Tag Latin Capital Letter E Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter E was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁅 U+E0045


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Chronicles of the Dukemane ‏@Dukeweiser

I was about to say this...some of these folks just have that “look” to em https://t.co/FMZObMtemQ

Lin. ‏@heslenresle

@zafrvn @___Svxxve @Julianaazwa @w4nili3w @_nrhainy @aisyaaysf Sorry brader 9pm tu tak free haha

Dr.Bakthavatchalam ‏@BakthanDr

@OmarAbdullah @ChouhanShivraj Seasoned and matured leader

CHILLI ‏@colgirlvv

People may react to your quirkiness today in ways that makes y... More for Aquarius https://t.co/0uslpX7vJ5

Rammy ‏@Rammystar

@CheriJacobus @highbrow_nobrow The GOP is a criminal enterprise and its members need to be criminally charged with treason.

Brewster Lobster ‏@brewsterlobster

😈 Dave drives the mysteries of the universe.

minaristagram ‏@minaristagram

@dreamnara0324 Could anyone tell me what 7・8・9 is like??

Kenshi9402 ‏@DennisWisc

@KenXyro @pewdiepie I can see the headline: Pewdiepie laughs at black guy doing virtuell suicid and makes fun at gay people

Gerald Okereafor ‏@Gokereafor

Dead😂 https://t.co/8be1NvWpmY

esther rodriguez ‏@esther101996

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/juubR2E5LP Final sin respuesta free fire..

ShamelNews ‏@NewsShamel

The Star: Prestariang founder Abu Hasan has board's backing to stay on as CEO https://t.co/LA0l5KQ3YF

The Casual Smart ‏@The_CasualSmart

First Horizon National Corporation $FHN Analysts See $0.36 EPS https://t.co/AJlbuLVqbG

andrea ♡ ‏@andreaamarieexo

You may be feeling hypersensitive today, and yet unable to fig... More for Sagittarius https://t.co/nhQ2d05Sao

CJ Artisan ‏@CJartisan

@MeehanCarolAnne It’s more challenging when working unscripted

LondonDom ‏@LondonDom100

@LetitiaHector Breathtakingly beautiful

•Juliette• ‏@work_of_julie

I'm all caught up with my to-do list

🏳️‍🌈 Mark John Ford ‏@ford_markjohn

@50ShadesOfMikee Pleasant surprise?

got7 pics💚 ‏@got7pics7

also look at me not forgetting mark day lol -🥀

Sai✨ ‏@parkattractjeon

@STYWLDmoonchild Iloilo added now....

K. HERBERT 10 ‏@Herbert10_Snr

@brfootball Question - Summarize Football in 5 letters Answer - Messi 👑

Beautiful Freaks ‏@bfreaks

#4 in our Top 5 albums of 2018 is @TheGoonSax - We're Not Talking. "The Goon Sax’ second album is on this list be… https://t.co/qLkVxBBpxJ

Kermit In Progress 💎 ‏@Kermit_Progress

BOOM !!! #FBI Agents Lied In 302 Report !!! Say They Notified #MichaelFlynn On “Nature Of Interview” … A COMPLETE… https://t.co/2YOTfKMK2m

Blockchain Ventures ‏@blckchnVentures

Telecommunication Giant AT&T Files for Blockchain Patent to "Map Social Media History" via /r/BlockChain… https://t.co/DOISUlWmbX

Bures ‏@jstrqtXx

tama bang term yung frens. Hmmm i dont think z0?

SDB ‏@sclark_clark

You may be feeling hypersensitive today, and yet unable to fig... More for Sagittarius https://t.co/tMhEA7syhX

The Lesson 92.7 w/ DJ Sanchez ‏@LessonDJSanchez

#np Dred Scott - "Nuttin' Ta Lose" On The Lesson 92.7 w/ @TheRealDJLotek On The Decks @deejaymsanchez,… https://t.co/r1awkvRR9L

Polo ‏@thepolofarmer

@CarrieBear04 @haleynicoleg_ @juano006 Come on y’all they gonna beat Thanos https://t.co/w8aWG6lCuF

Lyn ‏@Lynforester

@Change_Britain @BadgerFool @DominicRaab I like this man

champagne communist🍷🦈 ‏@maitreyafromtx

@DeadPundits @NancyPelosi @Ocasio2018 @ddayen “progressives wanna change the world and centerists wanna get on the money comitees”

Logan ‏@loganpullenx

@sKurt_on_em High school Logan was definitely not😂. But thank you🙋

jolly ‏@isjokull

ah... the two lists https://t.co/fS9PVjK81R

mikhaela ‏@maxinebarcelona

Everything will be okay..

Jennifer ‏@jen76bell

@kissel88 Merry Christmas! I swear nothing like the holidays to have this going on 🙅‍♀️ I’m sorry your going through this.

adinda ‏@666ansl

@westhingy disenchanted mcr

Sherwood Secondary ‏@Sherwood_HWDSB

Student Athletic Council https://t.co/fjdXhsuu3J

IJ ‏@ije0maa

Got damn I hate being questioned.

DJ Brad ‏@DJBrad5

@DJBrad5 playing "How Ya' Doin" by @JaneLeeHooker on @BluesMusic_Fan

Dave #IAmFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@davidbcrumbs

@Alikap88 @Dawn_DeMore1 @BarbaraRedgate @GenFlynn https://t.co/ILo2J76EgV is legit. It’s run through PayPal so it’s… https://t.co/rybqR3N8Qy

katrina ‏@katrinaafortune

@Kingsmen_Brett happy birthday! hope you have a good one🥳✨

Alex ‏@Potentia_Space

@SarahRoseCrook Lab tables its 8495 motion of no confidence in... Oh never mind

yud 💛 ‏@yudiiieee_

wow that hit the soullll https://t.co/IDUWLmphHa

Joe Youngblood ‏@YoungbloodJoe

@johnrampton Way overvalued

Gypsy Swinger ‏@rittiluechai

I don’t create original content. I just retweet it.

Nora b ‏@Nb017

#nerdalert I am a little excited about my code today ! Yeahy! It worked ! #shouldbesleeping ! I am such a nerd and loving it!

Yasuma Tachi ‏@yassun1117

PopPunk Hookah Party https://t.co/gbIjtndax8

thegirlsun ‏@thegirlsun21

Town council trashes illegal garbage truck https://t.co/6UIQEl9NRP https://t.co/IczokwKeGj

avani🎂 ‏@bluenostaelgia

@_vallariii thenks

alexa ‏@yadid__

i’m telling y’all country music slaps https://t.co/GVVLnd53LO

lilo ‏@clxirermt

Acting like a monkey

Sparkle Mermaid✨🧜🏽‍♀️ ‏@KayyJae4

I’m really about to drink some water , put back on GA and go back to sleep 😂😂

PGM - SharpsPixley ‏@PGMnet

Palladium marked $5.00 higher on https://t.co/EsnqVStnvp from $1,260 to $1,265 #PalladiumPrice

Aakash shrivastava 🏏🇮🇳 ‏@AakashS91950796

🎖King of hearts sreesanth ❤🔥 https://t.co/MKfjQfFifn

YO YO lovers💖 ‏@lovers_yo

@asliyoyo We Are Exited Boss YO YO HONEY SINGHaaaaaaaaaaaaa

shane ‏@liIacdaddario

@sabrixxvanss no lies detected!

Alexis ‏@alexxisbabyy_

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. I miss you & love you Colby 💙❤️

yobeeone ‏@yobeeone

Really excited to be meeting up with a writers group this morning! Great way to start the day! #writerslife #vanlife

Roselle ‏@roselle_zanoria

god the world really hates me huh

Joey Mandell ‏@JoeyMandell1

@Chukles41 @gdavidprince Damn. Good to know

Nichlorine🇯🇵🇺🇸🇳🇬 ‏@nichlorine_

Zeeworld and chill >>> Netflix and chill https://t.co/6T5j0KYzOo


@hstwinehouse ent vem

TEHREEM.👑 ‏@tehreemy_

In Other Countries : Man, You Are Amazing.. In Pakistan : Yaaarrr Tu Bariiii Kutttti Cheeez hai..😎😆

Etta 🐝 ‏@IckleMrsG

@tomkennerley3 @Spike______ @wheaton_peter @davewormald @Brooks74Brooks @musicandblues @aveagudun @willbuxton2004… https://t.co/juWcwqa1Uk

pichie ‏@piriritzy

@jasperl8698 slight lang, onay! 😛

Shah Rahman ‏@ShahRahman1712

Who do United fans want as manager then? Pochettino at United would scare me, he’s very good. Maybe Simeone or Tuch… https://t.co/ypTD15wSns

No IL Navigator ‏@nilnavigator

Illinois texting deterrent law to begin in July https://t.co/ui7xGll8GK

bongbong ‏@bongbong_bts

[V LIVE] [BTS+] Run BTS! 2018 - EP.46 :: Behind the scene https://t.co/U18Q1wXj4N

Yaser Elhdari ‏@yaserelh

@basbarian thanks 🥰

renjun ‏@pstrenjun

im betting the last one is in nct

Alexis Love ‏@LoveyAlexis

So tumblr just straight up won't let me see my own blog at this point.... Not much point in having it then I guess.… https://t.co/OUb9NDrxF5

iamDjJuicy ‼️ ‏@DJJuicy_

People may react to your quirkiness today in ways that makes y... More for Aquarius https://t.co/aX1wEykLKn

Elikser ‏@TunnelForce9

@patricksavalle @AndreVanDelft @prayingmedic It proofs there was NO explosion... Otherwise it would have been on v… https://t.co/qIAnp91Z7k

So IL Navigator ‏@silnavigator

Editorial | Illinois left out of Apple's expansion https://t.co/dlGK8iu1mR

Wuxing🇬🇧 ‏@OGWux

@TheRochaSays It’s been a long time coming but isn’t all down to him the board have to take some responsibility for… https://t.co/EjGYFd3Cik

GestrichenBlock ‏@KritzelVonHally

@hihi2234live7 Hallo???

Kayla 🍒 ‏@callmeKEEY

@amraniy_ Scroll beb

Jim Ruocco ‏@JimRuocco

From the Desk of Jim R, Take 2: From the Desk of Jim R, Take 2, Column 122, A Revi... https://t.co/5YSsvMfxHH

Manuel ‏@Manuel53793924

@Zayan213 @FortniteGame Me too

d a m i o n ‏@OGVoz

Lil jon is THE hype man

shell ‏@downsouthmusic_

Since I held yr hand💋 https://t.co/lusUvyrAS5

Dede Ene ‏@dddecontrol

@AlanDersh @DineshDSouza Yes it should, thanks for asking

Mr.Archer ‏@carmex212

@jennyvarela1 Rich ppl. Either they do drug or sexual misconduct. He too old..lol

Mark Sweeney ‏@MarkSweeney

"If spiders worked together, they could eat all humans in a year." They're not trying hard enough. https://t.co/uYxg9DxHCS

🏆TERRON!™🏆 ‏@RealTerron

Goood morning e-body. 2day is going 2 be gr8. #SDLive 2nite. Here's some #TuesdayMotivation: If u learn to think an… https://t.co/17NOW5d9nk

kearney j 📸 ‏@KearneysTweets

Bruh how my girlfriend gonna cut my fringe, laugh at me and call me an animal crossing character BITCH U CUT IT??

L.O.N.D.O.N ◟̽◞̽ ‏@ChazJonasFan

@MorganexBiebs @journaldunefan Done ✅ Fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Telly🥈Putts ‏@Telly2Putts

@WAForeskins One time I fell asleep w a t-shirt on, got hot af and accidentally chucked into a fucking ceiling fan.

Big Oof ‏@fuegoXardiente

It took one person to turn my day into the happiest one I’ve ever had to the worst one I’ve ever had... Amazing

Struggling Lumbee ‏@Just2Mucknfutch

@smallmthbass Prayers!

vanna ‏@kirstin_exe

If I could physically fight John Winchester I would so fast like RN

Space Farce Cadet Jackie ‏@jsiskoski

@PressSec It's really time for you to go before your children will have to visit you in the mental hospital.

Teri Norsworthy ‏@1teri

Great little jacket, light weight

KMBHOL ‏@Kboyk

I’ve never seen a GOP Congress that silently support all the destruction Trump has imposed on American democracy. A… https://t.co/1w0rDUL9mx

Yorkshire Lady ‏@YorkshireLady3

Meet Sage https://t.co/9kZMhq0tAM via @UKChange

. ‏@ffsOXLADE

@MesutabiIity 4 of those players havent even finished a season. didnt know you could win trophies half way into the… https://t.co/9tDmwmSkDA

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