Socks Emoji

Socks was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧦 U+1F9E6


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💥Fee💥 ‏@fatalini1

@Lai_luuu Slap some compression socks 🧦 on those bad boys! Whenever I go on long rides or esp plane rises & even at…

mar♥️윤이 ‏@neptyoone 🧦 — omg :O

mar♥️윤이 ‏@neptyoone


mar♥️윤이 ‏@neptyoone

. you are tho 🧦 — NO U STFU

mar♥️윤이 ‏@neptyoone

im one (1)🧦 — SOCK EMOJI ANON


Thanks @PointonChris for the #pinksocks, let’s support men’s mental health #pinksocks 🧦 #NHSThinkCarer

Nic C ‏@NicCope76

Socks over your boots to stop you slipping. Trick people into thinking you’re still wearing cool sneaks 🧦 ❄️

Alf_thepei ‏@AThepei

Mommy! Piggy took your socks 🧦 I will punish her 😎😈👊🏻 . . 🐾 🐶 💓 #alf_thepei #sharpeisofig #sharpeilove #puppy…

247 Asian Media ‏@247AsianMedia

The power of a stretchy sock. 🧦

Kajtuś Czarodziej 🤷🏽‍♂️ ‏@KajaKaniewska

You know exams are coming up if I’m trying to knit myself a pair of socks 🧦 🧶

Citlxly🍾 ‏@CitlalyDeanda

🧦 🧸 - you’re so sweet , ily a lot , helped me become more confident & believed in me , glad we’ve gotten closer ❤️

1Take.Ocho ‏@OchoDayDay

@shyalizeec The Sinner. It’ll knock yo socks off 🧦

MMK ‏@MK_MaryK

@MichelleDewbs Those surgical stockings are the best. 😂🧦

Meeeeegan ‏@CalibraMegan

If you love your significant other text them an emoji of socks without any context 🧦

ravanelli808 ‏@ravanelli808

@KilmarnockFC @KillieFC @GaryLineker what size socks do you need Gary 🧦 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️ 🏆

Son of Senifa ‏@Bruceus_

Whenever my mom texts me, she uses the most random emojis that have nothing to do with her texts. And it makes me love her even more. 🧦

Darling Rosey ‏@DarlingRosey

Not the glitter on the 🧦 though 😆 the Martin show will never get old 😂 (Repo frm 80s.90sera ) #comedy #goodtv…

empoweringstrengthcoach ‏@empoweringstre1

Shuttle runs, squats and superhero socks 🧦

Dangerously close to Vore ‏@Ashinsai

We all sending sock emojis to our loved ones now. 🧦

Frankie ‏@kutakitu

@KarenAttiah I think someone has been eating my 🍗. I have recently discovered birds are actually quite disciplined…

mrmonkeysox ‏@mrmonkeysox

Monkey news from Sigma! #mrmonkeysox 😍 sigmasports 🙏🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️ all for MS Charities🐵🧦💪👍 #sockittoms #builtbytheride…

anyssa j. ‏@anyssajaylene

today is the 23rd day of 2019. we have a 23/19 🧦

d🌙ü ‏@_lifeofAL

Stinky 🧦

Trinity ‏@Trinitylafleur

My pussy tastes like Davy Jones’ locker 😜💋🧦

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@koooski @smalltownandrew @HalfeatenPbj Make America Great Again, man! 🌟🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸🌟 #MeetMySox 🧦

YungFrankco ‏@YungFrankco

If yu cum over my house make sure your socks 🧦 dnt stink when yu kick yo shoes off 👌🏾

📻🕰📡Corõná Radiata📡📠📺 ‏@richiegentile

Yeah why don’t cha put a sock in it 🧦 👄

perfect ‏@dennydiaz17

@THEGODDESSOSHUN Your socks 🧦 🤣🤣🤣

Kardia ‏@CaliginousCorba

@flyingthesky nah, you're a goblin, not an elf. but hotter the best damn goblin. 🧦

📲 nihad ‏@RDRSFAN4L

I can’t sleep with socks 🧦 on

Quick Sport ‏@MyQuickSport

This provides support to flat or weak arches👣 . Best of all, it is snug fit, ultra-thin 👌🏽, can be worn under or ov…

གཀོ🔞 ‏@Dystar924

"Your claim for engagement is leaking threads, even that I've spent winters at socketering something that you should knew better dry." 🗨😘🧦

Tyler Webb ‏@tyler1008webb

@eubank_will Why you comin for me over the internet like this? You betta watch yo self 🧦

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@HalfeatenPbj What's with the "Wake and no bake"? 🤨 I thought Ben and Jerry were hippies. #MeetMySox 🧦…

Wilkins Linen ‏@WilkinsLinen

Don't overlook your laundry and linen maintenance. 👀🧦 This article explores why. #laundrycare

Jaloany🌙🌻 ‏@jaloany_o

Today we have a 23/19 be safe out there my friends 🧦

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@HalfeatenPbj @smuckers I miss the Christmas Stockings, to be honest. 😕 #MeetMySox 🧦

Mountain View Cheer ‏@MtnViewCheer

Crazy sock day for these beauties!! 1 more practice till comp this Saturday !! Keep pushin!! 🧦❤️ ‏@quicksport

::FLAT FOOT:: This provides support to flat or weak arches👣 . Best of all, it is snug fit, ultra-thin 👌🏽, can be wo…

Maserati Traffic👑🎒🏃🏾‍♂️💨 ‏@BossLifeGeez

They gon try to give you some socks 🧦 lol

MillieB ‏@MB7Star

@LancsPolDogUnit @LancsTacOps Top Dog handsome PD Harri! 👍 👃👌 🧦 💊🧦⚖️💙🐕🐾💙

Eggy ‏@TheBoiledEgg

Put a 🧦 in it

Alex Navarro ‏@alexn638

Moves on the low! 😴👀🤫🗣Business man style!💳📈📲📊💻⌚️🖥⌨️ #Stuntgang 💎💵 #Sportsbookkilla 📚🔥 #SG #SBK #ootd #fresh 🧢👕👖🧦👟👔👞…

Close Your Eyes Look At The Mountains ‏@cyelatm

I’m so glad so many of you enjoy the socks comic and seeing u all send your loved ones socks is so heartwarming. 🧦

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@VoteMcGonigle @VortexVixen45 @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer There is no such thing as flying saucers. Even I know that…

Alex Navarro ‏@alexn638

Moves on the low! 😴👀🤫🗣Business man style!💳📈📲📊💻⌚️🖥⌨️ #Stuntgang 💎💵 #Sportsbookkilla 📚🔥 #SG #SBK #ootd #fresh 🧢👕👖🧦👟👔👞…

Dr Ferdinand 🦖🦖🦖 ‏@_GoGo_Zeppeli

@kahneki 🧦🐀🧀 Sock rat cheese

Dr Ferdinand 🦖🦖🦖 ‏@_GoGo_Zeppeli

@kahneki Sock rat tease 🧦🐀😆

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@JustATheoryInc Got any matching socks? #MeetMySox 🧦

Samantha Etane ‏@SamanthaEtane

Close-up on the cutest socks 🧦 Merciii @Audrwey 😍 #ZenuPhoto Challenge

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@HalfeatenPbj Where is National Socks Day? What's so darn weird about that? I think I'll organize a protest - right…

joe ‏@saeriest

@habbodisr i cant wait 😩🧦💦

potato ‏@mrpotatohaed

Gucci👟 flip flops👟 suck😮 a nigga dick 🍆through 🙆🏽‍♂️his socks 🧦 bitch 💁🏽‍♀️my dick🌶 hot🔥 i be 💦slobbin💦 all on that cock🥖💦

That drunk guy ‏@goldenglaze21

Today’s date is also the code for children’s items contaminating scarers in “Monsters Inc”! 🧦 1/(23/19)

WC SWIM TEAM ‏@WChurchillSwim

OH YEAHHHH rockin’ the Jedow socks 🧦 for Districts #socksandsandals day @jedowmark @WCSportsAssoc

burnt ass toast ‏@Jiminy_Cricket6

Rocking this bitch no socks 🧦

Samson the cat ‏@Samsonthecat3

Wanting to help the humans with laundry. Just adding some holes for extra ventilation, I’m sure they will really l…

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@RayCharles2020 @VortexVixen45 @HalfeatenPbj @nypost Well, I call em like I see em. Ooofff. Sorry. #MeetMySox 🧦

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@HalfeatenPbj @Oreo Hmmm. A mé·nage à trois? I need to back out of this thread before my wife catches me. She's ext…

Just one of my 51 sox ‏@MeetMySox

@HalfeatenPbj @nypost That's cruelty to animals. What's next, socks? 🤨 #MeetMySox 🧦

Townii Adriano ‏@townii_adriano

FIRST OFFICIAL DATE WITH HATACHI 2.0#TeamGorgeous 🍜🚃👕👙👘👒🎒💼🧦🌂🍔🍟🍦🍱🚋 2018 年7月 17日

གཀོ🔞 ‏@Dystar924

"May be I'm not wearing number 12 of shoes but it's two centigrades below zero Celsius outside and the ABBA with Jo…

Liv🌚 ‏@oliviapistner

Hey 90’s babies.. we have a CODE 2319 today!!! 🧦🚫 1/23/19

Ailsa Forshaw ‏@AilsaForshaw

Oh, no - just #rowing, watching @TheTalkCBS #TheTalk, and an ad came on I've seen before, linking not wanting to do…

𝙧𝙤𝙭𝙮 ‏@roxybean_

retail employee: empty, folded store: customer like five minutes before close: 👔 🧣…

Julie Braden ‏@mrsbradenPE

And the tradition continues...tie dyed socks for our District competition! 🧦 . . #gymnastics #southcounty…

LostTycoon ‏@TycoonLost

@realDonaldTrump Trump is a Putin sock 🧦

nadia ♡ ‏@nadiagonzales_2

you know. I’m cool with a lot of people. until they find out that I sleep with socks on sometimes. 🧦 🧦

El otro Jaime ‏@JaimeM1219

I love my 🧦

Mutha' Fucka' Jones. ‏@CheyennneNoelle

Y’all.. today’s a 23-19 🧦

Danni Andrew ‏@DanniAndrew1812

@_ChloeEndacott you’re an old dirty wank sock 🧦

Mika. ‏@__mikaellaa

Dont know where she got the meaning of this 🧦 but yeah. Gurl 🧦🧦

Jennifer ‏@TheJenniWay

Rockin' these hospital socks 🧦 #waiting for #daysurgery 🏥 @ Mater Private Hospital Brisbane

𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕨𝕟 𝕄𝕔𝕂𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕡, 𝔸ℙℝ ‏@ShawnMcKillop

@jacksheard @WavHighSchool @GIPublicSchools @NElovesPS Need. Those. Socks. #shawnssocks 🧦

“An unimaginable being trapped in a mortals body.” ‏@JasonHuntley

@SLTLYStrange please consider making 🧦?!?

Ella ‏@ellasalami

@nailogical my friend's nickname is sock bc of you. 🧦❤️

derrick 🎒 ‏@3Gifted_

I can put you on like socks 🧦 put you on like my watch ⌚️ @CurrenSy_Spitta

The Unofficial Food Mayor ‏@Forkinginpublic

🗣 I have one major recommendation that cannot slip by you when visiting @Del_Friscos ➡️ The Butter Cake! This will…

Regina Unite™ ‏@reginaunite

Look mom, I’m on some socks 🧦 💁🏽‍♀️

Khaleesi ‏@aishlingmara

Wow, those @RunSwitchPR guys scare easy. Their 🧦 puppet account blocked me after deleting their lame tweets.…

Ross S. Riley ‏@thirty5whelen

@joeblow745 Well done! How about the socks 🧦?😜

🤝The Lending-Hand Organization🤝 ‏@Lending_HandOrg

We are in need of-🥨🍿🍫🍬🍭🥧🧁Snacks🥨🍿🍫🍬🍭🥧🧁and 🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦Socks(New-2/[email protected]_siwiak Tree)🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦🧦🧦 PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN…

Alice Cerridwen ‏@AliceBurlyn

You'll be seeing me in your dreams 💦💦🧦 #foot #feet #footworship #SmellMyFeet #sockporn…

Stay Me7️⃣o ‏@WavyWestsideBoi

I’m the Type to Wear Hospital 🧦 Out in Public so someone Can Ask did I just Leave a Hospital. NOPE just Sick of Peoples 💩

MomofTNT ‏@OSomaraw

@tanyasmith67 @HomeWithPeanut @RubiesB4Swine Yes, didn’t you know the socks run away with the spoons? 🧦⏪⏪🥄🥄

alexa ‏@alexbarcy

Happy birthday to our fuzzy socks supplier 🧦 @ogilrs

Madison Saverino ‏@madisonsavvy

No school? Still need school spirt! With flannels and fuzzy socks!🧦 #PHSCW2k19 @WhatsUpSouth @SOUTH_STUCO

“An unimaginable being trapped in a mortals body.” ‏@JasonHuntley

:) early birthday present or late I have time??? Idk if I can afford it on time but I’d really like to express to y…

Sources ‏@SourcesBC

On Feb. 5, RAISE THE ROOF 🙌🏠 for the #homeless. Bring your toque, scarf 🧣 & sock 🧦 donations, purchase your Toque T…

Justise for everyone ‏@DWadeflashhh

Dion with high socks 🧦

Lynette Bledsoe ‏@lynettebledsoe1

Who doesn’t love a cute pair of socks 💗 Love me some cute socks 🧦 If you ever wanna a hookup on some super unique…

Katrina Written ‏@katruerinatten

Hopped in the shower with my socks on! Happy Wednesday, we are thriving 🧦✨

J nine ‏@ninibeanie

It’s bloody cold, engaging bedsocks 🧦

alex ᵔદᵔ ‏@kokosbff

i feel like throwing up and my head hurts a lot:( #gn sleep well, 🧦 i love @BTS_twt and you (ᴗ˳ᴗ)

ᗩYET❤️ ‏@Lacarissgirl

I really need to put on some socks 🧦

Hannah Jorgenson ‏@HannahJorgenson

Here is @nailogical’s oldest fan (in my 30s 😱☠️) discovering what it means to live that sock lyfe 🧦. How have I liv…


Gucci Socks 🧦 Video Out Now . Go Watch It Now 🚀🤞🏽

super blood wolf moon ‏@feministspice

@travistragic @sopharela TIGHT. Thanks bud here I got u somethin for bein so thoughtful 💐🎈🧦


Sock puppets made by L1 Speaking & Listening Teacher Pam were used in class today to practice vowel & consonant sou…

Mr. Burns ‏@spookyburns

Current financial status: just ripped a hole in my sock while trying to put it on. Continued to put it on. 🧦

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