Tag Latin Capital Letter D Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter D was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁄 U+E0044


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Marty 🇨🇱 // LT1 IS COMING AND SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDS ‏@flickerskissy

@Louis_Tomlinson @louisbritain @IouissIegend You are the best person in the world, I love you so much

Zusha ‏@zushamusic

🚨 Zusha team looking for a social media manager!!! 🚨 Tag a friend & Send your resume to [email protected] with subjec… https://t.co/fhXMMg1GI5

biggie slonk ‏@yeetdaddy88

@banjo_chan white genocide will never work bc I won my very first game of Apex Legends with 4 kills

𝙩𝙤𝙨𝙝𝙖 ‏@lilgayby


Introverted123 ‏@introverted123

@Redtowel4 The whole thing was a setup, what a surprise!

Antonio Russo ‏@antoniorussof

What a race now in Daytona... #DAYTONA500

IAABO Board 27 ‏@IAABO27

@crgboston @comcast Classic. Final in second D2 Semi. Belmont 93 Hingham 79. https://t.co/APHp53qcmU

Long Beach Boot Camp ‏@LBBootCamp

President's Day Schedule Change ALERT: 630am Bixby Knolls (instead of 530am) ALL OTHER SESSIONS AS USUAL (530am, 9am, 530pm)

Fat ‏@yooofat

@ITSINNNN_ @FesePorter Sis I Can’t Stand Her😭😭😭😭

Charlie ‏@charliecrother1

Congratulations @itsTaonga you join @alexxisfalcon on the 'wrestlers that follow me for no bloody reason' list! Welcome to the gang

Mike ✌ ‏@Octuple_Double

@DrHoodieMaddog @ItsShake4ndbake KD and Lebron's 20th anniversary packs probably coming soon though.

Santessy ‏@santessy06

@e_a_g_l_e_lee OK then

Zaymetrius ‏@ZayJones97


ms. drako ‏@holygirlnay

i want dunkin’ donuts so badly

smalltownlibrarian ‏@smalltownlib4

Went to the @RemaiArtGallery this morning and saw some lino prints by #Picasso. It was pretty cool. https://t.co/ZwpfzGsgo4

₩ĪŁŁ🐉 ‏@thatonekinda42

Really excited for offseason💪🏼... AAAAND March Madness 🤩

👁‍🗨 ‏@Tareqhe

Long goodbyes make me sad.

Jessica ‏@Jessica47222198

@getpaidonlinewk https://t.co/EIQ8quSgff 100% Legit, Fast Free Money. No investment, no catch, no personal informat… https://t.co/02eBHHyjRf

lobar_MUFC ‏@lobar_

@its_sam119 Yes boss how you Dey?

루루예용 wélsʜ ‏@wujusmoll

@eunseouc #. me too :(

Empowering Women ‏@TabithaKhaye

Very True https://t.co/m1ywrlwgxn

a hoseok day today ‏@taemyns

@taeminsxo HDJDKSKS what a great welcome back 😔👌🏽. BUT WELCOME BACK THO

Mikeythegreat05 ‏@mikeythegreat05

@DrWildlife And I'm constantly having trouble finding friends

David W. Congdon ‏@dwcongdon

Good summary of Isaiah Berlin's concept of negative and positive freedom, which play a star role in Tara Westover's… https://t.co/NwY1krqyFa

Darren Loucaides ‏@DarrenLoucaides

Most chilling video ever https://t.co/3lRaBt1qVb

Kevin Gaugush ‏@KevinGaugush

Northshore after volleyball today. Then some strange happenings in Quincy. What would Mr Adams think? @ Marblehea… https://t.co/T1bIgukprG

Adam ‏@adammccaff

Johnny Hayes is class. https://t.co/kT5dlRe8ua

Makenzie Bays ‏@makenziebays

update the battery died😬

𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘢 ⋆ ‏@needytalia

@kissesdari ghostin, bloodline, needy, nasa, fake smile

All the Young Punks ‏@allyoungpunks

Deerhunter closes out its two-night stand in #Chicago with a show at @LincolnHall tonight. Last night's set at… https://t.co/QmtHNNNf0f

🌷 life's short fall in love 🌷 ‏@wintersoda97

@anakhnu gay choker: guy Everything else: flynn

Howie ‏@Howie_Bear

@thescrapnews I’ve never used that before, I’ll have a look. Thanks

BƏn Đrøwnəđ ‏@Benny3rror

" In truth, I love water. I swim in it, I drink it, and I kill with it. " #Bot

Alan the Wonder Horse 🐎 ‏@AlanAlrob62

Oh yeah .. I just remembered...slipping beneath an Egyptian millionaire...🐎 https://t.co/RP8GwDHMCH

I AM™©🙏🚺👑🗝♋🦄🐆🐍🐲🐦🐳🐧🐊🌎✌💖😁📹🗃🎱🔥🌬🌊 ‏@HelanMBack

@IrinaAntony @MichellBasler @elonmusk There's really only one thing that will break it - the power of the Lord Almighty

Robbo Da Zuera ‏@robboDZ_

@DeprePhilFoden @SonWiltshire07 gol legal

𝕭 ‏@nursebeatrizp

@nathanboyddoes Shoot hopefully where I got them from

DuhVinci Code ‏@bran_downe

UPDATE: it’s actually breaking dawn. I’m calling the police https://t.co/7zuOqd7rif

Thesis Pi ‏@ThesisPi

@Canadian_Vet @nighttr37778537 @trishshirlaw @BrettCMajor1 @OtagoGrad @DisillusiondCAN @saskpride @DCTFTW… https://t.co/FmyPKPwP0h

Izzy ‏@izzymedrano

I did my second tiny terrible and ugly solder . But I'm still struttin'.

Wyo Spartans ‏@Wyospartans

The District would like to congratulate the Spartan swim team for competing in the 42nd Annual Central Penn League… https://t.co/tXxGD5ejkF

Le Château des Étoiles ‏@sakenohime

Oh, Persephone... you were real mad, weren’t you? https://t.co/9MuUWMiUzB

🌻SquishyRM🌻 ‏@armyluna27

Me about wednesday https://t.co/BONCpL7mLk

Urbanradio.com ‏@Urbanradio

#NowPlaying Gods Plan by Drake on #UrbanRadio Hip Hop https://t.co/UoIrz4AWKc

Jeanie ‏@jeanie31199

@marcorubio Tell @LindseyGrahamSC to get a grip for gods sake & I cannot believe I am asking you! https://t.co/jcEM3Ghjet

angela ‏@bufftomnook

Hey totter should i watch whisper of the heart or from up on poppy hill

WALKING♟ART ‏@ThaiRoosevelt

@DammnnnnDanny Thank you 🖤

Hamed ‏@Hamed23349252

@PippasRevenge @BabakTaghvaee How did you get to know this infos?

ㅈ ㅈ ㅅ ‏@jinsungies

@pausedtimee it’s sungwon not sungwoon.

KuRwY wInO i PiAnInO ❱❱❱❱ ‏@Nialllittlespo2

@Louis_Tomlinson @louisbritain @IouissIegend We know don't worry x

hi! ‏@atralnae

The less i know the better, oops🤐

EnBulletin ‏@bulletin_en

EPS for Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV $BUD Expected At $1.13 as of March, 7 https://t.co/uHxJYQrp26

want_talent ‏@want_talent

I've realized I'm not good at living with someone together.

Trísh Bìsh 👽💨 ‏@usuck2me

@Al91825926 I try and do videos a couple times a month!!

aтzмιc vт ‏@Atzmic_

Actives DM me for a Spotify premium account👀

BoughtbySpringer ‏@David_D_Friday

@AmyFantasy_ Dafaq did I just read.

:,( ‏@bluejadeblue

@ciaolex i love you too ),:

IG: @tep_photography ‏@EmidunJude1

@2020PHOTOGRAPHY @LavaeTeresa Dope, how did you make her skin soo brown.

쇼트케이크 ‏@moonstruckbbh

hello I won’t to come back in a minute to talk about my shortcake I’ve writing about him a lot but I haven’t made m… https://t.co/cYpCl5Ht7E

kiki ‏@kierarhiannonn

@kdicedicebaby CONGRATS!!

🐐 Houston (ViV) 🐐 ‏@VideoIsVideo

LRT: Goofy may be goofy, but he sure as hell ain't stupid :I

Frank Vale ‏@valeranch1

@AlexBowman88 you have to learn to side draft. Have dale jr show you.

αngєlínα ‏@thecoolestange

@paulmaldonadopj Felt this

_Řøxâňņ_ ‏@Roxii_carezero

This getting married by 25 thing, looking very 45-ish 😴

Harindu Hippola ‏@Harindu_Hippola

@dinidu @srilankansim there's a list 😂

Kadee ‏@KimberDJ

@megynkelly You’re still a piece of crap. Stop commenting on things you know nothing about. K thanks love, we’re good.

Carly J ‏@CarJohnston

Id wish I was an only child if Brett mf Johnston didn’t exist. The only TRU GANG.

𝓪𝓷𝓭𝔂 ‏@umamichicken

Mom, an angel stole my heart 🥺♥️ https://t.co/DeYlXfKSWz

‘ and 11 others ‏@McGeadySpins

@BluesCallum @WolfOfFUTStreet True but then Coutinho is wasted

Gaytion Station ‏@Paxie_La_Fluff

Get guys, so in an hour I’ll be streaming the next part of Skyrim! Feel free to hop on and watch the stupid clingin… https://t.co/SSNHQZ7q1E

Eke ‏@Papa28x4

@SubDeliveryZone @QuotedReplies please

𝙻𝚊𝚎 is a little sad ❄ ‏@laesunshinelou_

@Louis_Tomlinson @louisbritain @IouissIegend Bless you

Jeremia ‏@JeremyReyesC

@KharloKong @baevid1 ... yes... except in SSB lol

PRN ‏@PRNlive

Debris brings out the yellow flag with 27 laps to go in the #Daytona500. If you need a snack, drink or quick brea… https://t.co/fVAXvBFU0M

Berto ‏@Berto1016

@Jay_Sonn Wildcard, tengoose, west side boxing gym aight, Aztecs, maywood, city of Angeles

🇻‌🇦‌🇸‌    🇭‌🇦‌🇵‌🇵‌🇪‌🇳‌🇮‌🇳‌ ‏@Zzaaynxxmalik

@Louis_Tomlinson @louisbritain @IouissIegend Will you ever come to Italy?

delfi ‏@delfrps

stressed out sameee https://t.co/R5ahCUHHrJ


@heyshanmurphy OH MY GOSH this is the only decorative plate set worth having


@RheaLitre I'm sure he's all broken up about it.

Aaron ‏@AThomas7782

Labface https://t.co/vjJwcxdlkT


@MrPumpkinFace1 Lmao he can cast shade but can't take it

Just a Rancher ‏@Justaranch

@trina_dutton Sorry for your loss.

Ivan Gaudé ‏@IvanLeFou

A lire. https://t.co/rh6rUnuS1Q

Dave Swanson ‏@KG5CCI

@w8lid @matt_nj4y @K0FFY_Radio @glasbrenner LOL That chart is the definitive list of lids. Good times for sure.

Grizz Mix-Wadsworth ‏@Wadsworth_Radio

NowPlaying Delicate - Taylor Swift https://t.co/UOtPZIX27s 22:56

Jules ‏@jewelsTHEbatkid

The bigger lobster the less better it is. The smaller the lobster the better https://t.co/y0sBiWe75S

Cierra ‏@Cierra22446743

Last time I used Twitter it was 2012. #yesiliveunderarock

Armagny ‏@armagny

“Gillard wanted a tougher border protection policy, but Rudd resisted. ” https://t.co/k75lM4gS9O

sumeetsaini ‏@e_stupidity

@jeremycorbyn @UKLabour Time to take your head out Jermey !!

iamfiveee ‏@iamfiveee_

My morals will never allow me to do some clown shit 💯

lar¡ssa ‏@larissastocc

get you wild, make you leave, I'm a little much for everyone

michelly ♡'s ☁️🍒 | WE ARE HERE 🐊 ‏@coffesminseok

@blackpink_citou @ygofficialblink 4 BLACKPINK IS COMING @ygofficialblink

indy4scotland #FBSI ‏@indy4scotland1

@Feeltheflesh @putey_pute @JohnSwinney You have proof of this or are we basing this on what the Tories say? A wee s… https://t.co/fzmBekc04u

Sakkun Tickoo ‏@SakkunT

@Milin46745209 @MBMRKDr @JagratiGupta3 @Swamy39 @INCIndia Maybe 219 hindu lives killed by rabid muslim dogs dont ma… https://t.co/VPxTVsvMg0

The Infamous E.G. ‏@TheInfamousEG

@sithwaifu Bad positioning of the supports.

Games Bookstore ‏@bngrdnr

@SeaOfLiv About to have this experience

made up name ‏@semirealperson

@AbsoluteRadio90 @mansunband Wide Open Space

Philip E M Skinner ‏@PhilipEMSkinne1

@bluewaterda @PepinLachance @FaihaD @Snack8671 @donnnie @WhimsicalMeToo @donnakn58336014 @Bootz_Adams @annableigh… https://t.co/aIOzw5Bs2A

Ian David dickinson ‏@IanDaviddickin2

@RlJill Still got mine stapled to the programmes bet it brought a tear or 2 to your eyes x

WaffleNinjaKill ‏@WaffleNinjaKill

@wozenzyt Yikes, cant wait though!!

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