Tag Latin Capital Letter F Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter F was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁆 U+E0046


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justin ✨ ‏@staticpops

@TheBrotographer this literally made me so uncomfortable

Alan Johnson ‏@AlanJohnson35

A clean Brexit to WTO is the only resolution that will properly deliver the Brexit we voted for!

Serena Sonoma ‏@SerenaSonoma

@milkstrology Water signs: Milk: Dramatic

Nick. ‏@GiraffeGod

@Spazzy_Mcgeee Bruh i heard its easy to maintain :o

ᵒVᵒ ₆⁶₆ O̥ͦV̥ͦO̥ͦ 𓅓 ‏@TheRealGivonni

@ShawnDawnX Man you gotta lemme give you playlist and move him up like 16 slots at least

Paddy PEOPLES VOTE Briggs ‏@PaddyBriggs

@JohnRentoul @annemcelvoy @annaturley Clause 4 bottom right. https://t.co/s82t88QCeg

ben lansley ‏@BLandsley

Let the Bitterns boom not the power station. We need to economise not produce more easy ways not to

Xwhos ‏@XwhosCom

Henry Ian Cusick (Actor) Born: Trujillo, Peru Date of birth: 1967-04-17 Spouse: Annie Wood… https://t.co/ggn7y3vPFH

Namuuuuu🙆🏻‍♂️ ✈️ ‏@1891lol

@desikth I always knew namjoon and india had a connection. This is a win for us desi’s https://t.co/tp8U7cgzif

jane graham ‏@janegraham15x

Honestly in love with my pram🥰

cc ‏@poupameotempo

What is something that you're proud of yourself for? — por ter sobrevivido ao 6 de Agosto de 2018 https://t.co/XaWBnYkc1f

i love abby and jup adios ‏@diegolainezs

spent almost 400 dollars on ap exams crank that soulja boy

AdultShopit.co.uk ‏@AdultShopitUK

Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Fantasy Kit | adultshopit https://t.co/SecRBrGkft

Quilted Sleeve ‏@Lesley_NOPE

Quilt update https://t.co/Coc8bzr032

ɐɐunsossnsǝɾ ‏@jesussosunaa

@RGhahaha @LilNasX damn you’re right af! Miss you btw my G

Irene L ‏@Orchid2424

@NASCARONFOX @DISupdates CrankIt⤴️

Rob_the_mob ‏@Senor__Don_Beto

Treasure Planet is my all time favorite Disney movie.

👑💎Royal_Doll💎👑 ‏@Royalty_419

Why cant yall men just keep it 💯❔

MARTDEVIL ‏@DarkMartio

Shout out to my homie jared who never learned how to read

Dennis Pagacz ‏@cookjayhawks

Jussie smollet releasing a album March 2? Subway myway single, and Nigerians hit hard.

Ross Wight ‏@RossWight

How to Optimize Your Apology (Ep. 353) #freakonomicsRadio https://t.co/Hs6vCKzDRT via @PodcastAddict https://t.co/eoRcALyKh0

🍾 ‏@Anthony615_

Herb 6'4-6'5 he aint stunting a nicca who like 5'6

MrsBiebsMendesObrien ‏@sandraxreindl

@CamBogle please dm ♥️

Halo ‏@EatMyHalo

@dmoly Yeah, might watch that after this

Sweat Papí ‏@Dorsey_5

@lwayschill According to my equation, for every 1 inch, women see...4? 😱

Tanya Vital 🇩🇲 ‏@TanyaVital

I felt this https://t.co/AJh07CoCfY


@trapsoulethan me too she was so iconic

jafferjafri ‏@WriteOnJafrz

@YourBajiHere Very emotional moment. Haha thankyou so much for your kind words. ALLAH BLESS YOU MORE !

Shinhwa#1 ‏@mylovesshinhwa

I love him so much https://t.co/TzR78tc0VW

( Coming Soon ) - GALAXY - ‏@PMGalaxy3

@VeIIagames Please don’t, just do what I try and do try find one little good thing that happened in the day and use it

🇧🇷 Mauro Carrasco 🇧🇷 ‏@Mauro__Carrasco

@allantercalivre @lsentoes Antes fosse!

kalea ‏@filleafish

i’m so bored

Rami ‏@ImRamiRS

@stanfanacc https://t.co/EGBlnzu9Sw watch that

I Am Seb🇹🇩 ‏@Legend_X_today

fuck it bout to just get everything one bout to hit right?

محسن۱۲۱ ‏@1IqZbxWfInLsi5T

@realDonaldTrump #مرگ بر آمریکا و رفقاش #Down with to the USA #Down with to the Trump #Down with to the Bolton #Down with to the Pompeo

Rayceen Pendarvis, HRH 👑 ‏@RayceenHRH

Sensual Sunday is here take a trip to @ComfortZoneMD and make sure you start you week off right!! https://t.co/eeC1iCCLlc

ella ♡ ‏@bhafcella

thanks for 600 lol x

Julius Chinwendu Victoria ‏@vic_julius

@TWEETORACLE @alesolas Yet to get to the age

ғʟᴜsǫ ‏@flusq

@Archeryy_ @ccomplainz it’s twitter kid, get used to it

YT SmashFN ‏@CruizYoutube

@intentioned DM ME

some guy ‏@TyMatheson

@MikeGrinnell_ You’re still late on the Leafs one Grinell

Combescot Paul ‏@CombescotP

I want to see #LeBron tonight on #NBATwitterLive

chief_adu ‏@ChiefAdu

@boatengcharle13 @boatengcharle13 I Dey die o🤣🤣🤣

Mabe ‏@sportsjunkie500

@CKPYT Some little girls doll only has one arm, thanks to the where's Waldo machine.

elle ✩ ‏@hhyjins

gonna neck myself i was trying to edit and IT DIDNT SAVE IM GONNA CRY FUCKFKKF https://t.co/L8aNPlBApT

Monkey King ‏@ModernTamerlane

@LewSOS @David_Cormack @GraemeEdgeler To an extent, it is a complex situation and as said elsewhere it is governmen… https://t.co/oTYwC1hojR

chad ‏@zionelle0

I speak monosyllabically to those who I don't feel talking with.

William "Truck Nuts" Sherman 🌹 ‏@shermansnecktie

@LizardRumsfeld What does this even mean They are just mad he doesn't kiss the establishments ass and agree 100% w… https://t.co/IFmDLnpG97

Celeste Claire ‏@Notabigbootyho

@nameskobra You’re right I’m just being salty lol

yosuke hanamura ‏@trashcanfucker

the sjws have taken everything from me. my dignity. my happiness. and they blog about leafs

LathiThaa ‏@lath_i

I'm not a dog in a purse kind of person at all! I don't dislike dogs but they sleep on a cushion in a kennel outsi… https://t.co/n0AjSFk3lo

Vega ‏@VegaFlingza

some of my fav lobby posts #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/Hyvpoc8QlE

🍞 ‏@ateeznct

@sanmingi can u dm me?

abby | check pinned ‏@needygilinsk

wait can we talk about this... he’s GLOWING https://t.co/fhrv6yJDFD

SkyyyPaints ‏@SomethinBoutSky

I’ve been praying

Carole-Anne Collins ‏@itsme3636

@AdeleCaversham @AndyLGAtkins @Rachael_Swindon @PeoplesMomentum @LabLeftVoice @jeremycorbyn @a_leesha1 @OwenJones84… https://t.co/Z8KA6lrKDN

Chris Babb ‏@ChrisBabbsw

Too often in education we inadvertently get caught up in a “power struggle”; wanting the student to meet us in our… https://t.co/qJQur6EFAI

whipped bean ‏@cpearbinnie

@chngbees AHASBSNNDND where is the lie tho

Andrew Burton ‏@ARBurtonWorld

@AlcesterTown hi - anyone know how long the road closure in School Road is going on for?

Suzanne Bougie ‏@canvasstory

“ Knowing you have something good to read before bed is among the most pleasurable of sensations.” ~Vladimir Nabok… https://t.co/JUzmFZI1Q3

Gaby ‏@gaby_fdzz

@sun_dip13 Im waiting on you

Kaz Grala ‏@KazGrala

So @mattdracing is my new favorite Cup driver

The Taconess🌮|| All Pro Taco ‏@thetaconess

@Queenie_QST @ParallelFaria Aww!! He’s an awesome guy! He’s da best!!! @ParallelFaria 💙💙

Aleckz ‏@heybunchies

@_chefbrando what'cha up to there, buddy

S. Hattar-all things political ‏@shattar0429

@kathygriffin @DonaldJTrumpJr Man! His beard is so ugly, but not as ugly as his soul!

#MrSmileFromEarToEar 🇵🇦 ‏@LonnieDukes

@CANTDEALDOTKOM I wanna cry because I want some

Sunny Slope ‏@sunnyslopegirl1

@realDonaldTrump It's satire, Donald. No collusion, only comedy

The New Lewtants ‏@GlobLewman

Hope everyone’s had a great day

Jamie ‏@wwfcjamie_

@libbyautumn Same place as last night?

Rachel Lester ‏@RachNT

PMSL that's so me ! Going round and round in circles till I get to what's really up ..must drive people completely… https://t.co/BbP7KDStml

Jose Hernandez ‏@kennypjnut

@ThePME :( I know I got Rory jb and siiii wooo and that dam putt he made really hurt

Jason Ibrahim ‏@KingRiptor

@Zython86 The hint is right there. Dead and buried. Revived. The 3D bralwer Altered Beast reboot!

christian ‏@faithxwebb

@brea_hand wow now everybody knows my secret

Lauren Robertson ‏@LRob11_

I also guarantee me and @Tor_Nado__ won’t get our shit together in chemistry no matter how many times we say we will😂🧪

Will Lewis ‏@will_jameslewis

Your money, your business

Bryan Garcia ‏@BryanUF

LRT: Another reason why I'm grateful to be Asian-American. Thanks for drilling that in my head, family.

#ClevelandKashi ‏@monkeydog9

@shell24_7 My dad just said “who is that leading? I don’t know that name”

Brian W. Eanie ‏@anonfmresident

@davetadoug @UncleRee1 @godless_mom No what makes it not true is it is not true. Its absurd. Don't worry you are… https://t.co/aEkyLcz2ER


@bigsplee Bad day Bevis 😔

Keisha Davis ‏@KeishaaDaa

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Tankini Underwire Swim Top. https://t.co/QwUDJYCaS6 via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

K Bunni ‏@CocoBuni

@egg_seok you look stunning😍💗

Anthony K. Goodwin ‏@anthonykgoodwin

@capnhayden @jessnoellephoto @UmbrellaAcad I'm pumped to get on volume 2.

yoboinobbie ‏@yoboinobbie

@PhoenixSignsRBX I'm sorry I'm being annoying but can you please make E an aimable keybind! It's glitched!

Bradley Gold ‏@bgold13

@SuperPRGuy Best news ever

Jose Sandoval ‏@josesandoval56

My mom seems and looks innocent but I’ve noticed and realized how much she roast and flames us lol not even my dad is safe haha

Simon McPherson ‏@Simon_McPherson

@Khanoisseur Amazon also reinvests its "profits". We would be better off if more companies did that.


WE ARE GOING LIVE NOW FOR A BIT! SICK OR NOT LETS GO! #KOOPATROOP https://t.co/4EIuvYc425 https://t.co/2Vu4WwTTri

RacheeVee ‏@muddyvee

@Whiffenpuff @runarchy @becsj76 Bloody tried to order those today! Sold out 😂😂😂 I’m not doing too well with this am I!

Drunken Rugburn ‏@turtleheadjoe

The replies to this tweet are a great example of the failure of America's educational system. https://t.co/dQX9ybv9z3

Emily Atack ‏@EmAtack

@xxxzukixxx Sizes from 6 to 24 xx

🤔 ‏@KushtieMutsie

I think the love of my life looks like the long lost dad from that Brazilian film City of Men 😍

baby long legs ‏@bigsturmcoming

unemployed people be like: https://t.co/LYnqplcFCc

It’s my Birthday!!🥳 ‏@Rahji_

@jordanmike_ Thank you😊

Mike Wowak ‏@mikewowak

Wait, isn't a part of the second amendment the only amendment that counts?

KeV ‏@KeV79237624

@Eric11209 @realDonaldTrump Donald Trump is the best President, you can't imagine the pressure he and his family ar… https://t.co/OWdtvVcElO

LeslieDarkmoon💛◟̽◞̽ ‏@sadlyspicedtea

@NoControlProjec What? Did I miss something?

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