Snowflake Emoji

Snow falling to the ground in the form of a unique ❄ snowflake. With enough snow, a snowman can be made!

Snow found at alpine resorts and mountains is often used recreationally for skiing or snowboarding.

Snowflake was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

❄️ Snow

❄️ Snowing

Apple Name

❄️ Snowflake


❄ U+2744

️ U+FE0F




Tweets For ❄

✧༄ ℱℓℴℛყ ོ▶️💙 ‏@Fleurie_EFCH

Winter is coming ❄❄❄ 🌨🌌💙💙 #SeoKangJoon #GongSeungYeon #AreYouHuman #AreYouHumanToo #BrownEyedCouple…

kimterrana ‏@kimterrana

Riding lessons,and blanket brigade ❤🐴☔❄☃️

Dublin the Cardi ‏@DublintheCardi

@bunsenbernerbmd It snowed here too!!!! I LOVE SNOW!!!!! 💙❄💙❄💙❄💙❄💙❄

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓐𝓾𝓽𝓾𝓶𝓷 𝓦𝓲𝓷𝓭™ ‏@JustTweetBaby78

@Pete_Alonso20 ❄🐻 Congratulations boss #LFGM 🍎

l e i g h ➳ ‏@_leighfields

I have to work at 8:30 tomorrow and I am not looking forward to the drive there😣❄

Leaf me alone 🍁🍂 ‏@danny5761

Me and the wifey @KawaiiKindOfDay playing through Kingdom Hearts 3 together on a snow day 🌨❄

Nereida Cruz ‏@Nereida66937181

@PulteDaily I love a lot of different one. Garth Brooks, Charlie Brown, Manheim Streamroller, Mariah Carey, and more🌲☃️⛄❄

WSPA 7News ‏@WSPA7

❄ WEATHER DELAY: Graham Co. Schools - 2 hour delay Tuesday, 11/12 ALL CLOSINGS & DELAYS:

Hanna Long ‏@Hanna_Nicoleee


Maddy B ‏@maddysdream7

Because I L♡VE Christmas, I'm putting up and decorating my Christmas tree! 🎄❄☃️ #ilovechristmas #Christmas

Tom ‏@TomTheClipper


chad the pilot ‏@ppilotm11

@FINALLEVEL Most of your followers are not the snowflakes that get offended by just someone breathing, we follow yo…

555Frostlord555 ‏@555Frostlord555

[PC] [HRG] Come ❄Chill❄ | Unchained-Kaylin Noob Friendly | ⚡ 130 ⚡ !commands |

Lucy Celestine ‏@AitherHeiress

@LegoGamer20 ❄Zoe giggles softly❄

DKJ ‏@dkkianaj

@Haugmoen Snowing here too. But we're here for you. 🏂⛷❄⛄

Jack Skellington 🎃 ‏@Don1313

@CarrieKain It is pretty. Be careful though. In the forecast here too. 🙄 🌨❄

*jade* ‏@xojxde

RoseJade🌹 @RoseHQs or NorthernJade❄ @NorthernForces which one should i be vibing with?

Winter 💨💨✌ ‏@WinterSomers

@Doucette82 Fuck the ❄❄s

Jon Marker ‏@WX_Marker

@RmbaileyRob @WDTN_Brian @MVrydaghsWHIO @DJonesWHIO @WHIOWeather Merry Christmas!....wait 🦃❄🥶

No World w/o Damon ‏@ThankyouHBK1

@ASOIAFstarks @haringtonreigns My favorite book quote ❤❄

Athena and Winston ‏@GinaClay

Our first snow ❄

The Danica Music (다니카) 🌙🌟🏳️‍🌈❄🦋🌻 ‏@thedanicamusic

Me: Am I ready to watch kuya @MikeyBustos' VLOG tonight? @MariahCarey: #NotYet #MariahCareyTuesday #Lambily 😘💋🌙🌟🌈…

Sara ‏@poppingpenguin

Waited to take my trash and recycling to the curb because it's been pouring since like 4. Quickly realized when I s…

Greg Bales ‏@gregory_b

Oh boy. Debate over using the "brush" snow blower. Turns out last condo board president didn't like it being used b…

paulz smith2 ‏@PaulzSmith2

barley feel it , great control Ian's I never used the snow mode or full lock 4x4 just drove it in awd with stabilit…

Nanyang Polytechnic ‏@nyptweets

It’s Christmas season which means it’s time for the Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift! 🎅❄ BBSG is an annual food donation…

Buckroe Weather ‏@BuckroeWeather

⚠❄ Freeze Watch remains in effect for Buckroe from 2:00 am to 9:00 am Wednesday. Please visit for more information.

stinky ‏@happytraves

Australia's weather be like: morning, 🥶💦❄🌧☁️☂️ afternoon, ☀️🌞🌤🥵🔥🌡

D ‏@magillaandme

@PascoSheriff Cozy here in NJ. Waiting for our first snow (flurries) of the season❄❄❄

❣Stephanie U.❣ ‏@Stephan87922313

@MDesbarres Winter is coming are way. I'm not ready for winter yet. On Wednesday the temperature will only be 36 de…

Ed ‏@EdsXwing

Well it stopped snowing for now. ❄

Lucy Celestine ‏@AitherHeiress

@LegoGamer20 ❄Zoe looks at you❄

🗽🌊Jayne Marie Lake🌏🌴🏛🐕🐘 ‏@SOCALRE4U

@NorthBelle4 I haven't been to Toronto since I was a little kid. Bet it's beautiful. ❄

safwan am ‏@Safwanmanaf0251

@OnibonMedia "❄" Note me 💃💃💃

Carla ‏@itsthyme09

❄ L.L BEAN Long Goose Down Puffer Winter Coat. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

paulz smith2 ‏@PaulzSmith2

Out in the snow storm ❄❄❄🌪🌪 test the Toyota in the snow and ice , my first time in the snow with it , it was great…

🍂 ‏@Skylorxo

Look OUTSIDE ❄🌨⛄before you ARGUE with Me my nigga 🙏🏾🤣

Lee🌷Lee ‏@talk2myhandle

First snow of the season! ❄⛄

アシュリー ‏@miz_hydee

There are only two seasons in Texas: Summer and Winter. ☀️❄ There is no such thing as Fall and Spring. 🚫🌻🍁🚫 #texasweather

chris hager ‏@jhager79

@BoomAnnie @rbrisler @AnneChabot1 @Steph_Monty24 @manny_ottawa @CoachsCornerDC @SportsnetPR Ha Ha you offended ❄?

NorthBelle🇨🇦🇿🇦 ‏@NorthBelle4

Toronto is a winter wonderland ❄❄❄❄🌡🌨🌨🌨🌨

Hrycaj & Churey ‏@StPaulRm4

We're ready for the winter weather! ❄❄ A friendly reminder to our kinder parents to have their child bring waterpro…

KayOtticVA ❄Its Cold❄ ‏@Kayla_OTT1993

Finally back home and settled in. Its 32 at the moment, and at 6AM it will be 21 ❄💀❄💀❄

Alyssa Wicklund ‏@awicklund

Just a little "Snow Fun" at car line in November!! 🤪 Perhaps those persimmon seeds we checked at the Wilder bonfire…

Danna:v💜 ‏@nna_pena

@jinlovers_ @BTS_twt ❄Spring day❄ 🃏House pf Cards🃏 🎶Jamais vu🎶

ᴄᴏʟʟᴇᴇɴ ɪᴀᴄɪᴀɴᴄɪ ‏@CMIacianci

Tis the season of my dogs begging to go outside and then refusing to go outside ❄

Teresa Thomas ‏@TeresaT39667848

@bpridgeo backyard now...the Ole' man Winter is coming too ❄

♡ⓑⓣⓢ🇮🇩 ‏@NengSeokjin

7 ways to enjoy winter, #BT21 style ❄ #WinterFigureSeries #ComingSoon [Global] 11/14 5PM (PST)…

ふね*⚓*TyongF* ‏@littleboat6

@LTYGlobal #supertaeyong_fortworth ✴✳✴✳✴💗✴✳✴✳✴ ✳✴ love❄SuperM ✴✳ ✴✳✴✳✴💗✴✳✴✳✴ #supertaeyong_fortworth

TheGoldenDrex ‏@drex_drex

It's going to be cold tomorrow ❄

Hrycaj & Churey ‏@StPaulRm4

Our first Snow Day this school year! 🌨❄ Having fun playing in the natural playground making snow angels! 😇…

🍭Ⓓⓐⓛⓐⓝⓐ ‏@dalanamarie

Snow day from school tomorrow!❄

Liv ☃️ ‏@cvriie

Photogenic ❄

Flopper ‏@Greatneckbeard

@Ms_ShaLeeLee its gonna snow!!❄❄❄im stoked!!!

O'She 🍁🤘💋 ‏@Drink2Music

@JAYBUMAOM we ordered it just for your arrival. ☎️❄☃️ 😉

Colleen O ‏@ravensky311

Great tweet. #WinterWoes ❄⛄❄

steve ‏@ferris316

@MGolicJR57 Mee too I love princess Anna #Frozen2 #Anna #disney 💓💓❄

Snow In The Desert ‏@SnowInTheDeser1

Omg! Mom is laughing so hard cause your super cute! Sweater is awesome and hope you enjoy the Snow❄

J.R. Allen ‏@AllenJr31

@jfbeacom @csd @mkraju @brianschatz Still crying? #❄

Michelle🐶👻🚔⭐ ‏@CmreddingDoodle

Be safe if your getting Snow ❄💙❄💙❄

Lucy Celestine ‏@AitherHeiress

@LegoGamer20 ❄smiles softly as I caress Zoe's head❄

BT21 ‏@BT21_

7 ways to enjoy winter, #BT21 style ❄ #WinterFigureSeries #ComingSoon [Global] 11/14 5PM (PST)…

situdung periuk ‏@situdungperiuk

@RealJordanSimon Is it your garden??? Any chances building snowman later on?☃️❄

C & C McT ‏@Catherineannmc4

@no_silenced 🎁"A Christmas Story",🎄"A Wonderful Life", 🎅"Miracle on 34th Street" & "White Christmas", 👼"The Three G…

Lucy Celestine ‏@AitherHeiress

@LegoGamer20 ❄Zoe smiles❄

Reece White ‏@Reecewhite_03

@StulceEthan @FZSchools Very icy ❄❄

Cathy Newman ⚜ ‏@cenewman0

YEAH BUDDY ❄⛄❄⛄⛄❄🥶😃😃😎🥰

Taran Reynard Whyte💜🦊🌈🦄🌊 ‏@TaranReynardWhy

@michaelschweitz I wonder how she'll react to snow ❄! Keep us posted!

💜Sara💚💙 ‏@Sara_yare12

@SubKultureEnt @ITZYofficial 20 Snowflakes❄ #ITZYinHOU #ITZYinUSA @nainai_nunu 😊😊😊

❣Stephanie U.❣ ‏@Stephan87922313

@MetalMacGyver Stay safe and stay warm this week. ❄🔥

Evie ❤ ‏@Evetteandscott

@Pathryn34 4in snow predicted ❄❄

susan nelsen ‏@sweetsusan49

This is much, much to early for already 3 times of snow fall. Last night got some more. Im thinking that this winte…

/|/|mate ‏@mate17153478

Slow down or you'll look like this one.😩❄❄ #snowday #snowstorm #onstorm #michiganweather #DriveSafe #michigan

Miriam Israel ‏@TheGospelIsInMe

Damn had a long weekend gotta go back tomorrow and all this damn snow just appeared outta of no where tf🤬🤯❄🌨🤚🏾👎🏾

Gyalcoholic ‏@FlexxGotNext

#LICKSMAS2019 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY THE SNOW BALL 🎅🏽🎄☃🎁❄ Inside the newly renovated & spacious kravebanquetandeventce…

Amanda Mattingly ‏@AmandaM12

It may be fall but it sure looks and feels like winter in Frankfort 🥶❄⛄☃️ @Kentuckyweather

Pmartin2275 ‏@pmartin2275

@PascoSheriff Early #9PMRoutine for Plymouth MI. Locked down completely for the night. Let it snow, let it snow ❄❄

DreamVon ⭐⭐⭐ ‏@DreamVon

@TexanForTrump21 Silly, its no longer global warming now that it's close to winter it's now climate change 🤣😂🤣😂 🌬❄☃

Saeyoung ❤😆 and Saeran 💙🌹☺ Choi ‏@Fer_Choi

@Deku_of_2K ❄🔥😥 🔥⚡😳 ❤>//////< 💙🌹😭 THANK YOU for loving me I FREAKING LOVE YOU! ❤🌹💙😘

Dr. Jordan 🌊🌊🇺🇸🐕🐶 🌊🌊 ‏@DoctorJordan311

@DonaldJTrumpJr You looked like you were going to cry yesterday, thankfully your girlfriend was there to save you ❄.

alexakitten🥧🌽🍷 ‏@alexakittentv

It's Christmas next month already?! 👀🐧🍾☃️🎄 Check out my wishlist if you wanna surprise me with a cute present Spoils get spoils :) ❄🎄☃️

Starbucks Coffee ‏@Starbucks

@caroweddle It's the most wonderful time of the year! ❄

Romy Daniel🐰 ~ ⚘🎉 BIRTHDAY MONTH 🎉⚘~ November🎁 ‏@RomyDaniel2

For those of you that didn't know.. I'm currently in #Toronto and I love it!! Come see me and enjoy some indoor cos…

Joy M 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 We Are Stronger Together ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‏@Joie_de_Vivre__

@AuntMichelle77 @Tracy9672 @victorkhoshoob @GizmoFish @dmfist Neil Fisher ❄🌊󾓦📜✡ @gizmofish_ is a veteran I left the underscore off

Amy Sweets Parten ‏@AmyParten32

Steaming hot fresh cup of coffee and homemade brownies ❤☕ Okay North Texas, I'm ready for your 32 degrees! 🥶❄…

NaDa❄ ‏@Nada_ZQUAD

No one is awake except pencils on drawing papers and me🌚❄

Evan Brennan ‏@EvanTheAgent

Flight out of DTW going on hour 4 of ❄ delay... oh well, @NFL_MNF to watch then.

Colleen Carl ‏@ColleenCarl

Who wants a snowblower when you can use a flamethrower 🚫❄🔥🔥🔥

louise 🦕 ‏@SoulInTheMoon

It's the 12 of November here so happy book birthday to A Second Chance Road Trip by Jackie Lau 🎄❄

royale.edits ‏@royaleedits2

Made this for my Instagram pfp! 💕🎄🎅🔔❄ @nightbarbie @OceanOrbsRBX @cybernova @LeahAshe #royalehifh #rhteaspill #rh…

Victoria ‏@vkay06

This is my first winter with proper knowledge of how to correctly moisturize my face, I'm ready to own the cold season to say the least💯👌❄

Kayla Flournoy ‏@KaylaFlournoy14

Its cooolllldddd in Texas today ❄

Robin Stanfill ✴🕊 ‏@RobinStanfill2

@rubisclark5780 @MohammedZobeiry I hate Snow❄🙄❄ You get home bound in Winter.

Lara Bockmühl ‏@LaraBockmuhl

Missed you Princess Snowflake ❄ ❤️👑🤗

Mel ‏@0KayMel

@GraysonDolan Hey! You're having a fun road trip. Be careful out there big snow storm heading east.❄❄❄

Tami K ‏@05dd082f65984a2

@annasantoz318 I have downhill skied twice since I have been here and that was plenty 😜🤣🤣🤣🌲❄🎿❄

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