Tag Greater-Than Sign Emoji

Tag Greater-Than Sign was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀾 U+E003E


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Paul Petro ‏@ppetro8822

@trenni Mind your buisness you’ll be fine

jess™️ ‏@plinys


Paradise Lost Book 9 ‏@milton_book9

Such recompence best merits) from the bough

banelemjaji. ‏@Banele__

okay i'm tired of being single lol

*•.¸♡ ᎷᎧᎷᎧ ᎩᏗᎧᎩᎧᏒᎧፚᏬ ♡¸.•* ‏@Joy__OfCreation

" I'm gonna be a great daddy. " - @Frozen_Flxmes https://t.co/t1dw8cpvGn

tru ‏@TruVisual

All of my #SGRC18 Responses https://t.co/P4olaVuk2S

President Kamto's son🇨🇲 🌟 © ‏@bkclaud

@NMbawa @CNashSummer No way... Had it been i didn't see ur tweet now

Michael 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@MichaelM238

Are you a top or bottom? — Yes https://t.co/HqtDBnj8oB

Hired_Assassin5 ‏@Hired_Assassin5

@Treyarch I hope you're working on the spawn system for Control. It's ridiculous you have only ONE SPAWN point.

Cameron Usman ‏@cusman78

@CHSommers Made possible by peoples desire to vote for party over individual. This is why the candidates individual… https://t.co/qEhR7w9xZs

Leslie Sutherland ‏@ParkHillNY

@thehill Kushner aided and abetted a murder. Just another deposit in the toxic karma that will utterly destroy his… https://t.co/sUUbgXse13

sidney coomes ‏@sidneycoomes

@JcdMink Where the eff are you?

capri$on the virgin ‏@caprisonnn

Bae. I value people over money, that's just how I was raised. https://t.co/KFe2msMNAg

Kay [misses Steven] ‏@Lucky_TwoFive

Ya'll I'm really getting Steven Ogg's name tattooed on me next week.

Mamaquieroserpilier ‏@quieroserpilier

@oldschool454 @mauloverpodcast You believe in Slade at 12? Uhmmm...

* sara ‏@yeahcyphers


chuu day ‏@caIIisto

lrt nothing can top banana allergy monkey, ever

Brandon Waller ‏@BrandonC_Waller

I just earned the 'Viennaville' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/eqcbbbeugS

Spry Chicken ‏@spry_chicken

@MagsVisaggs They kept sending those guys to sell us yoyos.

EitaBIBI ‏@faby_stumm

u are good today omg

T's ‏@triciachiam

I'm at Wellness Spa https://t.co/wQ9CmkVQ7m

🇧🇿 Мyron 🇲🇽 ‏@MyronThiessen

@wideout17 @citchmook @Avalanche I don't think you have. I think Matthews is a bit overrated. Being very conservati… https://t.co/WOH8QMRxEU

floyd chanda ‏@chandafloyd

Losing identity is not about civilization, its all about having weaker ties of our roots

tanya ‏@koalaacamila

@Camila_Cabello okay that was a good one https://t.co/4E5DHBUY65

Mr. Indy Wrestling ‏@hbk9885

@JordynneGrace @VAWrestling @bartaws @InnovativePro_ Get well soon @JordynneGrace The fans will understand, your h… https://t.co/guX7B6OFyY

Andrew Whittenberg ‏@Winterchild86

My Grandpa Was A Farmer In Oklahoma. His Mom Was Full Blooded Cherokee. How the Brutal Trail of Tears Got Its Name… https://t.co/OZbleSBAMZ

drea🐣 ‏@dreakendrick

@sieIiebtdich i don't like that the zeros have exclamation points it feels like it's laughing at me

🌛BREV🌜 ‏@mctweetzalot

@nelsongangXO Hmm with how shit works in US courts nowadays they might try to use that shirt "no excuses just resul… https://t.co/Wo3XgFgt5J

💕 Danni Knox ‏@danniknox

Fuck it I’m getting a “face” tattoo

Don دانيال ‏@DRauf98

Ratings to Madeline McCann for being twitter famous longer than the rest

Diallio Mamadou ‏@DiallingM

Contact 00221773905555

夫人つなみ ‏@AuTsunami

@heyaloelee I want to hear

☺️ ‏@AdoreSHAYE

my coworkers be rapping like shit! 🤯 SHUTUPPPPPPPPPPPPP

secret shoot ‏@didiknowIes

i really watched 162 baseball game this year... well actually more aside from the yanks but omfg

Dulcè Papi ‏@ZionLee_

Nicki want the smoke

jimin day todos los dias ‏@prkstan

we aren’t doing this today https://t.co/ID4wmcCkNM

dΔd Boi ‏@TheKingBorg_


Sh.A.Ibrahim ‏@shwan1974

Did eating starchy foods give humans an evolutionary advantage? Physiological significance of AMY1 gene investigated https://t.co/ulyXYU0KA6

ᵉˢᵗᵉʳ ᵃᵐᵃ ᵒ ʲᵘᶰᵍᵏᵒᵒᵏ 🌵💚 ‏@gukkienochu_


Connor Mullan ‏@CJ_Mullan


William Keane ‏@largebill68

Hey, @elguapo sorry to see you go. Thanks for your effort in CLE. Best of luck in rest of your career. #Browns #Jaguars

Restless Leo ‏@75SouthFL66

@chuckwoolery Can you say glutton for punishment?

Eman Elshenawy ‏@EmanElshenawy15

It’s not the pain , it’s who it came from :)

Life on Pig Row ‏@lifeonpigrow

@TreesPayne Especially if you chuck them at the doctor #shoutyhalfhour 😂

Tlalane ‏@tlalane

@Krzysiek77_FCB @neongoretzka Hang on, so she’s selfish cos she’s not interested in your kids? 🤔

Chass✨ ‏@VeryBLUNTbword

I passed my RMA today I feel like a whole new bitch 🤫

❌PubliusNV ‏@PubliusNV

Thank you Stephen! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! https://t.co/i0Z8v1zkQL

🍮++ ‏@noqyo

@nimefanclub they better stop after the next episode im so tired

Kathy Sullivan ‏@momto2kids1dog

@HippieWiccan @Theresacaputo I definitely think that they do 🐶❤️

Janette Roberts ‏@j_roberts21

@Sephora it would be great if your employees were all on the same page instead of one allowing me to return an item… https://t.co/Bcvsg1RWhh

Mega Memes ‏@MegaMemesLOL

Nothing Phases a European https://t.co/of2CvJRSjf https://t.co/Sv23Wo6jA1

Natasha :) ‏@UCantTakeMyGuns

For all the men having a bad day... https://t.co/WOqPXaTmh1

A l e🥀 ‏@Iam_Ale_

Don’t ask why I can’t have you and you can’t have me

D♡ ‏@NanaaSanchezz

Been in a big Sade mood lately 🎶

alex 力 ‏@Paff_FN

Mini gun is busted

Guapunzel 🏦🕊 ‏@1SuccessfulGrl

how I’m doing my new boo 📌 NOBODY ain’t gone know who he is . It’s for ME to know & for Y’all to wonder about 🤪 https://t.co/wqfFozxwwo

lauren #teamjamko ‏@jamieddiebb

@jamkooooo ADD ME https://t.co/ZjKHyaD10b

Noah Seguin ‏@nseguin721

@GodlessPirate @GirlNamedBoston @adamsavage3 @NotJahWitness @NOONNIAGARA @iamAtheistGirl @ToddFaber @TeahCartel… https://t.co/5Ef494ClZD

b_herszenhorn ‏@BHerszenhorn

@LatrineTeam @izzy_hersz @teamwinnovators Wonderful!

Urbanradio.com ‏@Urbanradio

#NowPlaying Groove Line by Heatwave on #UrbanRadio Soul Hits Station https://t.co/JGX7wN7sFh

Josh ‏@AfcJosh_

@TheCR7Effect keep going!

Farid BEN SALEM ‏@Bagatelle68

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/aLMFkoEyKY

Eilish O'Shea ‏@eilish_O

New favorite: Rage Against The Machine - XX (20th Anniversary Special Edition) by Rage Against the Machine https://t.co/6VH8uaGd3c @DeezerAU

🎃Anakin🎃 ‏@vader7066

@majornelson #freecodefridaycontest I really want Ant-Man and the Wasp. 😍 and the games. please. 🙏🙇

B R I T T A N Y ✨ ‏@BrittanyAri

@Lookitsgonzo hop on this train and let’s go! Lol https://t.co/vzbGFGSa7p

VK Rental Fleet ‏@VKRentalFleet

Just checked-in for Rental: Broce broom, Rct350 Hours: 140 Branch: Kansas City: Branch: 1 , 8 #VKRental

Andy Smith ‏@john_neptune

@SamWhyte @WSAGcort Appreciate I said that out loud.

Apetivist ‏@apetivist

@SkepticNikki It is actually a collection of books. A book in and of itself is neither correct or incorrect. What… https://t.co/2Yf1HA6u6q

Aficionados Crypt 📼 ‏@AficionadoChris

🎶It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life. 🎶https://t.co/nLnxCiDnhM

Cait 🎃 ‏@mommacaittt

I think I’m in love 😢

ash🕸 ‏@sebastiamstan_

going ✈️return to murder house 🤪👊

Phoenix ‏@misogul

@Peggled I haven't yet

SHEGO. ‏@childofchiefso

You use to admire her like these hoes look up to Madonna. 🤭

Chris Moore ‏@Chris57Cycles

@TheRealGString @lexautolease Why not? In our small city I've seen delivery vehicles in the evening along with shop… https://t.co/vPctqYUQUw

JoanSeguidor ‏@JoanSeguidor

Bradley Wiggins justifica a Lance Armstrong https://t.co/EhAgbAaYjU by @JoanSeguidor #ciclistas con @endura

TreeLau ?15 ‏@TreeLau815

@youngchopbeatz Check Me Out Boss. https://t.co/DSt9QAbCGC https://t.co/ZXnVME9R2u

At Zara's Salon ‏@AtZarasSalon

Wishing you a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend. #happy #trendy #salon #beautysalon #vibrant #vancouver… https://t.co/wgfVxF9oEh

Ohio Boy ‏@dgleaves2016

@steevie100 @BillLeeTN @VoteMarsha Says the puppy avatar 🤣 Also you have 8 followers. There are no adults for you t… https://t.co/d14tvURMzW

Jess K 💜💜💜 ‏@JessicaKostele3

OMG YES YES YES PLEASE ! @BTS_twt https://t.co/N3DrD0TIS9

Lucifer 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 ‏@nid_naveed01

@_infiniteHate I heard you hate me so i kept my distance.

Sandy Keller ‏@mousymama

@JesseKellyDC John legend is a scumbag

💸 ‏@JeezyObama

I just made shawty tell her man that she done

Greenlight Insights ‏@AskGreenlight

The team at Greenlight Insights would like to thank everyone that attended the third annual Virtual Reality Strateg… https://t.co/RxzTt70Nbc

Gillian Britton ‏@BrittonGillian

@R_McCormack @RobertTyreBute They have a strategy? No, I think they're just eejits. But it's enjoyable watching the… https://t.co/TGytgIXzrB

Lawyerforlaws ‏@lawyer4laws

@eng_dosary @statedeptspox @YousefAlNaimi @ABC @SecPompeo @washingtonpost @nytimes @CNN Why are the Turks purposely… https://t.co/1FyFsnG1aJ

Defence 🇬🇧 ‏@Play_Defence

@GoatedSpam Why am I going to play when we won’t be guarding each other?

yoonie's favourite libra ‏@agustsjoon

baby :((((((( https://t.co/BHBAqf44b0

ok ‏@_prettyyyyyy

New music by Brent, im so happy.

ㅤmarina ‏@idoIbangtan

i wanna protect him at all costs 😔 https://t.co/JgHGkNnSOb

Ben Swann ‏@BenSwann16

@robertnew50 @thetimes And that literally sums it all up. ❄️

baby looney tunes apologist @ anyc ‏@vicunad

@spatterfucks Me before artist alley opens, “LET ME IN LET ME FEED THEM!!!”

sele ‏@harryftdua_

@Camila_Cabello i love you

Zack ‏@wazzupzack

@sidTHEparrot @Quarkybirdy @kippietheparrot @Georgieboysmum @Ziggy_n_Flower @FlockIsFamily @bobbyandlila… https://t.co/dBCAC693ak

LeeLoo 🇫🇷🥖 ‏@Dawn__Oclock

@agirlinthepark @BTS_twt the French translator is so shitty omg

Vector Wolf ‏@VectorWolfMusic

@drewtoothpaste Joni Mitchell is so superior to Stevie nicks. Like comparing Van Gogh to graffiti on a damn train

taznicolekeeys ‏@taznicolekeeys

imahine having £70k worth of car car and someone sits on it https://t.co/6p4IKYIhxA

👼🏾❤ ‏@Ales2Elisson

10% vou dx desligar

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