Tag Latin Capital Letter F Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter F was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁆 U+E0046


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Davis Bliss ‏@DavisBliss1234

@Trumptweets2020 @olgie21 ...and scary.

J U ❄️ ‏@JU_GFX

@Yumzicle @vYumi_ Wrong context to use that gif as there was no joke you fucking idiot 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

K R R ‏@Just_cinema__

Background lo Simha BGM https://t.co/0ulUJhHtXJ

carmen ‏@sapphiccheryll

cami sweetie i’m so sorry https://t.co/MUYHS0OtX9

Oluwatosin ‏@tosynosha

@segunjnr_ The last straw must have been how Mou gushed about Liverpool's intensity and quality of play at the post… https://t.co/dqY4QPniQc

Muzzler ‏@Muzzler11

@SebGorka @HillaryClinton Remind me again Hillary how much of the money given to The Clinton Foundation actually go… https://t.co/usEGQIfItA

Ron Ha-Mercy ‏@ronron607

Although you might feel out of touch with the world around you... More for Gemini https://t.co/47jOlWF9LQ


HAPPY BIRTHDAY...MICHAEL KEITH! "ONLY YOU", ft. 112 & Notorious B.I.G https://t.co/2L0DaLWFER @Michaelkeith112… https://t.co/aFrnHImQcu

Stuart henning ‏@Skyblublood

Jose Mourinho sacked. He says he now just wants to return to Portugal and hide for a while. The McCanns have offered to help

Lachlan Fetterplace ‏@fiskeforbrains

@elise_kk8 @CarpenterEllie Spot on article!

Anthony Belfiori ‏@Belf2512

@mosjev @thehill Here’s a thought what you think is racist, actually isn’t racist! Amazing.

Kevin Green ‏@Greenyboy220869

@StephanieOLear1 @lemontwittor @itv2 @CelebJuice @Ginofantastico @jimmycarr The show takes over 3 hours to record..… https://t.co/B1T3MVYBsy

- ‏@iamraevenjoy

i still clearly remember how his super tired face, smile huhu. Im so happy! ❤

Terrafirma Fox Chile ‏@terrafirmafoxcl

Dropping al fin de semana largo como el #redbullrampage people choice award @adolfsilva 👏👏 https://t.co/oq4hrHEScT… https://t.co/uJrFxgBnrp

CREST Derbyshire 🏍🚲🐴🚘🛵🚔 ‏@CRESTDerbyshire

A great morning with the recruits from @DerbysPolice . A good bunch of guys and gals who will do the force proud. B… https://t.co/8cRoRrRAnf

Medderz🏁🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 ‏@medderz65

@Mickey___J The good news is Neil Warnocks the favourite to take over. He’s good at keeping teams up apparently 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Greg W Mitchell ‏@gmitch_ecology

@SJC_fishy I used turitin when i was teaching at Western. Worked well, but sounds like easy to get around now. It i… https://t.co/BHcyaPXTHa

🏋️SheiKh Sab ⛹️ ‏@0900_78601

Father and Son 👦🤵😁 https://t.co/BM72LIfIvd

Cat Slándála TF ‏@InfoSecKittyCat

Dev's telnet tinkering lands him on out-of-hour conference call with CEO, CTO, MD https://t.co/KstONMrHIQ via @theregister

Diamond Dave ‏@texbrodave1

Bro, I took out my grandpa's divining rod and still have no idea what you are trying to say in this word salad. Ha… https://t.co/jYXdFopeuD

PapaEmil 🐕🐶🐩 ‏@montenegro_emil

#ALDUBForeverNow 😘 @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @Darwaine88 @sherrypie18 @ALDUBThess16 Don't… https://t.co/hK8IUPmuYz

Esther Thathi,(Rastagal) ‏@esther_thathi

@kubambaradio @DjSoxxy @SanchPhotos #kdrive Narok watching

Levona Morris ‏@LevonaM

I just bought tickets to @Galileo_Cinema! Purchase any tickets at #webtickets and Share for a chance to win R1000… https://t.co/ApsdHKfmVy

Dong(H)ae. ‏@Ieedoanghae

@ULTIMATERPE Please stream Hair In The Air. It's my hoobae's song. https://t.co/kmG3BQorx5

Jovany Flores Cruz ‏@Jovanyfloresart

I had change the artwork of the song https://t.co/DdtgGrXRAx

swamilion ‏@swamilion

BJP should sense the mood of the nation and appoint Anupriya patel ji as Deputy PM !!

shanice ‏@shanice18111

@baekets good luck

Okaka Felix ‏@okakafelix

This caretaker coach will have ample time to prove their worth..If we perform, they will hand him a long term contr… https://t.co/bEGJ122v62

Pres. Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho ‏@AlexJobs5

@realDonaldTrump They will all flip and you can’t do nothing. You’re so guilty even a blind and deaf is knowing it… https://t.co/WAu4RhE9r0

Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader ‏@tarheelreader

@AmaliaGavea Thanks, Amalia! 💕

Tomás Foley ‏@tomasfoley10

@FullTimeDEVILS I want him back, heartbroken

Community Volunteer Services ‏@VolunteerBANES

How you doing so far this month? We are enjoying this one thank you @actionhappiness https://t.co/juUkpO2gHp

beyaaa ‏@btrcallyson

📍S&R new york style pizza

Don Pedro de Gracia ‏@dnpedrodegracia

P H O T O Strite Art in LaSubwrbiaH by LocalArtist #artshop #artforsale #photography #drawings #illustrations… https://t.co/FwkNzUkLjM

JJ Da Pokémon ‏@Bootybuttnaked

Damn they just really took 69 out that quick

Desmond Koh ‏@byReconz

@Mami_AtTheDisco fl studio man gotta make that soundcloud beats

Dew🏏 ‏@tweetydew

No power or virtue of man could ever have deserved that what has been fated should not have taken place King Of Hearts Sreesanth

The Gentle Parent™ (Spoilers probably) ‏@tehlastunicron

S8 but Allura introduces Honerva to Pokemon Go and Honerva gets so obsessed with playing that she fixes all the rea… https://t.co/qC2XVjeMS8

DAN, BSN, RN, PHN ‏@kajukenbomma

@BSTeGz Make it 6 please

sheila ‏@shethereaila

@cloudtaehyunq I LOVE YOU TOO 💜🤧🤧

RielBheKDO😍 ‏@rieltachi

@KissesDelavin__ @vaughnic hello love!! love you

Bronagh ‏@itsBronagh

You are known for your legendary ability to cling to your feel... More for Scorpio https://t.co/lRTheffcxS

Hill's Meat Market ‏@hillsmeatmarket

“25 Days of Christmas” Day 18: Heyerly’s pies and baked goods We have carried Heyerly’s goods for about 30 years n… https://t.co/pvANaF0Rqq

Zach ‏@PKZach

I am here for this today https://t.co/WoyWm5sQvG

Insha'Allah ‏@supremebeing_m

@paddypower I like this futuristic perspective. Buy Pogba & make him train with the junior team,get him into the se… https://t.co/BuuKAlNceQ

Alresford Bear and the Town Mill Teddy Posse ‏@AlresfordBear

@winmor1 Not really. Because I didn't use them. Just said appeasement. People have been jostled into position by cuts....

anda ‏@MirandaGammon

@Lil_Sproles_xo Do it

Emmanuel Mashalane ‏@_EmmanuelRSA3

I'm selling my account guys 😥

TalentGPS ‏@gps_talent

Tips to Create Impressive Resume https://t.co/oia9zTEoV5 #careerbuilder #EmploymentAgencies #HumanResourcesJobs… https://t.co/bef4ZZQXnB

elaine ‏@iamela_ian

bitter 😜

Tony Alberts 🌸 ‏@TonyAlberts025

Lie is a proof that you can excel without putting other people down. ANGELIE ThePranker #PBB8HitOrMissy

Vicky ‏@mmmgalaxy

@LewisHamilton I do quite like this human 😊 he’s brilliant at what he does and is also a decent human 😊

Ramani Kondepudi ‏@ramko63

@LaliGanguli @desibeats39 Dubai became a ghost cityIt’s a kind of cost cutting for Marriott. Occupancy levels are a… https://t.co/Tmw9o8Ssgp

𝓎𝓊𝓂𝒾🌻 ‏@yuphoriia

Wait nvm she did post her selfie, it just got 0 likes and 0 retweets. Of course I won’t expose her face because I h… https://t.co/Nyx1TCfnG2

リタ —lita 🍀 ‏@litayuliastuti

@Bellqerty I have 2 version micaella i think. But i feel it's not complete if you not have the twins on your team.… https://t.co/YUrlwvHf9f

PURDY ‏@PurdyMusicTv

Singing is such an emotional thing. Some days you think it’ll be near impossible but then you get up and you do it… https://t.co/WlYVtZBTng

Stacey Sharp ‏@slf31089

@AndrewSharp1987 @WLFI We’ve heard this before

Safira Maulidya ‏@Fira74112858

@eyesoncloud Done.. Wish me luck🙏 thx for GA❤

Ana Leen - Author & Millennial Go To Counselor ‏@LeenGoto

The way to love someone @LeenGoto _ 👉 👉 | message for counseling info: couples, teens, individual, family, busin… https://t.co/igkSkgilag

nia. ‏@splurgenshitter

i deadass forgot broly is evil and psychotic bc goku cried too much in the nursery as a baby, like what kind of fuc… https://t.co/WiGlwOvDat

3️⃣$olid🥶 ‏@__Jahlennn

Fwu how you fwm 🤟🏽

Faheem Seedat ‏@fah7eem

@tancredipalmeri Woodward shouldn't be gone. He should just go back to what he's good at: the commercial side. Ther… https://t.co/gztvKgsEaG

Sam Eshaghoff ‏@SamEshaghoff

I’m selfishly down for a recession. My adult life has been spoiled and characterized by economic boom and expansion… https://t.co/wKxMhpklc3

‏﮼عبدالوهاب،كرم ‏@aKaram77_

Congratulations for everyone who support Manchester United 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

~Twinky~ #TheStormIsHere ‏@Janis67381570

@JudicialWatch @TomFitton BOOM💣💥

🎄❄️Deck the halls with boughs of Daisy❄️🎄 ‏@miss_sunkisst

@lamelambs You really pushed to improve this year and it really shows!!! Your art just keeps getting better and bet… https://t.co/funCwr7vfB

Team Sreesanth ‏@Arwinde92717936

King of Hearts Sreesanth Best man

OLAWANDE ______ V/XXIII ‏@Rex_wendi

@GodspowerTweets 😂It doesn't work this way at all Nah!!!!

Cake or Death ‏@Johngcole

@htmlmencken @paulkrugman Although I will note that "on the right side but ten years late" could be etched on my tombstone.

Orphic Magazine ‏@OrphicMagazine

Good morning! Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. #failed

mlamuli ‏@zibusisoe

@Phiwo__M You are a an only child or last born??


Although you might feel out of touch with the world around you... More for Gemini https://t.co/d68fJz9jP4

John Meagher ‏@JMeagherCIL

Cranwood industries supplied cladding for Dublin city councils live animal crib at the mansion house. https://t.co/sRaLOnOag8

Josh ‏@Josh81448238

@KishaTida Message me, it's important

أمورينا هانم ‏@amirakamel2008

Although you might feel out of touch with the world around you... More for Gemini https://t.co/8aeu3P68Vz

killa ‏@cortdashian__

@Jasmin123__ forreal!!

Denise C ‏@Dapeel27Denise

stupify our youth willingly? They've already been making our boys girls and soy boys, our girls boys and feminazis,… https://t.co/ggNjfY3HhY

Ana ‏@anav_t

I’m learning :)

ศูนย์สัมบูรณ์ ‏@soonsamboon

Always be with you #Saint_sup #PerthSaintSaiton #StaywithSaint https://t.co/tuRgW8qHXG

Anik Wiarsih ‏@NikHyugaMigami

I'LL never give up.

🃏 ‏@LuisKabahart

nice game 🏀

Jae ‏@jungjaefry

@uwunyoung hello👀

jb ‏@atiekaj

Amen 🙌🏾 https://t.co/2Ox6muiWkB

Changbin ‏@cvangbin

It is 13:49 CET now


#Visuals ANI: Indian national Hamid Nehal Ansari, who was arrested 8 years back after he came to Pakistan to meet a… https://t.co/aKC7S4164L

sergin garcia ‏@SerginGarcia

@BBCMOTD @BBCSport Yeah Jose should coach in @MLS

Mansi Arora ‏@mansiarora300

The Special Role that Lata Mangeshkar Played at Isha Ambani’s Wedding https://t.co/L4J3Ea1Ujn

🥀 ‏@kryiztla

5554544 It is 12:49 UTC now

paulo victor ‏@paulogs_15

@Innuendorin @hibalduino @Sia Titanium

Samuel ‏@smlpenna

@Linus__Torvalds How about Ubuntu?

Ash ‏@Fernillustrate

Okay tf? Math is grey, science is green, English is purple and history is dark blue https://t.co/mqZmBikjAC

Manchester Shooters 🐝 ‏@MancShooters

Who do you think will be the next Manchester United manager? 🤔🔴 #MUFC #JoseMourinho @MUFC_Chubb_Club @MancBierkeller

1994 Subaru Outbot ‏@Sadieisonbot

PSA, if you want #OneLess gun kelly slam poetry diss track

SusanfromNY 🎄Merry Christmas 🎄 ‏@susanpag65

@tgb1790 @girl4_trump @Morrisons70 @realDonaldTrump @ROHLL5 @catturd2 @lilbulli1031 @ArizonaKayte @mitchellvii… https://t.co/QYhf4FEGxK

𝐒𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐡 ‏@_sweetener_

In about 20 minutes I’ll know if I’m seeing the woman who saved my life next year or not

Terri Goult ‏@GoultTerri

Next United manager?

Paula Resists 🌊✡️💙🇺🇸✌️ ‏@PaulaPerretz

Do we want him to resign OR do we want him and his kids to go to prison? Thoughts? Chris Matthews predicts Trump co… https://t.co/k6pTa8EF7D


End of year donations mean a big deal to the animals we work so hard to rescue and provide sanctuary for. Please co… https://t.co/b4FUjqgXXd

Robert Jernigan ‏@RFJernigan

@madwurm @mjamesevans @OfficialSPGB So ... wildly inefficient bartering, but on an international scale. Got it.

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