Socks Emoji

Socks was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧦 U+1F9E6


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thumbsupofficialmovie ‏@thumbsupic2019

Mark your calendars... Thumbs Up coming to Ithaca College in May 🧦😱. Be careful what car you get into.…

Arie but spiraling 🌀 ‏@Ordinary_Arie

Trying to prove a point, for science: "Socks 🧦

LoMeowzersCBE ❤️ ‏@LoMeowChenko

@maisy_baby Yaaassss!!! I need those!! 🧦🌿🌱🧦

Dawners B 🤷🏻‍♀️ ‏@drbaldwin

Behold King Julien, self-proclaimed King of the Sock Drawer. 🧦 👑 🐈

r a i s a // renhyuck lockdown ‏@badbitchyuck

Mark: bruh where did all my clothes go Donghyuck: | / | \ | \…

Michelle ✌🏼👁 ‏@chelles11

@therunchat A6: compression socks 🧦 #runchat



Donna Webber Wilkinson ‏@DonsWilkinson

Legalize black socks with short shorts ✊🏻🇺🇸🧦@DarrenDWebber just out here driving around in his rental Toyota Coroll…


We've been told before that there are only a few things that make you run faster 1. Knife 🔪 2. Pressing 3️⃣ 3. #J…

𝚟𝚊𝚕 ‏@slythrvn

me: :( harry potter: * 🌂 * ✨ . ☠️ *🍺 . * 🐍. 🏰 . * . * ⚡️ 🗡️ * 🥚 🐉 *…

Chasity ‏@chasitytaylorr

It’s #OpeningDay2019 week! ❤️⚾️💙 @MLB @Cubs 🐻 @RedSox 🧦

Maisy Baby MBE ‏@maisy_baby

@LoMeowChenko Nip filled socks!!! 🧦 🌱


Game on ⚾️ at Father Hennepin Park in Minneapolis. Shorts and wool socks 🧦 outside this week too. Nice sun angle th…

The Caddie Network ‏@CaddieNetwork

No surprise here, but a solid week of socks for @ValsparChamp winning caddie Johnny “Long Socks” McLaren. 🧦

Mr.Toothymaw ‏@scitiv

@TonyQuacker AGREED. 🧦

Daisy ‏@daaezi

@SorianoCrisol Bad bitchhhh crisockkk😍😍😍😍😍🧦

Jessica R ‏@Jessicasquared9

@Plexomatic Lol...sounds fun to me!!🤣☕🧦👖👕🤗

Jennifer Knight ‏@JenniferTKnight

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: ⭐️⭐️⭐️Super Sunday Sock 🧦 Sale ⭐️⭐️⭐️.…

𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐚 “𝐓𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫”® ‏@Tashster

When you go to unlock your phone with the fingerprint unlock and fail at it because you do it whilst you have a soc…

Chris ‏@MrChris62

@KevinScampi Silly old cute Kevin 🧦 Just shows you cats aren’t as clever as they think! ☁️☁️😂😂

TM3K ‏@KickinSneaks

#SafetyOrange reversible 💣 🍊🧥 #SaintSide 👕 👖#JunyaWatanabe 👖 #PlainJane 🧦 👟👟#YUNG1 #UnDeadStock day... 💭 I usually…

Mitch Stamm ‏@mcstamm3

@brendon_granny I mean sleeping with 🧦 on? Sure.... but 👟?? Who’s mans is this

Brownskiindee ‏@brownskiiidee

I miss the good old days, when my only worries was having a hole in my Socks 🧦

Natasha Coulter ‏@wirecouture

I am not doing a 😜Just finished these tulle socks and stepped back to take a look. 🧦🌹What do you thin…

Tracy Ann Oberman ‏@TracyAnnO

@RosemaryEmery @1812Rev @StuartDillon1 @jewdas We know who the socks and the boys and the troll farms are in The ta…

Randy Gouge ‏@randygouge

is watching Mom and Aunt Gerry shop some more....👡🧦👙🌂👓 — at Dillard's

Josh Robert Thompson ‏@joshrthompson

Thank you @DarrenCarter! Just don’t introduce me like that at a standup show. 😂 🧦 ♟ #PocketPartyPodcast

TigerRose420 ‏@TigerRose420

Sister hooked up the boys 🧦 🤗Three weeks to go until Season 8 premiere! ⏳ #GOT #GameofThrones

KBT ‏@KayBeeTodd

Miikka stalking the sock 🧦 on #SundayFunday

Leonardo R ‏@Leonardo_R_T_9

123- “Speed” Asics Trials @asicsmexico RP 10k 👕: @salomonmex 👖: @2xumx 🧦: @nike__mx 👟: @sauconymx #run…

😇 ‏@IStateYourName_

@edhenry @DanaPerino Nice socks! 🧦

Pammy! ‏@TalkOfTheTownie

Skip pulled out his back pickin’ up a GD sock so I’m tryin’ to find a muscle relaxer. For me. If I have to keep lis…

윤민's♥︎mar ‏@yoonibffs

🍉 you are my mutual fav 🐞 you intimidate me 🧦 we should talk more/be friends 🌿 i have a crush on you

Napoleon Ocampo Jr. ‏@napocampojr

Too funny and too true not to #Repost @pstvtoday ・・・ "Laundry Day" 👚🧦⁣⠀ 🤣Another #oneofthosedays by the fabulous ju…

Jenna GatskiEinstein ‏@jgatski

@WashWizards may have lost last night but I walked away a winner with @RealDealBeal23 socks 🧦 🔥🧦🔥


Sock like sensation 🧦 • Captured by @bexar_214 📸 • Tag your photos #frxshcreps for a feature 🏷

AMIE WIBBERLEY ‏@AmieWibberley

Guess I’m not getting my socks back then lol 😂🐰🧦

Daniel Haug ‏@hauda01

@ChanelCarvalho1 @hellomissphoto Them legs are too long for stockings.🧦

ell ‏@truman_elliee

🧦-my fave american mutualllll, the sexiest

Kathie Popadin ‏@popadin

Also done ✅ #fo #tipsytoesocks for #weirdtoes #operationsockdrawer #handknitsocks 🧦 #knitstagram…

Arizona_RN 📎 ‏@Arizona_RN

@TheFavoritist @DARPA @RocketLab ✅ Most important question of the day for @TheFavoritist. Do you have your launch socks 🧦 on ?

Mayowa Tijani ‏@OluwamayowaTJ

@patricia_xl @Google @localguides @googlemaps So that you'd see the socks 🧦 without magnifying lens. You sha want t…

PeachuPeachiFetish ‏@PPFetish

Ripped tights make for a sad Mistress. How many of you enjoy torn stockings? 🧦 #stockingfetish #footfetish #findom…

NerdLive 📽🎵✏⚡ [Freitag][Ewf] ‏@NerdLive04

Omg, dieser Moment war so strange 😂🧦

Fiona Murphy ‏@F_MurphyIRL

Had such a fun day in work in @SunLife on Friday raising funds for the @downsyndromecc. Great to see such wonderful…

sey ‏@jinseakook

Like we don’t know that the answer is 🧦👖

mike 🤨 ‏@yung__slug

@TheWhiteKidSean This tweet socks 🧦

Unravel & Unwind ‏@Unravel_Unwind

I've reached the halfway point on my first ever attempt to darn a sock 🧦. Unfortunately the light is not so good no…

Egremont Rangers ‏@EgremontR

A massive thank you to yesterdays mascots George & Archie Young, you were definitely our lucky mascots yesterday an…

Veronica ‏@veronicacrz

Feeling like: 🧦

syni✨ ‏@synnamiin

Anyone want some socks? 🧦 #feet #socks #usedsocks #sockfetish #womenssocks #girlsocks #sweatyfeet #feet…

Randall Weems🕵🏻‍♂️ ‏@richardlara35

I’m a sucker for free socks 🧦

GOLDxGAWD ‏@jumpinmymind

@TishawnaMonet And in the 🧦 🧦🤦🏾‍♂️. Mans is too nice 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

KHS-Cheer ‏@KHSCheer5

Super excited to cheer on all the participants in the 4th annual Funky Sock Walk! 💚🐎📣🧦

Edward Shaw ‏@EdwardS44936322

Bless your little feminist 🧦 socks

Eve Morey Fans ‏@TeamEveMorey

“Every now and then you meet someone who just blows your socks off! 💨🧦 Eve [is] by far the most talented actor I ha…

CouponChica ‏@CouponChica1

Different patterns of Men dress socks 🧦 at Dollar Tree! #dollartreelove #dollartreeobsessed #dollartreefinds…

Aniket ‏@aniketa27

@mariekondo changing my life 🧦 @ East Village, Manhattan

Nikolas ‏@niksosko


Kathy Edge 💃💋 ‏@edgedancefit

@Nafisatherapy I’m twiddling my tootsies with the pleasing thought of #reflexology footcare🦶💕 Currently wearing cos…

Jesus The Sock Guy 🧦 ‏@JesusSk8Life

I regret not buying those shark socks 🧦

HayyKat ‏@hayy_kat

@MissKyliee My cat actually does this 😂🧦

Get Barenaked ‏@getbarenaked

I'd buy 'em! 🧦 [📸: @Healomatic]

ian johnson ‏@iankj

@dangerous_adam But i wonder wheres the other one? 🧦

jahn ‏@wedecideit

channeled nasa today 🧦🌕✨☄️🌙💫

Amy ‏@amalama23

Found these awesome llama socks 🦙 🧦 😍

All Sports Best ‏@AllSportsBest

🏀March Madness Giveaway🏀 Win 8 pairs of the most comfortable socks on Earth!🧦 All you have to do is: 1️⃣ Follow…

Amber Kay Coomes ‏@mscms22

@socksocksocks Well hello socks! 🧦

AlJouhara. ‏@skyritualls

So in love with ma new 🧦

Holly Kees ‏@Walsy83

@SuperWingsUK My son would love them 🧦😍🤞

Unravel & Unwind ‏@Unravel_Unwind

Learning to darn socks 🧦 because these are panic_ninjacadz favourite ones #crochetaddict #sockdarning…

🧜‍♀️Chris🧚‍♀️ ‏@C_F_E_G_L

@biggles14 @RGrich15 I agree. Always his choice but if a fan vote is given, definitely #HighSocks. That's a stat we…

Elliott Saxophone is my birth name ‏@fakefanprinting

Hey 👋GAYS🤠🏳️‍🌈 cuff season ❄👖is almost over 😭but you know what that means ❗cut off season is right around the corne…

HayyKat ‏@hayy_kat

@MissKyliee Y NO show SOCKS 🧦

Tom 🏳️‍🌈🇬🇧👨‍🍳 ‏@icedrainbow

For all those who where & are interested in my Brand New Ltd Edt Rainbow cloud socks 🧦☁️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🧦☁️ You can get th…

Constellation & Co. ‏@ConstellationCo

Colorful and fun kids' socks are one of my favorite things. I display them low to the ground so that small humans c…

This “Just In” ‏@ThisJustIn3220

S/o @Jumpman23 for putting the “L” and “R” on the 🧦 🧦 so I can get my days off on the right 🦶. #thisjustin #jumpmanjumpman

ig; hotspct 🦢 ‏@irvingkaa

you’re out if: • you are in bed 🛌 • you have more than 3 siblings 👫 • you are wearing black socks 🧦 • you have a d…

adamsirius ‏@adamsirius

In fucking orbit ☄️ with a massive sugar rush after absent-mindedly unintentionally eating a 1lb bag of Jelly Babie…

Phaedra Patrick ‏@phaedrapatrick

@simoneandbooks Thanks for reading and sharing ! 🧦😀📚

🖤 ‏@MalenaGarcia29

@Silvia248 hombreeeeee team calcetines forever 🧦♥️

Brett Yeakey ‏@BrettYeakey

@DenverMuggle It’s like Aimovig handed you a 🧦

Kensington ‏@Kensing87289480

Two socks into the machine one sock comes out what the actual fuck happened to the other sock 🧦

David™ ‏@NavarroDavid_

Socks 🚀🧦

Polar ‏@PolarGlobal

From Rotterdam to Boston, Madrid to London, and Paris in between. April, for many of us, marks the start of the mar…

BossPlaya Big T ‏@BigTandYoBitch

@moneybagboro You a 🧦

Miguel Antonio ‏@michaelaflorezz

Who tf sleeps with socks on ?? 🧦

Lυкε Sмιтн ‏@LukeTSmith68

@AlexLeigh67 Ouch. If it's any consolation my TT ended up with a blown tyre and a two mile walk in socks. 🧦

DreamTeam ‏@DreamTeamGG

Do you wear 🧦 with crocs? Do you own a pair of “jorts”? 🙆‍♂🙆‍♀ If you answered “💯” to both of those questions, you…

LisaJG💜 ‏@LisaJG123

@JeeLee06767883 @Pon_tng @BTS_twt First thing my daughter said was "We're gonna have to get clothes to change their…

Gem the Lizard 🛡🦎 ‏@gemlizard

Months should be named alphabetically for accounting purposes. My first proposal is the following: Anuary 📆 Bebuar…

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