Tag Ampersand Emoji

Tag Ampersand was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀦 U+E0026


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Kyle Joesph Fields ‏@kjfldz13

@ImDontai Preferably songs, then albums, since those are ify since they could get claimed

calgaryherald_diff ‏@yyc_herald_diff

Should Calgarians face steeper fines if they don’t clear their sidewalks? | Calgary H… https://t.co/06nZKU2XNi ➜… https://t.co/ES4qI6O0jh

DJ Xage ©™ [#TeamB42] [TK] #GA [HellzArmy] ‏@OfficialDJXage

Working on a new mix that’s Halloween themed today putting together a spooky mix of all time last one got past top… https://t.co/Qd6NpMrQvt

Sudhakar Jena ‏@Iamsinushu

@zainabsikander @KapilMishra_IND @sakshijoshii Kindly tell me what is equality ? Change your gender na ? Why you fo… https://t.co/JwhGSXr6rq

CeezA ‏@CeezMTB

@Priceyt @Crafter109 @flow_rider_mtb Tried that and it didn't work, mine is a massive begger 🤣 https://t.co/zS7FbkBxOk

Steve in Riverside ‏@sands111111

Astros fans are 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @astros_dude @Astrofan1986

Power to Decide ‏@powertodecide

If you love love birth control as much as we do, join us on November 13th as we toast to all that birth control mak… https://t.co/vZxBVtcxgf

Randy The Atheist ‏@RTheatheist

@SoCalTheist @theblacktopsha1 Dear #theists: Why do you claim to have evidence for god but then point to unrelated… https://t.co/qrWGg2Q9m1

🌹 ‏@MakingOfMel

@KeithWavy_ Dumpster juice

jeff goodin ‏@taichiyogi22

I have a few of these bracelets left and for a small donation of $5.00 you can get one. The donation will help to s… https://t.co/DuPIzphckE

PJ 💯 U.S.A. 🇺🇸 ‏@pj_deplorable

@TheChiIIum @BenKTallmadge This is why we need a wall

Neigh ‏@naomiparola

@hahaheaather I can only study in crowded environments

Sharon Otness ‏@sharonotness

#torecoverywithlove #loverevolution #selflove https://t.co/LdoZOxU4uw #torecoverywithlove #loverevolution… https://t.co/U4hhiFKP45

Moncreep ‏@mon_creep

https://t.co/xFIwdTbvfR My Full Album Is Here! #metal #music #rap #dark #XXX #Suicide #remix #soundcloud

Olaboson ‏@olaboson

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/2D280OP83K TM - ADONIS (Official Video)

mikey🤷‍♂️ ‏@itsmikematthew

@M_Anderson15 @mynamesharry_ Honestly I’m done with explaining cause your gonna listen to a thing I’m saying. You just don’t get it.

cipota trompuda ‏@EarlsxLips

shoutout to Jorge Ramos for being one of the few Mexican reporters that acknowledges and calls out the violence and… https://t.co/jO7JWuRc2B

Ben Hawker ‏@BenHawkerWine

Fish finger sandwhich with sweet chilli sauce and German Riesling. Whilst watching training day 👌

wxxshins | spooky 🧟‍♂️ ‏@upgaytions


GTR Jobs ‏@gtrjobs

We are #hiring Manufacturing Associates in Streetsboro, OH https://t.co/if04uu28lN #jobs #Streetsboro #Manufacturing #Operations

Paul H Laurn ‏@PaulHLaurn

@realDonaldTrump Did someone point out the criminals for you?

MountainMom 🌻🐴⛰ ‏@elite_anita

@Thomas1774Paine ...with balls.

Hallokween 🎃 ‏@trashandexcuses

After https://t.co/IpHImuSGCK

Worthing Thunder 🏆 ‏@WorthingThunder

🚨FIXTURE CHANGE🚨 Sunday’s game against Greenwich Titans will now tip-off at 18:45PM The venue has also changed, as… https://t.co/TgRBqszR9H

ali ‏@romansdreams

@customchaneI it’s my tweet now

Texas Guardian ‏@texasguardian

NFL Notebook: Dolphins QB Osweiler will start again https://t.co/BxWulhYnlQ

Nat 🎃🕷 ‏@NathalieErazo7

@jakemiller wow you’re the best


CXPA is proud to be a partner in Travel Forward, November 5-7 in London. CXPA members can take advantage of your ex… https://t.co/zHQkC0VmUK

NeeNee ‏@dbartoni69

@ShowMeGoodNews @J_ovo_rdan @Acosta @NickJFuentes Cause you wouldn't know funny if it bit your butt?😂🤣

Alexsandria ‏@AlexandriaCerda

Thank you pretty girl ❣️ https://t.co/nBknG1bjOQ

Generations ‏@GenerationsHCS

Electronic signatures work with Generations Telephony and can be required for the caregiver or both caregiver & client.

ApplicationsPlatform ‏@CodelessAP

Are you looking for a mobile-ready #CRM platform that is designed around the way your business works? Look no furth… https://t.co/BCu67LGu62

(((Ben))) ‏@bdh_photos


ja smelled dabin ‏@jaebumwonho

i fucking can't with dan and phil omg the fucking SKIN TIGHT SPEEDO

Alex Murphy ‏@PC_Robocop

@dcrandy_pickles This was my twitter feed just! The above a story about a Scoser potentially going to prison in Tha… https://t.co/PW59GjXN2T

mel ‏@bt_sonyeondumb

@vietaekim I have never in my life seen anyone with a photocard in their phone case or a bt21 keychain or *any* sma… https://t.co/itBp6zHx05

Maureen Grant ‏@MaureenGrant84

@Lippster92 You okay Lass ? X

ArchieLakeland ‏@ArchieLakeland

@arkyairedale @Alice_The_Welsh @Woozle_Taffy @bertie_lakeland @sallyephillips @DawnFionaJohns1 @ChukkaBennett… https://t.co/Okz7c8KOpF

bea. ‏@irwjnsbandana

I've just watched episode S02E12 of Girl Meets World! #tvtime https://t.co/A2MTbNHZmv https://t.co/8KI08RPjnI

Ziza Printz ‏@ZizaPrintz

@walexddon @jemma_abraham @Touchexcellence @NGRPresident @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo In four years as a president all yo… https://t.co/X15RNFEZRC

basketball stan ‏@SportsStan1

@Vitricate High quality tweet

WeRockWebzine ‏@werockwebzine

https://t.co/9dVGiOTRqH Norway's Faanefjell release new lyric video & single @TargetGroupDK @MightyMusicDK

TingleyHarvestCenter ‏@TingleysHC

We are excited by this new partnership with Royal Reesink & feel they are the perfect partner for our further growt… https://t.co/7KTgbfRKVm

FireBudgie ‏@fire_budgie

I really missed digital drawing. :') Good to be back! https://t.co/frbUt5prYv

Christof Linde ‏@ChristofLinde

@AkeemMaans @mybroadband what option do you choose to get that?

Vision for Israel ‏@visionforisrael

Living up to its threat to escalate its violent demonstrations along the border between the #GazaStrip and #Israel,… https://t.co/9aJhXro83p

ًlynette ‏@98sjjk

why does tae do that

Lettuce Jobs ‏@LettuceJobs

Tokio Pub is #hiring! Host in Schaumburg, enjoy Lettuce benefits: https://t.co/wbjAKj7gg5 https://t.co/PjwHs95dt8

fernando400💯 ‏@c4_carmona

So who be stealing my gas at night?

Sherwood Blunt ‏@SherwoodFBlunt

@KATUNews Sickened? You mean they got high and didn't like it,

QueenJ❤️ ‏@Hab_Jerryann

When @Cody_Kanahan buys you tickets to #bushgardens #hallowscream 🎃👻❤️

Klarion ‏@Klar1on

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/09g36YHLxE Audiences and Echo Chambers, A Look at The Rubin Report

king chelsea. 👑 ‏@itskingangelic

@valentinekams Haha thank you x

Amador ‏@Amadorkforpork

Why is my rideshare service hitting me with reality and whatnot? https://t.co/aZ6dwAkWpn

plasticguy ‏@MyInfo30727176

@janiceismoving @SenSchumer Hogwash

🎃 Dr. Franken Pixel 🎃 ‏@DigitizedPixels

Looking For Hidden Secrets And Fan Art Showcase in Roblox Dayshift At Freddy's Roleplay: https://t.co/9f8dhkQd9T via @YouTube

Gary Scheib ‏@scheib_gary

@EZGZ3 @irishmary24 @SenWarren Says the bot with *3* followers yet follows Warren. If you're going to troll, at lea… https://t.co/BXRFDrHXnp

Christian S. Hensch ‏@seagull07

Fox and MSNBC's dueling coverage of the migrant caravan https://t.co/urvwOs0UEZ

Black Panther Peeps ‏@godofwine77

@RandyHomeGrown Do you know happy I would be?

Erika 🌹 ‏@maamikika

I needa do my brows asap

cla | svthopia ‏@Clarabadlands

you must have a pretty boring life to tweet about someone you hate 24/7 , that’s sad alexa play song for a friend https://t.co/KkJlhlTiCB

Naughty B ‏@naughtybnaughty

... oh my. This place is something.

Chukwueloka ‏@Chukwueloka11

@MHDOfficiel Fine boy. no pimple

Peter Counsell ‏@CounsellPeter

I have been pondering @quantick ‘s Beatles self-referencing question of a few days ago. I know it’s not correct but… https://t.co/ecS2QN3ezr

Jason Kersey ‏@jasonkersey

@Eddie_Rado @EskridgeLexus @SoonerScoop I'll take the Tulsa World mobile anyday over that shit

Air France ‏@airfrance

@NeilPyper 2/2 Date of birth and email address: Once we have received the information, we will handle your requ… https://t.co/VU4lBuVKwU

Sunset Plants ‏@SunsetPlants

Love Camellia japonica Pink Perfection, but want an earlier bloomer? Try our Camellia sasanqua October Magic® Pink… https://t.co/GHiER0MS96

Dylan Odette ‏@Dylan_forreal

@BlakeOsborne10 No one with style. Some of the basic stuff is aight

GODDESS LALA ✨ ‏@lalakeepinit100

I got my promise ring appraised and damn I ain’t kno stink cashed out like that 😍

Prazer ‏@xc9vv

Ohhhh ya I felt that thing... https://t.co/aBa7JM0sfZ

Surfplugs® ‏@Surfplugs

Peter Bray - Paddling the Atlantic this Thursday at AS Watersports :-) https://t.co/iyARbalbSV

lindsay🛸 ‏@lindsgayh

This shirt is dopeeeeee https://t.co/dBe6olm3sc

▫️Echo▪️ ‏@EchoShreds

@ColdenGekko EASY DUBS ROB

4Play Club ‏@4PlayClub

We're open 12 Noon - 4 AM Tonight! 😍 #tgif

stanely Lourdusamy ‏@stanely_1987

#Thamira first movie with KB & BR 2nd with KB banner applause.. நானும் ஓர் ஆண் தேவதையாக ஆசை don't know one to tag 👏👏👏👏👏

LeDusse James ‏@JVino_

@dortaviablair You got a car

StartToTalk ‏@starttotalkuk

That's so heart breaking and says so much about the way education is being delivered. https://t.co/oMusOk9Fw1

kimmiesue ‏@Kimzjourney

@realDonaldTrump Shut up FFSake.

Luc ‏@luc_txt

This is my fate.

spooky randall ‏@randaIIp

I spend so much time with my gf, that I realize... I am my own gf.

Jill Girardi - Writer ‏@JillGirardi

@TheCousinsCane @UnigkaG @NYounker @MissPiinnkkii @41Strange @AnnaMiaHansen @EvelynChartres @FolkloreSociety I'm gl… https://t.co/WncVJLjQU1

Ketsueki Raven ‏@ketsueki_raven

@veence This is mood. I just moved to Chicago and this is a struggle. Im always around though! You and your girl… https://t.co/UhDlCKu2jO

Coach “Ted” 🏈⚽️ ‏@TedLopes1

@DaddyDaddymac Help the idiot out!

Somewhere In Toronto ‏@73V1NN

If you're gonna eat butter chicken, don't make plans for the rest of the day.

bornfree2 ‏@bornfree210

@patp86914 @Breaking911 dregs of society

Intuit Accountants ‏@IntuitAcctsCA

Congrats to our Finalists and Runners Up in the 2018 Intuit #QBFirmOfTheFuture contest! See the full list here:… https://t.co/6Lgdwm28aV

Smarter MSP ‏@SmarterMSP

"Sales can feel a lot like a chess game, a careful consideration of the pieces on the board with a thoughtful appro… https://t.co/uiWn8hn5zW

Asimov's 3 Laws are ‏@lawsofbotics

A bot must name the first element in the compound. A bot must calculate your income. A bot must have good communication.

Frank Freniere ‏@FFreniere

@TheRickWilson #PresidentPinocchio on pre-existing conditions.

Newcastle Eagles ‏@NewcastleEagle

🏀 10 minutes to play tonight and your Eagles have a solid 20 point lead over @surreyscorchers. #BritishBasketball https://t.co/mbTwFf0DFL

re🥂 ‏@asiareneexo

dis hard ☹️ https://t.co/ap6trkSARf

Sydney Jordan➹ ‏@LQ_Ponygirl

U send nudes? — Lmaooo. Nope. Never have. https://t.co/opbUDnQ6yS

Alicia_Spooks ‏@Alicia_Sketches

@CommissoMusic Quote of the day.

ThatGirl 🧚🏽‍♂️ ‏@XVirginMary

@FatherSwami @rockchics @jessphoenix2018 @ManInTheHoody Trump has been using the playbook since the campaign, Banno… https://t.co/1qDYmrPSzl

Ridge Brewing ‏@RidgeBrewingCo

Happy Friday! #craftbeer #localbeer #beer #mapleridge https://t.co/1m03zwOLql

emily 🥀 ‏@emilyhannah89


OSF HealthCare ‏@OSFHealthCare

Which is scarier, the #mammogram or #breastcancer? These women confronted their fears. Join them for their first ma… https://t.co/fJ1UlpLUyF

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