Socks Emoji

Socks was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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🧦 U+1F9E6


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Ryerson FCAD ‏@RyersonFCAD

FCAD talent on @blogTO 😍 @RyersonFashion Alumna Marisa Sheff, founder of Sock Footage initiative, has her first ven…

AstoriaParkAlliance ‏@APAlliance

And don’t forget: we are still collecting new socks to distribute to organizations which aid those experiencing hom…

Janet ‏@KopJanet

Good afternoon Jurgen. Wots for breakfast? Also living the no socks with trainers we alasdociate Germans with soc…

Jenn ‏@ljdj21

Crazy Sock Day 🧦

Karl McKeever ‏@karlmckeever

@sainsburys A good place to keep them! 🧦🎄🍊

Dr. Davey Sock Drive ‏@socks4therock

@drdavey_hwdsb is making great progress on the first week of our 2nd annual Sock Drive! So far, we’ve collected 214…

MoneyMakin Loo💲E ‏@Loose_1700

Glock in the sock 🧦 😂...ratchet in the fabric 💀

RoridangO 🍡🍡🍡 ‏@LoliDango

靴下人形( sock puppet )🧦👺 commission by @Siigari Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for the sudden Hiatus on this page. somet…

Q U E E N 👑 ‏@DeaunnaMache

I never match my socks 🧦 when ever I wash 😭🤷🏽‍♀️

Jason Rubley ‏@JasonRubley

@EagleGifter To support @girlsthatgive1 giving 🧦,🧤, & toboggans to the homeless

103.3 AMP Radio ‏@1033ampradio

THANK YOU to everyone who collected over 16,000 pairs of socks for @bostonrescuemission!!! 🧦❤️🧦 We’re blown away by…

Zezinho ‏@sozezinho

Beaching... 👣🐷👟🧦 #Feetfettish #bdsmboys #feetslave #cashslaves #beach #faggot #foot #feetpic #slave #bdsmbrasil…

Spyro Universe 💎 ‏@SpyroUniverse

The Spyro and Crash socks are now available from @RoysBoysSocks! 🧦 🔥

DrPasEle ‏@DrPas84Ele

Btw, @marywangCM and I are both part of the #pinksocks #community thanks to @Ataxia_and_Me 💙 part the of the…

Kris Pro Quo 🐻⬇️ ‏@KrisArmstrong1

@ymagoda71 Come to Illinois in January 🧦

Hereward College ‏@HerewardCollege

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has already donated to our clothes bank! We're asking staff, paren…

Steph'sReps ‏@SSreps

F is for... Footcare! Give your feet a treat! Discover the entire range of footcare products, from moisturising soc…

Jill D ‏@Doopey99

@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @foxandfriends @SteveDoocy @ainsleyearhardt @kilmeade Sorry, I’ve got important business to…

جَوارِب ‏@jawareb_

Jawareb Collections Thread 🧦

St Mary Magdalen Sch ‏@MarymagJunior

Following an amazing assembly from 6M, we are spending our Friday raising awareness for anti-bullying with our odd…

Varinder Anand ‏@varinderanand

@hvgoenka Did you try your socks 🧦

Christina Sansolo ‏@ChristinaSans13

I’m buying my 🧦 socks 🧦 this weekend!

The halow project ‏@halowproject

Its the Festive session! Why no have festive feet too? Check out our Christmas Socks - £2 a pair! 😀💙💛💚👣🧦…

Grabau ‏@agrabau

@ellenlikesbikes Did you get gifted a pair of battery powered light up reflective 🧦?

Anna Ohar ‏@annaoharart

More new cards 🌲🧦 getting ready for @Macrobert craft fair, hope to see you there! #annaoharart

Anna Ohar ‏@annaoharart

Few more Christmas cards ready 🌲🧦 #annaoharart Getting ready for @macrobert Christmas fair, it's tomorrow! . . . .…

Sock Council ‏@SockCouncil

🇮🇹 NEW Inverno Paninaro Calze 🧦, AVAILABLE NOW! 🇮🇹 Burgundy & White luxurious Merino Wool…

BFast1 ‏@BAPF61

@sleafordmods They don’t do socks 🧦! ;)

Marieke Nijhof ‏@ProudMaryMe

@ovanwilgenburg How wise Wilde was.🧦

GEH Tissue Viability ‏@GEHSkinMonkey

The Tissue Viability Team (with Jim) with our Spots Away T shirts and spotty socks 🧦🔴 @GEHNHSnews @daljitathwal…

Quackity ‏@QuackiteyHQ

Carson stole my anime waifu body-pillow I cant believe Carson would do this to me after all we've been through 🧦😭

Rebel Nineteen ‏@rebelnineteen

⭐️Availability Checked⭐️ Our gorgeous Harper & Myla😍 have been #AvailabilityChecked📝for a shoot with a lovely Cloth…

Java House ‏@javahouseafrica

@She2ts Hehe We'll be sure to tell them to pull up their 🧦😁😁 Do enjoy though🤗

Lancs Trade Frames ‏@LancsTrade

🧦 Keep cosy with @kommerling_uk 🧦 Save energy ➡️ save money ➡️ stay warm @LancsTrade #PVCu #window & #door system…

Strathclyde UCU ‏@StrathclydeUCU

New to picketing? Bring - 🧥 a big coat 🎩 a warm hat 🧣 a scarf 🧤 two gloves 🧦 multiple socks 👠 sensible shoes…

Kim Wilson ‏@BCE3Wilson

My favourite book: Smelly Socks 🧦 @RobertMunsch3

Jasper Edwin Asir ‏@jasperedwin

The Pulianthope police Station had adopted a Chennai corporation public school and gave it a face lift. Painting un…

Emily G. Muniz ‏@EmilyGMuniz

It’s almost @jctvweather birthday so our director made him “fun sock Friday” cookies. So cute! Happy birthday! 🧦

Gilmerton PS ‏@GilmertonPs

The happy campers are on the move - after matching up the missing socks to their rightful owners! 🧦 🧦

Simon Best ‏@Simon_Best

#TShirtDay a thing, apparently. Mercifully, also Trousers & Snazzy Socks Day too (just out of shot) 👕👖🧦 👍

Inn Too You ‏@inntooyou

@CarolinaCouple_ I think they are good for grip 🧦

•ᴗ• ‏@drmwthm

@inspiritfulz @dearhweseung @seungjjunk @feelbblue @yeobtob @foolblossom17 @RowenaBerengue4 @1chickentaco…

TwinkleToes ‏@Twinkle22882705

@iBuyNYFeetPics Selling 😁👠👠👣🧦👙

Pantherella ‏@Pantherella

@LibertyLondon We’re raring to go! 🔠🧦👍🏻

Gary Toner ‏@GT2o1o

@SunnyD_UK 🎄🎅🤶 Happy Christmas 2019 🤶🎅🎄Sunny D! Mr Christmas 🎄 (THAT’s ME!) is ready to ROCK around the Christmas…

nkkbmpaboa ‏@nkkbmpaboa

Price: Gh¢180 Size: 41 (7.5) Brand: PUMA (black suede lace up trainers) Colour: Black/white Product code: NK309 ☎️…

Thorsten Schneider ‏@Juppstein

@Sabrepulse Socks have been knocked off in the listening process 💥🧦

Sock Council ‏@SockCouncil

🚧 Forty years of Factory Records! 🚧 #SOC01 & SOC02 Merino Wool Bobble Hats, perfect for the freezing weather! 🧦…

Tranquil Parks ‏@TranquilTouring

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones?! Forget socks 🧦 and chocs 🍫... Treat them to…

Eat Me Up ‏@FeetSlaveBoy

@sweathound @ScottishSockFet They'd be feeding on me using their stink 😭😱👣🧦

Carrie Hardman ‏@CarrieMHardman

Okay, I do this. But in my defence, a) I know it’s weird, and b) I have arthritis in my hips so if I’m lifting my l…

🍃Gabrielle Callea🍃 ‏@GABAROO13

@MuteMtnMamma Socksss 🙌🧦❤️

WinnieGreeneBags ‏@BagsGreene

Baby it’s cold outside ! So wrap up warm with our hats,gloves , thermals and socks 🧦.They are perfect for keeping y…

angela rutter ‏@pangearella

@chelleinoz @LeadVic Grateful you were part of the year @chelleinoz 🧦

جَوارِب ‏@jawareb_

#FirstTweet Coming Soon 🧦

Product Hunt ‏@ProductHunt

Socks...built on Ethereum 🧦

LeLe ‏@LeLeSings

Since I got the fancy green socks I thought I wouldn't have to get an injection in my stomach every day. I was wron…

weishenish ‏@hyeseuluvr

HE WORE THE WAYV FAMILY SWEATSHIRT TOO ⚡️😳😃💆🏻‍♀️❌❌🤬😄✊🏼🤢👞👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦🧣👘👨‍👨‍👧‍👧🎩👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👠👨‍👨‍👧‍👦🧤👟👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👙👠👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👡…

Sandi Turla ‏@frujeelicious

#novbookbabes19 Day 21- Books you DNF'd this year . ☕ 🧦 📚 . I've only read 20+ books this year and I haven't DNF'd…

Jammo ‏@JoshuaMcEvoy6

Mans on road 🧦👘

a free elf 🧦 ‏@wallfloweranne_

@bling2jH Because I’ll be free in a few hours 🧦

Rajni_Arunachalam ‏@mathiaslakshan

All #thalafans & #thalapathyfans follow me to organise a #raw and #intense #competition today 6:30 pm 😃🙏🤔💋😵😐😄🤣🙃😘😛🧐😏…

Stoke City Store ‏@scfc_store

🧦 Want some new socks? 🧦 Tag people in the comments to get you these 5 pairs of socks for Christmas 🔗…

Loading ‏@lordferragamo00

I just love these socks 🧦 from @Carters for my little one 🤱🏽🤗

Janice Blevins ‏@KittyMother

@ColeTheBlackCat 🐾🐾🙀An amazing look at the rare Sock Panther!🧦 Catching this elusive creature on a hunt in his natu…

Andre firmansyah. ‏@andrefirsyah

Friday friday friday @sinkajuliani96 #1songforU 🧦

Sock Council ‏@SockCouncil

Morning! Today we will be packing the orders of Internaitonale Bobble Hats 🎩 AND the Inverno Merino Wool Socks 🧦…

IG: SameSpitDifferentFace ‏@SSDFpodcast

Squid 🦑 Socks 🧦 🥶 #SharkTank

IAmMelanieHearMeRoar ‏@imamamma2jayden

I had my @ww_canada #WorkShop tonight& our #WellnessCoach Donna rocked my socks 🧦. If you've had yours, how was y…

Laura :) ‏@LauraT87

Love this :) 🧦 💙💛

liz yeoman ‏@lizyeoman

@NKSuddaby I’ve dug out my Christmas socks...we’re going to be fashion icons in work today! 😂😉🧦 #Coldnesskillsgerms…

Amy Lane ‏@laney_lestrange

a fan from cam got this for me 🖤...also, check out my socks tho 🧦😎

Roger Hilfiker ‏@RogerHilfiker

They do, or isn’t one sock of a pair of 🧦 always missing ?

Miss M 🌟 ‏@MissM_squadT1

Can’t wait to join the celebrations....Pudsey socks at the ready! 🧦 🐻 13.1 - I hope you’re ready for the tutorial…

Writer Within ‏@writersinnow

My new favourite pair of socks 🧦

#frankodontstop ‏@frankodontstop

I feel like a loose pair of socks 🧦

Sarah K ‏@kochan_sarah

@VodafoneUK #ChristmasUnlimited socks 🧦

Draicraeft ‏@draicraeft

Feet keep walking, being in the “Now” with Nalbinding 🧦🙏🐑💖 ᚼViking Style ᚼ🎁 Icelandic wool . #etsy#draicraeft#wool…

Zilingo Philippines ‏@ZilingoPH

Add a quirky touch to your office looks with these fun socks from Identity! 😍 Tag someone you want to gift with the…

ドレイソン ‏@Hihatkickdrum

@SpookyTrick Hiding in my sock 🧦

🍔 ‏@FatBoiTimes

if u sleep without socks 🧦 u a psychopath.

Yukon Living ‏@YukonLiving

@Steve_Dangle On a scale of 🧦 to 🥭, how happy did Matthews look tonight?!

VicTOR YO📺 ‏@victoryo256

@dapperbydenzel @asfawards Will you provide @Jidenna with socks 🧦? #ASFABlackFriday

👑🌛 ‏@MsSandoval15

Knee high socks=opposite shorts? I like that my calves feel like they are being hugged...🧦

CMCCStudentsCouncil ‏@CMCC_SC

Grad fund 2021 is doing a BOMB fundraiser, selling wine glasses and socks. See the Weekly Email for the order form.…

snkrsafari ‏@snkrsafari

Safari Paw socks available on 🧦

Gweri Vintage ‏@GweriVintage

Get your favorite Namibian socks delivered at your doorstep 🚚 🕴🏾 N$ 120.00 a pair 🧦 N$ 10 CBD Delivery, N$ 20 Deli…

McGUTTER ‏@D_McGutter

@AIexissky @barrioframes dog smelling #tuna & sweat socks🎣🧦

ripmalikk ‏@Ripmalikkk

@thcmoonmvn @candiishakedat Glock 🔫 ina sock 🧦

Andrew ‏@andrusaurus

@cummille I thought I showed you 🧦

Thea Lamkin ‏@taylamkin

@JeremieVallee @krishnadurai20 It did go well! Next run of kubeflow socks scheduled for 1.0. :) 🧦

☆kpop games☆ ‏@criminaljiminal

Lol ill start adding ss 2.🤱🍊🚫🧦📺🍎 🙅‍♀️

Scar ‏@Scar4Playz

Goodnight to everyone except those who wear socks to bed 🧦

🥜’s Oldest Boy Cashew 🥜 ‏@MyNameBranBran

@OGBigMomma Bet just get me graphic socks 🧦

MasterBruiser ‏@BruiserMaster

@cashupin010 🧦 Where are they?

BoomerChay #Glexarmy #Boomer ‏@Chay_Leaks

@AyeSoxz Welcome back! 🧦

Vegas Golden Knights ‏@GoldenKnights

End of 1 Us: 0 sharks: 0 mood: trying to match your socks after a big laundry day 🧦

Girls That Give ‏@GirlsThatGive1

Reminder: We r collecting 🧦,🧤, & toboggans 4 homeless & sheltered 2 be delivered 4 Christmas! If your company, chur…

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