Tag Grave Accent Emoji

Tag Grave Accent was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁠 U+E0060


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Izzy ‏@nurse_isabella

@giovanna88 And I’ll be there darling! Which stage will you be flying from?

Miss Kitty Bliss ‏@Miss_KittyBliss

@max_deviant Much, thank you

𝓜𝓲𝓪 💫 ‏@taeisuwu

HE IS FINE #MAMARedCarpet https://t.co/OKELoEQMI8

Itay E. ‏@Klax2K

So excited to be here with the @supercell team for the launch of @BrawlStars! https://t.co/XD8BRNLjuW

전 | RTxLIKE📌📌📌 ‏@maknaekooky

@merrchieGA_PH Congrats eonnie 🤗

Ben Parker ‏@BP_BBC

Dan Poulter also backing the PM.

Naily ‏@naeliey

Thank you so much 💔

Max Pumperla ‏@maxpumperla

@RomeoKienzler and I will talk about our recent work at the #DataScience meetup Hamburg tomorrow. I'll be giving a… https://t.co/XtaELlhPaf

Teddy ‏@dimwittedjoker

Performance Appraisal underway !! https://t.co/iRJ6ZeyCNf

Ayanda Mavuso ‏@anmavuso

@orlandopirates Goal A

Amanda Holland ‏@mandholland

@GMB Many will!!!!!!

mahima saini ‏@mahimaaaaaaaaaa

Wait APPLE AIRPODS ARE $219????? Omfg... 😱😱😱😱😱 shook

FalloutGuy ‏@Carp9432

Like wow this #fallout76 game has crashed so many times in the last few days @Fallout it’s getting harder to be a fan

K Baker ‏@MusicaIncognita

@thames_travel Are 98s still serving the Orchard Centre? Just chilly enough that I’d rather walk to the station tha… https://t.co/MDI7yb5x5q

𝐥𝐮𝐜𝐲 ‏@lucyithink

literally cannot believe it’s finally happening https://t.co/cjMMHg2giE

PJ 📸 ‏@_paizjaafar

What i define love and beauty in one time 🥰💕💫@rashyusri_ https://t.co/0EnfSBTvdz

dearie // exams ‏@njghtlock

i'm WEAK #stevenat https://t.co/BiBZBme7Np

WPBF 25 News ‏@WPBF25News

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office investigates fatal shooting of West Palm Beach man https://t.co/rUcI4GfFtm https://t.co/ewQ6iYxA6v

Kay🤩😇 ‏@___itskaay

Something Imma Forever Beat Myself Up About 🤧🤦🏽‍♀️

Kenya Power ‏@KenyaPower_Care

@murangirimugoh1 we have booked the complaint under ref no; 4296515 for assistance, ^FN.

934WMIX ‏@934WMIX

NowPlaying we made it - Damo.Trizzy,Phillistines Hosted by DJs @DJGreenguy @djkingassassin #RadioImpact Mo Music 09:23

Davie Dawson ‏@davidGAAdawson1

One of the greatest nights FFS 😂😂😂 https://t.co/EKQUdYrFoK

19940106 ‏@TKaktSwN8uC6wHY

I love your new song hard carry GOT7 #MAMAVOTE #GOT7 really nice!

rina ‏@vnicebich

I’m just thinking of how Herman was fangirling over Astrid S at Skam’s set and then a year later he starred in Astr… https://t.co/2LwlHQzvTS

Anil Kumar Singh ‏@AnilKum04619533

@pramodtiwari700 @parouha_vinod @INCIndia @RahulGandhi Congratulations to all of members and people.

Jolanta Sewell ‏@JolantaSewell

Educator @ works Backstage with all the four legged ones. https://t.co/JGtkVPENbE https://t.co/5LlZeKkyHd

jay💣 ‏@fuckenjustine

@nohoesjaz Play fortnite

Indian Lily ‏@indian_lily

Add a touch of elegance to your #Home with #Ottoman Table Footrest Step #StoolCumStorage. Find great deals of Stool… https://t.co/FsuXKqqL95

FrédéricDuilhac ‏@DuilhacF

Castanets. https://t.co/WltiwE8VzK

Tom Marlow ‏@TomMarlow_

Decided to be organised and pack my gym clothes and trainers to swing by the gym on my way home from work... Just g… https://t.co/wLWBsmjQU9

cristina yang ‏@niaantoine

american dad or family guy 🤔

Katlo R. Matleelane ‏@KatloMatleelane

TWO GREAT MEETINGS lined up for you today and Tomorrow... See you there... WINNING BY FAITH - WED 1800hrs LOVE TR… https://t.co/HGk6vDQzxC

Trish Shumack ‏@shumack_trish

@suthernx @slpng_giants_oz @GiantsOz Reported and blocked

Yimbee ‏@jimmy_1975

As a leave voter the whole thing is ridiculous. I voted out not for any agreement or deals #BrexitShambles… https://t.co/xpzRUif0iK

Jawziya F. Zaman ‏@reracinated

Men and their manners - Newspaper - https://t.co/IPFxWb7XPg https://t.co/LFRnsHdluG

Sharon Beasley-Teague, ‏@BeasleyTeague

@CallahanRamzi moves my house in south fulton

wikipikibot ‏@wikipikibot

The Slades https://t.co/D7Wd3bOLUr https://t.co/zeNSN3eD4j

Peter Ince ‏@satoriweb

@type_human @SarahMoran Sounds great. Will there be anyone there representing the gov's position?

Beach Galloway ‏@BeachGalloway

Experiencing an earthquake in Knoxville is kind of underwhelming when you live right next to the train tracks...

Lisa Hoath ‏@HoathLisa

@TakingMickey So, Mick, now that the lawsuit is settled, in record time, I might add, I'm wondering when you're goi… https://t.co/ep461NKnpM

Gabriel ‏@gabrielplata_

beauty queen of only 18 she had some trouble with herself

Bluefacewavyy🤑 ‏@daveysowavyy

@_khayess That’s why u need to do yo own grocery shopping https://t.co/ZP7eeFSDYG

Elise Valdez ‏@Kookie_Elise11

Lol congratulations you just ruined my day


What was yoongi doooing LMAO JSJSJKS https://t.co/OgFwutBaVP

taejincember ‏@mellifluousNam

I literally forgot about mama red carpet & started focusing on work but logged in exactly when Bangtan appeared... God loves me

Ash ‏@ashh_twt

Hoseok looks so fckn good 😭😭🥰😍 https://t.co/oGPdXZ1m4J

cool_carrot123 ‏@cool_carrot123

im jelly of tis guy :-( https://t.co/QOweJle2YM

océ 🐾 ‏@kimwoojn

glow #MAMAVOTE #StrayKids https://t.co/Ffgxjrt5TI

desmarkie ‏@desmarkie

This is the gritty, fact-based, journalistic integrity our country needs right now. https://t.co/bjOeGvtoch

YoungLadies ‏@ogeamaka4

@Bazenga_Pato @_Njokie Not funny bro

Kay ‏@kaysway17

@theJeremyVine Why have you got that childish idiot Owen on again? He is to immature to be taken seriously. It's embarrassing

B ‏@brumz_1

PSA if you are ever paying for a flight in Nigeria always pay cash at any of their offices. Paying online is an EXTREME sport.

ً ‏@dIaurntis

I like u — Thanks x https://t.co/OoG3EG6TKC

Bev Richards ‏@PSwayzeFan

My goodness! 😱😱😱😱😱 https://t.co/2h8NeAW4uq

Heather Lindsaychen ‏@oceana1009

Still in planning phase but they are looking to see how many patients might participate in a mold study (if your mo… https://t.co/SY1jsn37DE

¥um ‏@qayyumiman

@AirAsiaSupport hyee can assist me to amend name of passenger?

Nana ✨ ‏@KieanaAnique

I packed 3 loads of clothes into two bags. Icon.

Nia Som ‏@serendiminni

My men walking down the red carpet in full Dior 😌😌😌

Martin Ifeanyichukwu ‏@Martinect2803

@OgbeniDipo I won't. I did what I did in school out of frustration, than choice. I've been at home 4yrs pursuing m… https://t.co/Yevw0jtca7

FG 🎲 ‏@FGFrmFG_

If you not from Chicago, STOP 😭 Ofn this ain’t y’all speed, hit yo dougie or sumn https://t.co/UDtEfZyLzu

Sabbyyy ‏@ysaturdido

#TheBestThingIEverDid made me cry, I'm so soft😭💖 @JYPETWICE 왜?!😭💖

Eric M Nzamwita ‏@EricMaxime

@Achiator1 @tayooye I have already uninstalled all social media apps from my phone apart the whatsapp which I don't… https://t.co/tdFmLlB3Yz

ceejei. 🐰 ‏@beaglehowlter

i want to watch the whole show but lol i want to visit some museums and do shopping 😂

ashley ‏@aashley_marie

LOOK AT SOPHIA JUST LOOK AT HER OMG IM CRYING RN!!!! those jumps?! that tumbling technique?!?! THATS MY BABY SISTER… https://t.co/95yLa3lMrL

AnGie & YoonGi❣ ‏@MeikoYamaguchi_


Suki. ‏@svkiwaterhouse

Look at me spreading Christmas joy and shit. 🎄 https://t.co/ifCY3hhl9Z

Emanuel Jones ‏@emanjones205

@GangDicky Beauty Dior *drops mic*

michelle tiONGson ⏳ ‏@theMICHELLEtoe


Dean Orme ‏@dean_orme

@jJillyG_1915 Thanks Jill.

LETS GET THIS BREAD🤙🏽 ‏@Yoongismistress

HE’S TOO CUTE OMG #MAMA2018 https://t.co/h819lK8lWP

FF ‏@SahebeDil

@masimmalikawan @MemonaMushtaq Positive Reporting https://t.co/8jUenqw75c

JonBrexit ‏@JonBrexit

she must not win https://t.co/LjtpTkEd6U

Danni hutchings ‏@Dannihutchings1

@HMRCcustomers Yes that’s the point I have tried EVERYTHING but because I have two accounts one from 2004 which I f… https://t.co/RLIq77sIQY

shay ‏@beomsnora


Ma3Route ‏@Ma3Route

12:25 The service road to @HiltonGardenInn from Mombasa Road A104 is dangerous for traffic coming from mlolongo. Th… https://t.co/HMFB3A88GM

Stuart Sandison ‏@sfsand9

if you think this is an okay thing to say, you’re wrong. https://t.co/9UxlJe9hDG

Mona Lisa ‏@tweepoftheyear

@DianahLiEs But yo boobs 😹😹

RJ ‏@JafferySR

Is it just me or should we have focused less on @Ed_Miliband eating a sandwich ability and more on his policies so… https://t.co/HTQQGjLqSJ

Ganesh_ ‏@M_Amarnath___

@zomatocare @Madan_Chikna Swiggy is top zomoto waste

luce ‏@thelongestboy

what is the actual point of this useless party https://t.co/7FmXV996eL

Jen Foreman ‏@jxnforeman

update: i have not gone in https://t.co/oqycAGuASn

M I M I💌🌷 ‏@kthclique

@KIMVpics @BTS_twt so he wants me DEAD dead

Adi ‏@Adijadeee

@mariahdupaya Ur belong smile naaa

Josh ‏@joshuachavez_

@jeybean_ Getwell boss

Aaron Sttod ‏@AaronSttod

@jose_basa Do not forget Draghi is coming tomorrow.......................

Glen Proctor ‏@GlenProctor1988

@HarryTulip @MundialMag Should it not be Bee Gees/Steps: Tragedy

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