragile, h…

Helen Brough🇬🇧⛵🌊🌹🐲 ‏@HelenBroughto10

@Lauratobin1 @GMB @Lauratobin1 we need more of your fabulous dancing to pick up our spirits it 🌝🌚🌡☂️❄🌀🔥🔥

Raylane Hayes Teixeira ‏@HayesRaylane

Smiles are not signs of happiness...❄❤ ‏@skiweather

❄ Snow Report Carezza Ski : Rosengarten 40 to 75cm. Welschnofen 40 to 75cm. 10cm fresh snow. -4.0/-1.0C. 14/14 lift…

Kashmira Singh Mann ‏@Kashmann10

#GoodMorningFriends It's #Friday Have a #Judgement free day and smile. 🙏 ☕ ❄

Rin_ne ‏@Rinne3805

ugh it's rainsnowing so hard...❄

Planeta Youtuber 👐 ‏@PlanetaYoutuber

@PPTeamKoco La nieve ⛄❄ #KCA #VotaLosPolinesios ‏@skiweather

❄ Snow Report Schlick 2000 Ski- und Wanderzentrum : Fulpmes 30 to 250cm. cond. excellent 10/10 lifts 24/25 km… ‏@skiweather

❄ Snow Report Skizentrum Hochpustertal-Sillian : Sillian 30 to 50cm. cond. excellent 7/7 lifts 21/22 km…

Mckeonlee ‏@mckeonlee12

@vitaminwater Ice Ice! #VitaminWaterSweepstakes❄

kringleynes ‏@kringleynes

Snow ❄😂❤

Putri Inkiriwang Leksono ‏@leksonoputri

Frozen ❄ Elsa dan Anna 🌈

☀Teeruk☀||ไม่ว่าง ‏@_teerukxxx

∙∙∾∘∾♡⋆♡ @_teerukxxx ♡⋆♡∾∘∾∙∙ ⚛☀❄☀ ᴛᴇᴇʀᴜᵏ ☀❄☀⚛ ∙∙∾∘∾♡⋆♡ ②⓪⓪③ ♡⋆♡∾∘∾∙∙…

❄️Powder White❄️ ‏@powderwhite

❄☀Top 8 Spring Ski Resorts 2019☀❄ -

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

The people who follow u know that u made something impossible happen. Maybe that helps them believe that u can make…

Putri Inkiriwang Leksono ‏@leksonoputri

Frozen ❄ Elsa dan Anna 🌈 ‏@skiweather

❄ Snow Report Galtuer Silvapark : Galtur im Paznauntal 95 to 230cm. cond. excellent -2.0/4.0C. 10/10 lifts 43/43 km…

uniscott_ebooks ‏@rallex_ebooks

❄follow+❄ends Dec 17th!

David_Swanson ‏@David_Swanson

Hey 🌊❄Ashley❄🌊 thanks for the follow!

Xavier, Kim. ‏@taehyu8g

🔺[ Vier's Upchar ] ❄🍓190321 LY Tour Hong Kong #태형 #뷔 #태태 #방탄소년단뷔 #Taehyung #BTS BTS_twt hold a galaxy in your eyes 🌌

vatec KELOCK TERUS LAHAULA!!! ‏@gimtaehyurg

❄🍓190321 LY Tour Hong Kong #태형 #뷔 #태태 #방탄소년단뷔 #Taehyung #BTS BTS_twt hold a galaxy in your eyes 🌌

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

Dany turns to Jon for advice! #7x04 #Jonerys 🔥❄ #GoT #GoTS7 #JonSnow #Daenerys #KingInTheNorth #DaenerysTargaryen

Ana Laura Cambell ‏@sex_love_cry

Hey Martin Mur 💣💥❄ thanks for the follow!

GeorgeMyersMillington ‏@MillingtonMyers

I dont know why but I kinda LOVE chilli mornings 🤷🏽‍♂️❄☃️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #pictures…

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

Jon and Dany heading out of Dragonstone caves, side by side😍🔥 They almost look like they're holding hands, don't t…

hero 💫 ‏@jstanxietythngs

❄ with you, it's what i need❄️ namjin / e / 18k / the sequel to trade me the usual level of fluff n emotions you’ve…

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

"They will if their King does.😍🔥 They chose you to lead them, they choose you to protect them, isn't their survival…

Iden ‏@chainweek

this part.😔😣😭❄

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

"I will fight for you, I will fight for The North." Look at Jon's face here! Look at him fidgeting when she steps t…

Hoseok🎹 ‏@Paolahoseok1998

@BTS_twt 💫💤💌🤗💫💌🎹🎶🎹🎤💌❤ #SUGA !! 💖❄.. I love you!! ^^

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

"Together." Did Jon have to touch Dany here? No But did he? Yes😍 #7x04 #Jonerys 🔥❄ #GoT #GoTS7 #JonSnow #Daenerys…

Robert Escamilla ‏@Robeze70

@gissellef09 I got chills looking at this😬❄

Year To Go : 2019 ‏@YearToGo

Year Progress : 22% 🎆👑⛄🗻🎿🏔❄⛷🌨🐧🛷💝🌹🧥⛸☔🥦👱♀️🌷🐰🌼💐⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

"Maybe even before there were men." "No." #7x04 #Jonerys 🔥❄ #GoT #GoTS7 #JonSnow #Daenerys #KingInTheNorth…

The love below ‏@kuxthedon

winter is coming❄❄❄😩

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

Dany and Jon go spelunking on Dragonstone😍 Dany is like, I'm good with fire baby Jon is like, I'm good in caves!…

PokerDangal ‏@PokerDangal

❄Dangal Value Series❄ Season 4 Gear up for Day 1 Schedule. Check the list of #tourneyDetails below👇 Register t…

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

"I wanted you to see it before we start hacking it to bits." (in his thick northern accent😍🔥) He found something…

∞T§™ ‹‹ ‡ ★ ₱ierina 🎹 💜★Morales★ ▪ ‡ ›› ‏@Pierinamorales7

■《A Stop in the middle of Big Horn National Forest 》■ 🔛❄⛄📷🎥 . 💙💙 Wow you can find amazing and wonderful places, h…

Nour Morgan ‏@NourhanAMorgan

Dany and Missandei smirk as Jon appears, they've def been talking about him😍💕 Dany stops her guards from following…

💫🐯김 태히🐰💫 ‏@kim_tehi0411all

@JUNG_OR777 ❄crystal snow❄ 🌸Spring day🌸 💜FAKE LOVE🖤

Jimmy Lane Cole ‏@JimmyLaneCole21

@xxx6chat @TsunadeBig I want your MILK❄🐺💖🍼

My name is Jeff. ‏@savage_jsm

This is such a 'cool' feature! ❄

Kevin ‏@kraft837

To get back to Aspen to walk around my favorite shops! ❄❄❄

Sheriff Emojis ‏@SheriffEmojis

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   ❄❄❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ 👇 ❄❄ 👇   ❄ ❄   ❄  ❄   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of snowflake

棋聖 ‏@ta754

Talk to em big bro 🗣❄

King Anjo👑🔥 ‏@GirasolAnjo

Good Luck👌🖖 Brad🌊❄

Emma TOME ❌ ‏@EmmaQuenouille

🎶 o n 🐦 b * j r…

🍁Mylène ✝️ #Lent2019 ‏@CopperBronzed

Good night, mes tweeps. Tomorrow's #ottweather is supposed to be nuts 👉 ❄snow, ☔rain, back to ❄snow❄ Yikes‼

Jorge T. Arevalo ‏@JTMeiro

I got 5th/59 at Sync or Swim only losing to Rex/Charger. Ice Climber❄ bruh

棋聖 ‏@ta754

@Sub0Brock Thanks bro 🤙🏾❄

Kingston 6 Area Leader ‏@marlonmusique

❄ WINTER IS HERE ❄ @BloodlineFranco invites you to NIGHT’S WATCH Powered by @FeteRepublicJa The Game of Throne…

cₗₐₛₛᵢcₐₗₗy ₛₐd ‏@smol_gay_boi_


棋聖 ‏@ta754

@kingnorris10 Gots to family❄

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