Tag Ampersand Emoji

Tag Ampersand was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀦 U+E0026


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AngryYankee1 ‏@AngryYankee1

Blaney’s gonna give me a thrill again!

rise international ‏@rise_soc_ent

The results of 7 months of hard work of construction by our in loco fellows. GLC's newly built Youth Residence & En… https://t.co/oUQJvAv3vo

hope day ‏@adoremono

chels and sam stop putting wonho tiddies on the tl

TJ ‏@Wpgtjross

Every Wild player today : https://t.co/drP6XjvSxx

𝔄𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔦𝔯 ‏@BILACALIS

@couthyest of course, minnie. i’m telling off those who doesn’t know what a “civil conversation” is first :).

Michigan's Past ‏@MichiganHist

1st and Hecla Streets in Laurium during winter (ebay) #LauriumMI #CopperCountry https://t.co/BmpVOVXAZT

Erin Pettigrew ‏@Its_Erinn_

✨Fantasy https://t.co/yRCLsFUJNx

Schlep of tastytrade ‏@tastytradar

Here’s a song for you… Use Once & Destroy by Hole https://t.co/zRcfLIMYdd

rob 🥛 ‏@kougeyama

i’m not funny at all but mutuals interact 👉🏻👈🏻

Stamishinc MFB Ghost ‏@StamishincGhost

@charley_ck14 Can you believe it?



Candy Claw Crane ‏@CandyClawCrane

@lammflaum Every part of this is incredible

Amesty ‏@lolamesty

@BAANKZEY i dont know man, it just is

KMK ‏@KarenKappler

@VP Never again? Could you be any more of a hypocrit? Every day, you and @POTUS turn away refugees in dire need jus… https://t.co/VqgLSwX0CC

Mickey Mighty Head ‏@McMyTHead

@occupied_stall Gross

tweet hard or go home ‏@GirlsruleNZ

@aucklandmuseum Did you know when the Moa were extinguished our haast eagle died out as Moa were their food ? Not o… https://t.co/JhfLXYllV3

sarah ‏@showyousarah

if you like me pls spam ricky manning todollow @_sarahmccabe

SNPWatch ‏@snpwatch

@johnlappin @jruddy99 @youngvulgarian Can I be a hanger - on, get paid loads, not do much, benefit from the MP housing gravy train?

P U R P L E ‏@xPurpleD

Will Smith x Jaden Smith https://t.co/f2s9z54w8l

𝐣𝐨𝐡𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐞-𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 ‏@gothkunt

@duhyuta Omfg my moon is in Pisces too! Except my rising is Aquarius lmao

Kayden Kraus ‏@kayden_kraus

Nah y’all be tweeting like your wholesome but being whores in real life lmao https://t.co/Pp0O97RZg9

C.T. Fletcher ‏@CTFletcherISYMF


2xPythons ‏@DubLPython

Both baby boys on the couch. ❤ https://t.co/8HJKGnZpeX

c ‏@chloemmx

Why do mums shout on you 3 working days before dinner is actually out

brexitftw ‏@brexitftw1

@NamedProfile @Smithjanette60Y @Femi_Sorry @OFOCBrexit We need to properly educate ourselves on how our legislature… https://t.co/pX1HtDk0K9

Cameron Cox ‏@Drummer_Cameron

Watching @TheAAF for the love of the game. Every aspect of this league is good for the NFL and have been very surp… https://t.co/mWdCBSTnOn

K3ls ‏@KellyK3ls

Sometime last year HE A.ambode out of frustration made mention of decongesting Tincan and Lagos,and did online one(… https://t.co/ymROAzRpsU

fat pikachu's #1 fan ‏@kuyashii__

me: busker in a NYC subway station at 2am: https://t.co/Z3cjMObNC5

luna likes Spyro ‏@LunaaaVEVO

Just makes me angry how they're genderless even though there are obvious evidence against them being genderless

Reality Dose ‏@LRPow79

@jax_persists Solid.

Ari ‏@AriHD_

@explanoit Taytay is the best! FYI you're not private anymore

e b ‏@ebruns_

@M0nezz It was nice knowing you.

Lavender✨👑 ‏@_ariannaj

It never rains in Southern California

εὐήλιος [X X] ‏@apollowitch

ive been feelomg lik this video since morning https://t.co/Tz8WFSedRz

sil실vi비a ☔ ‏@sillypak

@byun_kleyr YES BABY.

AQUARIUS QUEEN. ‏@Shanitaaaa

I’m gonna teach my daughter this when she’s little and it’s gonna be our song. I can’t wait 😭 https://t.co/f54BBzpxzj

CMG Zach ‏@CmgZach

Since your two players have not shown for their side of the 3v3 man down nor have you responded to this your teams… https://t.co/enSZncKk4k

@JimmySmakavich ‏@jimmysmackavich

Come on guys ,, bebest 😁😁😂 #MarALardass

Art ❌ ‏@enzo511997

@Ravagiing Sorry for your loss. I know how hard it can be.

GHT Tokens/GHT Airdrop ‏@groovyhooman

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Buy GHT token here at .000608 Eth = 1 GHT: https://t.co/uoWP8fzKD8 🚀🚀🚀🚀 GHT video https://t.co/yZj7ery9b9… https://t.co/UpjpBBDjho

Scott Jelferson ‏@scottjelfs

@liamyoung @JeremyCorbyn4PM I agree it is the best thing for politics for both parties to split (giving voters a re… https://t.co/yH9TxzXR1R

Elena Maria Vidal ‏@emvidal

Lawyer in Smollett Case Hints at Bombshell Revelation - https://t.co/NkAu8gsgi9

R ° W ‏@itsRyan_Rivera

@purplereigic Beepppp ---- ^-----------------

james ‏@hames46082596

@DurhamWFC @LisaRobertson92 You best player in league good luck next round

Matt ‏@of_kraken

@RebeccaFKenney1 Going to the opera is expensive and nobody ever got rich by NOT being a villain

bookishAnna ‏@AnnaBookish

@NeilElfberg @AllisonAuthor I’m not even sure. Hated them since I was little. Grandpa Slim used to hide pieces in t… https://t.co/hKSPjfuUDc

tay 💌 ‏@Emolga

@megid0 i told you i finished the gum, it had no flavor left

kira🌈 ‏@itskirapaige

@JamesMeetsFame Today’s tea: ) ) ) ) ( ) ) _(___(____)____(___(… https://t.co/Lyli5n4XCT

𝔢𝔩𝔞𝔦𝔫𝔞 𝔪𝔦𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔰 𝔭𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔠!. ☾ ‏@elainaurie

30. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it by lana del rey 🖤 https://t.co/Nx8uxvTgkd

ً ‏@bazzilover

claims you. https://t.co/98Jq0Z6x79

Claire Bear 🦄 ‏@Smiley_Clairey

@SavvasWeekender is a bundle of joy 😍🌞👏🏻#ibizaweekender

Bradley Cullen ‏@MrBradleyCullen

Two legends @Michael_Buffer and @TheCarlanGay https://t.co/KUHzav2AIn

Glenn Donovan ‏@GlennDonovan15

@GraceBlackx19 Hits you!!!!!!

Bama_For_Life ‏@RTR_BAMA_FAN

@JamieBailey87 I have been living with back pain for 12yrs. Nothing they can do. Next step fusion rods pens and screws. Worst pain ever.

Enigma, I think you‘re crying... ‏@skyIizzle

@mukkbang @iconicaussies AFTER Mileena. https://t.co/c3fiEJJ1OF

♥️SloForever♠️ ‏@Stunning_Summer

@slimpapii @callhertee Ok ok 😭😭😭🤣🤣

athy ‏@E7RIS

im gonna rl have to wake up tomorrow with my period.. go to a full day of school... present for 10 full mins... and… https://t.co/7Xkjl9hmuX

Annabelle ‏@__annabelle_m

@ConorTurner11 Yh copy my tweet then 😤😒

Valewood Tales ‏@Valewood_Tales

UPDATE: 304B Kingswick Avenue Flats. https://t.co/PzImnKpQpW

Lady Allegra #DonJuan200 ‏@AllegraByron194

Enamoured expatriates of Florence #LordByron #Shelley https://t.co/vNkWIupsLu

Leiighhhhhh👑 ‏@Leiighhhhhh

Oh My life 😭😍 https://t.co/Th5uryppLM

Elliot James Morgan ‏@Doki_Elliot

@Doki_Eris I help up Eris.

Jim Stokes ‏@JStokesV

@pauldehnerjr I can confirm this story happened and would also like to put on the official record that there were a… https://t.co/306PvNMBR9

Sue n Ray Wrabley ‏@suenray2

@chrisbriem But if you know where you’re going it’s a satisfying rush to end up in the right place with only a few… https://t.co/b28GB61o4O

Melissa Scruggs ‏@MelissaFluharty

@kaylartaylor08 it’s not that funny sheeesh https://t.co/uC2TbbVGVP https://t.co/vWXdgUER8u

Irais Gonzalez ‏@_ittybittyiris

Good intentions though for sure

Mission Possible ‏@MPEscape

Mamma Mia! This group were just looking for a nice dinner when Tony Tieup and his Mafia friends captured them. Than… https://t.co/nvXHHjYfKT

? ‏@purgingskinny

@whatandwhoami Hell to the fucking no


@m_atoshi @kentucky373 @SubDeliveryZone Two wrongs don’t make a right.

* ‏@bhixtape

i wanna fight.

Ryan Cunningham ‏@Rhamsb

@MAXOKREAM Can we get Fetti on Apple Music?

Sakkun Tickoo ‏@SakkunT

#TimeForRevenge no antinational should be allowed 2 enjoy the privileges of this great nation till they reject terr… https://t.co/4IeU2UEx0g

࿐jess ♡ jeno *・゜゚・* ‏@delucate

but other times i can't believe that i spent almost $200 for him to know that i am a living, breathing human

Hashbrown Demolisher ‏@MassiveKirbs

@discordapp Where's @jacksfilms retweet

kt . ‏@Kateyjean123

2:00-2:09 lmfao https://t.co/a3rKTweGS6

Michael G Cardaropoli ‏@MGCardaropoli

@ForzapowA @EricEstepp17 Armchair Engineer Time: Turbulent Air and the angle of deflection that particular flap has… https://t.co/4d7FSARcWz

Mrs. M ☀️ ‏@MrsMogul

Thanks Q+ 😉 #Q #Qproof #Potus45 https://t.co/DyJsV0mJ6B

Rashim Lettsome ‏@Adio10

@JUCOadvocate Every. Time.

ratsunè miku ‏@chatshys

@shibabalnakba call me susan again soupy

Allison Lara ‏@alialliallie

@willasaywhat Yay I'm glad at least one person doesn't think they're just spam!

🌈marysia is excited for dodie!!! 🌈 ‏@bubraccoon

@jikookIy no criticism needed cause ur right

∂мs нεℓρ ‏@DMsHelp2017

Mg por 5 dms con Alessia -Nay

Blurred Intentions ‏@BlurredIntent

#coffeetime at LA Cafe 😉 https://t.co/WCSb4TLvoh https://t.co/i19GzWPISZ

Johanna ‏@JohannaMarcia01

They just want to lose. This is the same recycled strategy as Hillary Clinton, did they think replacing a white wo… https://t.co/czoBO57QpM

bri. ‏@B_Swizzle123

They really played Stay by Sugarland like did you not think all the ladies weren’t gonna cry and yell every word? Bc I did

IMPhotography ‏@IMPShoot

Sneak peek! My newborn photo session with baby Kaleb! @impshoot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #exposure… https://t.co/PBYVH2ajQO

デール★ ガーランド ‏@SakuraAlchemist

@octouto Well technically speaking it is? Like you believe in nothing otherworldly in a hard line interpretation of… https://t.co/za0s0u5VEl

Harison' Erikku エリック ‏@PersonalNRP

Never hate an Undead. That's a party foul. Charlie Scene said it himself! #PossiblyBoredErikkuBot

WildJayAppears ‏@WildJayAppears

@UnitedHayze @KingCorphish Call down Mr.Hayze

sarah chelsea ‏@sarah7chelsea

Knocking on heaven's door #JoyeuxAnniversaireHoucine

Adam 🤦‍♂️ ‏@pulvdiggity


Monam ‏@AlessiaCaraIn

They're useless because I keep snoozing it after every 10 minutes and never wake up on time #JFCAlessiaCara https://t.co/1vqLXLurmG

Taha Hafiz ‏@Iamtahahafiz

Do you ever do this, you think back on all the times you've had with someone and you just replay it in your head ov… https://t.co/DDCd3CagGB

hot mess ‏@maud_Lin

smh he would choose the white gurl

The_News_DIVA🎀 ‏@The_News_DIVA

Trump's invisible tax cut https://t.co/MGwAqVPE7N

imogen ‏@marsbuswell

@taliasdolan can u pack your bags and move in w me pls

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