Stopwatch Emoji

Stopwatch was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⏱ U+23F1

️ U+FE0F


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Ignazio Magnani ‏@IgnazioMagnani

⏱ T -30 min. to launch test mission to the ISS 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan 🚀 Rocket: Soyuz-2.1a 🇷🇺 Payload: Soyuz MS-14 uncrewe…

Nathan ‏@N4t3w12_

You’re not a bhaddie till you’re one minute past your curfew. 💁‍♂️⏱

Soufflesong Lolita Fashion ‏@Soufflesongtt

🙌🙌Yuri's circus serires Reservation reopens! JSK and SK are available for pre-prder📣📣 ⏱⏱Reservation period: 8.22-9.…

Chollos 24 Horas ‏@chollos24h

⏱ Tablet 10 Pulgadas | 10.1''de Tablets PC(3G,HD,WiFi, Octa Core, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, Android 7.0, GPS, Dual SIM C…

timeclockalarm ‏@timeclockalarm

19 Minute Timer Countdown (with Sound Alarm) ⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱

fineastee✨ ‏@Tweeteaya

* sets timer ⏱

Maximemillion ‏@maxsouffront

Change gon come...⏱

• YASSER • ‏@89YaSser89

@Flamengo Soon 💙⏱

Camilla Navarro ‏@cami_navarro

Contando ⏱🏈💙 #GoPats 🤚 #Repost edelman11 (get_repost) ・・・ First Slate of games: 18 days. 🏟 #Kickoff

KRiXuS623 ‏@channing626

I named the Beast in me the BRinGER of RAiN.⛈ Because when I’m sad it rains can’t rain all the time.⏱💨🧳

Chollos 24 Horas ‏@chollos24h

⏱ Game of Thrones: Original Music from the Hbo Television Series por 16,87€ 👉

Poetress Hughes ‏@PoetressHughes


CONMEBOL Libertadores ‏@TheLibertadores

⏱ Full Time! Bruno Henrique's second half double leads @Flamengo to a first leg victory against @SCInternacional!

PennStudentSection ‏@PennSS14

First Penn football game this Friday! Come support the football team!! 📍Valpo High School ⏱7:30 Theme:Gold out💛💛

andres henao ‏@andreshenao1111

@OtraIgnorada Embuste ⏱

Mikagehage ‏@mikagehage

#RWC2019 visitors may have no ⏱ but for 🚄, 🍺, or 🏉, but many of Japan’s beautiful ⛰ are still easily accessible in…

CONMEBOL Libertadores ‏@TheLibertadores

⏱ Still nothing to separate the two sides at the Maracanã! 62' 🇧🇷 @Flamengo 0-0 @SCInternacional 🇧🇷 🏆…

darien ‏@darienperry

@QueenMD If I had to choose, i would say the ⏱

Poetress Hughes ‏@PoetressHughes

@culturejedi @CeceF @WassupSpock 🤔🇺🇸🌎👀⏱⏳🙏🏿🌊🌈💕🗣SPEAKING OUT WRITING STORIES MAYBE A TRUTH IN ONE’S LIFE IT IS BITS &…

CONMEBOL Libertadores ‏@TheLibertadores

⏱ The second half has kicked off at the Maracanã! 46' 🇧🇷 @Flamengo 0-0 @SCInternacional 🇧🇷 🏆 #Libertadores Quarterfinal, First Leg

CONMEBOL Libertadores ‏@TheLibertadores

⏱ Halftime! Nothing to separate the two sides in Rio so far. 🇧🇷 @Flamengo 0-0 @SCInternacional 🇧🇷 🏆 #Libertadores…

🏳️‍🌈🍏🍎🍏🏳️‍🌈 ‏@dullaidan

a monoma playlist cover for a 8tracks list i may or may not make since i rediscovered the app. also the lines and i…

Kerry Klein ‏@KerryK42

Set your alarms, Spurs Nation ⏰ Derrick and Patty face off in the #BoomerUSA scrimmage! 🇺🇸 vs. 🇦🇺 ⏱ 4:30am CT 📺 N…

San Antonio Spurs ‏@spurs

Set your alarms, Spurs Nation ⏰ Derrick and Patty face off in the #BoomerUSA scrimmage! 🇺🇸 vs. 🇦🇺 ⏱ 4:30am CT 📺…

Mikah Fikes ‏@Mikah_Fikes

Senior Year is already here..... ⏱🦅

The Bald Duck ‏@The_Bald_Duck

@realDonaldTrump @newsmax @foxandfriends @OANN Just what the absolute f*k!? 🤦‍♂️ Seriously you’re one of the absolu…

CONMEBOL Libertadores ‏@TheLibertadores

@LDU_Oficial @BocaJrsOficial ⏱ Full Time! @BocaJrsOficial open up a commanding lead after an impressive first leg p…

#apo~☆⁶⁴ ‏@timeofscrrow

haknyeon black hair when i’m waiting i am waitinggggg ⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱

eric gervet 👨🏽‍🎨 ‏@egervet

There are 6 different types of procrastinators... and the solution depends upon your personality ⏱😀

Natalie Smith ☀️ ‏@MrsSmithKST

@MrsBradford221 This is amazing! 😍⏱

Juxtapose ‏@Anomaly617

Training like a machine! ⏱ 45 minutes 1. Legs 2. Cardio #BuildYourBody #bodybuilding #fitdad #gains #vegetarian…

Jon Arnold ‏@ArnoldcommaJon

🇲🇽 🌍⏱⚽️ The fully functional Mexicans Abroad Minute is here! How far abroad will Hirving Lozano be? Plus Guti rol…

S.E.S. Eagles ‏@seseagles

Make them count! ❤️⏱

#PrettyKartelDanny⚡️ ‏@DanielleRyanna

WHEN WE POP OUT WE DONT PLAY🤯 Come Party With #PrettyKartel For 🆓 📅EVERY SUNDAY ⏱3 - 9 📍Liquid Cafe #PrettyKartel…

mrs rager ‏@helenfongati

Hurry up and draft @ToneTempa you’re on the clock! 🤣⏱

Teacher2Teacher ‏@teacher2teacher

T @cbakermath is looking for ways to streamline her grading process! #MBToS Ts, what might you suggest for keeping…

Hen.• ‏@XH487

@RAFTucanoTeam @RAFRed1 Which company is the chronometer ⏱ from? Thank you.

Jamie McMillan ‏@mcmillanj4

im bored🎥📟🎚⏰📹☎️🎙⏲📞📞📻⏱📷🎞📺🧭📼📽📠🎛

#PrettyKartelDanny⚡️ ‏@DanielleRyanna

WHEN WE POP OUT WE DONT PLAY🤯 Come Party With #PrettyKartel For 🆓 📅EVERY SUNDAY ⏱3 - 9 📍Liquid Cafe #PrettyKartel…

#PrettyKartelDanny⚡️ ‏@DanielleRyanna

WHEN WE POP OUT WE DONT PLAY🤯 Come Party With #PrettyKartel For 🆓 📅EVERY SUNDAY ⏱3 - 9 📍Liquid Cafe #PrettyKartel…

CONMEBOL Libertadores ‏@TheLibertadores

@LDU_Oficial @BocaJrsOficial ⏱ The second half has kicked off! 🇪🇨 @LDU_Oficial 0-1 @BocaJrsOficial 🇦🇷 🏆…

Quad Cities River Bandits ‏@QCRiverBandits

Let's start a road trip in Peoria! Bandits try to maintain the best record in the Midwest League! 1st Pitch⏱: 6:3…

Brian Parsons ‏@parsbj

@KamalaHarris You should take a twitter break. Just like the evil witch Hillary Clinton, every time you speak peopl…

summa time finer ‏@LGutan

7⏱20⏱ check in with @BaylorZetas and you could win something👀

Allison Fors ‏@allison_fors

VISUAL TIMERS! ⏱⏳The thing about visual timers is they make expectations clear and concrete...And help so much with…

Markyyyy💋 ‏@ThatUnique_Kay

Patiently waiting on...I wish a bitch would avenue🙇🏾‍♀️⏱

CONMEBOL Libertadores ‏@TheLibertadores

@LDU_Oficial @BocaJrsOficial ⏱ Halftime! Ábila's early goal has Boca on top after 45 minutes with the hosts down to…

DJ PutinTune ‏@DeejayPutintune

We Almost There⏱🌴🙏🏻 #djputintune #music #beats #artist #rap #hiphop #rapper #album #ep #studio #life #tv…

Carolina Hall ‏@Carolin68049766

🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔What Salvation Is and How It’s Gained From God ⏱⏲⏰📞☎📺 #salvation #Christian #gospel

𝒪𝒻𝒻𝒾𝒸𝒾𝒶lly Bell {🔔} ‏@iAmMemphisBell

In REAL time ⏱

JORGE RIVERA ‏@JorgeRdeportes


mix2e ‏@mix2e_

Don't give up. Great things take time.⏱

Bruiser Athletics ‏@BruiserSports

After trailing by two, GPS wins the next five points with two scoring strikes coming from Chapel Cunningham. Red Ba…

Bruiser Athletics ‏@BruiserSports

The Lions have roared back in the second game. We are all tied at 13. GPS takes a timeout. ⏱ #GoBruisers #GBB

Rum ‏@itsRummyDummy

@kaamaraa_ @YaboiTravv @popshitpodcast @Melly_Minaj @Barbie_Ganngg @Iamkingminaj @sydneyziems @Complex I’m late...…

Deux Rose Beauty Refinery ‏@deuxrosebeauty

Nurse Sonya giving @keiththarris a Xeomin touch up! 💉 Treatment: Botox/Dysport 🔎 Why: Botox/Dysport helps prevent e…

Amory green rovers ‏@GreenAmory

Amory 1st play there first league game of the season Saturday they are hoping to show that all the hard work in pre…

Tana Plewes ‏@logicbiz

REQUEST #1 🏡 Tell me about the most CREATIVE, EFFECTIVE and ATTENTION-GRABBING strategies you’ve ever witnessed or…

Amory green rovers ‏@GreenAmory

Even tho the 2nds aren’t playing there league game till next week they are in action against a good Watcombe wander…

MJW Tips ‏@MjwTips

I’ve found this bet that looks fantastic tonight! this isn’t a banker but as you can see in the attached image I’ve…

VERSUS ‏@vsrsus

Eddie Nketiah on his home debut for Leeds United tonight 🔥 ⏱ 77’ subbed on ⚽️ 81’ scores the winner Absolute ball…

Ayanna-Danae ‏@yannnna0307

Time heals all wounds ... some take longer than others. I’m trusting him and the process⏱

Bruiser Athletics ‏@BruiserSports

Strong serving from Preslee Brooksbank and Kylie Barry have given the Bruisers an 11-2 lead! Red Bank takes a timeo…

It ‏@Nojuices

WHEN WE POP OUT WE DONT PLAY🤯 Come Party With #PrettyKartel For 🆓 📅EVERY SUNDAY ⏱3 - 9 📍Liquid Cafe #PrettyKartel…

Natasha Koifman ‏@natashankpr

Cheers to Hollywood North! 🥂 The 15-day countdown is officially 🔛⏱ Follow along on stories for a peek at my favouri…

The Bread Winner ‏@oldmoneyski

Spent the first 4 years getting the vision & message clear. Now the goal is to share it and connect with more people. ⏱

CONMEBOL Libertadores ‏@TheLibertadores

⏱ Kickoff in Quito! 1’ 🇪🇨 @LDU_Oficial 0-0 @BocaJrsOficial 🇦🇷 🏆 #Libertadores Quarterfinal, First Leg

StorageCraft ‏@StorageCraft

#Scaleout #storage & #dataprotection go hand-in-hand with @StorageCraft OneXafe. Now, with our latest #promo, when…

jayla wayla ‏@_msdoll

WHEN WE POP OUT WE DONT PLAY🤯 Come Party With #PrettyKartel For 🆓 📅EVERY SUNDAY ⏱3 - 9 📍Liquid Cafe #PrettyKartel…

Abidinho Malik ‏@abidinho69

@imunay36 Dark 🤯⏱


The first day of fall semester begins Monday. Have you registered for classes yet? ⏱Time is running out!

Black Ferns ‏@BlackFerns

Ahead of the Parliamentary reception for the world champion @SilverFernsNZ this Monday, the Black Ferns have a spe…

Ahmed Alqari ‏@AhmedAlqari3x

The bad news is time flies ⏱

Airzona ‏@AirZonaOfficial

@RockBottomMUT still waiting on card buyout ⏱

Mel ‏@MelissaLNichol1

@VGVLPodcast @AnneChoma Sounds like a delight! 🎩🍷🌡⏱

Lynn Baldwin ‏@LynnBaldwin7

📺Watch party!🍿 Coming up in less than 30 minutes. ⏱😱 Day 14 of our Go Live Video Challenge is to host a watch part…

Data Science Connect ‏@DataSciConnect

This just in! Official #dsncconf19 schedule with presentation and panel detail 🤓 Haven't registered yet? It's no…

NBAPredictionBot ‏@NBAPredictsMVP

I'm willing to argue for hours ⏱with anyone who doesn't think Luka Doncic is the clear favourite to win DPOY ✋🏼 in…

víctoria smyth ‏@vickysmyth221

Having hair extensions is great until you have to curl your hair and it takes 2.5 hours fs ⏱⏳

AZ Youth Football Combine ‏@azyouthcombine

Jaylen Cox first Combine experience was a success! He place in the top 🔟 and posted the second fastest 40 ⏱ at our…

Indy Susan ‏@SusanLa27764701

Four hours and forty minutes til F2B. 🧭⏱⏲⏰🕰 #f2b

PeyPeyMommy ‏@Dont_ToyWithMe

At what time does the clown shit ends⏱🕰

RUPA ‏@RUPARutgers

Rutgers buses pulling up to the College Ave gym on September 20 (<10 minutes until the artist is revealed on our…

Ignazio Magnani ‏@IgnazioMagnani

⏱ T -6 h. to launch test mission to the ISS 🇰🇿 from Kazakhstan 🚀 Rocket: Soyuz-2.1a 🇷🇺 Payload: Soyuz MS-14 uncrew…

Mary ‏@MEPforTrump

@Newsweek 🕰⏰⏱Its all going to be exposed!Stop trying to normalize it!💩


Come Listen To #YOUNGPRINCE🤴🏽💜 - Ep With Me tomorrow @StreetExecsStudios 💿🔥‼️ (7pm - 9pm) #ComeOnTime⏱ #ARoom🎚🎛🎶

A9eel 💙🌟~ ‏@a9eel_7ssan_

Officially 20 💙⏱12:00 , Happy Hijri Birthday to me 🥳💙💙💙💙💙

WBA Report ‏@WBAReport

FT ⏱ | #WBA #WBAREA West Brom 1-1 Reading A third clear penalty shout was finally given to Albion with minutes to…

wu doloman💮 ‏@whoMURPH

give it one mo go before midnight⏱👶🏾

Pop In A Box ‏@PopInABox

🏁⏱ Speed Racer Pops are coming! Pre-Order Speed with Mach 5 Pop! Ride, Speed with helmet (with 1 in 6 Chase variant…

Thermomix USA ‏@ThermomixUSA

What has a state-of-the-art mixing bowl and knife, 20 advanced kitchen functions 🔪🔥⏱⚖️🔌🥘 , and access to over 40,00…

Brey ♡ BTSVT 💖💙💜|부찬♡ ‏@BreyBreyBoo

*sets a timer ⏱* ok I’ll be back after a few hrs

Sonya Chhabra ‏@sonyachhabra

Time's up⏱ @ The Funhouse Toronto


Updated Post Times #Saratoga ⏱ R8 5:15pm R9 5:46pm R10 6:17pm

Kyle LAVISH♚ ‏@TopFloorLavish


Pop In A Box ‏@PopInABox

🏁⏱ Speed Racer Pops are coming! Pre-Order Speed with Mach 5 Pop! Ride, Speed with helmet (with 1 in 6 Chase variant…

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