Tag Latin Capital Letter E Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter E was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁅 U+E0045


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Matt King ‏@mattking101

@towerofpower5 @fuck0fflad Fucking pink trainers 🤣

Dan 💀 ‏@Helphox

@DesignsByQueeny How does an “I owe you” and a virtual hug sound like for payment?

Sean McLaren ‏@smclarentech

Up your game with #MicrosoftLearn "Level up" your career through a customized developer learning path to earn… https://t.co/YekHiMkYpL

Dr.Kendo ‏@Dr_Kendo

@themeatly Is there a set *time* that @BATIMgame chapter 5 goes live on Steam on the 26th? Can't wait to play!

Drip 💧 ‏@MasterrTonguee

Washington me please

Daniel ‏@buckeyedaniel

@DLoesch He's a democrat. He can answer depending on who he's talking to and the media will protect him.

Sir. edwards akorita ‏@EdwardsAkorita

At times, it seems like you’re lowering the bucket into a bott... More for Scorpio https://t.co/p4uPbui2Gh

Banff Ave Brewing Co ‏@banffavebrewing

‘Bout that time to start getting excited for one of #Banff’s best nights out! Best costume will get you a $200 GC s… https://t.co/OtZUiaVACn

Kenza💜 ‏@Kenza__xoxo

@trackpop_ I would say yes but since we get one video another one would be better 😂 idm either way

SB5 ‏@Shadow_579

@bobbyfantasypro TY Hylton or Chubb .5ppr thanks

Kerri Sellmeyer ‏@KerriSellmeyer

Abstract painters dance party! Happy Friday! @KellisonPrin @KellisonTigers #Kellisontigers https://t.co/SLYbidxNY1

Turko Vanderschel ‏@turkomd


Z ‏@beatsbyonly1s

we aint the kids we used 2 be

Dolly D☘ ‏@DollyDwyer10

@susQ1968 Happy Friday Susyq I like this girl!

MURDER EYEBALL ‏@PrivateEyeball

Is there a timeline on when a https://t.co/EvTwb474Ot blog is removed due to inactivity?

Muzaffer Ünsaldı ‏@muzafferunsaldi

Sapphire gem-based ‘transparent’ armor protects soldiers from snipers https://t.co/0BuavE0D7g #Defence #Military… https://t.co/3vev2vd8Fe

Lacey Starz 😈💋 ‏@SinfulInvasion

Your mind is on the move today, but it tends to go endlessly a... More for Sagittarius https://t.co/s4pYDeFyNU


What words are typical in your city and are rarely used outside of it? — a lot of words hard to tell https://t.co/t6I89EWNjv

Molovian ‏@molovian

Knowledge should be entertaining and entertainment should be knowledgeable; all without losing entertainment value… https://t.co/0OVQQGvJ64

Robb Kidd ‏@robbkidd

@nellshamrell I was trying to make what I heard work in my head, then gave up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trevor Raley ‏@sti_trevor

I swear at least 5 people a day take a picture of my butt snorkelers sticker on my truck at stop lights😂🤙🏻

NaughtyDerek and GoodBird ‏@NaughtyDerek

@BeccCobain My favorite coors light Stan account!

JustAnotherResister ‏@mhmhart

Exactly, greed and feed, like the pig that he is. https://t.co/f39SyIZmHD

Anisty ‏@anistymorales7

I guess I just have lie to me written on my damn forehead bc that’s all everyone does these days but it’s okay karm… https://t.co/VeJZBVOqL6

Short Forward ‏@GhostMcHistory

@cco_411 Hi Christian is John U do good perform on Twitter. Full fights on engagements. Thank is john

Jimmy boy ‏@XxYaboyJames

@OujaStrike @RedDeadBase Hey bro do you know why it says last updated on 8/27/2018 ??? Does it say the same thing f… https://t.co/c3dACEEK0O

Akhil Ane Nenu !!!! SouthSideSerpent 🚶‍♂️ ‏@akhilrajus3555

@majornelson #FreeCodeFridayContest Always voldo . Let’s hope atleast this time I will be chosen !!!

Rocky Swag 💜 ‏@moncecontreras

@jjkultra @BTS_twt Don't worry bby, I miss you!! 💕💕

spooky mama nut rag | tddk 📌 ‏@gvntlecrime

@bakguous time for him to die😋

Graham Mayshark ‏@GrahamMayshark

@majornelson Astaroth #FreeCodeFridayContest

511 New York ‏@511NY

Incident on #WLine at 30th Avenue Station https://t.co/WJ3c6zvR7U

Guitar God ‏@Guitar_God76

@OephiliaFace Sexy as hell. You make wanna be under you more and more.

Meagan Leigh Reynold ‏@LilWaynesBaby2

How to get your mom to stop smoking #BuzzVideo https://t.co/ga0qIQRhPb

The Wife ‏@TheWifeYouLove

If you let your dog sniff your ass when you come home then why is it weird your wife sniffs your penis. Quit making it weird.

wendy cota ‏@CotaWendy

The real reason im going to college is so that i can get a job where people dont ask me to smile 😃 🖕🏽

Alexander Jo ‏@dasoundboy

Although you typically shy away from drama, your mate or a lov... More for Capricorn https://t.co/6WhstNGNty

Attendance & Wellbeing ‏@StMartins_AWB

We're all so complex on the inside! Time for us all to recharge for a couple of days! Happy Weekend!!! https://t.co/umYRy4du54

Jamie Dack ‏@jamiedack1988

Many thanks to @AskNationwide for my welcome gift which was waiting for me when I entered my new home! Very classy… https://t.co/GWldWIztZ8


CM #Punjab orders establishment of complaint center at his office https://t.co/7bf5TBP3kB

leandra. ‏@__dreamerrrr

I’m about to be 21, with like nothing to show for it and that’s not even me.

frankenweenie 👻 ‏@lessthanzero_xo

@hannaa_marie_ @sanctuaryspa @superdrug I have to say, that stack looks cracking mate!

DesMoines Buccaneers ‏@bucshockey

“Bucs Announce Hiring of NHL Alum and Olympian Corey Millen as Assistant Coach” Full story:… https://t.co/hUZKKt7Hgo

SmittySays ‏@SmittySays_

@Brasilmagic Trumps first years in defecit from trump was literally 666 billion We are in the hole, and Kushners a… https://t.co/H8kEliivYK

Kirsten Ifould ‏@IfouldKirsten

@AnimalVibes1234 @FoxyLustyGrover Aww his poor little face!

Lorraine Williams ‏@LollyWilliams61

@ofctimallen good evening Mr Allen, just love your show, could you possibly tell me when you are going to air in th… https://t.co/VhE0NACDAK

3r1c ‏@kinglolux

Else by Built To Spill https://t.co/c6rut6PoJM #NowPlaying

🖤 Rachel Ong 🖤 ‏@Ongspussycat78

@_mymusictaste Of course a selfie!

b🖤 ‏@lilhappybecca

@lostboylawley @KianLawley i love this so much it’s really what you deserve i’m so happy for you 💓❤️💕💗💞❣️💖💝💘♥️

Golam Mortoja ‏@GolamMortoja5

Hello . How are you .. and... Hows the weather where you are.... All life is an experiment. The more experiments… https://t.co/Muza0FNWBb

A ‏@ACitizen0

@KaitMarieox I believe in logic. Example of how logic is manipulated to push political or personal agendas. This te… https://t.co/xtwzZF9L61

Shamus Carmicheal ‏@Puremadnez

@JoySparkleBS @YouTube i am getting better this time i lasted 6 mins.

Helen Root ‏@TheFarmerSis

How a doodle a day helped me survive first year without my wife https://t.co/bGe2I9xiWx

ki💋 ‏@__Queenkiii

If you can’t be yourself at all times, stay away from me.

Sara W 💕 Fayleigh for TAR ❣️🏈 ‏@sarajwalton

@TuteloTeacher @fessyfitness It's her ring wrap she wore all summer on her right hand. It's supposed to go around h… https://t.co/oqQEHpJ9Yp

Ronnie scott ‏@Ronnies23745317

@CallofDuty is it double XP on Xbox??

Rakovica ‏@Rakovica2

Sorry for being so inaktiv the last days😕. I had a lot to do, but I’m gonna be at the #RoyalRewatchParty 😊

Sarah ‏@Plasticdoe

@BlueLionBlog @amanda_pompili @Siubhan_H @Vbalance03 @BeckyJohnson222 @seaglass34 @TinFoilAwards @GretchenScience… https://t.co/i6GTokt46Y

علي محمد ‏@Alnadeem8888

The Saudi people are a great and fair people. It is funny that the British asked the #Saudis for transparency in Kh… https://t.co/E4AaXLzcRL

Takudzwa Hillary ‏@HillaryTakudzwa

@rutendoashleyy it's like life is meant to bleak 😒

kc ✨ ‏@gotseunie

i’m (1) follower away from 200.... I swear I’ll do a giveaway soon LMAO

Rose Bot ‏@Rose_Txt

When an emo kid ruins all your fun

DYM✨ ‏@yagirldym

@_Breonnnaaaa I love you have a good day ♥️♥️😘😘😘

CobiesMommy💙 ‏@PeachTOOSweet

Talking that shit but bae let me remind you, i am that bitch that will pull up and find you !! 🤪

Seb of House Calaguas 🐕 ‏@sebcalaguas

If Jessica Jones starts kissing me, I wouldn't say no to whatever she does next.

Cortez, the latest meme ‏@yeahhhimcortez

@trapwhvre I couldn’t:/

Noelle ‏@NoeDoubt

New Blog Post: Impressed by Empress - https://t.co/otuyBxnbV7

Louise ‏@louise__turner

Can’t we just do what the Harper government did and let them return to Canada? That whole right of return thing is… https://t.co/vmxOoGMrnR

More Ink ‏@OvOWayne

@dae_chae We will never see freshmen year again

Lina 💜 misses BTS 😭 ‏@AliceTCFWL

Found this woth my post today after work 🐾 Thank you @miss_m85 @BTSUKUNITE For another fantastic GO. I'm loving the… https://t.co/Mz1eDMCk93

Will Buckley ‏@wbckley

Super important for all the great partners that joined us in #Toronto this morning... https://t.co/kIMyVPMx83

the hardtruth ‏@Ifaluyi

@selfinfinity how dies one detox pls

Travis ‏@DoozyR6

@Trisuhh Happy birthday nerd.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Si🇬🇧 ‏@si_duke

@sajidjavid What sort of asians saj?

Dennis BatesWGIN ‏@DennisWestGa

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/uIN4iYIMvu Nerf War: Kidz Squad Uses BUNKR to Capture the Game Master

bryoyebz ‏@bryoyebz1

@citizentvkenya @Joey_Muthengi @WillisRaburu Looked so much mwaaaah

Tim Watson ‏@TimWatson65

@CroftyF1 an armadillo can run at 30 mph

Gory Thing ‏@korybing

@MaryFishFace Oh yay! Yeah I think my DMs are open!

Benjamin Kahn, Rebel Scrum ‏@thebenkahn

@nwelearn finally a really good session on #gamification. Real principles that can be a different lens on learning.… https://t.co/gb5lDb8QA3

The Ninja On Elm Street ‏@Wheels_Ninja

@RhondaBrown5 Anytime. Thank you for the opportunity.

HaGar🦂 ‏@__Hagar_

follow =back 🤗 #المشاغبين_وفولورز_للجماهير

Priceless BUILD ‏@pricelessproduk

Making my @RinseFM debut this Wednesday courtesy of @MarcusNasty and The UK Is Funky! Pretty gassed for this - 100%… https://t.co/JyD3649c1H

ekow ‏@deezyXL

@AndSons_ @iamabrokwa Yhh I got you tonight b 😎

Jon Drown ‏@jon_drown

@martian_munk Animals aren’t worth more than humans. Grow up.

Duane Buethe ‏@texanforchrist

@Acosta You people are delusional. The only people promoting violence are the Democrats. Not ONE instance where a… https://t.co/aOYRYKYGmG

MarS ‏@mar_shariff

@eli_carpe Extreme?

Noite & Dia 29 ;) ‏@NoiteDia29

RTTT 511NY #TheSong #TheMusicVideo #BackToYou #PCAS #MPN #LarissaManoela #LarissaManoelaIG

Jŷró ‏@princejyro__

@_ripvonnie @QueenApril11 Thank you Lord 🙏🏻

Steve Chamblin ‏@schamblin45

@JoeHollywood MMMMMM, keeping it fabulous, I see!☺️

cyrus ulloa ‏@cyulloa

repeat for the last 3 days https://t.co/12243Pphga

jose m rivera ‏@jrjeep56

@yashar @IngrahamAngle Disgusting

Evellyn ‏@nascimentolyn

@marcuusjnr Tatuagemmm

Belial's soft tidder cleavage ‏@Kimilers

We get one good healthy example and she's stuck in SR hell

Fernando Babu ‏@BABUS_of_WAR

@majornelson #freecodefridaycontest Kilik are the best one!

Larry Brown ‏@larry_shabazz

#WhyIWrite because only I understand myself🤷🏾‍♂️😂🤣

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