Tag Latin Capital Letter F Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter F was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁆 U+E0046


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Melissa Lee-Houghton ‏@MLeeHoughton

Delicious vintage coat: Vintage Eastex 40s Size 12/14 Thick Warm Wool Tweed Lined Long Coat #Vintage #Retro… https://t.co/pIbpWT6EoL

Mr & Mrs Smith ‏@2Smithd

@Quickhats @Shitibott1 @mediamonarchy @dum_phuk Trump Derangement Syndrome Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a me… https://t.co/8ftcMCoFbx

ash🌻 ‏@ashleighxrenee_

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/2r71Wx6Go1 I HATE RETAIL!

👻 (Boo!)ks Mary 🎃 ‏@MaryG0401

Do I really want to go out in this dreary rainy day to get a lotto ticket??? #FridayMotivation

Публічна Україна ‏@PublicUkraine

Financial Watchdog: Regulate Cryptocurrencies Now, Or Else https://t.co/f0U8qCFJ96

Opinionless Spirit ‏@OL_Spirit

Heartless hone ka b apna maza hai emotional connection less life but you can only afford it for a brief time lol

ً𝒶𝓈𝒽 ‏@nayeonized

i'm so whipped for nako

PAUL GANT ‏@goforitgant

@TheFightJournal They do need another dude that can score off the dribble. I'm hoping Fultz is that guy. In terms o… https://t.co/WircErE6YQ

Kyle Magda ‏@KyleMagda

@KeithGroller Thanks, Keith. It was awesome to see you last week at Palmerton by total accident

Oh Frack! ‏@OlicityDreams

Melissa looking good as Supergirl cause lets face it, Someone in this xover should. 😂 #Elseworlds bts https://t.co/KAHk46Pmf8

GauntletJosh ‏@gauntletjoshxz

Long/Short Bitcoin moves with up to 100x Leverage at Bitmex! Receive a 10% Fee Reduction: ➡️… https://t.co/IhWHC4atpC

[ケール] Kale ‏@HiddenBerserker

@SnackingMajin "This is different!" Soon, Kale is inside of 21's tail

CU Program Council ‏@programcouncil

TONIGHT: CU Rave Club's WUB Fest finally goes down in Club 156!! https://t.co/t1S9DnmrD5 https://t.co/vezn7f0ZKj

Chris Middleton ‏@IAMTHEEMidman

@MaryKayCabot But why??!!

Stalkus ‏@Rostitosti

@QuiteShallow I would finde something more kind of old greek style better

Jens Hart♏ann ‏@jensyboo

LH Donnerdistel played PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (Xbox One) in the last 24 hours https://t.co/0IlCggHnDZ #exophase

AP Sports ‏@AP_Sports

Hamilton fastest in wet 1st practice at US Grand Prix https://t.co/B8AACkbC9h

⛩P.K.⛩ ‏@Canuckjinn

@coachryan82 @seyerpa Things are looking up. Hell Nikita's instagram pfp is him in Canucks uniform again. Nikita is… https://t.co/DyFoEhCj4D

lala ‏@believemorning

@ihadkarla thank u love!!

Ellie Merryweather ‏@ellersmerry

@danmartind as if this isn't A. Something I'd do to you or B. The exact faces I pull on our way out of the gym 😂😂 https://t.co/0SDFxbEcoO

Jenn ‏@Iceberg21Slim5

I didn't know the chick from 50 shades of gray is melanie griffith's kid

Muhammed Reza Tajri ‏@mtajri

One lady on @BBCAnyQuestions has asked, "What is more important: Arms sales or a #FreePress?" As if the #killing o… https://t.co/TQIlZPYokO

Fox Sports 910 ‏@foxsports910

And yet another correction... not the @AZCardinals mascot, meet the @AZCardsCheer ladies! #YoureWelcome, Phoenix! 1… https://t.co/22siMoKjp4

Abi Martineau ‏@AbiMartineau

It was a pleasure to have @jonathon_dawes along to cardio tennis this morning at the home of @BritishTennis Amazing… https://t.co/QfL2GL2hkI

caitlyn🤪 ‏@Caitlyn3322

@RhiannonNicol13 is like a little sister to me & my brother really called her step sister & it made my heart so happy 😢

Gustavo "El Gus" Olivares ‏@guolivar

Finally a view from my home-desk. I love what I do and I feel very fortunate that I get to enjoy figuring things ou… https://t.co/lG1Vj9UfLS

We ♥ Tweetdeck ‏@WeLoveTweetdeck

Adding three new colors to the Nest Thermostat family https://t.co/rs7yZsN0oG https://t.co/vojBwppFFI

sanja the fairy ‏@healingnIoving

@sodangeroustome I LOVE YOU HANDSOME

Sagrilarus ‏@Sagrilarus

I just supported Power Hawks Robotics Club by shopping @AmazonSmile. #YouShopAmazonGives https://t.co/TOpozfl3eX

Michael Berg ‏@Concernedagain5

How Difficult Is It To Get An Abortion? Here Are The Laws For Every State. https://t.co/VdS8covIVy via @YahooNews

jan ‏@Jintyf

@Maureen6Johnson Hardest thing to break through is blind belief in ANY political party. It scares me how they can g… https://t.co/aroSfXpP3U

mari ‏@unfunnie

The ending of episode 4 BITCHHH WTF

🎃Haywire Jordan🎃 ‏@HaywireJordan

@sirenoacross inb4 Sheva wastes all your ammo in single player

elliott but make it spooky 🦇🎃 ‏@geckomeat

@nitopyu it’s almost like men project their shitty ideas onto anything and everything bc that’s the only way their… https://t.co/OcRRgL4nPL

NightOutForYou ‏@NightOutForYou

Only 4 more days to register for our Harvest Hustle 5K Fun Run! This would be your view at the Town of #Colonie Par… https://t.co/TRjhw5oCOP

سلمى ‏@SalmaaSherif

breaking: all models are now running out of business because of this super handsome model cat https://t.co/bgngiFaS6B

🔮🌞laila ‏@shpookyshister

My Secret Admirer on Twitter is: @TheVallex Find yours at https://t.co/Fqoaljy2ej . https://t.co/jfFbgBr224

dalia | happy 5 years of sdmn ! ‏@lateminter

@ilymiinter bitch who tf is ‘dalla’ 😔😔

Old Monk ‏@OldM0nk

What's more important? Having what you desire, or knowing that you have what you desire?

TROLLGARYEN ‏@fakegotspoilers

I just found out Joffrey befriends Tyrion!

Sharon Gardner ‏@SharonG57163337

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

nes | pinned!! ‏@roserivais

WHAT https://t.co/XifoCFTeFV

Bjøern ‏@Ronalfinnho

@RoteHexe1 Nu wird's interessant

fαу ♡ нeonyween 👻 ‏@dwtdbebe

Second Card- Greed It depicts 2 skulls and a moon Skulls are often associated with death and moons sometimes mean… https://t.co/fcFXMaOj3u

Kazami Yuuji ‏@KozuKy9029

Check out this event in #GranblueFantasy! https://t.co/2b3gAHBIvl https://t.co/qquVTrxyVe

"João" ‏@Rosiky__

@DavyJonesRJ Yeaaaaah

Cocky0926 ‏@TheRealBoughton

@chfortrump I don't believe he would do it to 2 of em lol

Tefi Hegel ‏@tefihegel

@adamhattan #AdamsQandA have u spent new years on WDW? If so, how do you deal with crowds?

sabrin ‏@nxrbxs

the haunting of hill house is so good ugh

® ‏@LeekUmile

@ThreesixRell @maciarlillo good look bro

DAVE™ ‏@BalkanGod

@NarutoRomania Your mother be like https://t.co/rg8LOVbCT0

Samantha Jones ‏@ozhypnotherapy

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we fall into old #destructive #patterns of #behaviour https://t.co/aPoCCjupIX https://t.co/c9I9Lo1AbU

byssine ‏@bluebyssine

@myoonies Of course if you have time...

DAVID ‏@_iDavie

@itsBen89 Except me

🎃 ‏@_beautifulbeech

Excuse me ummmmmmm I love you @beechloren02

mob squad 6-0 ‏@jaywillztho

PULL OUT YOUR CHUBBS https://t.co/8qRgxDqi3E

Gladys Ronoh ‏@GladyRonoh

Where are you my friend...motivate a friend...be happy https://t.co/87BIXIzCN9

Academic Foxhole ‏@AcademicFoxhole

@ajitgeorgeSB @the_strix Gen Con got super hectic. But I will be in Seattle again—then we should have lunch!

Elvis Freshly ‏@SwitchedgearZ

@dee_g23 Lol my bad my bad

🕷Harriet Tubman stan🕷 ‏@hussi_tussi

@gabrielzamora They be think youre they moma and then turn around and stab you in the back after getting what they want

rosie ‏@notearsholland


Youssef ‏@usefsoliman

My year https://t.co/ehKyZUm1Y1

Andrew Kaplan ‏@keepemhonest2

@BobHagan4 @CNN Got a problem with other people’s religious beliefs Bob? So you don’t like people of other races, o… https://t.co/sdnhYitxNQ

Eldritch🥀Edgelady ‏@wetted_ashes

@Lisa_Lefteye lmao ok good

lesly nesta wallace ‏@lessslyannh

Y’all ever doing some normal shit & just think wow god is so good

Project Princess👑 ‏@FlemBugg

@nanabm___ @ki_tooshort This shit slap 😭😭😂

Dunhill Travel Deals ‏@DunhillDeals

We're going to South Korea! https://t.co/r0Ms0OC87v

Hans 🤴🏳️‍🌈 ‏@hans_fowles

I'll tell you what, Emma Watson needs to be given more roles with HIGH EMOTION. I forgot how great her acting was w… https://t.co/FG5AIJlMP9

C2 Game Studio ‏@C2estudio

Hi all, check out a teaser for our latest game in development called project Monolith. Made with @UnrealEngine… https://t.co/gytyQk5iD8

☆ laynie ☆ ‏@LaynieAline

what’s ur go to karaoke song


Ooooh yea prestige 2 here i come this weekend already half way through the first prestige https://t.co/KVOLMNhB9a

Inside_Man ‏@chimysimz

Yall better not sleep on man #recognise https://t.co/ErUeiWhSRo

Jared Sawyer ‏@Jaredsawyer

@richduck77 He’s really stupid

Beyond the Summit ‏@BeyondTheSummit

It's the GRAND FINALS in King's Cup 2 NA and it's action-packed between @goFORWARDgg and @Team_JStorm ! Come watch!… https://t.co/bsxHQv2lg2

Logan garza ‏@Logangarza8

Check out this highlight!https://t.co/yFTy39bjF2

Christopher ‏@criistto

@juancarloshs Never

Ab(bie)normal ‏@atill97

I still can't believe trump is coming to carbondale....

Jarel Paulo Mascardo ‏@JrelM16

Exactly. Be mature. https://t.co/ZZhBNkOlZf

A. S. ‏@Broadsword21579

@Princess_khan01 @LauraLoomer @TarekFatah @jen_keesmaat @JohnTory @FaithGoldy If Islam is a religion, why is there… https://t.co/2jthA9cfDM


FAKE LOVE FAKE LOVE #BTS #BTSinParis https://t.co/z7OsmZtAQI

Shirley Ann 🌊 ‏@Dep_260

@ILoveBeinBlack @xx3131738xx The guy in the red plaid shirt. I know he had a headache and neck ache. DAMNNNN!!!

𓆩마람𓆪 ‏@TW_M90

He’s really too much for my heart ㅠㅠ

ladyteruki ‏@ladyteruki

Emilia is one of the thousands of women who don't know how to wear a bra correctly. It's sad really. https://t.co/2al8mKAt8m

I am: Lili ||M i n || 🐸🖖 ‏@blili02


ikash ‏@sydtlsyfkh

i ll be ok.

PurpDreamzExclusives ‏@AvizamePUB

Have you heard ‘6ix9ine Type beat’ by Purp DREAMZ Exclusives on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/L4lwOMkm0v

Djamila 🇩🇪 #SaveShadowhunters ‏@DjamilaBane

@ShadowhuntersTV I cast my vote for #HarryShumJr as #TheMaleTvStar of 2018 #PCAs. ❤️ #SaveShadowhunters https://t.co/xeUczkBPqs

Kaulig Racing ‏@KauligRacing

After making a couple of laps @Ryan_Truex moves to 14th on the speed charts. Crew Chief @C_Rice1 radios that “we ne… https://t.co/dnbLglPkBe

Gladys Kelly ‏@gladyskelly8967

You Won't Believe the Workout That Helped Me Drop 75 Pounds in 6 Months https://t.co/PgOXefhZ05

cella 🎃 ‏@xcellla

I wish I went to the Khalid concert when he was here dammit

Hate'Em All Ibraahiem ‏@Ibraahiem3d

@precious_chee Big mouth 😷

The Shoot ‏@TheShoot2017

Can't wait to see @boy_azooga https://t.co/tafuaZT2gj

Halloween is 👍 but VOTE in Nov ‏@rskovach

@LiteraryMouse Awww. Looks EXACTLY like my sweet baby who passed away at 17yo in January!

🍂🎃 festive cause im dying OF JOY🎃🍂 ‏@ccorfarts

@what2hecc Yeah I'm fine lol what's up

Jaimee ‏@jhilton0904

So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on @Poshmarkapp from @wonkru_heda #poshmark #fashion… https://t.co/MzLfiCkO5j

🌊 Court, Natasha P. 🌊 ‏@2020Dnc

@AthiestProud Unbelievable. Have you called the police?

I am lady jus...this #flyphi157 ‏@tiynetta

@abejody1 @KimG90553840 Faith is an awesome quality of life! And it ois something true to hold that ethics and univ… https://t.co/KNZFfZVTzJ

@wsouth13_⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@wsouth13

She’s a damn cuckoo clock🤪 https://t.co/JgNAPuh7Om

WSJS Sports Hub ‏@SportsHubTriad

[email protected] is on @SportsHubTriad to talk about N.C. State-Clemson. https://t.co/Kr6ZA2EUA3

Spit Toon ‏@SpitToonsSaloon

@ericarhodes "Here's to our humor being wry, our wine dry, and our tears the cry of laughter" (;>)) https://t.co/lYYPCByeBb

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