Squid Emoji

Squid was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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🦑 U+1F991


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Ashlynnbroke3 ‏@ashlynnbroke3

🦑 I love that emoji because he looks like he’s walking in ready to give you a dope ass high five hug thing. He’s ju… https://t.co/7XzASzp2jD

🦑 KatFTWynn 🦑 ‏@KatFTWynn

🦑 STREAM SCHEDULE IS UP 🦑 ✨ Art Stream is more SH2 art & Pokefusions ✨ 🎉 KitKat Podcast is HERE & more Diablo III o… https://t.co/kCZSGl0bAj

🎵 Lobink 🎵 ‏@Lobink14

@ichi27ichi Beautiful 😍🦑💕

Kyle ‏@kyliealais

My boy made E-6!! so proud of you 🦑 https://t.co/EX5itgyIpR

🌸 EEVA LANCASTER 🌸 ‏@eevalancaster

Shakyamuni's Pearl by Ken Fry PRE-ORDER for #99cents 🦑 https://t.co/He7opUaput A Deadly Hunt For a 17th Century Le… https://t.co/5f5tdpeEcv

SBASS🚀G ‏@OuterSbassGahbe

@squnto It’s time for squiddim 🦑

Rio&Sace ‏@RioandSace

Hey @CaseyNeistat @368 we want to take youtubers and other influencers scuba diving. To spread awareness about oc… https://t.co/HZkAoqjyD1

Chertila ‏@Epistafy1

Process gif of the C'thun robe 🦑 https://t.co/u3MyTUEFub

sc: nardo_burn1 🐉 ‏@ion_tweet

🦑!!! Y’all need to check that out pinned tweet on my page

🎄 Melissa 🎄 ‏@_moonlightmel_

🦑New post 🦑 Tattooed Now: Realistic Tattoos Review https://t.co/0zI6pXA5RE @UKBloggers1 @LovingBlogs… https://t.co/AbiXibrLLP

Melanie_Twinner❤💜❤ ‏@MFuntime1


sc: nardo_burn1 🐉 ‏@ion_tweet

@sitbackshawty Preciate it bruh... mix and mastered version coming soon!!! 🦑

THE BASEDTHOT ‏@fluxreal

Love waking up to basedworld tybg I wouldn’t know any of these people without u 💕🐛🦑 @LILBTHEBASEDGOD

ETHER TICKETS 💙💖 // #ethertix 🎫 ‏@ethertickets

This week's #Gigoftheweek sees the phenomenal @Subsonicweekend having their biggest party yet this Sat at… https://t.co/ekhfkt99bb

ѕarιjυana ☽ ‏@dazeyskinn

little octopus friend; size 4x6; READY FOR A NEW HOME 🦑🐙 asking $25 obo 🌀 hand painted with watercolor & acrylics o… https://t.co/9TEwXAwmmD

IG: selfcaretrust ‏@selfcaretrustt

Learning a new language tips📙🦑 https://t.co/1Xl47G7DAU

TheRideTV ‏@TheRideTV2

😪 stuntin_carnel _robscott_ 🎥 it happens even from the simple stuff .... 🤷‍♂️🙃😩😡🥺 so bummed ☹️ squid 🦑 mode… https://t.co/imP6HFaYBI

Mel #justmel ‏@melti45

@iambradoneill Alrite how's Larry 🦑 these days 🐒

Author🦑John DeLaughter⚔️ ‏@HPL_JDeLaughter

🦑Check out 🎨Dan Magnus newest after-Halloween art!🦑#SupportIndieArtists https://t.co/RHpabkgHqf

Cody ‏@_clincoln_

Me at EDC Orlando 🦑 https://t.co/8fGOHj4TxG

Author🦑John DeLaughter⚔️ ‏@HPL_JDeLaughter

🦑“Nor is it to be thought,” ran the text as Armitage mentally translated it, “that man is either the oldest or the… https://t.co/IapcOqewxr

Eternal Sunshine 👄 ‏@SailingStranger

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/oZ3Mkbd8FK WTF is Squid Spaghetti?! 🦑 | Basic to Bougie Season 2 | MTV

månøn (veggieta) 🇷🇪 ‏@grizzliiii

@gAgARTP0P_ @katherynrises @Mixytweety I could 🦑

José Domingo ‏@_itsdomingo_

@marco08silva Nope! Poblenou! We tried Gràcia what we couldnt find anything nice 🦑

Steve W.Defy!!💯💪 ‏@WadeDefy68

@INTENSE_MAN @Terry73255211 @goodenough_fu @junona2 @Angelou45328491 @PinupStickers @rosethatsme1 @WitchezGarden… https://t.co/C0sakOgxXE

Bent ‏@Bent85official

4 hours set 🦑 #psychedelic #psytrance #psytrancemusic #psytranceworld #psyfamily #psy #fullonpsy #bent https://t.co/hTzSl5Afo1

pat gow 🍀🍀🍀 ‏@ticgran

@CG_Legends @NelsonAcosta80 Crazy eh? 💨🌊🦑🐠

Olcay 👑🙋‍♀️💖 ‏@Olcay75

OMG, around 1.000 oktopus moms 😍🦑🐙 https://t.co/SHdnNj0XQx

BREYA📸 ‏@Breyaleah

@HatefulHoney Extremely 🦑

🐚Sharksa Shivers🐚 ‏@Sharksa_Shivers

@KaiyoShizen @bynderr Thanks, so's yours! That vid was sucha nice visual treat omg... 🦑

Brad ‏@brad_perry123

Got confirmation today that I’m doing 6 months each in Italy, France and finishing in Spain!! I am unbelievable exc… https://t.co/dTNvxB4faZ

🔥Saléha.B•°•°○➰ ♡ Magnus☆ #SaveShadowhunters ➰ ‏@SalehaDidy

@NiKaTaru @TheJessy34 Squid mascot 🐙🦑😁 https://t.co/KhnIM1fLag

IkaFusia✧ ‏@SquidFusia

Thank you so much for inviting me to play with you @hightide_era ! 🦑💕🦑 My Inkling is happy that she could go on Lea… https://t.co/ZKbBjY4kBu

Manon ‏@ManonThuillier

17. Pick a colour to represent each character - • Juliet: 🐑 • Cristal: 🦑 • Lucy: 🐉 • Abel: 🦄 • Marlin: 🐺 • Winnifr… https://t.co/F8ua8PwU3a

Milli Rodriguez ‏@MilliWrote

Thats me in my natural habitat 🦑 https://t.co/kjHyDEedeQ

Ryan Ross ‏@RyanRos95941731

@stephskala_ happy birthday Steph!!!🦑

MrCobblewobbles 🦉 ‏@MrCobblewobbles

🔥ANNOUNCEMENT!🦑 On the 16th of February 2019, I'll be attending the @1UPconf in Kortrijk (Belgium) as a streamer w… https://t.co/yNsmx1lXl3

🎼AdagioForStrings🎻 ‏@adagioforstring

@Anea4Lorn @buzzman888 uhoh...don't sue me like the #TentaclePorn 😘🦑 lover Kurt Eichenwald did against people who a… https://t.co/9CA8tgq6FM

alex 🦒 ‏@angrilyreading

@emotionalpigeon the og 🦑💖

𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼 𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓫𝓮𝓼 ‏@MissNForbes

Tuff tray set-ups this week- learning about ocean dwelling creatures and thinking about shape. #smallworld… https://t.co/QUuDpcZeDr

Prickly Shark ‏@pricklyshark

Squid family! 🦑 #MarineScienceMonday #SciArt https://t.co/Sy97xNnHlX

Author🦑John DeLaughter⚔️ ‏@HPL_JDeLaughter

🦑🔪The Many Moods of Michael Myers🗡️#Halloween #Horror https://t.co/4CZ5DrmHMF

tagumo attacks melissa ‏@LegoandRey

Got my octopus tentacles socks on so I’m ready for tonight 🐙🦑#LegendsofTomorrow

Chris Ford ‏@Chris_Ford_

A Quick Rundown of Legends Season Four, Episode Five: Tagumo Attacks!!! 🦑🐙 https://t.co/A9D5amb7XB

Ida Silkyfish ‏@silkyida

Taking squiddy out on her first scarf adventure. She’s a little more giant sized than I originally had in mind! Lov… https://t.co/ew7RlTloqu

Ernesto ‏@EJFoto

🎼I'd like to be under the sea🎵 In an octopus' garden in the shade🎶 He'd let us in, knows where we've been🎵 In his o… https://t.co/Gj7ipzG0sz

MIHO HATORI ‏@mihohatori

@shintweetsu @markethotelnyc WTF😂❤️great to reconnect 🦑

julia • 137🛸 ‏@spiralseavey

@earthtobesson thank you for this 🦑

Patrick O'Boyle ‏@Patrick_OBoyle

@ducss @DarioTAnt @_Kotl Is it coming back? 🦑

エージェント🐙Agent Ink ‏@Splat_Agent_Ink

It’s finally completed!🦑 #Splatoon2 #SplatNet2 https://t.co/rrGVRvL8Eg

Matt ‏@mlow_2014

@Min_Dei_Bae If you want, we can sploon laters 🦑 Still havent gotten a chance to play with yous ^_^ https://t.co/WGOs3VzStm

🎯උAr✿Ɩ🎯ʄơƖƖơῳ ɧɛƖ℘ ɬཞıƈƙ ‏@Caroll_Gain

🔥🍭💖🔥🍭💖🔥🍭💖🔥🍭💖🔥 DO YOU NEED MORE FOLLOWERS? ⬇️JUST ⬇️ 🦑✨✨Like & retweet this✨✨🦑 🦄☯️☯️🦄Follo… https://t.co/8hR3wMAu4u

racquel ‏@rracquell

Dreamt I had a pet squid last night. 🦑 I carried him around in butcher paper trying to find an clean empty fishtank he could live in.

Bayfaceee☃️ ‏@Bayfaceee

Happy Monday from me and wobbuffet 🦑 https://t.co/S6R9gx4EJ7

༉‧₊˚ 📌 ‏@tinydekus

im curious too ohoho o_ô what am i to you? 🦑: a good buddy! 🥡: a mutual! ♥️: a crush!?! 🔖: someone i want to get closer to!

Pranav ‏@pranavjay1

😂thanks Kermit 🦑 https://t.co/Ikq6g9e2WM

mistyway ‏@lesbianmisty

loona as splatoon weapons a thread 😋😋🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙

Harlo ‏@bigupharlo

@SahBabii on a different wave 🦑🔥🔥

Harlo ‏@bigupharlo

Squidrific 🦑

Cow Craft ‏@Cow__Craft

Y’all go sub to @FrosteChocolate on yt! Let’s get him to 300 🦑 https://t.co/Go1hFThUAF

Zach ‏@ZachAttack3825

Some women are so over the top with their social media coffee posts. Ok. We get it. You spend way too much money on… https://t.co/cOZRrW4PT7

Mellana🌟💖 🔜 Sleeping 👀 ‏@MellanaTV

@Yoshinendo s p l a to o n 🦑

Neil Jackman ‏@JackmanNeil

@RuthieFizz Surely 6? Also would all the shoes be identical? Or would there be 3 different pairs allowing 2 'legs'… https://t.co/jxiIK94qMY

Mads ‏@umadsbruh

i’ll answer for each like 🦑 https://t.co/BVQ1YCYxlb

Jason Miller 🦊⚛ ‏@_developit

⚠️ You probably don't want .innerText Why? It triggers layout! 🦑 This happens because the string contains newlines… https://t.co/cgpFCa5RxN

budah 🙏🏿 ‏@lookjudes

I’m with the squids 🦑

Hunnitbae💸 ‏@sofyinthesky

Forever edgy 🦑 https://t.co/X0dv0cqcgJ

negus monché ™ ‏@datTALLmofo_

Folk be so sleep on calamari and gizzards. 🦑🐥

Kris Kringle ‏@DeeplyDapper

Just 36 HOURS left to back our creepy Christmas Kickstarter! Get some retro cards, enamel pins and holiday candles!… https://t.co/89Ap28Moqi

Baker ‏@baker_yung

SahBabii going to Tokyo to shoot anime world 🦑

Ashley Hamade ‏@ashley_hamade

Leg day will have you feeling like you traded your legs for tentacles 🦑 😂😩

tt. ‏@taylor29__

last night: "Can you talk to me?" squirrels in a pack talking. 🐿 squid drawings. 🦑 🖤

緋賀ゆかり🌟恋ハゲ2巻発売中! ‏@higayukari

🦑 Squid sashimi 🦑 https://t.co/QD0I4NslBW https://t.co/NUvfT7ORuI

sꙬfie ‏@blobblover

@NU_maru I’m so glad it arrived!! Enjoy!!!!🦑🍭🍬💕

Marine Conservation Society ‏@mcsuk

"It is absolutely imperative that we protect our kelp forests" - Sir David 🦑 You can play your part to save them h… https://t.co/HkkL3NzH8r

Richard Germroth ‏@RichardBoo_

@SOLELINKS Phat cop thanks to @SOLELINKS 🦑 https://t.co/5i3bgFriQx

VisitSalou ‏@visitsalou

🦑 If you love Mediterranean #cuisine, this is for you: ✅ #Salou will host a new edition of the #Squid Festival fr… https://t.co/MNL2BXpDSo

𝕤𝕠𝕝 💚 gowon ‏@soloonas

hello — 🦑 https://t.co/W59uOSOEvw

Phillip Troutman ‏@troutfang

just a typical scene at #bikeneticx : kids playing in the mud 🦎, pirate looking for the portopotties 🦑.… https://t.co/BD0ZuHAwjk

Sue ‏@upton_5

@goodforest1 😁Ooh l love that stuff, dangerously good! 🥃🍹🦑

Kerri Louise ☃️ ‏@xKivana

Cannot wait for this weekend to go to the zooooo with my chummies @RubieRuu @sarkastik_ninja @KramFoot +Sophie +Dav… https://t.co/kKgHRRKrUm

Ash Jones ‏@starfishnc0ffee

Happiest of birthday to my forever angel. I love you so much brother. Cheers to 24.. 💔😭🦑🎶 https://t.co/6wQLTeX0Km

nobu のぶ ‏@360nobu

@SahBabii leaving the rap game is gonna have a bigger impact on music than the beatles breaking up 🦑💔

🥦 Miley Cystitis 🥦 ‏@em_mcdermott

Looks like we’ll be seeing you girlies in Canada then 🌚🦑 https://t.co/o9KJxr04OC

🇵🇭 ‏@kennethdeleon

Crisostomo’s adobong pusit (Don Filipo) is my new favorite! 🦑 https://t.co/FtueDM8oxr

KIMS ‏@kimons_

Energy level restored. Filled with good memories. Happier than ever now!! 🦑

Follow HELP 👑 ‏@fw_hp1

FOLLOW me and every who Retweet this 🦑

DwayneHarrisonMelohn ‏@DHMelohn

#savemarinelife no to killing things we intrude on 🐊🐬🐡🦈🐙🦑 https://t.co/rpZHxaL4ip

p o w i q 🕷 ‏@powiqz

@Blearzys happy birthday 🦑

BloodRoseBooks ‏@BloodRoseBooks

#Bookreview @greatwaveink Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s Hell Divers Series is fantastic & the third instalment Delivera… https://t.co/p70NZEHCxU

peachles¹²⁷ ‏@pingchuuves

@joyforyeol the red summer please 🦑❣️

Simon Pierre Niwemugizi ‏@mugizisimon

So, a group of squids 🦑 is not called squad . I don’t understand why!!

Simon Maxwell 🥧🌌🏖 ‏@itmightbesimon

@lucyamorris DELIVER ME UNTO HIM 🐉🦑 https://t.co/4n3LY7hxax

Seemannsbraut 🎨 ‏@friesenfliesen

@FrlSis @kulturbolschewi Oho, er ist International 🦑

🔥Saléha.B•°•°○➰ ♡ Magnus☆ #SaveShadowhunters ➰ ‏@SalehaDidy

Good Morning the angels ☺😚❤ @NiKaTaru @safeshadows @TheJessy34 🐙🦑😜 @Lonely_Angel28 @Malec_Love96 @nini784… https://t.co/YVFblAHwil

chill Squid 🦑 ‏@chill_Squid

Sometimes there is nothing like staying up late cracking the books. It's cathartic, in between taking notes I get t… https://t.co/s2PaamBtqJ

Ida Silkyfish ‏@silkyida

But why have I made a giant squid penannular cloak pin? BECAUSE I CAN. BECAUSE GIANT SQUIDS. 🦑 #silkyfishdesigns https://t.co/vqVOYBaxaO

Yasmine A El Charif ‏@Yasmineelcharif

@RamiAdly Then we all swim 🦈🐠🦑🏊🏻‍♂️🏊🏼‍♀️

GEM Ⓥ ‏@Pesky__Peeves

Newt is my favourite character from the Wizarding World. He's is kind and gentle but will kick ads if he needs to.… https://t.co/ST7ZwwOEP5

🔥Saléha.B•°•°○➰ ♡ Magnus☆ #SaveShadowhunters ➰ ‏@SalehaDidy

@NiKaTaru @TheJessy34 Good Morning My beautiful Simona angel ❤☺💕 ( #SquidMascot 🐙🦑) is a good idea! @TheJessy34 sho… https://t.co/ZYzwWgzL7L

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