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Cool Button Emoji

The word cool, shown enclosed in a square. This generally displays in a shade of blue, or blue-gray on most platforms. Used as a text decoration.

Cool Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared Cool” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆒 Cool Square

Unicode Name

🆒 Squared Cool


🆒 U+1F192




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Sel🥱 ‏@SA1881_

she said Milton Keynes with her whole chest🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/flexHNVlrJ

Lesley Hutchings ‏@LJH_namechange

@tcproductions2 Through death ?

Avery 🍉 ‏@lcecl0wn


ミルク ‏@nondairynen

prt/ How many more eps til we can see this look? 😩 Jackson's SDC3 styling has been sooo nice~! My fav of all the captains 👑

NP ‏@nnpres

I’m actually done with the second guessing what I already know to be true about myself before I get on my nerves.

princess jasmin ♈️ ‏@jaasminx

constantly checking the weather and praying for this storm to hurry the fuck up, can’t do another day of this shit🥵

Victoria Smith ‏@victoria_moura

venice is turning into one big daycare now that everybody is being home schooled smh

The Groove 247 ‏@the_groove_247

#NowPlaying Snoh Aalegra @snohaalegra - Whoa Remix Feat. Pharrell on https://t.co/EKpxjd70Rw

Mustapha_Al-Islam™ ‏@Mustapha_twits

@DanielOConnel18 @buharimhasan @stanleygeorge86 @ogundamisi You so daft, there is no point arguing with him....... https://t.co/cd99QPjQaP

Legion of Wolves 🐺 ‏@GloGang5K

@AlexandrovnaIng not really

Timothy Okwaput ‏@TimothyOkwaput

@BTS_twt @biblekoo @TimothyOkwaput Follow me

Dave Spielman ‏@PuckheadDad

Need to generate some O here. #Isles

Jen ‏@perceptionowner

@vikkieleerose I genuinely struggle to understand why someone will eat food with a spoon... STRUGGLE‼️

Josh Hague ‏@JoshHague3

@Supaflyinit @UniqueRiggers They were Freddos used to be 5p now 25p fucking scandal

Shorty ‏@dominique_watie

@jorylamaravilla And I doubt it’s almighty so 2

RUSSxJAMES ‏@Fr33zy_o

@TransitionRuss_ i just read that it could take 3 weeks but like don’t quote me on that

. ‏@lOlJSOMI


Max Ivany ‏@D1Nation

Happy Anniversary, Coach https://t.co/z2MFULZeM9

hailey ‏@_haileyrichards

Oh trust me I am https://t.co/ZVT1iTffSC

isa ✰ ‏@erathcdriver

the sun was made for her and zendaya only https://t.co/7RGGHtdPfL

The Majors daughter🇺🇸🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ ‏@JeanieLouAlex

@queenalmamarie @Vertdad51501 If you google https://t.co/dIz0K6SW73 it goes straight to Biden for President. No won… https://t.co/TWuEoCuCRN

Karen Smith ‏@webdevexplorer

@wbcomdesigns Posted... https://t.co/d2Cdogvt18

Sanious ‏@sanious7

If you think you're stupid, remember those mfs praying for NTA.

miw ‏@flowerfantashy

For you who read this, please always take care of your health. Stay hydrated, rest and sleep well. Also don't forge… https://t.co/Y6S10lO91P

Ms. Fat Booty ‏@itsalwayskimbee

I got two new pots for my two new babies today. I’m so excited to plant them this evening

Andrew Feinberg ‏@AndrewFeinberg

Lyndon Johnson drove White House residence staff crazy by demanding installation of an industrial strength shower w… https://t.co/BEFQ1elKzR

ً💭finished banana fish ‏@hyckwn

@allenists cuz they’re praising the ceo more than jo kwon for coming out

AJ Clemmons ‏@Shaken0Stirred

@A_Rosie_Life @h8Wankmaggot45 @RobAnderson2018 @RyanToh11 @PhineasDelgado @I_GotYourNumber @pixienic @Nicoxw1… https://t.co/efDddRCbzx

zKailo ‏@kailo_z

@zUnverdientYT Noice

Funmibaybie ‏@funmibaybie

@Legit_Spartan You saw laycon and dora as the name but you're just interested in bashing Dora Mtcheww

ина ‏@httpinaontheweb

can anyone point me in the direction of some good plant based recipee blogs or profiles?

B O T T O M T E X T ‏@Hahafunnybazin1

@PlussyWeeb7 @PlussyFan9 @David22992294 @MiloniTime I bet you think that Sasuke doesn't say swears, despite the fac… https://t.co/PG6zfwGhQY

Kate Gillespie ‏@kateg_tweets

@ChrisEvans It's so nice to hear intelligent discourse. Your points are well taken and I admit I have been pretty… https://t.co/bCxIpi8mVL

bri 🌻 ‏@daa_best

If I dont do anything else, im gonna make it my business to make sure me and my daughter good! ❗️💯

Antonella Bernardi ‏@anto_bern

a-margine: https://t.co/ugxEgXI6NE

CEO of 𝑺 𝑵 𝑰 𝑫 𝑫 𝒀 💦 ‏@Lewd_Snake

I think for now on I should be more cautious about things. I don’t wanna like treat the world like it’s a trip wire… https://t.co/qkx8CWxd5x

tre. ‏@MANlMARAJ

when he cute and dumb >

Vannuah ⁷ ‏@vannuah

@pjmflrtz That’s so true 😂

VinnytheC ‏@VincentCannatel

@haaohaoo Ya can’t make it up! Although it is South Florida! So we have DeSantis and this guy! Florida is not in a good place!!!

J U Σ T I N #BB22 ‏@JustinSpell15

Who wants to confess to me that they tried subscribing me to the Red Wings newsletter 😐

goddess lola🍒 ‏@LolaCamp5

@sindhualagi Need this!

Helen Grieve 🇬🇧 🦊 ‏@grieve51166

@HD2onPBdotcom Had that on my PC for years. So useful.

Kae ‼️ ‏@hobiswhale

yes i am in fact doing this on 2 accs

TEak. ‏@Wyreate

@mososhoujo @HeshmatAlavi Prophet Abraham ♥️🐏was a Muslim, that you should know. There wasn't anything such, as Judaism.

Mike Holt ‏@MdholtMichael

@SGT_Stampede It bugs me a little sometimes.

roᴴ got suspended ‏@daydreamswm

@tracksuitrogue cult behavior https://t.co/hjXQ3JVfqs

mew mew ‏@b4mbiku


Empress 🌻💛 ‏@empress_krowned

i just took a bath WHILE eating ice cream & watching netflix judge ya momma

syzygy ‏@Oleke_

@perfectskones It’s like they’re trying to outdo themselves. They’ve turned it into a competition.

🎶💙 ᕼOᒪᒪY'ᔕ GOT TᕼE ᗷᒪᑌEᔕ ‏@No1Hollyfreedom

Brandonhoezee1 obviously american🤔 https://t.co/iwkDKoXCKd

Olúyẹmí Fásípè 🇳🇬 ‏@YemieFASH

Hanging out somewhere now to have a meeting with some business associates and suddenly I saw people rushing out of… https://t.co/M3hONX9Xts

𝑆𝑈𝑀𝑀𝐸𝑅 6/23♋️ ‏@peggySUErocks

I would really like if one of my friends help me do my hair Saturday

𝑻𝒐𝒖𝒎𝒂⁷ ⟭⟬ ☀️🐋 ‏@touma_h

@CelladoraLilith @d_2cool4skul What did I miss. ..

Wheeler ‏@WheelerFGC

@FunpalsTiger Heck yeah

The_Oluwaseunayofunmi🌸❣ ‏@owonifaari_o

@Helijah_ @physiographerr Ah! Thank you o😂

scarlett ‏@scarlettrose_u

@iixsweetie I’m mostly lf parasol srry

DaEpicNooby ‏@DaEpicNooby

@GhostMutt Great job!

Ryan ‏@FamOly_AbOveAll

@iAmEvonne We going half? Lol

lucas ‏@lostboy

@irrelevntjaimie Queen

Dan C ‏@DCravate

The Kids Bop Writers and Crew when they are rewriting the lyrics to WAP at Chuckie Cheese https://t.co/6IYrZTfzkW

VyBn_AlpHa 🎒 ‏@AlpHaFN19

What do you think?!

Andile Malindi ‏@Andiegh_Awesome

@iAmPistoljnr Haha I also just recently discovered, thanks man ♥️

Patrick Macnee ‏@HaroldHare5

@mindedmusically @VeuveK @Centrefuter @David19531501 @BonnieBlackmor7 @Begentle50 @SamanthaFoxy1 @Ciolfilicious1… https://t.co/xHvGIaj92W

ItsSu ‏@ItsSusalyn

@apriles75612795 Finally a picture I can understand! 👀😈🤣🤣

Tlotlego ‏@freeman_honor

One day I'll look back to everything that's gone wrong in my life and thank God for it all, from an understanding point.

Yvette Adams ‏@yadams02

@sammyhagar You are their favorite performer and they have been trying for years to get into the b-day bash. They d… https://t.co/hG9lXXuqdG

Chris (one-handed_fitness) ‏@ChrisTauber11

@AndrewLoeschner You buried the lead. 👍🏻

appesss ‏@queen_april13

i wonder if avian already took a nap bc i wanna cuddle & sleep

M📞 #FreeRonaldo ‏@SleepyHallow__

@Sub2Julianesque @afcprimmm - wants zaha over willian

ᘔOᗴ🧸 ‏@papicheeserolls

Golden, sweet creature, ever since New York, meet me in the hallway, from the dining table>>>>>

ً ‏@JlHY0I

its so funny when someone u sb follows u again LIKE GTFO

marlon ‏@OXChaiv0

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (HYPER SCAPE™) live at https://t.co/WrN8iry9DZ

ReeceAntonyy ‏@reeceantonyy

Never really knew I could feel this shit and down

ˋ·.·• ⒿⓄⒺⓎ•·.·´ ‏@Jo_3Y

This is what some of y’all expect when you tap someone on Grindr https://t.co/R8WpPvYkaD

Mudassar Sharif Bajwa. ‏@MSPTII

@OmarWaraich @Asad_Umar Oh did u mean Wazifa Khoor?? dear omar

lexi ♡ ‏@implsvgrande

how do i have 21 hours played on fall guys and i still haven’t won

becca🍒 ‏@wouldjude


chandler 🌞 𝑓𝑜𝑙𝑘𝑙𝑜𝑟𝑒 ✿ ‏@bitchoflivinq

@likeafolksong oomf in circle 2 we love that 🥰

fantasypingpong ‏@fantasypingpon1

@JoshSchwerin Kushner is such an incompetent pissant. If this kid weren’t born sliding into home plate, he’d be in… https://t.co/9ZbdSd3r2d

𝔼𝕩𝕏𝕥𝕚𝕒𝕟 𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕟 ‏@ExxtianErin

@ConscienceofaC1 Resting Bitch Face https://t.co/nUQZLGpcKj

gee ▯ ‏@undogeorgia

@Alientoast2 @AuntSursh I did and he just like grunted :’(

💋 ‏@Quen_XO

@ITGIRLEMILY 🤦🏾‍♀️ so lowdown !

Ali Rıza Taşkale ‏@alirizataskale

"Policing will not be aimed at preventing climate crises, but instead police will be tasked with protecting elites… https://t.co/wNizg4svBc

JohnBoltonsMustache ‏@JohnBoltonsMus5

@charliekirk11 This is such a stretch. Your president was best friends with Epstein. Kamala Harris took money from… https://t.co/AT4LJNUBEX

CNET News ‏@CNETNews

Best gear for online meetings: Webcams, lights, mics, tripods and more https://t.co/HQPoPgtFzS

Pete Clarke ‏@beardygull

Pulled up no trees. https://t.co/8C3udV96nh I’d go so far as to say he’s probably the best loan signing the club ha… https://t.co/WysSV8lfGk

c s buzzsaw ‏@csb7777

@stonecold2050 OMFG---how can anyone...

Mrs. Quarantina Turner ‏@KayReneeESQ

I never wanted social media to play this large a role in my life. Lol.

Mike Windsor ‏@MikeWindsor15

@AlbertoPupo84 The Traveling Wilburys

breezy 🧡🦋 ‏@briellexix

Fr bc it’s not adding up https://t.co/cJymKbBobQ

baela 🦋 ‏@jaelaaaab

@_Chandaa_ Ima send u the shop on insta then text me

💋 ‏@CaniVent__

Keeping my distance from anything and anyone that brings stress

𝐋𝐚𝐮¹ᴰ🦋 {TENGO FOLLOW LIMIT} ‏@goldenxhbw23

@laurafvck @irishcagabandas @lauraxfalls ALWAYS

BRW ‏@BlakeWeiner

this wisco man still needs to hit up new england & conquer the west tbh https://t.co/mY6jvPYBgb https://t.co/Pw9qf3U9cC

Diane Y M 🔄BLM👊⚜️🍑🍷 ‏@Armenua

@kylegriffin1 @Saintsfan5348 Another bill to sit on McConnell's desk?

Dennis A.K. Kigozi ‏@Denny1988

@Mxolisi67132409 @Abramjee Can’t read and has wishful thinking. police don’t stop crime, they arrive after to take… https://t.co/YOroC1rpC1

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