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Up! Button Emoji

The word up with an exclamation point after it, shown enclosed in a square. Originally intended to denote leveling up in a game.

Up! Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared Up With Exclamation Mark” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆙 Level Up

🆙 Up

Unicode Name

🆙 Squared Up With Exclamation Mark


🆙 U+1F199




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𝐨𝐥𝐲𝐚. ‏@stillsunflower

KING SHIT https://t.co/g3oyPJ2RRV

.. ‏@LegendHimselff

how men is want play game and got so much noise in the background b ? stupse thing is just offset me.

🅺🅰🅻🅴 🅼🅲 ™ ‏@iamkalemc

@Mighel88 @wetszn_ @MTAC8 Thx homie

⛧Lotte⛧ ‏@TimesAreRipe

@morganastra @rideact They are designed to be impossible to sleep on, the podcast '99% invisible' did a great episo… https://t.co/KLR2hT6PEw

loopy ‏@preciousoftie

@beeftones lmaoo mood

ciarabrady ‏@gobbledego

@DIORRLWT @martellizza @todays1dhistory wait why not? whats it from?

megan ‏@megan_1872

Killie should be demanding the 3 points

Becky Bailey ‏@_becky_bailey

@Woj_Pawelczyk @JackPosobiec Cool as a cucumber! And calm when he had to leave the room, as well.

djbrooks ‏@mallory131313

@baldheaded1der Does mgmt. Have a clue on assembling a staff?. Even fans know these guys are brutal

Eddie🙄🙄 ‏@xxxtentacion_4L

@NickiMyMajesty @FuckPa1n @JanasiaZolanski @Alchapo22 @aaliyahmaraj1 @ASAPferg 😐think you did something

Nick Faber ‏@NickFaberNFL

4 huge series for the Tigers White Sox followed by the Indians and repeat. 13 games.. a Gauntlet ChiSox spent big… https://t.co/7T0TlLGA9Z

Wes Deadpool ‏@BackNBlack1975

@drannek_n @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump Not surprised if that happened either they don't care about anyone but themselves.

Emilly/ o flop ‏@falls_new

@lolovillela virgem DELENA IS EPIC

y ‏@Yuse_h

@RoleSokratis 'Rahted my g I think you need to bake off una, get some shisha and take a break my akh. Man knows twi… https://t.co/CREdIeWWpc

vee ‏@valsreactor

@70sjaeden WATCH THE OWL HOUSW the main character is bi and latina (idk if they’ve 100% confirmed bi but it’s very hinted at)

Rod Latham ‏@harveypuss

@pinknouveau Moved into the quarter finals world snooker championship!!Trump wins nervy battle with Yan Bingtao 👏👏😂

Sam ‏@Samroasttime

@alanhahn Smart strategy from the NHL... make Rangers great again to attract more viewers

Lex.Lisa ‏@Lex56194706

@SirineArmy3 Hashtags don’t count I think only regular texts Your doing it wrong..untag Blackpink from the OP n wr… https://t.co/EWG4ymRp1A

Biden for the Win ‏@jmpacific

@SgtSlaughterUSA @MorganNarrates And two feet

Dylan Ward Cunningham BLM ‏@theprincedylan

@adamilenich @andrewcurryla And if you ever wanna chat about the digital landscape

Kofi Halliday ‏@kofiH24

Decided I don’t want to have kids till I’m at least 28/30 I’ve got too many holidays I want to go on before I have… https://t.co/uU9cqmbfgT

garry mason ‏@garryalanmason

@_S_____911_ @albaxusa Clean fun

sara ‏@undesir2blefan

@uwoneyy love anime loooool weebs hmu

Sharon Chan ‏@sharonpianchan

It wouldn't be an AAJA convention without... karaoke! Starts at 8:30 ET! #AAJA20 https://t.co/k3aU3SCyn3

🍷 RT MY PINNED ‏@fvntaaaa

@_daannaaaaa I already know it isn’t but thank you !

Raphee ‏@RapheePlays

@ManEatinSock You aggressively really want me to sleep?

B.T. Dickason ‏@b_dickason

He will desecrate that hallowed ground. It's not a place for a draft dodger and bone spur bullshitter to pretend he's courageous.

♛B ‏@cheezeburger07

Usually don’t actually decide on a place until I’ve looked at the menu and decide my order then. https://t.co/qD2ZA4ELp1

Marcy ‏@mms5048

NC Governor Cooper has done very well. Some of the citizens, not so much. https://t.co/0Rh40Qdi8y

efro♋️ ‏@bubbly_efro

@orospuilo pain💔

tom. ‏@tomwncfc

@KingPukki which one? might be different on mine 😂

ems:) ‏@folmmm

I would do anything for you <3

Megan🌹🏳️‍🌈 ‏@meganbirchalll

Just realised I missed the A off transphobia but I have 0 characters left on this and another tweet in the thread s… https://t.co/tvL8OGNZWf

This Simp Feeling ‏@Lifebekaiidth

Part of these regrets are me being scared that he didn't feel loved enough. I know I loved him, and tried to make h… https://t.co/NjgUqgpG4M

Red Feather Studio ‏@Red_Feather_Art

August Daily Art Challenge! . Day 10: Grapes 🍇 . Do y’all like this challenge so far?! https://t.co/MxQeiBug4P

little batty ‏@lilbattybin

Can twitter make it possible for you to delete messages for everyone thank you

ket ‘☾ ‏@dojaepil

Start your day with yoon dowoon gif https://t.co/CWaWp2jdOt

jenay ♛ ‏@lalisanctiy

@_shesyourjoy Katie Kim comeback 2020

ēlliē - sheacoulee ‏@jaspersxjordan

@clarkeslever @JRothenbergTV ok but that edit is god tier

wilburrrr 💙🌃 ‏@Tulipptork

these are a mess... tag urself https://t.co/uhsPBpgwZW

Jazz extraextra readallaboutit ‏@Blizwiz4

@RobotAl_ @cloakthedagger @theneedledrop "It's about the message, man!!!"

kyle olson ‏@BikeOlson

@lars_0 Your coworkers will just start making meetings start and end 5min early.

Andrew ‏@q_taake

@basicspace__ @MizEricaAmerica @leos_dad @SomeRandomSam @ScottPresler @chicagosmayor List FACTUAL examples of YOUR… https://t.co/70QaK6Ymiz

Riley McCormick Mead ‏@RileyMcCormickM

Just made this meme. #Leftism #Socialism #CriminalJusticeReform https://t.co/MIAVneGhDp

Jana Saleh ‏@JanaSaleh20

@HassanAlsheikh You're the best

Zainab ‏@zainabmirjann

me rn https://t.co/yxxQ65sOj8

Waiuku Museum ‏@WaiukuMuseum

Waiuku in the News – Butter Factory https://t.co/G8SW8Thdj2

✰GRUNDY✰ ‏@supreme_grundy

@dettyflower1 @Emmy_OffiXial @_littlehuman_ The religion supports violence

CriticalThinkTank ‏@TankCritical

@TheRickyDavila Shots were fired outside of the White House perimeter. It was not a ploy to evade questions from t… https://t.co/Ap1Z19vzuY

C. Maoxian ‏@maoxian

@nawkker No, nawkkk, I don't even have data for my phone, I'm on the 25 cents a minute you don't call me I don't call you plan.

Jake Ruder ‏@JakeRuder33

@JohnFSilver The majority of Coaches and Players just want to play....the LOUD minority wants to cancel

Kandy Barr ‏@KandyBarr2

@donwinslow Why can’t he make a deal with Iran now? Why wait until the election?

JAMONDABEAT2 ‏@jamondabeat2

King Roscoe - (Cons Of Success) https://t.co/WIZ4jPtRLw via @YouTube

Steff/Vin ‏@malachitetsun

just got home. it's still rainy and windy out, but the gusts aren't bad now. the trees on the other hand... D8

#1 korra defender see pinned tweet ✿ ‏@motelsonthemoon

@chelseam1331 I still need to finish odyssesy!

333 ‏@OkeamBriscoe

Flowwww is working 🤞🏾🤞🏾 https://t.co/zTpFIpuQW1

ophelia is in pain ‏@gwentrix


Russ Jones ‏@rjonesx

@edwardtbabinski @SyeTenB @ChangedTack @jakevols18 @PaulCopan I can't read any of these discussions because Sye blocked me

IAmJillyBean🍻 ‏@ItIsMsJillyBean

@ajmyogini I’m not dating until there’s a vaccine & the pandemic is over. My last date was 5 months ago.

Rosie #L4H XPLR ‏@Colby_whiteclaw

@SamGolbach Same sam.... then I regret saying it all cause I feel like I talked for to long.

tønî ‏@elliebocage14

i’m tellin ya

mina ♡ ‏@vividlabarrie

god i miss him so much i wanna cry

Mages ‏@just_got_j1nxed

@_Mikotow of course!

Luna Girl💕 ‏@Chirps09

4 weeks now , I just miss my husband ☹️ https://t.co/9Jscpn4yb5

DeAndre’ Sanders ‏@Uniquely_Dr3

The things I want it life take a lot of risking and sacrificing. Don’t tell I can’t do something because my dreams… https://t.co/j1NYcWtQ3q

Sansation | Fortnite News, Concepts & Leaks ‏@Sansation7931

@_asaldarr @Quantum_King_ Beans on toast is normal to anyone but americans..

Priscilla Gray ‏@PGrayUSA

@Publix Sweet is the LAST thing you should push during Covid 19. Sugar lowers resistance to fighting the virus

Bobby_Venn 🎭 ‏@Robvenneri

@paolaferrari_og @juventusfc @ChampionLeague "Champion League"

Hiero Martinelli ‏@HieroMartinelli

D759FF6D :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 50 Emperor Tyrias https://t.co/s2D03NDAJe

Jungkook’s Vocals⁷ NEW THREAD ‏@vocaljking

Jungkook did an amazing job writing and composing a song and melody that is not only beautiful but also let’s the v… https://t.co/9R7AsvPnUl

Scott ‏@Lost21stCentury

I keep hearing people say they have moved cocktail “hour” up to 4:00 during the pandemic. I feel so much more smugl… https://t.co/VzZd0VFloT

jeremy ‏@deseriesancho

@TheYoungTurks #TYTLive hey @CenkUygur @AnaKasparian person having some finance issues send person $100 and per… https://t.co/cUjT52Qgwb

Shanice 🇯🇲 ‏@plainjanesx

@fartunnx he loves me bares 🙈🤣

Jesse Paz ➰💨 ‏@9jesse2paz5

Mannn I stood infront of dudes whip for hella long memes pushed me out made him get in smh haha https://t.co/WORPl2m1sX

Hallielouya ‏@HelenWa44875769

He's a pro https://t.co/syy7VrSqQF

sam :) ‏@samanthaquirozz

@sadlyitsjackie don’t try to act like you refused to listen or watch it before i forced you to 🙄🙄

Taylor ‏@taylynns

This tweet did not age well https://t.co/YRz30QsL2u

j clement wall ‏@jclementwall

@SiDawson Hey Si. Long time no tweet. ❤️

speedyy ‏@javv_gonzalez

@elestilolibre Chuty/bnet Arkano Bnet Gazir Bnet/walls

Carmen ☼ ‏@xocarmenn_

i said i was gonna do my workout but i’ve been on my phone the past 30 minutes... i’ll try again tomorrow 😂

Tatyene Mendes ‏@tatyene_mendes

Marquei como visto How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) - 2x2 - Where Do You Want to Go Today? https://t.co/OgaCK67tf2 #bancodeseries

Teammate Zenas Taylor ‏@ZenasTaylor

@budweiserusa on the bank of the river where I'm fishin' #MerchMonday

Professor Dart ‏@ProfessorDart

Weather in Washington, DC at 06:40 PM is 90.95F

Richard Saffold ‏@goodlandarchery

@realDonaldTrump More lies.. nothing new

pound cake 👅 ‏@DaeeMonee

she tweeted this dumb shit https://t.co/d5TV6LvoEj

PoeticPropertiesPodcast ‏@poeticproperTZ

@Ian_Schwartzman Just dropped 10th episode of my pod, Just dropped a new collection for my merch and working on my 4th poetry EP

indz¹ᴰ PROUD OF H🥺🍉 ‏@harrysfreetime

so incredibly proud of youuuu @Harry_Styles 🥺💘💓💞💖 https://t.co/lJmivzQvAW

David Richter ‏@iamdavidrichter

Posts that didn’t age well... @GuySebastian #wuhan #patientzero https://t.co/uTNMGwSoXn

Inconspicuous-Arch ‏@Rashsanba

@Aliyu_sani_Ali It’s true 😂

® 🔥 ‏@hothead_nikee

I swea do god g I loooove twitter y’all some funny as Mfs g

alex 🦋 ‏@hetphobicfinn

who unfollowed me for this https://t.co/cV84jJZfQ5

Ash🌻 ‏@SotoSotoash11

I got an order all the way from NEW YORK!! 🍑

𝕊𝔸𝕃𝕄𝔸 ‏@saloma8899

Being alone does not necessarily mean that you should be lonely. Being alone gives you the chance to discover yours… https://t.co/GRDBKj8wSn

Mazhar ‏@Maz_rs

@Brungus thank you brungus

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