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ID Button Emoji

The letters ID in a square.

ID Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared ID” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆔 ID

🆔 Identification

Unicode Name

🆔 Squared ID


🆔 U+1F194




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Bubby ‏@bubbydean

Finish the location in Sharpsburg, GA & I'm there!! #Promise https://t.co/L8EofHb8NF

Utgardloki ‏@Utgardloki2

@SoCal_Chemistry Technically Meg is 22, but mentally she’s a kid. She says her dad is a bully, he tries to get her… https://t.co/ndhQMMW9fU

ullævoy 🌊🌊 ‏@ullaevoy

@djpsom @GrandpaSnarky @NewKindOfPol @NotsoLittle68 @Davhansen2163 @WickedEyes22 @MarkTheForgetf1 @underthesea62… https://t.co/EENM1RBamB

Rora Sope’s GF⁷☾ #BLM ‏@hoseokiessun

@prodkoobi @jinsfirst 👁👄👁 *rora has left the chat*

originalscout ‏@originalscout11

@SKMorefield @realDonaldTrump Radiologist tells us there's "zero risk"

jane 📖: mistério no Caribe ‏@oldcardigxn

@contas_premiunx @vendas_premiumx @vantsline globoplay🥺🥺

Dana ‏@sabspinkhair

@ruelsbitchee @honeydewchills this you?

Thisisstupid✊🏻☂️🌹 ‏@MoralReactions

@PolNinjaTrekkie @WilliamWehrs @ShahidForChange No, not at all. Sorry, I’m definitely NOT advocating for anyone to… https://t.co/FNOEf5FfHU

DIA conspiracy theorist ‏@alpal710

the tiktok algorithm is actually insane like i followed a few of my friends and all of a sudden my fyp became wooktok and striptok

Julie Schreiner🐾☀️🌴🍺😷🐶 ‏@mommaschreiner

@syndrome22q1 Good afternoon Justin! Have a great afternoon & stay well. #hiJustin

Eric Walz ‏@Ewalz85

@dancinllama @PierreVLeBrun Exactly

Misha Mask up, Wash up, BLM Mae ‏@akchato

@vladimirlem0n Oh god the South Park parody haunted me.

rings ‏@whoisrings

i hate you all for letting my good tweets flop

troutmidge ‏@troutmidge

@GOPChairwoman @GOP @GOP is running scared. https://t.co/b84qpYph9m

The E4ma👩‍🍳❤🌍 ‏@the_E4ma

It's really annoying now https://t.co/vaW5lKGit9

#LVDirty31 🔥🔥 ‏@SirLV

Smh. Petty La Belle https://t.co/D3FyctLrhW

SuperSonicBlur ‏@SSB_BAC

@KittyOfRa @BlazyBard his har is probably long enough now to do the puppet controlling thing. could be

Nouman Khurshid Dar ‏@N0ooMee

During taking history from patient pain is it stabbing pain? https://t.co/NwEG9oqsE7

91-DIVOC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@Syncopy__

@AdamLeventhal @David_Ornstein @TheAthleticUK Has he been sacked yet?

𝓝𝓲𝓭𝓪 𝓚𝓪𝓲𝓯🍁 ‏@Wada_tweets

@Arey_Yawrrr You look like my fav song.. Coz I wanna listen to you on repeat

Rob "Crypto Bobby" Paone ‏@crypto_bobby

@MoonOverlord Buying spot tokens instead of yield farming mostly seems like a not ideal scenario


I’m the only one who not watching Moesha? I’m waiting on the Parkers me.

Apple Terminal ‏@AppleTerminal

@Stuart240388 @Apple Yes they have.

ahore ‏@cupcakkesanus

@obscuregushing winter is nice but also summer is fun IDKDBSHSJSH WHATS YOURS

Claire ‏@cjssydney

@NoNeedForEUnow @murmuration94 @adamboultonSKY @Twitter @SkyNews “Only just started”....🤣 You have no fucking clue… https://t.co/Wmw4iPBHV0

P*ssy Fairy On The Way ‏@men__are__trash

Lisa Good Gyal Hanna have my vote with da dub deh! We need a Spice dub next.

Emeka Uduma ‏@IAmMrMeks

@IfyObiako At the end, purpose>>> passion.

Tricia🌸🇺🇬 ‏@PatriciaNalwey1

@danielmaviiin Follow @PatriciaNalwey1

KJ ‏@kiyaajay

i love this https://t.co/xngZGofYfv

Stu ‏@stusykes

It’s getting dark quickly and early the last few days! Anyone else or just me? 🌞 🌑

#BookerBro #BernieBro #BroBro ‏@thebenjilynn

@CarolynSteffan1 @joesonka You don't scratch your head at the word socialist being used on those 3? What about far… https://t.co/tOll4aSXqb

Natalia🇩🇿🇵🇱 ‏@imhungrysirr

Whose stomach can I rent out for 9 months

Katherine Bruce ‏@Katheri24226300

@Lamont2g Praying all goes well!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Ron W Schinners ‏@RSchinners

@SpeakerPelosi MADAME SPEAKER,you need to Agree to send out those stimulus cheques .Democrats need to do this ,an a… https://t.co/lB4TQO6Gsv

William Osborn ‏@CrashOsborn

@hourlyFox Fox boi take a nap 😴

T-Rex ‏@Antony29694350

@Upyourjunker1 So they are allowed to have navy war ships escorting migrants. Excuse the French but https://t.co/xOYfhBNPN9...

Amrø ‏@lnvertedWinger

How PSG needs that Mbappe x Neymar magic asap. https://t.co/ZRqWzZPYC8

Kyle Williams ‏@wyle_killiams

What’s y’all “on repeat” playlist lookin like on Spotify https://t.co/6bhEU6Mdsw

Tanner ‏@Tannerssworldd

@miaforevercute Just tell me when ur ready

Manibagg Yo ‏@Amani_Xchange

Let me get my bot now https://t.co/xMpP1JNEm7

MorOhmic ‏@MorOhmic

@EdgUpHult @TylerWearsAMask @MackayIM Sigh. Your argument is, again, w/peer-reviewed, published study. https://t.co/REYQmPRvhs

✨ᗷᕼᑌᗴᔕᒍYᗴᔕ✨BLM ‏@Axstryo

@Chipsiss_ @Vickytoriaah_ @lucasogordito @TrustyTrus opps lol

Julie Ragozzine ‏@julie_ragozzine

I just entered a giveaway for a $100 gift card to All About Learning! Want to enter too? Head here to do it! https://t.co/IM2BnEA9v3

Middle Georgia State Aviation ‏@mgaaviation

@JeffCoxWGXA @WGXAnews Early end to our flight schedule this afternoon. A lot of lightning & thunder!

Mart_05 #TeamGona #stargui ‏@Mart_05_

@cubijuegos Shadoune silithur rubik farfadox conterstine crisgreen

ShaNehnè Aiko ‏@919fineapple

I’m disappointed in Joe Biden for picking Kamala Harris but I can’t say I’m surprised

💛🐝 Strong Women scare weak men #KhiveForever ‏@PeaceMessenger1

@rwcogito @HillaryzMyHmgrl I had to follow you after that one!😆😆😆

DealinginDeals ‏@dealingindeals

LG 24M47VQ 24″ FHD TN LED Monitor for $99.99 (Org $130) + FREE Shipping. https://t.co/IJljRoZwGU

Steve Chen ‏@theotherstevec

You can always count on @OliviaGPhelps to see the sunshine. 😎👍 https://t.co/QmI0ou5MP3

alli ‏@monstermp4

omggg im so happy for them https://t.co/j0AsACps5f

alessia||ot5 ‏@lovidolans

@tigerian231990 aww that’s so sweet 🥺 you’re amazing too :)

bibi ‏@conbdebibi

stream deva @josemlpz_ https://t.co/GUQmlWkJLC

#GSBOUT ‏@aplin87

@IanWright0 Had Seaman and Campbell just had a row 😂

serg ‏@SerchaSerg

@collinXVX @Rob_More Bitch, anyone call you? https://t.co/Z3CVuZfriw


Iguanas be just darting in the road like they can’t get smacked

fitness and Design ❤️❤️ ‏@MR_CollinsLFC

You get. Always been a scam. https://t.co/icG373SSHB

CEW ‏@locmastercrys

@LoveNeffi__ Sounds like a Scorpio 😂🙃

Roz ‏@hispeace_2020

The people around you are either your circle or your cage.

syhfix fo platinum ‏@wydsyhfix

@alurevital @devourfuture guess we going for 24 hours then

14Kay♠ ‏@kaytiki

@Imisioluwa_ 😄 enjoy

soph loves finnick odair ‏@bxggieslovely

@lbloodsucker scary man with ice cubes and bananas

Kathy ‏@KJD_0315

@JimfCoach @KDORR_USA Ha ha ha. Ok sure. 50 years in politics. And nothing

Shuga ‏@Oyin_tade

@clementaustin7 Follow back

👅 Dana 👅 ‏@originaldana_

@DatIsNOVA me too & i always do 🥴🤧

Beulah Pleshner ‏@BPleshner

@NPR Can we just set Florida free, please? #COVID19 #COVIDIOT

NeilVentingInN10 ‏@win_n10

@SkyNews Shameless

Smokey🔞 ‏@SmokeAndSomno

I don't like what exclusively making Youtube drama videos seems to do to people 😞

Tanika L. Smith ‏@TanikaLSmith

@elephant0382 I am not surprised. Decision-makers need to know more before penning and moving forward with ”getting back to” plans.

Caroline Morgan ‏@LucaMaxiMorgan

Such an amazing day out today’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park@🐒☀️ @YorkshireWild1 https://t.co/qpTJfNJjFA

Misty Eyed Mutton ‏@taxtwittur

Just commented on @thejournal_ie: Poll: Who will win the US presidential election? - https://t.co/pK0xAp2O0o

Matt ‏@Shneebs_

CEO of almost bottling finals catch it @ https://t.co/NbIDG2tTZ3 when I go live love u @FallGuysGame https://t.co/c5a1UKz9CI

;SLE | Suafnog (PFSasuke) ‏@Suafnog

@IHateContext @Obamium__ @OutOfContextEv2 scientist was broken af, specially chemist

Nothing But Reds ‏@realNBReds

Every time Neymar makes a mistake (bad touch, poor pass, etc.) he turns to a teammate and complains as if it’s thei… https://t.co/zzfXT1tyCE

Tim Benz ‏@TimBenzPGH

@MarkPGH @ChrisStigall Yeah. You can’t just “try it out for a month” then start playing football games the first we… https://t.co/1Kx7xM03CF

Flabbergasted ‏@Godhelpus2018

@dbongino And his goal is to keep them away from suburban housewives.

😻 ‏@saidwtfisaid94

Moesha was disrespectful as fuck on episode 10 🤣

Amanda ✋🏼#ForensicFarLeft ‏@AP_Doramaqueen

@shrimptony Sorry for your loss 🙏🏻

Roberta Burt ‏@burda77

@allisonj2291 Texas does

DHBC Chicago ‏@dhbcchicago

@Chargers Virtual Flag Football Training Camp! AUGUST 31! Sign up now! Don’t miss out! https://t.co/Xe0Ky0YA1c

Simon nomiS ‏@Nomis97

@ChryslerReal When is Donald going to learn English?

ZC ‏@Live2dayDieTmrw

@lil_nisti did he have this as a pfp i don't remember

rome ‏@romeor_

“u look different” nah i look sad

Bri🐝 ‏@briyonncee1

Some new shoes for work ♥️♥️♥️ https://t.co/4n7QTTYFEW

Alexan/Kumasfer/Cobalt ‏@FurryComplex

@Albas_UwU @Dorime_G @FirefoxyLeGibus @MeraelleOwO Oh yeah~ 👀🍌💦🍑🥵

Eyes ‏@EyesNTall

@Wolfvs_ @Gladd @MsKellss_ @slashKarlyy @Redrum2396 @Vixin_ @ProMise9k_ @NankishD Y’all are trying to make me cry,… https://t.co/VdoFUEdmaF

Prognostic8tor🏴‍☠️🌹☸ ‏@Logos235

@redupras We must first breakthrough the Capitalist value system that is concealed in every social interaction that… https://t.co/lP89W8CKfb

Lipe GD ||-// ‏@Felipitous1

@fairyazvla hey, that's me

🐐 ‏@coltonwooten11

Why isn't Mbappe on yet???

bruna ‏@brunaacandal

@dougxss @xamaoficial obviog

The Metric System Is Dumb ‏@dlanham_

😂😂😂😂 you stole my tongue in cheek response https://t.co/wGp5TX16Db

VyBn DylaNSoniC ⚪ ‏@DylaNSoniC_DSMA

@OnDrillsOFB @MilanskiYt Really? I don't believe it..

Matt Weddle ‏@WeddleTime

@SchmuckUSA @candacesucks Will you be smearing yourself in bear shit and singing yankee doodle dandy while marching naked in Antarctica?

~annie locked out of main :/ ‏@annienotfound

i actually hate everything https://t.co/iMy79Gb3dA

Iloveyouamber ‏@Iloveyouamber2

@ImAmberHahn @Dafizh2015 in a dumpster.

Guidez ‏@TheRealGuideZ

two week notice in. leaving my job to go after my lifelong dream. any teams looking for a pro Fall Guys player? i… https://t.co/dbHGEsFH91

her ‏@bbynar_

broken-hearted for my bitch every night

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