Tag Latin Capital Letter E Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter E was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁅 U+E0045


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Larry Davies ‏@laurencedavies

@fit_as_fuc You’ll get no hellos, rude as fuck down there!

M Sonks ‏@monksey01monks

@UnitedStandMUFC Makes you wonder who really is signing the players at Utd?

Save EHRR ‏@save_ehrr

When asked in October 2018 if the Egg Harbor River Resort was a year-round resort. "Yes it is!" #SaveEHRR https://t.co/CzcKeF1ceb

Lynn G. Henning ‏@Lynn_Henning

@jasonerichill13 Don't agree. You have straight and in-depth coverage -- pick up today's edition of the NYT, for ex… https://t.co/rAQ0SgGMDN

BOA ‏@BOA_project

Amazon Solutions Architect – TS/SCI clearance with Poly #techjobs #McLean, VA Job Description The successful candid… https://t.co/W7EoYr4yar

blue leader thomas ‏@blthomas_ebooks

i will fkcu the red gemstneo

bsiv ‏@Bs1vv21

And I love watching golf now

RJ Raunac ‏@rjraunac

8 घंटे में 1 million + views , thank you sabhi ko 🙏🏻🤘🏻 https://t.co/rZB6Wu2Y91

Benz🤾🏼‍♂️ ‏@benz1up

Twitter why you gotta make me look like I have an Android??🥴 https://t.co/NWWlF3nrUI

freedomordeath ‏@surefire87

Well yea!! https://t.co/KGavBQVEwk


@ottothemoose had a lot of fun taking out this gorgeous 2019 INFINITI QX60 to surprise the amazing staff & resident… https://t.co/RrwXmfB9iw

SFTB Fantasy Sports ‏@SFTB_Fantasy

Check out our SFTB MLB DraftKings Picks for Tuesday. #MLB #DraftKings #DFS >>>>> https://t.co/66odsER7vJ

chloe ‏@jcsiespark

well idk bout that https://t.co/KdTg1CKlIs

Alison ‏@xcheshirestyles

@Iatenightlwt fari... don’t

britt ‏@brittseverson

made daddy proud 🖤 https://t.co/JJkczkNI5h

Naomi Reese ‏@NaomiReese14

@AuthorJ_Elle My two favourite scenes are my heist scene that I’m really proud of, and my final battle. I really go… https://t.co/cn91bg9yjx

Isidro Marino 🔷 ‏@pandemoniumcirc

@GoodwoodRRC "get the jag fixed up, spend the weekend in the country"

Hossam barakat ‏@Hossam96150456

#IDCEGYPTCIO We did not give up..... Group B in session ibm Cloud & cognetive sw https://t.co/yE4M32o3sx

Grown N Sexy ‏@0h_datskeyara

Your patience with a project or coworker has likely worn thin ... More for Libra https://t.co/0wGamVOfVu

Hannah🥦 ‏@I_stantoomuch

@soykiittens @alyciamarie @5SOS Haha that's a mood

Amanda ‏@luvmyRRs

@TenikkaANjax @ActionNewsJax @WOKVNews I’m old and white but don’t look anything like them. I also am not an 🍊💩⛈ su… https://t.co/nzyPEgZ9Xf

Rani ‏@Rani75791749

For a while, but in the minds of a lot of things that he does forget. https://t.co/m5zoU3ieJK via @YouTube

Yunieshokiut ‏@nasarasham_

Ya allah just please for this time, protect my heart. It’s too fragile.

' ilaria by Jin // 6 years // ‏@dionysuga__

@seokjinsluvbot taehyung cuddled me andthen asked to be my boyfriend

望楓 Nozomi Kaede ‏@KaedeNozomi

Maybe I should throw an UTAU party. That sounds like it'd be fun??

bee.💡 ‏@BeeDashh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATIEEEEEE 🖤🖤🖤🖤 can’t wait till couple years from now we otp talking about our students 😂. One of my… https://t.co/18CRrd1KTg

Colton Bennett ‏@coltonbennett52

If you’re weak minded, weak physically, just all around a bitch. Why the fuck would you talk shit to someone you kn… https://t.co/VtjggwwlnD

Michael ‏@michaelraimann

@Travis_Kling @davidmarcus Hopefully if only BTC

Gringo Suave ‏@Skyroneous

@Liz_Cheney @AOC AOC: we need to do something about the "camps" here Cheney: We're not as bad as Nazis, and you di… https://t.co/1C4KtqcnAF

D. ‏@_dajaura

central and south americans are literally border neighbors who actually owned land the (United States) and somehow… https://t.co/QDOJxVScdk

Shalini Sharma ‏@nutshal

An interesting opportunity for young writers wanting to undertake critical probe into development issues. Good news… https://t.co/AJeWkYanxv

Lisa ‏@lisajelli

this is insane .... https://t.co/UnGznscubQ

North Carolina Jobs ‏@tmj_nc_usa_jobs

Lowe's is looking for teammates like you. See our latest #Retail job openings, including "Learning Analyst", via th… https://t.co/NBUVa4qV7m

FULLTV Online EN ‏@fulltvonline

#Movie "Seekers" (2013) https://t.co/b7EBD4rhBM

Slickest Nigga on 2 feet ‏@DMSmooth7

He a team employee he def getting one https://t.co/OC8lfSPaAP

Obiwezy.com ‏@OBIWEZY

We Wish our staff #sola happy birthday #happybirthday #HappyBirthdayMrPresident https://t.co/oKElfEDt6n

𝓛. ‏@amourlyr

sometimes you gotta get through the wrong shit, to get to the right.

Victor Cerasale ‏@eldispensador

CIENCIASMEDICASNEWS: Kalydeco Shows Long-term Efficacy in CF Patients i... https://t.co/CFkWnp2lYE

Buzz King ‏@Fieldof68Freak

MGM Main Event (Nov. 25, 27) projected bracket: 1 Clemson vs. 4 Wyoming 2 Colorado vs. 3 TCU #ExemptBrackets

Nancy Chartrand ‏@nancybesapr

Great news for all you folks who love to get you sun on in Pensacola and Destin! #flykci #buildkci https://t.co/LbLAsxsAxA

João Paulo Arruda ‏@joaopauloarruda

@shannongsims The hero of Brazil. Five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Brandon Roebuck ‏@adopted_twinkie

@maddyjlarkin @HannahBelk @SJSchauer No one is arguing it’s appropriate... but we’ve all don’t things that aren’t a… https://t.co/Y4tIoSZ12P

nancy ‏@NancyKMS

@senatemajldr Denying representation to DC residents is unconstitutional—and possibly racist #statehoodforDC… https://t.co/kAgfrJalei

lukedacosta ‎⎊ ‏@lukedacostaa

@IGN @itsgfreviews I totally see your hype for this now.

EthensMillz ‏@EthensM

No one DM'd me and I've only 27 followers. Fuck this website.

Jazmine ‏@_LovinTheRealMe

I been getting money I ain’t been getting no sleep. 💯💸💰

PreKCentersDist20 ‏@District20PreK

Congratulations to Z074! May you continue to grow and learn in happiness and success! #D20PreKGraduation2019… https://t.co/qmcgM0VHp5

❄️bollerwheeler❄️ ‏@bollerwheeler

@MattHancock @10DowningStreet Teachers are already well able to identify children and yp who struggle with mh; the… https://t.co/EznOSUgyu7

eyenakwaibom ‏@kingsleydlord

@segalink Chivita limited pay Indians that do next to nothing to help their company grow several hundreds of thousa… https://t.co/xR6xg56oQu

The Vinyl District ‏@VinylDistrict

"...Caroline has just released her infectious new single “Messy” and it’s an absolute delight from start to finish.… https://t.co/j98rH5flxn

Ayden Leppert ‏@FLKohai

@tie1r Where tf are your passcode buttons?! 😂😂

CindyLou ‏@cindynorth1

“let’s make a country where all we do is work and work and deny ourselves happiness and work some more and then die… https://t.co/Mf2awaj9eq

mum ‏@mrscvvrter

I forgot i had an interview today and im yurnt lol

Paul Weimer📷 ‏@PrinceJvstin

and then my mind started imagining groups of people, including the author, on the Question. Groups of Five awesome… https://t.co/ImoOcxEvUl

Hydz ‏@HaidyRaafat13

The right one for you will move mountains to be with you. He won’t hide behind them.❤

Christine ‏@chrissyteeten

Toronto should be better than this. Humanity should be better than this. Thanks, Noah. I’m glad there are good peop… https://t.co/FdAKjx891o

NISA AMOILS 🧗🏻‍♀️ ‏@AmoilsNisa

The announcement of more institutional players only FURTHERS the bullish outlook. 🚀 my thoughts in this piece by… https://t.co/NgpiBYbnaL

Nero (ง'̀-'́)ง ‏@Ryugune

in short please play the beta


Google Calendar is down and we're lost https://t.co/NSbYmbEWs7 https://t.co/cW1fMc1pUj

Warlock Kadash ‏@Warlockkadash

Just watched the gameplay footage of the new #DragonBallZ game. It's very disappointing, it won't be remembered wel… https://t.co/EVOSvG3wMD

doom ‏@anisrules

just another jaw droppin event line was hard https://t.co/p0AMDPA5PD

TMTDeplorable 🌟🌟🌟 ‏@TMTDeplorable

@Razorsmack1 @Briteeye777 @MAGAgirly @hustler_chitown @Dilligaff1962 @SLA1500 @T_FLgal @pbprecious7 @SluvsO777… https://t.co/Z9ZKeQXh4z

Mukeshkumarsingh ‏@mukesh30singh

@1999chori @gayatri0p Oh nice

‏ً ‏@bIamesher

@styIeist thats you

𝑀𝑒𝑒𝒸𝒽𝒾𝑒 𝑀𝒾𝑔𝑜 ‏@ItsJustFace

Al Horford is 33, what the fuck is wrong with this guy bro

Por Favor ‏@Aton_Eloh

@VFernandez596 I'm just a guy, saying why not Monday off too :)

unknown ‏@Hayna_MK

lucifer morningstar x sabrina spellman ✊💕

maria ‏@vanilIabeams

i regret opening this https://t.co/h8CyBPeFxK

babybee ‏@beidly

˚✧₊⁎(threads)⁎⁺˳✧༚ https://t.co/XV9pMP8btb

Alexandru ‏@rpbry

Since last power failure: 28 days, 7:08:06; Temperature: 24.56°C (76.21°F); Pressure: 724.33 mmHg (1017.31 mbar); H… https://t.co/1XzqI3GDuy

ًani ‏@vividbailey

all i want is to give grayson a big hug if that doesn’t happen one day i’ll cry 😡

Gatien Kouemo ‏@gtkouemo

@JakobKern1961 @WFP_DE @WFP @WFP_Media @WFP_Africa Thank you Director

Caimh McDonnell ‏@Caimh

@BloodAndTacos I saw this in the cinema. Genuinely shocked to just discover it was a flop.

Puddin ‏@fdzlxx

@aika_wa24 @jitsbell I tought amal for sec tadi

YES-JAM TRIO 🐰🐻🐥 ‏@parkseuljoy

@stevelvets i think that's from their bside track :)

VICTORIA CHESTER ‏@Victoria2010x

Your words can either be quite effective or fall upon deaf ear... More for Gemini https://t.co/UiiS1CpONt

Friends Of NE Finest ‏@FriendsNEfinest

Today we honor Chief of Police FREDERICK THOMAS TOWLE EOW 6/17/1956 Thank you. #NeverForget Colebrook, New Hampshire Police Department

Emma ‏@emmaperez64

I can’t take a cheesy compliment from a guy, without literally screaming the word “G A Y” in my mind..... #probswhyimstillsingle

Jason Deline ‏@JasonDeline

@RealSaavedra That's some spin, buddy.

Rico ‏@kingbillysuave

LMFAOOOOO https://t.co/sL4YzTYNX9

✨💜💛✨ ‏@1998hhamdim

@matic_rob @xplrbxtch @deadskulltweets You are no better than trump? You sound so psychotic... you just complained… https://t.co/8ZgSiuR4Ct


Don't give out a negative energy, then expect positive response, what's favorable to you, may not be favourable to another

its upsetting me and my homegirl ‏@ray_gourmet

@_QueenOfTheMean How a baby eat your breakfast? What he make you? Oatmeal?

Anthony walker #Mixerstreamer ‏@RealityTvBoiii

@oDevyyy omg omg omg ty so much for this follow https://t.co/h32hfQE52P

ً ‏@y9zuki

rv skz gfriend chungha comeback

Lacey ‏@layceelee13


[🍓] ‏@celestialyuta

@youthgurt @nothaedaches IM-- watch me make this an au SCREW your judgements BYE this friendship is OVER

Shake Shack Jobs ‏@shakeshackjobs

Ready to help lead & grow our awesome Woodbury, NY Shake Shack team? Apply to be a Restaurant Team Member Food Serv… https://t.co/BtNlG8Y9Vm

Anzaar Khan ‏@anzaar_05

One of the worst internet service providers in India #BSNL #Bangalore no response for 2 months on fixing the line,… https://t.co/MDkF0f2HiO

Mia ‏@TheCenteredEgg

Had a strange experience with a guy on Twitter who's black but hides this fact in his profile and in his tweets ... why"

Juicyy Jae ‏@_JuicyyJae_

You’re inclined to be self-reflective today, but you must be c... More for Taurus https://t.co/ESjpWhjVRl

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