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Star of David Emoji

A symbol often used in relation to the religion of Judaism. Not to be confused with the Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot emoji.

Star of David was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

✡️ Magen David

Apple Name

✡️ Star of David


✡ U+2721

️ U+FE0F


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Ritu Raj 🚩 ‏@riturajuna74

Today we got our 15 lakh ...🕉✡ #JaiShreeRam #RamTemple #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan #Ayodhya #RamMandir #पधारो_राम_अयोध्या_धाम


✡✡✡✡ NCT DREAM MARK / RENJUN / JENO / HAECHAN / CHENLE / JISUNG #WeYoung https://t.co/eUkQIkJw1N


✡✡✡✡ NCT DREAM MARK / RENJUN / JENO / HAECHAN / CHENLE / JISUNG #마지막첫사랑 #MyFirstAndLast https://t.co/ukMveGXAMq

MAㄹK ‏@mtuan93_bt

✡ 〈GOT7 Dance Practice〉 >> 너란 Girl ( Magnetic ) https://t.co/pzFbzw9pyH :https://t.co/O9j6QBEyO6

LeeHillerDesigns Ⓥ🌿 ‏@LeeHillerDesign

🚀🌸✌️☮🐦❤️✡⚜👑🃏☠️🍒 Fun Fashion #shoes #sneakers #hightops #slipons #wizardofoz #mardigras #NOLA #space #rockabilly… https://t.co/zn4xB3y5Tg


✡✡✡✡ NCT DREAM MARK / RENJUN / JENO / HAECHAN JAEMIN / CHENLE / JISUNG #ChewingGum https://t.co/8zzeWXy4s1


@MonicaLewinsky @bames_jrolin @emmyrossum Oh, btw... I'm not Jewish. But have a blessed day!!😁🙏✡❣

Ritu Raj 🚩 ‏@riturajuna74

@AmitShah @narendramodi Today ...missing you sir ...Chanakya of our time ✡🕉 #JaiShriRam #Ayodhya #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan #RamMandir

🇹🇷Belgin Koçak🇹🇷 💚#EvdeKal ‏@belgin_kocak

@stevenacook @heissenstat @StevenErlanger 7. Erdogan & Turkey are a MAJOR THREAT for the Satanic EvilElite NWO Glob… https://t.co/X7LiohTNif

Smile ‏@sample_b0t


李惠利 ‏@LHR609F

✡ DON'T FORGET ME https://t.co/1IR6R9SXrE

김태연 ‏@39KTYB

✡ 130831 TRUE BEAUTY...... does not care LOL #큰입소유자 #자연주의자 IG taeyeon_ss .https://t.co/3AoJTzGesF

Chaos Ramos ‏@Chaos_7414

Fuck the opps! #BDK LongLiveFBGDuck ✡💯 https://t.co/K2XspkvAak

Davidah Moskovitz ‏@DavidahMoskovi1

Did anyone else see the clip of 2 customers at Walmart wearing red masks with a large swastika blazened across them… https://t.co/UF3h8KDR4c

てみたん ‏@taemitan__b

✡ LUCIFER / SHINee https://t.co/9QqIZDW9yi

Sin Fulone ‏@Sin_Fulone

Rest easy FBG Duck. Pitchforks and hand grenades. ✡

CougNutt68 ‏@biggferg274

G music ✡✡✡chttps://youtu.be/EToVSl_qgPM

てみたん ‏@taemitan__b

✡ DREAM GIRL / SHINee https://t.co/XSH39PFh1q

Jon A. Feliciano ‏@RupertRoanoke

R.I.P Duck. Fk a hashtag. Rest easy Big Folks. ✡

Jewish Proverbs ‏@Jewish_Proverbs

Don't throw away the old bucket until you know whether the new one holds water. — Yiddish proverb ✡ Jewish

aesthetic thoughts ‏@pastelhearted

☥✡✡✌ follow for more soft grunge head ✌✡✡☥ https://t.co/9UFdAcuFiI

Ritu Raj 🚩 ‏@riturajuna74

2nd Vanvash of Shree Ram will over today ...🕉✡ #RamMandirAyodhya #Ayodhya #राममंदिर #AyodhyaRamMandir #JaiShriRam… https://t.co/Rv6KomIw5l

S.joe ‏@sjoe__b

Follow ✡ @ Good-by ✡ block

Brewer ‏@brandoo1000

Nooo way 😔😔😔 RIP FBG Duck ✡ https://t.co/HhhetyMEok

Maxamill ‏@cougheebros79

Damn man...RIP Duck ✡🙏🏿

Kaddy Kobain ‏@BlakkKobain

I don't even know what you say right now...Never knew you, but I knew you. Thank you for your gifts G. You really h… https://t.co/2UUiY7HiPF

Hector felonious-maximous ‏@ColleenLallyRo1

@FacesOfCOVID @chrislhayes No words can soothe your pain for that I'm sorry😔 His voice DIDN'T die w him though ✝️✡☪️☮

Jewish Proverbs ‏@Jewish_Proverbs

One should not leap through a book from its end to its beginning. — Hebrew proverb ✡ #Jewish

김태연 ‏@39KTYB

✡ 130418 Lol... your face... i love u rino♥️ IG taeyeon_ss .https://t.co/8fwCRm1ZPK

Tammy ‏@tam8261

@RandyRainbow Here! ✡

لايرتي سيلفا Лаэртэ Силва ‏@LaerthSILVA

🇧🇷 🦂 🌎 🌍 🌏 ♂ ♀ ☮ ♏ 🚭 🎸 📚 ❤ 🔄 ☺ #twitterdailypostings by his friend @LaerthSILVA #ilikeyou #Peace #Love #Ecology ✌ 🔺… https://t.co/7vF0Dkq1V9

AilinOwO ‏@Ailin0h

Actives for giveaway??✡

Monkey D Grill ‏@MonkeyDGrill1

Rip BIG GD & BDK Duck Shit hurt💔🏴✡

Six ‏@FrazierRrbf25


Six ‏@FrazierRrbf25

They killed a real 1 RIP 🙏 FBG Duck✡

幸福菌朴燦烈 ‏@pkcy_b

✡. I will grow older together 《 b__Mil56 》 >> https://t.co/aFXfnm7KrB _

SungJae ( logout ) ‏@SJ7_b

✡✡ BTOB - WOW M/V https://t.co/uz211f0R7Y

KingKingLoyal Moreaux ‏@KingkingloyalM

Come and see B💨C💨F SippBos✡'s LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: https://t.co/epGDeEWoZN https://t.co/GQq8oSW663

李惠利 ‏@LHR609F

✡ SOMETHING https://t.co/xuBUvzHihm

十九 Eggfrey Eggpeen 🥚 ‏@ShogunHasSpoken

@nastymutant https://t.co/aZSHQXTVSV Short video detailing Johnson's ✡ ancestry and mentions him spending time in Israel in the 80s

S.O.S 🤘🏿 🎤 🤑 ‏@sosmoneyave

@FBG_DUCK Rest up G ✡ your music definitely living on forever 🖤

❌🇺🇸Marilyn Lavala🇺🇸✊❌ #CCOT☦🙏🛐✡🌷🕊💜⚘ ‏@MarilynLavala

@WeStand4theFlag @RedRidingHoodSK @KarenLadybug1 @DrG_lovesMAGA @PennyleIFB @Hopeisalive66 @Stonekeeper3… https://t.co/aBtySOUhHJ

Baguette ‏@baguette1

@emmyrossum Here I am! ✡🕎 https://t.co/dfyRSbeqVX

Hasdrubal ‏@Khaybar313313

@ILoveDominos26 And ✡ deserved what they got in WW2

Alma Martyr ‏@saltydabeast

Now I gotta listen to Duck tha rest of tha month ✡

Jewish Proverbs ‏@Jewish_Proverbs

Once a horse is born, someone will be found to ride it. — Hebrew proverb ✡ #Jewish

David L Kaas ‏@DrDecharge

@AgentMadameX @Madonna @DUALIPA @MissyElliott ✡ Don't Slip and fall.💃

てみたん ‏@taemitan__b

✡ RingDingDong / SHINee https://t.co/uMeXmSJBLJ

Hector felonious-maximous ‏@ColleenLallyRo1

@ughhittmann No political nastiness, blaming or hate. REAL help for people in REAL need! God bless all of you ☪️✝️✡☮☮☮

#KosherGaming Net🕯🔯💕🍇📴 ‏@sad_TOONight

This is footage of the mushroom cloud (!!) from the #LebanonExplosion. Praying & reciting Tehillim for those affect… https://t.co/vUKDNhmdNt

MsStMichael ‏@MsStMichael1

@etalkCTV @blakelively #RyanRenolds you don't see the Jews putting off-limits to Holocaust memorials or tearing the… https://t.co/1WIiuap4lR

てみたん ‏@taemitan__b

✡ Love like oxygen / SHINee https://t.co/LSfy5u1lgj

MAㄹK ‏@mtuan93_bt

✡ 〈GOT7 Dance Practice〉 Girls Girls Girls #2 https://t.co/PpSLWijtt0 :https://t.co/Ap4vdknQSw

LeeHillerDesigns Ⓥ🌿 ‏@LeeHillerDesign

🔯🎉🎁✡🌿❤️🌿🎁🎉🔯 #Hanukkah #RoshHashanah #Pomegranate #Heart #Purim #Jewish #Celebrations #Party#GiftBags #PartyFavors… https://t.co/buaF1ERPTS

NazNp ‏@naznp15

To all.✡ https://t.co/hdRf9medQN

Jewish Proverbs ‏@Jewish_Proverbs

The longest road is the one that leads to your pocket. — Yiddish proverb ✡ #Jewish

💨Nicole🇱🇧🇫🇷🇦🇪🇳🇴🇩🇪🇮🇪Chao XXXIX☪️♈🇰🇵 ‏@sortanicewithit

@bas00n Bolshevism comes out on top again. And, if it ever seems like it'll fail, consider the supreme form of Bols… https://t.co/ruxyq1nf0e

Lyora Moller Minardi ‏@Lyora

My Scrappy Coco. My Life. my Everything. My Angel. My Darling Love that I Adore👁✡🙏🤚❤Ha'ayin hara sholetet ❤🙏👁✡🤚“A… https://t.co/QcniqVP2Kv

AilinOwO ‏@Ailin0h

Actives for giveaway?✡

ALEK HIDELL ‏@FramedinDallas

Name your Top 3 Mine 1 Judas ( the original ✡ ) 2 Winston Churchill ( the biggest traitor and sellout of all… https://t.co/mPn6j4H9ss

⚖ Skandrani de Prague ♏☯🕉 ‏@SkandraniSam

@IntelCrab The answer is with ✡

⚖ Skandrani de Prague ♏☯🕉 ‏@SkandraniSam

I told you ask ✡ https://t.co/ddWZw8Tluw

⚖ Skandrani de Prague ♏☯🕉 ‏@SkandraniSam

I am quite sure that a foreign power is at the origin of this disaster. It can be ✡ or ✡ or may be ✡ ...wait and 👀 https://t.co/JqkMqGZHI6

Smile ‏@sample_b0t

ʕ੭((eye_a)) ͜ʟ ((eye_a))ʔ੭✡✡

Johnny Sox ‏@johnny_sox

@flagguy3063 @gwr11309 @onefamilybrew @Stooge_3 @Gruntstyle @randi_vet @EchoinRamadi @Dago70_2 @War_Casualties… https://t.co/WtD9lEphHF

Jerusalém Imóveis-Me ‏@Cavalcante747

Jesus Christ is The Lord!!😂✡🕎🇮🇱 https://t.co/i2UgUGGsPZ

Con el machete en las alas ‏@Reboiras1949

Everyone in my immediate family: 🇪🇨/🇵🇷/Galiza/🇭🇺(✡) Me: ??????? Mistaken for: can't say I remember anyone ever tryi… https://t.co/AnSB1gw7aM


✡ Well , She'd just have to be careful to not get anything on her clothes . ❝ Alright alright . But next time , I… https://t.co/hVKSionaVz

#KosherGaming Net🕯🔯💕🍇📴 ‏@sad_TOONight




Lumpy Prole ‏@ProleLumpy

Jewish women have phat asses. 🍑✡😍

The Nouvelles ‏@The_Nouvelles

@DOVEBRICK @WJProgressive Has certainly been exploited by greedy men and less so greedy women, as has everything, I… https://t.co/cHM4kJWvo9


✡ And she's thankful for the little sweet treat . Unclipping the back of her mask to lift it up faintly and stuff… https://t.co/WgZKVJvBET

Sal Cruz Jr 🤘😝🤘 ‏@SalLovesYou

The amount of grief & sadness I'm feeling for these people can't be expressed FAHHHHHK what a terrible situation,… https://t.co/W8vlmeQGHG

The Nouvelles ‏@The_Nouvelles

This is absolutely brilliant! WD #Israel yet again! Have access to some Middle East intermediaries if anyone wants… https://t.co/dVbcFoUJxd

Ladonna Davis ‏@Ladonna45161478

@Ghumnam_ @JAGBSG @IDF Im a girl i bet i could whoop your butt sissy 😍😍 🇮🇱💙🇮🇱✡💙

しむの。 ‏@tvxqsaee

Always keep the faith..✡

Jewish Proverbs ‏@Jewish_Proverbs

The door of success is marked 'push and pull.' — Yiddish proverb ✡ #Jewish

lisa bz ✡🕉☯🆘️ ‏@lbloveslife64

@emmyrossum Right here ✡❣ https://t.co/WjrVYeBW6q

The Nouvelles ‏@The_Nouvelles

@DOVEBRICK @WJProgressive Fair point. Its all the sun, and to light 2 burning fires on the evening of or the sabbat… https://t.co/Kg2jjSE0D6

Linda ✡✡✡ ‏@lindita1951

@YourJediMinion Hi, following you now. Please FB. ✡🇮🇱🇺🇲 and thanks in advance.


✡ Fluffy marshmallow bouncing off her mask . Welcome back she guesses . https://t.co/Sxt3xvoUWz

Arbab Ahmed ‏@ArbabAhmed20

@IsraeliPM Soon Insha ALLAH no ✡ remaining in this world.

The Nouvelles ‏@The_Nouvelles

@fergusonjanette You should always light 2 candles on the sabbath or as the sun goes down on the night before it -… https://t.co/PfHIPZh6HU

The Nouvelles ‏@The_Nouvelles

@WJProgressive Martin Luther said it was a superstition. You need to remember, many so-called "Church of England"… https://t.co/Pp7UPZmwWN

LeeHillerDesigns Ⓥ🌿 ‏@LeeHillerDesign

🔯🎉🎁✡🌿❤️🌿🎁🎉🔯 #Hanukkah #RoshHashanah #Pomegranate #Heart #Purim #Jewish #Celebrations #Party#GiftBags #PartyFavors… https://t.co/mCD1yjtqtd

XxPLUSHiEGUTTZxX ##KawaiiDeathrock ‏@plushieguttz

The Jew's Input: Fuck Israel🖕😓✡ https://t.co/cDIKiFn9fy

𝐌♡︎ 𝐩𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐥𝐞𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧✰ ‏@xiredrill

I just want to say something. we support and love this ✡ but not this🇮🇱! I said what I said

MissJ ‏@MissJ77527303

I totally agree. ✡👊 https://t.co/WatpwJBd4b

mulla4sale ‏@mulla4sale

@jenanmoussa @HarounRashid2 @akhbar Heart goes out to victims of the horrible, barbaric act of terrorism (& their f… https://t.co/AdpSoFeI7P

Big Danny Dangus ‏@Reverend_Wes

@alexnazaryan Yooooo what up my semites? 🇮🇱🕍✡🕎

InezSneks2 ‏@ISneks2

@emmyrossum ✡✡✡✡ I am creating a new sect of Judaism. It will be the Yo Semite sect. All you need is to be a cool a… https://t.co/n2iHjKkSr8

MAㄹK ‏@mtuan93_bt

✡ 〈GOT7 Dance Practice〉 Girls Girls Girls #1 https://t.co/pCamnT7WrR :https://t.co/Jx3t7mv9Tp

Barbara🍀🌿➕🌄🌹🇺🇸🔥Cassidy Lampkin /Mom/Granna ‏@barbara_lampkin

@jasontpowell It just doesn't get any better than that. ☦✡❤

Barbara🍀🌿➕🌄🌹🇺🇸🔥Cassidy Lampkin /Mom/Granna ‏@barbara_lampkin

@jasontpowell Difficult calling that must be answered. Been there. Bless you brother. Eph6:10-20 ☦✡🛡⚔

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