Sparkles Emoji

Decorative sparkling stars, the kind that may be indicate an item as being ‘sparkling clean’ (very clean) or shiny.

Sparkles was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

✨ Sparkle

✨ Stars


✨ U+2728




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lulu˚* ❀ ‏@my_chwe

😊✨✨✨ he makes me so happy just by posting

Meg ‏@1chromaticlife

✨NEW POST ✨ Happy Monday! We survived weekend one of our stay at home and I’m pretty proud of us 😊 I thought one wa…

𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓻𝓵𝓮𝔂゚✧ ‏@____marylony

sprinkle little rainbow crystals on cupcake 🧁✨

방탄소년단뷔 Publicity™⁷ ‏@btsVpublicity

Follow these regional accounts & support their projects 💜 India @Taehyung_india_ UAE @TaehyungUAE Arabian…

Phoenix ‏@LCBBaeSuzy

Sass. Chour, humor. ✨

Tyira-Rhu ‏@TyiraYordle

@Palasabemi Insecure thoughts are just from your brain trying to bully you! Don't listen to it! See all the friends…


@StephCrone Miss Cusack is very impressed. Keep reading a variety of books for pleasure 👍🏼 Well done! I wonder if y…

🕊️ ‏@ioverogue

anyways stan anna diop✨

el✨ ‏@hhhijkel

Just where are you right now? 🥺✨

Kerrie O'Connor ‏@Union1111

💫You Asked, Kerrie Listened...✨ THE 13 GOD CODES ARE THE HOLY GRAIL: ✨✨ ✨I am so excited to announce the opening o…

𝕶𝖎𝖒. ‏@chaewingum

@wonboungie Hello Wonbunny 🐇✨ Have you eaten yet?

jlb ‏@chasingjlb

Last day in Ubud ✨🌿


[INFO] Now that #HideoutPrologueFilmIsOut, you may use the hashtag now!✨ Watch the video here too on StarshipTV ch…

Athena 🥀✨ ‏@HxneyGlosss

@karapIays done! also thank you for doing this small giveaway. it means a LOT for us 💖✨

Mami Bon _Moment ‏@MphooK_

I hope Arizona is having a good day or night. ✨

Chelsea Rae✨ ‏@chellraee

@TiyNotTy keep pushing ❤️✨

Huawei Mobile Services ‏@HMS_GlobalPage

Swipe right for the latest scoreboards and match results from your favorite #sport games!⚽️🏀🏈 ✨ 100+ matches from 9…

Aimy Amanina ‏@aimyamanina

@qhaishaaantsha @efaperfume That perfume suits you very well ✨

𝒍𝒊𝒂˚* ❀ ‏@hongjichuu_

What is the first song you heard from these groups? SEVENTEEN - Don't Wanna Cry NCT - Touch EXO - Growl TVXQ - Lov…

⚡Sól Targaryen⚡ ‏@Sol_Dragonheart

I'm gaining confidence today... In myself... ✨💪🏻🐯

B R O D I E S I A N ‏@brudlit

@artbystasia I will ❤️✨

𝐟𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫˚*. 🌸 #YouthWith💎 ‏@17sjinsoul

Vote for Dai Meng and keep her on first place 😳👍🏼 You can DM me for help in voting her, for our 💎 only ✨

ʜᴀɴʙɪɴ ‏@sssong_____yh


Poporo♦️ ‏@Poporosito

@queenfagota Tercero and proud 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 ✨✨✨

RJ Martinez Saromines ‏@robertjaysons

In a season of silence, I’m searching for something spoken to grasp to be met with a reminder that this too will pa…

becka ‏@petertinglz

here is my day:___ without animal crossing count✨

jawaher✨ ‏@jeweleryss

I can and i will I will and i can The only two phrases that i believe ✨

Goddess Adriana Aurora ‏@_goddessaurora_

Beautiful monday to all of you dommes out there! ✨ Pups don’t forget on Mondays you $erve, on Tuesdays you $erve an…

メサルビ💫 ‏@rxmesaa

I be that pretty mf man. Rubie Mesa ? Yessir🥵👀✨

Bea ‏@Creativi_Bea

@Themysticmeadow @AbbyCadbea You're welcome, keep it up ☺️✨

pinned tweet = things to do in the time of Covid19 ‏@notmutant

@BeverlyOchieng @100onBooks thanks for sharing, Bev! ✨💜

Love, iane 🌸 ‏@ianeieun

@ImaMaaena Thank you for this! 🙏✨

yasmin. ‏@dontwonwoocry

@17joshuas @pledis_17jp @pledis_17 so pretty!!!!!! aaaa <3 luv the ✨ sm

🌼yuki🌼 ‏@bbyangelyuki

I made myself as an angel..✨

chandri ‏@sikeytosan_

procrastination is my passion ✨

•𝓡𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓪 • 💙 ‏@imjinggay

Thanks twitter! hahahaha. Happy birthday to me 🎉✨ #20th

𝐉 #𝐈𝐓𝐳𝐌𝐄♡̷ ‏@itsjooIia

@XAOZUN you’re welcome. 😹✨

Jaylee ‏@Jleliia

Okay I’m done with my personal rant. Let me log onto work. Have a blessed day guys. ✨

にし ‏@tale49tora

make me bright✨

futo🐼 || CEO of RisAbba ‏@bitterchoco1709

@luvea astaga cepet sembuh ya 😭😭😭 ur welcome my fren 👀✨ issokey, take ur time, hopefully everything'll be alright…

Mamba Mentality 🐍🤞🏽 ‏@Whit_Diggity

When the weight of the world is on my shoulders, you take away the pain. With you by my side I’m not afraid ✊🏽✨👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏿

☠ ‏@ajimsykes6661

@Nurfatinns_ Okay alright thanks wehh ✨

Naeun ‏@sonmarceIIa

@namjuIiet Aa long as it gives you a great laugh then I won’t mind to be all out. Welcome back, dearest Nyamnyam. 🌹✨

zezé | #Self_Portrait #SUHOLO ‏@eriaena

@shop_kyoong @BaoziXiumin20 CITY LIGHTS - BAEKHYUN ✨ my bday is on April 15. let me try my luck :'))

🍓Airashi Suzume🍓 ‏@Strawwbbeerryyz

Getting dem strong Strawberry armss✨✨✨💪💪💪💪🍓✨✨✨✨ My first ever animation! 🍓🍓🍓✨ #furry #furryanimation…

Hello, Mirai 🌱 ‏@hellomiraiart

See you in 1 hour! Join us now at before the VC starts 🌱✨ #Mentalhealth #mentalhealthph…

𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚔₇✨ ‏@hashlsey

@getawaydaniel MANIC ✨ of course even if I could be sorry for future nostalgia

A N N A 🍌💫 ‏@annanabanana96

TODAAAAYYYY ISSS THE DAAAYYYYY i’m double twelve everyone 🎂✨💖💫

As Told By Tee 🔮✨ ‏@Tee_thedreamer

Life of Pi 🔮✨

ally 🌹 ‏@rosepetalrobyn

@vividchn well uh beware the white kpop fans that act asian for ✨ tHe aEsThEtIc✨

Allya Faisal ‏@butterbee41fly

@aleeyshaazainal Have faith Sha! Bolehhh ✨

ambs !! ‏@livsrobbie

@loversnostalgia i’ll be streaming the whole album without skipping ANY !! as i should ✨

HFEA ‏@Bo7asoon_

Took an oath that I’m stick it out till the end✨

Nadia ♡ ateez🐻🍯🦋 ‏@sanhwaroses

@ATEEZofficial Sharing is caring Yunho😣😂❤️✨❤️✨ Stay safe and healthy!💪❤️✨❤️

lizandro ‏@Lizandro_R14

@popcrayye13 1989 yup taste✨

Pyngo*°×+~🔞 ‏@_pyngo

Did an instagram account! I'll share more sketches there Hope I don't get ban 👀✨

𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒆𝒖𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒊𝒂. ‏@marupiensa

@dvkevalentino agree. the pants with a tight white bodysuit. ✨

방탄소년단뷔 Publicity™⁷ ‏@btsVpublicity

Follow these regional accounts & support their projects 💜 Indonesia @KTHIndonesia Philippines @Taegersph Malaysia…

🌹💉lew babyy💎✨🌹👅 ‏@lew_savage

@lit_khalifah Am ever online and activeeeee💎✨✨IFB ASAP 🌹👅@lew_savage

Smurfy ‏@SmurfyJCK

@caspermasi @elonmusk shoutout felix💫✨

Bibo Pakade. ‏@abutifootballer

We all know that a pin-point switch to Kunene from Fixer's own half was coming in Frame 2. 😭✨

haz ‏@haznie_iesha

@gooreumars @852ways @jypnation @GOT7Official @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita it's time for you to shine✨ #YOUNGJAE_SOLO2020…

♡ ‏@jungkookposts

so gorgeous ✨

aziraphale ✨ ‏@theeonann

3 am to 11 am ✨

🌸 ‏@_nhynxr

Freedom is where the truth is. Find the truth and you will find your freedom. ❤️✨

꧁☬ ꪜ𝘪𝘤𝘬𝘦 ☬꧂ 🇲🇽 ‏@Vike_Navarro

@jk_rowling Well I'm still here, that's important😇 Thanks for asking, honey!! , ❤️💞,✨

Monnie B ‏@geeanem

Sleep is calling me, goodnight from Aus dear friends everywhere ❤️💜❤️💜✨✨🌙 Please stay safe and well 😘😘😘 Beautiful…

🌸Marceline Rosewood🌸 ‏@LMarceline132

Beside I enjoy seeing art created by @BoogBogex because he's amazing!!! 💕✨✨ You guys better follow him or I will a…

𝓶𝓸𝓴𝓴𝓲🌸 (was SweetInkay) ‏@nekomokki

4 games that define me✨ @yvoesph @lovingsama @milkteabelle @Empress_Sun

ΚμйDåи ΛλÅ$ 💙🌟🔪 ‏@kundanvyas1

@Shwetameranaam Trend list me lao pahle.. Both are out of list hai Now.. #SidHeartsLoveSana over 55K now✨⚡💙👍

🦋 ‏@sunnytheraver

@G7trap_soullll LOB YOUUU 💕✨thank uuuu lovely MUAH

ゴンちゃんローラ Gonchan Laura ‏@GonchanLaura

@Lawyerladyjp Fa sho! Looking forward to hearing any thoughts/ideas you might have. Also don't worry take your time ☺️✨

Qhalisha ‏@natashaqhalisha

I need my tea time with this @emmaredular ✨

Azza Gasim ‏@azza_urbanista

#glowupchallenge ... transformation complete. ✅✨❤️ • • • Sometimes during these difficult times we have to remind…

Hillaryy ‏@truulyzayy

Black men is tf beautiful 🤎✨

Kamila Aziza🐰 ‏@Kookie_luvs97

@Yerimakoo bismillah, wish me luck💜✨

Jaylee ‏@Jleliia

But you know what I learned so much from that experience. And the guy I was dating at the time, 9 years later still…

L Kenobi🌸✨ ‏@boxOFjuice

Look for lasting happiness, buy plants ✊🌱✨

✨💘 Goddess Lucie 💘✨ ‏@GoddessLucie_x

@MissMiaSeoul Lmao we’re on the same vibe ahaha ✨

𝔸.🤎🏁 ‏@alajoiy

Happy Monday ❤️ start the day with a grateful heart ✨✨✨

🏹🤍 ‏@dryldmpl

Happy Birthday, pareng Vincent van Gogh!🌻👨🏻‍🎨 You inspired me alot with your works & your words, and it made me con…

Praji ‏@4Praji

Compassion in action! Many hearts and prayers be with you!✨🕉️✨

blank ‏@ptchg


ranie's dream | 🖤🕊️ ‏@twljeykeyy

@taescereal im not your oomf but im 1st lmao ✨✨✨

Muva ✨ ‏@Alleyesonmuvaaa

Alexa ‼️ play you know wasssup by Kehlani ✨

S⃟H⃟I⃟N⃟e⃟e⃟5 .*・゚☆ ‏@17ruba11

I love you 💖🌼✨🌷🌸 #ONEW #JINKI

Taylor ‏@taylorsencore

@kimbermahree love this ✨

Belladonna HomeDecor ‏@Belladonnahome

✨ON SALE✨Tretchikoff Wall Art On Canvas Reproduction No. TFF-002000

St David's CiW Prm ‏@StDavidsCiWPrm

More fantastic home learning in Year 6! I love your home made lava lamp, your advertisement of home and your fanta…

Illuminati ‏@nolcobap

Happy birthday to the legendary @celinedion ✨

Leonardo Valliani Opticien-Visagiste ‏@LeonardValliani

📣 it's time to change #Stay_at_Home #rester_à_la_maison #خليك_فدارك_تحمي_بلادك🌿💖🌿 ✨👓✨🕶✨@LeonardValliani…

🐋 다니엘(🍯) ‏@IM_twowon

@hyungwonope yes HE IS 🥺♥️✨

yovitadekrolys. ‏@noturcassiopeia

you give me world, and ill give you universes, thats how it works✨🦋

방탄소년단뷔 Publicity™⁷ ‏@btsVpublicity

Follow these regional accounts & support their projects 💜 Mexico @PurpleTaeMx Uruguay @TaehyungUruguay Australia *w…


Clear the mind with these free meditation practices at ✨ Competition ✨ Which religion i…

ゆんひ ‏@yunhi26

@TVXQ 👍✨♥️YUNHO ♥️✨ U-KNOW Follow #유노윤호 #ユノ #ユンホ #GQKOREA

na☻mi⁷ ‏@00vmins

@90SVMINS hope you have a great day!!✨

Gadriel ‏@Imnoangel16

@MishaIqbal9 Or should I say good evening 😊 Wishing you a magical evening 🙏💫🌻✨

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