Tag Greater-Than Sign Emoji

Tag Greater-Than Sign was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀾 U+E003E


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kattzzz ‏@kattzzz

#Win this fantastic duo of Highland Park THE LIGHT & THE DARK single malt whiskies in @DreamWhiskies amazing Decemb… https://t.co/zGPvFqgtxO

Mary Ann ‏@mamrasor

@CharlesPPierce Mastering his domain. Good riddance.

Mr. Shoeless ‏@mr_shoeless

@realDonaldTrump Numbers aren’t meaningless, feelings are. I think they should do what the numbers tell them.

St Lucia News 🇱🇨 ‏@NewsOfStLucia

#StLucia Times: Fake $3.4 Million Cheque Lands T&T Duo In Trouble https://t.co/VFtRx3QJHu

21isComing ‏@keanosalegend

Any chance pogba could fuck off as well

Keana ‏@Jigglingthighs

I’ll kiki w you and tell you how all men are trash and how you shouldn’t fw them but I’m still sleeping in my nigga bed later on!

jj ‏@jjmemebot


𝔠𝔯𝔦𝔰 ‏@fraryscrown

selina to bruce in 3x5 rooftop scene https://t.co/r8s3vo1isg

Uncle Phil ‏@that_guyphil

Happy birthday Dad💯✊🏾✊🏾❤️

Amy of the Hallmark Christmas movies 🎄🎅🏼 ‏@thethomps

@MikeStuchbery_ My husband did growing up!

ben ‏@benindaplace

I'd love so much to see Genesio in England, the great Manchester United is back my friends #MUFC

Jelo Despabiladeras ‏@jelodspbldrs

Shazam! and WW'84 of DC, so excited for you 😉

Papa Rhon ‏@King_Rhoniel

Do you worry about your future? — I do. That's why I make most of the Present and let go of the past https://t.co/uK7199M23R

alexis ‏@hoodiedolans

@mila_bln @EthanDolan @GraysonDolan thank you <3

Candy1904 ‏@Candy43393645

@tellychakkar @NakuulMehta @4lionsfilms @StarPlus Not only many started to unsubscriped starplus and hotstar.. Even… https://t.co/wYbgpfjjjt

Rain. ‏@imawkwrd

This is only my eyes. You can agree or not agree. It's okaaay.

bekjon. ‏@rxsebp

@baekfour I want all of my lasts to be with you. https://t.co/ICf7Dw7OlX

கனா MEMES ‏@KumareshSkBro

@PrinceSKteam @Arunrajakamaraj Thanks for my meme post 😎

Abdullah Zafar ‏@sylheti999

@realDonaldTrump Mr. Muller is coming after you 😆

Chaunda Walker Walls ‏@bellafitness09

So sweet and so enlightened! 👌🏾🙌🏾☺️ https://t.co/p8a132tWm8

jerome ‏@jerlaang

@itscharissedy ABNORMAAAALLL!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesom3 #HailDaarick ‏@Awesome3mpire

@officialpollman that she loves me :'u

Salim Gacem ‏@Salim2084

Manchester United : Ferguson, l'impossible succession ? https://t.co/msRi6JkujT via @lequipe

Sexual Violence Centre Cork ‏@SVCCork

Gardaí release EvoFit of man sought in relation to alleged sex assault https://t.co/tD3MlgCnxf

Janet Nadler ‏@NadlerJanet

I belong to the Donald Trump Party. https://t.co/HolBGo3uNT

Darkfit NG ‏@daarkfit

@ife_luv12 Zium .....lol

Ipswich Talk ‏@Ipswich_TT

I was in an Ipswich Town kit as a baby; it’s my club’ – Jack Lankester’s first big interview #ITFC https://t.co/jtx1iSfvvc

[email protected]💸💸💸 ‏@CooreGrey


Bridget - Covfefe ‏@Briann53

I know this. As a nurse in Oregon, I had to vaccinate these children so that they could get into our schools. Of… https://t.co/gIO0e3jGnC

Sherry Potter ‏@justanurse25

@thethomps Appreciate it 😬

ᴄɪᴄɪ ρ ι σ ɳ ყ ‏@piyoon__

thank you for 8k 💖 https://t.co/jtYSSlqddd

Joyce Ademasa ‏@joyceamua

Awesome!!! 💪 What a star!! ✨🤩👏 https://t.co/zOLMBZYcNw

Karen Russell ‏@KarenRussell010

Just because 😁 https://t.co/6xo33KKkxH

Dan Lacey ‏@dannylaceyUK

@KevinBurke1988 @librada2271 @rolandscahill @realDonaldTrump Fair point ! It’s quite a good image though

vishwa ❤️’s a 2xgrammy nom artist in her debut era ‏@_vishwa28

i need to stop being so affectionate to my irl locals bc they mistake it for fl*rting like uhhhhh?????

MILO from atlantis (??) ‏@chansdumb


+ HSM + ‏@Hsmvote41

RTTT EternalGr8ness #VideoMTV18del18 Selena Gomez Lady Gaga

Cal. ‏@backbxter

@joennsomi I've been doing pretty well, bub. What about you?

Dean Lorentson ‏@DeanLorentson

If Celtic were 6th in the league doing that at training man I’d go fucking mental https://t.co/4Dh2PLlmTO

dibyendu das ‏@Dibyendu69

Right-wing propaganda blog page OpIndia caught spreading fake news even after Rajasthan Police's clarification - Ja… https://t.co/dknMfc1bVs

jennifermclaughlin ‏@jennimom42

This week in Trump inhumanity: Keeping a mother from her dying toddler https://t.co/Fmtgtsbf8D

A Healthy Body ‏@AHealthyBod

Euripides Friends show their #quote https://t.co/RxXEykYBXZ https://t.co/c7NU6BpXqO

juice ‏@juhipande

Routine check up at the dentist makes me white knuckle as hard as I did during my class 12 maths exam.

NotMyPresident ‏@rybanova171195

‘Fleabag’ Broadcaster BBC Three Names Fiona Campbell As Controller https://t.co/dHRQRr6vD5

Mike Entro ‏@MikeEntro

Mourinho has now been sacked 5 times in his career. Is he really a top tier manager? 5 Failures cannot be ignored.

Jill Farrell ‏@jillsfarrell

Michael Flynn Is Owed an Apology, still no evidence that he is a traitor. https://t.co/RSZRzEo0bs via @bopinion

Turkeyfamousfor🌏Traditional Handmade Gift Shop 🎁 ‏@turkeyfamousfor

Discover new. Order now at https://t.co/I9K5PP2kYa #quotes #Brazil #travel #HealthyChoice #christmas #Foodie #yummy… https://t.co/f56z3lkz8l

scamjanette ‏@flanjanette

The part in their FAQ about not serving lesbians came up under the “Do you photograph men” question, which... 🙄 https://t.co/P33jjeDVnM

Wisdom Way ‏@TheWayOfWisdomm

So affection and compassion are not only a religious matter, but in our day-to-day life they are quite indispensable.

seven LOVES YOU ‏@wannaseebangtan


⚡︎ 𝖆𝖙𝖚𝖈𝖐𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖌𝖔𝖆𝖙 ⚡︎ ‏@Chubbythug

crazy how some of my earliest memory’s is cops being at the crib. ion even remember my parents no more.. 😞

Leanne🌈 ‏@rslnnmdll

@blengr_ GAME NA

Brian ‏@Brian48965214

@MerveGuerleyik You're welcome

isabella ‏@isa_balang

We can find a reason, a reason to change

Today Bharat News ‏@TodayBharat

After record 6th world title, MC Mary Kom determined to win Olympic gold https://t.co/kBZS1eRXBV


@Beckyleah_x What songs off more recent albums would you recommend?? I fully haven't listened to any of their newer… https://t.co/cEcRWou6A1

Sebastiaan Janssen ‏@cultiv

@codechris @troyhunt @slace @FreedomeVPN Yes, even a broken clock is correct twice a day! 😅

EvanD ‏@EvanDaw21

@GI_Jon0131 @BFinn86 @sportsandra He has been recruiting QBs all season, you obviously don’t follow the team

hemmings ‏@GuitxrCris

@cliffperraroja LEGENDS 💘💞

SiaSeas ‏@siasees

@RonStoeferle @telebusiness how reassuring!

想像 ‏@larrymaceazy

hi i'm using my not so brand new laptop but it's cool 🙂

Gage Boles ‏@Gage_Boles434

@Tepper @coachlaplante I’m going on Saturday!

twidn't ‏@0564c9ea43d1458

@JMikeMorbid Wait, let me make cookies first!

sugarbeet bakery ‏@sugarbeetbakery

Today we decided to bring back a favorite and bring in a classic at creamandcrumbypsi! . Gluten free sparkly magic… https://t.co/BCu4PAUlVB

karma. ‏@_safeguard

love you rats @ROAMse @ROAMspain https://t.co/YVTTl8MJt2

Tes✨ ‏@teslajustice

Good morning. I painted my nails drunk last night. Word of advice: Don’t do it

Afzal Khan MP ‏@Afzal4Gorton

On #InternationalMigrantsDay the Govt's #HostileEnvironment is still alive and well, making life incredibly difficu… https://t.co/5V2qA7xUbp

Jillian Weiss ‏@drjilliantweiss

important note: the clerk was my age and she was clearly flirting clerk: worst part of retail is nights, the transg… https://t.co/Xt759662tc

abi ‏@teambaekho

@BRITs @LittleMix and also @BTS_twt since they charted extremely well and had 2 sold out o2 shows thanks xoxo

easyJet ‏@easyJet

@LeeanneDouglas1 Aww Shucks! 😪 Thanks, Robbie

Ash Froment ‏@ash_froment

@Wakering_Waldo @Furious_Fergie Player power has everything to do with Jose going today. Look at the childish behav… https://t.co/oaImCYxL4G

ThawgofBaghdad ‏@Thawgy

Look at this one https://t.co/FmIY6gyePp

Brad Piff ‏@DimmaDomeDJ

@ThisAintThat_ @AyeYouNeedham That show? WHACK

Ricci ‏@bengbeng_lol

"Its lack of support, not poverty that killed their dreams." ---Catriona Grey's opening statement. She just made me cry.

janet kroeger ‏@mugsykroeger

Go to the Doctor and get on some meds! You no longer make sense! https://t.co/fP4wlye3Zg

aa james. -JFB ‏@prkjiminox

@twinklevx stay at your dm noon, I'll send you something.

Jen in Smyrna ‏@JenInSmyrna

Need to go to the gym but not in the mood.

General Atlantic ‏@generalatlantic

@InvoiceCloud and General Atlantic Announce Strategic Partnership https://t.co/SXklniNQca

SYLE ‏@sformaran

It’s u all the time @Milkywayshades https://t.co/T5vsvxU3Vo

mckinneytx ‏@jifisherohio

Twitter Erupts After Trump Wishes ‘Good Luck’ To Michael Flynn Before Sentencing https://t.co/MaHmqhd1wA

Fa la la lalex🎄 ‏@figmentjedi

Greatest surfer of all time. https://t.co/o2qUE9HKoI

jaymí 🦋 ‏@gothmedli

pretty rock ft my pink fingers https://t.co/BXPTLZ8z5D

chloe ‏@aquariasunshine

@BRITs @jadeskween little mix. and you better give them an award you toads.


@AssEaterPr0 Their final smash would be to nuke everything

Mohsan Farooq ‏@MohsanFarooq5

OMG! You have to see this. #BIGOLIVE. https://t.co/yuUt3AFmnL https://t.co/dNrPLKoUUK

Ginger Rain 🦅❤️🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@Ginger4Trump

Expecting mid to late afternoon the transcript from Comey’s interview from yesterday . https://t.co/LP4g5sr2O5

it's a dare 😂 ‏@imhezekiah

@arrianneep @Gelliekoy thank u po☺

Anon ‏@aceeeeeb

let her go🎤

EV Revolution Show ‏@EVRevShow

These guys/gals are ones to watch! I think they will do very well with their all-Electric SUV and Pickup Trucks! https://t.co/A48mvbmSUC

Deb ‏@dlm2929

@PreetBharara Don’t you think that’s because they figured he was going to get a pardon? They may as well get as muc… https://t.co/JkYrirEhjP

Be Glamorous By Lindsay ‏@BGBLindsay

Cop sirens non stop the past couple days, you can feel the stress in the air to make your kids feel just as good as the other kids.

Paul Broughton ‏@PaulBro45643721

I can. your bad lolollooololol https://t.co/4N2qAmQult

Meem ❄️ ‏@Mai_up7

Don't click if you're under 18... https://t.co/DcUZtCU4A2 this is so damn amazing like wow

Celebrity News ‏@Celebri25757834

Emma Roberts in a Leopard Print Dress Was Seen Out in West Hollywood 11/12/2018 https://t.co/lpK8mX5ZxD

Alpha Book Club💜📚 ‏@alpha_book_club

Homebird (Amy Lane) – Review by Claire https://t.co/IbIukshdfo https://t.co/2QuAD7e8Cx

Hannah Faith ‏@CARATHANNAH

Still at the office !!!


Smtimes..u get distracted by bit time lapse..J's dnt let that happen ever..always b focussed..https://t.co/0sEjroivax

wasabi b0t ‏@wasabiB0t

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