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OK Button Emoji

The letters OK, shown enclosed in a square. Meaning Okay, denoting approval. The opposite of the Squared NG Emoji.

OK Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared OK” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆗 OK

🆗 Okay

🆗 Square

Unicode Name

🆗 Squared OK


🆗 U+1F197




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˚✧*𝓙𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓮*✭˚ | Verine's Main H ‏@aichans_apple

@limewitc2h i cant sleep <//3 i would if I could homie

Me⁷ ‏@earthwaterbaby

Stop babying sons, its gross

Jasper ‏@PangerJasper

@ielizabeth_ Conservative Dems are a thing, especially now

˗ˏˋ 𝙫𝙖𝙞𝙨𝙝 ˎˊ˗ ‏@breathinlovatic


Chris Seferlis ‏@bizdataviz

Our #sellers are using #AI to take care of the mundane inside Microsoft. #Azure https://t.co/kIt627Cpmx #MSFTAdvocate

ZΛCH ‏@zachinburg

@TatianaTalar what next

Scott McClish ‏@533i

@WhyNotMeToo2 I can't believe communists are taking over America.

Eustace Handwash 🌊 ‏@NegronomicsULT

@TheDEEsciple @BlissfulKing_ Actually mine but I appreciate the fighting spirit

🌲🌿🌞🌎🖊️🍎Rover223 ‏@rover223

@JJcolemanMD improvise, adapt, feed the baby! https://t.co/Gv3lYuqRcl

Meaghan Kelly ‏@meaghkelly

pardon me https://t.co/W4S51Imc7c

mystic lot ‏@civilitywars

@HoarseWisperer Sounds like your stomach is hurting for more

Honey🕊 ‏@obe1900

This part is the most annoying. https://t.co/Tmh7CCYS3t

Ian Lees ‏@IanLees41949436

@hurricanetrack Poor cat scared shitless!

O5-1 ‏@fbi_van_outside

@repeat03922654 @ImJalenTV @liljarviss They were teaming, not using external programs to use ESP and Aimbot

𝙴𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚊 ‏@Camaeeeqt

Can we do both tho? https://t.co/KYjwuOxN9p

My Info ‏@Hoffman11My

@chrisxtillman I was 15 years old when I had my first legal paycheck but I started working at age 12, getting paid… https://t.co/zmKz3N9WM0

Andrea Beltran ‏@Andrea09B

@BP_LATAM_U @exatv @ygofficialblink @BLACKPINK #ExaBFF #ExaBLINK Lady Gaga

ジジ 🌶 ‏@_ayygigi

Sorry no more making peace anymore I tried and I’m too fucking old for this!

Megan Lynch ‏@may_gun

It would be soooo American if the thing that finally made abled Americans care about accessibility is that COVID19… https://t.co/68P8nqkBR0

( -_・) ︻デ═一' * ‏@tea_addicctt

@fairyilbs im it’s low cal but idk it look like nothing 😭

UncleMoonk ‏@GradybabyMunk

It’s the rain bruh https://t.co/foCVMFkscA

Dawn Radio ‏@dawnradionl

#NowPlaying Hey Compadre.mp3 by Lock

la pitite ✊🏼 ‏@lapitite9

POV: you’re a bug and I’m going to swat at you for twenty minutes before ultimately eating you https://t.co/ZzZ5uVbX8l

Kenzo🏳️ ‏@issalilpepsican

@griffityx Thats rude tale it back

Jay Bee (Jay Beezelbub) ‏@JayBeezelbub

@emilyinkpen I don’t, well since it was rainy the whole day, my steak was.... Alright, so I ate the sandwich full t… https://t.co/jP910QK5j8

Shade ‏@shadetheemce

@wheezus1 First it was me, now it's them. Moving the goalposts. I honestly don't give a shit about getting a stimul… https://t.co/qMykZRR2i4

Demon Seed 🩸 ‏@Atk_Yoshi

If God don’t answer right away I know he gotta test fa me.

Leonard MacMahon ‏@Len_badblokes

@dunigan_alex @Goffs1866 A personalised photo? 😉

traviesa ‏@heavenlygabs

the way life is going we’re looking at 30-35 https://t.co/OXpJV6RLqC

Azzy Pastels ‏@azzypastels

i put my mask on and it smelled like weed. help

Samuel Anglehart - [WCH] ‏@funnguy77

@Teslarati $ALPP https://t.co/ck6EmDjcYO Weird.. 👀

Jonathon Shirley ‏@jonathonshirle1

@Rhabby_V Not only does it pollute, it starts fires. Look at California. That state of littering assholes is perpetually on fire.

Jamie Ruehl ‏@W_Jamie

@WoolyWorm3 @GovAndyBeshear No, I'm very ProLife. Your speculation betrays a violent mindset.

Jo Tran ‏@Joanna_ttt

Minor setback for a major comeback.

Mikel ‏@mikeledon1

LOOOOL W https://t.co/ZPv5JTPa9c

iru²⁸ ‏@yellxwlou

the power louis tomlinson has- https://t.co/QGwqbGZjkU

killua⁷ ♡’s minnie ‏@litlpjm

@GxYO0nGi it’s literally the mafia gc we’re in don’t act as if you’re not susiphobic too🙄😾😔

Alex the lion ‏@rstealth101

so long and thanks for all the fish

Lakhan ‏@LSRathore99

@theweeknd gotta put kiss land on the set list

Megan BSc Beetch🥔🥝 ‏@MeganNewtone

Andrew just said he wants to go inside a gym?? I think he's an alien

𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒚 ‏@_xitswinchester

Never stop smiling 😍 https://t.co/q1oxqZYZQx

CindyMonique ‏@CBeautySalonSpa

If you get a call from a number like that, answer it! https://t.co/Yiy9IlfGTO

shush ‏@ShushShushShus

@IchBinSeverin @bayer04_en Yes i know your club are smaller than Norwich and ice, i’m here for Havertz

𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐚⁷ `𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐛𝐢𝐧 𝐝𝐚𝐲 !! ‏@yuqiclt

@sunmisluv and ill promote victon bcz thats what i should do https://t.co/E8fyxTptLk

DRay ‏@donavinbrown_

The one time I’m down to do something 💀🤷🏽‍♂️

Shay #shehasrisen ‏@normanisheart_

not me getting caught up https://t.co/wAHiJZ1hZR

Bulls Fan ‏@thatniggajoey23

@fxvviii Much appreciated wishing a great day for u as well ☺️

Travel Doctor 👨🏼‍⚕️ ‏@ChuksJaphet

@Billymandada @Ekwulu @peterside_232 I don’t care to know

Jackson ‏@UnitedJackson1

@secret_hendy Yeah

iconic B💅🏾 ‏@deletedera

@nickistreamteam @KEVlNTROLLZ I didn’t know you were a girl 💅🏾

Bit Shape ‏@BitShapeSoft

I'm curious if fiction writers get 80% done with a novel, then realize the main character's name doesn't work and n… https://t.co/XsUfKhUP2A

sareen ‏@zayntasys

@theweeknd kissland is elite dont b surprised

arrradio ‏@RadioARRR

#NowPlaying - Jack Harlow - WHATS POPPIN #blackmusicradio Listen 'LIVE' at https://t.co/UsAPMvO1SD or download our mobile app

Benjamin ✨ ‏@BenjoFaz

@xraspberry_ Y3ny no u cant

heity ‏@heyeonw

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papyrus ‏@brodyhurtt

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Sue 💋💫💋 ‏@sewell_sue

That black thing was a spider big enough to friggin eat me!!! Fucker came from nowhere😱I’ve never moved off me bed… https://t.co/iQ0Wzhb4EY

Eimear Cronin ‏@EimearCronin

Davina is a big NO #SellingSunset

RMDSYS ‏@RmdSystems


dāi ‏@THEdaisjha_

lmaoooooo the tweet i just read but can’t share 😭😭😭😭😭 i think that’s me

Reese @ ffxiv took over my life ‏@aymericsfavwife

Just no one talk to me about gbf all I know is the characters are hot and that’s the extent of my knowledge

localhost ‏@callsignENIAC

Charley Crockett: Welcome to Hard Times - Fool Somebody Else https://t.co/EGsQPRCeIV

two long months... ‏@ivaranaway_

im going back to normal since i’m going to sleep.. gn sleepytwt i hope everyone will be okay! take a break if you n… https://t.co/V6UVBp5qyu

Éfe ‏@felipe_burtOhn

@leoandraol Monstro https://t.co/SHCKrGqc4J

🌊™️ ‏@RealistGlizzy

@Alexwwfc_ 13 shots on target lmao keep crying tho

roy law ‏@roylaw1

@TFWriter Nelson aswell

Guzman0741 ‏@guzman0741

"We reached a point where we are alone, and alone we feel better" 😊✍🏻

Johnny Hunt ‏@Huntyroyal

@Fozziebear17 No sadly but maybe we can organise a match online we could all watch together somehow that would be amazing

Fatt Folks❗️ ‏@moneyybeanz

@Locs_No_Dread Porn free as a mf who need to spend money 😂

Kibreab Beraki ‏@KibreabBeraki

@tesfanews Fake News says yours @hawelti

John Hewett ‏@loid1800

@GreggDoyelStar @brookemkemp Derecho.......sure...Is this a game you guys play?? Come up with an obscure word NO on… https://t.co/1Pu6MfYUgA

🏷 ‏@UmHurayra

@sxrh24 @MedjaySom he looks like my cats diahhrea i bet😌

jschof | 🌊 ‏@jschof

This came up in my work in Typescript today :D

mazza ‏@bhabiejey

fuck it if you could serve serotonin on a plate it would be this https://t.co/ghFNwWXtLT

iris✝️ ‏@IrisCrystal_

@TurtSoCal those orange things look like peanuts

Everyone N. Yet ‏@KarlValentin10

@BioTurboNick @Short_epics @dandrezner @ggreenwald "students are adults capable of making decisions for themselve… https://t.co/t3ZYYqJDfJ

E Baby ‏@TheRealEasyJ_OK

Wow just @ me next time https://t.co/NAsOREL6oQ

༄︎ ‏@elastmini

@bominful u lucky can both of you be my friends

𓍼isabella²⁴ʰ𓍯 ‏@wonugraphy

Saw some Jeongcheol edits on ig and instantly went back to read BlackShield by @abnegwrites Couldn’t resist... 🥰

snxowchild ‏@snxowchild1

@theweeknd im as confused as u bb

Santanu Sarkar ‏@Santanu63839525

@aaikolairport @AAI_Official @MoCA_GoI @ushapadhee1996 @HardeepSPuri @arvsingh01 @aaikolairport Can you please con… https://t.co/2xXfJfC5dh

TapWatr ‏@Tap_Watr

as much as I try to get into @RogueCompany I just can't, Chaac and his smg just walk through teams with its ridicul… https://t.co/FvngxeDL7V

InfoGlutton ‏@GluttonInfo

@stillgray They’re turning the state red. They’ll keep Chicago a Democrat bastion but likely will lose many distri… https://t.co/KSbG1Tr8rZ

Johnny Adriel 🪐 ‏@johnny_l0s

Squidward go to sleep pls

Bad News Brown ‏@elisdaddy0415

@BlkIndParty @RexChapman Did you really say people who support BLM are slaves?! You missed the point. You're blinde… https://t.co/IOneVxAvA6

Justa Name😷 ‏@Justaname69

@robwalton30 but but but Von Douche - it's because we TEST more... and it's been shown that if people find out that… https://t.co/wY2QF08wlC

Robin ‏@RobinGangbanger

@semechkii Und save auch den 540g GetOnMylvl hoodie

Ener-G ‏@Untamed_Game

@kmsphotori Try saving the post that you make first, and then posting.

Салом✨. ‏@SDElmelawy

It's not funny for me but i still like it idkw. https://t.co/qLxJGwJuEe

Algesiras ‏@damalisca

I've already talked about this, but you can monetize any art content without being linked to the US financial syste… https://t.co/JNW7Mx3daP

_therealmelo ‏@_therealmelo

Drink my water and mind my business ✨💋 https://t.co/g4QRdl63Pw

Fre ‏@ACNHFre

@RosebudResident I would say the first one

LD ‏@Lakeidaze

Pastor Jiles at it again. 🙏🏾🤣 https://t.co/kPVk6IuRbn

Brown and Peng like Bueno ‏@ImaadTheGOAT

@kanefromthelane @__RyanClarke Brudda we’ve had like 17 shots on target. Their keeper turned into prime David de gea today 😭

AURORA HARRIS BR. ‏@auroraharrisbr

@BuckinghamLilia hey lilia i know you won't see this but i'm begging you to follow my friend or even send her a mes… https://t.co/24VOnxgItA

zeki 🦋 ‏@platinsweetener

„p word is female genitalia“ https://t.co/5PcZ6oMK3S

Alexis - Brawl Stars ‏@AlexisBrawl

@AshClashYT Randoms typically refers to NOOBIES. that does not match your total trophies count by far! e.g. if you… https://t.co/1B82vH4mNP

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