Tag Latin Capital Letter D Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter D was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁄 U+E0044


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Shadyplants.com ‏@shadyplantscom

We shall be @ArleyArboretum on Saturday @Plantfairs and on Sunday @RarePlantFair at Rodmarton manor, @GlosLocal… https://t.co/xKnarOLcoH

john stem ‏@stemjas

New artwork for sale! - "Sunset Violin " - https://t.co/yePq2mjePW @fineartamerica https://t.co/iR7lUs1VM4

SebK ‏@SebK_MH

@arata_tamaki Hello there

‎⎊Phillip⎊ ‏@PhillipC25

@Herrminator @Michigan_Man1 @TomBrady You look like the wienerschnitzel dude from hoodwinked https://t.co/JQdFBeRgbv

ana v ‏@anazvitoria

you need to calm down porra

Alfie Thomson💙💛 ‏@AlfieThomson6

@olliewhitfield0 @JackClarke09 Looks like he is probs off to spurs

Brock's Jewelers ‏@BrocksJewelers

Shop in store or online https://t.co/LhKyUTU0SE #madison #finejewelry #brocks #sparkle https://t.co/HD8wmIXAhI

PM Paris ‏@hauntedtearoom

Sesame Street: Try a Little Kindness (with Tori Kelly) https://t.co/vFnGFItu26 via @YouTube #kindness #KindnessMatters #TuesdayTips

J Tyler ‏@jaketbearden

@BoiPool Better hop on the wave

Russell Brown ‏@RussNFLDraft

Take those grits and https://t.co/rvZVK47cyK https://t.co/pHI036Iv5H

SD Shields ‏@sdshields

I feel like technically she should be named Subby McSubface, but that would probably trigger a lawsuit from someone… https://t.co/Ftcp2P5D0c

🌸 ‏@21kcals

@littlemarsbars HIW YOU MANAGED TO MAKE IT FOAMY im tired

Daily Facts ‏@FactOfTheDaily

With knowledge comes great responsibility. Once someone perceives your knowledge. Expectations have grown B/C they know your capabilities.

ˢᵉᵒᵏʲᶦⁿⁿᶦᵉ ‏@Jinitzy

@kchartsandstats Omg armyonces 💆‍♀️🤟 https://t.co/wdqVE2x0P2

chickpea ‏@taylrashly

bitch gon step on my fuckin toe bitch with them fuckin cowgirl fuckin boots bitch disgusting

Nakez ‏@TheBoyNAKEZ

@Sets_Matubzz Banter 😂 but wait how do you mean..

TradeConnect ‏@tradeconnectio

Our unique multi-asset blockchain-based trading network allows you to trade any financial asset with anyone directl… https://t.co/zXYgit4dkD

ابرار ‏@DirtyFlacco

If I see anything ft French this how I be https://t.co/1b4BSvtxlD

SWA1981 ‏@SWA_1981

I am doomed. https://t.co/rzqnMSGMqY

Ash 🥀 ‏@_NiyahWilliams

The questions I ask on IG and the answers I get 🥵😭😭😂 https://t.co/cGYsn6wC3j

Cain Reed ‏@BedlamWithin

@InfectedSaint Tell it to the bees?

Alden 6 Times ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ✠ ‏@Agjackson40

@Ericson_ubbhult You had your chance to vote them out, yet they got 28% of the vote. You never learn. #svpol #sveridge

June Hale ‏@JunesHale

Defeat is optional ~ https://t.co/cEcPfTwjoK https://t.co/UehegvWBSW

D I D A ‏@faridaghoneim7

Pass https://t.co/2rLFlIHYIw

mardi ‏@onlymardi

do me a favor: dont do me no favors

JawadAkhtar ‏@JawadAk06777787

@VJURWA You are sweet and beautiful🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰❤❤❤❤❤

Pola Muzyka ‏@PolaMuzyka

Since they worked on the road at my corner, they took many trees down, some of them my trees. These are the trees t… https://t.co/VeNCxnMHKA

Alexandra H- Jones ‏@HaywardNikandal

@scousekaren76 That’s a shame but completely get it. X it’s a lot for us to travel that far. I hope they come here soon

Akoodie🙃 ‏@MoosaAkoodie

in the past six months you've already... 1- yes 2- no 3- every single day 4- no 5- no 6- yes 7- yes 8- no 9- yes 1… https://t.co/XE2Tcl2sXw

うずめ ( ♚ ) ‏@savatieris

@ALPH4RD - that requires an accumulated experience and the end result of it. The end result of how she felt until… https://t.co/aiQTcbfWlc

nyamjin ^_^ ♡ ‏@kimvotion

@sighedpiie omg u are SMALL

Crypto Trends ‏@Hashtags_Trends

@Crypto_Tonight Libra will very likely drive more cash to BTC, LTC, XMR and other similar blockchains, but can be a… https://t.co/g0gs0N4baP

GHOST🔑 ‏@Katakuri_MZ

Spent an hour on twitter after I woke up. This habit isn’t good

Tkay⚓️ ‏@takiaraa__

I love you 😘🔥 @theestallion https://t.co/h94nMHdJW8

Prem ‏@icanhaha

the worst part is the cringy ass messages, yughh

ren ‏@yeongwon_

Am I sobra in a good mood para gupitin ko ulit bangs ko like my elem/junior high(& 1yr/1st sem shs) days? I used to… https://t.co/XckIpWjap4

FashionDron ‏@dron_fashion

Brit Girls Like Alexa and Rosie HW Always Do This “Basic” Bun Hairstyle https://t.co/fTnmmeOp7S https://t.co/G5sVNY13HA

BengaliWeeknd ‏@Mustity12345

My DMs are open for my afghan queens 🤘🏽

AM2PM ‏@OOmowa

@R_Villeda @PepeMejiaP @DeportesTVC Worst of the worst Referees in Female football

Onemanshoota ‏@wavydavoo

@Weed42025733325 You in Houston ?

Nabil Udyavara ‏@udyavara_nabil

@adhirrcinc jii Congratulations & Best Wishes to on being elected as the Leader of the Congress Legislature Party… https://t.co/EHqJuTnLiA

Ryan_Calum 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇺🇸 ‏@RyanCalum76

@BairnTilliDie If he signs he’ll defo start. Suppose he’s a free, better than mutch and mibi he’ll skoosh league 1. 🤞

larie ‏@severushape

são paulo is so dangerous... he was killed in an assault, so banal but it happens every day here

Liberty Never Sleeps ‏@realLibertyTom

@life_ontherocks She is more about herself than anything else.

Kamikeezee ‏@kamikeezee

@The7WG @drdisrespect @PUBGMOBILE Every time the gif loops I keep expecting the karate kid to show up with a garden… https://t.co/YbWR7fcVag

.JO🍓 ‏@foxywoo01

goodmorning I love Jane 😂 haha https://t.co/zzZsraOvhK

Anti-Ableism ‏@ANTI__ABLEISM

Scratch that. I meant ***So what does that look like for folks who are non-verbal and those who struggle to communi… https://t.co/GQQzFngQ71

Cloud2020 - it's all about the vision ‏@Cloud2020UK

July 11th is the date for #D365UGBristol. Don't miss out on buying a ticket! https://t.co/q7OasHAOFw

dttranslation ‏@DTITranslation

@MariaTeresa1 #SHAMEFUL #HATEFUL display to launch #TrumpRallyOrlando that will be ( as always) a #Racist #HateFest… https://t.co/7mPm5ROvju

Eléna ‏@elenapslr

@mimline72 Courage !

TragiiKz Clan ‏@ClanTragiikz

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Fortnite) live at https://t.co/5MzJoXOFWm

the stallion’s serf ‏@8198alice

False fucking alarm😒

Magnificent ‏@Ironyisfunny8

Disembowelled grandma hanging with her entrails.... #SixWordHorrorStory

indii ㋐ keep only 1 💜 ‏@teacup_hare

@KellyBurke_ I'd say I'd lend you mine, but kindle... lol. It's a quick but good read!

Devdiscourse ‏@dev_discourse

State honoured with #appointment of Nadda as #BJP's working chief: #Himachal CM https://t.co/gvT411wgxu

chel ✨ ‏@destiniesfic

@northgalis (Also, I have no idea whether this helps or not, but shadow and bone has NO mean fairy boyfriend! shado… https://t.co/6LnqNxQcYJ

IBX - Blue Cross ‏@IBX

@soulbrotha215 Hi Infinite Content, we'd like to look into this! Can you please DM us your full name and contact in… https://t.co/Bn5t6SwgCz

🇺🇸BojiSnowQueen🇺🇸 ‏@bojisnowqueen

@JapuntichKim This article was Jan 6 2019, so where is the ousting?

Destructor0010 ‏@destructor0010

@DNButter Sounds good to me.

GosiameByTshiamo ‏@tshiamo_seate

@_SkyKhola 😂😂 Let’s see if he steps up.

North Bank Blues ‏@NorthBankBlues

Combined league goals (18/19) Auba and Lacazette - 35 Lukaku, Martial, and Rashford - 32 Arsenal - 5th United - 6… https://t.co/MYmXTv7g5D

GreenRimmer ‏@RimmerGreen

Has @jeremycorbyn done anything to disgrace himself today? Or has he had a day off? Not like he has actually w… https://t.co/KJ17f7aPTj

Vampy Dany #IBelieveHim 🍩 ‏@danyshadowlady

@deppwarrior Wow Haley, just wow!! I’m your fan!!!! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

Melanie Khristyn DL♛ ‏@memmy_01

Fuccckkkkk😍 https://t.co/YJ4oQAEJpZ

- ‏@HHayesEveryday

@hunterhayes reminder that you are strong. You can do this. You got this.

AC€ ‏@aceiooo

@zainabxsheikh You can block their numbers

Fooji ‏@gofooji

@shouldhavetho @shouldhavetho You're almost there! 💪Click here to finish your entry into the #ILoveKraft #promo! https://t.co/iHD2KligrV

blai 💚 ‏@bubblesani

@keeperkyu i dont know what are you talking about https://t.co/qVGVGXUimp

legrolo ‏@legrody1

@The_Robo_Lynch Poorness*

sz ‏@szo_00

Why we can't say only good things towards others fans, i really want a positive sakura fandom. Please sakura's fans… https://t.co/WFCDdxrJNS

Vanara ‏@AgentSaffron

@manix2019 Yeah ok.

💰 Money and Mula 💵 ‏@Calmp

@J_ABLE They had 2 extra players in rotation in '18

bri💕 ‏@eversincebta

IVE MISSED IT https://t.co/oHddYHcvse

Tim ‏@timisaperson

Me and Abel made tye-dye shirts yesterday. What did you do with your day? https://t.co/rgH3Thb9bM

vicky perry ‏@vpezza

An amazing time in Valencia 🖤 my bridesmaids are so sneaky. Now only 2.5 weeks till I get bloody married! https://t.co/gfpNd7QkTe

Tiger Woods ‏@dastew29

@jpalm1530 You mean it?

APanAtlantan ‏@apanatlantan

@extraspicyho Supplied evidence points to yes!

DoublePanda ‏@double_caleb

@jennyaghasili You can handle me behind closed doors 😉😉.

Shane The Pain ‏@ShaneThePain904

@AnnaForFlorida Yup, "loathes" him. There's a reason nobody takes y'all seriously. https://t.co/ZFQFbyxQNq

〽️ ‏@muiimx

@richbrian oh my god

Tshepo ‏@Tshepo_McKenzie

@LesediMets Nice 🔥 congratulations

💫Keira💫 ‏@costello_keira

@TheNewAdamb99 I’ve got a vid idea do you have the same sweets as England???? If not I can send a box of ours over… https://t.co/yZbjgAoPZ5

K.Hines🏄🏿‍♂️ ‏@Seven_era

@troyross_4 Like cmon main

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