Tag Latin Capital Letter H Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter H was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁈 U+E0048


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ÇÂR GûŸ❤️😜 ‏@streetrider5222

@GAapKn @Prince_FowzaanA True❤️

Nate the House Whisperer ‏@energysmartohio

Nothing measured, nothing gained. - Keith O’Hara, EcoPerformance Builders #BTVSymposium

Larin ‏@Gbolarin_

It is now. Oh, the time has come. 2085678929 UBA https://t.co/4B8YDVy80j

Alice Fuller ‏@hollywoodlvwork

Shooot...I need better celebrity friends. 😆 https://t.co/g1i1QX5GiV

Bill ‏@Sports_nut55

@RuiterWrongFAN Hyde 114 carries= 5tds. One ever 22 carries. Chubb 16 carries= 2 tds. One every 8 carries. Such a s… https://t.co/jrKQ74SHz4

Trell West ‏@trellwest

@chubioshun @TAMARAJUANA I only see her working at orphanages, uplifting emerging people of color, creatives and ar… https://t.co/MOXkuGjW4n

MAIN STREAM MAGA 🇺🇸 USA ‏@josephv777

The Military brought Trump forward. https://t.co/Jbq9sVm2uT

Jayson ‏@jaysoncb13

I can’t wait to have more money solely so I can go to more concerts

Damian O' Farrell ‏@DamianOFarrell

Celebrating with @RahenyGAA on 60th Anniversary @ClontarfCastle with @BrianFenton08 & Brian Howard & Sam Maguire G… https://t.co/xZmPp17ygJ

𝟙𝟛ẗḧ𝔊𝔢𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔩 🕹️🤖 ‏@iamshawnjones

@Principaladin @Boogie2988 Have you ever served on a jury panel? Or a city council? Informed persuasion or consider… https://t.co/KqJ0sO1AYn

猫叉Master曲bot ‏@NekomataM_bot

existece / Winning Eleven 10 / 猫叉Master+ / Backdrops

Dillon Francis ‏@DILLONFRANCIS

I have something bigger & better planned for next year. #idgafosWeekend https://t.co/moJNq7xoI0

spooky jade 🎃🕸️ ‏@imzachherroin

i thot i found it bUT NoOoOOOO IT WAS ONLY SIMILAR GOD DAMNNIT https://t.co/frZGGwnWqY

Gary Love ‏@contractorspov

@GioakG Who's event was scheduled first? I don't know the full story, but if it was OnePlus, they should have stuck to their schedule.

stets uninu ‏@stetsuninubot

Pearl: That's... enough for today.

briana ‏@h0pe_briana

If this is what he wants, and this is what she wants, then why is there so much pain?

Pj ‏@ffsbaiIly

@yaboybradavies @Rob_bie32_ Lmaooo he’s not even a legend for me, legend isn’t about numbers or achievements

anna no va al nbts tour -5 ‏@karlasxmoon

@LaurenJauregui I think your album will be called expectations, right?

ᗪᗩᐯIᗪ EGGEᖇT ‏@MrEggertsClass

Fun at @MRS_Eagles Record Breakers! @HeatherShanklin @SusanTotaro @WWP_Schools #WWPRSD https://t.co/V2MBGoAHoW

DoctorVonJay ‏@DoctorVonJay

Problemz (feat. Conway & Hus Kingpin) by Creestal, Conway, Hus KingPin https://t.co/KAO1P3nUQU #NowPlaying

Biscuits ‏@Biscuitsbubble

@asoiafgotfan @geminicollect Same

Simon C ‏@simon_teifi

@labourleave @BrendanChilton @LeaveMnsLeave Labour’s forgotten what democracy is. It’s lost its voting base & it do… https://t.co/7uyXvDUlhA

I ‏@Jean_the_Marine

@mrs_rashae Still get beat lol

m ☼ ‏@bbybanqtan_

ok sike jimin doesn’t have blonde hair and now I’m sad

Jr. 💀🎃👻 🎃 👻🍬 ‏@xBigbotx

@Wiljack86 @amazon @AmazonHelp Man that ain't cool Hasbro has done that to me

Tina ‏@dreamsofbeing_

Sometimes I can sense the bitter taste of cold glass columns, of mirrors, of painting frames and description tags i… https://t.co/wc6QWHcO68

luna xcx 🕷🕸 ‏@hyukoochy

when u touch me like that, touch u right back all up in ur body ima kiss u like that ipsulbuteo mokkkaji whips and… https://t.co/J0fal8aJ23

ITRAFFIC (GP) ‏@itrafficgp

157345: (U/D) Stationary Vehicle (Heavy) on N12 Eastbound before Edenvale Rd Off-ramp is now clear. Free flowing traffic

AbbeyCourtyGAA ‏@AbbeyCourtyGaa

@LilyReddy @Furry_87 @wlrfm @GranvilleWford @NireFourmile @WaterfordGAA Well done Mark 👏👏👏

𝓁𝒶𝓊𝓇 🦋 ‏@LaurLisssa

My baby will be a year old next month😍🤩🐶❤️ #DogMomsAreRealMomsToo https://t.co/OO4nEBdN42

Valkav ‏@justvalkav

@chillcaladbolg Okay.

Justin ‏@MaplePayPal

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/ctBRHu497H /\GIVEAWAY/\Free followers on roblox/\

رزانباندا ‏@Hazzalp

mostly pop, 90s rock and a bit of every kind there is https://t.co/Y0neaLjsBk

Klarke Sconiers ‏@easymoneyklarke

My life has consisted of many chapters and I’m excited to say i will be opening a new one at the University Of Minn… https://t.co/li8BKfwZHO

Alison ‏@alisdavidson

@rundemtrails Are you cooking?

Wolf’s Bane ‏@thrivingaconite

I still want cereal lol uf

FRAZIER ‏@vFraziier

@CMG_eSports i need a team hmu

BOoOoOolivia 👻 ‏@notoriousOBG

Omg fangirling https://t.co/03boDu87ol

Paul Gotham ‏@PickinSplinters

19’ Nate Halloran denies @SoccerArcadia on the corner kick opportunity. https://t.co/wpCLkLVM4J

Stamos ‏@Stamosxd

@EinDippsn i remember you were in sundaes one before it deleted... rip

Alejandra Urrego ‏@aleurrego7

This revamped #hotel is now one of Switzerland's most elegant. #travelmore https://t.co/AzoOQYPrJk https://t.co/OHoFEVdLWy

Cyclone Turfgrass ‏@CycloneTurf

Not many get to walk on this field...feel privileged!! https://t.co/cODIl49gWJ

Jabroni Mike ‏@jabroni_mike

Another JM original. Thinking of shredding it to make it worth more https://t.co/p4KMr7Xv2m

Kim😺🐱😼🌈❄🇺🇸 ‏@MarylandGirl410

@LandonLamar405 I feel your pain. I'd be tempted to go home early just to bust free.

Saith A. Figueroa ‏@SaithFigueroa8

@IsEvenBetter @UnitedConnor here's your boy 😂😂😂

Jenna Speed🤪 ‏@jennaspeed_

there’s so much new music today i’m- 😫😍😍😍😫😫😫😍😍😍😭😭😭😭🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Boluwatife ‏@Afro_Lexis

If Marshall na catch OOU VC nko? #oouvslasu https://t.co/CoEP80BXNp

𖤐RolandDoe𖤐 ‏@whereverthesuns

Can you fucking IMAGINE if they actually had Guillermo del Toro, an Oscar winning Mexican director, to direct and m… https://t.co/0URbAk151R

Būšh ‏@Spencerbush1

I need answers for next summer for a bike!!!

Gato Curioso ‏@GatoCurioso77

En fin... 😼 https://t.co/h7uWurw9V2

Roch Coore ‏@Pop_Coore

@RochSaid You know you right. Mobay people nuh play. I think there was a fight at every party back in the day.

Korben Dallas ‏@Mikevhs31

@MizNessa @realDonaldTrump Maybe just maybe you should go outside and get some fresh air, maybe a hobby or two.

✨ zee ✨ ‏@puhdiin

Wendy and @Kehlani collab next please and thank you

Justin Sullivan ‏@Jsull56

@IQtrivia please give me an extra life

Lulu ‏@_Oluchy

@trendyoma @Kelvin_Odanz @Biisi96 What come back? Rule number 1: never argue with an APC e-bot. I'm Atikulated. 💁

Aniruddha Singh ‏@Anitutionalized

It was probably the first time I've tweeted about a bollywood movie and this was so not something I wanted to say w… https://t.co/gjdn1klvG2

Stuart Macdonald ‏@Stumacdon1

@MikeB_FI Still not going to sell and rebuya player tho

guwopenese 💅🏽 ‏@adailydoseof

my bf in his feelingssss 🤣

Colonel Kickass ‏@IwillKICKurARSE

@Paksarzameen9 @ShivAroor @TheAmitSadh Persians, part Afghans and part Uzbeks, and British have been ruling us. Wha… https://t.co/LCCFZzja3o

Ninja with no L ‏@Ninja_with_no_L

RTX 2080ti Update in Blackout: Manages 100 - 200 fps in game until about half way in, then starts to degrade a bit… https://t.co/tITsmoo3fr

🎃🎮Ac🎮🎃 ‏@ODSTAc310

@x_GeekyBrunette @happylarkspur @aravelle @depepi @siobhaneardley @cuteek @MajorArcia @Ponyo_Panda @SuperheroesXYZ… https://t.co/NDC13TKlGm

callum howarth ‏@CallumHart1999

@Treyarch where is double xp on black ops 4

Patty Chase ‏@pattychase919

@pink_plaid @secantnet Oh yum!

jay qui lin 🚀 ‏@whaleitsjackie

I make really ugly faces to myself in the mirror

. ‏@Errrmh

Unbelievably pathetic. Annoying Uncle Tom. When else, apart from with Asians have you ever mentioned race? And no g… https://t.co/TqBHt6CVtx

L7P ‏@Lisa7Pettifer

@Gwenelope @MissL_Amos @amymayforrester @85teachergirl @TillyTeacher @fod3 @heymrshallahan @MrsSpalding In heels? A… https://t.co/qrN93luVTJ

Travis ‏@gobucksburson

The only game I missed during 4 years of school. Of course it was amazing. https://t.co/H1Oy4N1ZEd

MsMoneyRoyale ‏@MsRenaRoyale

This is where I want to Be,My country is good to Me!

bwallz ‏@b_wallz

Nick Chubb time!!! https://t.co/vYWV4ofIdh

Betty Ann ‏@baalter

@Cat_Luvs_Trump @realDonaldTrump This is awesome, a collector's item for sure

winwin for president 2020 ‏@thatshyuckedup

@cherrysilks did i read this correctly

3D Travel ‏@3DTravelDomains

Cornwall Public Library introduces 3D printer during library week https://t.co/4xax8tV6Om

vera Finlayson ‏@verafinlayson

@Douglas4Moray @GrampianF I hope you haven't hexed @GrampianF

Dark lord Q 🇳🇬 ‏@majinnnq

Damn nigga!!🔥 https://t.co/2cI8Ppcb7N

tuscl.net ‏@TUSCLcom

@PlayhouseInNJ: The Afternoon Shift - https://t.co/l9YodzAAMX

mark ruff the science buff ‏@950107s

me vs deleting tweets every 20 mins so my loyalies don’t get mad

a_rugby_life ‏@arugbylife1

HT @LeicesterTigers 15 vs 13 @scarlets_rugby Dan Cole and his 3 penalties showing why he hasn't been selected for… https://t.co/FgWPKj1FgE

Daisygirl in CA ‏@CaDaisygirl

@KristinCollie20 Hehehe.. Not only just a model, but a fitness model! At least that's been my story 😂

Mary Kelly’s Frankenstien ‏@beardswin

@Gaziter I dunno! My first exposure to them was when Dragon Warrior came out on NES like 30 years ago. I bet there’s a good history!

Milo Malpass ‏@secondbullet

@LadyLeather44 @SebastardMoran @Tasteful_Death Geese? Like before someone wrings their necks for Christmas? I would… https://t.co/tqdGbUxXNR

Woody (3-3🐆) ‏@WitienA

Brah we need a damn q.b!! https://t.co/7JDFNPcAnh

Heulwen Archer ‏@ArcherHeulwen

@MichaelLaverty Great result, nice to see you back on the podium.🏆🏆 Best of luck tomorrow. 🍀🍀👍

[email protected]ユーフォ天国 ‏@ultimatemegax

@digikerot That I don't disagree with. As for the "experts," I'm rather confident in saying they'll promote ATA's n… https://t.co/l7mtwmC8Xu

Gockel ‏@IRLWhiskeyStout

@thatsdramgood @The_Macallan @nriske @WhiskeyLiveDub @Celticwhiskey @whiskeytalk2U @daveoc1980 @Marc_Whiskey… https://t.co/Ld3uwTzuUN

Epic Sounds STL DJs ‏@epicsoundsSTL

Check out our videos on Instagram https://t.co/274y15Zp9M

Brad Woodard ‏@OutTheGate_

@beyera_ Explain to me what drip is and you win

Asif Gul Ansari ‏@funkadoze324

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/5s2qRz6DFN MY FIRST VLOG - Lassan Lag Gaye

Muvaof2 ‏@beanyBOMBshell_

I hope i end up drunk by the end of tonight somehow 😂

E_Glizzy 💣💯 ‏@ElijahA_55

Overthinking kills your happiness

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