Taco Emoji

A taco; a Mexican food item displayed with a variety of fillings. Similar to a burrito.

Taco was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🌮 U+1F32E


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Taco Ranch ‏@tacoranchatx

So fresh and so green 🥗 . . . #tacoranch #tacoranchatx #atx #eatlocal #austintx #austin #austinfood #eateratx… https://t.co/TcFrW9k7yl

Jessica Lynch ‏@itsjessca_

I. Need. 🍣🌮🍔🍕🍟🥗🎂🍾

🃏 ‏@timhorsburgh

Oh man Hulu sent a taco truck to the Kartemquin office! 😍 🌮 https://t.co/eRUUy1ah67

PBT SRQ ‏@pbnt_srq

Try our delicious Taco Salad today! PS, WE DELIVER!!! . . . 🍕🍔🌮 #pizza #burgers #tacos #PBNT #favoritefoods… https://t.co/Fe7r6nWEEJ

A Clockwork Laurenge ‏@The_WolfCat

@Doug_Tilley My first Taco Bell was bought by Katy Perry 'cause my sister was wearing some of her merch. She came u… https://t.co/hnrRbi3UUy

BullStreet District ‏@BullStreetSC

Thx @SenorResources for tasty lunch tacos today on Saunders St. 🌮 Big 👏 to @OgletreeDeakins for scheduling food tru… https://t.co/JUjdIAlYkL

J.R. JuniorJuniorsJr ‏@jarjarbinks23

There are days I genuinely enjoy eating healthy and then there are days like today where I just want to spend $20 a… https://t.co/C9jAz6cgmt

🐙 OctoCamBot 🐙 ‏@Octo_Cam_Bot

I, OctoCamBot, just fed the fish! 🐠 🥞 🎉 🌮 🐠 🧁 🍕 EmojiStats: 🌡 32.0F 🥤 Low 🌅 6:30 🌇 18:35 https://t.co/2LLA4jvC9m

Ellie Main ‏@Elliemainey

Day 4: • Our amazing new office! • 🌮 all day • Cozy LAN parties #30daysgrateful https://t.co/YbM8y86RC2

Charlie Schmid ‏@charlieschmid3

We’re psyched to be sharing the stage with fyoutammy and thesaltrose on 2/6 @ElCortezBK- so grab your f-ing cowboy… https://t.co/WYFQ7I1vdg


@BHG Taco 'bout a party!! 🎉🌮

Charlie Rihoo ‏@crihoo

Shout out everyone that made it to the event last night! We had a great time as always, Dallas has too much talent.… https://t.co/4im0lM8S3k

Nelson Gaspard ‏@GaspardNelson

Happy birthday bro 🌮 @adam_daix

Fluffy ‏@ZavalDaddy

Started playing Sims 4 yesterday after not having played the series since the first Sims Deluxe Edition. Ayeetall F… https://t.co/3FeVa3l2sE

Epic Burrito ‏@EpicBurritoCo

We have $6.99 lunch specials Monday - Thrusday! Don't miss out on a great meal at a great price! 🌮 . . .… https://t.co/cuxkjVrB3a

Pole 4 Fitness ‏@Pole4Fitness

🦀 & 🌮 under the bar - Becki 💛 #aerial #aerialist #aerialhoop #lyra #circus #cirque #crabunderthebar… https://t.co/XyC31K5aoK

Princeton Golf Course ‏@GolfPrincetonGC

🥡🌯Its that day again... home made Thai food by Dylan! 🥠🍤 🥕🥒🍅 Looking for a quick lunch? Come try our salad and hot… https://t.co/1GIrTcBYor

kareisha blevins ‏@urdream77

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/EoA3YZFM2B COOK WITH ME 🌮 TONS of Large Family Tacos for the Weekend!

Cross Street Market ‏@CrossStMarket

@tacolovegrill Thanks for sharing! We are so excited to bring you to the city! 🌮

brandon_v ‏@itsyourboib

@DOPE_KIDZ95 I got you kinfolk next time my gma makes some tacos 🌮 I’ll take you some

Randalyn Hill ‏@RandalynHill

Let’s 🌮 bout it! #guestbloggers https://t.co/Bq43dBGH5a

Broken English ‏@BEtacopub

Let's taco bout TRIVIA! All the Mex beers, tequila & of course... prizes for 1st place teams! See ya with your game… https://t.co/nGOyYV0aBh

Taco Tech ‏@tacotech1

Join us for 🍽 sushi lunch specials 🥢and tonight for 🍸 House Margaritas ONLY 12oz. $2.75 & 24oz $4.75! 🎉 10% off Sus… https://t.co/Rm50jYweRZ

Chris Teal ‏@1SG_Chris

@Theslatones We have tacos 🌮 for tonight...why limit tacos to just one day?

Jason Lucas ‏@Shieldwalled

@belleofpwncast Happy birthday! Have a great one 🌮👸

Espresso Mahyco☕️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ‏@EspressoMike0

@patrickmadrid Well, I am Hispanic ... parents from Mex...I Married a Catholic woman who is White/ ☘️ American. T… https://t.co/TNIrymO1pf

Brother David :{D} ‏@DavidHuntSmith

#NewFollowerShoutout #BrotherAshby Technology Favors The #NimbleDeveloper👩‍💻🤸🏼‍♀️ @naomibrockwell🍒🍎🌮… https://t.co/T4k82wznYZ

Kevin Jones ‏@kevl_jones

Missed taco Tuesday so taco Wednesday going up tonight 🌮

Paul Bayliss ‏@PaulBayliss9

@craigwilso1969 @khfcofficial @HarriersPies @HarrogateTown That sounds interesting 🍔🌮

🌙EatWhateverYouWant ‏@AlwaysEating__

📍 tipsytailshollywood 🌮🦀🌴 🔆 🌮Celebrating Tacos on a Wednesday 🌮 🔆 🗯What tacos are these⁉️ 👇🏾 ◾️Shrimp 🌮🍤 ◾️Ribeye 🥩… https://t.co/SHpTzEWrxG

Luigi C. 🌮 ꜩ | tezzieland.com ‏@Tezzieland

Finally #tezos officially supported by Ledger Nano S hardware wallet! 🚀🌮 https://t.co/Cn4VdqSjka

Leila Beaudoin ‏@LeilaBeaudoin

it was 🌮❤️

💥Firecracker-K💥 ‏@KaRaRacn75

Gonna make me some left over tacos 🌮 I need to eat!

@BakanWynwood ‏@bakanwynwood

Mezcaleando @ BAKAN. Our mezcal collection offers unique pairing opportunities which enhance the flavors of your di… https://t.co/ViPFrBt0QS

Sloan Davis ‏@sloan_davis

I respect myself enough to never deprive me of tacos. 🌮

♡Fun Size Barber♡ ‏@funsizebarber

@andyblarsen I 2nd Chungas! Best tacos around! I drive 30 min to eat those delish bad boys. 🌮 😋

Becky Joy ‏@beckyjoy

Fourth and final week in this month-long series to kick of 2019 with a focus on health: #WednesdayWorkouts and… https://t.co/quv2pfvTI6

NU Food Marketing ‏@NUFMA2

Come visit NUFMA at the career fair in LL Gally 🎉🍔🌮🍎☕️

ziyanda nteyi ‏@ziyamdrate

Making 🌮 🌮🤤🤤

90hires ‏@90hires

We bring in lunch every Tuesday for our team (usually 🍕 and 🥗). Yesterday, we had clients in the office and opted f… https://t.co/vs5cC05xvG

Lilian Reyes ‏@leereyes07

@michhern19 It’s never too early 🌮

🌰JayBones13🥃 ‏@JayBones13

@SamRobertsWX I’ll make another pitcher of margaritas and have a few more tacos and pretend I didn’t read this 🍹🌮

Epicinsanity 🎙🎧 ‏@Epic_Insanity

@WoWChallenges @belleofpwncast Omg! Another January bday person. I knew there was a reason I liked Belle so much!!!… https://t.co/tGZChUAacj

Shart Squiggle ‏@ShartSquiggle

Your Mom! 🌮 @ La Carnita https://t.co/oVEkrALENt

Pattern89 ‏@Pattern89

🌮 vs. 🍫! Beards vs. Mustaches! Our #AI knows which perform better in #paidSocial. And the winners are...… https://t.co/k7O6ChIuii

🌊Druł💙 ‏@drooooshk

They need to peacefully coexist 🍕🌮♥️ https://t.co/ckK7VPtvvl

David F. Campos Sr. ‏@coltcam4560

@NBCNews He needs a knuckle taco 🌮

BelAir Cantina ‏@BelAirCantina

Thank you for voting us BEST 🌮 TACO in Milwaukee! Shout out to all of our fellow nominees and winners of #BOM2018!… https://t.co/gS2GcJni3C

A.J.A ‏@its_unique_aly

@annastasiaorteg How could I say no to tacos 🌮 😩

Rio Mambo ‏@RioMamboTexMex

It’s THIRSTY THURSDAY! Join us for $3.99 House & $5.99 Blended Margaritas ALL DAY LONG! 🍹🌮 #riomambo #texmex… https://t.co/7Ts0DHb2ax

Brian Hellwig ‏@BrianHellwig

@jaredcar1 Never too late for Tacos!! 🌮

གཀོ🔞 ‏@Dystar924

"Everybody loves tacos, there's nothing wrong with it, people that can't wait in line for their turnover originated… https://t.co/Ri0v5BN80W

Nerdy Vegas Chic ‏@nerdyvegaschic

Dreaming about tacos 🌮💜 https://t.co/Jp1KME7bVD

Nissan of Cleveland ‏@nissanofclev

$10 can get you a lot..like 10 $1 tacos 🌮...think about it. Save $10 on an oil change...so you can buy tacos.… https://t.co/FOthvmXsn6

BurningBeardBrewing ‏@beard_aflame

Sky’s the limit 🌤 Take your midweek to new heights with a cold beer from Burning Beard and a delicious taco from… https://t.co/RAHxTYWVUQ

Cap'nCrypto ‏@CryptoMarigny

@ChainlinkBull Bullish on 🌮

Danilo Lewis ‏@danilolewiscom

If you could share a meal with anyone dead or alive, who would it be, and what would you order? 😁🥞🍣🍝🍲🍔🌮 Me? Id love… https://t.co/SH4ZtSiK64

Green Mill Catering ‏@GreenMillCaters

We’ve got a lot... So let’s taco-bout our buffet options! 🌮 😉 https://t.co/BIjXMcAcLz

amy ‏@mycafelatte

@SoylatteGlady Noooooooo. Save the nacho bar 🌮

Mr. Rued ‏@FlawLessKid

All #hospital staff, should be provided with a #breakfasttaco 🌮 and coffee ☕️ , when entering the hospital for their shift.

மகிழன் ‏@maghizhann

Dedicated to all foodies 😍 🌮 https://t.co/O3ag9bVEkh

Laura.S.F.R.N. ‏@laurakwhiteside

@sassy_md_rn My hubby makes breakfast tacos all the time.🌮

💕RichGurl Ri™💕 ‏@RiKhalifa423

Thinking mexican 🌮 before the show later 🤨🤔

- Karenn 🍍 ‏@karencis_

Vacation time 👙🌊☀️🍹🌮🇲🇽

Anna's Class ‏@AnnasClass

I think they are excited about the taco party. 🌮 #cookingandfoodinvestigations https://t.co/OV2jYcBCOY


🌮👩‍🍳 Feeling Hungry? NBCC Culinary Arts #students get creative with @mccainfoods! #appliedresearch #foodindustry… https://t.co/qpDq1ISOBd

reneice💙 ‏@reneice6

Walk-in tacos 🌮 today 🤤🤤🤤🤤

Grace N. Rogers PTO ‏@GraceNRogersPTO

Who doesn't love Taco Tuesdays? 🌮 Order some ON Tuesday, January 29th at Moe's Southwest Grill and 15% of your purc… https://t.co/gEROcJFM50

Victor Gonzalez ‏@Tu_Santidad

Yall pray for @MartaSemidey nothing wrong w her she just really said “I’m tired of tacos” 🌮 😔🥺💔 https://t.co/JK8R16AAic

David Gallagher ‏@TBoneGallagher

@texpatsabroad @wahaca @torchystacos I’m hoping to convince the experts to give it a shot ... a truck or pop up could be a good start 🌮

Anna's Class ‏@AnnasClass

Today we are investigating tacos! 🌮 #cookingandfoodinvestigations https://t.co/1XNBzjuaHZ

amy schneider ‏@NurseRosebeetle

@realDonaldTrump He’s gone from speaking to his educated followers who read at a fifth grade level to his regular f… https://t.co/1cNB2rR9hS

Anne ‏@AnneHale88

It‘s Taco Tuesday 🌮 on a Wednesday! Super yummy and delish! 😍#tacos #yummy #delish #dinner https://t.co/UIT0LbsF3j

SKETCHY ‏@SketchyGraves

@yungyinyang Let's go 💨 and 🍕🌮🍻

Lillian May ‏@Lillianna277

@MissHellTX @KathySmith2115 @milaie69 @ssvettech @Sappho31Apples @TEXASRET @crissybpt @jonsv3 @maresp601… https://t.co/ic9kOKJ7zN

Carey Light, Realtor ‏@CareyLight

We're feeling festive...and hungry! Who wants tacos?? 🌮🙋🏼‍♀️ Join us this FRIDAY between 5:30pm-7:30pm for our OPEN… https://t.co/MfZynMpQ5r

Jeeps only! ‏@Jeepsonly2

@RobbCole4 I love when the grills are painted to match looks way better! And it doesn’t cost that much. 🌮🍔🍟🍕🥞🥪 I th… https://t.co/MpCiis0Hio

Taco Love Grill ‏@tacolovegrill

Hello hello taco lovers! Taco Love at Cross Street Market coming soon 🌮 ❤️ #Repost @crossstmarket with get_repost… https://t.co/iTtK5MvcfA

ßяσωиßєαυту 👸🏽💋 ‏@BrownBeauty_Xx

Niggas be switching bitches like they missing out on something 🤔 thinking they gone replace the one that Cooked for… https://t.co/rjqKdm64A1

Marie stayed 💕 ‏@Swift_catz

I love Taco Bell and I love Taylor swift so what better way to show it than to retweet this? 🌮 https://t.co/TXo3d51ve2

Cross Street Market ‏@CrossStMarket

It’s a great day to be the heart of #FederalHill! We are proud to announce our second round of new merchants. Plea… https://t.co/x7oIZPCzQw

niddy🌹 ‏@Nattaliee17

i want tacos 🌮

Zoomph ‏@Zoomph

🌮@TacoBell created engaging content by documented their Live Mas Student Section and Taco Bell Tailgate over Instag… https://t.co/PGlYOliA0M

Monices Pieces ‏@Monices_Pieces

@miblogestublog Want curvy hips? 👉 🌮 🌮🍺🌮🌮🌮🌮🍺🍺🌮🌮🍺🌮🌮🌮🍺🌮🌮🌮🍺🍺🍺🌮🌮🌮🌮🍺

🌮 ‏@hatchyuu

i love taco 🌮

Hassan Malik ‏@HassanWMalik

@SassiFarouk @ZantashaK Bring me some tacos 🌮 from Cuba 😉

Becky Krystal ‏@BeckyKrystal

Not sure which I am more excited about: @tomsietsema's new monthly roundup or the fact that there is now a… https://t.co/Hjq4g1UyC5

Detroit Playeristic ‏@parys_marie

And 🌮 too 😂😂 https://t.co/Tm66COpDLZ

S Kat🌹 ‏@_sammikat

#NewProfilePic this 🌮 is off the menu. 😜 https://t.co/E3iL09Mth0

Del Sur ‏@DelSurSD

Get over the hump with dinner & happy hour drinks all night 🌮🍹😜 https://t.co/nltL0MsCHp

👑 Queen Victoría 💍🍹 ‏@TexasLifeQuotes

The taco 🌮 lady is on her way to our office!!! I'm so hungry. I worked out this morning and had a breakfast shake b… https://t.co/ORc2OaEcdJ

Sue 🖤 ‏@SueWoo87

🗣 can the ladies get this for Valentine’s with some tacos 🌮 🤷🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/3H8OjGMzw0

ThorpeHesleyPrimary ‏@ThorpeHesleyPri

Master Chef time in Class 3! 🍞🌽🥑🌶️🥒🌶️🌽🌮 What Mexican food will we be making? https://t.co/E6d73wMRmB

Jamie 🧛‍♂️🧛‍♀️👱🏼‍♀️⚡️ ‏@mcnicollme

@magicalcrypto @fluffypony I have $3 and a half-eaten taco 🌮 ... hit me up 🤙

THV11 ‏@THV11

🔥🔥🔥 The girl who went viral for getting a @tacobell gift card for Christmas just celebrated her 5th birthday at the… https://t.co/4IYzVBIgtq

Berty 🤘🏼 TV ‏@bertytv

@OpTicMiDNiTE Welcome back! Get you some brisket breakfast tacos! They = life 🍳🌮😊

Cocaina ‏@JustJairis

@_Iforsuperior good morning💙 Can’t wait to see you later 🌮 https://t.co/dDn2sBzfcZ

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