Tag Grave Accent Emoji

Tag Grave Accent was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁠 U+E0060


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‘Muzlamic’ Rahul ‏@AkhAmin

@iHasnaatAkhtar Lol mans would be slipping in their Instagram @ to the hasanat hashtag - find some products ASAP lo… https://t.co/4K29mLZ2LK

greatbrandsUSA ‏@greatbrandsUSA

https://t.co/i4Jl3JWlPr Estwing 4lb Long Handle Drilling Hammer w/ Shock Reduction - The long handle Drilling Hamme… https://t.co/Ox6gQj9cHr

jeandra. ‏@lilyjeandra

@JJHlibx kirain u genit

Senator Dick Durbin ‏@SenatorDurbin

According to the FCC, more than 21 million Americans lack access to high-speed internet, though that number may be… https://t.co/RBxTO5DbO8

Goodman Godla ‏@goodman98890063

MultiChoice Group has published its annual results for the year ended 31 March 2019, showing that its DStv Premium product remains under..

ProudVetLiberal 🇺🇸 ⚜ ‏@KimboLB

@ksorbs We don't stand up for liars regardless of gender. Samders is a proven liar. P.S. So is Trump.

Caring ‏@FeelsLike98

I don’t think women like that, Gucci https://t.co/O7Z1tG5ReT

amy // 37 days 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@bastillemax

5. a song by a lifelong favourite artist // rusty halo by the script https://t.co/oAUa7lnya9

ً levi ‏@whathefreakdude

@odetousleep bro.... ur gonna make me emotional ....

ぼーい ‏@BOY_7

#NowPlaying My HERO / 04 Limited Sazabys - My HERO / 夕凪 https://t.co/sU5r19Vsdg

Vusi Sambo ‏@VusiSambo

@hlubizer @Kolekile10 @AbutiJosef @BangizweNkosi OR served as president for an undisturbed 24 years... Mangosuthu B… https://t.co/OYMr35yQJr

Jay ‏@jaystkidding

even then i dint! https://t.co/Bj4VzLrNGm

DaBeartender ‏@Patdabear

United Airlines flight blows out tires during landing at Newark Liberty Internationalo Airport - CNN https://t.co/8zUC26Bcgc

Angela Williams ‏@Angelaahhhh

@Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin @BillyTolley @jaywasley When’s the episode gunna premier? If it’s that good than I got to get prepared

Sebastian✌ ‏@sebi_the_man

People are so fragile nowadays

Elegant Jewelry ‏@JewelryElegant

Check out Natural Garnet Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver #ElegantJewelry #Tennis https://t.co/S90TJufb1G via @eBay

©️ ‏@mcfcjxsh

@cfcampadu @cfcsam_ Ironic

colleen ‏@colleen9587

@theblaze At all costs it vague. If they Attack us should we avoid it.. can’t vote yes because of that line

Gamer Geek ‏@GamerGeekNews

can't upgrade - package mismatch https://t.co/1pNPlKYEoz #LinuxServer

Mo 🧡 ‏@monicarealg_

need to come up off some money quick

k o r e e n ✨ csd 📌 ‏@VVOOZl


ًiga snk spoilers . ‏@vantefIeurs

bitches are crying rn (i'm bitches) https://t.co/JX6oAnU7tD

~ ‏@wrmboy

I've been sober for six months, damn.

@TajJacks ‏@TajJacks

@realDonaldTrump I like this 🇺🇸, Billymagill5 in UK was getting worried.

jc ‏@lovinglyseok

@k00kie_Mon5ter will we ever find a man like him???

PurpDaddy ‏@champagnepurpy

@ravennlindseyy I needa see bout that. Sell me a sample 💀

Sneakernews ‏@yeezynews350

Nike WMNS Air Max 98 Pink Digital Pixel June 19, 2019 https://t.co/zQ3VtSXJ5L https://t.co/QGQKQhETDn

💨 ‏@itssjustjamal

everyone got their own preception stop acting like your preception is the only "right" one

Dustin ‏@DustInYaFace89

Shoutout to the people at work that come up to me and stick their nose in my food and say “oh what do we have today… https://t.co/bagpUVCzHv

Boykie ‏@boykie_jmb

@djsbu Where can I get mofaya in Pretoria @djsbu

Jul ‏@punkbastille

@mckennapctty WHAT DO U WANT FRO ME

McCodedCfr 1stComedy gladiator of 🇳🇬 ‏@CfrCoded

If you find it convenient to always spend several hours everyday watching one entertainment program or the other on… https://t.co/0R88cgNjSd

EyalNoder (Giv Mony) ‏@Eyal213

@Straverr Congrats xD

jfb, jaki ‏@kimmingqyu

@sfmoker @hyunxjinh DAUN

je ◟̽◞̽ ‏@Itstommo_

somebody pls talk to harry to reply liam tweet

B J K L ‏@BeeJayKayEl

@AnniGold96 @RecAustralia Right? These books are everywhere in the schools I’ve visited. We need to do better.

Wyka ‏@cessabel

ansaya maging invisible, could get used to it 😂

Rhys ‏@Rhysescups

@BethWalters3 There’s 0 credible evidence that Iran has any links to Islamic terror groups. At best the support pol… https://t.co/6OKxubOvLw

Chinmay 🇮🇳 ‏@Chinmaysoni28

@PizzaHutIN What wait? @PizzaHutIN ? It's been almost a month. 🙄

Maynooth Geography ‏@Maynoothgeog

@Shh_Sean @MaynoothUni You can get your transcripts through here: https://t.co/SGuzST1N0W

RudeWolf ‏@RudeWolf2

@Raunchy_Gandalf @raunchymanfurr Ok cutting deep I see lol

Mahmood¡ ‏@MahmoodAmeeri

@salmbx @LoganPaul Go study physics

Jeffrey D. Henry ‏@JeffreyDHenry1

@SOFiAUNSOLVED I can provide you a header please dm me the details

Jordan ‏@Jordan710_

@DrLupo @NZXT 6k in 10 minutes. Start printing the shipping labels @NZXT

vey정 ‏@deeveeeeee

@Okegan5 Misscall

Rick and Morty quotes ‏@loremricksum

"That just sounds like slavery with extra steps." #RickAndMorty

K’s World ‏@library_edits

My childhood is truly making a comeback: first Jonas Brothers released a new song and now there is going to be a hu… https://t.co/DWT06fBAGr

Topaz Yates ‏@downlopaz

@the_savo ok mixtape. street profit. i liked make it. work on your lyrics and delivery to level up. keep grinding

julie ‏@gznegirl

the last tweet from my tl is from 3 hours ago are you all dead or........

Deb ‏@heydebit__


Md Nasrullah ‏@MdNasru15004394

What a great win it was. Shakib bhai and Liton was aamzing. It was treat to watch your batting. Thanks for everythi… https://t.co/qnUJWYmZYO

Val The Cube ‏@ValThePal4

@FoxyBeats @AgentPlays Same, id let him smash me (he prob wouldnt want to tho xD)

RAVEL⚡️ ‏@supXrav

Bro when u be trynna do stuff with females, aint nun finna pop off bc they be taking damn near 2 hours to put on a shirt n jeans

♡ ‏@haizftsoon

Go follow @HaileeBackupFR pleeease

Jeffrey ‏@__jeff_chong

maybe quitting osu will be for the better. i dont feel this shitty when i do irl work. maybe its time to become a normie for good

Dolapo Oni ‏@Dolarpo

This is in direct contravention of the Data Protection Act 2018 section 2 on Protection of Personal Data. You have… https://t.co/OJIqqV3Ix0

Richard C Renson ‏@RichardCR56

What a waste. This never seems to be resolved for long. Not a great advert for the place. https://t.co/ixXIpK7XMG

Nicole ‏@nicolefureyRSW

@agnesmartin99 Brave!

✨🔥 ‏@hoshbubble

@archermoons i help u draw u provide the ideas 🤩😜

Christopher Bannan ‏@ulmwxr

@Wxmanms1 The 5 D’s of dodgeball. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.

Zeke Zarate ‏@zekezarate

Just posted a photo @ Donut Nation https://t.co/CB1KtxRn8J

Wasafikenya ‏@EzekielRobert19

@YouthRuto @edwinsifuna @StandardKenya Al long as Rail is still alive bro ODM is still here😅note that

Devils Avocado ‏@Thebetterlifee

Person that started the blue icon thing for was going to donate- but didn’t, said they would be sending food- Suda… https://t.co/66ueU81aNy

Shantell ‏@IAmShanCreary

Hate pineapple juice (PJ) with the ginger in it

Agadjel Ge Marie Diosana ‏@agadjel

@realDonaldTrump Happy Father's day Mr. President.


In on #FVRR @ $32.57 #Stock #IPO #Stockstradamus https://t.co/aezZ3UtB8c

Jacqueline ‏@jackielevering

@ErinRenegar Just casually checking in!

The Car Agents ‏@TheCarAgentsLtd

⚠️ Need a helping hand selling your car? We can help! Over the last 25 years, we have helped thousands of clients… https://t.co/Eie8NGPxHQ

Aj Kuzenko ‏@AjKuzenko

The things that bring you the most joy will also bring you the most pain

Charlotte ‏@Charlotteqt1

Life is a wonder You'll never know the answer Nature is a miracle Natural disasters It's good to be alive You could… https://t.co/87WHXdSHgK

Ranthar-7 ‏@StarCrackerExo

@ShadowMaria45 //you aren't annoying and you don't suck at rp.

#GodDecides ‏@Dj_KillaMo

FNB needa bring back premier clients lounge in branches, particularly the greenstone branch 😩 this can't be life

Seth (formerly Steve) ‏@s_decatur

@BradMarshv1 @JohnHawkwood62 @HidingPingu Those could all hurt. Florida is always close and turnout matters – So… https://t.co/xJPatOchbb

Scarlett Pimpernel ‏@ScarlettPimper5

@realDonaldTrump I just had a great call with my sisters nurse. They agreed that they won’t bring her lunch. I made… https://t.co/hGSHLnDVPn

Mike Lightfoot ‏@michaelightfoot

@MichaelJosem I’ll see how I can try directly as I’ll be in Central by Thursday morning!

✨ ‏@jaaazzzyyyjay

@J0rdii__ Yes, yes she was. Lift her up in your prayers

Megan Ledyard ‏@LedyardMegan

@JJ49421073 @CuteAnimaIVines Dude wait to de a hater that video is adorable

Elena Saravia ‏@ElenaSaravia

@PaulMcCartney Happy Birthday Paul! God bless you!!!🎂🍰🎁🎈🎉🎊

DJ JoeBlinkz ‏@dj_joeblinks

I might look new to you, But am not new to my Provider His name is "Ancient of Day's" Am operating with an Ancient… https://t.co/FXbwgrsWDp

who ‏@_idkher

@insomnivk_jxy DEADASS. like shit... i would wanna be high too if i gotta sleep outside. people just selfish.

michael richard ‏@Master_coach1

@SundayTimesZA I find putting it on lightly just before shaving gives me a beautiful glow deep down👶🏽

𝙠𝙮 ♡ ‏@spaghettaeos

we goin ✈️✈️ work let’s make that coin sisters!

k ‏@peasandkaris

@cindy_w_brandt Curious, what are your thoughts on Fresh Off The Boat?

𝓢𝓸𝓭𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓽𝓮 ‏@drakocactus

#PercyJackson is trending because Hera is a bitch that likes to play games with people, probably because most of th… https://t.co/mhUe263yHz

bros heng ‏@khoa33050037

@ahra15057919 Sart bro

Hope🌈 ‏@ranunculove

#AnybodyButTrump2020 ...but if it could please be @PeteButtigieg I would feel so much prouder to be an American. https://t.co/gdavs8yd31

The Road to Serfdom ‏@quark_time

@deepsealioness Aunty, first you supported Pakistan. We wiped the floor with them. At this rate, it looks like yo… https://t.co/iFFPD7lHcS

amyeastwood💕 ‏@amylouuuxxx

3 years ago it was my due date 💓💓 https://t.co/AdoK04wAqe

Alyse Sue ‏@alysesue

@elonmusk wanna debut the Tesla cyberpunk pickup in Sydney at SingularityU AU Summit? @SUAustralia

AleppowerUp ‏@aleppowerup

I want to live, I don't know how long we will live or die Pray for us.

Janis Mary Chrystal ‏@JanisRegener

@Kate_Chastain Trust issues.. #metoo

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