Tag Ampersand Emoji

Tag Ampersand was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀦 U+E0026


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iah ‏@vubbletaegi

i wish my irl friends would be as supportive as my mutuals https://t.co/oAUvFVj5Si

Julie10128 ‏@julie10128

@theartistrandal @Education4Libs Back in the day, AltaVista was good. But Google is better.

Shiv ‏@shivfromthebloc

@maryepworth @HeeleyJo I have something similar relating to music or even just sound, I think. I notice it mostly a… https://t.co/q9xAN8kvg6

BuyBeforeUDie.com Amazon Deals Discounts Coupons ‏@Amazon_Deals___

12 months for just $5: COUNTRY WOMAN (Digital Edition) https://t.co/NlaE7MavmS

FOX19 ‏@FOX19

UPDATE: NB I-71 snarled by fuel spill and crash. Right lane remains blocked. Major backup delaying drive times… https://t.co/Csy0hjrtxN

Mister Neutron ‏@iansco

Selection committee lets slip Alastair Cook's knighthood https://t.co/rLRPFISOaD

small chops ‏@debs_olaa

Get me to Nigeria right now 😤

#GetHimOutFC 🇫🇷 ‏@SirJDW_

Incredible. https://t.co/36YZe7eyng

carboloment ‏@carboloment

new recipe: bread spinach a tablespoon of choc spread a pinch of cumin mix together dice it enjoy

Sherica Matthews ‏@ShericaMatthews

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/DGF4GwDp8j Overcoming Disappointments

Uber Physio ‏@PhysioJay_10

@Enitanyettie Dude looks like my senior in secondary school!!! Did he attend FGBC Garki, Abuja? Mubarak or Desh? Forgotten his name.

Neil Johnston ‏@CountMoriarty

@J0ecitizen @me_esso10 @CrossChan219 @rioferdy5 It doesn't seem ridiculous from where I'm standing. Look at Arsenal… https://t.co/nd7yTx10pN

😆 ‏@justindore0

@samadairi 69 OVERRATED *dislikes tweet*

Maggie Devlin ‏@MaggieDevlin

Checking out the new #Zalando HQ with these lovely humans. https://t.co/ZFYu6wNBzY

Dorothy Dellow ‏@D_Dellow

@builderhire @DavidBeckler1 @MarieIllinois @bbclaurak @jeremycorbyn @theresa_may @Conservatives @UKLabour I agree a… https://t.co/CBmjcXLDKO

Wizard of Sakura ‏@wizardofsakura

[📷] 181218 • Sakura in SKOOLOOKS Naver Blog update #MiyawakiSakura #宮脇咲良 #미야와키사쿠라 #HKT48 #IZONE #아이즈원 #アイズワン Link :… https://t.co/A2nTGtvAFw

Adeliathao 👉Follow me 👉Follow back #EOSex ‏@thaocoi_td

This look project promising. To hope for the success of the development and community that supports this project an… https://t.co/En2b8pDELj

Energy and Rural Business Show ‏@EnergyRuralBizz

Excited to be joined by Madelaine Greenhalgh who will give expert insight on the growth of the energy storage marke… https://t.co/DkLRFykea6

Yesser #PeoplesVote Hughes ‏@WatchPopulistIr

@BeattieDoug Better luck in 2019 extricating your country from this divisive and self defeating mess, as a nation y… https://t.co/3LAsJh66iP

Andy Salad ‏@YokiDotes

I feel like i’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.

☀️ ‏@_ElizabethhDiaz

I’m sorry if my bd comes at you... apparently he wants his family back 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

Sarah Obscura ‏@SarahObscura_

@raijinshi_tv It's time to LIFT bruh.

Adam Wear ‏@AdamWear1

(It's Mueller Time shirt) Now on - https://t.co/TqRYpI3kjR - - Robert Mueller Shirt T Shirt, Robert Mueller Tee Shirt, Robert Mueller Time

Skinny Legend ‏@asianslovesosa

@DIGICELJamaica All I want for Christmas is an iPhone to give my man because he has an android.... #12dayofchristmas

Lock ‏@guanrln

It is 12:53 UTC now

☤ ‏@MaestroVerratti

@RMCFAeon No one cares 👍

Jenn Edwards ‏@Jenn_Edwards1

@AmazonHelp my parcel says delayed! I need it to arrive today!! Please help.

✞ Ryan Evans ✞ ‏@Hsmvote19

RTTT thelondonmom #VideoMTV18del18 Selena Gomez Lady Gaga


Juniors: When I give you work to finish with a substitute, I fully expect your cooperation with its completion. Don… https://t.co/ZqCJDUEDad

Ashlyn Saba ‏@AshlynSaba

@ImienitamaG Thank you so much!💞💞💞

島村卯月都知事 ‏@AmbitionOfOda

I would like to drink tea.

v.🌻💛 ‏@veroo_06

I’m this friend! 🙌🏻 was/is and always will be! 💕😊 https://t.co/PEPYwfZM0D

Wario ‏@DefinitelyWario

@AutumnCash9 I can't tell if I should be impressed or terrified!

AhMayXing Amy ‏@Da_Gem_In_I

@365imfly Can you call me 🙄

cool A✨ ‏@A4_Arielleee

@DwayneDyson I was off yesterday i be there today tho i’m at my other job right now

Kreeded ‏@Marvroc

@realDonaldTrump Lol..such a miserable old small hands man

Beth Wallis ‏@BethWallis8

Can't stand this man !!! https://t.co/eLhuvF5dvh

⭐️🤐 ‏@KingTim__

Bitches b tryin play wit niggas heads 😂 nonono not iii

Gage Welch ‏@gagewelch09

@AfroGumOfficiaI Yeah

ⓓⓔ ⓕⓔ ♏️ⓘ✂ ‏@IKenDuEt7

@ebunjasper96 This ain't Santa Bruh! That's Zlatan younger brother😂😂😂

Gillespie D Parker ‏@GillespieDPark2

@EA_KRAELO Good luck brother. Hope all is well.

Poorboy Boutique ‏@poorboyboutique

And the bells are ringing our for Christmas Day 🎵🎄! Gifts galore @poorboyboutique #shopsmall #independents… https://t.co/yTiJhGeVNP

celia ‏@tomhardis

love you to the core, ladies https://t.co/I6nx5unVLa

Knitting my way to Wakanda ‏@jnlbrk

@capetownbrown Saoirse once took off her seatbelt while we were moving. Among others, my fave was when she locked t… https://t.co/KP2KfDnJwe

BOB ‏@bobbybobam

@ameerasuhaime Jom start fresh for 2019? https://t.co/FdP9CZP6NF

Nelly™ ‏@_Nelly401

What ya Fake Caring about on this Tuesday morning?🤔

Luvegal ‏@Luvegal

Yes. I like some days.

Premiership Coach Jacob 💥 6-2 ‏@JacobMcc25

I love lopez https://t.co/5s78WJbgSn

MJ ++ ‏@MJVillafuerte2

@cbvlr is a wonderful person ❤️ Will stick by you at all costs. Very friendly but WILL fight u if aggravated or if… https://t.co/DGmn6kDMlV

rikysam ‏@realind96025482

@atyiee screen is less there bro

Chuck Schulze ‏@RavenChuckie

@gelles @flightbomb Seems like way more.

Transport for London ‏@TfL

@TonyHoward15 Hi Tony. The Central line will be running to Epping on New Years Eve right through to the end of serv… https://t.co/reJwJNDCd0

Joey Reynolds ‏@joeyreynoldz

@SoccerAM @Steveymac86 The Mac has into be in with a shout. 75% trophy winning conversion rate.

tieu long ‏@tieulonngcp

@FabaInvest Nice project

sage!!x ‏@sageteaa

@jenniec53 get ur flat ass to school

Anibal Carazo ‏@CarazoVa

@Gbastidas C'mon Nico, dont talk too much bullshit...! https://t.co/mtP4SzEoEe

Sky ‏@SkyUK

@DevereEmma That's a long time to be without services, Emma. 😟 If you'd like to get yourself back up & running why… https://t.co/kQ7cz15mcZ

... ‏@wasteitonhoseok

@KOOKIEHOLY Did Hannah Montana have a fandom because that is me if she did😂 if not then belieber

샤라 🐼 ‏@kwonthighs

Mingyu finished off with a little wiggle of his fingers as if that was going to magically make a contract appear in… https://t.co/MiLOCf3C5u

ShivangiHits2msoon🎉🎉🎉 ‏@Deepika37795876

#Yrkkh The happiness on their face was simply adorable and the photo session with the baby 😍😍😍😍

LA ‏@diazonloushel

The stunning lady in red https://t.co/GPQrxnp8DB

Todd Presnick ‏@CallToddP

Great Time-Saving hack! Good-bye waiting in UPS/FedEx lines. Thanks @PrintWithMeInc https://t.co/8mdEdq2ITz

Reptilian🐲🐍🐊 ‏@Glo_Godfather

ready to clean these rooms & collect my tips the guest left me😌

7X70times_Rise_of_the Phoenix ‏@7X70times

Thank you for letting me be a part of this. Thank you for letting me know Jong Hyun. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.

Stef🍀🐼 ‏@babypandastef

Maybe it's all lies maybe it's not what you really are.But that won't change how, I fell in love with you.That I'm… https://t.co/DTjSYhjNWR

LeoTheLion ‏@LeoTheLionIV

@jtlevy Nobody cares about meaningless numbers like inflation or unemployment

Funneled Through A Law Firm ‏@mirihawk

Trump is doubling down on his strategy that cost the GOP the House @CNNPolitics https://t.co/4zoKbMXS25

Mumtaz Butt ‏@Imtiaz_9

@rabi822 Good, enjoy

Rosyad Vai S.A ‏@NichiYouji_

free mvp BAD5E0B0 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 100 Macula Marius https://t.co/TAAZHBjB7u

Genie Webster ‏@geniewebster

@realDonaldTrump This is a fake account right? Couldn't possibly really be POTUS. Right?

ElectronicSharts ‏@ElectronicSha13

@TrevorBland7 @DeusDeuce if everyone was like you there'd be no gay marriges

jake ‏@bIueknight

we’re depressed jojo i don’t know what you want from us... https://t.co/92pZ2w5NGj

Avishkaar jain ‏@JainAvishkaar

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/tFSrf4zwss Huawei Nova 4 Unboxing - review

Coach Ramil PARODY ‏@coachRamilDLSU


Mackenzie Currie ‏@mackenzie__c

Does anyone else have no idea what this is https://t.co/qbZ0aK7g0T

speculiar💞 ‏@gelloooy

Same https://t.co/0WjONZspuY

Kristy Darby ‏@Kristydixie

ARCHIVIST FRIENDS: seriously. What are you waiting for. This place is amazing. https://t.co/XHerc2bh6c

Zaaaaaaach ‏@ZachStraw

@gratefulmaggzzz It’s hard but do your best to enjoy it. I think everyone goes through that at your age. There’s ju… https://t.co/bz6KxMYdCQ

Winger ‏@WingerBackup

@NaughtyForeign1 @Mr_Sooze Oh dear. 1/n It said that the Tories would campaign to stay in it. Not that we would. S… https://t.co/X2m2g2VSGV

Kivuvo ‏@Kivuvo2

@dailynation Yeah but kipchoge keino is a disgrace.howcome y'all 4got abt that

Jackie ‏@Jackstar009

@BobMcKercher @David_W_Olinger 😅 if you are Canadian and never experienced that hell, you likely haven’t lived your best life 😜

Redemption 🔥 ‏@Ayupaps

2 Things : -Goodluck -Have Fun https://t.co/RRgRgvtHle

Jungkook's Victory-Waste it on me ‏@Cookycheerful

@ilysbjnggk I want #COOKY 😭😭😭

Ramya Naidu ‏@RamyaNa60021764

@No1_Yaari Waiting waiting waiting......

비투비 짱 ‏@brokemelody

@nauimellodi Link please! 😭

Am-Talis ‏@am_talis

She was here, the strong and brave Shedjen Mosh Vara. I make up a zchenne flute theme in my mind...

J1n U ‏@Jinesta1027

@yoyo_falilv Screw you

Alban Kastrati ‏@ElbinTaj

@eeijirous @Trippyyyyhippyy Wrong

🦄Coletastic writing🐍 ‏@itssocole

@Stuff_from_Nick Hey Nick, nice to meet you! Congrats on finishing that manuscript! I also think that writing relax… https://t.co/nya43fZtGd

Mufaddal Vohra ‏@mufaddal_vohra

Don't go for that much on Curran, @RCBTweets. Stop it guys!

Sh1nd3 ‏@RaoGanoba

@mipaltan @ImZaheer Fearsome

Joe Guy ‏@guy4669

@DoraHagan1 @realDonaldTrump You really need to change your news sources if you actually believe that crap!

Bella🌬💋 ‏@MissSlimbella

Kirby called a fake punt and y’all are calling this man a genius for using Fields for a year 😭 clowns smh.

Daniel Mathews ‏@Eelzfreak

@Tim_Cahill @GilesBrunt Timmy agrees with me

Gale B. ‏@ill3gurl

@RALD_et tell meeeee

BuyBeforeUDie.com Amazon Deals Discounts Coupons ‏@Amazon_Deals___

12 months for just $5: Parents (Digital Edition) https://t.co/r9jKdVBKKG

cari ‏@trishadangcil

shit sleeping wt a heavy heart isn't okay

Sarah ‏@sarahliz0423

Also happy bday to @AdoAllison today and @marebearlive yesterday. December retail has made me a trash friend sorry ilysm

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