Socks Emoji

Socks was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧦 U+1F9E6


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Johnny C you @c2e2 - Booth 140 ‏@JohnnyC138

@cloudwrangler My anxiety is triggered over the lack of 🧦

Negin Mehrabifard ‏@neginmf

Socks with winter foliage pattern 🧦💙 Shop from my @Redbubble shop if you love this design! Also available as a vari…

Joanna K-D ‏@JoannaKingstonD

@EllaMoneypenny @shieldpay @Moneypenny @ManLawSoc If someone had said 10 years ago that you could get the best sock…

StriveScan ‏@StriveScan

@BrianA_ISU Those 🧦 are looking good! Haha, noted for the next batch!

Peril & Promise ‏@PerilandPromise

Something you can try, especially the next time you have a light load 👚👖🧦 Make it #SecondNature @PBSNature

Goddess Claire 🗝 ‏@wickedgoddessxo

Say good morning to my puppy and I while we relax by $ending..tribute before dm if u want a Skype session later 🧦 😈

Pixel ‏@LatourEthan

@SilverScally Nice black 🧦🔥😋

Heather Soehngen ‏@Hsoehngen1

78 pairs for the sock drive- 3 more days to go! 🧦 #3Bcares @S5_Belleville

Eliah Kanye ‏@SexiestManAliv

@Enchantress93__ Socks 🧦

xo ‏@xo21426524

Good morning! ☀️ #Socks 🧦 #MilitaryLife ♥️

Marc Herzmann ‏@Marc_Herzmann

IT‘s #jabber time again. #CLEUR #dressed4theday thanks to @MalteKostewicz 🧦👍

Jean-Ralphio 💎 ‏@RayGun2_0

@DANNYonPC The sock OG 💻 🧦 a true living legend

DSA Fundraisers ‏@DSAFundraisers

We wear our #LotsOfSocks, all day long, hoppin' and a-boppin' and signing our song. Everyone wants to have our sock…

John Raguindin ‏@littlejohnphoto

@CambiBrown The socks 🧦? NICE 😁

swaidee ‏@swaideee1

@CloudyBunx I found it 🧦

Eli Pacheco ‏@Eliatcoachdaddy

@kaL12578 He probably just kept eating his sandwich 🥪 and got a pair of socks 🧦 out of the drawer without looking u…

The Real Al Tap ‏@TRAP_E17

@RossCider Hahahaha it’s not like your going to be sat in a cold industrial unit or anything 🤣 I’ll bring you some socks 🧦

Moneypenny ‏@Moneypenny

@ManLawSoc host of today's #sockoff 😉🧦

Sock Council ‏@SockCouncil

The last of the 🍻 🧦 #PubCarpetsOfTheWorld Socks 🍻🧦! Perfect for the January cold. Made in…

asih karnengsih ‏@ItsAsih

I walk around like everything’s fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off 🧦👟 @ Stella Maris Monas…

EasternOar ‏@EasternOar

@PattyHajdu @joe_warmington Aladdin Watch 2020 LOL 🧔🤡 ✈️🌴🧦😜 Team Train Wreck! 🤡 2.0 #TrudeauJr #PeterPanPM #MagicKingdom

EasternOar ‏@EasternOar

@nationalpost Aladdin Watch 2020 Prince Jackwagon will take as Many "Personal Days as is Necessary 🧔🤡 ✈️🌴🧦😜 Team…

leia 💜 ‏@leiafishnets

worn item orders are being shipped TOMORROW!! 🧦 🩲 💕

Charli Pemberton ‏@NHSNurseCharli

Walking through our unit and saw this 🥰: When it’s Opel 4, you’re safely boarding in the corridors...But, Connect 4…

Paradox Interactive ‏@PdxInteractive

This can't be unseen @APlanetfall... 🧦

EasternOar ‏@EasternOar

@JustinTrudeau @BillBlair @CPHO_Canada @PattyHajdu @FP_Champagne @HarjitSajjan Aladdin Watch 2020 LOL 🧔🤡 ✈️🌴🧦😜…

Gon’girl ‏@uXoliswa

“READ the advert please! You dont meet the criteria so why do you apply? ” 👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡🧦👡

Aishaa. ‏@AishaMalahh

@abba_zack Socks 🧦😂

Pixel ‏@LatourEthan

@Retro_Dex Your 🧦

Pixel ‏@LatourEthan

@rekinsc Le trou a la 🧦 so sex

🟡🟡🟡 ‏@niketonrep

Dobby / Dobby 🧦

Sock Council ‏@SockCouncil

SC New Years Honours Socks 🧦 Celebrating the good people 👥 From L-R, named after: - Ally…

WA ‏@WA__1991

@Noura_Abdlrhman @Judi_1992 🧦 « you know what I mean »

BSES ‏@BSES_Eagles

Taco bout some crazy socks! @eSentzBSES and this awesome guy both wore 🌮 🧦 for crazy sock day!!…

Hoppers ‏@FrogAvalanche

@DeannaONaperton Bless your cotton socks 🧦 🧦 D!

Iona Courtenay-Warren ‏@courtenaywarren

Fab new slippers from @CatherineTough_ And a lovely gift of a pair of sparkly socks 🧦

Pixel ‏@LatourEthan

@Cokeinyoson @lucasbonboule Licking his 🧦😋

Out of Hand Scotland ‏@OutofHandScot

#print #posters #flyers #openfloormovement Want to move more? #Love a good #dance? Need some time just for you? Com…

Pixel ‏@LatourEthan

@BoyBroadsword Whaaa I want to be at your feet and sniff your 🔥🧦🔥👟🔥😋

Sock Council ‏@SockCouncil

🦉 Wednesday have done very well since we released these socks! Coincidence? I doubt it! Perfect for the 5th roun…

Mordecai Holtz ‏@mordecaiholtz

@TedRubin @Delta Wow those socks 🧦 are awesome

Kran O ‏@karenomodt

@DonnaEmerald1 @TootslilFighter @Boonigma @JonnyMa94001886 @MysteryTheatre1 @LadyStephC @VeltmanLee @Celeste1752…

Experience Ox ‏@ExperienceOx

Laugh your socks off at @CourtyardOxSth Comedy @ The Courtyard! 😂🧦 3 amazing acts, 2 intervals, 20% discount at the…

Sock Council ‏@SockCouncil

#SocksOutTuesday ▪️ Edelweiss Pirate 🧦 & @Nike Air Tailwind 79 👟 ▪️ All about the contrast today! ▪️ Socks at…

Lindsay Cardwell ‏@lincard95

@retroralph Now that's what you call a pair of socks 🧦 😁

Branden Mayweather ‏@CoachMayweather

🚨🏀GAMEDAY🏀🚨 Lanier vs. Apalachee 📍: @ Apalachee ⌚️: 7:30pm 👕:…

Jigsaw Creative ‏@JigsawCreative

You ROCK our socks! 🧦 Keep things SWEET with your customers by sending them a gift which they'll love 🍭🍬…

Jessica Williams ‏@chickie2423

@natvanlis Use one of your socks 🧦

Cocokat ‏@Cocokat9

@CloudyBunx Here you go! Sorry for taking it! 🧦

B & S Socks ‏@bandssocks

Retrouvez nous sur Instagram @bandssocksofficial et sur Facebook (B & S Socks) Make it fun 🧦 #troll #humour…

Sock Council ‏@SockCouncil

🔴⚪️ A great win for Arsenal last night! ⚪️🔴 🍌 Bruised Banana Socks 🧦, inspired by legendary kits & players!…

ASHTRAY BITCH! ‏@SteddySlack

@_infamousd Use a 🧦

Neil Stuke ‏@NeilStuke

Toes too please 🧦 #DrWho

isaynewsEU ‏@isaynewsEU

What's one fashion trend you just can't understand? 🧦👡👒 Tell us in the comments 👇👇👇

Dai Lingual ‏@DaiLingual

Not sure #David should go back to the #corporate world even if he is Director of #Social Responsibility, he’ll soon get #ColdFeet 🧦

Mr. Big D ‏@djmartin854

She was fearless and crazy then him, he was her king, she was his queen...and God help anyone who dare disrespect h…

Da Finest Lightskin alive🥵😍 ‏@Kiingg_Zay

I need her to blow my socks to Jupiter 🧦 💨

Gina Nicholls ‏@ginaffnicholls

Thank you for my goodies! jameson_nz 😍🧦👏🏽 . . . . . . . . . . . . #jameson #jamesonnz…

Hels 🤸🏽‍♂️ ‏@helenski13

Brrrrrrr it’s cold 🥶 wet and windy out there this morning. Big pants, warm socks, gloves & scarves at the ready 🧦…

Getaway Trekking ‏@getawaytrekking

👚👜Just like Laurie on his last visit to Kathmandu, we can do some last minute shopping before heading off on our An…

hinarei ‏@hinarei3

@dawnf1re Super comfy looking, which is as it should be if you’re working that late. I applaud the Swiss cheese 🧀 socks 🧦

🦑Squidney🦑 #supportROTTMNT 🐢 ‏@MSquidney

@CloudyBunx uh oh stinkyy sock on the run 🧦

Miss Donna Laurence ‏@donna_laurence

When you realise that counting in 2’s was overlooked by the fact I had only brought in Harry Potter socks 🧦…

Ryan K.R. Donovan ‏@RyanNewby338

@RockstarGames to wear the (only)shoes I like since the slction sux: I hv 2 wear thez ugly ass pants, bc “highrollr…

tbh 🦖 ‏@Tiehaze96

Never trust people that sleep with socks 🧦 on ☝️

ZuluMan ‏@LazloGunner

We buying them socks 🧦 also R29 at Mr price.

Ryan K.R. Donovan ‏@RyanNewby338

@RockstarGames I’m going to make my open🌍 onlinegame hv 🧦,🎒{SUMTHN 2 CARRY THE WEAPNS?DUFFLBAGS,ETC., the character…

dennypsnursery ‏@nurserydennyps

Be careful out on the roads today as you come to nursery. As always we will be outside today so please dress your c…

Lymphie Strong ‏@LymphieStrong

NEW Lymphie Kicks! 👟👟💗💕 I ordered these in Wide from Finish Line @finishline on sale and was completely shocked the…

Hallie Gray ‏@HallieGrayy

Thank you for tipping for Instant Cum Show!! You rock my socks 🧦

Q𝕦𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝕃𝕠𝕦•𝕃𝕠𝕦 🖕🏼 ‏@QueenLou_Lou

Really shouldn’t of worn white socks to work today, they’re absolutely filthy 😂 🧦 Bet most of you would still give…

Melanie Grayson ‏@MelanieGrayson5

Went to target and saw a kid beg and cry for a Nintendo switch. His mom then slapped him and he just stopped doing…

Lu Valentino ‏@LuValentino

Past 4 hours, I found myself scrolling through Kobe's social pages, watching so many clips of his games/interviews,…

diana 🤡 ‏@oopthiie

@salutejennie 🧦 i demand questions ma'am

John Downey ‏@thebigtimeyank2

@helloitskathie Eyes to DIE for 👀👀👄🌹👸🙏🧦

Lady Sánchez ‏@bellhill11

@alovelymeka @JohnethaW @DebraCo82457759 @SillyVeryRabbit @ggurl79 @rick_rica @Browneyegurl4 @BandB_CBS Well we all…

𝕧𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕖 ‏@mybloodvhs

@conyisgone okay fine take your socks and get out of my house 🧦✋


@221blonde @pawkypuzzler Sometimes socks with Holmes. And I have 3 pairs with Watsonian mustaches...Also hedgehogs…

𝕧𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕖 ‏@mybloodvhs

@conyisgone IDC HOW COLD U ARE N O SOCKS ❌🧦

allyson. // fan acc ‏@unhappymeaIs

@AmethystLBBH girl im still in the premiere🧦👄🧦

𝑃𝑆𝑌𝐶𝐻𝑂 ❄ ‏@redcakepsycho

✧༷ꦿ݈۟⸼͓۬࣪ꪶ 𝒕𝒘𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒚-𝒔𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒉 𝒅𝒂𝒚 ꒱ 𝟐𝟕 𝒐𝒇 𝟑𝟔𝟔 ✧•°. 🧦 .°•✧

Ultra Man ‏@ultrama58375400

@AndyOstroy @realDonaldTrump Liddle Andy is the third krassenstien brother he must be a paid sock 🧦 puppet for soros

WholelottaMANIIII✨💋 ‏@ShawniiMONTANA

Timberlands, No Socks 🧦

jamie brett ‏@streetlightdawn

Please help out!! 🧦💖🐨

🍀Colleen Colandene 🇮🇪 🇮🇹🇺🇸 ‏@MamaColandene

@KayTXTX I don't see it, but I'm drinking #Tequila right no👠🧦👗👙w ...

bennie want ham 🍖 ‏@benniewantham

@chunkiesockie my mom says “wet food is a treat” ....says i will be ‘portly cat’ if i eat it all da time....but , w…

wisemama ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@SusetteWise

Wow. You’re a piece of work. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan and can legitimately ‘hate’ Curt Schilling 🧦 but even I kno…

Molina Boys Soccer ‏@SoccerJagsMHS

Remember morning practice tomorrow, 8am! For all teams, Don’t be late. Also, games tomorrow, first district game!…

Mikaila 🔑💎 ‏@Mikaila029

the only time ive probably ever related to Kibum on a fashion standpoint; the time he got a hole in his sock 🧦

Beard Vet ‏@Beard_Vet

@omaha_scanner @OPDABLE1 It's not Wednesday!🧦

Janet Reisenwitz ‏@JanetReisenwitz

@CelebrityStrea1 @aaroncarter Bleaching ate the shit out of my white socks 🧦. Bleach does that if not used properly.

celia inside ‏@celiainside

NOT to be outdone by!... C0ZY B3AR! 🐻🧦☕️

Savannah B ‏@xxSavannahB

I had a bad day so my man gave me a care package - a kitten card 🐱lavender epsom salt 💜 jasmine incense 🌿 a candle…

ե a վ l օ r ‏@taylorhemmerich

Our house is a complete disaster but at least our girl is enjoying her new toys 💜💕 (with one sock 🧦 and all 🤪😉)

NOHITJEROME ‏@nohitjerome

🧦Reign Will Regret Coming To Faerlina🧦 (🧦stream highlights, AV botters robbing the working man, the usual 🧦) 🧦 🧦

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