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Free Button Emoji

The word free, shown enclosed in a square.

Free Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared Free” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆓 Free

Unicode Name

🆓 Squared Free


🆓 U+1F193




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Claire Connelly ‏@_ClaireConnelly

@AngusBucknell @DavidCampbell73 Really really.

Kuzon™️ ‏@PrinceKuzon

@idkhowthiswurks Great.

dainty 💫 ‏@spicy2feisty

it’s not in me to purposely make someone feel less than & i be okay w/ that.

KARINA 🇲🇽🍯 ‏@reena81640656

@miriaamrod I was craving their potatoe balls! I think I’m home sick 😩

EileenSmit ‏@Eileen_MaryS1

Edwin Smith (English, 1912-1971), St-Laurent Didmarton, Gloucestershire, England, 1962 https://t.co/DzfdUoghGZ

shay⁷♕ 📼 ‏@jenndipity

— end of the thread ♡

Archer (Summer Fun Mode) ‏@botemiya

The next welcome party might end up being at Chaldea's dining hall, but I'll still be there to whip you up something good.

national treasure arin ‏@treasurearin

@justwaitmr @maria_bpinks @seirosies THE LYRIC IS IN SO MANY SONGS WYM

♒️♒️♒️ ‏@_brendacarrera_

one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/mwXW1lQiMF

: A shipless babe. ‏@Iam_Unathi

@__Zanele 3 😭😭 I just want to finish an assignment, I’ll sleep afterwards 🥴

Gianna ‏@Dxrk_kxnks

Gianna is judging you M E N A C I N G L Y

𓍼ᴍᴀʀᴇɴɢ sʜᴀɴɢʜᴀɪ𓍯⁷ | BUSY ‏@ouzixsg625

@PERFECT__JEON97 open dm,, i’ll show you how 🥺

andrew mitchell ‏@andrewm76159069

@FFfwtbol @FI_KBrown should media stories ie reports of goals scored in the extra time period etc be discounted fro… https://t.co/39t3bxnnw4

Varun Singh ‏@varun22singh

@ndtv Looking at these repeated incidences, I believe some police officers just do not learn from other similar cas… https://t.co/4dClogfcQm

Alexandra The Cat ‏@SkunkyAlexa

As a content creator I'm scared of it, even tho I'm a small one, I've made my mistakes and of course learnt from it… https://t.co/V5b7I4lsGS

nississary ‏@nississary

@akaiito1125 I hear it got sold out after the video was released.

Tom J Colton #KBF ‏@tjc1_tom

@andrewjonsso Higher viral load, but PPE is meant to be worn in clinical setting.

Lu ✨ ‏@amorelarrys

@ReasonBeingUK Wait who the fuck

seokjin🌼⁷ 8/21 ‏@jin_eeie

@mnetiland i’m SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

ℳℴ𝒿𝒾 ‏@Golden_Babeh

@kiwisugarhi Golden, fine line, sunflower vol6

Nathan ‏@BroncoTruck

@boss_angeles @EPCATDork @jpalmerdubs Oof I can imagine. I struggle with simple mistakes in 3D models, I can’t imag… https://t.co/k6AjYGWNVV

Joel Tooke ‏@anakinjmt

@ShadowNextGen @SeanRossSapp @RajGiri_303 @WrestlingInc So what other metric would be appropriate then? Because tic… https://t.co/3TXlKGnLBM

♓️ ‏@yungpisces_03

@sexchink King

beth ‏@Ioverthesong

TODAYS bus rider of the day is the woman in front of me watching tik tok and then suddenly switching to youtube to… https://t.co/JNF6yjLbih

🅴🅸🆁🅸🆉🆇🅲 ‏@myoui_ae


💜 AtomicSynthesis 💜 ‏@AtomicSynthesis

@FyreWriter Currently playing fallout 76 on xbox and pc (yes at the same time) and fallout 4 In between


The spoken poetry part was 💔 https://t.co/Mi3LF1sxUx

Boob Marley ‏@Wambzz_

Imagine having a toilet that looks plain🤔🤔 can never be me https://t.co/ReZleyqdCD

aasiya ‏@90shes

@wtfpranav omg thank you🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Tlhomziza ‏@BILLY_DEEPER

@lito_pacino We dont throw away our ex's stuff, we give them to another woman.

DC4L ‏@Beverly8505191

@CNN Donnie are you on the list

Christian Rivas ‏@RadRivas

@UnwrittenRul3s Thanks dude!

alex gray!! ‏@blvekidd0


ash ‏@iansrodulv

@sapphicsander GOODBYE THIS TOOK ME OUT 😭😭😭 its so weird why do they think its so cool when were all just here obse… https://t.co/ZKtlN8UmsW

Yoni Montilla ‏@dyonimontilla

Ach Payment - Pay and Get Paid by email for FREE. No more ACH Fees https://t.co/jfFfg0YT9h

𝒌𝒂𝒘𝒂⚡ || TODOROKI LEE📌 ‏@zstylnsn


𝐆𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐃 𝐊𝐄𝐀𝐘 ‏@gerard_keay

@keaysmash You can’t hide from YOURSELf

R.S. Andrews ‏@AndrewsATL

We are all trying to navigate how to re-open or keep our businesses open & safe! Social distancing, cleaning & PPE… https://t.co/PYcQ4A2AoL

🌬 ‏@faeeety

I’m in the mood to make breakfast butttt I’m lazy :’)

Karel ‏@Karel38794036

@CityPowerlesJhb @City_Press We all know something is happening on 29th August, but what,where and when exactly. I… https://t.co/dN4ISDlFkx

Anil John ‏@johnanil97

@Veena77011540 @KazmiIqbal Good morning

태⁷ ‏@wanderies

@mnetiland SEXC

CosmicRimixz ‏@Rimixz_

@milliamyt Wassa

Chuck Wade ‏@chuckawade

You know it's possible that people don't like the things you say, not because they are too legalistic, but because… https://t.co/o2JAo1oY2u

taroMidori ‏@taromidori3

@pmushroomyum Yes indeed. It has been pretty nice day for the princess and Aki! Sleep well Mushroom-san!

EDX-pain- ‏@da_dpain

Its 2:48 am for me I need sleep :/

‎ ً ‏@jennieswine


ً ‏@svtfIrt


More & More SOTY 🌺 ‏@Dahyunsmilk

@TWICE_trends @tw_votingteam We will win this together #ExaONCE #ExaBFF @JYPETWICE

Jason Rowley ‏@JasonRo35734686

@ladyalicegrey Beautiful

yousef ‏@zamzam_papi

still hurt meg the stallion and that girl from physics lecture didn’t reply to my DMs

✨Sand - 7MIL!! ✨ ‏@sandisinfinite

@twsimpnap NO, BAD CHOICE

Dandelion 🌼 Jongdae_²¹⚡⁶¹🔥 ‏@jdsday21

@kinmohamad127 @EunSIcSH @EXOPublicity @weareoneEXO Click the Fanfic icon then go to any 3 fanfics and comment. https://t.co/Uj1nE0J3RY

Cat ‏@DrCatus

@Rafal0id Dunno, when I opened it it said I need to go to Twitch to watch a clip

Amanda D 🌹💚 ‏@Amanda65352340

@DeNarde4MDDel @nursevictoria11 Definitive list is in Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari

Chloe Hall ‏@ChloeHa55092531

I’m at the sex store… I’m thinking wine & fun tonight?💦😚 https://t.co/i7SaOor4yL

Suppadduk💙🐼 ‏@ddukINSEO

106k tweets already but still at 4 #คุยแซ่บSHOWxMEW

Violet ‏@Violet_dor

@Bgaicugi @Iam_saccy You started on well but then changed to blaming men. This tactic of blaming others has been us… https://t.co/EFXKfiXNRg

TeslaJess ‏@TeslaJess

@JohnnaCrider0 Wait. You're serious?

MG LOVE ‏@Mystydreams1

Here for me although I couldnt understand anything but am here to listen to him and supporting him. #คุยแซ่บSHOWxMEW

scorpio ‏@scorpski

this was on a cheater too lmaooo https://t.co/lKe8fcjB0o

GraceOlga ‏@Grc1006

Blackpink is the Revolution #ExaBFF #ExaBLINK @BLACKPINK

S.G.M 👽 Lv40 ‏@Twerk4Unown

@TenshiHime999 @legend_E My second one was shiny https://t.co/ZKOEXdwF4C

Cath.Ryne ‏@Catastrophe251

@billboard_twice I became once in Knock Knock Era #ExaONCE #ExaBFF @JYPETWICE

🖕🏻 ‏@BellaaTrixx_

I hate him😭😂😂😂💀 https://t.co/Xo6BMkT1PJ

sonia ‏@breakfwree

@swtsclit FACT

The Spookbuster 9000 ‏@SpookBuster9000

@CDPatriot @thehill Stop the whataboutism.

Lazy Tourer ‏@LazyTourer

@nikhilchawla @FordIndia @Ford Credit Goes to that individual dealership for maintaining such high level of satisfa… https://t.co/JvNU8g1Dai


@ChinaDaily Waste food goes to hogs and ducks....

PranavXmaniac💫 ‏@pranx403

This pinboard will be the end of me.

ten ♮ ceo of elast ‏@CHOllNS

@DDREAMlES And I was like baby, baby, baby oh Like baby, baby, baby no Like baby, baby, baby oh I thought you'd alw… https://t.co/Jx6y8z657I

c_______ ‏@claycIay

@qkirai i love you tho

Bob Costas Dialectics ‏@dorkshorts

@thewomaniswild I thought my eyes were brown for years until it was pointed out that they were green and only a qua… https://t.co/FrJVyxbaGK

Fuller, go easy on the pepsi ‏@YosemiteScan

@ejbarnes89 Or all 3! I'd like to meet said person

Bofa💥 ‏@BofaAlfaitory

you cant be single if you're married to the game right? HDR shot do be looking nice this morning https://t.co/Ke3qIQDhif

Iesha 🦋 ‏@TweetsNDreams

I’m ready to love you, forever 🤍

💛💜💛 ‏@TheTsotetsi

@Makhudu_ZA Power cut 😔😔

Kanedo ‏@sparks__k

If you love yourself and your person one will natrually not be on some hater shit it doesn't make sense to

Charlotte 🏳️‍🌈🔯 ‏@CharlotteSDJ93

I might actually cry. I just got my very first pair of high heel boots, in my size, that are super cute, AND THEY W… https://t.co/ppGzdgoz2E

𝛿𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢⁷♕ ‏@jungkookie_mae5


Ali ‏@AliEzzoBezzo

@JaimePrimak snitch

HUMBLE ( igirigi oma )🗯 ‏@ogaokey

@lucapremium This generation of Nigerian youth has failed humanity, so sad

RandomPlotBot ‏@RandomPlotBot

A clanking nerd has to paint the best art in the world to find love

𝐕🥞 ‏@milkyfears


Dictator General Femi ‏@Femi_Gbaro

@Jullykellyayla When will u finish, plus there's an opening for interns

pit ‏@myluvsunoo


Callie 💛 ‏@calldobbs18

@ILI_THE_ILLEST That shit is solid ayyyeee 😂💛💛💛💛

Miffy ‏@MiffyIntp

Good news! :D https://t.co/8AzW9UNq9h

ⒶBonnot ‏@HangoverAnxiety

@chadloder So their typical behavior

Mitchell. ‏@CoolMitch

Wouldn’t be surprised if niggas hack the presidential election and leak who voted for trump lol I need that list in… https://t.co/IOYgLZqZ84

ƙôϝē ‏@HoyIbyang

one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/k7t9DORaXm

Abigail Andor ‏@EyreHead47

Tell me why I knew this was about Rochester before reading the third question 😂 https://t.co/strw7NSnlB

missouri ‏@TTalln

@neonspirals ok but i rlly like this sketchy style of urs? very cute

Nyamuzihwa ‏@Nyamuzihwa8

@MutovoW IFB immediately 💯

²⁸ mary ‏@parisandtherain

well that's scary https://t.co/95dKAcKcpW

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