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New Button Emoji

The word new, shown enclosed in a square.

New Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared New” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆕 New

Unicode Name

🆕 Squared New


🆕 U+1F195




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🌙🥀 ‏@elentiya___

I had some shit I needed to put out there..

BambargerWreckerServiceInc. ‏@Bambarger_Inc

#TrafficAlert🚨algo_tus: Minor Crash cleared on US31/7th St N NB @ MP 224.4 at New Harmony Rd in Clanton.

WatsupAfrica ‏@watsupafrica

#Nigeria: TV360 News Now – August 4, 2020 https://t.co/IdqXM8t0Wm

Fynst Stalker🌍 ‏@Fynst_stalker

We all know hustle king is mature to do this, but why are not mature to get your ass to work 😂😂😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ https://t.co/iytVKXVVvW

notursoulmate ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ) ‏@May_Sanchz

I don't want this feelin' I can't afford love

tina | BLM ‏@christina_nics

@kurooscake I LOVE YOU

Afrikan Beauty ‏@d3dd3h

Still taking these risks! https://t.co/UavKH5b3CO

Son🎗 ‏@sonyfg

@bertaflorespuig @ismacuevas I vol dir? Oncle de qui?

Edge of ACAB ‏@OfMauve

Good question, given the shitstorm about to descend... https://t.co/pMuD8GhhJF

Keywebco ‏@rkeyserling

Many medical marijuana program websites are silent about possible risks https://t.co/l1nFBlawym

damdam (Αδάμ) ‏@ADXOXOXO

@zebeboy @trishaadotcom sana ol forgiving https://t.co/LsSnfKxfYI

Wendi Moore-Buysse ‏@WendiMooreAgncy

12 Textured Hair Hacks From Lupita Nyong'o's Hair Stylist Vernon Francois: https://t.co/KNhAIkVNUb

Dawkins Brown ‏@dawgenja

The latest The Business strategy Daily! https://t.co/99fcDVe7k6 Thanks to @SonyaShelton #strategy #covid19

New Life Ministries ‏@NewLife

Listen to New Life Live: August 5, 2020 https://t.co/t0kCqgFX7A

Bolaji ‏@bolsaid

@dmightyangel @channelstv @OfficialPDPNig He just allowed Uniport to drag Unilorin just like that 😂😂😂

WhereWedding ‏@WhereWedding

@WeddingWire Nice!

Alex|XADR ‏@Its_XADR

@akaSnoopyyy I STG it’s practically every other day! Like excuse me I know you see my data you know I’m ALWAYS on it at this time. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Bram Ingendi ‏@ingendi

@11elevenph May God grant peace and strength to those who have been affected.

Final Obongowo🤣 ‏@udoowoabasi

Happy birthday Adriel, my future son's school father. https://t.co/fHszJNORpC

Delia adores Sav and Alana ┊͙✧˖*°࿐ ‏@raiininqdeli


ProductGram ‏@ProductGrams

GoPro: IBrock_IDiesel (2/2) https://t.co/zEzDg0NQpQ will help. If not, let our Support team know so they can assis… https://t.co/MKQFOwU3zf

rashi🧸 ‏@zaynsgummybearr

@ZELlClOUS middle eastern

KOLO SOON ♕ ‏@yeolsnini

AGDHSKSGAK I screamed but I've seen this before. DEVASTATED 😭 https://t.co/jfCw2WuCuG

Shah Alom ‏@ShahAlo72957519

@priyankagandhi Congratulations to all

vivian ‏@vivp13

I've replaced doing the dumbest shit imaginable with just saying the dumbest shit imaginable. It's called maturiy, look it up idiot.

Andie Zona 🌿 ‏@AndieZona

Culture is for the birds. Morals, family, wealth. That’s it. Y’all can keep your trends & all that extra made up “c… https://t.co/5ZRZIBXngX

Polonez Caro ‏@PolonezCaro

@ControlsChico @TheoShantonas Stopping the spread would be - diagnosed / population.

NotSoFamous ‏@ZaifarH

MEME ! #RTX OFF and ON DenisDaily ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/3cy9F6tmIV

mary wing ‏@marywin55729514

@davemccr @CKNW @GlobalBC @JustinTrudeau !!! oh my goodness

Solrac ‏@kcospawn

This 🖤 https://t.co/SiN6tGg484

Emma Parkes ‏@emmafparkes

Liverpool's Uniform reveal the design for new EFL football - Prolific North https://t.co/IMnfF7TTCY

𝔏𝔯𝔯𝔯 ‏@coldplague

@panafricantales @FitsumSiltan No. But I haven't met anyone outside the major religions. May be we should ask a Waaqeffanna follower.

Contour King Cosmetics ‏@ContourKing

@HisPariah Stay that way..you will thank me later

Joseph Friks ‏@JFriks

@is_zarah Authentic as always

ًaya ‏@ehmskio

@discoguerra @T4KEMEHOME haters gonna hate

kyū 🃏 ‏@tsumijen

@lRENESOOYA Don’t worry, mine is crazy too... 😭

【J】🐍 ‏@crybbyjaay

I’m always 2 steps ahead I ain’t ever trippen

Anjaan.rgv ‏@ragz2608

Waiting for the draw #OnePlusNordQuiz 💕 My Fav phone #OnePlusNord from Favourite brand

Ludwig ‏@Kaimann44

@spicybakesale Nice, hope you can make it!

Xil (リックス) ‏@StillNoHoes


beret irene ‏@starhuahua

yall say the same thing https://t.co/rUyPUOXbPX

V. ‏@Itss_Valeee

I don’t see my stepfamily for a couple weeks and the first thing they do is throw insults.

ᵛsimp™ 🍈 ‏@hjoongsimp

@jupiemyg @GHOSTBlTCH feeling: uncomfy

juls - BLM ‏@messylbs

@6kumkals hell yea baby

Eruna Ichinomiya ‏@eruna_engbot

Ten more minutes. . .

alexa ‏@AlexaGotRoaches

@ridewbecca @WhoWantSmoke4 MoveYaHipsAtNight

Anita Leirfall ‏@anitaleirfall

@BTG_ie @jhokjournal You’re welcome!

ric ‏@cardoskies

that smoking is normal. that drinking is normal. that swearing is normal. it creates a systemic, generational patte… https://t.co/nmwhNbxFlh

Kaiyon Wilder ‏@KaiyonWilder

@KingJames @BarackObama You are here for us

Khattak🔥 ‏@Sherlock_Holms3

@Allbatross_x @Fyyzzaa second ta ye nu. Suit yourself

╰(*´︶`*)╯ACAB♡ ‏@death2pork

that last part goes for the person who is reporting. i once as a teacher had to sit down and really think and make… https://t.co/R2E7QsP278

Hans van der Kwast ‏@hansakwast

@Geo_Gagan @geomenke Thanks for joining!

yeni ∞ k ‏@tlgadarkella

have y’all have the dm? les llego el dm?

Weronika🌸 ‏@nikpann

Let's ignore the fact whose concert it was... it was still a pretty great and moving moment https://t.co/aKzj8rH2BH

재민이 발! ‏@Jaemonroll

@INTLRPW hyuuunggg count me in or 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Bedman ‏@bedbot_eng

...What're you doing?

The Flight of Thiccarus ‏@TheLotusYeeter

@cogitatotomato Merchants at Renaissance faires have given me way more sinister nationalist vibes than anyone I met… https://t.co/NTw4KUWw3T


@IlaArun2 Do You know Illa ji , In India 🇮🇳 Hanuman Ji is worshipped much more than Shri Ram ji , & there is a One… https://t.co/Z5qxPZIADY

The Seer... ‏@Qamau_jnr

@BD_Africa Soon they will become FORMER..... that's why

Jr🐝 ‏@zacatzi_arturo

@MRDARK2 @Dripkage5 @WhersTheManager @Rihzor @charlieINTEL The deal with Sony is not the reason why the updates are… https://t.co/f7Ij6GNR1I

kee ‏@kutoppa

i wanna make you smileeeee whenever you're saaad #ExaBLINK #ExaBFF @BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink

🐘 ‏@blessseedd_

hold your horses

Emília Guedes Mata ‏@EmliaMilaMata

@mammothscreen I can't wait!

Paul C 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍀 ‏@PaulCowden

@Ianblackford_MP @BorisJohnson We need some speed on Scottish independence.

js 💙💙💙 ‏@pearofshoes1

it was either zdn or zx's live on pocket48 on the same day of the haoge semi finals. i can't find it either but t…… https://t.co/gMlb8id7cG

Trevor Martins ‏@Tmart1040

We’re past midnight but still going strong with “Playoff Game Night” on @TSN1040 @patersonjeff will take your call… https://t.co/pAoQQtG44e

elisa fadda ‏@ElisaTelisa

@FrankNoeBerlin @Cooganlab 😄😄 anything can happen on Twitter!

Djinn Tama ‏@DjinnTama

I cant even trust myself now. https://t.co/1gEAs7TJtl

KRNG Locals⚡️ ‏@Locallls

@IM_Anonymuz We don’t know about that one chief

Dr Mike Galsworthy ‏@mikegalsworthy

New campaign. It's time to oppose the UK-US trade deal outright. It's undemocratic (with MPs now stripped of thei… https://t.co/tPJt01SqmF


This show was so cute I loved it ALSO Sabrina looks so tiny here https://t.co/76YrA6VpEw

Mike ‏@_Mike1017_

season 5 https://t.co/Q8fh5rLnCn

ニータン ‏@the27thnathan

Best achievement so far. https://t.co/FSX6DnT6VQ

Big Data Analytics ‏@BigData_Fr

Teaching New Tricks To An Old Camera - https://t.co/MfWpd9yPtm - thanks @RichardEudes #DataScience #DS,#BigData,… https://t.co/DkJljxhUDd

Occupy Fukushima ‏@fukushima_actu

Utah Taxpayers Association calls on cities to bail out of nuclear power project - Salt Lake Tribune https://t.co/TWkhYJspN2

🔥dracarys🔥 ‏@danyaerith

that fandumb is so gross they started frothing at the mouth when nojima said “he’s young so he’d probably do it” wh… https://t.co/ynFg1Sgxsr

Akeion98 ‏@akeion98

@warlrd_ He might not think that he's not enough but hey depression is a lying bitch Stay loyal to his niggas yeah he'll never snitch

Penitentiary Behavior. ‏@heyalyshahey

Wow nvm I’m really country for no reason.

WatchOurCity.com ‏@WatchOurCity

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The spotlight on Jordan Spieth should be bright enough to cut through the marine layer blanket… https://t.co/qiWa66Nkiv

OLUWAPELLY ‏@pellymuzik

@AyanfeOfGod Are you people tired? https://t.co/Oc9tbgrtKm

Boo|D-3 ‏@WhoaSAD

@AtthaphanP dude give me ur number i've to talk to you

Jason 🐼 ‏@jason_t391

@Bryyan__ Ahh you’ll get the next one

ًasterin. ‏@chwrrymin

@WredAndBlack ty for giving me an easy one ily 😔💗 https://t.co/zlk92tJ4Ba

AsbestÅke ‏@AkeAsbest

@ThaddeusRussell Check this angle https://t.co/V14Tse3RAT https://t.co/wRmsqhXlV0

Jan Buschtöns 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@buschtoens

When I invite my friends over to my next VR party: "And what's in this room? 🧐" "Oh no, don't open it. This is whe… https://t.co/2SLPWtwBeQ

Aniket ‏@AG2982000

Agree = Retweet #अतिक्रमण_विरोधी_काला_दिन #अतिक्रमण_विरोधी_काला_दिन #अतिक्रमण_विरोधी_काला_दिन… https://t.co/EycEVFkLws

Intrenz.com ‏@IntrenzDotCom

LinkedIn co-founder reveals key secret to success https://t.co/46bEKB0Ck6

Phata Dhol ‏@zirwahcolada

People still believe in love and you're talking about horoscopes https://t.co/6FYivlCI9l

That Edo Gyal 💞 ‏@isiobaweiki

@iam_Johnwinner Stay safe dearie

𝒌𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒔𝒚 ☾⁷ ᶠᵒʳ ⁷ 𓅫|₁₈ ‏@markyienyang

@lim_cnvs i hate the amt of tweets i’ve been seeing like this (esp since J-fansite was shut down wo reasoning) 😭

aditya kumar ‏@Aditya845105

#30 How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie 4.5 out of 5 stars 16,759 Paperback ₹ 175.00 https://t.co/MpO9pzE8yD

TheGamingAndroid ‏@ThGamingAndroid

I'm A Science Student I Could Make a Sodium Joke But Na

applewastaken ‏@ApleAwkard

@StrwbrryHiCheww IM ALSO PAN WE CAN BE VALID TOGETHER 💖💖💖💜💜💜🥰💖💜💜💖💖💜💖💖❤️💖💖💖🥩💖👺💖💙💖❤️💖💜💖👁💖💖💜💖💖💜👁💔❤️💖💜

pops #blm♥ ‏@lastgreatexilee

another underrated feature and sounds sooo good https://t.co/Hs2VOwxyuP

Cameron Sebastian ‏@crsfinance

ARA-Brest discount sends propane east: https://t.co/BUYCisvQTz

¨̮ ‏@kyuceo

@deoboijeu3 this is what happens when your idols spoil you a lot

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