Snowman Without Snow Emoji

A snowman emoji, made out of snow (usually by children) in winter. The name Snowman Without Snow indicates that it is not snowing on the snowman.

Snowman Without Snow was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛄ Frosty The Snowman

⛄ Olaf

⛄ Snowman

Apple Name

⛄ Snowman


⛄ U+26C4




Tweets For ⛄

Caroline Flynn ‏@flynnromance

My Christmas cactus seems to think it's Christmas. Oh well, I think we could all use a little Christmas cheer right…

Ki 💚 ‏@omgitskiara_

Ugh was so buzzin to watch this tomorrow 🙃😢⛄

FallBug🐞 ‏@FallBug70

Dear God, it is bad enough everything is closed maybe you could do something about the weather so I can be outside…

Hiro.williams🌸 ‏@sgw164

Omer, Japan has snowed. I want to warm my body with a little cold. @OmarMiller ⛄😷

Hiro.williams🌸 ‏@sgw164

Riley , Japan has snowed. I want to warm my body with a little cold. @torn2rbns ⛄😷

Sad ‏@Sad74485247

Christmas movies 🌲⛄⛇☃❄

FaHeEm G SaRwAr ‏@fahimghulam

@oduratefella Cool⛄❄

Ghazali ‏@GhazaliAzhari

@Ama_Mimi55 You Africans have exciting bodies⛄

Lea ‏@ThisIsLea93

It's fucking snowing.. We live in crazy times! 😂😭❄️❤️⛄🤔

Disney Frozen Fan ❄️🌿💜 𝐼𝒹𝓊𝓃𝒶 ‏@FrozenIduna2020

It was sad when Olaf⛄disappeared for a bit while Elsa was frozen in Ahtohallan 🥶 This snow with the crocus flowers…

Elviera Yoorin F ‏@ViiRRayy

Until tomorrow pinguin edition 🙈⛄ #winter❄️ #danuberiver #budapest #hungary🇭🇺 @ Danube River, Budapest

dara. ‏@daraxx_i

winter ❄️⛄❄️⛄

lgloretta ‏@lgloretta1231

My #SundayMotivation is waiting patiently for #ChristmasUnderWraps on @hallmarkchannel #WeNeedaLittleChristmas 🎄⛄💜

5人で嵐🇲🇾🎀😳#STAYHOME ‏@gnubutnes

Snowman.......why? ⛄☃️⛄☃️⛄☃️⛄☃️⛄

Ajeet Mandal ‏@AjeetMa75130209

my home trees 👏🎃🎃🎃👏👏👏👏 our nature we should love and protects us, and take resolution we never be Destroyed us...…

Ajeet Mandal ‏@AjeetMa75130209

my home trees 👏🎃🎃🎃👏👏👏👏 our nature we should love and protects us, and take resolution we never be Destroyed us...…

Andrew Burton ‏@ARBurtonWorld

@BeckyBarrister @ParkinKatt ☃️⛄☃️⛄ time for your lamb stew then!

wai 🎼💜 ‏@EmmaMiruku

It's not easy for me. Off twitter for some days. 😭⛄

シリオ÷わる ‏@SirioEstres

@DumbassOnTwit Thank you ⛄🐢!Nice⛄❄!

NADYSHA ✡ Vsinger ‏@mmc_vsinger0408

@dreggia Waah am I lovely ?? Really ??😊 It means Drenn chan is the best pretty person ✨ I have had snowing two tim…

Therese Palacios ‏@XANDRIAPALACIOS

@Junichi1217bass Good morning !!!!!❄❄❄❄❄❄⛄

MOHAMMAD TEحSEEN ‏@Tehseenrajput2


แชรรี่ 🍒 ‏@choerrydelishx

put a gif of your favourite movie and tag 5 people 🎞️🎥 : Frozen ⛄❄

FraustNationTTV ⛄🐰 ‏@FraustyNation

@PlayApex stream live now! Morning booping w/ the one & only @DennisFrogman07 grinding ranked. D Frog just got a…

かなで。 ‏@Kanade_Six

【定期】 Snow Man⛄ / D.D.|Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat|Snow World❄ #SnowMan

Rebekka🐈レベッカ🌹Weed legalise AGAIN in JP‼🆘 ‏@Rebekka_Laurie

#桜 と #雪 🌸⛄ Cherry blossoms in the snow😺

@Focus ‏@Phuvakorn_Foucs

🌸 Cherry Blossoms ✨ & ⛄ Snow ✨

Hiro.williams🌸 ‏@sgw164

Candace, Japan has snowed. I want to warm my body with a little cold. @candacecbure ⛄😷

*なほ* ‏@nahosing1011

"Snow⛄" #雪 #感染予防 #春

freddy ‏@fredy_and_staff

@ASCA_and_staff Hello⛄⛄⛄⛄

Robyn ‏@Babywhisperer14

@AnEggOnABeach @grnbrggrn I see you found something to do😁⛄snow is fun

AnniAU ‏@0801jac

@redblacklist05 @schildbuerger73 Also snow in NRW. I hate that in March⛄❄️🌨️

@Focus ‏@Phuvakorn_Foucs

@Aimer_and_staff Today is a good day and tonight. Have a good night. Good night Aimer 💖💗✨⛄❄😁

mahoro15@こぶしありがとう ‏@mahoro_co

There was snow as far as the eye can see today ! ❄❄❄ My son made the pretty snowman at our balcony. ⛄❄❄❄

georgia louve 김태형 's ❤wifeu👄ish #yonna fukumoto ‏@Lovevyb1Louve

@GlobalBTSVoting @BTS_twt @BTS_twt Winter (bear) ☃️☃️⛄⛄⛄☃️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄⛄❄️❄️❄️☃️☃️☃️⛄⛄☃️☃️☃️❄️⛄❄️⛄❄️⛄❄️⛄⛄❄️⛄❄️⛄❄️☃️…

terry rias ‏@rterry6233tr

@sikugirl Nice ⛄

Ladywolfe 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇲🇳🇸🇮🇮🇹 ‏@_paola_rother_

My previous personal record in walking my dogs this afternoon : 20 minutes. ⛄😬

Alan Fussey ‏@biglad1

@PirateMagpie A very merry Christmas to you 🎅🎅🎅🤶🤶☃️☃️⛄⛄🌲🌲🎁🎁

Hiro.williams🌸 ‏@sgw164

nigel, Japan has snowed. Do you have any recommended soup dishes? I want to get warm. @NigelSlater ⛄🍳🔪🎽

samayoibit kooten ‏@Samayoibitokoo

@Official_Aqilla Thank you.⛄❄(≧∀≦)💜✨

Odette ‏@empresspau

WINTER DAY ❄⛄ #SB19 @SB19Official

Patricia Schott ‏@RedEyeGal51

@DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn Judt looked at weather forecast for the week. Mostly rain with 50 percent chance of snow Fri…

chachashy ‏@plsletmego1

She like spring,i like perfect winter.⛄🍁

kreng⁷ ۵ 지민 ‏@krenganne

I love you, Elsa. I love you, Anna. This movie is so refreshing!!! Gaganda ng osts! ❄ Oh and Olaf !!! ⛄

David Shallot ‏@davidshallot

@DeeKitso No ⛄ in fact the ☀️ is out, but a bit 🌪️

Mariko ❤️s music ‏@bluecatweetsEng

Cherry blossom already blooms but it snowed a lot in Tokyo. Snow man made by my sister and niece⛄

DDLB ‏@ddlbtalk

Knock knock knock knock! Do you wanna build a snowmaaan?? ⛄ @kmnjnon Fr : adek pacar

Sian ‏@SheWrex

British summer time... SURE 🌨️⛄😂

シリオ÷わる ‏@SirioEstres

@GiantHogWeeb Thank you very much Jon⛄🐢!!

Philip Smithson ‏@PhilsPlot

@papaver @charbhardy @Pollieslilies @VenetiaJane @valgardening @rosesukroses @JaniceShipp @kgimson @GdnMediaGuild…

Deardra ‏@Barnabybear70

@barrabest It's Baltic in Belfast ⛄

シリオ÷わる ‏@SirioEstres

@DarcyWillowhite Thank you❄⛄🐢!!

Eojin ‏@jooeoijn

@Seularouge She's going from 🐛💐🌺🍓⛄ to 🕷🕸🌑☂🌪🔥

Sean Spicer's mommy ‏@DebSpicer3

@jojolbaker So much like Michigan!! 🌞⛈🌪⛄🌤

Crom11 ‏@Crom11top

@MTJGrimme Don't panic, keep cool. It's only snow ❄️😁⛄

🍵IT'S IS MY LIFE 🍵 ‏@UjiMatcha_1998

Cool ❄❄❄☃⛄

Ania (ペニーナイス)🎈 ‏@maa__iika

Snowy Spring 🌸⛄

なおゆき ‏@naoyukicolor


Iwashi ‏@Iwashi94

[cont] It was snowing today! Even in my dreams I was wishing that it'd snow today❄︎ And I happened upon this huge s…

RadioDevlin ‏@RD120

@Mark_Inishowen @JanetJealousy @gracedavies @Insomniamusicuk Good morning Mark! Beautiful picture! Stay safe and h…

Tinsel Jollybum ‏@TinselJollybum

@underxmastree A pleasant morning to you too Elaine. I'm doing well on this morning. I hope you're doing well too. ⛄🎄

pi-ko(「🍋・ω・)「🍊 ‏@hmh_piko

Johnnys World Happy LIVE🎵 待機!!✌️⛄🧢 #JohnnysWorldHappyLIVEwithYou

laura brown ‏@laurapbrown49

Omg, now it's flippin sleeting!!!! ☔❄️⛄

Olaf ‏@weindyxx

Hallo, this is parody of RedVelvet's Wendy~~ ⛄⛄⛄

Nazli Karakoc ‏@nazli_karakoc

@EarthUncutTV Beautiful👌🏼⛄❤️

Pip Swindall ‏@pipadedoda

@LyteSpryte Yes - we've just been watching that too 🙉 ⛄ 🤪

Nadia | モッキー好き ‏@mokkii5

⛄ was playing the werewolf game & in this round Abe & Sakuma need to defend themselves in order to not get killed l…

Helen Ashby ‏@helenashby80

@jamajestical Just eat, sleep repeat 🙆⛄

🌹~ Confined Shattered~🌹 (a.k.a 愛似絵素 ) ‏@shattered_chan

Opening the window, I thought it had snowed here as well, but no ! It was only cherry blossom's petals snowflakes…

Paul Dunphy Esquire ‏@pauldunphy

In 271 days it will be Christmas! Reasons to be cheerful Twitter! 🌲⛄🎁🎅 #StayHome #clocksgoforward…

かまぼこ先生 ‏@happy0803day

have☆a☆lucky time⛄⛄peace

@Focus ‏@Phuvakorn_Foucs

🌸 Cherry Blossoms In Snow ⛄

Brian Reid ‏@brtoon

@shortchick77 Nothing says welcome to BST like a snow shower in late March Nat ⛄😁

Montagu PhD🦁 & bebby nephew Angus🐂 ‏@The_Monty_Dog

@goldenprincessG @JustGeorgeGR @ApsoMollie1 @KayGreg49730854 @GemCWL @VivianLambert59 @CamillaHH1 @DavidWilding271…

Gary Burke ‏@GazburkeGb

Just bin on Firbank with the dogs and it's trying to snow ⛄

Denver Coulson ‏@denverc

Good news might be able to make a ⛄today. #Snowing

mucchi ‏@mucchis

Spring snow 🌸⛄ * * #shiba #shibainu #dogstagram #柴犬 #黒柴 #いぬら部 #わんダフォ #blackshiba #bestphotogram_dogs #PetDaysApp…

PAX ‏@pax7877

Bit snowing today⛄❄️♥️ #cute #instacat #catslover #catstagram #scottishfoldlover #scotish #pet #lovecats #animal…

Sup Doc? ‏@SupDoc12

We have put another blanket on tonight. Winter has come early to Welly ⛄

mi-ho ‏@mi_ho03

the weather telling us to stay home⛄

andrew inoue ‏@andrewchef777

I'm mad. I was going to watch 🎻🎹 way back in 18 and I would've given it a 🙌. But I waited till ⛄🎄🎅 19 and my life w…

松下佐知子 ‏@7OMZF6DGtn3ujV9

@Waveline2shore Thank you 🐶🌸⛄🎀

Tracy Jacobs 🐱 #RRFB Rejoin EU 🇪🇺 ‏@law83692622

@GEvans7777 @redrobbo747 @Selfelin @HeddluGogCymru I've seen snow in April before ⛄❄

Aqilah Abu Bakar ‏@AqilahPeaceBro

@SyahindahHoran_ @sunshinenjoonie Also.. Don't forget to share⛄⛄💃😂😂

和服侍 ‏@03smSoL

Just as I thought, it didn't snow that much today⛄

lil bunny🐇 ‏@ur_littlebunny

@GlobalBTSVoting @BTS_twt Winter im in love⛄☃️❄ @BTS_twt

mahu_1979 ‏@1979Mahu

@guitar_yuka Wow, very impressive 😃⛄

mahu_1979 ‏@1979Mahu

@GT_gt_gina there was not even snow in Germany this winter 😮 It's crazy. Have fun building the snowman 😁⛄

Brian Reid ‏@brtoon

BST and its now snowing on this Sunday morning 🤯❄️⛄🤔 x

小TTT🌈椎名空家🦔🇭🇰 ‏@siutlovesora

Becoz it's snowing ⛄ don't catch a cold💕

mahu_1979 ‏@1979Mahu

@my_rock_11 Wow, Who would have thought it would still snowing? 😮😄⛄

RapUnZealous ‏@ZealousUn

Goin Playing Royces Game .. Out you fucking want & Going Where Everrr U WANNA GO @Eminem I built my own fucking Sn…

🚀🌛OMIK👽👾 ‏@omik_game

Thx U Esper Week⛄❄

Portland Grove 🇬🇧 #StandUp4Brexit ☣🇬🇧 ‏@GrovePortland

British Summer Time arrives. Best get my woolies on and go clear the windscreen! ❄⛄

Scott Roberts ‏@Scott_Baxi

@DeanReds70 @baxiboilers Thanks mate. Take it steady and keep yourself and the family safe I'm sure we'll be able t…

[email protected]永遠のことりちゃん推し‼️(・8・)✈ ≒ 🐬🚂 ‏@greendolphinz

♪Snow halation !!! ❄️☃️❄️⛄❄️☃️❄️⛄❄️☃️❄️⛄

Charly Louise Farabella ‏@Charlylouxo

I'm pretty sure it's trying to snow ❄️🌨️⛄

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