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SOS Button Emoji

SOS is the description for the distress signal in Morse Code. This emoji means SOS or “emergency”.

SOS Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared SOS” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆘 Distress Signal

🆘 Emergency


Unicode Name

🆘 Squared SOS


🆘 U+1F198




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ana🍒 BELLAMY IS BACK ‏@reycsreina

yess #BellamyIsBack https://t.co/ZRNs2ra32S

Yash 👑 ‏@___yazzzy___

Its always imy but never ilysmpcoacaomf 😞💔

Ada mara mma n’ese okwu ‏@Belyn_da

@Kena_Ewuru @King_Rated100 Bad belle. Like he will agree. No worry

𝕕𝕖𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕒*¹²⁷ 🍒 ‏@cherryyyyycola

ok thomas tuchel https://t.co/z7V3cz1r4L

✨CEO Prodigy✨ ‏@theeCEOprodigy

Dismiss the bad karma so the good karma can grace you with its presence!!!

marie⁷ ‏@munipiper

i have a new inspiration : ko munyeong

Blackcatprowliii ‏@Blackcatprowl3

@AtlBizChron “The Death of the South”?

OregonMuse ‏@OregonMuse

@jeneps What a turnout. There are literally *dozens* of people in that crowd.

Nabila نبیلہ ‏@helloitsbeee

Idk how far my copy has travelled but I bought it in a second hand sale in Mumbai and it's signed. 😍💃 https://t.co/g8UxzTDfYa

isa ‏@fairycimorelli

mutuals u wanna get closer to — laura, maude, nika, soph, simona, nany, talia, kelly, demi, eisha, ... https://t.co/SdefBR6KB6

L A V ‏@JoLavenia

Act like a lady, but think like a #boss

Bebejmartinez ‏@bebejmartinez

@melanin_prince From you 🥰🥰🥰 https://t.co/axAcudIAq1

rahmi ‏@olliivanderr

one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/BtisL6bxxn

lu’s clues 🍊🐛 ‏@chenentine

@lilzukovert yes it’s your time

jattat ‏@abgson

As you get older, you realize that you’re not always right and there’s so many things you could’ve handled better,… https://t.co/ToIE5PmPjq

IMTHEGUY ‏@imtgeguy

@ABC I threw up all over the TV!!

dairy ‏@dairyboyy

@YourRAGEz @ArcRegular Flying from New York right now Hurd u

Yk of Mars ‏@MonsieurYinka

@Iam_QamarDEEN Of course. And it’s not even his best game.

Dex Radio ‏@dexieradio

#NowPlaying Too Many Women By Ajebutter22, BOJ & Falz #dexradiolive Listen Live, click here : https://t.co/lsZDrU652F

Lisa Perrin ‏@LisaPerrin16

I'm really disappointed in the choice Biden made. There were more qualified candidates in the group. I think he made a huge mistake.

Joan Foster ‏@queastybirch33

@Penny_Lane_Pup Oh Rosie, hope you're feeling better. xx

Akshay(fan) ‏@Neylegacy

@FarsousDZ Lol same

TurnTexasBlue🌊🌊🌊 ‏@BaileyCorbitt

@realDonaldTrump @USDOT Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a car for the 30 people who would use the bus in that state.

Frank ‏@nobuenochis

@_StayGld Im late but she saved the best for last https://t.co/JujrjuhGru

maude ‏@hereforpun

Oops i mean my 🧠🤫

Big Exo ‏@Exorcizmss

@thechek182 This was the scheduled tweet I was waiting for 😂

Cosmic Nut ‏@MrCosmicNut

@disneyplus @hulu @espn I keep getting ESPN+ stuff.

Fulla💰 ‏@FullaNumba6

Fuck advice from anybody. I’m good if I die like this so be it🤷🏾‍♂️

João Lemonanka 〄 ‏@f_ckingyou

@AguiarAugusto Oh my godddddd

hentai protagonist ‏@soppycumdump

@seulkgss they're both emo https://t.co/0plCHZcrkV

S.T.A.R.S. ‏@_Nineteen96

Your intuition really be knowing what’s going on before you do 😭

KING✨ ‏@dolliiee123

If you ever thought about getting ATT....DONT!

Aang ✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆ ‏@AangfromAir

Zuko trending as he should https://t.co/JlAxIabpei

preston ‏@isthatpreston

Threw up in front of like 6 customers,how was y’all day?

John Lund ‏@lundy005

@samanthamarika1 Hard to cringe when I’m falling asleep 😴

greyson ‏@bbynoya

@kogaIovesyou yes pls ☺️

Nathan Cain 📜 ‏@realnathancain

@TheClassicalCon @KamalaHarris But she isn't a moderate. Even by comparison. She was rated the 4th most left senato… https://t.co/UPzOsctBI1

Abby Able ‏@Abryn5

@luna_miggy I mean, the original art still exists. This tweet won't change that, and likely isn't intended to do so.

ཉི༗࿆࿐Moonཉི༗࿆࿐ ‏@sweettweetwhits

I've never seen one Asian woman wearing chopsticks in her hair as an accessory in any of the provinces in China. https://t.co/vBmvXmH8dM

Matthew (sleeping whenever, wherever) ‏@ASomeoneWhoExi1

@estoyaburrido45 I can't believe he was actually in that game

Carly ‏@cvrlyrse

Okay dwarf https://t.co/YFho1Zypmv

Spaghooti (Pasta Guy) ‏@Spaghooto

@UnhappyQuasar Ive always said roh-nin but I really have no idea

MikeYokite (COMMISSIONS OPEN) ‏@MikeYokite

@puppsicle Thank you for giving small artists a chance in the spotlight, Puppsicle! Here's the information as well… https://t.co/iA8io8wY2q

maddie devastada ‏@bbymadd

And now when all is gone

Joe Edwards ‏@JMEimagine

@wolfygirl 26. But here in the UK its HUMID like crazy!

Roberta Raulston ‏@LoverofFox

@G_TheOriginal @realDonaldTrump I am having trouble retweeting your posts today and yesterday 🥺🤔

ammaar-ah-ha-ha ‏@ammu_gaf

I saw pizza in the fridge and i said i'll eat it later and now its later and i went to find it and somebody fkn ate… https://t.co/9in30ZBAfy

𝙺𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚛𝚢𝚗 🥀 ‏@Rose__Grassi

making my family disappointed is my talent 😸

itbepolicy ‏@itbepolicy

#SwampJohnson doesn't want to investigate The ClintonistSedition. https://t.co/QOIZCufXGr

Dr Shelly Conroy ‏@ShellyStem

@DennisGMeier @royalsociety @scienceirel Thanks Dennis! Delighted to be joining the improper ferroelectric DWs gang ⚡😎

chae ?? ‏@chaelon06

@hailey_norriss why is everyone voting the one on the left 🙄

mcu struggle tweets/ new anon owner ‏@marveltwt

@russiasnataliaa @natsromanova OK FINE XX ILY XX

Ritwika Paul ‏@RitwikaPaul1

@PoojaB1972 What needs to be boycotted,will be,sooner or later!May be the preceding one was worth being telecasted!… https://t.co/x5WWTDMrHy

vic #goLOUD ‏@soIodixie

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Formerly Xenozip ‏@RossLipps

"your past is not an excuse" whew, well that depends on a lot of things now doesn't it. Doing something wrong becau… https://t.co/ilucQGgxXz

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viktoria|blm ‏@vchalamett


Sandra ‏@i_sandras

@7ftTall Ok. This is total madness. But how she is kept her cool is commendable, the excuse of a human being is even calling her "baby"

stonecircle ‏@stone_circle

@Resister4life @WSJGraphics Hand soap is scarce here, too. No Lysol or Clorox spray to be found.

Mountain Ash Golf Club ‏@MountainAshGolf

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Facebook still hosts boogaloo extremist groups, report finds – Ghana Web Portal https://t.co/6pB7JYcW8V https://t.co/d1oFtWNzCl

Big Sis Naye-chan ‏@Nayelia_SGN

Yeah....I explain things weird. It's not even like a choo choo train, it's like a bullet train that can also fly an… https://t.co/YhQvbkTpsv

tweeting into the void ‏@driverskywalker

I’ve long ago accepted the fact that I’m a monsterfucker but does me wanting Ben to be my werewolf boyfriend make m… https://t.co/yYG6A0oKbY

Khiro ‏@khirosounds

Pain https://t.co/F1VPxaSLfO

Resident Himari Lover | Can't DM much right now ‏@himalovesrin

@DivineNoodles Me when I see Amelia on the TL. https://t.co/zzJVcYLMJa

Jaclyn McGrath Deaner ⚕🐎⚖️🐕🦅🦅🦅 ‏@JaclynMcGrath

This is great. ANARCHISTS supporting Biden ticket now Jamaica Harris on board. https://t.co/vbITuiiWiy

G Young its the F**kin’ Catalina Wine Mixer ‏@GYoungTheOldOne

I guess they didn’t say what kind of mask 😷 🤦‍♂️🤣 https://t.co/bKYEJUvrn4

Arry 💋 ‏@arrydabarbie

@xomillie1 Girl I did but I’m missing hella shit in Charlotte

Baconbits ‏@BigBathos

@tttt6271964 @WilkoszDaniel @MicheleCorrao8 If it weren't for you guy's push to help silence people like him in the… https://t.co/25wyiQFMci

ID - ID ‏@jkid_id

Slight fix https://t.co/VMRPDUrUPB https://t.co/q9DtM87tnE

jessie navajas ‏@jessienavajas2

@FoxSportsBrasil Traste

Professor Ravioli ‏@ProfRavioli

@Pitrast That drink sounds delish

S 🍷// Sinful Nudes ‏@fuckthemhumans

this girl used to moan a lot, so I broke up with her.

DeadlyrhetoRick ‏@deadlyrhetorick

@Karnythia Choose your own adventure style?

𝓢𝓱𝓸𝓪𝓲𝓫 ‏@shoaibstweets

Only Oles tricky reds can keep PSG out.. the CL aint ready for us! https://t.co/YpzGuBznSp

cas²⁵ ‏@killtheirtime

i wanna travel ive never been anywhere

Life Begins At 8-Bit ‏@LifeBegins8bit

@roxxxymoxie Have you heard of @gematsucom? If you're into art, I recommend @pixel_scenery. For old games, I'd go with @retrogaminggeek.

current status: miniyard but Tall🔪 ‏@uselessimpulses

@bby0verhaul ebooks or you can order physical copies on *mazon, i can give you a list of triggers in the series if… https://t.co/A3GEFiJ2eW


Mbappe ! When is the first balon d’or coming through ?!!

gr ‏@gen_revel

bna is good

sofie halili ‏@literallysofie

@pouty_angel i mean you can just wet toilet paper and bring it with you

Alayna ‏@taptroupe

that’s when you know there’s no reasoning with those people. it still pisses me off that it must be repeated over a… https://t.co/AHu1jy1IOr

⚖ 💛 The Mosquito will fight for Democracy ‏@Playfulimp

@DrBiden Kamala Harris is a fantastic choice

rixzky ‏@rixzkyfn

@DpWhy @HeliumYT Ok DP ur named after haram time position

SEGAD.AAA ‏@adenuga_asegun

@FredtheeMan Kindly follow me here, my other account @AsegunAdenuga is having suspension issues, ion understand how it's happening

차은우 ♡,, noé ♡ woobin ‏@safelybea

premier episode de what’s wrong with secretary kim je pleure ????

Michael Farrell ‏@MichaelFarrellE

This is funny and bit tpoo close to the truth @NKasparian https://t.co/cJdifavAe9

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3Bet99 ‏@3Bet99

@OnAirCoop @ABCPolitics Do you honestly think Biden will debate Trump? Biden isn’t even attending his own conventi… https://t.co/T8AtilJDhc

Coachee ‏@ccoachee

@rantsnbants The you talk so much sense when its not about Bruno and United post lockdown

⚔️ Hyrkanian 🎹 Commie ⚔️ ‏@EpimetriusDS

@serfraser Cumbrain working extra hard

soph ! ‏@DIORJONE


kathy kalber kinsella ‏@airmom1

@thespybrief Good thing he was mown down.... I’ll see myself out.

Friar_Fritz ‏@FriarFritz

@steelnoles1 @Steelersdepot Because I follow @Alex_Kozora and Depot showed up in my feed.

Shamma ‏@s_binsafwan

What’s the point of talking when no one is going to listen?

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