Squid Emoji

Squid was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🦑 U+1F991


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Hollie[Bi][47 Days] ‏@KPOPLoverUK

@giggIykoo Sleep well baby!🦑❤️🐞

Rek ‏@RekcanaTV

@Purplecliffe 👋 Hello Mr. Streamer 👋 I really like your stream ✨ but you seem to have a tentacool in your deck 🦑 Im… https://t.co/sSmmq0jTs2

CSIROHelix ‏@CSIROhelix

What is the longest ocean animal ever measured? 🐋🦑 Test yourself with this question and more in our quiz: https://t.co/JiSKegSz1i

Gary Sanchez 🦑 ‏@GarySanchez69

Sac fly in my return, LETS GOOO 🦑

Bronx Bombers Nation (44-27) ‏@BXBombersNation

#ElGary puts the #Yankees on the board! Sac fly makes it 1-0! 🦑 https://t.co/r1B1GpjoF1

Matt H. ‏@MattHanifan_

THE SAC FLY IS UNDERRATED!! Good job Gary, 1-0 Yanks 🦑 https://t.co/gOr3JCcBZ4

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@ConnieJoJo2 Oh boy is that ever true.... Women have a strange magic....🦑 https://t.co/I7oz97awBo

Toruk Makto ‏@fre85np

@AlyahYasmine Lol get ya jokey ass 😂😂🦑

Mx. Gretchen Rockwell ‏@daft_rockwell

@ellle_em Oh no I was doing so well and now I’m torn 🦑😰🦇

Rose ‏@yaaaadt

Doesn’t it hurt to be looking so dumb right now? Guess who’s the play-victim later 🦑

kat ballo ‏@BalloKat

@SaraCarterDC @Chris11962 @IlhanMN Of course she does 🦑

Matt Wilkins ‏@mattwilkinsbio

Just changed my Amazon Smile beneficiary 🦑 https://t.co/R3WV4pHrRA

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@FluffyTank_666 @LiveInNeverDie @Shudder @kinky_horror @ErnieTheDragon @NoKimOnlyZuul @CreepiesRobin @Xenon1313_… https://t.co/WJfGpP08j5

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@MMortemm Bananas make me gag. Unless they are mixed into something. The texture is repulsive to me. 🦑

Kate Sullivan ‏@sullivankate

@Penchant4Words Kind of afraid to, I’ll want to buy them all! 🐙🦑

Daelyn Lonasee ‏@Daelynlonasee

It’s been a weird minute 🦑

hailey ‏@_viewhailey

Thank u 🦑

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@RestlessNews @co_rapunzel4 @RubeBait @Gallaecian @StellaFactor @adavaco @DarinColville @Carolchapman192 @Putzy2010… https://t.co/G70uXYSDAQ

Raymund Marasigan ‏@raymsmercygun

squid 9 is playing here friday nite! 🦑 https://t.co/3vns9l0WCZ

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@FluffyTank_666 @LiveInNeverDie @Shudder @kinky_horror @ErnieTheDragon @NoKimOnlyZuul @CreepiesRobin @Xenon1313_… https://t.co/20gp62Q2lG

f 🌈 ‏@FrostyStumph

🦑 - You seem really sweet! Here’s a lovely Patrick gif for you. https://t.co/uSKDyMHC0W

Kevin ‏@King_Khada

@Kaykrisify Yo time off is important. And a beach trip is sooo nice. I did one just for the weekend after 3 years w… https://t.co/Tg5mbCu2R6

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@Icedhope @HeyahNew @Boobafett69 @JerryRoark @NoKimOnlyZuul @MondoVulgare @MahoningDIT @therealjoebob @kinky_horror… https://t.co/GZw4S18cyK

Libby Media ‏@LMDSC1

@mad_liberals ‼️🌋💥🦑🔥🀄️🗿🀄️🔥🦑💥🌋‼️ Despicable Meme violence against OUR beloved #Moldfinger🖕and #FatimaBlush💋‼️ Unfo… https://t.co/LwYNyFulNV

Stacey Baker ‏@BuiltfromDNA

@RMBouton @SarahMackAttack The squid will teach you 🦑

Anne Patterson ‏@APATT69

Happy 21st birthday @Clane28 !! Have a good night 🦑

Miss Green & Miss Manke ‏@RRERoom143

Underwater Day!! 💧🌊 We learned about the ocean and different sea creatures using Google Expeditions! 🐙🦑🐡🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🦈 Ask… https://t.co/dKJ8HbkXrP

Science Friday ‏@scifri

We're running to you, LA! Only 4 days away until Cephalopod Movie Night with @atlasobscura @AquariumPacific on Sat… https://t.co/ajP9n0adPG

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@sirdanger417 @TheScaryLibrary Me either. I was gonna say this one. I need to rectify it because @MondoVulgare reco… https://t.co/b9uF69ENEl

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@MondoVulgare @TheScaryLibrary Honestly that’s one of those movies I’ll never get the hype for. It was decent but i… https://t.co/GqSKiOFgU7

Jo ‏@jytc_

@GitKraken Hugs 🦑💕 https://t.co/hMj7drv0wm

Michael Watson 6th Generation ‏@AdaptableFarmer

@mbalter @Bayer @ABC [email protected] we’re you part of this bull$hit? @baumhedlund I am quite interested… https://t.co/1DYjbnItpM

Jo ‏@jytc_

Couldn't be part of a better ambassador program 😍, super thankful and blessed to be able to represent and share the… https://t.co/pFuZ88T6fD

Author🦑John DeLaughter⚔️ ‏@HPL_JDeLaughter

🦑“I expect nothing of man & disown the race. The only folly is expecting what is never attained...” Will humankind… https://t.co/apycopCote

Frank ‏@fkgriz

@ConservNut2 Whatever, 🦑. The picture is disgusting , leave it up I don’t care. It makes you look foolish.

MoControl ‏@BrandWoodard

Been a while 🦑#producersbelike #vinylcollector #unsignedmusic #unsignedartist #musicpodcast #records #indie… https://t.co/ZTlJZ5zCYI

Nike le octo ‏@nikedude_4_life

@Nagrolaz Yesss 💚🦑💗 finally. Great job on this one , Colo

Lyric 🧘🏽‍♀️ ‏@OfficialLyricJ

Shirt wrinkled and all 🦑. https://t.co/oH8RE82JXy

S99Photography ‏@PhotographyS99

I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!🦑🔥🦑🔥🦑🔥🦑🔥#PinstripePride #TheKraken #ElGary @ Eastern Hills Mall https://t.co/vPoJ3DdT8y

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@troubledgirl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Maybe it’s a CHUD @kinky_horror #TheLiveInWillNeverDie @LiveInNeverDie 🦑

London Mays ‏@LDN_13

Fish Boy 🐟🐠🦑 A character of mine that I made in Middle School and decided to draw him again with new life. #LDN… https://t.co/QAWfhjrECh

Cryptovoxels ‏@cryptovoxels

🦑 Listing parcels in Mars, Area 51 and Hiro. Trying something new. Dutch auction from 1 Eth down to 0 Eth over 5 da… https://t.co/G6qJOTkLXH

🦑 KatFTWynn 🦑 ‏@KatFTWynn

🦑 STREAM SCHEDULE IS UP 🦑 ✨ Doing the BotW Thumbnail & beans ✨ 🔥 Kita & I will play Overcooked 2's new DLC! 🔥 💚 Pat… https://t.co/DP1hAlpnRI

Bakey ‏@BakeyHBH

Forgot to post these but... Father’s Day at the aquarium 🦑🐠🐡 https://t.co/8isKwCb49A

Moogz ‏@_prettymuchyeah

There’s always one hunter on Equinox with a le monarque 🦑

Lisa ‏@thatkidhasmoxie

Cc: can we put this on a shirt for your store @ewarren 🦑 https://t.co/dFPiIWpzEm

Melanie Jade ‏@melaniejade_

fresh out of the drier towel under a fan = happy kid 🦑 https://t.co/f1GMJ9TEhR

𝙽𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙱𝙽𝙰𝙽𝙰🏹 ‏@inanabnana

ok . I'm not 🦑💟 https://t.co/ngLYAeWM85

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@AllyScherrer Me too being a recovering alcoholic sucks and living in a smaller town than I grew up sucks. 😕🦑

Carolina Encalada ‏@caroencalada

Veranito mood 🦑 https://t.co/qW0QetaVfp

Follow Me! ‏@F0ll0wNow

Like ! Limitless Gaining Power! 🦑 #TheFutureIsBright #AmorGignitAmor #family #TeamFirst #first #intensity #1FIRST

Star Dodgers ‏@dodgers_star

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Daniel Embrey ‏@DanielEmbrey7


E=mc² 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇲 ‏@_Gr8Kali_

All these conservatives candidates are in same party but all have different views how could we be assured with ther… https://t.co/bqPTQtqxgG

Homer's Car ‏@homerscar

Homer is driving drunk😱 and has collided with a squid 🦑

Let's Go Vikings ‏@letzgovikings

💧Tag who would wear this. 👉 ORDER HERE: https://t.co/OZvNy9HwOh 👉Savings Event 20% With COUPON : SPRINGSALE20. ✅🇺🇸P… https://t.co/WRZMdGwl6J

Rhey Reyes ‏@insta_rheytweet

Happy Father's Day Dad!😊👨‍👨‍👧‍👦Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us since Day 1, & for taking us to Sea… https://t.co/2SUU2Aa9pE

worm time ‏@calmeremerald

late birthday present to my friend @SquidChika !!! 🦑 https://t.co/gXUjVTdxhZ

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@MMortemm What have you been searching for Ms Mortem? 🤣😉🦑

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@DaveMustaine I’ve been a #Megadeth fan since I was a kid and Countdown To Extinction was your newest record. I’m l… https://t.co/Ws0J2zBRwu

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@EveInFlow I’m sending this to a friend of mine, thanks for making me laugh so hard.....🦑 https://t.co/omLBRa5Arb

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@MMortemm It’s truth. There’s nothing wrong with everyone having their own beliefs and congregations but most of th… https://t.co/IafjfyO0Yo

Tiff Earle ‏@tiff_earle

@two_docs @Helenlaird @POBanerjee @DrLindaDykes @tdeweymarn @AnnabelED @WestonNHS Also SQIDDY tentacles spreading t… https://t.co/5GBy2Tib9i

ᵀᵉᵃ ᵂⁱᵗᶜʰ ☕️ г๏ђคгเєɭ・゚✧ ‏@Artist_Rohariel

I have the mightiest of needs! 😱🦑☕️💕💖 https://t.co/PiCURhHhFH

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

@AllyScherrer I love this 🤣🤣🤣 Hope you are feeling better today. 😊 🦑

GAINwithME ❤️ ‏@SuperGain

Follow with this tweet 🦑 #1FIRST #GainWithMe

The Rolistes Podcast ‏@rolistespod

Behold "Jack-Of-One-Trade" the giant mecha we designed and will control TONIGHT @RPGCommunityLDN's #KantasExpanse… https://t.co/pPblLFcdZ0

🌈Jimersion🌈 ‏@Jimersion

ONLY TWO EPISODES LEFT! Our stalwart expedition seems to have saved the world! BUT HAVE THEY?? Tune in to see w… https://t.co/PKFRBi9x7F

Fan Dodger ‏@FanDodger2

Great Deals for a Great Cause. 👉 GET YOUR HERE: https://t.co/yY6gLdWwXL ✅👍Classical #gift for your friends ➡️ ✅🗺️ F… https://t.co/4fe5FFhsYY

Holly 💖💜💙 ‏@AccioAwesome

There’s only one answer. 🏰🦑 https://t.co/OLxnBkcUaE

Snow ‏@Snowsmelting

@shutasshi It’s just weird xD 🦑

✨Eli✨@ pride 🦋🌸☠️ ‏@mcbenik

In our most recent #dnd game my players faced a deep sea mimic dungeon door 🦑🐠🌊 I was really inspired while I was w… https://t.co/2LQMLUQdO1

Matthew ‏@johnjoemcbob

New face 🦑

Author🦑John DeLaughter⚔️ ‏@HPL_JDeLaughter

@martiandiaries 🦑Ran out of room is the hash tag, glad you saw it, Martian Diaries!🦑

IG:Reninawrites ‏@ReninaWrites

@hyphy_republic No. The LAKE has real monsters, and squid and stingrays and everything🐙🐬🦑🐳🐠

Toni ‏@3dimensionTONI

@lomadia I would love to see a yogs dota 2 salt cast. Pyrion is especially salty here lol 🦑🐙

Michaela Otama-Mama 🦌✨ ‏@mklachu

My Discord server's been memeing on me lately, especially now they've realized that I've neglected my server for vi… https://t.co/ppIur1hQEc

Charlotte Dow 💗💜💙 ‏@charlotteatepie

A shoobie and a squid. Love you, womb friend. 🦑 #vscocam https://t.co/Vhjq5llSNI https://t.co/9q5yDgCfrG

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

https://t.co/uwvPkIaUQG I like to work in threes. Plus this is one of my all time favorite songs from one of my fa… https://t.co/X5WSicwF0H

Mara Keire ‏@MaraKeire

Today I had a wonderful morning @NYHistory taking to Valerie Paley and Erin Weinman about sources. I think I’ve go… https://t.co/0SiCz6JSTm

NeonMeateDream🦑 ‏@NeonMd82

This has now become a #JacksonBrowne thread. Pray my mood swings don’t intensify or I might have to dig out the… https://t.co/fMbN4nNpDx

Snow ‏@Snowsmelting

@shutasshi Harvey is the doctor lol 🦑

Steven Gomzi 📚☕️🐈💀🎃🐶 ‏@sjgomzi

@ScifiandScary I know... and tentacles are everything! 🙂 🐙🦑 https://t.co/WaJf0DNfOh

Author🦑John DeLaughter⚔️ ‏@HPL_JDeLaughter

🦑"Old God"🎨Edward Sablaya🦑#Lovecraftian #Cthulhu #Horror https://t.co/YBkBX95awe

kaj ‏@kaj_sjo

YOU’RE A KID YOU’RE A 🦑 https://t.co/CA9iTZAbR0

Sydney ‏@sydneylsx

@Anat0lAK Maybe our enemies shouldn’t be so roastable 🥖 🥔 🦑 ☕️ 👭☕️

jos 43 ‏@sinceewerealone

des 🦑 - I miss talking to you I always loved when we talked and FaceTimed but I hope you are doing good and lovely as always ily ♥️

GAINwithME ❤️ ‏@SuperGain

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Matilda ‏@EvStoorm

@drawingmelee It's so lovely! 🐚🦑

Slipped ‏@theslippeddisco

my payment for the off the hook plushies went through today 🦑🐙👀

shadowcat_becks ‏@Rebecca_Beluk

Tomorrow night, 7pm EST! Come join us for our first livestream! https://t.co/fxsCqkTRGB #GameofThronesSeason8… https://t.co/tRkfB74BH5

HYENA AGENDA 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@HyenaAgenda

🦑🐙 Octo is splashing back into stock! 🐙🦑 https://t.co/dhkijdB6Oy https://t.co/MuKtpmkKLC

NaughtyNoNo ‏@NaughtyNoNo

The #NaughtyNoNoShow is #live ❤️ 🎨#art 🦑#Splatoon2 ⚔️ #BreathoftheWild Join the #stream @… https://t.co/bb8cZ64MFi

Nazelena ‏@Nazelena13

@bantapanda_ @_SPeraltaa @soniyehh Loser has to eat khatol 🦑🚨

Katey 🐮🐮 ‏@cultinari

@adveneror today is wednesday 🦑

Nazelena ‏@Nazelena13

@bantapanda_ @_SPeraltaa @soniyehh Only if you join me with the moves 🦑

William Li ‏@drwilliamli

Squid ink contains bioactives that not only inhibit #angiogenesis but also can protect our stem cells. Research ha… https://t.co/og2GtCfY2Q

Vegan For Life🌿#FBPE #Revoke ‏@anoncitizenhere

@fishhurt @veganimated Yes, all fish and other marine life feel pain, pleasure, etc 🐬🐟🦑🐙🦈🦐🐚🐳🐡🐠 🌿 #vegan

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