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Vs Button Emoji

Vs Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared Vs” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Unicode Name

🆚 Squared Vs


🆚 U+1F19A




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annie¹ᴰ♡’s nis m ange jules jen & b 🐮 NOT BEL ‏@rainberryylou


CrystalRae ‏@CrystalR95123

@drdavidsamadi As I just posted... https://t.co/y5qtdsd3Z9

ven ‏@CerealStraws

haha hey guys https://t.co/6cAjEgQFXM

Castro⚪ ‏@Jhoesee

@Tuvonne_ I dont make the rules

Peter Bradley ‏@peterbmansfield

@JRubinBlogger What’s the matter Jen, your presidential candidate has the mind of a root vegetable? And your VP can… https://t.co/4xq8PnFP6i

bebita ‏@thefableo

@16ariess 7bebeee entyyyy thankyou💕💕💕💕

kaykay 💫 ‏@morkzenn

@WEISHENMARK it's the "daeng" for me 🥴

eech ‏@sainteej

think it’s funny how tweets like this rely on the assumption that there’s just one big giant evil monolithic group… https://t.co/7PB1Nx31OM

Mae♡ ‏@BunnyBabyMae

Yall ever just fucking hate onlyfans bc they stole your income???? Feel free to share your experiences below. Im fuming 🔥😡

Devour Strategy ‏@DevourStrategy

@Byzic I was just watching ur video bruh

Dana fox ‏@Danafox02573132

@androphiles @SocialistMMA Neither did Harris . Both losers .. no body believed in them so why not pick a winner

McGhostyy ‏@McGhostToastt

@jaydonbrantley @OldWizard33 @Kross @I_AM_WILDCAT dang i didnt know

Marek / Coils Artic/Morgan ‏@MarekArtic

@cxachingnt “I’d love to just let me know when?”

Kamino ‏@KaminoDX

@1pervydwarf awesome! hope she also has fun doing it.❤️

T ‏@teeolaa

@ciannaasaidu defo gonna try it

Daniel O'Connell 🇮🇪+🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿=🍀 ‏@DanielOConnel18

@buharimhasan @stanleygeorge86 @Mustapha_twits @ogundamisi So does the Koran tell you to worship a black stone in Mecca?

Entanglement. ‏@marypam2

@AdamSchefter What did you build 🤔.. 2 or 3 playoff wins in 10 years.. The front build some nice teams.. I am done .. stop girl😂

🅱️ig Lotto Loweski ‏@DLoweKilo

Them réplicas gone be ass too https://t.co/qJfFSNnsYl

Twisted Truth ‏@NoCloudsInSpace

This 👇 https://t.co/GWo3PD1TqF

Terence Meyer ‏@TerenceMeyer6

@StephenAtHome Frankly, she could replace sleepy joe altogether. This country needs a massive ground level change.

flame ‏@interimhandler

@ay_musty it is. but the ball moves faster than any player. release the ball. pass it. pass it. don't run from your… https://t.co/iBgNHbXdpW

Sho ‏@JustShoneez

@zoey_gani It's the not having a matric dance so I can't take photos of you, for me

𝕊𝕖𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕟 ❣ slow replies ‏@rinxkoalaz


Don Cross ‏@DonCros08377817

@rinke1717 @pantomath__ @realDonaldTrump Maybe cause he can't read a daily briefing January 5th

elaine bogdanoff ‏@BogdanoffElaine

Followed all. Please follow back 🙏💙🙏 https://t.co/qWsyq34nh7

Randal ‏@MS_PAlNT

y’all better watch out when both randys get in your replies

chloe ‏@chlobrownhill

@Suzysue8 @sarahmonahan11 Yes I was too! It only came on my memories the other day. Could only find that one xx

Luиa 𖧵⁷ ‏@btxtsluvr

Honey whaaaat https://t.co/kPVMqAz7TC

Thirteensqirrlz ‏@Thirteensqirrlz

@HorrorDaddysRUs Shaun of the Dead. ↖️↗️↘️↗️ Winchester.

The8thHokage ‏@Luffy_the8th

He has lost concentration https://t.co/8FCouk62eB https://t.co/KVz3WcMwvD

JamesWalker ‏@JamesWa32795979

@MartinCaldwell @deborahjrobert7 @WestminsterWAG @benandjerrysUK Yes evil indeed, they failed to contribute to thei… https://t.co/lOhQ0MVpkz

Kendra ‏@KawaiiKenKen

I think about college and my future everyday. I have so much riding on my success. I just don’t wanna disappoint my… https://t.co/m0Do0IZvpU

Terrell Williams ‏@Fiddler4you

@kenolin1 Knockers up!!

Anonymous promo ‏@Anony_promo

#dmme i am looking for people that sell content to shout out. I have got some deals #nudes #premiumsnap… https://t.co/l5zcoEvDiF

🎃 alyssa ‏@agdlmusic


Billy Budgell ‏@BillyBudgell

@ClarendonMensFC @ShrewtonUnited the could’ve done with their ringers tonight👀

Just Sue ‏@Tinkerbelletoo

@AgainStan What a fab garden ❤️

kennedy 💫 ‏@kennedyymac

@kuzomekou @urdadsashyknees omg stop i’ll cry 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💗

Kiwiiii ‏@REE_flaws

@ElwoodPolly @Caulkhead_flh @DeltVar @konev1944 @WilliamShatner the word "girl" refers to gender lol. we all agree… https://t.co/nw7nBNxoQx

gülten‘♡🕊 BK DAY💛 ‏@23bkwan

i love you :( https://t.co/tcBk9qhji5

see y'all when Nicki gives birth ‏@miss_onikaminaj

@KEVlNTROLLZ Pls unblock the barbs pls and just apologize.....we want this to go well....and Nicki wouldn't like to see us fight

Leslie 🌼 ‏@Lesliexnn

@berleezy Say sike rn!!! https://t.co/8R0guW1lWf

Morgan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‏@Morgz5631

@kebab_aga Cancel? That would be the worst thing for everyone. People won't have knowledge for uni, our grades won'… https://t.co/VPbOXR90ht

jada hendrix ‏@keabtin

underrated is an understatement

Lee. ‏@lee1xo

@_onsss a bit but not too controlling

Richard ‏@RC83_

@LiberalJames @THancock_ There is some truth in this - especially when the political winds change. However, when bu… https://t.co/sshfOZRoRl

Rich ‏@Ricatlo

Devil wears prada https://t.co/AaIpNWybtd

john mac ‏@maccabruno

Sloggin 19 stone around leeds in that weather today was painfully hard. Under boob sweat is real for men aswell 🤣


@OlaniyiOpeyemiE @Dsage_BigHeart Cool Not bad

panos ‏@naziropoulos

👇 It's a very {Nice|Great|Good} day {✅|⚡|🥇} Let's do {shopping|shop} with the most {Great|Nice|Mega|beautiful} {sal… https://t.co/q0hUNZvGUA

Tango ‏@GigabyteRaptor

@grjffn @Mezmerplague @TweaksOT @shortBlasian No thats just you. Now go back to playing pokemon and leave them alone

Knee Nuh ‏@NeenDing

But I got to hang out with my nephew and cousin this past weekend and when I tell you, they are well on their way.… https://t.co/quP5wswsjV

SCP62Ozarks ‏@SCPrice5

@bleusharque @cpv820 @blainekell6 @LevingeJulie @lush1786 @ManchurianTrump @GrantNoland @ashionegallery… https://t.co/GUwDxLXk5S

James ‏@JTP___

@Capitals “please fucking just score”

Reese of the People ‏@reeseynem

@BonABBetit You can write folks in , I’m voting for the black in her not the cop in her

♍ ‏@TayDuzIt_

need parts https://t.co/cgePexpmD2

Elite Diamonds ‘02 Fastpitch ‏@EliteDiamondsFP

Uncommitted 2021 grad Haley Saur SS/2B @haleysaur1 https://t.co/i1JGUi1V9g

Omnivert ‏@Omnivert

@WeAreTRR @ManyMindsMeet Tempers frayed when there were no dinghies available.

General Hecks ‏@GeneralHecks

joined vc its just mfs speaking Norwegian playing fall guys listening to cars 2

Katie Wienner ‏@katielady42

Dr. Pepper is my primary care physician

Paul Fitz ‏@PaulDFitz

@EDHCal @MU_iceman @soloyochapin @maggieNYT @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump @GOP Prove what? Willie Brown?… https://t.co/vJF6G8GnHG

Revan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@Revanite72

Roofe is not long back from injury and the cunt goes in like that. It's a sending off

jordi ‏@bigheartcult

having a heated gamer moment because my work called me in to work a double

Spencer ‏@OOREMEY

@TheArt_ofVago Take whatever time you need! We love your art when it's posted, but you're more important! ❤️❤️

; ‏@ReddingMarble

@AardwinNEmmit made this for us and it's FANTASTIC https://t.co/A7JMSuguxX

phill ‏@lzyphll

@berniehott dolphins rape

or. ‏@Rvphs

Mario Pasalic 12 goals, 7 assists this season.

Sean ‏@notshawnorshaun

@nthnryn @PadmaLakshmi Man I hate grackles

crybaby ‏@favmumu

it's either I spam or not at all


@ExclusiveCourt1 Washington has a four season

Professor Dart ‏@ProfessorDart

Sarahcannotbeabot - Weather in DC 08:23 PM 73.24F


Everyday I wake up and I feel like I’m in alternate universe, everyday, a different alternate universe. It’s perplexing to say the least.

Kendall ‏@ItsKendall11

@SommerRay Are we still going shopping?


I passed my midterms

B. Muller ‏@_cityjunk

@gregbuzzard Aw, Delaware is so charming!

R Brian Yoshida ‏@DrRBrianYoshida

@thebradfordfile Such total bullshit. I am so sick of the swamp. Even when caught , they friggin cover for each oth… https://t.co/wpOoNNOVV7

si ‏@calltoxiss

Broodhm been like📈📈 https://t.co/DoYsvDvBb0

Davidoffaperc ‏@DavidYnw

@H8arttless @brndvxsthoughts Yea yikes 😈😈😈 https://t.co/A1rgl6sLxb

beanie ‏@psychbeani

Is it a really good idea to buy a disposable ear piercing gun and use it to repierce my medusa or is it just the mental illness talking

Levon ‏@KalElKenobi1138

@Starfuckedmodel The right one allows me to see the color of your eyes better

Nikki ‏@Nikkimc_94

@LFC_Davee @purrmino This is also hidden x

Lighton Kalumba ‏@Lightonkalumba_

@NbaTrains @tommyazzolino I will follow back fast

Chris ‏@cso1296

@wyshynski The best part about it all is the indirect suffering it brings to Leafs fans

♡♥Jans♡♥ ‏@GoldenJans

It’s just a matter of time my love will surely make you mine

blame it on your mom ‏@ktdabaws

Have you seen the mom? I'm pretty sure... I mean you know, the one that Your mom is claiming has appeared next to… https://t.co/ojxeeQ5208

Paulette Turner ‏@Canaloupepie

@BaddCompani We are all sad at my house. My son does fall sports and it’s his senior year 😢. Damn virus 🦠

Pas Moi ‏@pmeganb

@Yara_Haridy @MichielJorissen That is one amazing fish.

Danny Boy ‏@DanielOdunukwe

@TobiShina I think so too!!

Emily Jones 🌹, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿/🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, ♿ ‏@dkgfanatic000

@Tricky_1 I'm in the middle of invading Weight Watchers... because I just want some privacy and not some pervert watching the fat fall off.

cali west ‏@CaliWest2

@cynnn_13 Both

511NY - Albany ‏@511nyAlbany

Cleared: Incident on #US9 SB at Northern Boulevard

Alyssa🌊 ‏@alyssahague7

@zareenuh_24 SAME. I need the weekend, desperately

copem ‏@CopEmNRockEm

Dame footwear on sale for $61 today is golden. 👏🏼👏🏼 @adidasHoops

Ron Marmo ‏@RonMarmo

@1776Stonewall @KevinBooker212 Seems like a nice person 💩

SCOLARI 🖤🦅 ‏@Henry270803

Real https://t.co/jZ6s10i6ts

虎にゃん ‏@ichinentorachan

H-hey, senpai? I know I can’t actually help you study but I can still come over and make you tea or keep you company, so do your best o-ok?

nas ® ‏@bigdicdarkskin

valorant was made to make me wanna end my life

D B ‏@Stressedinca

@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Oh yes I do.

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