Sparkles Emoji

Decorative sparkling stars, the kind that may be indicate an item as being ‘sparkling clean’ (very clean) or shiny.

Sparkles was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

✨ Sparkle

✨ Stars


✨ U+2728




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Victoria ★ Designer Con 1134 ‏@shourimajo

Back to LA woo ✨

christianabf ✨ ‏@kristianabf

@ItsTahaa You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you’re a model ! ✨

Busy Loving Life ‏@BubblyDanette

✨nothing as luxurious as popping your rubbish in a bin here😬it’s a long way up to the main lane ✨ I left town in 20…

really_renae ‏@really_renae

Hold on to hope ✨

call me daddy ‏@FlorianSmoothie

@Pr__ce Come on zackk✨

Ruby Taki ‏@djrubynyc

@ShioriRaiden Gorgeous!😳✨You are amazing as always!🤗✨

ƘɑӀԵɾíղɑ🕊 ‏@k_hopeworld

@jmxyg Ly too 🦋✨🙏🏻 being your mutual is just enough for me to feel happy :( 💜you’re way too nice honestly 🌸✨

a_somnia🐨 ‏@sashabuzzkill

✨i need more✨ - yoonmin mutuals💛 - taekook mutuals💙 - namjin mutuals💚 PLEASE 💞i'll follow back💞

Caitlin Spencer ‏@MsCaitSpencer

@Sister_Alia @Fatimah57557 @Groomingwatch @SarahChampionMP Thank you lovely ☺️❤️💖✨

Meg✨ ‏@_Megstevens

Starting to look at my anxiety as a sort of super power. I have a strength that most will never know 🙌🏽✨ #mentalhealthawareness

Joanna ❯❯❯❯ 🇵🇱🇬🇧 ‏@hugged_lilo


bts23project ‏@bts23project

Support this mv legends! ✨✨✨

ؘ ‏@tssuec

@Camila_Cabello i miss you 🌒✨

identity ‏@salon_identity

Our Christmas 🎄 decorations are up & looking beautiful ✨ Any one wanting an appointment please call on 01275 879884 💋

Zoe ‏@ZoeBear97

@ellainelerato Why are you so gorg b?😍❤️✨

❌Rocko📸 ‏@JaeTee__

That’s a bar. Put a beat over this shit and run this, beloved. Don’t sleep on ya talents✨☝🏾

naachi ‏@natschbatsch

@joriscapmarty You’re welcome 😌✨

Maria | Pray. Oil. Love. ‏@Photos_by_Mavi

Decorating our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! ✨ @ Greensboro, North Carolina

natalie jean gettis ‏@simplynatters

@gaileyfrey My business I started from scratch released their first print journal with the hopes of bringing creati…

Candice Reyes ‏@CaandiLove

“Love the #Spark ✨💖 In your #Dark.” 🌑

The Daily Raven @neither here nor there ‏@elfmade_chaos

@AnnaS100 @FoodAndCosplay @CritRoleCosplay Molly is the glorious @_Chocolatecoins ✨✨❤️

izzy ‏@elliotaldrscn

countdown for my washington d.c trip ✨

katie💫 ‏@xoxodrewramos

💘🦋✨- hello beautiful girl!! u are so inspiring & u mean so so so much to me. i’m so incredibly blessed that we are…

22 ‏@rvbycamacho_

she got good credit and long hair ✨

👸🏾✨🇨🇻 ‏@_Leeshha

😍😍😍✨ happy birthday bitchhhh love you

Natural Intentions Blog ‏@naturalintent1

Curious about essential oils and their powers? ✨🧘🏼‍♀️ Visit the site to learn more! @younglivingeo…

VermontStudioCenter ‏@vtstudiocenter

@sonofstars_ @KhalypsoThePoet See you next summer! 🌈🌄✍️🎨✨

니마 ‏@Nimxx_

You are the only person who can decide if you want to live in the past, or move forward into the future. You can ke…

Sαrα🍫 ‏@SarynotSary

@abbashitpost Dancing queeeeeeennnn✨💃🏻👑

sarah ‏@sharonhill0526

@DogsTrust is this something U are doing ? As I think this is a great idea 😍😁✨✨🐶🐶🐶

Bertila Sanchez ‏@_bertila_

@stephcristinaaa Yeah, just send me your debit/credit card- front & back. Make sure the CVC code is visible 😍✨

sophia✨ ‏@sophia_bro

HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN @Broughtonsawyer!!!!!!❤️✨🎊🎉 ur my day 1 for life🌻

I.S. Jones 🌖 ‏@isjonespoetry

Thank you! ✨

merle ➳ 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘰𝘳𝘺 𝘰𝘧 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 愛 ‏@itstaevils

@maxtuII hii ! my name is merle, october 9th and pronouns are she/her ✨🥰

ness ‏@jinsidle

@nsfwksua Ah go to sleep ✨ I've been doing okay, thank you 💕

🍑🍒 ‏@Daebrielle

✨ berserk ✨ 1. Serpico 2. Farnese 3. Guts 4. Griffith is still ok to me òwób

LATERICIA🌹 ‏@tericiapretty

naturally pretty✨

🌬Morghan kool' ass 🌙 ‏@yunggoldeelox

The hood still blessed ✨

Excitable Sugar Scribbles ‏@excitablesugar1

Just seen Emily Atack’s first trial and ah my gosh! 😱 I just wanted to give her a really bug hug and tell her it is…

POOH 👅 ‏@whyy_niyaa

Girl, be your OWN peace ✨ You’ve been let down by others long enough..

MonsieurLeGoeland ‏@RonSeliarer

@cuckie_ Beautiful 👌🏻✨

Sam Buckingham ‏@sammybuckingham


#AbutiWaCamera ‏@MacgeeCreations

Dj Clizo's Anthemic 🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨

Shannon! needs a job!! ‏@ShannonCanDraw

so december has Smash Bros, Spider-Verse movie, and new Steven Universe episodes 🙏✨👀✨

lara. ‏@kthguccy

✨ day ten ✨


lookin for a sugar daddy 💅🏼💋✨🤪

ellen ‏@blazingwatson

A thread of the Swedish Harry Potter book covers✨💫⚡️

mphokoqopapi ✨ ‏@__millzxy

wanna play ? ✨

INSIDER ‏@thisisinsider

This kit will make your countertops shine ✨

𝓛 ‏@ladayalondon

@MaylynMedrano preeeetttyyyyy✨

Daisy Shu ‏@EyeDaisyShu

The incubator is where all the magic happens ✨ I’m culturing some lens epithelial cells now with different growth f…

sailor mars ‏@allsnda

Thriving ✨

𝖺𝗇𝗇𝖺¹²⁷ #SIMONSAYS ‏@yunoohme

babye i only love johnjae ✨

Anari Boutique ‏@AnariBoutique

✨ Shop 🔎 ‘Lucy Skirt Set’ ✨ 🛍 Use code : NOVEMBER @ The Tampa Riverwalk


Your imagination is your strength point✨.

The Imperial Senate Podcast ‏@ImpSenatePod

Have you heard our latest episodes? More importantly, have you enjoyed said episodes? If the answer to both of th…

Stacey quach ‏@Staceyquach4

Realized I can’t live like this the rest of my life. I deserve so much better. I pray God blesses me 🙏✨

Fee Roanu ‏@bulhibolurodhi

Aaaaa I’m crying 😭❤️✨

joon ‏@RM_monoplaylist

@momsagainstbren Look what a cute terrorist uwu✨😈💕

J. ‏@DiaryOfaBOSS_

Forget and forgive the old you. The new you is trying to shine. ✨

shourae ‏@king_shourae

@SabrinaAnnLynn I did the devils work 🙌✨

Mayra ⚡️ ‏@mayrarovih

✨ “This may be the night that my dreams might let me know all the stars are closer...” ✨🎶 em Balneário Camboriú

𝒦. 🕊 ‏@kristelm95

If you are one to support local businesses you are the result MVP! ❤️ Check out my page ➡️👍🏼💞 ✨

𝐹𝑒𝓉𝒾𝓈𝒽* ‏@barbiesarii

@yungrepxnzel @BardiDiamond @chartdata @lifeofthePARDI @iamcardib Listen porky idc who u stan or who you don’t , bu…

BestToHave ‏@besttohave

Each heart represents the #love you feel. Choose this ring if you are looking for the ultimate romantic touch ✨Code…

lex ⚠️ ‏@shaniaxtwain

just bought Caution ⚠️✨🦋

alexa the receptionist ✨ ‏@alexareception

So proud of my sexy bff for completing her training at @ClubMadellynJae 💕 make sure and book her gentlemen!…

ʙᴇʟᴏ🐍 ‏@belokatystan

@chainedperrys @kxtysboy_ Stan list✨

🕷 cloud 🕸 ‏@cloudypuiule

@TheArtJesus Shae, male, Red heeler/beagle mix! 🐶🖤✨

licer orseno 👓 ‏@iamlicer

Up early todayyyy. ✨😇

Khadija ‏@doja95

I get to see mama on Wednesday 💞💗✨💓💘

DuraniesWorld ‏@patspaillasse

@duranduran "New Moon 🎑 on Monday" ✨ and "The Reflex" ✨.... 💫📻But whole album is amazing 🙌

Preethi Vijay ‏@preethi_vj

xmas 2018 @🏡 🎄 😍🥰 #fun #lightingxmastree #firsttime 🎅⭐✨🎁 @ Toronto, Ontario

ig: color._thread ‏@IgColor

✨read a book ✨clean your room ✨do your hair/makeup ✨sleep ✨hang out with your friends

Sadie K ‏@SadieKromm

I let people I didn't know pick my food/drinks today off the menu by their favourites and I honestly can say I woul…

🕸 ‏@_emanvk


N. ‏@imNawafSenpii

Her smile is everything 🖤✨

erianthe 💫 ‏@itspeytt

goodmorningg ✨

Wavy Daddy. ‏@VmixRapper

@voguesudan I will, thank you mate ✨

Elia🏳️‍🌈 ‏@melapelateamo

Tell me, how does it feel sitting up there? ✨

Ms. Saenz-Molina ‏@c_saenzmolina

“Where do animals go when it’s cold out?” ❄️ 🐻Books intentionally placed so children can gather more information to…

ISgtZodiacI ‏@ISgtZodiacI

@sonic_hedgehog Winner, winner, Sonic spinner! 🤜🏻✨🤛🏻

라우라 please wait sir ‏@lauracesconetto

@ondeestawayne Bom treino ✨🙏 good vibes feeling

🍬 🍭 𝐸𝓋𝒶 🍭 🍬 ‏@sweetliketaedy

@moonlightmiin my first bias is and still is taehyung...he owns my whole heart 🥺💜✨

Beth ‏@TheLandOfBees

I remember hearing this song when I was 13 and I never knew a woman could be a punk singer. I thought it was so bad…

🦇 𝕭𝖆𝖇𝖞 𝕭𝖆𝖙𝖙𝖞 🦇 ‏@lilbattyy

✨sudden debilitating wave of depression✨

Indigo ‏@indigoable

@thomeography happy birthday boo! 💛✨🎉

Carrie Melbourne ‏@MelbourneCarrie

This is essential so Parliament + People can genuinely see + decide on facts, not on May’s xenophobic fictions. Her…

🥀 ‏@mtheresaaa

good morning ✨

cucci ‏@honeynutcoco

i’m done shaking the table, i’m gonna go watch naruto ✨

soph ‏@sssophiet_x

@Courtneytwids appreciation tweet 💕👑✨ #thebestest

charlie! 🛸 ‏@monstersIime

im REALLY excited for 2019, not just for myself, but for so many of my friends! im gonna go back to school and hope…

Harriet Webber ‏@harrietwebberx

@lois_holdaway Happy birthday loi 😘💖✨ Xx

Recusant Turkey 🍗 ‏@RecusantVessel

@RChapple18 @Mpd_crezz This is so sick what the fuuuuuuck ✨

ˡᵘⁿᵉ🌙 ‏@winterxhope

@juanjo_angoitia sending good vibes your way ✨💙

🇦🇸🥥PolyNubian🥥🇦🇸 ‏@polynubian

@losaseve You’re so welcome love🥰you twos love is beautiful💛✨

Emmy Costa-Wagner ‏@CostaEmmy

Beautiful night sky 🌌 with waxing Moon rising & Scorpio ♏️ Art 🖼 & book 📚🌓 🍂 🌝 ✨#autumn #creative #scorpio…

Jamie Gentry ‏@lvineverything

Eeeeep!! This is going to be awesome 🙌🏽✨

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