Tag Greater-Than Sign Emoji

Tag Greater-Than Sign was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀾 U+E003E


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luisa ‏@luisadieznuts

i’m offended that you copied me on a comedy rumors email but i’m also offended when you don’t copy me on a comedy r… https://t.co/aUE57ea2S4

𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲 ‏@bratty_babie

@velvet_lovelyy oh hot damn am i bad at making layouts sksksksks

Galapagos Chuck ‏@Friendof_Darwin

@MsAvaArmstrong @dbaug57942 So Ava, which god do you think should be taught in public schools?

Whirl ‏@WhirlBot

You know what? I think that's enough. Yeah... I kinda think that's enough now.

RockyDaRoo ‏@Rockytheroo2

@Falcon13377 It's fine, I'm just being a drama queen

Trey McMillan ‏@TreyMcMillan83

@jamestaranto The media no longer reports the facts, the democrats now use the media to tell the side of the story… https://t.co/VaCgQKox2h

Eva Baeza Ferrés ‏@EvaBaezaFerres

She is the greatest star of all 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 https://t.co/k37BQGfdCS

Neil Cowan ‏@neilcow

Good to know. I thought STD meant something, er...something...entirely different. https://t.co/nYxNgt9oKP

The Bakernator#6 ‏@The6cb

@BP_Reflog_Show @breezyCLE As soon as the Chiefs released him deep down i said they were stupid.. If Kareem was the… https://t.co/CeNC3yXpcm

Philip ‏@forcemultipler

@MsAvaArmstrong The leftist democrats desperately want to control society and everyone and everything ; Why are the… https://t.co/3VUxGGnP4t

Crisis Seeker ‏@CrisisSeekerLA

@CalebJHull good point, very true. The liberal media focuses on its own agenda! I remember this attack, violent an… https://t.co/43AkaJoJw5

Greyson Carlisle ‏@GreysonCarlisle

@TreyStoneAuthor @MRR_author @PaulaMHunter1 @LizzyStevens123 @AuthorPrime01 @authorkayn @itssocole @BradAbdul… https://t.co/vHQ2srL9BK

We All Know A... ‏@weallkna

We all know a girl named #Peyton who is loyal

morningbot ‏@morningbot101

I have morning wood like a low down country boy dude I'm so happy

NASCAR 10 to Go ‏@10toGoNASCAR

How are you guys enjoying the race? I just tuned in :)

Leslie🌸Maiko ‏@LeslieMaiko

Who wins the #Victicrat of the year award??? 🏆 🥉 I say.... #JussieSmollett!!! #Thoughts 🤔 💭 #JussieSmollettHoax https://t.co/qXYzIKVG9Y

Edward Phillips ‏@RealEdPhillips

@MaRaineyBlues The Founder (Michael Keaton) Hidden Figures (about the ladies of Nasa) Morning Glory, Larry Crowne,… https://t.co/v1HnF46eXr

Moesha ‏@dmoesha_

Disguising weed dependence as a ticket to self-realization

Christina Tapia ‏@cmtbunny

@JennyMcCarthy @MaskedSingerFOX Peacock= Donny Osmond without a doubt!!!

Top hits music ‏@Musicstradio20

All classic hits music pop rock dance now playing Love No Limit (Puff Daddy Mix) by Mary J. Blige on… https://t.co/mOrILNgdWZ

Lies over the ocean ‏@bonibrat

@theslumflower I hate hearing “you’ll change your mind/haven’t met the right guy yet.” When I want something to hap… https://t.co/JNjPyQcsDo

(((Charlie Martin))) ‏@chasrmartin

Facebook wouldn't allow Rod Dreher to post this. https://t.co/Sz56hOGFVb

I’m Batman shhhh! ‏@DutchMariner56

@509Kingofkings Nah keep the kick returns dude but yes the OT should be changed to college ways

Danny U ‏@dannyisu

@MattWalshBlog No Stepbrothers? https://t.co/OtxM0iL1m4

Sean Alexander ‏@GhostInTheSean

@StevenSuptic No you haven't lost sight, you are just a Pokémon Master.

CapriceLynx ‏@PsycheroseLynxC

@OfficialBPeters Do you know a Eddie Carrol of swinging affair salon in Hollywood Beverly Hills’s area? A longtime… https://t.co/kVxqnzb3A3

Matt Finley ‏@MattFinley11

@no_url @AJA_Cortes AJAC is a perspicacious trainer.

Kurdînaryûs ★ ‏@kurdinaryus

@sadkurdish - Bravo Music Player - Music Cloud Offline - Free Music Downloader - iPlay - Freegal MusicTubidy

Salty Steve 🐝 ‏@saltedsteve2

@ItsSimplyAJ @Twitch I can't even hear it but I'm already E R E C T

Holly Bertone, CNHP, PMP ‏@PinkFortitude

Overwhelmed with clutter? Have you ever wondered how to purge like a reformed hoarder? I had a chance to meet Matt… https://t.co/IioggQULg1

arianna grande hate club ‏@wwwwvvvvwwwww

@cake_hoarder thank you do you want to play tom clancys rainbow six siege with me its free weekend

quynh ♡ ‏@nialuthor

What is something that you're proud of yourself for? — being able to inhale 40 chicken nuggets in one sitting :) https://t.co/Uex5d6gRuj

olly ‏@eIectrograssi

thinking about mitch in this https://t.co/wiCFcgUFnh

Shellish ‏@ShelleyThistle

Why are #snp supporters vehemently denying the #snpcartax is a tax but they still go on about the #bedroomtax, which isn’t actually a tax? 🧐



Olanrewaju ‏@Ola_Twenty6ix

@ReekadoBanks Alaye why na, me I probably need money more than everyone here

Natural Elements ‏@N_ElementsDXB

Last Week’s Workouts https://t.co/ITtzi3FMNb https://t.co/Z6Q9nbCcco

#TheBeardCollector ‏@HOLLYandherEGO

My Uber driver from Chicago followed me on my Instagram he look like a tall big Sean

Paula🇺🇸maga🇺🇸Trump100% ‏@Taurus900Paula

@bbnfan89 @KamalaHarris Digging more dirt on this WITCH I'm loving it

ⓜⓘⓡⓐⓘ;hobi ‏@miraiaohoshi

One thing I noticed is that chungha has a lot of hip moves in her song choreographys

Katherine ‏@Kit51584

@TSaurusBecks @MaggieS17641641 @HeathcliffsHart I like you! 😁😁😁😁

SSB Gary ‏@SSB_Gary

@daedra what about little mac Kappa

Ian ‏@C0zyIan

@AshleyRosamilia added

missionjmk ‏@flightjkt

@swhite828 @craftingmystyle Hell, the books deserve a high profile series on HBO - Also, anyone who loves LA CONFID… https://t.co/k3CAH4xO2t

Edem ‏@Man_like_Mufasa

No be small school feeding program dey happen for streets. Hmmm https://t.co/ZUxYHlGKzZ

Improverket ‏@Improverket

@quokkarocks @hooplaimpro Are you part of the GII Symposium, @quokkarocks? We will be there as a part of a panel di… https://t.co/ZCS60aY5WF

Myles Gould ‏@MylesGould28

@LiliRalls Same!

Brett Shweky ‏@bshweky47

We damn well know DWade is the king of the Heat vs. Celtics rivalry! #HeatNation #HeatLifer https://t.co/9ei5aounmc

raven ‏@ravenmacaven

@_KDraco They should put our faces up on the wall next to his

DaddyJames2.0 ‏@Daddy__James2

@worstanime My preference is a red herring

Jay ‏@Mongo_Jay

@MongoGoesInsane @phillyMetsfan I can’t wait to call for Mullins firings with you on periscope later tonight

Tirakitsu ‏@kitsunemaster

@RubySnoot Hehehe well hey, can you blame her? A cute round belly AND free breakfast when he’s through laying them later~! <3

Kalutara Forecast ‏@kalutarafc

It's currently Partly Cloudy in Kalutara and 25C outside February 18, 2019 at 04:13AM.

Ready, Set, Wait. ‏@Cyde_Dish

Cancer took my father. Cancer tried to take my wife and mother. Please tell me about how Paul Manaforts health is… https://t.co/P1tvFUj2Ma

Salena Williams ‏@SalenaW67521877

My family is hanging out with me https://t.co/JxfmuUGI4a

Jackie ‏@jackier69

fuck man 😭🤣🤣 https://t.co/pwM6PXULM7

William Sinclair ‏@agnes_farta

@averysmallking Yes let's !!!!

aryyn❦ ‏@aandreyya

i think that there are still fears living inside us

Robert Pappas ‏@robert_pappas

Old Glory @ Seal Beach Old Town Pier https://t.co/p3AsUcFyE5

Nihilistic ‏@idkharleybye

one of the cooks at the Chinese restaurant I work at texted me this. like he tryna give me a cig, sell me weed or h… https://t.co/s6fj8NzoYr

Georgina Muhammad ‏@starncrescent

I've never been arrested. #Farrakhan #SD19CHI

Dax 😇/😈 ‏@dax977

@StrongCoffee4me Ok..... so now.. On or off?

[ma]ria ‏@mariianicolae

@ImZachHerron I wonder if Zach ever tweeted something that is spelled right and actually makes sense🤔

BrazilArte ‏@BrazilArteUK

Coming soon for pre-order ”Rhythms of the Atabaque - Level 1” online course... Are you ready to up your game? https://t.co/HlS4ie1AJ4

Luis Huizi ‏@luishuizi

Posted withrepost • @snatamk Congratulations lilihaydn and all of the members of Opium Moon for their Grammy win in… https://t.co/Buarhyznus

Heard It From Me ‏@hearditfromme

Not a huge fan of N’gannou but I hope he runs through AKA #UFCPhoenix

m ‏@mkayy14_

@CorgiCopper @lucydacus I already did, you all spark joy 😉

yung maariyah ✨ ‏@biryaniprincess

white people are really out here worshipping winston churchill, just say you love watching poc suffer and leave

✰fleta | 200d w/astro ♡ ‏@HUTAMOON

pti coeur i miss him https://t.co/jBoYPY7hnM

JJ ‏@Ala_CartOgraphy

@scottsantens @dr_pugh @owenpoindexter @UIProj I know of a tribe with only a few hundred members where each one rec… https://t.co/x1PZf5g6fA

Brunel Anime 🌸 ‏@bul_anime

Hey everyone! After opening up this week's screening choice to you guys over the last two weeks, we've added up al… https://t.co/5h3qGhK6Pv

céu artesanal ‏@joaoburnouts


Amy Zwicker ‏@AmyPZee

@amybrownSU16 @ArmchairExpPod @daxshepard My son Xavier goes by X. He's five and awesome (when not being an x-hole)

Beloved B ‏@favored_D

Yet still chose. No nature of His children is a surprise to Him.

‏ً ‏@Seducals

@PURClN @swrvah @VanityViyzr @VanityAnxiety go crazyy

Liv ‏@OliviaSpringer

@sam_alvares17 You can though I need mommy friends

Jon ‏@helplesspinoy

@poko let’s goooooo!! Dva is not dead!! #dvamain #dva

Ryan Kosior ‏@RyanJKosior

@CamParkerNFL @FattGreening Spot on. I wouldn't even say it's a very significant upgrade, but Keenum's limitations… https://t.co/aqSotOxyDx

ksu_FAN ‏@ksu_FAN

@tlhalm I get it, both schools have some moronic fans. It happens.

♡ ‏@struutt

i stan your bio too sksjksk https://t.co/r1BG7K6lw0

Nu ‏@nvha57

i cant sleep after this messy episode

Allan R. Bevere ‏@arbevere

@TurdFergusonUSA @JoyceWhiteVance Wait, what does a turd do?

HOSEOK LOCKDOWN ‏@triviacolor

@orbitiu i dont know alot about astrology but u seem rlly nice tho jus a lil intimidating to me (whe we first becam… https://t.co/rQvlsj20rK

Brendan McMullan ‏@BrendanMcM1

How can anyone argue that Liverpool's fans are the best in the world https://t.co/CYSyRgMGjx

Caro ‏@1orac23

@guardiannews She’s a gay female sports icon and she’s right!

kenz ♡ ‏@kenzzsodrizzy

@VisionsofM Y’all forgot one https://t.co/8f1A6pyLQe

Property Guy ‏@VibraniumHeartx

Yup. @_KikkyQ na you I rate pass. https://t.co/bt6RBfmiOJ

Tom Cruze Bot ‏@TomCruzeBot

They think that i’m that tool https://t.co/eQlhxXMYim

Felicia McLin ‏@FeliciaCMcLin88

"He Threw Away a Napkin at a Hockey Game. It Was Used to Charge Him in a 1993 Murder." by SARAH MERVOSH via NYT https://t.co/JHKRi6ZYTl

jagode 🍓 ‏@monovante

@starfluid @OliaL_ Bro!!!im not your oppa!!im your NUNNA

bird ‏@birrdcage

@chrrrrri I learned this all when I had my accident and had to sue the driver

Darz ⚔️ ‏@DarzOSRS

@Luc_aRS Thank you for the curious male option Luca, very cool

Wellsie Steel ‏@Wellsie_Steel

[laughs] He’s a big bag of emotions... Msdr me all sleepy. https://t.co/6tBbRbAcMV

realDonaldDrumph😏👌 ‏@realDonaldDuc17

This is EPIC✔ ⬇⬇⬇ Discussion With Devon Stack of 'Blackpilled' and Owen Benjamin https://t.co/RBA7GlrhVV

angie ‏@seavmendes

@Louis_Tomlinson love u

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