Sparkles Emoji

Decorative sparkling stars, the kind that may be indicate an item as being ‘sparkling clean’ (very clean) or shiny.

Sparkles was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

✨ Sparkle

✨ Stars


✨ U+2728




Tweets For ✨

NinetyFour Magazine ‏@NinetyfourM

issa weekend vibe ✨✨ great tune from @lauren_paige_music & @egganmilly

رهَف ‏@rhf90s

Afternoon gold tea✨ #BOHTea

eli. ‏@atsushistans

me on the tl: im so😊💞💛 soft 🥺😇 hugs and💖💞💗 kisses to everyone🥰🥰😳 stan atsushi😌✨ me in the dms: im so🥵😰 horny ugh😩…

sav snow ‏@savwilliams7

@dinaellie hey please care about trans men and men of color they deserve love too✨

Annekes ‏@Annekes8

Get well my Greek friends, God bless all of you✨✨✨

GineBilog 🙃 ‏@BREAD_BlackBlue

Happy Birthday Love 💗 🎉✨Charotera here! Lol.

Fraser Suites Muscat ‏@FraserMuscat

Opened in 2011, The Royal Opera House Muscat is the leading arts and culture organisation in the Sultanate of Oman!…

☆𝓛𝓝™𝓚𝓔𝓝𝓝𝓨/けーちゃん ‏@Mettuar30

@mascotasd07 Congratulations Matt 👏🏻😸✨✨✨

ففتھ جنریشین وارئیر✌ ‏@SDahmad009

Stars Follower Group 1✨ Confirm FB💯 @naveedashraf04 Admin ✅ @SDahmad009 ✅ @Ashrafollw ✅ @FarhaManzoor ✅…

dollydolly 🇨🇲 ‏@jollydollydoll

If your gf has to ask you to delete me, I am one powerful bxtch lmaooo✨ ✊🏾😂✨😽💅🏽✨

か.な⁽⁽ଘ📛ଓ⁾坂田🏠 ‏@aho_skt_

. 🎉。✨。✨。🎉 。🌟。🎌。🌟。 🎉。\ |/。🎉   HAPPY  NEW☆YEAR 🎉。/ |\。🎉 。🌟。🎇。🌟。 🎉。✨ ✨。🎉

Lewis Grant ‏@XxLewisx

Exploring Toy story play land ✨ . . . . . #DisneylandParis #Disneyland #Disney #DisneyParks #DLP #WaltDisneyStudios…

Brian Patrick Davis! ‏@blacksocialite

day 19: a song that makes you think about life. 🌀 I know it just dropped last night, but beyoncé’s “bigger” definit…

Nathan & Kitty ‏@sftphotoblog

A new little blog post to break the long silence - "Where the Horses Run Free" - 🐴✨🌳

jaxx68 🌌📚💫 ‏@jaxx681

@UrbanC20 I get that, my kids are grown. I wouldn’t have wanted to put them out a mom. It’s different in a sense wh…

Ary ‏@arytan_

We are God's masterpiece ✨👑

Shine Dental Care ‏@ShineMansfield

What a transformation! ✨ This patient did not like the visible black margins around the crowns & bridgework. After…

alex ‏@altruistalex

i am just a small gay boy with some dreams✨

Sam Sabin ‏@samsabin923

the humane rescue alliance is waiving its cat adoption fees through July 31-- if you're ready, able and want a new…

さとこんこん🦊 ‏@eQ1hOB0WFRC86Nk

Circle of Life🙆🏻👌✨

Soma’Billion ✨ ‏@z_nkunjana

@zikhoyi_ You’re in my prayers love , I hope God provides you the comfort and peace you need ❤️ Love & Light ✨

Tife Badass✨ ‏@Tife_badass


Euphoria News ‏@EuphoriaHBONews

It's FRIDAY and these are some our favorite Fanarts from this week! ✨ #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBO #FanArtFriday

♡ Gigi ♡ ‏@xXGigiLoverYTXx

@Clea9HoneyBunny All same for you !! ✨⚡️ Ty Clea!! 🤧❤️🤞

Arwa ‏@ARWAAT__

@R2hof What a beautiful message, I love you, my soulmate💕✨✨☹️

E m i l y ‏@emilyandplants

Listen to music Go to galleries Read books Drink green tea Buy flowers Burn candles Walk in nature Bake cakes Hot b…

M.Kanzul Chilmi ‏@Kanzul48_

@okamoto_yumiko Thank you for today..Yumiko-chan ✨ YumikoPanda 🐼☺️💖

Vsoo (Chickliens) ‏@VChickliens

Kim Jisoo y'all ❤✨ . #TheUltimateVisualCouple #Taehyung #kimtaehyung #v #alien #jichu #chichu #pikachu #chicken…

тнσмι ω. ‏@woytomtom_

I Want It That Way✨

Sue☀️✌🏻 ‏@upton_5

@jeni54321Boom You too, Jen! 😊🙌🏻☕️✨

máia ‏@MaiaTaguinod

Flaunt the fairy in you! 🦋 Grab your Fairy Cosmetics now ✨



liyah ‏@Goddessliyliy

its #payday and im ready to drain your #wallets ✨ #findom #femdom #paypig

Ching ‏@Chiimonilla

Bikini kind of life 👙✨

St.Tropez ‏@StTropezTan

@hnl_8 We’re glad you’re loving your Glow 🌟✨

𝓙𝓪𝓭𝓮 ‏@chrstnjdvllsnt

Day well spent. Thanks be to God ✨❤️

Aanchal ‏@aanchal12_

Dear girls, Respect other girls like men should but if they aren’t the deserving one then just kick their butt🍑& ma…

Prem Nacario 🧜🏻‍♀️ ‏@premnacario_

Sweet Escape ❤️ happy 4 yrs ✨

Bunmi. ‏@onYourTIMELINE_

Wizkid putting Beyonce on the map. I know my Starboy ✨

Rebel Child 🌺 ‏@CountryMusicL14

Don't Wanna Write This Song = pure perfection 🥺 💗 @BrettYoungMusic #brettyoung #dontwannawritethissong #tickettola ✨

Jack Thielepape ‏@jmtimages

@bang_ipp Amazing photo of you and Matsumoto-san, Bang-chan! 😊👍✨

Marble Arch London ‏@MarbleArchLDN

Sensational partnership between @LondonParkLane & @PenhaligonsLtd to create the Suite Scents experience featuring a…

Maryne777 ‏@maryne777

REC__JOHNSONS MOTORCAR JMC guys are really reliable🙏🏻✨ It was 3rd Our DIY RECORDING #johnsonsmotorcar #recording…

Prettyp🤤 ‏@thatsall_p

God please protect me from everything that wasn’t sent by you ✨ Goodmorning 🌸

Jane K 🐝 ‏@janekleimunt

@mustbejp You’ll Bowle them over .....oh wait you’re not Sally 😉 MC from JP equals 👏🏻✨

kim hobi ‏@sopenamjin

these postcards and stickers are so qt asf 🥺✨

Maven_Star ‏@EyezrStarry

Very first song and Beyoncé is telling me I’m part of something bigger!! ✊🏾✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #TheGiftAlbum

Izzie Yardley ‏@izzieyardley

Very excited to be playing @lblcountryshow on Sunday 21st. I’ll joined by a wee band of my favourite musicians. Vil…

SOUNDCITY RADIO 98.5, Lagos ‏@Soundcity985FM

Np📣Shayi [email protected] Ft @GiniBrown & @MrVince On #TheLasgidiShuffle📻w. @SheyeBanks 🧡😛✨…

azjah ✨ ‏@ascameron_

Thank You Jesus for allowing me to be here another day 🙏🏽✨

daria ‏@deecapote

@dewypearls seems to me like you look amazing in every color lighting. you ma’am are winning ✨

Jules ‏@JuliaF1fan

@BlogRedRobin Thank you Robin. I wish the same for you 🌹 I stay fit gardening which I find immensely therapeutic.…

resss. ‏@reeeeessss

@flirtaeh u can call me ress, i go with she/her & my bias is taehyung ✨💜

Queer Eye ‏@QueerEye

@sara_fred this is ✨SELF CARE✨

العَهدْ 💕🕊 ' ‏@al3hd45

Count your blessings, not your problems ✨

🌻Nayalla🌻 ‏@Nayalla334nd

@radiant_path @Etsy Awww thank you🙏💚✨

もちもち ‏@mochi_Chandelur

@HateID3 Thank You(´- `*)✨

Mary✨🌠 ‏@caelumiere

@whimsicalfates oooh!! ✨✨✨ I miss that!! Mmmm suggest something to draw unu

Carlos ‏@carlobungen_12


Jen 🦐 ‏@jenniams

@EthicalVegnLife See you in 25ish years! 🌲✨

ig : lovxlythrxads ‏@lovxlythrxads

just kidding ✨☁️ ι jυѕт wanтed yoυ тo ѕмιle { you smiled though ) ✨☁️

It's CherRina ✨🍒 ‏@itscherrina

5pm is a perfect time to wake up ✨😎👌

S O S A ‏@AnnaLuciaSosa

Do what you can & God will do what you can’t ✨🙌🏻

YUI ‏@yuivslove

HappyBirthday!!🎉🎊 love💕💕 @RomeeStrijd 😍😍🎀🎁🎈✨🥰✨💕💕

^ㅁ^ ‏@moonchilds07

THIS!! THIS FANCAM 🔥💥😏🥰🤩😍💘💕✨🙌🤭💜 #TAEHYUNG #V @BTS_twt

Taasia ♎♏♊ ✨ // #blueforsudan ‏@librapaintpages

how much have i changed? age: 15 now: 16 country you lived in: singapore current country: singapore relationship: s…

Chelley ❤ ‏@racheldelapena3

street food with u 😘✨

jess➰ ‏@voidstyles_

can’t wait to spend my Saturday night with u @thisisLANY even tho I’ll be at the back coz I gotta work all day ✨✨@pauljasonklein

Alice 🐰 ‏@waniehime

hearing your voice would be perfect right now ✨✨💝

soymilk. ‏@soypulp_


jen ‏@jennaismebtch

@mxnstrxlogy Justice card! Gemini sun, Leo rising, Libra moon ✨

𝑬𝒍𝒍𝒂 ✨| DREAMIES COMEBACK ‏@gummyyoonseok

mutuals game ✨ [email protected] 2. @scrunchygguk 3. @yoonkosmos 4. @moonfaeriepjm 5. @little_moonbird 6.…

✨MiaPruitt ‏@_ByMimi

#ADULTFILM 🎥🎞️ #Nas 👑 ✨feat. #SwizzBeatz 🎶 ~*~* #THELOSTTAPES2

MARIAM. ‏@2Maaa8

@Mariam_YounesUA Never give up marym✨

PlanetPLT ‏@PLTcrewPt2

Hey @pltgaho here’s ours, where’s yours? 💜🧡💙✨🙌🏼

Minh Huyen ‏@goldtogreen_

a little bit stressed, a little bit overwhelmed.. but can never say no to a 6am morning run in the woods ✨✨✨ . slow…

A L L E N E G R A C E💁‍♀️ ‏@Allene98232969

Taymm to relax✨❣️

Mpanji Projects ‏@MpanjiProjects

Playlist Friday 🙌🏼 This week's playlist is a special one as we had numerous suggestions from our friends and follo…

ً ‏@xkakii

Good night ✨🖤



Meltem Tiryaki ‏@MeltemTrykis

@Fran_klymydear Beautiful ✨

Elifa ‏@capamericasbtch

why y'all be so happy when seb stan writes those '✨✨inspirational✨✨' advice on insta i will never understand. if h…

Stewie the Third? ‏@StewieBryan

@haruharu_nz @YohtaY You are awesome 😉✨

kecee ‏@aymkessi

Making a soccerbot ✨

Nevermind ‏@Baron_samediii

Good morning, I’m off today! Y’all almost there✨

morgana ‏@morgana_elise

✨🌻 don’t waste your life being sad 🌻✨

SAYes ‏@SAYesMentoring

@Fe_mail_ @GillianA @fashion4change Amazing! Thank you so much! We can't say enough how much we appreciate your support. 🙏✨

SOUNDCITY RADIO 98.5, Lagos ‏@Soundcity985FM

Np📣What If I Say - @fireboydml On #TheLasgidiShuffle📻w. @SheyeBanks 🧡😛✨ #BestNoonCrossOver

Heather Rose Morris Jever and Hedward for life ✌❤ ‏@JepicHeather125

@beckyjedwardHP @planetjedward Can watch them on YouTube on roadrunners page. 💛✨

✨Sunshine! ‏@iLoveParis_

Happy Fri-Yay! 🌻✨

🌵🦖 ‏@knTidurku


𝓚𝓲𝓻𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓷 🌙 ‏@kirsten_Tyson

@avatarkasia Ah awesome thank you! ✨

liana ♡ˢ 윤정환 and 강민희 ‏@junghwan_ie

IM BACK AND BOYNESS IS THE FIRST TO PERFORM KSKSKSSK (currently selecting the center) ✨

ᴍᴏᴏɴ✧︎ʜᴀʟᴏ✧︎ ‏@NOPE_NOK


⭐MOXIS⭐ ‏@moxis__

⛲️ Outrun/Vaporwave themed adoptables ⛲️ $30 each, Paypal only! To claim, comment or DM. First come, first served.…

Ella ‏@Ella31931234

This one literally went off ✨ chart topper I just know it 🥰 Stan Peppa Pig or obese 😍

anasalei ‏@Berrykliukva

@crimson_chou I am so sorry, but I think it applies to everyone, you are free to pick people you want to be with an…

cek pinned twt ‏@pinxcco

✨vscocam fullpack 5k sistem pinjam email # lelang acc yang on retweet closed agency openfollow

jinx ‏@bcbyeoI

oomf perhaps im a lil bit gay for u 🥰💓💗✨💓💗 cutie

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