Straight Ruler Emoji

A ruler that can be used for drawing straight lines, or measuring length.

Straight Ruler was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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📏 U+1F4CF




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Jareth ‏@jarethdbb

'cause it said. 📏 #left

Brandy ‏@grlvolfan

@wanyamorris64 I can make you one 😃✂️📏

Bonnybridge P5M ‏@BPSMissMcGuire

Some spectacular measure investigations from last week. We enjoyed using our knowledge of estimation to predict dif…

Emil Franchi ‏@emil_franchi

But first, recording my NUFC Player Ratings for @AWSFpodcast @GallowgateShots 🙋🏻‍♂️⚽️ I’ll try not to hoy any stat…

˗ˏˋ ѕoғ ˎˊ˗ ‏@echojhs

yall: jeongguk is an alpha daddy dom koo:📍 📏 (2 min. walk) 📏…

dora⛄🎁✨ ‏@nctnap

me 📏 📏 (years and years) 📏 songs everyone cares about

harumaki 💍 ✨ YOI movie ❄ Ice Adolescence 2019 🦑 ‏@andykuzuki

Got my @yoifantasyzine bundle and it's gorgeous (and probably one of the largest yoi zines up to date 📏💪) Hint:…

Saul Fleischman ‏@osakasaul

How to Work “Within a Walled Garden” When Measuring #PaidSocial 📏 ~ @socialmediaweek #smb…

@Babcockalan ‏@BabcockAlan

@mikeseidel @malkoff @weatherchannel You be around Mike📏 or Steak House for Yee 🍽 kidding 😆❗

💎 ‏@delapenajoeee

Goodmorning. Edp is life hahaha ✏📏📐

MBAPPÉ FARIA ‏@Chdacmplxty

Bigodin 📏🔥

💖Marie5Steph🙏👢🔥 ‏@Marie5Stephanie

And ITS OVVVVERrrr I'm going to curl your hair with my lightsaber when you grow it again and don't cut it off to cu…


🚧Available #JuCoProduct🚧 💥Vasti St.Louis 📎D2 Bounceback 🏈SAFETY 🎓2021 📏6’0 🍱195 🏤@umncrookstonfb 🐦@23_Strong 📆MidY…

Iipshouto is suspended ‏@shoutocuIt

miracle: *freefalling* igot7s: “LMAOOOOO😂👌🏾😂 WHY ARMYS 🔫👁HYPE 💯❌UP BTS 👾👄ACHIEVEMENTS 👁🗣ITS ✂️NOT ❌LIKE 📐THEYRE ⛏💰💵…

💖Marie5Steph🙏👢🔥 ‏@Marie5Stephanie

What's that copy Trev Don wanabee runty little❄Santa sisE Steve bro cuz wan ThorCap Lock&barrel of J O☕AhoyAmericaW…

Jonathan Pearson ‏@jetpearson07

.Another cracking week chalked up @MoorAllertonGC ✅ Sneaked 3 games in and the course was in great shape…

Leena Leppänen ‏@LeenaLeppaenen

Finally #snow depth is over 15 cm in #Sodankylä ❄️☃️ . The first snow pit measurements for this winter will be made…

Du Corte 💈 ‏@lemoserickbjj

workshop ta bombando 📏📏📏

Neil Gush - Realtor ‏@MinotRealEstate

⬇️Price Reduction!!⬇️ 📍515 SE 74th St., Minot 📏 329.59 x 204.86 lot size 💰 $695,900 🔎 MLS #172750 Give Neil Gush…

◉ Σαιφυλλαη ◉ ‏@Saaifullaaah

Tommorows the day 🖋📐📏

Designer Discounts UK ‏@Designer_DiscUK

✏️ Stone Island Nylon Metal Watro Red Weft 📏 Junior Size 14 (19.5” pit to pit) would fit 14-16 years or a even a…

Austin M Brown LMSW ‏@Recovery_ABrown

Curious how an erroneous Brookings article gets (rightly) crucified, but a rehashed erroneous 12-step bash article…

Designer Discounts UK ‏@Designer_DiscUK

✏️ Women’s Canada Goose Chilliwack Jacket - Black 📏 Size XS / Size 8 (19.5” pit to pit) ⚠️ Excellent condition…

Designer Discounts UK ‏@Designer_DiscUK

✏️ Women’s Canada Goose Chilliwack Jacket - Military Green 📏 Size XS / Size 8 (19.5” pit to pit) ⚠️ Excellent…

🥶XtraOrdinary🥶 ‏@Youngnickbands

How you gone lie to me? 📏

Designer Discounts UK ‏@Designer_DiscUK

✏️ Stone Island Nylon Metal Flock Gilet - Blue shimmer 📏 Size Medium (22” pit to pit) fits like large ⚠️ Brand…


#Yungjoc 👱🏿‍♀️👀🗣Bye Jocquisha😩😆😂😭. Nigga got the east side ProStyle bald head thot bun😩😆😆😂. Shit stingy as hell 📏🧐😂…

Designer Discounts UK ‏@Designer_DiscUK

✏️ CP Company Arm Lense Jacket - Royal blue 📏 Size 52/XL (22” PTP) could also fit large ⚠️ Immaculate conditi…

Designer Discounts UK ‏@Designer_DiscUK

✏️ CP Company DD Shell Goggle Down Jacket - Black 📏 Size 50/Large (22” PTP) ⚠️ Immaculate condition with tag…

Zack Distelhurst ‏@MK3_Zack

I keep my hand on my tool uhhh clip look like a ruler 📏

Designer Discounts UK ‏@Designer_DiscUK

✏️ Moncler Patrick Hooded Gilet - Black 📏 Size 4/Large (22.5” PTP) ⚠️ Excellent condition, no flaws. 💷 RRP…

EPiC ♔ Isha ‏@EPiCIsha

@VladoBotsvadze And so much more... 📻+🔦+☎️+📸+🎥+📇+📚+💾+📀+⌨️+⏰+💳+🕹+🗺+⏲+🛒+🌦+📧+📅+📂+🗒+📏+🧮+🎶=📲 #technology #smartphone #allinone

Peter Albert Weir ‏@peteralbertweir

35mm ruler / 📸: 📏

BAL Tiling ‏@BALtiling

Have you tried BAL Board??? Holds up to 100kg/m2 💪 Easy to carry🏋️‍♂️ Easy to cut🔪 Minimal dust❌😷❌ 6 & 12mm thick…

Hannah Woolmer ‏@HannahWoolmer

My mum asked if I'd like her to buy me a chorizo. I said, sure love a bit of chorizo.b This is what she brought me…

Mrs. De Lucca ‏@mswrisci

Sophomores: I am looking forward to reading your project plans next Monday and Tuesday! Hopefully you are almost fi…

Emoji Leo ‏@EmojiLeo

Leo Emoji Horoscope for Sunday, December 9: 🇷🇺📏💀🚸📱🌿🚗🌙 #Leo #Emoji #Horoscope

Theresa Gasper ‏@TheresaGasper1

@newsobserver It’s the elementary teacher in me!☺️📏

wendy ‏@bergamotperfume

me: I'm FAR from being sad me 📍 📏 (4 mins) 📏 📏…

Paul Webster ‏@G7KVE

@RADIOIBC 📻 Marginal reception (with QSB) here in SE Netherlands. 🤔 I'm too near to the transmitter for the skywav…

Mr. K 💋 ‏@mechanikael

Mechanical Engineer under fabrication 📏🛠️⚙️👷

Billy Bowling ‏@babowling12

Boone is #boomin 📏 #WinterStormDiego

O come o come it's Sa-ah-amuel ‏@samuel_pollen

This is a pure appreciation tweet for @BuffyThe_Dog's tongue reach 🐕👅📏🏆 #dogvent

GridironRR ‏@GridironRR

🚨JUCO Prospect Spotlight🚨 @Matt_Caputo10 🗣Matthew Caputo 📏6' 4" 240 🏈TE 🏫@ChokeFootball 🌟🌟on

GridironRR ‏@GridironRR

🚨JUCO Prospect Spotlight🚨 @Paidsean__ 🗣DeSean Wilkins 📏6' 1" 175 🏈Safety 🏫@COSFOOTBALL 🌟8.0 on…

GridironRR ‏@GridironRR

🚨JUCO Prospect Spotlight🚨 @EurijahP 🗣Eurijah Ports 🏈Safety 📏5' 10" 170 🏫@SacCityFB 🌟🌟on

GridironRR ‏@GridironRR

🚨JUCO Prospect Spotlight🚨 @_RipPaul 🗣Derrion Warner 📏5' 10" 190 🏈Safety 🏈Citrus 🌟🌟on

GridironRR ‏@GridironRR

🚨JUCO Prospect Spotlight🚨 @5Grant 🗣Grant Wilson 📏6' 0" 185 🏈Safety 🏫Citrus 🌟8.0 on

Visualmodo ‏@visualmodo

Peak multi-purpose responsive WordPress theme 💻📏📱🚀 #webdesign #template #plugins #theme…

André David ‏@DrAndreDavid

Title: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🥼📏🦶 Abstract: today, our family measured their foot and big toe lengths. Findings: their proportion i…

امنا ‏@amna__jh

@dal_edu @Ghrebaa Mathematics 📐📏

MrsMakeYouQuiver ‏@MrsQuiverMaker

#selfcare is #important and #tiny #dick #husbands need to #respect and #honor that 📏🤣🥰

brax ‏@lifeuncontained

@shytwigs bitches be like “i’m FAR from stanning one of the most talented and underrated pop musicians of our time”…

brax ‏@lifeuncontained

@shytwigs bitches be like “i’m FAR from being like every elitist alternative fag” their spotify 📍 📏… ‏@sko_co

ULTRABOOST FOR LADIES 🔥🔥🔥 👟ULTRABOOST PEACH WHITE 🔺Grade 5A 📏 Size 36-40 🔥Readystock 💰RM110 sm 💰RM115 ss…

Golf2Win ‏@Golf_2_Win

EuropeanTour : INCHES from a hole-out eagle 📏 BrandenGrace has come out firing today. #SAOpen…

The European Tour ‏@EuropeanTour

INCHES from a hole-out eagle 📏 @BrandenGrace has come out firing today. #SAOpen

mizukage tomchee ‏@idkitstommy

nghtmre is tonight and yeh im a lil sad im not there, i just want to go to the venue to say hi ..... bet 🤣 me:…

h هِـ ‏@TripleShizz

Economists look to US as an example of how to build a 21st century nation from scratch 🌱. Sultan Qaboos was, and st…

The Futurist ‏@TheFuturist007

You can now measure & draw floor plans using an Augmented Reality app! 📏👓 #VirtualReality #AR #MR #VR #IoT…


🚧Available #JucoProduct 🚧 💥Dan Niculescu Jr 🏈Linebacker 🎓 2019 📏 6’1 🍱220 📚3.78 GPA 🏤 @sacdonsFB 🐦 @DjNiculescu54…

Johnny Beall ‏@Jbeall49

When there’s nothing nearby to officially measure the snowfall, gotta use what’s within arm’s reach (Hendersonvill…

𝒓𝒂𝒊𝒃𝒂/𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐦 🏹♥️ ‏@raibasomes

me: im FAR from clingy me📍 📏 (1 cm) 📏 📏 📍clingy

stupid robot ‏@owascobot

Walk 📏 📏 📍3 foot tall.

Yasmeen Bunquin ‏@MetalMinami

Art is life 🎨✏✒✂📏📌


@WithErikaMartin Omg I went 2 Catholic school years ago & u r so right the nuns would have gone mad with the ruler!! Lol 📏📏😡


🚧Available #JuCoProducts 🚧 💥Joseph Wood 🏈QB 🎓Qualifier 📏 6'2" 🍱190lbs 🏤 @DVC_Athletics 🐦 @joerwood3 📆MidY…

The Gonzo ‏@KanakaRay1

It's official. This is the End of Days. 🐧📏🕯️

I am: so so tired😔 ‏@ey_its_mo

Shorty📏like a thousand dollar💸plate🍝fine china🇨🇳tell her that she beautiful👸😍 everyday i remind her📆then i jump in…

🐰Mathew Porter🐰 ‏@RPStarter7

💳Character ID💳 👤Name: Mathew Porter 🕯️Age: 30 ♂️️Sex: Male ⭕Orientation: Bissexual 🛏️Position: Switch 📏Dick size:…

❄Snow❄ ‏@WatkinsIvy

Excited to get my 2019 bullet journal! I have so many ideas for next year! 📒✒✏📅📎📏✂️📸

Nathania Johnson ‏@nlj

There's a special DIY/crafts episode of the new @NailedIt holiday season and I'm so happy. ❤️✂️📏🖌

Unkle Duce🦍🇯🇲 ‏@Faithful_Dreamz

🗣Duson Sproles 📏5'11 210lbs 🏈RB 🎓GPA 2.94, Graduate Dec 2018 📚Cisco College 📽 Email: duce.…

@Babcockalan ‏@BabcockAlan

@jimcramer I Don't know Jim, I Guess 🏈👀📏🏆👈❓

stupid robot ‏@owascobot

Bitches 📍 📏 2 min. Jay versace be like I’m outta here 🏃🏻‍♂️💨 sorry I had too😂.

March Moon ‏@Shiva_Fubuky

📏Feline by the Foot🤣 #cat #Meow #instacat_meows #kitty #catofinstagram #cutecat #kittylove #instakitty #catlover…

Slum King J.T ‏@ENT_WHYNOT

THEM 😕 W2's 📑 ABOUT 😏 #1cm 📏 😋 DIALATED! 😌

Stefan Grant 🚀 ‏@STEFisDOPE

I’m the co-founder and CEO of @Noirbnb, a Travel Concierge Service | 🔑🌍 The principal of…

Jared Braun 🎮 ‏@JarBraun

@sockimposter @RenzoGHeredia You rule📏

Vivien Leong ‏@vleongTO

Well, @warrenhuska, what are you up to? 🚲📏🎄

💖Marie5Steph🙏👢🔥 ‏@Marie5Stephanie

U WILL BEE JOJO👼BR O Y O yeah felt were watching me for a long long time more like raw talent never developed O how…

Cris🥝 ‏@cristina_gk

How cute👷🏻‍♀️🧱📏


@CURVEG0DDESSS Hmmm ok 👨🏾‍⚕️🧐📝 🔬🔎📐📏

Queen Solomon 👑 ‏@AliciaLeej13721

Now tell your little freak, weirdo, scientists that "claim to know so much" to go & measure the heavens. 📏📐

Ronald Klain ‏@RonaldKlain

Yes. Imagine that the Presidency is a football field: Kelly imposed a "measure" of discipline about this 👉📏big.

💖Marie5Steph🙏👢🔥 ‏@Marie5Stephanie

This is happening Ohhh its happening Detail😎📏🔍except grin upside down See?

Piper ‏@RealPiperFari

Jamaican Biography - "Mark Anthony Myrie" (OC) "Buju Banton" via @YouTube📒🗞📏🔐📝lesson time

Nicole ‏@sugartastic

Awwwww YISSSSSS. #FunkoPop of two of my favorite characters from #DontStarve -- #WilsonHiggsbury 📚📏 and #Webber 🕷🕸…

jonah ramirez ‏@bloodyvamp05

▪️KIPLING BAG▫️with sling 800.00 ➕ACTUAL PHOTO POSTED 📏size: 15x11 inches ⭐️AUTHENTIC quality

Tame and Paula ‏@InfiniteSobbing

Bitches be like “I’m FAR from broke”: Bitches 📍 📏 (2 min. walk) 📏…

💖Marie5Steph🙏👢🔥 ‏@Marie5Stephanie

💁May I introduce Uncle Asta😎aka 🎅 I LOVVVVVEEEE YA unc Oh boy sugarplum of q candy canes and elf and & Santa Claws…

Lebanese Tech ‏@LebaneseTech

🎉 Look what I just found... 📐 📏 ⚙ ⚡ Method Wireframe Kit 2 - Find your method of being incredibly fast in prototyp…

HiddenGems Vancouver ‏@tryhiddengems

Need a #sweet treat to go with your coffee? Try the jam wheel @gastownseagull. The buttery pastry and juicy blueber…

💖Marie5Steph🙏👢🔥 ‏@Marie5Stephanie

Can you believe this Do you believe not that kinda believe oth kind cuz goimnna tellya right now they bee.Ben mess…

A inesquecível❣ ‏@charleshelenas2

bbs na 📏

Jeanne Waldrop ‏@jeannejellybean

@katelynhanshaw Wear your pajamas inside out & flush some ice! Do anything else you can think of!!❄️☃️❄️📏 Don’t for…

🌺Summer_Reign🌺 ‏@summera3n

me trying to convince my family & friends I’m not in any danger living in Paris rn me 📍…

Stacey Pyon ‏@spyonteaches

@IFTSTE Thank you for letting us use the STEAM Lab to explore and measure the world around us! Can’t wait to visit…

te®to.. ‏@Tourin_1895

lc dx forte 📏

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