Tag Latin Capital Letter G Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter G was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁇 U+E0047


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Maddie Brady ‏@Maddie_Brady

DIS MAH HOME. DIS MAH HOME. https://t.co/zSIphuALQw

R.I.P. MACK 🕊 ‏@kiingjigga

They act like they fuck with me and I act like I believe them 🤷🏾‍♂️

RoboMoti ‏@xmotix

@wyntonmarsalis I will never get tired of Arban excersises. I'd buy a Wynton Does Arban record 😂

Beau ‏@asubeaufoster

@edsbs I’m absolutely disgusted right now. If I have ANY unread emails at eod then I can’t stop working.

kitsune ‏@kaysoms

i look like a hobo today and every day

Hayley Nystrom ‏@HayleyNystrom

@amandapalmer Do you know when the tour dates will be announced? So excited X-D

# ‏@KingEmilio_mexo

Anyway, at the time there was no talks of anything let me this except how do we suroress I from ever as well wait t… https://t.co/Y9i5YONeYx

Abe Advice ‏@AbeAdviceBot

I'm sure no one's said this to you, but you should think happy thoughts to cure your chronic fatigue

RA. ‏@renq17

@arabpolyglot Thank you so much 💛💛

jay ‏@seojuhyyn

i didn’t think it was possible to burn soup but it is very much possible to burn soup

MassHustle ⛵️ ‏@burritoMehoe

@WhatThe_A Damn you ain’t reaching the right ppl

lars von tryhard ‏@lowenergylaura

if you have to make yourself uncomfortable to help others then so be it. radical selfishness is individualist, pro-… https://t.co/YS4f4mcQnu

Dragon Soup, Inc. ‏@Qin_Jiushao

@Amy_Siskind @ritholtz Now report on @VicenteFoxQue and his election interference video with thousands of retweets… https://t.co/5DFaYajToL

Corey Landstrom ‏@Lutherdeanland

This is timely. Last Friday I was hypnotized at a @luthercollege staff day event. Prompted that my favorite celebri… https://t.co/uDJUVLprdW

Galaxy of Terror - A Love Story ‏@Galaxy_Sailor

This is the heart of the matter. The issue isn't Trump. The issue is Trump voters and people who believe they are d… https://t.co/NzxfZX3kbE

tatiana ‏@shishtarsivan

@billieeilish @AppleMusic @arjanwrites see u soon !!!

Lenka Anna ‏@LRihova7

#CrueltyAssured – Paloma Faith Shares the Truth About the #InternationalFurTrade #OpNo2Fur #BanFurFarms https://t.co/xqhOavvhZd

Carla Lynn ‏@carlalynn62

Because ofthis, President Trump will win by a landslide! !!!!! https://t.co/wr31CJ7odG

Anderson Dennis ‏@HeyheyDRA

@MaxBenesi I will never forget about this! https://t.co/myErX1QXEO

Simo D 🇮🇹 ‏@Simo_fm

#FirstDay #NewRelease @alexc1967 & @BerlinPhil #Classical90sDance2 new album feat. @MelanieCmusic, @AnastaciaMusic… https://t.co/tQsV4ysE0s

Elite Gamer ‏@EliteGamer007

Don’t care what anyone says including me @PUBGxboxlive @PUBG is the best BR out there end of

BlackGuard ‏@blackguard3

@Shubbabang Awww shit I missed the chance to say. Bee rilliant and make a bee pun. I have let you down shubba

Alcibiades ‏@futureimagine

@bethanyshondark @Paul_Sacca @jack @TwitterSupport @kebejay Just don’t suspend anyone.

Mr Kizmo ‏@MrKizmo

@atDavidHoffman @tweetzydeetzy You assume they have minds

GIJoeAirsoft ‏@joe_timperley

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/18MkTo1cZG Prepare to Cry Remastered ► The Legend of Artorias the Abysswalker

Your Nans Clapped ‏@bastion_consol

@zWarIockEU @ImMercyBot @Me IM GONE😭😭😭😭😭

Andy Pye ‏@BalearicSocial

@MrPaulRobinson Paul you know if this gets back to Bielsa you are literally swimming with the day glo fishes in the river sire

morgan ‏@morganmmoody

i just want to get married so i can have a wedding

jimtober 🐣 ‏@gulabjoon

The power I have scrolling thru postype n krn twt finding bttm hope comics n fics

Jazmin| IRL ‏@jazminlara134

A bit blurry but, I miss @mky more than usual 😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/q1bbYXZ8bW

Tom Naquin Chevrolet ‏@TomNaquinCars

Dependability for the road ahead. https://t.co/lVGBiP1BJG https://t.co/s5QvMw3P13

Zach ‏@SaintSega

@theneedledrop The soundtrack to overcooked 2. Its the sweetest most precious thing ever.

【Midway】 ‏@MidwayOfDraenor

At a friends crib Just chillin with some beers n stuff

sierra ✨ seeing ikon d-5 ‏@donghyuksmiles

@Yunshighnote im surprised you didn’t pick me

Mike Hellen ‏@mikehob

@rtenews This country is some joke

David Thompson ‏@david_thomp

@robert42vet @chriischarles @Forio1955 @FoxNews This is an invasion of America

Terry Trexler ‏@TerryTrexler

This chart displays one simple stat: the number of homes on the market over the last few months. Inventory can have… https://t.co/8p8lkeHCBS

Modradio.co.uk ‏@modradiouk

#nowplaying liner 7.mp3 by The Modlife Crisis show

Denise Isaac ‏@isaac_denise

Beyond blessed with the best work family ever!!! Thanks to our staff for a great lunch, cake and wreaths!!! You sur… https://t.co/3roErULg8G

ted williams ‏@tew1947

Russian Woman Charged With Continued Interference in U.S. Political System https://t.co/B8REsOuSmA via @thedailybeast

N I C O L E M ‏@_justtnic

Preach ! https://t.co/fP0kEd8BrA

lizzie ‏@hoseokokay

jeonghan on bass is a whole ass concept..

Liy_lian ‏@Liy03487982

If you can't believe in yourself believe in the God that created you.

Matthew Quinn ‏@Matthew_Quinn_4

That's this week, next week and the week after all fukin ruined. https://t.co/E65AA8DQSa

Cjames #DJTrumplicans. ‏@Mycarliveson

@squatingelf @pjbowles4 @jakelew75666768 @TPCLJ @SkeeterPence @SpringAmerican6 @sparks_480 @MichaelDadiego… https://t.co/GKOEJbkz2D

Arizona Democrat ‏@LiterateLiberal

Daily Show's Trevor Noah has clever idea to stop GOP from voter suppression: Blacks should register as Republicans.

sweet heat ‏@DJmemequeen

Eprom Ice https://t.co/DU2QsYNj8R

Krystal | Florida Travel + Food ‏@SunnySweetDays

EASY Recipe Idea: Create a Rainbow Stir Fry Buffet Station. Rainbow Stir Fry Recipe Inspiration! https://t.co/bpHlAugZzk

Bath Elementary ‏@BathElementary

Huge thank you to all of our volunteers who helped our 4th graders with their Junior Achievement Day. We learned al… https://t.co/xCgnE9l1Kr

nothingness ‏@nothingnessjust

@kilgorene My dad found it in the basement looking for something else. It seemed fairly unused but the cord had fra… https://t.co/6uFGCFxuEP

David Garner ‏@Cheshire__red

@staringatclouds @topsnowboarder @BillCashMP @CllrBSilvester Authorities monitor Twitter? Shit, no way? I had no id… https://t.co/VCFmZkgpXt

🧛🏻‍♂️ ‏@swamiill

if im gonna be posting these fake genuine tweets about a credit union i better at least get some free shit im donNE https://t.co/H8MEGfuAx2

アイワ ‏@Ebifuria

Some uptades! As of today preorders for the book are finally fully shipped! Everyone should have get a confirmatio… https://t.co/uzVJO8S8Sy

kim ‏@kimmmy255

@QoS_Hannah Me tooooooooo

Exclaim! ‏@exclaimdotca

🚨 Contest Alert 🚨 Enter our @arkellsmusic contest for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind T-shirt, #RallyCry on vinyl,… https://t.co/STdlT2cVjM

Krysten🌺 ‏@krystenmel

Know seh dah headache yere is catastrophic.

Ramesh ‏@rameshpiano

@virginmedia you charge us tonnes for your services and have the cheek to demand we return the equipment by taking… https://t.co/3tpcvzcuXW

🌼 GABI 🌼 ‏@GabiMink

@unironically These are nice 😍

Mosa Kaiser ‏@Mosa_KaiserSA

🤣 🤣 🤣 We just miss yall https://t.co/bIwKabcvsp

Sam ‏@Sam_Crampton

@Josiedee46 Thanks Josie 😊

jmr ‏@Jmroberts343Jmr

Brilliant https://t.co/1qQ9kJAllJ

Chimminie💜 ‏@4jiminsworld

@BLUE_HEART_13 @BTS_twt I wish his shirt would go up a little more 😆😉 Hehehe @BTS_twt #BTSinParis #BTS

Chris Miller DVM ‏@dcvet

But seriously tho, don’t do it. 🐔 💩 🤢🤮

† MΞKA JACK$ON † ‏@dontfollowmeka

@MillaDaMayor Lmaoooo Thought you was loyal man

Abigale Cenee Diaz ‏@abigale_mathers

My friend told me I’m way too insecure and she’s so right

sim de negocios ‏@vamosaverr

JA JA JA I got 5 people! https://t.co/x5o2nLEGit

Samantha ‏@samanthacastoro

me: I'm not going to spend anymore money this paycheck. also me: sophie calle has a series of decorative kitchenwa… https://t.co/S5seY9VSaj

charles jr. ‏@SashaBinLaden

In more important news: https://t.co/GjpxXSmM3I

👦I miei Amori👧 #1FIRST💦 ‏@Imieiamori9803

@vinaymishra1961 @OO1Venus @1F_sts @1_F_I_R_S_T @Oooteep @cassinho_cj @mdaburaihangazi @juwadikimiyaho2… https://t.co/iFLg3LDreK

Babs 🧞‍♀️ ‏@thebabebabs


Chloe Kopsho ‏@chuck_kopsho

Folks! This is the reality of the situation. It's also happening to us transgender folks. When all of the scientifi… https://t.co/g64TgSgTNJ

娟好静秀 ‏@realweix

🐴Follow everyone who Likes and Retweets this 😗

𝐿𝒾𝓁𝓎 𝒞𝒽𝑒𝓈𝒽𝒶𝓂-𝐿𝑒𝒾𝑔𝒽 ‏@xLifeofLilx

@JamesArchitectt “I live in Upper East side.” She smiled, glad that they could probably see each other when she vis… https://t.co/FWtQUlaten

Papi X ‏@that_kid_fraust

Last night I had a dream I won the lotto and then today it goes up to 1billion 😭

ِ ‏@_imlu

iam not afraid to try again, iam jast afraid of getting hurt for the same remeaon

Mark Essien ‏@markessien

@Dressiennkpanam @EditiEffiong Research also lead me to the very interesting ekpe ikpa ukot

Flyin18T ‏@Flyin18T

Blue by You: With a U.S. Ranger Raptor Off the Table, Ford Frustrations Mount - The Truth About Cars https://t.co/DRRusZcgoc

Deb Morrow ‏@DebMorrow8

@Loop_Mom_LHS @washingtonpost Yeah, but mostly he just incites stupid.

bubba1k😬 ‏@princebrandon__

@Exclusive_36 Ik u & babygirl not thru already 😨

Bryan 🇩🇴 ‏@xFrwn

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/lN6iSjuwaj Dana White | One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever!

Breezus ‏@Its_BreezyBabyy

Love a good DOD ☺️

Peter Kroth ‏@TheKrothRoads

@Cnyari This man did it in 9 minutes. https://t.co/crpeyqMIMm

kb ‏@kaybrianav

OK BUT REAL SHIT https://t.co/sXK3r4gcQU

female_04.mdl ‏@cabbagebrains

@foolishmonth im not making fun of her im saying shed make a good boy

kathi burnett ‏@katqb


Kaneki ‏@MessiahMickey

Bad bitch with a tongue ring😍

lil $wērvø🔙🚪 ‏@Mari_onaComeup

Bitches * https://t.co/Sa6hv3JVFA

FiddleKilla ‏@FiddleSkittle

@LittleFairyGir1 Its ok to feel happy

lily ︽✵︽ ‏@notinrealife

chaotic good - i love it https://t.co/SN792HVhWZ

Maryam ‏@maryummyy

@mr_fed_up Documentary

Steffan Harries ‏@Bendihossan

Davies taken out of a ruck by a player off his feet in the first ruck after that scrum. Piote is not watching the g… https://t.co/wjz28Arrkf

ju ‏@Julelebs

?????_?!_!_$!jdbabdjslachrua https://t.co/CVV14zX9Dp


@CodyRhodes Love it. Very unique.

pervy sage ‏@perksofbeingkg

oh yeah this is why LMAO

† ‏@1300Marley

@Glouphoe_ Facts big facts

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