Tag Latin Capital Letter H Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter H was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁈 U+E0048


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Robb ‏@spgmutts

@ProfBrianCox That's an image that no amount of mind bleach can ever erase!!! #ERGSoggyBiscuit

ria [focus UN] ‏@jooniekrep

@HoneyJoonie94 SPILL PLEASE

OG Crazy Norm ‏@TheRealMischief

Galaxy X: Price, specs, rumored March release date for Samsung's foldable phone https://t.co/oHY2lyq3xr #SmartNews

Yee (And I can't Stress This Enough) Haw ‏@CatalystNia

certain sugary things are triggering headaches again



ia | finals ‏@taevontekim

who's staying awake for mama can u pls text me:/ im so tired plz text me if they perform pls pls im BEGGING

John Finagin #FBPE ‏@JohnFinagin

To the Seventh St Petersburg Misinformation Brigade for your tactical achievements in the Brexitania campaign, to y… https://t.co/UTmzOHqClu

Ryan Baldry ‏@Ryan_Baldry

I cannot wait for the PM to win this vote so that the ERG can be seen as the utter shambles that it really is. Grow… https://t.co/0ES2qcUxnz

Amara Chinonso ‏@AmarahCh

Bible Wonderland is always happy to provide you with every resource you need for a better life. Visit or contact us… https://t.co/pZmqCOjROB

Globe Gazette ‏@globegazette

Welcome to e-sports, the next big thing in sports https://t.co/zbqz4mN0BM

R U B Y ♡ R Ø S E ‏@rubexcubex

find all the bobby pins in my hair before brushing it and ripping my hair out challenge

Weltall🎙️ ‏@AP_Weltall

@tabitchaaa @BloomingCerise @Sippineas @ObitoFeelz Couldn't, f'ing autocorrect

Kira Neumann ‏@Sotiaworld

Good morning. =w=

Hugo Volz Oliveira ‏@huvoliveira

@soonaorlater You can't think new thoughts in words

dakota ‏@dwinsted10

Where’s his mustache? https://t.co/a1okVUIGp6

aya ✨ ‏@driannepot

I'm whipped for jung hoseok the fuck

Rahul kumar ‏@AstrologyLearn

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/JOdpNDrfoc SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 | Top 500 Error Detection | Part 1 | English Live At 9 am |


shy baby:( https://t.co/MpE4t0AiW6

Mike Love ‏@mikelovestweets

@jeremyvine is now trying to make a link between a Made in Chelsea couples' split and the Brexit "divorce". Simpleton.

ryl 🤠 || D-22 📌 ‏@taelilacs


Fr. Edward Barlow ‏@edwardrhbarlow

Which is it to be a 'Confidence vote' or a 'No Confidence vote? The ballot paper had better give more detail than'… https://t.co/tggmrK29Gy

36 Reasons SE5 ‏@36ReasonsSE5

@cripttext @bbclaurak That is a very under-rated picture.

♡ ‏@mmvvnera

@Ghaliyaalk Yarb😂

𝓔𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓎 💀 ‏@BeautifulCypher

@Monbebe_azzjaz Wait the Vlive steam has subtitles?

Kyusho_Romania ‏@Kyusho_Romania

What are meridians? How do they work? Discover the body energy pathways of the science of pressure point self defen… https://t.co/Pd9Cy4NyGL

anne ♡'s hyungkyun ‏@chaekkyunnie

blue moon #MAMAVOTE #monstax https://t.co/cQwQ7F5hbg

ℓ𝓔𝓝Ҝค ‏@sonjukook


Erlend Grefsrud ‏@Slaktus

BREAKING NEWS: Happiest woman in England located and interviewed: https://t.co/1xoHvP70AD

Karin Jones ‏@_karin_jones_

Far more importantly, they learned, grew, and produced increasingly complex, thoughtful works that demonstrate grea… https://t.co/nZ5QnbOyZ6

BestBitcoinCasino ‏@BestBTCGambling

#CryptoWild #Casino - 100% up to 1 #Bitcoin and 75 free spins #bonus! Exclusive offer for new players only! Claim h… https://t.co/35qlY5NFSs

Lucifer Morningstar ‏@CharmingDevilry

He hates Adam. https://t.co/v8l5GDgeok

Claire Colbert ‏@ClaireLawyer

12 days of Christmas- Day 5- Children and Christmas holidays abroad (via Passle) by @ClaireLawyer… https://t.co/GgVQuUeSlW

Dispatch Tribunal ‏@dispatchtribune

Contrasting SEA $SE and Cornerworld $CWRL https://t.co/M1rY5SfGyj

rosie 🐥🐾 pjm1 ‏@daintyjimn

if we don’t get taehyungxbogum interactions then what’s the point

Lauren Michelle ‏@Loricakes04

I swear i love my momma went to the morphe store and showed her the @JeffreeStar highlighter I’ve been wanting and… https://t.co/tLboOLOMD5

Jack Sarfaty ‏@sarfdawg

@tom_hart Woke me up in Cumming.

Tunde L. Fatuntele 👑👑 ‏@Koboko_GCFR

Weight on street sense!!! The street taking over big time !! 30th December is a date you don’t wanna miss Guys… https://t.co/zXOcUxMqpr

Filmmakers | Musicians | Writers | Artists ‏@IndiesUnite

"First cuts are a bitch for a director, because it’s been so many months and you put your trust in your editor and… https://t.co/zwtfvO3gNi

Jenna bedwell ‏@jenna_bedwell

@mookpixie I hope you find some answers soon it can take along time especially when you also have ME because doctor… https://t.co/3ByKFLNlSD

DearNostalgist ‏@DNostalgist

@lewdartgirl pretty protagonist for hentai game 8)

PhotoWhoa ‏@photowhoa

Presenting all the secrets of #newyorkcity photography. Download your copy of The New York Photographer’s Travel Gu… https://t.co/oxUP2qebKE


@jmtinivelli Tristesse 😢😢😢😢😢

May 🎪 ‏@moomoogar

does someone want to do post week for me?

Danuta Huebner ‏@danutahuebner

[email protected]_President Antonio Tajani in the plenary pays homage to the city of #Strasbourg, in wake of yesterday terror… https://t.co/TdZlCN2K2T

yayra ‏@yoongihobis

i cant deal w/ him today i really cannot! https://t.co/doASYyCHIS

Jon Le Carrotte ‏@CarrotteJon

@CarolineLucas What good is a people's vote? The government/May didn't listen to the last one where we clearly vote… https://t.co/enVEYPTkgn

emmie ♡ ‏@emmielovesjimin

@restlessyoongi just tweeted some x

Icy | ᴡɪɴᴅ ғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ‏@Icy___x

I can’t stop playing the harmonizing part #MAMAVOTE #MAMAMOO https://t.co/yqW74kX7VG


Another 9am another class I could’ve slept through.

🇬🇧🇬🇧 Cryptic Psypher 🇬🇧🇬🇧 #MayMustGo ‏@CrypticPsypher

Does seem likely she'll survive Which she'll take as justification of her "deal" Which will then be voted down.… https://t.co/kWPg6VJLnL

The Chase School ‏@TheChaseMalvern

We held our first 'Bring & Brag' event yesterday where our Teaching Staff shared teaching and learning ideas with e… https://t.co/3zx3VwxiJD

sarah ‏@daydreamgyu

@OfficialMonstaX YES CONGRATS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

modiiiike🦋 ‏@ok_keya

some of us are afraid to post our pictures on Twitter cause we don’t wanna get fried 😓

Ribbon Diagrams ‏@RibbonDiagrams

2C8M: Structure of protein Ta0514, putative lipoate protein ligase from T. acidophilum with bound lipoic acid… https://t.co/F9zw0UzhQI

SMWriting ‏@SMWriting

How to Make Money with Fiverr and Fiverr Alternatives https://t.co/cSMiDKOzBI via @MrsPaznanski

MR. MAN ‏@Waliyadeniran

And I prophesy, Lagos state is just a few election calendar years away from producing an Igbo Governor.

annoyed french toast ‏@defyinggra_vity

@medicoloife1 toot jaye :(

z ‏@autoIuminescent

we have the rolling stones: 50 years of rock ‘n’ roll book at home and i am amazed at how much harry styles resembles mick jagger

The Pokeriety ‏@ThePokeriety

NEWSFEED: ICM adjustments for PKO Tournaments https://t.co/2X5qdQCLHm

MegaGrace HappyWealth ‏@happywealth

@dorztv @TheRealTemz Suicide mission

Brooksknee ‏@Brooksknee

@Nigel_Farage No Nigel. They voted for her in 2016 and AGAIN in 2017. Everyone knew what they were voting for. Ever… https://t.co/BpExHBcz8Y

AML-CFT ‏@amlcftrisk

UK crackdown on dirty money shell firms ‘woefully inadequate’ #amlcft https://t.co/A3sriRXQk0

Enrique Juarez ‏@Shadowblitz293

I'm sorry @Sqwizzix but I had to get another one before they sold out, IT'S SO HARD TO CHOOSE! They have a lot of g… https://t.co/XYUKoNOF4X

Kai ‏@kkkaaaiiillleee

@kortdgaf heeheehee i love youu

not me then who ‏@notmethenwho3

I vote for #AditiRathore for #Naamkarann for #TVPersonality2018 @SabrasRadio https://t.co/FUzvm9qcqn

Dُunia Nُuعman✨ ‏@DonyaLinx

•When life keeps you apart•

Anisa Sanusi ‏@studioanisa

Spent this morning typing and deleting a number of tweets about the correlation between depression and unintended w… https://t.co/HYb7Jb3Xiu

iiissshhh ‏@mbalaao

@Iceprincezamani Over killing it

jia 🍼🌿🏙 ‏@jhshots

@halojeons YES BABY

Yui_Y☆NGY€€ ‏@yongyee_434


🖤Beck🖤 ‏@beckygracen

Matched with a lad on tinder and both our dogs are called Milo so I’m gunna start planning the wedding now

LYNN ‏@_kittaaaal

Talk with them eye to eye and explain why I was triggered in the first place https://t.co/zGOwrmndQZ

Baylor Rodman ‏@baylorrodman

@marthamaccallum If he can get me an internship 😁

Iyanuoluwa Bolarinwa ‏@Bolarinwaiyanu

@MrStanleyNwabia Lmao. It's an hard time for me here with my African folks. I still cant find a way to convince the… https://t.co/9c2ZTm53PZ

KayTee ✨ ‏@_krystalt19

Supposed to be getting on the road at 8 am and I haven’t even packed

i_saw_ur_bag ‏@ur_saw

@jmxyg Mmmm... What??? Wh..wh..What did just read...??? https://t.co/pKfT36QYyf

Brittney Vazquez ‏@calipeonies

Chicago is me when I look back on last night’s decisions @KimKardashian https://t.co/YyUFKr5iaC

UninterruptibleMinds ‏@TheRealUIMinds

@Villainous_Team Thank you for the follow

Pidot ‏@ahmdfdaus

Steve Sidwell looks different than I remember https://t.co/lzon8GHMUq

Péripatéticien ‏@indigne_

Its raining out. And my heart is a thunderstorm.

ISSAT DCAF ‏@issat_dcaf

Ebola Outbreak in DRC Poses Conundrum for Peacekeepers, Public Health https://t.co/l9itarnGvW via @ipinstGO

Bradley Marinich ‏@Rotto_Brad

@cher 2020 will the world still be rotating in that year?....climate change mite be an issue..

Irish News Sport ‏@irishnewssport

On https://t.co/FMshzDOjCK and in today's Irish News daily paper: The Josh Warrington camp is expecting a knockout… https://t.co/am8XrR2Dx7

afie 🏹 ‏@lovlyjhs

taetae is as charming as ever https://t.co/XUIK2898Pg

✖✖ Ivory Blue ❀ ❥ ‏@Fiery_Abyss_

#TheBestThingIEverDid is such a nice song. The rap part seemed a little awkwardly placed but it wasn't too bad. The… https://t.co/Kpgz3MR5vO

Nick Stewart ‏@nickjstewart

University of Bath graduation day with fellow Doctors of Clinical Psychology @UniofBath @BathPsychology @psycholog https://t.co/qvS7sOdSM0

Majokzindia ‏@majok_mabil

I feel sorry for Meghan at times. She is receiving a lot more unfair treatments than anyone from the media compared… https://t.co/PBTvKk8pvn

James Mutinda ‏@JMutinda_snr

@LarryAsego @RobertAlai Crazy questions from Githeri media

#WTOBrexit ‏@180_180_141

@davidschneider @theresa_may won by default. She wasn't elected. @Conservatives members want a say

WOLMUSIC ‏@wolmusic

Menit-Menit Bersama RICH CRACKER https://t.co/Ap3ROGcl2u Enjoy & Subcribe!

Nigel Dean ‏@nigel_dean

@nrthommo It’s dragging on like a never ending game of Monopoly Nick. How many false bottoms does this barrel have?

Sarah Stirling ‏@sarahlstirling

NIV in the ICU - “get a proper ventilator with a single limb and an expiration port at the patient end” - simples! #icssoa2018


@lil_halsad Then you should be forever grateful to him

Freddy Jackson ‏@fredmj01

@knott_oliver He’s a talented lad that one

Danma Kuso ‏@PyrusTelepath

@Parvamirantibu He didn‘t say a word to him, the only thing he did was to give his little brother a hug.

12.12.18 || D-DAY 💫 ‏@heyitsleiii

i love 9 babies im so emo https://t.co/s8EqkSh8yS

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