Tag Grave Accent Emoji

Tag Grave Accent was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁠 U+E0060


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Syed Hassan Zubair ‏@syed_Jaffriii

The regal delegation are in Pakistan to make the biggest investment in the history of Pakistan. King MBS' words cle… https://t.co/mwT4RryP73

Paul Elliott ‏@pelliott1954

@theblakokid Thanks Tom, means a lot

PolimathBot ‏@PolimathB

If you add natural people to cardinal politicians, you get a conservative cycle

NeKa TruthMatters ‏@sisternej

Hilarious! You got that right, Brian!! #HandInPuppet https://t.co/4YXPbRl36z

Tima ‏@FatiimaawadA1

This is relieving.. https://t.co/pvcNXoJUqk

th_eta ‏@SigTheta

@BisonBrewski @Markus214 @SnowWhite_Lines Considering I hear several people speaking Dutch, probably in the Netherlands or Belgium!

sophia🌹 ‏@sophia_0305

@LiamPayne stan. Just stan

「⚕」Sтαrѕcreαм~♛ ─ Dragon form ‏@KingOfSeekers

[ Starter for @ShapeShifterBax ] https://t.co/ibwZ0EIPXp

NorfolkCounty EcDev ‏@investnorfolk

#NorfolkCounty publishes Interim Recommendations for #EconDev Strategy. Council to review Feb 19. Read the report a… https://t.co/z69kbti67Z

Lauren Hannah Pell ‏@laurenhpell

@lauraflatt This why you ruined my poll statistics by clicking no

Humaira ‏@humsey__

@bc__astro Same looool its a bit much now everyone is talking about it 😭

Ryan Davis 🤘🏻 ‏@ShinerRyan

@LongHornFrenzy What. Did. Just. Read?😳

C͜͡нarlιe ‏@BowtieRainbows

// Backstory will be up soon// https://t.co/lKIbnz9zpd

camy ‏@lamycaferriere

my heart will get so low it could touch my feet

Gift of T. Wood ‏@giftoftwood

I had a blast cover social at The Galentines Soiree last night! #galsoiree10 #FierceFaithFab #galentines

Rob B ‏@RKBJr1970

I love truthful momma jokes https://t.co/0i6FneCFzx

Kelley Budde ‏@BuddeKelley

ACA coming at ya from @moellerbrewbarn https://t.co/tJid4G0pwM

ᴍᴀᴜᴅ ɪs ᴡᴀɪᴛɪɴɢ ғᴏʀ ʟᴛ1 ‏@CuteBoyHStyles

And like sure we are all very excited and really want to hear it but keep yo shit together and be fucking patient.

Carol❌ ‏@over60nz

@superyayadize @Farberyanki They’re part of it. #DeepStateAgenda #CabalElite #GlobalistElitePsychopaths control for 💰

ilhan solo ‏@mactheconqueror

@washingtonpost @ByYourLogic he's got bolsonaro eyes these days

Kobe Savage ‏@NbaBen_10

@JaazeyB I’m not going either Kapp to you I thought that lil baby for a min 🤣🤣

Ratna Pandey ‏@JewelPandey

@j32058290 @MarkWasyliw Better question is why Chief Superintendant makes close to $300k?

disco suncloud ‏@wfqhxr

Nope https://t.co/Wyh04XZuek

Sitra ‏@sitra_abd

My edges are snatched!😍🔥 https://t.co/7slNEY02IU

chris ‏@TacticalBigBoy1

thinking about adding “blocked by @realDonaldTrump” to my profile so everybody knows how hard i resist

Cortez ‏@BakerGoatfield

What A PLAY 👀👀👀 #AAFootball

🥽 ‏@paIacejosh

Ahaaaaa everyone hates us, we love it. Get up the palaceeeee

Ca♡ ‏@CarysSparkes

That’s mad omg https://t.co/jE0rghAinQ

RaZvY ‏@RaZvYR3D

WE GOT AN OPTIMUS PRIME ICON! - #FIFA19 ULTIMATE TEAM DRAFT TO GLORY #46 https://t.co/ysqjF8i1if via @YouTube

🇨🇦 🇨🇦 𝑻𝒐𝒎 𝑩𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒓 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 ‏@twebaker

@ArnottsBikkies thanks for making Tim Tams available in Canada. My son just enjoyed his first Tim Tam Slam! So deli… https://t.co/AnrWqgjn6I

JOE ‏@joeffarries

@maddielocke96 You never win 😉

welly bobs florist ‏@wellybobsfloris

why not go check out my facebook and instergram ??

Darienn Ramos ‏@dariennr

🤗❤️🤗 No caption needed. The picture explains 1,000 (not literal) words. ☺️☺️☺️ https://t.co/rIQbxB8oyn

Uighur4Palestine🇮🇹🌹#GTTO ‏@AbdSattarUighur

@55krissi55 @dallo100 @alberttrigg @mikeallenjones Me too. I want nothing to do with this serial slanderer!

nobodyhere ‏@nobodyhere23

@Kasparov63 Trump has been attacking people in the media his public career... This is just more entertainment, & me… https://t.co/siDMU3iNSU

Rixsoh🎴 ‏@SpammingL2

@SoloTrixey Cmon bro 💙❄🎴

Denice Briggs ‏@DeniceBriggs11

@Blizzy_316 Hi grandson lookin good old man. LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tanya ‏@TanRob22

@CandeGdl @Lee888123 @PapaPorter1 @marinavibu609g @KVajpayaee @TRaja10979182 @EByzio @perlanegra24100 @ZEYNAZERDA… https://t.co/GwlGVWZIwV

Brandon Smith ‏@phaeta

@ifuaskmee Then we shall build SKY WALLS around Philly!

Emma Lou Lally-Blair ‏@EmmaLouLallyBl1

#GetPaid to post about what you love! Download the #MNFST app https://t.co/TJcN2lUEZb and become an #influencer https://t.co/uO20ZyVkOJ

😼Cat👅 ‏@keepingupwitce

Not my other trade 🤫

mf birdman junior ‏@_bbiirrdd_

Block... https://t.co/cVoenTwboA

MR. Born To Lose 🅴 ‏@TBFH_IDFC

@WinEdwards Ultraviolence forever https://t.co/8ag82qIP5t

Lemon Pepper Spray Windu ‏@DaangDaniel

Wanting to be recognized as essentially colorless is another form of wanting to be recognized as White. No matter… https://t.co/9TUWeuoisN

Margot ‏@margctrobb

When he’s protective 😍💯💯 https://t.co/QdP2E4WPAQ

JACKtheolePIRATE ‏@JackArnett11

Who in the world is suggesting that? https://t.co/seiiU4yOuT

dano olgren ‏@danoskc

@sweetlxveofmine why are you nervous just be yourself have fun your cute and she must like you if she wants to get drinks

UnResistableNoob ‏@UnResistedNoob

@EAMaddenMobile Can we get the old season system back.

Steven ‏@StevenMcinerney

@Brewer_BenK K-Store or sumat like that on Oxford road.

Anaahh ‏@Anaahh6

So cute #real_dog_6621589

ruby ‏@calmolatunji

@wroetojord honestly :(

smudboy ‏@smudboy

@themetrobolist @LackingSaint The joys and pains of being accurate.

YT_Carsonwave ‏@carsonwave

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Fortnite) live at https://t.co/5bSvg41LpE

Anne Giles Delaney ‏@AnneGDelaney

Good questions and good answers. Q&A with Mark Schmidt before school-record win No. 203. #unfurl #GoBonnies https://t.co/6eNiRYfdcz

Kei Zama ‏@kei_zama

i got some points of online shopping from smartphone provider, it was almost 4000 yen, I ordered some Asian foods u… https://t.co/jjtUpEqHmH

Bri ‏@moonlighttlou

@Louis_Tomlinson you’re my rock i love you

Laya ‏@laya888

Pocophone F1 international giveaway! https://t.co/SQ7XeaKOLb

kelbel ‏@sizzlingfajita

UGH happy birthday to my girl elizabeth i love u and miss u 😤💗 ur doing amazing things at wayne and i couldnt be pr… https://t.co/DV8ZX7riGp

𝘵𝘦𝘥𝘥𝘺 ♡ ‏@akitohrus

I’m finna eat but I’m keeping my phone with me cuz I don’t wanna miss any announcements

writerofwrongs ‏@3rdpoint

Re-election!? Nobody goes that far for any job - my guess is he's pardon-fishing for god knows what… https://t.co/VJ2IKDyy7j

Radio Justice 📻🎙 ‏@justiceputnam

He was given a convenient offer he couldn't refuse. https://t.co/psJS995WXQ

One Nigeria 🇳🇬 ‏@OneNigeriaMedia

Chief Anthony Eromosele Enahoro (22 July 1923 – 15 December 2010) was one of Nigeria's foremost anti-colonial and p… https://t.co/pi4QjcPbNQ

Pepon Leal ‏@peponleal2010


Slingshot® ‏@Slingshot

Head-turning style. #PolarisSlingshot https://t.co/Xzs3gFewAj

Richard Gardner ‏@RGardnerMusic

Buskers crack at The Priory with the indomitable Jon Sibley! 👍😄 x https://t.co/AIkxl45vx8

Monte OZ ‏@MonteOzAfrica

Actress Juliet Ibrahim Admits She Can Never Date a Broke Man! https://t.co/I9aVYgcIbc https://t.co/BFo4MpkYkT

rem 🧸 ‏@IcveIydjh

my head hurts AGAIN. why 🥺

Danise 🇺🇸 ❌ ‏@pitbullmomof4

@PalmerReport @realDonaldTrump Real classy...you should be ashamed of yourself!

#Backtalk.🇺🇳🗺 ‏@NationTexts

@lloydrsmith @wearenorth99 @Ford I prefer @Kia anyway.

reese #OWL2019 💚 ‏@vividlesbian

@overwatchleague @danteh LETS GOOOOO https://t.co/geDdWra7oU

hamberders and covfefe 🇺🇸 ‏@CovfefeAnd

Look up kids! 😂❤ https://t.co/8FZMqMNQXb

kashif Qureshi ‏@kashiflion

The belief u choose to live must suffice every need of your life. If it is not then u r deceiving yourself bcz may… https://t.co/geeYPe3XSG

FOX Sports: Braves ‏@FOXSportsBraves

Views from the office. @Braves spring training. #ChopOn https://t.co/aizpL6Clw1

duarte day the only day that matters ‏@bfheejuns


Nick Narigon ‏@NickOfTime2020

Day 2: #7books7covers Nominated by @lisawritesjp https://t.co/k4KiXkHnye


2019 Mood #Carolinas #CLT #LOLCLT #CHARLOTTE #QC #NBAAllstar @JColeNC https://t.co/otIJg8BuLD

George weisenborn ‏@Georgeweisenbo1

Who’s the winners @BuschBeer

Erik Israel ‏@scottie1479

Detention meant something different when I went to school. https://t.co/QEP7taSSz3

The Crypt Keepr ₿itcoin ˢᵛ🔥🐉 ‏@The_Crypt_Keepr

Who wants to profit and add value to #Bitcoin? Builders welcome, Trolls need not apply. #Business… https://t.co/93mCOpMz7b

Bubbles 🌊💙🌊😇☤♉ ‏@BubblesResists

@DeadBunnyFrank @hardhouz13 We have to be a better example as #Resisters we do not want to look as childish as MAGA'TS #StrongerTogether 💙😇

Henrik Igasta ‏@HIgasta

@foe_us no, they will rely on natural gas, Merkel said it. or is natural gas considered renewable now?

Omar Baggili ‏@OmarBaggili

@JohnRentoul What do you mean bad at building them?

NOQ Report ‏@NoqReport

This is a very dangerous road, one that harms the way the Catholic Church leads its people. It’s time for Bible-bel… https://t.co/768A2pFGcA

🔑Sora🔑 { Wild Adventerous AU } ‏@RightousPassing

@KiboNoKokoro 🔑 I think it’s fair to say I should love myself so. 💛💜💚🖤💖

Dom ‏@domwalter69

@rahy21 Yeezy

Mac donald ‏@Macdonaldric

"@911well: When you are born into a world where you don't fit in, it's because you were born to create a new one. https://t.co/lJqJwmgZGx"

Twelfth Warrior ‏@OHWildBill

@brookselaine70 Donnie didn’t make a good poopie this morning and is throwing a tantrum. @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/hiBY98AIyQ

k⛄️thryn ‏@arolacroix

Houston stop putting linkzr on brig challenge

nostalgiawav3 ‏@nostalgiawav3

@Floridabelle376 @YossiGestetner @RobElgasABC7 @ABC7Chicago @NolteNC @Cernovich For real! If you watch his intervie… https://t.co/J9CX2ssfRS

jovy ‏@jovy4u

I felt cute the other night 😄✨ https://t.co/HRAZeM9Tzm

Kate 👑 ‏@Jessylaine_kate

Hold my hands 👫 https://t.co/YH5CiPMkLF

✨Peanut Gallery 247✨ ‏@nicolasubben

@BlogosphereM They should not discriminate and be unfair to who they partner with. I’ve lost respect for a few bran… https://t.co/ePxVbr9eBU

Creamy Delight Cakes ‏@mycreamydelight

@lovefalson5_fsh Thanks boss

platinami ‏@KateyAnthony

@wunsh_ If you Google League Displays, should pop up! I'm out at the moment. ;-;

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