Tag Latin Capital Letter H Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter H was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁈 U+E0048


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Shippo ‏@shippo8313

@derby_lad @BBCDerbySport @BuckTaylor64 Friday his gone hasn't he??🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

Kedvezmények utcája ‏@kedvezmenyutca

T10 12V 3W 6500K LED Turn Signal / Clearance Lamp 2pcs https://t.co/jjUe4JEqtT https://t.co/NTu4VsgBAQ

InfiniBabel ‏@CryptoBabel

@DJ_Erock23 Why so? A collapse of power? Global policies are aligning too, even malta is getting ready to crack dow… https://t.co/x5IQSCWbXU

Test Account1 ‏@test5f1798

@test5f1798 onomatopoeia is definitely an English word : 0720a851-7395-4d28-b1fe-d0a60bd4828b

Paul Marketos ‏@ShadowWarriorPM

@creynol350 @no_reygrets @RyanHillMI @keithboykin @arixali Saw, not sees. Show me proof his views have not changed… https://t.co/HCiUKMR3ab

Uen Marvel ‏@MarvelUen

@jaysonrogue @Chidi40825876 Killed it

Lorkin O'Reilly ‏@lorkinoreilly

@teamloverecords She’s playing BSP on the 25th! I can’t make it but damn I wish I could

Jaren Garcia ‏@RealJaren

@RaffaDiiaz Stickers RBD

tony ‏@namjinheaven

BTS World OST 6/17/2019 https://t.co/iiZXL1yt5q

Patrick Torchio ‏@ptz927

Happy Birthday @MelanieIglesias

𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐥𝐞𝐲! ˡᵒᵛᵉˢ ᵃ🏳‍🌈 ‏@prayforjohnlock

Fix me, or conflict me I'll take anything Fix me, or just conflict me 'Cause I'll take anything

Kaeri ‏@_Kaeri

I'm so happy that I have to work late or I'd be dying over not getting my #Bloodstained key yet

TheOfficialQuis 🤓 ‏@famous_quiss

Me: during wild week for #ssu23 https://t.co/NWwUEsH0Qb

@dawntibble ‏@societyatpeace

@Peston @BorisJohnson making a mistake is putting odd shoes on. This is something far more sinister. He is so flipp… https://t.co/du0eOxBeEu

Bethonie Waring ‏@bethonieboost

@garius tbf, I always struggled to find Baku, but that may be because it held the European Grand Prix, which leads… https://t.co/wclFujKGU8

Manfred Rosenberg ‏@4PawShop

US says CentrAm aid depends on 'actions' to curb migration https://t.co/LtS5vejrjC https://t.co/GA5oXyiqcm https://t.co/hKUzKPdtIV

marybl ‏@marybl62

@SenSchumer @SenateGOP @senatemajldr One of the best things that can happen in 2020 is to get rid of McConnell. H… https://t.co/BgMa9GmUXj

🦋 ‏@Merlynxo_

@_marianita Bitch we are not moving to New York

sophie gregory ‏@sophieg63229578

I need @Teresa_Giudice and @MargaretJosephs to come to England✌🏻✌🏻 https://t.co/uvp2erhpXl

Lorraine Paton ‏@laticsbird

@foster63 @NaomiRetired @MichaelRosenYes No - think it was Matthew Pinsent. 😊

ReyIo is canon (Vanity Fair 2019) ‏@holyrenperor

A review featuring THE BEST ENEMIES TO LOVERS FANTASY BOOK OF ALL TIME https://t.co/vFEnQFeKTl https://t.co/PMTYD0N8F4

Charlie Mac'Charles ‏@charloski_slicq

Control It Charles....... just try!! #TuesdayThoughts

Dian ❣🍉🌰🐻 ‏@beomkie

Omg this boy really.. i can't run from you boy😣😣😣😣 @TXT_members https://t.co/CHgFo5Dhxl

Coco is a bard ‏@misscocochen

my current outfit is a sweater, a skirt, and sneakers. I am almost certain it aint cute but ALSO I have no shame so

Aethe_Recluse ‏@AetheRecluse

My full odds luck rn!!! ✨😲✨ #shiny #pokemongo https://t.co/MAfsbEOSx7

Nigel Owens MBE ‏@Nigelrefowens

@MarDwyer1 @TomNayl02519213 Thanks

Ji Chang ‏@jiichanggg

@AdelaineMorin hi, just watched your vlog.. i saw that you have an extra marvel encyc, can i have them if you dont… https://t.co/Mbm3gpW9XF

N. Richards ‏@Neroverse

@iFooYa Looks fucking sweet

Deven Wilson, J. Freaking D. ‏@devenwilson22

@PaulaEvansCox You’ve cracked the code.....The Deven Code!! https://t.co/c8wn2znrVu

kei ‏@mojjimnie

@mighty_jimin @BTS_twt my bunch of sunshine 💜

jim reinke ‏@jim_reinke

@Peeitauer Yes, hearing about your credit expiring #needtogetpaid

Qiang zhong ‏@qiang_zhong

This morning in Shenzhen hotel discussed with my client in Montreal to prepare multiple offer, then rushed to airpo… https://t.co/J0eSzCFlMG

John Wood ‏@Johnwood427

@Adam_Jacobi Siren. Play it loud. Lose your mind in joy. https://t.co/HGYWu629Wt

Jill Lewis ‏@jilllewis33

@KidiabaPonyTail Agree, tho' have to take each case on its merits. Well Poch/Levy's perceptions of the merits!

jobars ‏@jobar1738

like a light

Risza Abi P. Idris ‏@Abiidris

baby octopus https://t.co/in5NQC9bEQ

Kate ‏@KateOnline

Pediatric nurse: so baby is sleeping well? You look well rested! Me: thanks. I’m just wearing a lot of makeup.

jacob i. ‏@JakedLunch

if i started a private twitter to complain about my problems, would y’all *not* tell my parents?

noor ‏@saddboichambie

@sadboigrant still cant stop laughing at ur reaction

Robyn Churchill ‏@CromerChurchill

@VeraSeries This sounds a bit strange but when ever my King Aurther hears Veras music he runs down the hall makes a… https://t.co/ELxbDaNmGt

Jennifer (Sky) Walker 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Jerwillow

@BlairBraverman This might be my fave pic ever.

sava ‏@wcrthysteve


Sportbike Rider ‏@SBRPW

Photo of a Suzuki GSX-R1000 at https://t.co/MqgDg6ccHd https://t.co/Oewrw2TIFJ

shäntäe. ‏@wilddgirrl

@Qu33nOfTheLACED @machinegunkelly Turn that fear into motivation baby. You deserve it.

futur Dr ‏@Lefaarmando

@Gxlx_ La star des stars https://t.co/Xo5yxMBkHu


@balfourbeatty @WholeEarthFut So exciting! Will this be on the news later?

Dave ‏@DaveNY79

@wojespn Foolish, take the money

h⭕t swa-REEDUS&THEFETUS ‏@rk8inches

@sloormp @c0ffee_gremlin He's also being stalked by an onion fairy and a floating star charm with a creepy belly eye.

Jordi Porcel ‏@JordiJpc

Join the rebellion with the new @CanadaJetlines . Canada deserves an airline that says no to extremely high fares.… https://t.co/MP1DSKkeJ0

Danielle Clark ‏@deyelli

@MichelletypoQ @paul1time Louise is fun, only a little scary 😂

Tim Martin's Freaky Small Face ‏@Wonkylefty

@NeilMerriman @christopherhope @Nigel_Farage Farage had his ego popped :D

Frank ‏@withoutequal147

Basically the same race as last year😂 the way Battaash travels though, really wish he won now

Nhlanhla Denzil Gumede ‏@nhlanhla_denzil

Live every moment, love every day, because before you know it, precious time slips away.

Ixchel Manjarrez ‏@ixchymanja

La version de “Crazy in love” de 50 Shades of Gray 🔥 https://t.co/20pdKHZYus

Bill Orme ‏@billorme

@Lawrence Disagree. What a President says is by definition news, however boorish or reprehensible - in fact even mo… https://t.co/RF3nZUFZVW

Robin Reneé ‏@wolfdreamer57

@Pink The older Pink becomes, the more deep & wise her valleys encompass, and the higher & forgiving her mountains embrace .... /rbc

Michael McCarthy ‏@Michael74458430

@FrankLuntz @ImperialVienna Oh no... The right is invoking the "socialism" word again! The email must have gone out… https://t.co/X1L6GE8i9D

Ajmal ‏@ajmalalami

🚩Calling all YDSA’ers🚩 Have any questions about the @YDSAMilitancy platform? Curious about our ideas on Marxist po… https://t.co/tGwYpKoLJa

tori ♡s hwi // RPM ‏@smileyhwi

@teasejoong THANK YOUUUU 💗💗💗💗

이름 ‏@yoonkimqi

@thjmtae @winternamjin yea so am i and?

ً ‏@goyoddeen

!!!! i can't give any speculation about it, cries. i just hope na hongsu will be SAVED by the cops and that [redact… https://t.co/aggeU2EQqU

kim impossible ‏@JOANNABOBANNAS

@BLAMETHEO what did you do

Michelle Quesada ‏@M_Quesada

PBSO Firearms unit crime lab witness is back on the stand for cross-examination. #VasataMurderTrial… https://t.co/Nfe4NdZ0LY

If You Know, You Know ‏@TrizzyT__

You runnin' 'round drinkin' liquor Takin' pictures 'cause you miss me

Evan Fulks ‏@MystQ3

@KarlSmallwood I went to art school. I then went to grad school for a different subject. This is one of the reasons why.

Bryan Feci ‏@BryanFeci

@realDonaldTrump Tell Melania to start packing then.

Gescard ♌️ ‏@gescardo

Ask me anything! https://t.co/LR722F5ah3

stephanie tuck ‏@stephaniebtuck

This is great -- https://t.co/OsyfhDUEpr

🇯🇲🏁 ‏@S_Y_M___

Whew chilayyyyy

ganapathy hegde ‏@ganapathyhegde

@shahid_siddiqui Money, petrol and company of bad nation killed middle east.

lil chiapas ‏@LilChiapas

@CASANOVA_2X elVy the god-La Mafialimia folks go crazy @CASANOVA_2X hear this guy he the truth behind his shit

mara 💫 ‏@maraacorporal

Sooobs https://t.co/3LntSl68Ar

ً laylah ‏@cartiertaste

@yungblud i don't really like it

Kedvezmények utcája ‏@kedvezmenyutca

Portable GPRS GPS Real-time Tracking Locator https://t.co/71I2qOMiHu https://t.co/NguIyVfOxa

. ‏@TheRealDeja_

Now I gotta unfriend him because he’s that irritating

Why So Serious Ty. (FAT PA🍆) ‏@TyJavius

I get jealous when girl post stuff of their pets between their legs, rubbing and cuddling w/ them. That should be me right now 🥺

Stephen Garone ‏@StephenGarone

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar (Basílica Nuestra Señora del Pilar) is one of the #top10 #churches in… https://t.co/O0u4plryqG

Cuck Jamie ‏@JamieTheCuckold

@sub_vegas I'd rather be pegged when my gf wants to and have my clit locked in a cage then be free to wank tbh, lik… https://t.co/vDJILOdSlH

GrandPapi ‏@ev_lfc

Inject it!!! https://t.co/bEyLyKVoBU

Harm Kelly ‏@KellyCreekDairy

A good example of taking a bible verse out of context...😂😂👍 https://t.co/jDPpZecvL7


@StuBennett md md is d

Nathaniel Thrasher ‏@HiroshiThrasher

The bad news: my mother has discovered my Twitter account The good news: all my tweets are so jargon-laden that sh… https://t.co/r0Zd5ET4mp


@BebeJazmyn @akintola_jnr @ibktheplug 😂😂😂😂😂.... Yes, what about auntie.?

Stacy Real ‏@StayRealPlease

@usv And to benefit your many investments in crypto that otherwise would go to zero

lagrima de oro ‏@admiral_baby

Especially fitting bc i need soooooo much of this rn https://t.co/Gl2Fyyw4le

Mae Abigael ‏@abbycalatravaa

@MelisssaTacay olwaaays😚

Abigail M. Echavarre ‏@Abinator

@ayy_itsjayy Photo opp!! Get out go explore and take bomb pics!! It’s the summer boo go off!!!

𝒩𝒦 𝒜𝓂𝑜𝓇💋 ‏@SheBadAttitude

*screams* ❗️ https://t.co/MaL4NlsjF8


baby https://t.co/rBhbwnAs4K

Out The Airlock ‏@AirlockOut

Ishae Armor Broadcasters are equipped with Rentable Rockets.

American Veteran ‏@amvetsupport

Let’s see, trump was given about $400,000,000 to lose, never held to task for thousands of lies, cheating to get ou… https://t.co/Yd7zyPuIJh

Live Mix Play ‏@LiveMixPlay

[11:42] Lika Morgan - Saturday Night (2018) https://t.co/XKQHcykLvg

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