Sunflower Emoji

A sunflower emoji. Bright and yellow. Give it to someone to make them smile!

Sunflower was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🌻 Flower

🌻 Yellow Flower


🌻 U+1F33B




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Corine Crystal ☥ ‏@HoneyGoldGoddis

I’m obsessed with sunflowers 🌻✨

TheunV ‏@TheunVat

@itskamoh 💞 SO-JIN Still SO Shy 💋🦋🌻😘

jorden ‏@darthImao

🌻Hi everyone who followed me/are now followed by me thanks to follow trains!! I know I don’t even have 100 follower…

The Shisha Man ‏@Hamzaopera

actives!!! retweet this to gain active bts mutuals + follow everyone who RTs and Likes this + make sure to follow back 🌻🌻

sus ‏@woodyyzee

🌈Alhamdulillah✨ I wish that today is the wonderful and blessful birthday✨, all wishes come true, and Allah always bless me, be better🌼🌻

HANS 👁 ‏@HanoUnknwn

@CINCOMALO natural versatility 🌻✨

Sheryl Klingbeil @🏡 ‏@SherylKlingbeil

@LadyTeapots They really do! 🌻💚🌺💚💮💚🌼

Spiritual Gangsta ‏@jaymami26


angel starr ‏@b1027blue

@tekstone @KwCongressional Fact 💯🌻👍

Wideawake2020 ‏@NadiaHi51291034

@foxguardiansuk Awww you poor thing. Get well soon lovely lady ♥️🕊️🌼🌺🌻🌼💮🌹💐🥀🌷🌺🌸

lemon_zesty ‏@acnh_lemon_

@splashjaguar Omg! Just woke up and saw this!! 😭 Thank you so much! 🌻✨ I’ve dm-ed you! ☺️

Tee ‏@Tee_007

@Ozmik_ Listen Tshidi! It’s all too much!! 🙇🏽‍♀️🥺 Sending hugs, boo 💖🌻

Mariam🎗 ‏@Angel333Dolan

@kimmikowalski Exactly, I had to unfollow people so many times due to this, spreading hateful messages and tweets w…

Kym ‏@kymisha27

Me with my youngest daughter 🌻

🐺🐰morningkiss☀️🌬️ ‏@brightestbunny_

Its so nice listeing to your song covers again..its been a while @bbrightvc must have been so busy😫😫...take care sweetie💚💙🌻😘

Stacy Frazer ‏@soultrain71

My sunflowers are so pretty 🥰🌻🌻

Lily'💜 ‏@jjalbda7

@lee_thanat Morning too 🌻

Aditya Doshi ‏@meindoshihu

@weirdgirlishere Good girl🌻 Now he'll reply :p

Gannon Medwick WECT ‏@medwick

Had a sunflower open up fully today and (swipe) a cute little baby visitor as the process was starting yesterday...…

a woman who does her best ‏@dnlljsph

Not a single flaw 🌼✨🌻

jatella ‏@jatella

@BarbaraNtumy @Eseoheee y’all are far too kind. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌷🌷🌷🌷

cindy womack ‏@cindywomack20

@VanceMc14 The epitome of the word magnificent. 🌻

it's me!!!!!!!!!!!! ‏@hazellebot

I'm Salsa, 🌻 pieces of the hazel not to get a lot of all that is, galaxy is doing well today!! lifted up! ith thoup an

Amanda🌻 ‏@__MandaaPandaa

Heavy on the self love, self care, self everything... 🌻

Summer 🌻🌱🦎 ‏@gummiedog

I just made a twitter just for art posts, so please check it out & give a follow if you'd like 😊 @GummieDogArt I've…

Hammond1 ‏@kim_leverette

@johnysonthespot Followed. 🌻❤️

𝐁𝐀𝐄 ‏@bcp_francesco

@bcp_suwei Ou talvez até mesmo... She's a sunflower 🌻🌻🌻, she's my one flower , she's the flower of my heart 💛💛💛

Sofii Leguiza 🌙✨ ‏@SofiBookLover

✨ BLOG TOUR | #MAYHEM BY ESTELLE LAURE 🌙 Super grateful to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book…

ʟᴇsʟʏ ‏@finewallst


Dana-Reina ‏@43dfAnne

Nothing has helped my relationship with my parents more than me moving out while still calling them often. They’re…

fey/lio ✿ | zack fair lovebot 🎀 ‏@wlwdgs

#AERTI: you’re the sunflower 🌻 - - #FinalFantasy7Remake #FF7R #FF7Remake

loveChunky💛 ‏@esUnicaChica

@dianecope1958 You do exist & you matter! Sending you warm hugs & sooooo much love from Boston 😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻😘😘😘😘

wimp ‏@explodingdiper

@b00biewiz my mind is at ease 😌🌈🌸🌻

Never not Nichole ‏@NickelodeonGenX

@wdkoller Hola Señior! I hope you are well. 🌻

Camila ‏@camach_medina

I'm really too sad, all I can say is that naya was a great person, all my love for her family and her beautiful son…

쉴라 - swilla - ‏@taehyungssi117

Goodmorning!!! 💜🌻

Kimi 😒🥀 ‏@Kimisha_D6

@JuneMossNews @CoryMonteith @MarkSalling @NayaRivera I know what he did, it was completely wrong...but I dont hold…

#Vhuludu Gang🌻 ‏@THEOKINGB

@SteveMorifi Hey Steve🌻🌻

Aysa12 ‏@Aysa126


Enzo Christopher ‏@halpern_claude

@Milagrin9 My pleasure 🙏🏼☺️🌼🌻

me ‏@MercedesLanaye

Sunflower me 🌻

☔️ ‏@avvoljimin

@_SANSHlNE_ spring day!!🌻💛

. ‏@kealey___

@DaTshoanelo happy birthday you beautiful girl you ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌻🌻🌻🌻

val ‏@worm_gurl

🧡 God Bless🧡 🌻 This 🌼 ✝️😌💓🏠 🌭🌭 Hot Dog Bro🤤✌️🌭

KYLINEnians Nueva Ecija Official🌻 ‏@KylineNE

We miss you @2002kyline See you soon😘 -KYLINEnians Nueva Ecija💛🌻 #KylineAlcantara #KYLINEnians

melanie ‏@melanieriver_a

i’m all like i want to be alt and then i remember i’m actually 🦋✨💫☘️🌱🍄🧚‍♂️⭐️🐌🐝🌈🌻 and cant do makeup

Venusian Moon 🌙✨ ‏@KAYYofWands

Just finished this beautiful bracelet for Mama Peach’s birthday gift. Working on the matching necklace next! 🍑💛 Yo…

ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER✨ ‏@theghettoauntie

You like big girls? I can cook 💁🏾‍♀️🌿🌻

yelly.🦋 ‏@yvcxi

My surprise from earlier today ☺️🌻🌹

tmr ‏@titrismrr

@dekkwidyaa happy bdayy kak🌻

Leila McCoy ‏@LeilaMcCoy17

KJ- Bette & I want to give your Granny a BIG SHOUT OUT TOO!!❤️😀 Grandma Betty- You look wonderful at 70! You have a…

TC🌻 ‏@poeticsoulbloom

@party4riah We are a small business that uses all natural products for skin and hair! We would love if you would ch…

Eline. ‏@lienwijn

Rest In Peace dear Naya Rivera 💜 Sending all my love to your family and little Josey!🌻

👑 𝒯𝒶𝓎𝓁𝑜𝓇 🌊🌺🏁 ‏@TayMorLove

I believe you!! 🌻✨💫👁🌟🙏🏽💖💝

🌸桜花🌸Ⓜ️😼 ‏@ouka0324

〈🌻*⋆⸜ᴳᴼᴼᴰ ᴹᴼᴿᴺᴵᴺᴳ⸝⋆*🌼〉

angel starr ‏@b1027blue

@AjRemember @AtypicalJoshua @mark_melbin @HowieHawkins I'm sorry to disagree.... I think Howie is doing a freaking…

Adalid ‏@flaco_92399

@CVillaloboss 🎂🎂🎇🎆🎈🎁🎊 Happy Birthday Beautiful Woman🌻

Eye Wonder Beauty ‏@eyewonderbeau

Always vegan and handmade with love 🌻💕 shop with a black owned business today

Maxcina Jones🧢☂ ‏@Bigeeta_Jones

Condolences to the family and friends of #KellyPreston. Ms. Preston definitely made her mark on holiday and will be…

Nick Kretsedemas ‏@NickKretsedemas

Great connection call with a great group of leaders!!! 🌶🌻!!!!

AB ‏@AmaraBhaloda

I made something and it turned out pretty okay ☺️🌻

layla jane 🌸 ‏@mccnmermaid

@craveinks I love you too 💕🌻💕🌻💕

Enzo Christopher ‏@halpern_claude

@Milagrin9 Thank you 🙏🏼❤️☺️🌻🌸🌺🌼

Dee The Human ‏@FrangipaniMeow

@pariahcareyyy 🌻 I see you. Keep going.

of wounds, of scorn, & of fire. ‏@saintkham

RIP to a legend, you are missed.🌻❤️

Caath❤️ ‏@_mkcaath01


Faith Dodd ‏@FaithDodd4


lotusflowerbomb🌻 ‏@__bellabomb

September 1st. 💛🌻

𝖓𝖆🪐 ‏@juneoktav

@ncitybase_ good morning echan🌞🌻

jatella ‏@jatella

@Brandivo 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 your glasses game is undefeated

ella ‏@amyrblunt

thinking about Naya using her last moment to save her little boy is devastating but still pure and lovingly! Rest in peace wherever you are🌻

A Real Down To Mars Girl 🚀 ‏@lexxtastic

@caelumtears A.M.G. Fellow Scorpio rising 🥺🌻💖

Nayla Bohsali ‏@BohsaliNayla

@GinoRaidy wow spreading positivity, keep them coming♥️🌻🌈🦋🐢

Positive Hifumin 💛 ‏@PositiveHifumin

ー 🌻 Even the most cheerful people can have bad days sometimes… It's okay to feel a little down, you know? Please ta…

🦄🌈☆eStarBunny☆🌈🦄 ‏@Tsholo_fierce

@Nomfundo_Brukwe I'm so sorry my babe❤❤❤ sending you lots of love, kisses and hugs sthandwa sam🌻

angel starr ‏@b1027blue

@HowieHawkins Neither of them have the intelligence to debate @HowieHawkins. tRamp will only rant, and Biden will…

snowx🍀 ‏@snowxfps

🌻 OPORTUNIDADES [@snowxfps]x[@YLLOWCOMPANY] ☀️ Concept T-Shirt 🔁+❤️ 📩COMMISSIONS ON

Alex ☂︎ ‏@indieklaus

stolen ✨🤠✨ what vibe do I give off? 😬 1.🖤🕷🗡🌑 2.💗🌸🌺👛 ✖️🦇 💀🕷 👼🏽🧸🌈💮 🔨☠️🔪🖤 🌈🍰💒💗 🖤🦇🗡🌑 🍧🌸🎠🍭 3…

Misha the Meezer & Her Siblings😸😸😸😸 ‏@the_misha

@briebritishcat Hi beautiful Brie😸🐾🌼 Thank you❣️ You have a pawsome day too🌞😻🎵🐟🌻🍀🏍️❤️

ن_ م_ ر _ہ💫 ‏@its_me_nimra

- Love The Man Who is Closer to ALLAH, Not To Other Woman🌻✨

ArtFaithB ‏@Artfaithb

@heatherdunlap Thank you, you're very welcome 🌞🌸🌻🌟

нєℓвяαм | Married to Kilia ‏@heruburam


𝓼𝓽𝓪𝔂 𝓹𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓭|KTH⟭⟬⁷ ‏@syoulazyhoes

@Dtown11B @estoyestupida damn bro why you here then sound dumb as fuck✨🌻🧚‍♀️🥰✨

Coldp'Love Solidarité ‏@ColdploveSolida

Thanks you so much @jowhiley 🙂❤it was great to hear Chris, Jonny, Will and Guy talking About Parachute🌻. I ❤you…

mel 🌸 ‏@moondrws

Hi! My name is Mel, I'm an art student and aspiring animator. I draw my ocs and fanart sometimes! 🌻…

hani ⁷ 🌱 ‏@glosshaneul

@vriochette thank you for all the wonderful content 💛 i hope the rest does you well & that wherever you go (interne…

Philip Cooney ‏@cooney_philip

Late 11:11 My Phillies love you all keep shining n God bless you 🥀💛💕❣🌻🌼💮🌹 Xxoox

shan ‏@shootyourarrows

dsyc // god i wish i was this organised at school... add this to the list of reasons why leo is the best 🌻

🌻 𝒥𝑒𝓃𝓃𝒾 🌻 ‏@RaiderJenni

@MacMillerMemoir @MacMiller Miss him. 🌻

mina bot ‏@mina_bot_

mina loves you 🌻

RILEY 💫 ‏@ItsRileyKe

Drop your handles lets follow you now 🌻🌻

Rocksee ‏@The_Rocksbury

first flower head opened from our sunflowers 🌻 .. got a ten footer towering behind that has still yet to put out a…

사라 ☀️ ‏@yaksokhj

@_SANSHlNE_ Spring Day 🌸🌻

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