Tag Greater-Than Sign Emoji

Tag Greater-Than Sign was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀾 U+E003E


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big boi ‏@dronemissile

If I was black I’d 100% be a hotep nigga

Zackfuller ‏@98Zackfuller

@troyaccola I know...it's a baby snake???

UB Industrial Eng ‏@UB_ISE

This perspective article was written by ISE's Sudeep Hegde, Ann Bisantz and Terry Fairbanks on the invitation of AH… https://t.co/eQ7j0K32Qa

abby russell ‏@ybbaaabby

@petiteilanit @Pizza_Suplex Enjoy! 🍼

Pippin ‏@SirLambsalot

@ViciousOReilly @Vuptre @Aphrobot @zei_nabq His firing from Root had nothing to do with an underage girl, he never… https://t.co/nJvbpsdrlI

TRKowboys ‏@tonyknowles36

What makes Ryan Moore smile? Open grave? Two winners and still got a face like a smacked arse. Miserable twat.

Chris Smith ‏@cmsdrums

@DannyVaughnVox Having had my first listen today, I really think @WhisperingBob would love this album! Flavours of… https://t.co/vm67WdtVCU

Eric Cross ‏@EricCross04

@VanillaJordan Oh, you did say AL haha. My bad.

kalie 🍓🍉🍒 ‏@kalieisradical

@moshmallow_ Half up space buns look is cute

Terry Varga Φ ‏@MacBitseach

@Karaoke_God Or you could wear a kilt.

Caroline Oakes ‏@oakes_caroline

Enjoy! https://t.co/M3vB1X2ZqF

SeattlePD King3 ‏@SeattlePDK3

Beat:K3, STRONG ARM ROBBERY at 5 AV S / S JACKSON ST reported on 6/18/2019 6:25 AM, Call# 19000221740

Nations are still useful🖖 ‏@Qurioser

Trump TV is coming. The Reality show of the millennium. Can’t wait to see who he fires first. https://t.co/qAt5ud1xrc

kian 🦇 ‏@hauntedgloom

@sanityIaced so i actually cant post it,,, but !!! i can send u a link<3 a!!!

Kris Hill ‏@kriskhill

As a 35 yr old man, I would have thought I would know more things by now. I know no things.

DMM. ‏@dancedana23

I can’t stand my “this the real world” friends 🙄 but I need them because I live in fairytale palace all day long

local sleepy cryptid ‏@heidisapirate

@erin_carroll_93 @getdown01 Who does this sort of thing?!?! https://t.co/kCGRQW5RTV

Christine Ferreira ‏@ChristineWGAL

@brianasch40 You're getting more rain in OH than we are here! Hoping you dry out at the end of the week... Friday looks nice!

i am drum ‏@__venhell

@roomieofficial Try me. >:v https://t.co/nCp5NbLwpM

ash ‏@delightbaek

@yeolscrybaby whats up with everyone calling me boy today

Christina Johnson ‏@TinaBoBeana07

SAP employees can celebrate T-Mobile Tuesday’s with the team here today w/ Melissa, Daly & Gail at 3999 West Cheste… https://t.co/YEKT82Ev6K

Marc ‏@4_the_culture_

@setotah Long as you promise not to give up when you hit season 2

Margaret Hill ‏@portlandmeg

I just entered to win tix to see David Gray this Thursday at the Keller Auditorium! @monqui Enter here ---> https://t.co/3v7gLqEKn1 /

Pau ‏@EJperfection

@LetsXmen @MrNiceGuy18_58 @JHickman @UpToTASK @letstalkCyclops @phoenixletstalk @JeanGreyFanPage @OneWheelchairX… https://t.co/chOVtQY3ev

ElaineLadyChaos ‏@ElaineLadyChaos

@Pandada_Kaey *hugs you closely* giving ou all the love i can <3

Eva Marina Ovejero ‏@EvaOvejeroMS

Did you know? Only a small percentage of #529plan assets are included in financial aid calculations. https://t.co/LptkSNM5he

lina🌙💜 ‏@bohemianseok


Escher Nineeleven ‏@Escher911

@slpng_giants @ShaktiLila @facebook @YouTube @Twitter Just going to leave this here... https://t.co/5wA2bFZ6ZR

targ fucking nation. ‏@httpmensa

@354infoodstamps un pin that tweet right the fuck now

Mr.EntrepreNigga™Ⓜ️ ‏@DroManoti

Turn your wounds into wisdom.

BeyondParty ‏@BeyondParty1

@realDonaldTrump Now we have Fake Polls too

Miru ‏@aestiethic

@smutarea Why? Cheer up baby

Patrick Khan ‏@PKhanPi

Everyone on about penguins, dolphins, and dogs when this is clearly a bald dolphoodle! You have amnesia, you know h… https://t.co/ycHXCTz2Zw

Morgan ‏@_MorganBurkett

I’m pursing a career in event planning and someone asked me to organize their two year-olds bday party so I’m gaini… https://t.co/bnGnYvklix

✨ ‏@cosmiclatte222

@kngarou @userbrook I’m waiting for you @YusraFathima2

Yash Patel ‏@YashPat84994793

@S___Rani love your tag line can we chat

koala mouillé ‏@SarahFty_

@MomperQuentin il rendent fou les gebs

The_Good_Guy_Shaddye ‏@Shaddye901

@Peterquill47 @Apatite_Blewbs I hate japan

ღƳ ‏@_nativeprincesa

@MiSsfancyFAY Hungryyy

Red_duke🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@red_tck55

@OGMurphy1 Couldn't Agree more with you on the respect side however I have some good advice take control of your ow… https://t.co/GnTxzsmm5W

raq ‏@raqschubart

@MarhefkeSam sup fool

Craig Ceecee ‏@CC_StormWatch

@ChristineWGAL That would be just another June day here!

azertyaltin ‏@azertyaltin

@elonmusk @pewdiepie a real khey congratulations

𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐥𝐮𝐤𝐞 ♥ ‏@xghostofstyles

being disrespectful is only gonna ruin the event for everyone else. can fans stop being so stupid and just wait respectfully?

beerwithaview.com ‏@_beerwithaview

Hey xxxoffroadsexxxx, thanks for the follow! Enjoy a nice cold beer and send us some nice pictures #beeroclock… https://t.co/aa6VWS49hE

CastleLiteSA ‏@castlelitesa

@marco_pato_7 @MeekMill We got you, fam! 😎 #CastleLiteUnlocks

𝕷'𝖘 𝖆𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖊𝖚𝖝 ‏@eve1004_

I don't want to give a shit anymore. FUCK.

My birthday is on june 27th if you cared 🥳 ‏@Lexusjay__

I can be the biggest asshole 🤗😇

⚢ Dad ⚢ ‏@LizardsInParis

I love my fave bfast place a lot but I don't love how they ask me, "Straw or save the turtles?" Fuck off Bethany

恵美(^._.^)ノ🌈COMMISSIONS TEMP CLOSED🌈 ‏@emwhyt

@SleeplessAurora Omg ur so cute!! 😭😭😭😭❤️

*tony* ‏@TonyGtony3

@Belutima @kidmemexoxo @PotechiPon @h_wallacepires Well there’s not many dark characters in anime or games so we ig… https://t.co/oJp6pf9zIf

Frank Quaid ‏@frankquaid2

What's with the downvotes? via /r/Entrepreneur https://t.co/DbZ7t2ZsuA

daisy ‏@cosmicarss

I need photos of bambam sticking his tongue out someone hel p

Raghav maheshwari ‏@iamgratefullll

To be human is to have a desire to be understood and to be understood is to be loved. https://t.co/EFLAjLrBos

🏳️‍🌈 ‏@lovelylonelysun

@jeonsnat cereal first duh

a̸r̸t̸h̸_____♥( miss u behna😴😘❤) ‏@officiallArth_

@SnehaPkd Woooww ..so Awesome 😍😍❤❤

『Supreme Leader』 ‏@LukiLoomz

@6llum6nat6 @KatasioGaming @KacperFn @BillyChilip @PriorEliza @KEEMSTAR Okay? Sure buddy. If that makes you feel better 6

ᴋᴜʀᴏᴍɪ クロミ ‏@bbytoast

@mie2369 im great and you ? ^^

Lauren Fox ‏@bylaurenfox

@JBarryl123 Hi Christine! I'm a reporter at The Boston Globe and we are doing a story on Tim Murphy, the driver who… https://t.co/0bJmXh0uHy

Doản Mai ‏@DonMai00645075

#OceanExCryptofarm OceanEx TG group link: https://t.co/rmO3GOeySO. https://t.co/fhgBsgxLXO

Brandon Jenkins ‏@brandon100298


KEKLİK ‏@armyxerr

That’s how everyone should be towards shitty radio songs https://t.co/HXU5DbT7zj

Dr_SweetJones ‏@WHITE_OWT

@HBCUfessions And there you have it https://t.co/9wdUMpmC2y

Ms. Baxter 💰 ‏@K_Kole98

@troyadonis I’m in tears!

Benny🦅 ‏@aindaaquiestas

i wanna see the sunrise and your sins just me and you

SUAVE 👑🍆 ‏@SuAv3

When you see your jokes in the group chat on twitter https://t.co/VAyk1VeV0s

Andy Giddings ‏@Gids1980

Re #drfc boss Grant McCann to #HCAFC rumours. Told 'there's been no contact', club source added: 'nor would it be welcomed'.

big crabby ‏@okbutcanyoustop

Anyone need a cute couch??????? Pls get it out of my home

eden 😳 ‏@edensxs

im such a million chances ass bitch

oliver ‏@olgeorti

@ASpaceTale damn the angel and damn you peter, i never should’ve married you

HNÜ💎 ‏@jb_pjy_EXO

@browniesuliet NABIA MYTICAL


@PCelestiaMLP Vewwy

Discovery Mosti ‏@DiscoveryMosti

Michel Platini Is Detained in France Over Qatar World Cup Vote by TARIQ PANJA https://t.co/uLyD1UFmvW https://t.co/5ggScHoRmt

Capital East Mids News ‏@CapitalEMNews

LGBT groups in #Nottingham aren't happy with leaflets - against same-sex relationship classes in schools - being s… https://t.co/YZEwIZTK1N

- ‏@a__zlfhmi

@QVinatra Its okay. There will be “someone” to be with you later. Just don’t be heartless enough and don’t give any… https://t.co/mMXDqegRD9

SeattlePD King2 ‏@SeattlePDK2

Beat:K2, ASSAULTS, OTHER at 5XX BLOCK OF 3 AV reported on 6/18/2019 6:25 AM, Call# 19000221776

Gg 💜 ‏@giaagiaa_

i only got one real friend & thats my mf dawg @lainalovee been loyal since i met her & its crazy how tha story go 👯‍♀️🤞🏽❤️

DiChiaroPTA ‏@DiChiaroPTA

Tying into last week’s aquarium visit, the second grade was visited by a deep sea diver today. Coolest equipment e… https://t.co/I8j7Fh5G8g

Stephen Johns ‏@stjohns28

It shouldn’t end :( https://t.co/qRM6vvU8ee

Lyn ‏@Lyn2o

Having an MRI done today.. I just pray no cancer is found. #feelinganxious

steve ‏@_doncamel

$RHCO- news pending tomorrow!!! Chart is primed to retest highs!!https://t.co/rrujAfEqKe

THAT_DUDE ‏@GradyJoeBush1

@LukeHermes2 Haha I know 😂😂

PatRiley 💫🏆 ‏@FastMoneyTrixx

@KiLowkeyy Heard the sneaky links lmao

Robert Beezer ‏@PatriotBeezer

@pipandbaby Harvard.

/LOveU\ ‏@Arelenayelar_12

Thoughts po kay Leigh hehe — Uhmmm, 3 words lang! Committed. Loving. Selfless :) https://t.co/LObbeEyqxV

Cynthia ‏@UnbrokenFate

@MegNFry I've never had any of Subway's peppers.

Sinϑ🇮🇳 ‏@IamMksahu

Expression is 😁😁👏❤️ https://t.co/Q7X3Tn6sN9

💗L. Marie💗 ‏@AaminaIslam

@BlackedOut__ And who’s going 😂😂 Sike

alya ! ‏@wonniest

please step on my face

Alejandra Arciniegas ‏@Ladhaeran

@asoftcreature Wut?? They are so sure about it! Lol

✰ ᴍᴀᴅᴅᴏɢ ✰ ‏@CaseyMadisen

@kyleeseymour12 “You coulda had a bad bitch”

nkdk ‏@nkdk

China is harvesting organs from detainees, tribunal concludes https://t.co/3AHDLWBRyu #humanrights #china #london #organs

Greg Krawchuk ‏@fanzanoon

@JustinTrudeau @Raptors You were embarrassing as usual. Did you not notice the players laughing at you? Great time… https://t.co/Gp5p4XTylh

kltr ‏@Lesh____

Lmaoooo yup it’s so obvious. He’s just pushing the Clips agenda. https://t.co/lHGvEQV3pa

johntarttelin ‏@SOULADREAM

Martin warns Boris: 'No more negotiations. It's time to walk away' - Westmonster https://t.co/zhn2D7slYy

Tony Jarrett ‏@PA55AJJ

If you haven't tried F & M honey do so. It's of an amazing quality, very reasonably priced and the range is vast. 🐝… https://t.co/andF3759KO

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