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NG Button Emoji

The letters NG, shown enclosed in a square, which are an acronym for the words No Good.

The origin of NG refers to bloopers shown during or after the credits of a live television show in Japan (known as NGs), but can be used in any field as a form of shorthand for no good.

NG Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared NG” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆖 Blooper

🆖 NG

🆖 No Good

Unicode Name

🆖 Squared NG


🆖 U+1F196




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asmu ‏@ahsmew

@BigSkoot it's kinda absurd he gets THAT sweaty when you think about it

z ‏@brokeb3tch

@pipedownpeyton I am probably not ok https://t.co/UjwBYOWTE2

Mel ‏@goIdenkiiwis

@adoreyouangelxx She’s going to drag you too

ocean 🌞 ‏@ocean_jones01

@jakejoness16 WHAT DO YOU CALL THEM ?

Swoleman Jones ‏@swolegirthjones

@TommyK_NFLDraft Obviously, he’s the next lamar

Phil K ‏@Phil_K_1966

@MistressIsabel8 i am sure i can lol x

DILLIGAF? ‏@dizzmancan

@youlooklikeamom @MaggieS17641641 You say that like it's a bad thing! 😍😍

𝚓𝚊𝚗 ‏@parkersupremacy

@elenasdiary i’m okay. just mental health stuff lol

Nate Sterling ‏@nasdesignmdi

It’s bout to get real long for Epic. 😂 https://t.co/aY37AgKoyX

cherry boo 🍒💗 ‏@pretticherie13

so much to think about 😣

Aadub ‏@al47200484

@thebradfordfile Dr. Fauci is an idiot. I can't believe any of us still listen to his nonsense after the sh%*show he's put us through.

Funk ‏@Punk53798311

@Sexopedia1 How taste...

sandra ♡’s mingi ‏@Iovelychanie

one of my fav oomfs just sbed me :(

Isabella Wills ‏@IsabellaWills

Connect the dots looking backwards. https://t.co/uHu7rgl0gz

Noctis ‏@Noctis61442562

@valerieanntv Jump on my dick!

Ariana’s Son ‏@moonlightboyy

I know I’m right!😤

Danae ‏@babydollnae1

@Dwooddakid Are you in therapy?

RVHS Saberstagers ‏@saberstagers

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Kieran Nee ‏@kieran_nee

As ways to get people talking about the Royale game starting with F that’s not @FallGuysGame ....picking a fight wi… https://t.co/kcoVGKmXgN

V. 🦋 ‏@veruska_xo

this why i forget to respond https://t.co/trPU6rxI4Q

Chalky studebaker ‏@Chalkystudebak4

@mike__vii @LAPremierSports Should be interesting.

RavenRosado.com🌷 ‏@_RavenRosado

@herlihy_tracy She’s an amazing teacher 💖💖💖 Teaching kids that racism is wrong early on. This post only solidifies… https://t.co/jvQU7g22BQ

A toxic Ichiruki ⚡✨ ‏@Grimmjowlover

@erurislave And after finding that he beat Ulquiorra he headed for the door that led to Rukia. But he ended up knoc… https://t.co/wjdAw0Wv1j

P. ‏@vallerius2787

I’m the girl who sleeps peacefully with a horror movie playing in the background as I start to fall asleep

bobert/haleemah 3.0 ‏@Peer__Pressure_

@Saantjie_ your hair looks good 😡💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

sharon wilkie ‏@sharonw46937061

@GCKelso @GillianMSP @scotgov True...but what’s troubling is they couldn’t get it right in the first place. What h… https://t.co/LObq3KQV3y

⁷Sophie⁵ 𖧵|folklore ‏@BTSTXTgenre

@suyixss Ikr, they’re riding the snake express

Grant Dunwoody ‏@tremlo3

@TweetsbyCoachP Not gonna get worked up over 0.2%. They’re both gettin in. If Curry retired today, he’s in. Might as well be 1000%

ci tuck ‏@dollfvceci

i hate being rushed.

Ted P ‏@curlyqaa

@cheezit We pack @cheezit and wine to pull out when we to celebrate reaching the endpoint of a hike #CheezItHouseWineEntry

𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒓 ♛ ‏@kijisuya

@MIYEONWRLD okay thanksie

Moll✨ ‏@Mollss20

Could do with a massive huge rave

Ciaran 'Zalia' Roberts ‏@ZaliaChimera

@LegalValkyrie *hugs* I hope it passes soon and you get time to recuperate ^^

TwoTimeWorldChampion🏅🏆 ‏@_kandali

@WillyKashihalwa Yha nee, after all it's your right my guy!💀

Mike Clemem ‏@ClememMike

@SandDollar04 @joelockhart @Franklin_Graham I agree on the rape situation. I don't like the idea of live birth abo… https://t.co/KUV6y48rIl

ًً ‏@cantfeouforever

Wear!!! HONEST WITH YOU TONIGHT https://t.co/hxNEfT7UgM

Kwame Rakes ‏@kwamerakes

@TonyBakercomedy Facts an homie ..... you’ve gotten me through some bad days.... don’t stop won’t stop #teamTonyB 💪🏽💯

Pagodin ‏@Pagodin9

@ABC Go have a nap Joe, you crazy

Sergio ‏@damasco1812


Soumyadeep ‏@Soumyad85742777

Absolutely https://t.co/2Vj8f5PeqK

Coronel X🅾️c🅾️n🅾️stle ‏@Chocoxoco

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‎ً paige🎐 ‏@georgefilmss

@Memeulous @duhtention @lewisbuchan @JamesMarriottYT GEORGE -


He received his 30-year EHS Long Service recognition in 2019, an important milestone in his career. He also gave ba… https://t.co/1SMGgOTDKK

T-Bag ‏@Dj_Sbylka

@LanderLoit @LanderLoit riposte*

Just Granny I'm Old & Sick But NOT Dead Yet ‏@ThisArk

Oh I Know This One! It's The Good Politician - Bad Politician Tactic! I Wonder If It Took All 3 Of Them To Come Up… https://t.co/QA4LX86PWV

Ángel De Dios ‏@ngelDeDios9

My husband took me to a party and whispered in my ear that he wanted to watch me fuck another man while filming you… https://t.co/DdLvQrTaxY

Chef “ACAB” Slendy ‏@Slendy5127

@_cingraham Pretty sure that’s just an organic chess piece

Keith Foster 🥃 ‏@KeithFoster

@Shownuff74 @michaelpachter Yep, and in game items have slowly been going up. Unfortunately as a parent who’s kids… https://t.co/JmNlLClHFI

cosmo 🐌 ‏@purrviews

#ACNH custom designs for the oh my, ortensia! show flapper dresses. all 4 dresses in all skintones available… https://t.co/HrNcES5r3V

◽ItsAbdullah_ ‏@ItsAbdu01277097

14 August Mubarak!! 💚 🇵🇰 #pakistani #🇵🇰💚 Happy independence day!! 💚🇵🇰

John Ellis ‏@Flattt21

@Placeho75300014 @VrdntEclps @PaulsEgo The right concedes on social issues, while the left concedes on economic iss… https://t.co/lmBBRprPLU

Pirate Tails (SA3) ‏@AccountWorse

I draw sonic in coloring book on the nintendo switch #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/8XOux7soN2

Talk Freedom NL ‏@TalkfreedomNL

@hugodejonge Bill Gates 2nd

johnny karate ‏@jwolsen311

@SoulcraftG I was taking the CBD for a while but stopped. I should start back up.

Dunsparce says BLM ‏@brendan_leahey

Bringing back so many musical ideas into one song, but making it feel cohesive must have been a fun challenge.

Metro McGurk ‏@metrofla

Great film! https://t.co/SPFCHsyAZq

Ambaist ‏@ambaist

@GMCManning Would you get a smyths brochure and go through it with him? Even if not there he might see something else

High End ‏@Realness1207

@VanSadly Lol ase

Ogoo Destiny ‏@OgooDestiny

@2156679 @ItMotivatesUs @unkonfined It always gets better, hang in there.

Michaela ‏@SupaaGood

@Chantellfenty1 @its_javonta Nah it’s real far that’s why I’m iffy about it

ن ‏@_noorjamal_

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! https://t.co/9WKnonIy0f

Karn ‏@KarnR0y

@MalkiatCol Very nice sir , this is really heart touching post sir..

dez ‏@uhh_dez

Read it again Read it out loud https://t.co/F2pvPquEdi

Games_BROfficial ‏@BrofficialGames

@smg4official *a s k e s*

Sloppert J. Globbert ‏@Snipsnoop3

Twitter now: you shouldn't sexualize people Twitter like 2 months ago: I want big tiddy gf iHop, MILF Dennies, and Femboy Hooters

C.L. Taylor ‏@callytaylor

@ClaireKendal Ah yes, I bet that helps!

Abhishek ‏@1512abhishek

@AahanaKumra @DisneyplusHSVIP @VidyutJammwal @ShivaleekaO @annukapoor_ @ShivPanditt @faruk_kabir @AbhishekPathakk… https://t.co/UeDZ38ZPVK

gavin jenkins ‏@itzyeboigavin

@Thinknoodles @youtooz Omg that looks so cool even though there is not Color

Dave NerdyGeek ‏@DT_NerdyGeek

@Mathimat @PeterLa92815216 @MaidenSarah1 'rest of us'? Sorry, don't understand who the 'us' would be in this hypothetical.

marco bad ‏@marcobad5

@Formula I think I’m in 😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱

olympus dispatch ‏@olympusdispatch

my tl is just lucas simping after lia and her brutally rejecting him 🧍

mya ‏@awfulangels

@thouxanhoes gambino or drake

mave ‏@7ymave

@yirazu23 Grad kein cash

PA Land & Whitetail Mgmt ‏@plwm14

Do you have summer time bucks on your property?

Tracy Blake, MPS ‏@GRASSGURU

I said she should be AG https://t.co/yewzBaBIa5 https://t.co/ovkA3p3EIs

ᵏᵃᶦ(。T^T)zzz | BLM ‏@suprkawaii

too lazy to soft boil an egg so i fried it and made some bacon. here's another bowl of ramen https://t.co/SZehNBcsdd

cesarcaballerogaudes ‏@CaballeroGaudes

@ppzpag Yes, I also thought about you and what we are thinking when last author @CharanRanganath presented this wor… https://t.co/zmqM4kMmEM

Sam Martin ‏@SmuelMartinFPL

@DavidJamieson77 Welcome mate

Sarah's Frightmare ‏@SarahFrightmare

A Mutant Fish-Man Feasts on Human Flesh in This Gnarly Clip from ‘The Barge People’ [Exclusive] https://t.co/ex63r6CifI

‎Márcia ‏@mhargitay__

This is why I’m proud to stan. What an amazing human being 🥰🙏🏽 thankful for you. Thank you for always sighting for… https://t.co/Bxd4H1FcoC


Been selling my ass off today

mex ‏@credingz

@cxlturess sweats like you ruin the game

Candlestick_stats ‏@dailycandlestix

$NVS Rising Price and Volume Daily appearances since 2010: 133 Close 5 days later ±: Avg: -0.23 SD: 1.97 Worst: -8.… https://t.co/Tpa2xeHpjS

n a 0 m i ‏@na0micalh0un

At first i living my ex boyfriend to Italy for being too white male comedian looking for help I am i have like 20 minutes

jace (fan account) ‏@queeenedits

@RomansFavBarb i think so? but the other thing outstreamed

Delaney ‏@DelaneyBannon

Hey remember when Parasite Eve was going to be turned into a movie starring Madonna? She's not busy.

Michael ROWdes ‏@Rhodester11

@brevynford_03 Your time comin!!

🌑🌙 ‏@_JussBabyJ

Have to get Dkayla drunk before she go back to Lamar 😭

(◕‿◕✿) ‏@hndhh_

rich https://t.co/04k51rGHE2

Klea ‏@klejushe

@matjaneee My cutiee! Coming from u😩❤️

Polly ‏@myfavouritefish


HFR ‏@HabloDeFreeyRap

@ESPNNBA Harden?

Think It Ain’t On Me ‏@Trent97Farmer

lmfaooo why are y’all like this tho 🤣 https://t.co/EmgEamarEX

Black Unicorn ‏@_trapahontass_

Top tier what? https://t.co/KVqZHE3jVU

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