T-Rex Emoji

A Tyrannosaurus rex; a large carnivore with a heavy tail, and short arms.

T-Rex was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🦖 Tyrannosaurus Rex


🦖 U+1F996


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Brett Boland ‏@devildocboland

@CLE_Paulus 👀 83?!?! I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur 🦖! What a joke! He is going to show them it will refl… https://t.co/1Em8qyQSKu

Melvin - #1 Muppet Magic Streamer ‏@MelvinTheMuppet

@YourNeighborTj @Chris_VanMeter @Card_Kingdom I’m not getting a good vibe for your “Dinos vs. Horses” decks either.... 🗡 🦖 💣 🐎

Jimmy Weeden ‏@weeden_jimmy

@realDonaldTrump @nytimes A church bible meters in there pro. Meter in the Atlantic will take out England and the e… https://t.co/Nj12d4HSR7

juul b2b pod 🔜 🦖 ‏@DominickCifelli

75 days till I’m back home 🦖❤️ https://t.co/CmRhsm6YpG

chey🌌 ‏@danger_nooodlee


Yoz 🦖 ‏@YuuhiS123

Happy birthday @LanaParrilla! You’re the Queen forever 😊🌈🦖! https://t.co/buIkXVJiJk

Jo Burnett🦋 ‏@joBurnett78

@ThePrimevalSite Oh she definitely got what she deserved 😁🦖

Wendy Burn 🌈 ‏@wendyburn

@jeandavisonTDT Nothing wrong with 🦕 🦖

Brittany ♌️ ‏@ohaiibrittanyx

Best part of their Engagement session 😂🦖 @elmoownzxx @Lysssa621 https://t.co/YW0h6txHSW

Serena DeJesus ‏@SerenaSouthpaw

Have YOU bought a Reenzilla shirt, tank top, rashguard, or even a onesie for you little ones? Be really cool if yo… https://t.co/0tOIrPLRpG

👁kennedy👁 ‏@bassheadken

@lost_lands when can we expect the live set videos from 2019?! 🦖

Veteran_Memoria ‏@MemoriaVeteran

Grab it now. 👉 GET YOUR HERE: https://t.co/Lipmh4a1D3 ✅💪Classical #gift for your friends ✅🗺️ FREE International sh… https://t.co/sdk7nvTvHf

Papyrusaurus ‏@Papyrusaurus

In case y'all were wondering just exactly how freaking cute the new mismatched Tiniest Book Club set is...📓✏. Link… https://t.co/5uSafo3OFT


@agletterman What's happening y'all, I got fanfiction + sci-fi /fantasy Wattpad stories, let's link 🦖 https://t.co/uBRbG2alwI

Howard Junior School ‏@HowardJuniorSch

King’s Lynn’s flagship school appears in today’s @EDP24 - with our amazing T-Rex 🦖 experience! Thank you… https://t.co/WBWB494CA9

Luma Imports ✈ Gen Con (#3065) ‏@ImportsLuma

[email protected] looks at the finer points of tiny dino parks in this great review of #Draftosaurus from @AnkamaBG!… https://t.co/Stncz6mwfa

Clare Bowen ‏@clarembee

OH MY GOODNESS. You can now stream my ✨ENTIRE✨ album on @Spotify! ✨🌈🐋⛈🦖🐾🛸🌸✨ Stream and come hang out inside my head… https://t.co/2Fbm7OIhFZ

myTEA is Mighty! ‏@wearemyTEA

Be MIGHTY with myTEA! 💪🌱🦖 Ready for your workout routine? Don’t forget to drink our myTEA Matcha Lattes to keep yo… https://t.co/247kfrHbkm

big Papi Chulo ‏@damelasoul

“Around my way, they call you a liq” 🦖 @RexxLifeRaj

📛iSAURE THE END🇫🇷 ‏@IsaureArya

🦖 from today 4 the sweet @petalidistellee https://t.co/A142erkuDo

avcadon't ‏@brandongq3

Jurassic Dolls 🦖 https://t.co/7QO4SO7FPf

chanshik ‏@chanshikb1a4

Hey! Ssup?! It's me Gongchan. B1A4's little dino! 🦖 https://t.co/IqfT8IZjfj

Ellie Bates ‏@TalesfromEllie

When you think of it, so many things get a little bit better, when you just add a few dinosaurs: - wrapping paper 🦖… https://t.co/BgSm2JSWJI

StarKilla Games ‏@StarkillaGames

Check out 🦖 Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo Collection Mega Blue Green Nintendo https://t.co/aJrDhcpPwO ⁦@eBay⁩ #ebay… https://t.co/7eR9T1Jwc2

Prairie Fox Books ‏@prairiefoxbooks

Thank you to brusatte_brusatte for a wonderful event this past Saturday! It’s always a treat to hear you speak abou… https://t.co/tXmNkvqre6

B A ‏@bobbyfaith

@rahulroushan I know few folks personally who links everything to Modi... I’m sure time is not far when even dinosa… https://t.co/hErfOIuEGp

Juju 🇵🇹 ‏@petalidistellee

@IsaureArya 🦖 but today's version

B A ‏@bobbyfaith

I know few folks personally who links everything to Modi... I’m sure time is not far when even dinosaurs 🦖 🦕 extinc… https://t.co/DlqcFoL8Ol

York Maze ‏@Yorkmaze

Fantastic first few days! Great to see some familiar faces, and plenty of new visitors too! Lots of love for our ne… https://t.co/e60tfpcJIL

Fyn Teaze3 👽 💙🏁🚀✨🌟✨🌥 ‏@FYNOSITEEZ


Scout Finch ‏@ScoutlovesBoo

@amandajhelling I think lining them up for the stalls is almost as joyous as the race. Let’s ban greyhound racing w… https://t.co/1myMhiPyr0

I Love Cubs ‏@i_cubs

One Day Sale…Hurry!. 👉 ORDER HERE: https://t.co/ESkVHbsf4Z ✅➡️Supreme #gift for your friends ✅🗺️ FREE Worldwide de… https://t.co/O2zd3RWPQL

📌army selca day| Eva Saw BTS in Paris 20/10/18 💜 ‏@CringingYoongi

We found a Jimin today at the mall UwU 🦖🐷 @BTS_twt #JIMIN #Jimin #BTS #BTSARMY https://t.co/PShB3IrDy0

BTS Lower Midwest ‏@BTSxLMidwest

Radio tips! #Army411 ✔️Call in, tweet @, or send a message to your local radio stations ✔️Listen in and when the D… https://t.co/pKj8mSVN4q

Claudia M Astorino ‏@claudistics

man, it feels good to be back at AMNH! I like Boston & my lil home office we set up, but WOW does this hit me right… https://t.co/mqIym2V8lf

GrimXD ‏@GrimXDtwitch

Live! Hunting 🦖 https://t.co/aV1Vi3BAjA

Luma Imports ✈ Gen Con (#3065) ‏@ImportsLuma

@BoardGameGumbo @AnkamaBG @Horrible_Games Then a Drafto demo you shall have! 🦖❤️🦕

Sailor Uranus 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@fangirl_uranus

@penguwingu Now she has a bunch of 🦖 on her side. SuzAnus ain’t worthy... yet.

sudha ‏@WokeTexanSudha

@AOC @LindseyGrahamSC Proud of you girl 👩🏼‍🦰don’t let these dinosaurs 🦖 silence you. They are a dying breed ... kee… https://t.co/aqKjaHOJBj


@Strezy Well come back 🦖

Falco Lounge ‏@FalcoLounge

🦖🦖FALCO JURASSIC UPDATE🦖🦖 Thankyou barnsley loungers for helping us find our "lost" staff...Lollypop the T - rex ha… https://t.co/f1VPRA0mxt

Langa ‏@laaangadube

man-eating dinosaur 'grrr!' 🦖 https://t.co/Dg2qbJNj6V

Love Anerley ‏@loveanerley

It’s Love Parks Week & I have to say I have a lot of love for Crystal Palace Park 💚 🌳 The dinosaurs are amazing of… https://t.co/pIaqEJSqZn

💥⭐️Follow Help⭐️💥 ‏@follyfollyFW

follow everyone who likes this, 3mins.. 🦖

Andro Baggins ‏@AndrewQuast1

@DewanGoesFor_20 Excited to watch you play this season! 🦖🏆

🏖BetterWorld🏝 ‏@HelloCrandil

@AOC @LindseyGrahamSC Agree @AOC GOP must realise small piece of hardware cellphone brings worldlocal newsinfo to v… https://t.co/aTxZEfXrMw

Steffen Andersen ‏@iZirius

@thewossy @happoween @CardboardDet Dinosaurs would be awesome! 🦖 Could also be some kind of underwater race, like Naga.

유주 ❀ ‏@GFRDYuju04

@zheongguki Don't be so mean , you are the monster 🦖

Toppling Goliath ‏@TGBrews

@chelseydc @heygouter @_morethanfood Good luck with that detox...😳 Sue will be waiting for you on the other side! 🦖 https://t.co/av08xpEQgY

Alex Zamora ‏@AlexZamora

@thatothertime I’m pretty sure it’ll be a QR code, which takes people to Google’s offline dinosaur game...🦖

LadyJ ‏@JDT19

@EffieKammenou @sylvainreynard Efaristo Effie, me too. I need a reread. Really exited for @sylvainreynard announce… https://t.co/bUTNjPpRtz

Veteran Committee ‏@VeteranCommitt3

One Day Sale…Hurry!. 👉 GET YOUR HERE: https://t.co/xUjPWO9Wsp ✅💯Excellent #gift for your friends ➡️ ✅🗺️ FREE Intern… https://t.co/WqL6GLKZLj

Thawen 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ ‏@thawen

@coldclearsea Also: DINOSAUR CAKE!!!! 👍👍🦕🎂🦖(*rawr*)

North East Dance Co-operative ‏@NEDanceCoop

Dance with a dinosaur, plié with a polar bear, power walk like an Egyptian & workout your way through the millennia… https://t.co/DyXNp0JhW6

Ireland⚜️Reid ‏@Irelandreid

Now this is the race I want to see!! 🦖 https://t.co/wpy0ZYxM2X

Bham Restaurant Week ‏@bhamrestweek

🦖 Calling all carnivores! 🦖 @PerrysDining, @Flemings and @Grille29_Bham are serving up steaks, pork chops and more… https://t.co/oG4YROHizy

ATD Attractions ‏@ATDAttractions

This #JurassicWorld ride looks DINO-MITE! 🦖 https://t.co/72G3bgfa30

Amy ‏@amycimino

T-Rex had lots of fun at #sdpride2019 and still is sporting the rainbow 🌈 @driscollsberry #berrytogether… https://t.co/Rp4tvL0DxP

Ylva 🍸 ‏@Ylva_says

@ZonePhysics I love the sounds they make. ❤️ Definitely dinosaur 🦖 https://t.co/DX0giphcsY

Al Ain Zoo ‏@AlAinZooUAE

#DidYouKnow that the Green iguana🦎 is among the largest lizards in the Americas 🇺🇸 reaching a length of 6.5 feet lo… https://t.co/uLr7Dewozd

𝚜 ‏@sadxholic

@russdiemon I love u king 🦖💔

ster ‏@sterling_flo

happy birthday to my bestie for life!!! there is never a dull moment when you are around. I’m thankful for you ever… https://t.co/AnYJXIU2lv

🌸GOALIES! 💖💙💜 ‏@SparkleTindi

@signe_chan 💜🦖💜 glad your mom is okay.

Andreas ‏@jurassic_cc

@movieposterguy Happy Birthday my friend!!🎉 Hope you'll have a great day with many Jurassic gifts!🎁🦖

Riley 🏴‍☠️ Skeleton Keys! ‏@Laelaps

Jet and I are pleased to tell you that my next book, Crossing Hell Creek, will be published by @StMartinsPress! 🦖☄️ https://t.co/0pzSGmSF9E

easyJet ‏@easyJet

@RamridgePrimary Wow thats fantastic. I hope they all had a fantastic time meeting @KatiePiper_ and @RobBiddulph Ou… https://t.co/1usZPQr8vp

GrimXD ‏@GrimXDtwitch

See ya in an hourish 🦖

Destyni 👽🔜 Lost Lands 🦕🦖 ‏@destynikayleen

@David_storey93 Yay!! It looks good!! 🦖

MoonKatz ‏@moon_katz

@POTUS You are not a president, you are not a businessman, you are not even a man! Do yourself and the world a favo… https://t.co/4j5OSoHYcn

LaddersToLeaders ‏@Ladders2Leaders

2 years ago today david gave Eva her first dinosaur 🦖 sticker. #soberlife #socent https://t.co/644I2dLnYf

thomas ‏@yearsayears

@alexander_olly happy birthday, hope you’re having a good day, love you so much ✨🦖

Pandora Jewellery UK ‏@PANDORA_UK

Sneak peek! Our new collection launches in 3 days! We can’t wait to reveal all 🦖 https://t.co/RHKMU2wooo

Institut Int. Lancy ‏@IILancy

There is something incredibly satisfying with building something and make it work. Today our genius pre teens are m… https://t.co/pLXmqr4TNI

🦖💖🦖💖 ‏@HighKeyRandom_

I feel like I’m always giving out music gifts on my bday . 😂😂 “Gentle” tape dropping tomorrow my birthday 🦖💖🦖💖

Andrew Germishuys ‏@Andrewgerm_za

@ShowmaxOnline I shall indeed. As soon as one stroked my fancy to begin watching 😎🎬🦖

pied piper jk🥴 ‏@jjuunnggkkookkk

@yoonmin_twt Hobi in the middle of it: *raaaaaa* hahahahaha *raaaaa*🦖

essi ‏@essudesu_

Frick yeah NINJA SEX PARTY tickets arrived 🦖👽🎉 CANT WAIT FOR OCTOBER !!!

“Marky” Mark K. Fabe ‏@veryHoSTiLe17

@JudasDraven @AEWrestling @boy_myth_legend @MarkoStunt SAVAGE Club! 🦖

Jerry Pallotta ‏@jerrypallotta

16 DAYS until Ultimate Dinosaur Rumble. August 1st 🦖 ——— One of my favorite dinosaurs is the Brachiosaurus 🦕 They h… https://t.co/MSA0z5Cxxu

Danielle Langren ‏@DaniLangren

I dub today, Best Professional Development Day @PerotMuseum @Region10ESC #dayatthemuseum #dancingdinos #🦖 https://t.co/BvBzPB8ZAO

Tealzilla #DiversityDino 🦖 ‏@tealzilla

@SandySeaRex @MSTCommunity Sandy!! You’ll have to come find me at #MSIgnite in Orlando, FL this Nov ✨🦖✨ There will… https://t.co/gbaisGxgWQ

CTC School Counselor ‏@CTC_Counselor

I see some future students!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product 🦖 @PADeptofEd @IamGenerationT @actecareertech… https://t.co/e8W59KnJyv

Tealzilla #DiversityDino 🦖 ‏@tealzilla

Any other ceramic Dino family / fans out at #MSInspire or #MSReady this week? Be sure to connect with Laura / Prepp… https://t.co/OGobiukbS0

Made in Menlo ‏@MadeinMenlo

@StarshipTrop19 @NASA @Twitter @NASAMoon @NASAKennedy @NASAJPL @NASA_Astronauts @RobertTBigelow @BigelowSpace… https://t.co/U6jukXlsAc

C👑 ‏@CarleeJones15

Their my everything 💕🦖 https://t.co/PxkF48X7Dj

Jes Roper ‏@RoperJes

Being in a new work environment sucks. Some days you want to be weird and let your weirdness out but you have to keep your shit together 🦖

Summerแจกที่ปักหมุด📌 ‏@summerme_shop

#พร้อมส่ง 🦖Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Foam 100ml. 🌹 380.-🦖 #HowtoPerfact #howtobeauty… https://t.co/REfo2jZsRJ

People Toy Company ‏@PeopleToyCo

🦖 or 🦕 ? What will you and your toddler build with #PeopleBlocks today? https://t.co/oQDskdvQV1 https://t.co/8YUZQbbxR5

SimbasQueen ‏@simbasqueen

@ThisIs_Progress @Cara_Noir 🦢vs @elpwrestling 🕶️ @Suplex_Slinger 🐴vs @DUNKZILLADavis 🦖 @Robbie_X_ ✖️ vs… https://t.co/GmLGzOltSB

Creator Code: Altomus1i ‏@altomus1i

@pcgamer Probably?! Oh it’s going down 🤖 vs 🦖 Place your bets

🤡(=චᆽච=)🤡 ‏@lunadecrema

Mega Charizard X is such a Perr pokemon. It’s really reaaaaaaaally perfect. 🦖

havyck ‏@syyhlxx

@TxUFOSightings A reptoid took a bite out of it! 🦖✨🛸💫

Brittany✨ ‏@britmgarcia

Happy Third Birthday Sweet boy💙🦖 https://t.co/dzDysfp1O3

SLF Certified ‏@CertifiedSlf

It is official videos are on the way check my two vids my YT IS SLF Certified ✨🦖

ghostofbrexit©️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿 ‏@nbp10000

@KayBurley @rafredarrows @travelmail @British_Airways @airtattoo What are you wearing today you look like a walking snooker table 👗🧤👒🐸🐢🦖

Dinotropolis ‏@DinotropolisUK

School's out, BREAK FREE! 🦖 💥 Go wild this Summer at Dinotropolis - the park is fully air conditioned so every Rang… https://t.co/BYwH3yZuSn

🖤Sam.i.Am🖤 ‏@Sykosomatix

I love @JudasDraven 🦖

🦖 Ramsey Deans : Graphic Art 🦖 ‏@RamseyDeansArt

@koyoriin I was absolutely in love with her 10 years ago when I first watched ergo proxy... You just reminded me t… https://t.co/yXCATFSP7F

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