Sparkles Emoji

Decorative sparkling stars, the kind that may be indicate an item as being ‘sparkling clean’ (very clean) or shiny.

Sparkles was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

✨ Sparkle

✨ Stars


✨ U+2728




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aotaressss ‏@annethotaressss

Good eveningg✨💛

sadiqanwar mian ‏@sadiqanwar469

Happy International Day of Education!! 🙌💥🌟✨ Every. Child. Has. The. Right. To. QUALITY #EDUCATION 📚✏️. Every. C…

Kenjie ‏@Kenjie_xxx

Because that’s what people do. ✨😭💔

다니엘 ‏@ddvnial

Went to Bank Negara museum today ✨✨✨

Reine. ‏@leejjueun

@englishrpers @literaterpers ‘Olla! I now am looking for new and exciting people to talk with also comfort in all t…

333 ‏@__luvstrvk

Man when I was like 14 watching boy meets world I was tryna take it to tapanga😭✨

魔人ブー(o^・^o) ‏@Warlock_the_BOO

@LMasamoto So cute !!✨✨

scha 🥀 ‏@schanelledsagun

kaproud pa rin talaga black pirates bball and vball boys!! 🖤✨

💣 ‏@dayy6_younghyun

— unfunny grocery puns ni youngk ✨

Ellice Sugita ‏@ElliceSugita

NEW VIDEO IS OUT! 🌸 Naghahanap ka ba na mura at laging may sale na store? Sobrang daming products at sure na worth…


@gainbtsmuttuals i followback, angels✨💛

CorvidChaser ‏@CorvidChaser

After scrolling through the “Draw this in your style” hashtag, this one stood out to me 🌿✨ @daniellepioli…

Jaime Domínguez ‏@Torllo


Amanda-ちゃん 🌸 A.C.E in Madrid 🎤 ‏@rasenkai7

🎨 [PRINTS] 🎨 . 🔸Prints of #Yato of #Noragami ✨ 🔸You can get a good quality print signed of this drawing! 🛍 Sizes av…

𝐵𝓊𝓃𝓃𝓎 𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒¹²⁷ ‏@OhSoSehunLY

This is so simple and motivating, it's like when you ask someone 'why' they're happy, or 'how' to be happy because…

K I R S T E L ‏@krstllyl

Can we go back to the days our love was strong ❤️✨☹️

💎 Serene 💎 ‏@SurrealSerene_

NEW|| Lace up Skirt #ootd post is now live on… 🖤✨ Ft: @Missguided @OfficialPLT…

--龍-- ‏@_tatsu_xi

Actually NOT a hetero so I don't have to listen to you 😘✨✨✨

Molly ‏@mollylane__

@miastott_ Thanks mi love u lots ✨💗 xxx

CP Felbridge Gatwick ‏@CPFelbridge

Masquerade Ball - 15th February ✨ 🎭 Live entertainment 🎭 Delicious 3 course dinner 🎭 Prosecco on arrival 🎭 Black…

mina ‏@jminafadrique

Happy Birthday ralph✨ @ralphjosol

Blink 사랑은 ‏@HengMs

@confusedstar_ @LISANATIONS_ My love from other stars ✨ ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

134340 🌙 | WINNER in 5 days ‏@ExcuseeMeYoongi

What, no you’re amazing! 💕✨

ALEXIS ✨ ‏@khaleexis

Make me glow ✨

guillotines, but gay ‏@edgedestroys

Cass was quiet and didn't make waves, didn't want attention, shit they fucking had imposter syndrome for christ's s…

raine ‏@ReynNavalta

@_iaeze @EliseTagupa The One @_iaeze ✨

Molly ‏@mollylane__

Oh my girl I luv u ✨🤩 cant wait get me to sluggy 💗

✨S4VI3✨ ‏@svidmv

✨Happy 9th babygirl, here’s to more & i love you🥰💓 @aisyahalwi_

UoMVolunteering ‏@UoMVolunteering

✨ Sign up for both of these roles on the Volunteer Hub! ✨ Communications and Media: Fundr…

ig: @slfcarethreaads ‏@slfcarethreaad

Aesthetic wallpapers ✨

Li 🍑 ‏@apeachslate

@wondaeist @d1stiNCTivewin @winyvs Doyoung empathy (reality) ✨🙏🏻🙈🥰

Taste Perthshire ‏@TastePerth

✨ February Steak & Wine Nights are Back ✨ Every weekend throughout February from 4.30PM - 8PM you can enjoy a char…

Mishiii ❤ ‏@Eimyhelcollins

GOALS 🙈💗✨ @imdgrazon

Prachi♥ ‏@Prachiiiii_

THIS 🌸✨ You've grown so much as an artist is just incredible! Your success is equal to the result of high intentio…

Bella Paige ‏@bellapaigemusic

Pop Up Park 🎤🌿💕✨ #ExperienceWyndham

Gemma Sowerby ‏@gemsowerby

Only a week left to nominate inspiring PR pros for the amazing @suzyspiritaward ✨

lem-sa. ‏@Corbor_Ldf


🌿 ‏@oO_DaRiYaSaV_Oo

@BAP_Youngjae Happy Birthday~🎂💐✨💕💛💛💛 #BAP #영재 #HappyYjayDay

amy | sunrise ; home ‏@beingwonwoo

Gfriend got their 3rd win with Sunrise at the MCountdown today!! Congratulations, loves @GFRDofficial ✨💗…

Jur Kardashian ‏@JurichSM

This is what I’ve got when I let my heart wins✨

𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖑 ‏@unmissabel

the pictures on my bedroom are my stan list✨

Meri ‏@meriibun

@Beyonddz omygod this is so good 😭✨

Harumi ฅ^ΦωΦ^☆ ‏@sweet_cat_haru

@Naomi_Osaka_ Congratulations Naomi 👏🏻🎉✨ I'll cheer you on👍💗!!

‏ًًً ‏@myouimori

@jungeuhbi Congratulations, baby! You totally deserved it. 😻✨

Vana ‏@HavanaRama

@Coruscating @elaaaaargh Did y’all know ya got sparkle bookends?! ✨Ela☕️Cory✨

edit ‏@multiplebears

i cannot wait to raise this kiddo with him, he’s going to be the best dad and i love him ✨

sunshine ‏@Isadora_Costa_

beach please 🤪✨

💎 LA MUSE 💎 ‏@paigelamuse

@Iilboba 💓✨ Thank you, you’re hella sweet.

Mary Marshall ‏@marshall11_m

@fiftyminus2 @EmilyShutt2018 @Blondie8974 @IanGould5 @AshcroftBen @littlemore20 @journey_oscar @ALLANCOOPER2…

sleeping beauty ‏@UrAnnoyingB

Good Morning ✨

Sofia 🌹 ‏@xangelsofia

hays Bene ✨❤️

🖤 ‏@jjhee42

And although time may take us into different places I will still be patient with you And I hope you know I won't le…

Final Fantasy XIV Zines ‏@ffxivzines

✨ Interest Check is Now Closed! ✨ Thank you so much to those who did the survey! The mods and I will review the in…

sizzle. ‏@Ssokulskyj

Opportunities don't happen. You create them ✨💫

Sap 🏡🌻 ‏@campfire_17

@BreakoutNET @pledis_17 THANK YOUUU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨🌻🌻

Seventeen Spain 🌻 ‏@SeventeenSP17

[VIDEO|190124] #SEVENTEEN en ⟨M Countdown⟩ ✨ © _intheflowerbed #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 @pledis_17 Lau💎

kristiana ‏@TianTeodoro

happy birthday luv @CosmicGoddes ✨

Stephano Horse 🐎 ‏@StephanoHorse

#Loveofstrings #Amourdescordes Veterans Glass City Skyway ✨🏆🛫🌉✨🐎

Alexandra ‏@Alexand60402172

@TXT_members Cuuuuteeeeee😁✨🌸🎉

Esther Lambert ‏@EstherLambert1

@terrycrews Show them the light Mr. Crews. ✨🖤🙌🏽💞

Hester Hockin-Boyers ‏@HesterBoyers

✨PARTICIPANTS WANTED ✨I'm looking for women who are weightlifting in recovery from an eating disorder to take part…

baddie witta phatiie ♓🦄 ‏@Katie_toi

im playing a movie crossword puzzle , i've found a new talent ✨✨

OMENKA ‏@Omenkaofficial1

If you’re in Lagos- no miss am. Seriously...✨✨ #pidginpractice

TroubleLounge ‏@TroubleLounge

💋⭐️💃🏻✨🎉 TroubleLounge = Katy & Sarah. Eventers, promoters, funsters, festival lovers, cocktail drinkers, posers, dr…

Najla Farhana ‏@najlafarhanaa

Perodua pun ada second interview 🤦🏼‍♀️ wish me luck ✨

katie ▯ 240 ‏@heavenlybix

me rn streaks✨

fiqah✨ ‏@Fiqah_Aminuddin

Ya Allah, I’ve seen you do things to people & now you did it to me✨😩Ya Allah happynyaaaaaaaa

☮️ ‏@ExtremelySolid

@aryascarlet_ @CapcomUSA_ @Capcom_UK YAY!!!! Lovely Jill! Reminds me of Lost in Nightmares! 👀✨ Which Jill is your fav?! ☺✨

AmazonBestSellers ‏@am_bestsellers

✨Best Sellers in Home & Kitchen✨ VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier, Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom Baby, Premium Hu…

🦋🐦🦋 ‏@Sorry_Snow

@Leafalcus Good morning lea" How are you dear friend...🦋✨🦋

maikah | LaVieEnRose 🌹🥀 ‏@Maikaa10

Ugh, as a wiz*one and moomoo, i feel like I won 😍💖✨

mae / new @ ‏@Iistentothisong

brb gonna go cry in the shower i’ll be back in an hour✨

HR Consultants PK ‏@hrconsultantspk

:: Lahore - *You Are Invited! * ✨ Meet International Representative from Charles Sturt University, Australia ✨ ::…

Clasp London ‏@ClaspLondon

✨ Our guarantee, to you ✨ . . . #hallmarkedinlondon #sterlingsilver #makersmark #clasplondon #touchofclasp

a 🦄 ‏@izzhathrhzul_

my girlbestfriend should get appreciate award because she really be patient with me no matter what & always be ther…

🦋 ‏@liraausa

"it’s been a while.. baby girl" 🐰✨

Nami misses day6 ✨ ‏@wth_janey

@TXT_members hey you're super cute and I can't wait for your debut. ✨💞

als✨ ‏@allyssanm

in case some of you are having a bad day✨

Georgina Bywater ‏@georginabywater

✨Minimalist Styling✨ Gorgeous simple sterling silver Triple Bead Bracelets - Understated style 💛Check out our Simpl…

äc ‏@aikeenclavelle

bring back ✨

The St.Regis Bangkok ‏@StRegisBangkok

Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away! ✨ The St. Regis Bangkok invites you to fall in love all over again on 14…

けんや ‏@kenkenpa_ma0234

Happy Birthday🎉✨@LuisSuarez9

• Blvck_LunatiC• ‏@blvck_harry

@Gothic_Epps Talk to daddy 😂✨

JOANNE CHRISTLE ‏@joannechristle_

Nothing but pure and genuine happiness for you. ✨🕊

nina ‏@addictinthedark

@malibunightss it’s okay ✌️✨just downed an entire bowl

Angie ‏@marino_angie

For anyone needing a smile.✨✨✨

H ‏@gostudyloser

@AtharAliKhan Hope she is doing well now. Sending lots of prayers your way.✨

Faneal Godbold ‏@faneal_godbold

@DaveVescio I would start my own production company @DaveVescio ✨

kenji ‏@kenji65001636

Love bird seems to enjoy playing the ball. . .🐦🎾😂😂😂 ✨ ✨ 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 Repost:muhabbet.kusu.01 . . .…

Boy Of The Year ‏@tthekenedycurse

Throwback to when I was photographed by the amazingly talented @jordaustin ✨

Mek٠ ‏@Missqasehputeri

Dessert hunting with Mother today✨💋

AYA ‏@bfjeonkookie

happy bunny✨

🍉 ‏@taestimony_

i'm all in for these beret loving boys and you know it ✨

Cerys_Emily BD GIRL 🥳💕 ‏@Cerys_Emily_x

It’s my birthday today and it would be a dream come true if I got a tweet from @MsSarahPaulson she inspires me so m…

꾹🔥💜 ‏@MJ__1973

@TXT_members All the best in your debut ✨💕

Jess Leigh MYP ‏@jessjleigh

I’m on my way to London for a ‘top secret’ project, 7th February please hurry up so I can tell everyone! ✨ All I c…

•ΜΔƗŇ¥ØØŇĴƗ• ‏@xcprdctvfgbxc

what— hey it's confirmed, there's nothing he cAn'T doOoOo!!😱😩👏🏻💜✨

Shasta bazaar ‏@BazaarShasta

Hey, I think this will be perfect for you. ✨ #fashion #wooplr

Little 8 💕 ‏@anissxu_

@theseokmine GOOD LUCK! you can do it 😄✨

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