Socks Emoji

Socks was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧦 U+1F9E6


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Anтonιa ‏@souantonia_

Valorizando o pesenti do miguis pinguis 🧦💛 @P1nguim thx! Loved it

Nanci Worthington ‏@NanciArtWorks

@mhall55nine @9NEWS Lol yes! Love those warmer days !! and no socks 🧦! 😁🦋🌟💫

Sandy ‏@sandyyyacevedoo

I asked my brother what he wants for Christmas and he said a cool blanket, some Pajamas and socks 🧦😂💙


@ChipzAndDip If they can see your 🧦 they can see your pockets. GG x 💰 💪🏿

Jessica Stoner ‏@JessicaStoner10

fuzzy sock szn is my favorite szn 🧦

Linda Ghindea 🌊🌊🌊💙💙💙 ‏@LindaCGhindea

@VirtuallyBeth @OregonJOBS2 They do and they are really nice socks 🧦

Kristi West ‏@kristophus

What I'm thankful for today: Knee socks. Summer is too hot for them, but they're fun to wear when the weather is co…

deleted ‏@dellletedddd

Showing off his socks 🧦 (Idk why)

Adrianna ✨❤️🌹 ‏@Dowdssss

@Nike @nikebasketball I need some Thanksgiving Nike Elite socks 🧦 with some Turkey’s 🦃 on them 😍🙌🏽🏀


@MattMarkusLV Mariano Best closer ever. Edgar Martinez best DH ever. Roger Clemons should have been in a very very…

Spencer's ‏@Spencers

Socks on socks 🧦 Shop now->

maura 🌻 ‏@maurafigueroaa

all i want for christmas are 5 pairs of aloe infused socks 🧦

Abdulla Khatib ‏@Absdulla

Just a regular dude who’s grateful for it all. Hope you all have a wonderful week! ❤️ . Thank you mckaycollective f…

Charlsie Niemiec ‏@OMGCLN

I’m 30 years old and just discovered the magic of socks. Please give me space and time to fully appreciate my new revelation. 🧦

Brett Nolan Eaves ‏@brett_eaves

These refs are wearing yellow socks 🧦 #KCvsLAR

jackal 🐺 ‏@Msmooth_13

@breeANNuhm Post a thread of ya socks 🧦

HaikuMom ‏@mom_haiku

You may not believe That Mismatched Sock Land is real But I have been there 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦 🧦

Bob ‏@DoHoBOB

Progress! 🧦🎅🏼

Latte Chavalito ‏@ElChavaleto

This would have made Dave laugh...also any reference to jerk socks 🧦 I miss him

Crochet Stitches ‏@crocheting101

How to Crochet Slipper Socks 🧦

Marlee ‏@marleeeandme_

It is so tempting to spend nearly every dime to my name on all the sales, deals, and fun gifts this time of year💸💳🎁🛍👖🧦💄🎄

God M Junior. ‏@ThatOneGirlJHOE

Real ones don’t fade, and neither do the colors in our newly released Lifted All Over socks!! 🧦 🔴⚫️⚪️ We have RE…

Sahir ‏@SahirSeif

@BONNIEBLOOP My sock hole is pretty big sadly 🧦

Carla (칼라) ‏@choi_hyo_in

Couple socks 🧦 #WhereStarsLand

Deb ‏@Deba_55

@ImYancyButler Love it and socks 🧦 too😀

Bre ‏@BigoleBre

@xo_xoanna And socks, I love socks 🧦

Alex ‏@smalexvergara

Alveolar ducks 🦆 and socks 🧦

Three Chicks ‏@Giveacluck

Have you dropped off you Happy Socks donation? 🧦 Drop off locations are: Wilhauk Beef Jerky, Perks Coffee House (Spruce Grove & Stony Plain)

GasMoneyGames ‏@GasMoneyGames

🆕Lego 41519 Glurt, Mixels Series 3 Factory Sealed! #LEGO via @eBay Free Shipping on all USA…

makala hande :)) ‏@yeehawwyee

if you 😴 with 🧦 on, you’RE A 👹🤢🤮

Suji ‏@SujioTheRam

I can't stop thinking about socks👀🧦

Kacie🍗🥧🥔 ‏@Kacie_Dunbar

HATER ✊🏽 🤪/ |/ | | | \ 👟 | \ / | 🧦

Nicky G! ‏@Leaufroid

my basement floor has claimed the lives of so many of my friends’ socks over the years 🧦

AaronKicka ‏@AaronKicka

@kickazofficial Enjoy your nite... so well deserved... have some Kickaz Fun!!! 🎊💃🎉🧦🎶🎸🥁🎹🤗

Jake Manning ‏@jacobmanning

@SKline23_ Balenciaga boxers and the socks 🧦

Costa T ‏@CostaHere

after 3 weeks I found a lost sock in the laundry, so don't you tell me that miracles ain't real. 🧦

ashley 🆒 ‏@olaftheswede

Long story short: I’m wearing an oversized sock with a pad stuck to the inside 🧦

Rob Rheaume ‏@ABFortisEtLiber

@SuzakiTheAmazon PM 🤳 🧦 & now high cheekbones Singaporean blood PM. His narcism takes a higher priority over Albert…

Bear Feet ‏@bearfeetco

Adventure ready socks 🧦 with krayyyyy 📷 conlonkiffney

Stragglife_Walt ‏@count_peso

been gucci to the 🧦

Audacious Sock Wear ‏@AudaciousSW

Polar Bear Love! 🖤🖤 Who's keeping you warm this winter? 🧦 from . #socksofinstagram…

𝓞𝓵𝓲💜방탄 소녀 ‏@btsaremylifeux

@untoldtaejin Lmao that sock😂😂🧦

Regiana ‏@only1regggg

I’m in the mood for Hot Chocolate ☕️ fuzzy socks 🧦 and lots of thanksgiving food ! And Christmas movies 🎥 #besttimeoftheyear

mitch @down undah 🌴 ‏@mswag_au

@boomsurge_ @payten_jensen @cchickenwang Will I be seeing you later tonight Boomsurge in the VIP section of the 3.1…

Andie the Obamanista ‏@TheObamanista

Important 🧦

•Chief ♈️ ‏@Christianaax

Playing bestfriend trivia to divide socks 🧦 domestic partnership at its finest

Lilly ‏@Lilly76167002

@DoodleNessa We seem to watch that show every day too! 😂🐕 ... just the other day my 👓! And the day before that 🧦...…

opal ‏@milkycross

personified lingerie angels get kicked out of heaven and have to destroy ghosts to make it back 👙🧦

alxndr ‏@bklynsonfire

I really love @VANS_66 socks 🧦 🔥

The Outworld Cowboy💀 ‏@TheBlueHex

I usually only wear tall socks, but...I have a need. #Retsuko #Aggretsuko #Socks #Sanrio #Rage 🧦

O'Neill High School 🦅 ‏@ONeillEagles

Great stocking stuffers! 🧦

sugarvilleguitars ‏@sugarvilleguita

Under dry cleaning 🧹 🧼 👕👔🧦 #洗濯中 #ギター教えます🎸 #英語教えます

💚andradewife🇲🇽 ‏@Jess_be_lit

Having dinner at my mom's, high😁 and comfy as fuck!!🧦

Kaila 🍂 ‏@kaila_flores

Me from October to April 🧦

Joshua Who is ‘My Neighbor’? ‏@JoshuaHeavin

We’ve got another foot liberator here at the airport #SBLAAR18 #SBLAAR2018 👞😳🧦😵🤢🤮

Jackie O no!! ‏@jrod1201_jackie

I need your 🧦 socks!! Collecting socks for the United Way ❄️ helping needy families keep warm this winter…

Geoff Hewat ‏@geoffhewat

Stoked to come to these 🎁 👀 🧦 @BizNasty2point0 @Babsocks

WA Green Schools ‏@WAGreenSchools

"Use socks that don't fit anymore to make clothes for dolls." 🧦 One of many great waste reduction tips from 4th gr…

WA Green Schools ‏@WAGreenSchools

"Use socks that don't fit anymore to make clothes for dolls." 🧦 One of many great waste reduction tips from 4th gr…

Birmingham Bowl ‏@Birmingham_Bowl

👔 Ties? 👔 🙅‍♂️ 💳 Gift Cards? 💳 🚫👎 🧦...socks?🧦 ❌🤬 🎟️Give them tickets🎟️! ✅😁👍 The football fans in your life deserve…

Just Another Fangirl ‏@cool_bean484

Ordered some sweet Game Theory socks because I freaking love socks😂😍🧦 can’t wait for them to come in💕

Leela ‏@ArshiLarshi

What level of judgement is allowed for a guy seen on the tube wearing ‘Thursday’ socks on a Monday? 🧦 #mondayisthenewthursday #longweekend

✖️ UNCLE JACK ✖️ ‏@unclejackwatch

🧦#FREE socks with any order placed today 🧦

AnythingForCelinas ‏@LovelyAmariani

My department at work is starting a drive to help those affected by the fires.Undergarments are highly needed but r…

Chad Speer ‏@coachchadspeer

@12thingsthebook left the 🚌 drivers hanging @SBBurgerjoint !!! We feel like dirty old socks! 🧦

YWCA Dayton ‏@ywcadayton

This kid-driven Sock-tober drive has us feeling warm & cozy! Thanks to William Bruce Elementary for donating 250 🧦…

V💰N🏆E •vonte• ‏@Vonte_AllisWell

Had to hit up the sock man 😂😂 clutch l!! 🧦 💪🏽

miki ‏@saddeneddjh

@JUMPSUlTZ sock 🧦 sock 🧦 shoe 👟 shoe 👟

BethHPersist ‏@BethH2017

#GiftsGiveBack @BOMBAS Buy one a special pair to #personHomeless ten million given help give the sock that is no…

yasmine 🕯misses irl + pm ‏@bradyshijabi

@sjrcalderon this is sergio rn 💆🏽‍♂️ 🧣 🧤🧥🧤 👖 🧦

Laura Metro ‏@LauraMetroCPR

#stockingstuffers 🧦 🎄 🎁 For the #entrepreneurs & #dreamers Get #profitable ideas out of your head and into the worl…

miri 🌟 ‏@minibffs

a thread of old & extra soft yoongi selfies 🥰💗⭐️🧸🍞🧦

HGESHawks ‏@HGESHawks

HGES is also participating! Bring $1 and wear your jammies tomorrow! 🧦

вєαυту && вяαιиѕ ‏@MuvaMika

The family is getting 🧴and 🧦 for Christmas 🎄🤶🏾. ... Be Happy, Be Grateful, Enjoy! 😆😆😆

HGESHawks ‏@HGESHawks

HGES is also participating! Bring $1 and wear your jammies! 😊🧦

⚡️tephan ‏@stephb0y

harry potter taught me many things but notably the magic behind ‘not giving to receive’ remember harry gave dobby a…

Sean Gee ‏@SeannGeee


- ‏@mlamsangel

Fuzzy socks & @BobsBurgersFOX 🧦

Michelle Cheeseman ‏@hellebelly

@Prezzybox These are great socks! 🧦

Alicia J. ‏@BUBoutique17

Thank you jennifer_haydon for this lovely squishy sock 🧦 yarn !!! Can’t wait to make socks and gift them to a very…

(Miss) Edie the Pug ‏@EdiethePug

@campbellru24 @BennyBoygr I know what to send him for Christmas then! 🧦

Joshua Flores ‏@joshflrs

Isn't it cute? 🧦

CorpusChristi DPCDSB ‏@CorpusChristiDP

Tomorrow is Wacky Sock Day to celebrate our differences and show that we are all unique in our own special way! 🧦❤️…

Kathleen A Smith ‏@mskitkat2u

It's The Good Doctor Monday. We get to see Shaun and Claire work together again. 🥞🍏🍩🎤🌲⚾️🍫🥕🐡🧦#FreddieHighmore…


Thanks for the feature! So many 🧦 options and gift packs for anyone on your #Xmas list. #sockslife

a$ ‏@floydaaron43

I need grip I’m fucking with my 🧦 🧦 on

megan kaster ‏@KeganMaster

here’s just a PSA for anyone who didn’t know... walgreens is selling $1 fuzzy socks 🧦😩😍

Mario Moreno ‏@mareoohmareo

No more shoes and socks, I only rock sandals 🧦

Jackson Smith ‏@DiggerMancusi

Want @missesluvjones: SCOOBY DOOBY DOO! #Sockselfie #Jenkies #ScoobyDoo #Cozyingup 🧦

samanth.a ‏@samisobelarot

i slept w/ socks last night 🧦

Michelle Falleti ‏@MichelleFalleti

SOCKTOBER! 💙🧦 Student council collected socks from our BMS family to give to those in need this winter season!…

DrAwakeStephen ‏@AwakeStephen

@roarstr @BritintheBronx But they don’t look anything like socks 🧦 They don’t look like anything I need to see them on 😳

jessmas evelyn ⛄️ ‏@repudrama

🧦 wowe that’s my best friend right there. The fact that I can message you about ANYTHING and be met with compassion…

Ben Collins ‏@bjacollins

@JustinCar1 There will be a lump of coal in your 🎅 🧦 this year

tiyethompson ‏@tiyethompson

#MemorableMonday #ItTakesAVillage ...when I learned high8027 was embarking on another chapter in her life, I ran fo…

ポジティブなバイブ ‏@CokeNonCola

Made me some of these in jail outta socks 🧦💀

💳 IZZY! 💳 ‏@filthyguts

you: 🤓 / | \ 🍤 ‘ ‘ Me: __😈__ ( )| |( ) ( )| |( )…

Apple and Cinnamon ‏@applencinnamo

🍂 #WinterIsComing 🍂 🍂 Autumn evenings can be very comfortable with #handknit traditional house slipper socks 🧦 🛒…

Aloha Y'all Creations ‏@YallAloha

Congratulations to Mercedes King Clary on being the lucky winner of our Friday Sock giveaway!! Message us to claim.…

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