Tag Latin Capital Letter F Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter F was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁆 U+E0046


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Richard Okpo ‏@okporich

@tumetsedivine I saw this yesterday... And I knew people will stake and finally loose their loved ones

suhma ‏@sumzzx

I’m pissed my first alarm was set at 5:30 am and started going tf off at 5:28 am 😤

HALEFO ‏@halefo_nyc

Join us June 23 for our final meeting before the summer break. During this meeting the new board will be sworn in.… https://t.co/a2wGy2WiXa

Sofia sandoval ‏@Sofiac7ka

I just bought tickets to F45 TRACK IS COMING TO HQ2 Beachclub Atlantic City, NJ @ Ocean Resort... https://t.co/zq5KMjwCkC via @TicketWeb

Nekko seyeng ‏@NieNicko

@bhsellzone Sendernya dm me please

CRYPTOGARTEN ‏@cryptogarten

CINDX Official Community #Ethereum #CINDX #CINDXTOKEN #Crypto https://t.co/WKtnyZY0MF

jake ‏@insvin

I like hands wby https://t.co/G2IuipIj0b

KAY DUPREE ‏@KayDupree

@jackieaina I’m so sorry Jackie. This shouldn’t be your burden.

LastCrusader ‏@Sping50

@billyj722 Accurate

BKNY ‏@DroStar3

@stilldefjeff Tipper muthafuckin Gore

Stephanie Atkinson-ETx:June-SmartCities: Sept ‏@stephatkins

How XAG is Leveraging AI Technology to Transform Agriculture #InternetOfThings #IoT #cybersecurity https://t.co/TQTSWdWBqt

Keith More Hart ‏@more_hart_keith

I love this app, and I'm all for change (all the other changes in this last update I'm on board with), but this ser… https://t.co/8nKVNpQ8mo

DR. CHLOE HERNANDO ‏@cloyytotheworld

Truly, body shaming has its repercussions.

former homeless guy with an ostomy bag ‏@liltdabracedgod

Gonna have lunch at this real nice local joint I found out about online called "Wendy's"

Veritas ‏@mrtnsfrmlbrdr

@kg_franklin Another Russian stooge

Kian ‏@TheRealKyaN

How do I queue faceit and 2 Russians and a Pakistani all level 1-3 and all on 300 ping hello @FACEIT

🙃 ‏@jersey2real

@rvffin Lmaaaoooo do some arm curls with like the 5pound weights 😂😂

Dharmic Facts ‏@DharmicFacts

@mohammedmomeen1 You aren not just a Mom in, you are a terr o rist.

#SupportSudan ‏@Myla_xo

lemme shut up cause im not tryna get in no more arguments https://t.co/SQBjV6IPP4

All-America Game ‏@AllAmericaGame

@BrendenRice @DemetricDWarren Let's go! Welcome to the family, Brenden. #UAALLAMERICA

joanna is PROUD OF DAN ‏@heartfeItdjh

@tenderdjh it’s okay!! probably anaesthesiologist but i’m not 100% sure yet. i still have 13-month internship start… https://t.co/Spg0V7syJ1

★ Paul L. ★ ‏@Paul0451

Follow all & Retweet! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 https://t.co/415Tvrkt7m

Mr [email protected]¡S ‏@MrFrancis_

@Education4Libs Make Illegals Migrate Again. 👍


When u get it, this is how you use your power and influence. Salute Jay-z! https://t.co/hlJ4dd0Tdn

Elaine Marie ‏@ElaineMarieCar1

@IgnorantAsHell @OldeHippieDude @davepperlmutter @ALKentBooks @JeanetteJoy @LadyMhere4u @bbvoron @glasgow_bruce… https://t.co/j8qPd0aRFw

Classic Mobility ‏@ClassicMobility

One of our best sellers - The four wheel walker, available to buy for £129.99. Head into our Hertford showroom for… https://t.co/JkvEyHIUDi

👀 ‏@willthedad

@KicksUnderCost 4th of July is now covered at 60% off retail. https://t.co/lpoVRMvdnz

Don McDowell ‏@DonMcDowell20

@ChefKevinBelton @TheRoosevelt_NO I’ll take a thigh 🙋🏼‍♂️

Dan Cole ‏@dacl1177

@AlasdairGold @vkon1 can we say “get it done levy” now?

☹ ‏@lonelysouuuul

@New_preloved DONNEEEEE!

Kelly is a science nerd! ۞ ‏@hellyeacevans

his ass lives on tho https://t.co/ietIB0anlh

beean🍒 ‏@leeleeseib

all day. rip x. <3 https://t.co/n20q73TVp9

kim yohan ‏@kimyoha88897097

@yohanseongs Yeah ikr. I’m so nervous, i wish yohan will debut, the rankings is always changing 😫

ripkourt❤ ‏@Just_Kiraaaa

@JermellPatrick Lmao idk about other females but I give it back. even though it doesn’t do anything but boost y’all egos🙄

go positively bonkers ‏@joeybarnett18

@melanatedmomma gemini sun aquarius moon rising scorpio cancer venus cancer mercury y’all i’m going through it. pl… https://t.co/i4z3ouybXP

Kim Kenley ‏@kimberly_kenley

@w_terrence @w_terrence Hold on....let me turn my juicy steak over😂

Samuel Adams #TimesupGOP ‏@SamuelA71459883

He will be sent to the outhouse where he belongs, we like presidents who are not flim-flam scammers. You jerk off's… https://t.co/YpqbZ8bl1a

Joyce L. Dosher ‏@JoyceLeigh3

@BurnedSpy34 He's Focused

Bryle Aaron ‏@bryletumaque

Oh hello beast New rig https://t.co/Jiq0mhXUup

staywithiKON ‏@divine_0902

@shxxbis playing online games

Fatima Hassan ‏@Fatima_Hassan17

you're making the typical me .... break my typical rules... 🎶🎶

Kamran Qureshi ‏@MrKamranQureshi

@eylematakav Huge congratulations, very happy and excited for you Eylem.

spɹɐɥɔıɹ uoʌǝp ‏@DRichards_Photo

@xmesarainx You got this Steph! 💪

M. Net ‏@Ilaughalottoday

@HarrisTweeter21 @BeatinTheBookie @CanesInSight Are you kidding? Can’t spell thUg without the U. The U has had plen… https://t.co/7LkVZgjE5Q

🍁Bethany🍁 ‏@BethanyColl123

Best Weird Al record of all time! https://t.co/U1tND1eHvY

☮️NanouCoolGirl✌🏼💗 ‏@NannouLoveGAC

@Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin @BillyTolley @jaywasley Omg!!! 😱 I hope you’re ok now 😳 and glad you guys are safe!! 🤗❤️😘

Jona 🍍 ‏@Velutooo

@weristwach Sorry

🌻𝕞 𝕠 𝕝 𝕝 𝕪🌻 ‏@mollypxtter

@Lalymorganmua Still practicing, but here you go! 😅 https://t.co/ErZWwiVszv

ᴍɪᴍɪ ‏@mihyundot

@dotchungha if you need more, i think i have some oranges too!

abg gade ‏@ArchulettaGage

#NewProfilePic the 8s 😤 https://t.co/LcVZANTAa9

Joyce 🐝 Bowen ‏@crwriter1

MAHASUN: Beyond What You See: An interview with Prof. Christopher Exley (Keele, UK) https://t.co/ZhveBrZGhI https://t.co/ZhveBrZGhI #health

BTS| Kings of p o p 💜 ‏@pavedtheworld

@restinpeacedg Why do you even care about them!?? A WHOLE STALKER! And "Fvcked" shouldn't be used my "Muslim" fella… https://t.co/JkD5ayh1bm

sana #FANCY ‏@minatozakissna

[ sana's daily ] 190615 https://t.co/84RCdjuuHF

John 🤘🏼 ‏@Johnn_310

I’m feelin the same way right about now https://t.co/pBqRBJ84CD

Dr. Haywood ‏@jablomeMD

Fuck these people https://t.co/Bcmf2MI9y3

Go away ‏@screechingdick

@Barbara4u2 No, we reached that a long, long time ago.

Call Me Sho 💅🏽 ‏@ShoYOURbeat

@AllyiahsFace Where are you 👀

Ranvijay Kalsi ‏@Ranvijaykalsi2

In this scorching heat, #WaterForPassersby is one of the noblest acts by volunteers of @derasachasauda https://t.co/QTzTcha76D

Natasha Bighetty ‏@NatashaBighett1

@bsangster99 @NewtButAlive Keep on speaking the truth!!!

nephron ‏@smellysmily

I will stop replying to every tweet I find on my tl I don't want u guys to get tired of me

7/11🥂🎉 ‏@_BowToC_

You niggas is grimy asf I’m disgusted

The Dog and Joe Sho ‏@thedogandjoesho

#FinalThree: Greatest Mall Stores! https://t.co/XgPeuM0lO4

P. Sawyer ‏@mdemania

Indeed. https://t.co/AYOqMRClaI

Lee Johnson ‏@neighborlee

Obama Lawyer: Impeachment "Only Way" To Check Trump's "Abuse" | The Beat... https://t.co/wDjOATZSi1 via @YouTube

Chani Lastnamé ‏@exian1992

@askmenfess *Hemsworth

Nightmare ‏@JohnMichaelCF

@kylcdr @jhestebanblnc I dont speak tagalog here in spain

Patriots News Feed ‏@PatsFans_News

USA TODAY: Tom Brady has simple response to Raptors' turnout for championship parade - https://t.co/6mwZUyWH1i

Jonathan ‏@Jonatha61445522

@HermanniParvia3 @FortniteBR No in the files they found an air strike item

Nata’e 🥰😍🏁 ‏@BecauseImNatae

My baby 💕 ONNA TUESDAY😛😍 https://t.co/7HkTDgxjdK

Shola 🇹🇬🇳🇬 ‏@_shoolaa

@NkObufor Bruhhh I was not expecting that 😂😂😂 yoooooooo

Aashan Girdharrie ‏@metalinctt

#NowPlaying Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

MD Tusar ‏@Tusar22190415

Check out my Gig on Fiverr: create transparent background in photoshop https://t.co/mYl33UJbxb

Renato Duarte ‏@RenatoD14713839

@MarcoPinnarelli @tesla_truth @lopezlinette Joke? For a joke I have another. A verb. https://t.co/g15a9K66gj

Peasant ‏@Zack__187

@KatMcKinley 11 year olds dont say racist shit without getting it from a parent. Its nuture not nature. Unless you… https://t.co/VjQdaL91xn

Jon Ros Grayson ‏@RosGrayson

@Joshthomastn The difference is. Your mood is constant.

Sophearith ‏@Sophearith20

Happy Queen's Birthday! https://t.co/xCnOP2z9JG

Anna ‏@anna2689p

@rossiej67 @kaylinrrenee Ask that yourself

Ryann Doria ‏@ryannkristena

I recently touched up the blue in my hair, and now when I wash my hair it looks like a smurfs murder scene

Rey👑Perez | #1 Global Branding Expert ‏@iampyourbrand

@GrantCardone totally great!🔥🔥

frances ‏@frnyes

im in this tweet and i dont like it https://t.co/McbZKKVEVI

Brian A R Washington ‏@BWashington6575

@CTWeithers Thank you!! Much appreciated!

Fame; don’t call me you’re drunk ‏@15minsinfame

The menswear department in Harvey Nichols smells of men I would rather forget

sunset shimmer ‏@SahagunSheen

Bitches be stalking ya page talking about they not worried,sis you stressed the fuck out😂

Viktor Hovland Updates ‏@HovlandTracker

Alrighty web admins, please add to your to-do list: remove "amateur" notations next to Viktor's name. 😁 https://t.co/bjnoCRMsCO

Elaine Kingett ‏@elaine_kingett

@Dave11Richard How incredible!

Sil 💔 ‏@G0ncaloS7

Hate me more i cant stop showing

Big Ken ‏@kennedy52_

Im just trying to make it!


@maetamongst are we going to public now?

mi casa ‏@illshowyallsoon

@New_preloved done

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