Tag Latin Capital Letter E Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter E was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁅 U+E0045


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Karen Barry-Davies ‏@KarenBarryDavi1

@Maharaj16219892 @ZEYNAZERDA @ViviHua71296541 @Cwiklowa @Abomoha37103759 @Z42Be @21Franchini @asjadawan1 @arcogarda… https://t.co/OPjFSSFSXB

Edmonds Scanner ‏@EdmondsScanner

Disturbance at the Omelette Stop. A couple consumed countless mimosas and are now dancing on the tabletops. #Edmonds

jonesie speaks ‏@jonesyspeaks1

@DBreezyMuzic @GeorgeLasic @BhanLiz Black for sure! I would’ve gotten into my school with my first lsat score would… https://t.co/PMMb2K8Wl4

🇨🇦Headset Girl of CANADA🇨🇦😈 ‏@sesanbisoye

Please if you had the patience to finish reading, summarize abeg😥 https://t.co/F3PhtC8jOe

I'm that type of guy ‏@GapObscene

@M_Livius_Drusus @GregCampNC @KipKipkruse880 @gumbi541 @NRA It's the same kind of weapon. Different in name only. W… https://t.co/brmew4cmZM

Scott Model X2019 ‏@LegendOfAMyth

@GamingTigress They aren't super friendly I'd guess.

Chewcudda ‏@chewcudda

@nostalnerd Very funny Scotty. Now beam down my clothes.

Olias. ‏@OliasYoutube

NEW VIDEO!!!! Please like and comment if you can :heart_eyes: https://t.co/hfVMrM0nK1

Holly Hope ‏@Holly4Hope

@lightaandweight Thank you. I really hope the research can be done. It would illuminate a significant ingredient us… https://t.co/J9RYg0fGJn

Chædgår Bjearäkßen, Raven-lord [{Ragnårøk}] ‏@chad_alt

@CryptoBearReal @briandordevic haha that cracks me up too TBH "never keep all your coins on an exchange also all m… https://t.co/4DHV2ZLAC2

ian ‏@gunnerborderian

@liamgallagher should you be happy to support a credible, talented, and deserving unsigned indie band… https://t.co/HUWKBY30Kq

narcissism is poison ‏@chiizzy_

@kay_strings @EmmanuelNwachu_ @reinevee_ Tell them 🗣🗣🗣🗣

Sun Of Man ✝️ ‏@chefmayispeak

@jayniwhite2 Love you too sis

shan ‏@moonlighthansol

happy birthday hobi! thank you for making me smile everyday, i love you💘💗💖💞💗💗💓💞💝 #SunshineHobiDay https://t.co/IGZTDYgDRV

Dina Hemimy ‏@DHemimy

#DigitalTransformation is more of an organization journey rather than a destination!

Indigo ‏@IndigoTheArtist

@TappyToeClaws Hey, just wanted to say thanks. Made this deck and got an easy 5/0 as well. Very nicely crafted!

Sylver ❤️ ‏@sylver_no_gold

SCREAMINGGG https://t.co/WaX072QMZA

lauri ‏@lamiatunes

in a garden https://t.co/vIcoevCY8U

[𝘾𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚.🍊] ‏@meowduh

@cutiepiemeko Happy birthday sweetheart 🎂🎉❤️

Nathan ‏@NathG_18

@Argyll1872 @sydneyroosters Was closer than I expected. I don't think Wigan could cope with the physicality of Sydn… https://t.co/T6F5Hcpdko

Matcha🍃 ‏@Sova_Fries

@Rocioceja_ I'll do it. Thanks.

KubaPL ‏@KubowskiPL

@franceskae_ @AbdalazizAVilV Did they find if she is mentally unstable? If she is, she should be locked like those shitheads.

*witty identifier* ‏@soulandmelanin

@hippxe Aw I love you too. What’s thisss 😭 https://t.co/9DQldBYnva

Julio J Jimenez ⚡ ‏@SoundDrGenie

#Bitcoin #CryptoNetworth #Ethereum #TRON #EOS #NEO Past by my Instagram & drop some love to my old 📫 post if you w… https://t.co/bq1jklovxv

sharalia ‏@bcksmth

@pauldutton1968 And they’ve still got a chance of winning because...boats! Who are we???

sandra pasillas ‏@saandritaa16_

Almost there guys! Donate if you can or share please!!

Eddy2king ‏@eddykinghassan

The family in this picture: Still at my polling unit with my families waiting patiently till next week to cast our… https://t.co/DLBijkMkkm

chris-bot! ‏@screeninbatbot

“There were fireworks inside. . . . . …Ah.”

Brianna Beard ‏@banabear422

@Louis_Tomlinson You're someone worth being loyal to. We love you, Louis ❤❤❤

ESTEFANIA ‏@gsmazul

https://t.co/PXpPYLwJN6 I don’t expect visits

Sean Wolf ‏@rowingwolf7

The 2019 campaign has started, The Fight For Five https://t.co/szUNvPogpi

k. HOSEOK DAY🥰 ‏@triviuhgood

@cartierkth i thinks it’s cause they were a small group who got pushed down time and time again and a part of them… https://t.co/bl2NXSCG5H

phillip ‏@Mattismeee

I cannot even cope I have had this conversation about 1000 times https://t.co/WeW58dJxiy

zephiris jp ‏@ZephirisJ

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy! https://t.co/UrnOLZripz

The Father Effect ‏@thefathereffect

You don't need to be perfect. You just need to be present. @johnpfinch #TheFatherEffectBook https://t.co/wtxIal7BwX https://t.co/A1dzOIVhUP


@ellamai your smile is eternally beautiful.

Sufjan Stevens ‏@sufjan_bot

And I am throwing all my thoughts away And I'm destroying every bet I've made And I am joining all my thoughts to y… https://t.co/SVuuQEU5IT

Go2Fete ‏@Go2fete

Stars among stars djstunner https://t.co/m9hjhXVRrb

wren ‏@wizzspp

klaus is lovable and quirky and his struggle with addiction's funny until y'all have someone in yr life like that a… https://t.co/g9R1PzG89V

C-suite Branding ‏@MegGuiseppi

Brand Your Executive Job Interviews ... Land a Great-Fit New Gig https://t.co/JWhWBiG2gi via @MegGuiseppi… https://t.co/dlB5NjJvZI

Martinjx5 ‏@Martinjx1

@DLoesch And now you prey on dead children.

Collision Masters ‏@CollisionMastWI

#Advice from the #CarWorld- Volkswagen Golf GTI now $47,990 drive-away https://t.co/lbm98JNdon https://t.co/tOMAswFgNX

𝐬𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐫:🇰🇼 ‏@moonbsilor

i see minhyuk bothering wonho when he work out 😂😂 https://t.co/ghreHjx0Nz

Jx❄️ ‏@SSplashedEU

@MajorHawkk Yh add SSplashed

Jaime ‏@JaimeMarchen

@BleedblueRob 😂😂 I'm just curious. Is "Hockey Day in America" a new thing?

SA Y ED ‏@Sayed1041

Sometimes all you need is a little peace and quiet.✌

yuna loops ‏@yunahoIic

i think my uwu machine broke #ITZY #있지 #yuna #유나 https://t.co/qgD92HdoNS

T E L E V Ⓐ N G E L ‏@0YoungGod0

Stop putting knives in the middle of your burgers n sandwiches 2020

aliiiiyah ‏@aliyahmo_XO

CUTE OMG https://t.co/gkAEKW2xSZ

Yonie ‏@NelaBontshi

lmlo https://t.co/ruqqlRipCN

PhilHine ‏@PhilH86835657

@dialoghost That's Latour isn't it? Actor-Network theory? Read "We Have Never Been Modern" but haven't really kept up.

amy✨ ‏@amysuggwell

@Chloeelouiiisex SHALOM JACKIE


@AMetalstein FoR are fantastic folky blackgaze, check out The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood

noemi ‏@ryepeanut

@fovvs ‘incredible fashion’ tell the new andy to be less queen

✭ Flex Luther ✭ ‏@Dcowboys2184

Broke ass better get a job.... Nobody gonna take care of you

LaDonna 💞 ‏@ladonnaall3n

I walk around my dorm naked like I don’t have roommates 😂

Herman Thrognorton ‏@HThrognorton

@krassenstein @realDonaldTrump You seem to have run out Here’s some more Azz-eyes 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/qTqfE2Q0we

oddfellow ‏@_yungcomrade

Nobody: Me, everyday at least twice: https://t.co/nC0wuu5IpL

Christian Simmons ‏@WeWorkHoops

Always good to watch your former players play against each other. https://t.co/6vwHKl7dYd

Reigate Weather ‏@reigate_weather

22:10 GMT: Temperature: 9.8°C, Wind: S, 0 mph (ave), 2 mph (gust), Humidity: 88%, Rain (hourly) 0.3 mm, Pressure: 1021 hPa, rising slowly

Robert M Montgomery ‏@rmontgo590

@sportingnews If pro football switched to the college overtime format

the dykemobile ‏@80swidow

@katbarrellsjaw aint nobody want all that... stream cancelled by wynonna earp

Melissa ‏@GOP_RN

@feingold32 @RichardTBurnett been saying this for years... there is no doubt that the recent House change to dems was related to voter fraud

B2B Listings ‏@b2byookay

Provide #packaging services? Get your site reviewed @ https://t.co/6gvs4muV4b #b2b #SEO #marketing #XVAA

Banksia ‏@HHMU_Banksia

Maybe we should start a campaign to get rid of plastic bags (carrier bags) altogether! If Primark can use brown pap… https://t.co/9ow8KMzeum

JHODU08 ‏@jhodu08

@ODUBaseball Still won the uniform game.

Saran Chaudhry ‏@Saranfr007

@danchristian54 Waiting for u in PSL sir

Wepa Fm ‏@WepaFm

Now Playing Besos Mojados by Ozuna ft RKM Y Ken Y on https://t.co/9dLmXspMOG Buy Now https://t.co/45ou60f94d https://t.co/mEwHKyMwnb

Levi ‏@levivollmar

Never laughed harder than @KDestatte3 explaining to @awoody8 how he bangs his mom and grandma 😂😂😂


On my way to the hospital with @xoCalina to see @popstvrr it’s finally happening guys ! 😮

jas 🌿 ‏@jazzymime

@mmmmanda19 we love u


@cncomichelle @itsjoelpimentel Same girl 😅

˗ˏˋ ✧ wendy uwu ✧ ˊˎ˗ ‏@WendyWuWWE

@armchairqueer This photo said “double crowning you don’t taste that? when you go *thlp thlp thlp*? your breaf stank”

m; lt1 ‏@onlykinglouis

@Louis_Tomlinson we love you so much!

Syria Report ‏@SyriaReport_net

US is still supporting Saudi Coalition’s war in Yemen: report #Yemen #Saudi https://t.co/3my6iCdnxV

abby🌻 ‏@abiggaiil_

“Im smiling in the picture I don’t like it” LMAO ME

Evan Blankenberger ‏@eblank98

Got to meet Macjik, Sebastian and some of their friends today #cheetah #meerkat #westerncape @ Cheetah Outreach https://t.co/TX6ivFTJaq

MM Wiley #IStandWithLife ‏@MMwiley204

@JohnChardRE @BreitbartNews This is incredible. Here you see how the leftist Democrat leadership along with leftist… https://t.co/ilmbpr103e

›catarina‹ ‏@txllpxtsch

My timeline is making me so happy rn ✨💛 https://t.co/CdFrCBiYIi

Margaux 🌸 ‏@PrfectlyFlicker

How are u today Niall ? Good ?

Darren Janeczek ‏@Darren_Janeczek

I really can't help myself. https://t.co/opkFFUlH0h

yikes. 🅴 ‏@childish_kim

In our defense, we probably wouldnt even get to the “nothing, goodnight” if yall knew how to communicate in the fir… https://t.co/ANU91yF8mN

meg new acc ‏@PRlNCESSPARTY

down the tweet bc she'd just replied to me and told me she loves and misses me or something like. i just miss that… https://t.co/SaNKVM48wc

joseserra ‏@2018laverdad

@realDonaldTrump You have the facts and proof, ho after them and prosecute all of them. Hillary, Clapper, Podesta,… https://t.co/Icwu5ZQtpO

Cynical Publius ‏@CynicalPublius

@DanteAtkins Just wanted to swing by to remind you that you have a serving Governor who wore blackface and/or KKK r… https://t.co/hYVn1RLOLk

eleanor ‏@erosunrequited

@softsadsatan cross and an earth sign ✝️♑️ https://t.co/YvS4UJszZT

CPP Campus Rec ‏@CPPCampusRec

Remembering you have assignments due tomorrow like https://t.co/RYejRe0Aha

Ayomide ‏@AkindolireA

You said don't lie so I made the truth.

Michael Abernathy ‏@MikeAbernathy77

@TeamGaryVee @garyvee can you love it? What’s the best address I can send you some for the team?

장미 ‏@SkinsxWolf

Mic drop https://t.co/rSzdJ5mrRK

SHIN.SHIM93 ‏@shahadsuga93

Happy Birthday HOPE😭🔅 https://t.co/D4JnHki0dJ


@FrankRamz Nahhhhhh LMFAO FOHHHH YALL ASKED FOR IT! @Copastetik @FrankRamz

NickRowan ‏@NickRowan16

Scientists create human penis in lab, could change trans men's lives forever https://t.co/LGkNukw4VJ

Katy ‏@kwelsh1

@SusanMastersRCN @pauljebb1 @dmonty007 @kennygibsonnhs @jcstaff_ @jomwlever @nikki_ledingham @The_Debs_Effect… https://t.co/DD5YkXslCO

JKL ‏@JayKayEl_

Forgot to post this video of @ninalasvegas dropping that @onjuicy2 @TREKKIETRAX 🤘🏽💖🤘🏽 https://t.co/w8PrUmqubc

Look at our World ‏@NomadicBrits

The Darker Side to Selling Online! https://t.co/KPwntZN2o6 #travel #lookatourworld #travelbloging #travelbloggers #SellingOnline

PutrajayaPrayerTime ‏@WPPPrayerTime

It is time to perform Subuh fard prayer in Putrajaya & vicinity (06:10) Next is Zohor (13:30) #WaktuSolat

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