Tag Ampersand Emoji

Tag Ampersand was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀦 U+E0026


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Juan Ignacio Saver ‏@_JISaver

@espeschorr best advice for doubtful times

Nina DeSarro ‏@Nina_DeSarro

Next witness: Nicolas Baker. He worked and was friends with the defendant, Adam Nolin. They worked in construction… https://t.co/St8Jw7KtVn

🇬🇭 🇭🇹West African Papito 👑 ‏@Kunta_Sensei

@_VICCC3_ Look like a marching band stroll fr lol

🔥Rin🔥 ‏@rinynovita

@ichafredie Who is he? The man on the right?

James Edward Gray II ‏@JEG2

An interesting observation: I can listen to music or podcasts when doing some types of programming, but not others… https://t.co/3B1eovj7fs

Hannah-Louise Toomey ‏@HannahLouise2me

@sensinglorna @kookyK8 @ahmedhankir Yes. It’s the invisible, silent killer. I wonder what deep roots we can tackle… https://t.co/E5TmuCrxDP

study of blur ✨ ‏@blurologgy

@aoespe I’ll be your late night snack 🤪 Lmfaooo

Drew ‏@recently_reaped

@brian5or6 you gotta add Pepsi or it won't liquify enough. https://t.co/dJeOBC8Gg0

Matthew Gardiner ‏@jmatthewg1234

Real Examples of Threats Missed by Email Security Systems | Mimecast Blog https://t.co/v80M5GFus3

Michal Orzechowski ‏@CosmoPolishNET

@alexaKdavalos Prayer or tourist attraction?

Andrew Chapman ‏@AndrewChapman50

@DavidHenigUK @danielmgmoylan Leaving the single market and the customs union were also red lines for the UK, no? A… https://t.co/57dT37i6SG

𝔐𝔞𝔪𝔞𝔅𝔢𝔞𝔯 ‏@AwakeWeRise

Believe women, except for when their child is injured by vaccines. #Hypocrisy https://t.co/bEI57SyCPT

REW ‏@REWfirstworld

@monty_loyd @theGrio No, I’m an American.

Dare Curious ‏@DareCurious

@wqrfare Who and what lol?

NeophyteR ‏@NeophyteR_R6

@DieselR6S @ArnieR6S @Ethan_oce @Derpehhhhhhhhhh @xXxEmoRinxXx Thanks

daisy :* ‏@cherryw1tch

yeah, my boyfriends ugly ass shit... what about it? https://t.co/XBraqG4FTG

Annie Silvestro ‏@anniesilvestro

@kpfenni @mai_wyss @randomhousekids Thank you my friend! xoxo

Robb ‏@Robbo12822303

#BeautifuLGBTQ Is it July yet?

Kaykay Anamah ‏@Nkeonye_

@ELSiEiSY So beautiful 😍

angel 🇵🇭🦋 | #1 wildest dreams stan ‏@swifttales

@redligion i applaud her intention for this mv (& i know its direction is intentional) but still it couldve been executed better :(

tori draws 🌸 ‏@toricchu

yay im arting :)))

Kieran ‏@ScuderiaFxrrari

@Alphiks666 Wrong

LJ♏️ ‏@Lesssliieee

Sis, you gave a mans $300 , bought him food whenever he wanted and he ain’t still choose you? 😂 1. YOUSS A DUMB BIT… https://t.co/EwIhHEcn1A

WebsiteofEverything ‏@wsoeorg

♫ Listen: Lieven Martens – Oahu Suite https://t.co/ESXZelDoFP https://t.co/WdUoeEoHjf

Parzival ‏@jowwjow

in six months you already... 1- Yes 2- Yes 3- Yes 4- Definitely Yes. 5- Yes. 6- Just tried once, so it's a yes.… https://t.co/HPu8FWZxKi

🌟 Mădălina 🌟 ‏@starlight_mady

@AceRavi I miss you...thanks for being https://t.co/ZRaJH410he and your music makes me happy❤️🌟

s ‏@nxtnlive

@neomgravestones Your welcome 🥰

Josh Fruhlinger ‏@jfruh

@kevinpurdy toronto too!

Balmut ‏@balmut_

@MindSeizeGame Tree is my favourite animal :D

John Mims ‏@JohnMim62186888

@espn Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine. No. But it's sterile and I like the taste.

Paa kwesi Choppable ‏@d_steroland

When u hear such series of conscious reggae music being played on the airwaves then u should know it’s @Blakkrasta… https://t.co/gEkfyZf5Kl

Selena Adera🍩 ‏@Selena_Adera

3/And let me be clear on the ugly bigoted rhetoric that assumes: ▪︎Black People hate cops ▪︎Black Women should nev… https://t.co/3NQX28z6eG

BobnDebi ‏@BobnDebi

Arrest the entire Obama administration. https://t.co/kN4fDZeZiK

AprilFoolsRebel 💙 ‏@AprilFoolsRebel

@Liz_Cheney @AOC She is not the only one using that description. Maybe you need to take a better look at both histo… https://t.co/scf4mvWBvn

진 - GA BTS WORLD ‏@adorabletrapeu

@myevphoriia thank youuuuu! 💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️ https://t.co/HiNpXfEMM1

Nagito Komaeda [EC + TP] ‏@HopeFreak69

@DanganronpaSans Wow! That's so kind of you! *eats his half in one go* https://t.co/cA0XFRyX0w

fielderror ‏@fielderror

I am really funny, very funny, don't you agree??

Shine ‏@SHINEUKCharity

"The midwife asked if we were taking #FolicAcid" - for too many mums to be, this information is given far too late.… https://t.co/WeEAoLC6fl

Ste ‏@Into_Aether

@SachinNakrani I'd make a good case for Nicolas Anelka.

Donovan Ferguson ‏@FergusonDonovan

Someone PLEASE run against him. He’s a prime example of why we need term limits. https://t.co/s0o5fqMGx6

Pink & Magic ‏@mooncohae

If all of them are together i wished one of them go live or something.. u.u

Gary Lambert ‏@automolove77

Sounds like fun! https://t.co/1vcXsRjgs0

Mira ‏@mirazz______


Mumbison ‏@Mumbison1

@JKNjenga Very smart crook ... moi on steriods

Josh Robinson ‏@robins36

Could the News perhaps consult a young person on their marijuana-related headlines, so they don't sound like a anti… https://t.co/maY6ueqGka

Herbie Hawker ‏@HawkerHerbie

@bbclaurak Never mind the twee analgies. What is your view of the idea that Johnson is lending some MP votes to Hun… https://t.co/tmzJz3Iu71

Meaghan Shifflett ‏@meaghanelyse_08

20 days till I’m 21 😍🙌🏽🍷🥂🍾

unpopular_me ‏@MeUnpopular

Instagram is really pissing me off right about now

Zah Zu ‏@melissareneexo

I could have the most boring day and still make it a whole ass story 💀 https://t.co/EJg2FkxP9w

Kris Thury ‏@ThuryKris

Just wait for my success and how pissed you’ll be that I’m doing that well. I’m just soaking it up.

Matt ‏@Munnings24

@BeemieAwards Over tea at 3

Alice Lia Maro ‏@slimelia

@furuderikas I did.

Shane ‏@ShaneRose14

@BMcnicks It’s been like that for like 2 weeks 😂

robot ultramoderno ‏@jotacelira

@pablo_jativa Popcorn time pero shhh 🤭

nico ‏@love4hoon

stop this is so cute hes so cute https://t.co/S2Ruv5Uq2X

‏ْ ‏@PrimeSane_

Is this guy ok? We literally only have 2 fullbacks ( walker and Zinchenko ). Danilo and Delph are bound to leave an… https://t.co/AwjpvrNtIA

shai ‏@shaina_twt

@ingridiculous euclid days ❣ :(( https://t.co/jHqTJaHjYe

Naomi Chainey ‏@GnomesChainey

@clare_forshaw @HeronRichard @FOMNews @SOMNews That's certainly who these recommendations are for. Not the patient… https://t.co/TjYHMPhcjJ

Mavado ‏@Mavadomkwii

Forgot to tweet that i got early graduation gifts from my brother yay https://t.co/sbyL1tn2AK

🍥 ‏@kutizkutiz

@DotSledge @dlberes @internetofshit Sounds sucks. I hate proprietary shit. Mostly hardware

MissJo_Jo ♎️ ‏@MissJo_Jo

@THEkarliehustle We love you Karlie.

YAYA ‏@Flyayayaa

@thisisnotluisa LMAOOOOOOOOOO I should right

James Hanwell ‏@J_hanwell

I put a hell of a lot of effort into my dad body. Finally, some recognition. https://t.co/IBVXatdiJO

ɐʞnsɐ ‏@OMGAsuka

She hot thi

cheri tanner ‏@cheritanner14

@casersatz @SalHas81 @DarkNookShop @sulabar2 Ok so there is an easyish fix for your issue then. Educate trans peop… https://t.co/P0r0SPZuCC

Halvor Lie Fjellberg ‏@Halvor_LF

@OfficialFPL Andy Robertson

chill idotes ‏@CIdotes

@turnthepge Can we get a heh yaaaa in chat

yeehaw🤠🇺🇸 ‏@holymolymemes

At my uncle’s second wedding, my cousin decided to make a joke about finally being invited to his wedding since he… https://t.co/31bTRuviHR

🐐 ‏@yungkend

@livefrmdashaq_ @lashaeee___ See my phone cracked and I thought that she just missed spelled some shit 😂😂😂

Bright eyeS ‏@GetGoodGetGive

@ksorbs Don't you have a "Where are they now" special to be taping with other people known for 1 thing 20 years ago… https://t.co/Gs3MkANQtv

leeeeeeee✨ ‏@OG__LELE

@Tubbers__ @Sammyveli 🤷🏾‍♀️oh well

BlackSoulOfGold✨ ‏@The_LoveJones

I don’t even want that confusion on my timeline🥴

Trần Mạnh Khương🔞 ‏@xXKenTheWolfXx

@OTHmarinabot They are delicious~Fried and they are a great meal~Full with vitamin C~

esther ‏@yoonxtrivia

i'm gonna have to speak english for 2 whole days soon i- should practice..

Husk Signs ‏@HuskSigns

"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie Stepane… https://t.co/Zu5wOaitGG

The Red Pen ‏@atexasparker

@ChronJacob I watched the June 4 budget workshop. It was clear that NO ONE (esp. the finance experts making 3K sala… https://t.co/JveU2ppmN3

Cass ‏@cassfly

@kaitndavis I can’t imagine what you’d upgrade too 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 but post pics soon!!!! 😻

👑barbi_kay🇯🇲 ‏@barbiana25

I’m not into no words or speech kinda relationship.... I’m into truth and action ‼️

YourDearOldFriend ‏@urdearolfriend

@nti_propaganda Haha I know people lie about NOT being married, dont know many people that would lie about being married 😂

Lauren Steen ‏@LaurenKataya61

@realDonaldTrump @business Nobody connect your name with financial success… Trust me. You have failed so many times… https://t.co/laNaXV8qpr

rameshh ‏@imNonLinear

@dotelsaramsz @NripendraTmls Can I get one?

Dalen Patterson ‏@DalenPatterson2



@BLISSFULLDOLAN @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan thank you bb🥺

Sam Block 𐠎 ‏@polyphanes

@imprtntbirdarea @daffyyomi I was gonna say, it basically sounds like twitter but too much irl

phleeb ‏@space6cadet

Visual representation of me trying to get my life together https://t.co/Us1IarY56M

SamStubblefieldMD ‏@StubblefieldMD

Physical Findings Bingo for our Adolescent team this week. Stolen shamelessly from @lewis_first . Other ways… https://t.co/vFWi74rzCu

Kathy Watts ‏@Kathybags83

The grass is always greener when you're on the Rewards side - and by green I mean more $$$ when I can earn for fun… https://t.co/pyET7O5cJW

Vienna Informer ‏@viennainformer

This Is Almost Certainly the Worst Argument Against Socialism in History – Slate https://t.co/8i5oksoQiL https://t.co/zNM8vPWHGQ

Kristen Cartagena ‏@KrissyCart

And now a senior 💙💛 https://t.co/GW3aOzskhE

Hayley Thomas ‏@nv8sayWTF

Ive always found it odd how Seymour gets AP #FinalFantasyX #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/Gdf6SGs8yJ

Aubrey💜 우리 보라 너 💜 ‏@Taehyungie2215

@roy_triana22 @WayV_official AW MY BABY WINWIN 💜💗

widad + blue for sudan ‏@wedasff

@isattti2 ok but a bitch cant even go anywhere within a 10 mile radius bc her ass gets held back by her parents so no

nindojapan music ‏@nindojapanmusik

Flumpool - 36°C(lyrics) https://t.co/p4v24S6i

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