Tag Latin Capital Letter H Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter H was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁈 U+E0048


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Dwayne ‏@DVPXENO

Get you a girl who takes on a zombie apocalypse 😂 https://t.co/WK4fg5c7wb

armixer ‏@lietojade

@Cookie12918981 EXACTLY

Kate Bevan ‏@katebevan

also the heavy sepia tone on #Traitors is incredibly annoying

Clare Palmer ✌🏽️🦖 ‏@Claros00

@Lord_Sugar Fuck sake. These people actually run our country?... one incompetent in the rear can’t even work out ho… https://t.co/xi4rMzb0Xn

Andre S ‏@bigde2608

@genesisopen Where are the penalties for slow play in this fourth round ? @USGA @PGAcom So much for the new rules!

SKenney ‏@SKenneyGirlTan

@RealCandaceO Who names a kid Jusse?🤦

Tracey Hamilton ‏@TraceyH63953439

@ShawheadFamily 😂😂😂 again!

Mr. Brown ‏@Mr_Brown_Sir

@RegalCourtier7 both

Jeffery ‏@XxTheAbyssxX

@Shawwsome It only lets me like this once Twitter I want to like this more

Otto ‏@roboverlord

Terence Blanchard - Flow Part 1

Mary Ann Owen ‏@Boxer751

@RealJack Omar needs to be removed from Congress she is Anti American & doesn't believe in American values!

Armydeyoongi ‏@armydeyoongi

#bighit do something this cant not be like this #ProtectBTS

kris (not jenner) ‏@sunstrokelwt

do what’s right and don’t listen to it and report the tweet

Olumide 🇳🇬 ‏@omoAgbetuyi

@Imagervet Singing Rihanna - We found Love 😅

✨いすか✨ 🌸@Kalathras 23.03🌸 ‏@Suicide__Lover

Is the perfect sadistic man 💖🎶 https://t.co/OXbdIhaRkV

Lily Martin ‏@LilyChantel_37

@jessconte My name is Lily I was born to be a good one My age is a lot of fun I like to think of you


@safphic Same to stray cats who hunt them for food who are destroying bird populations because people are stupid an… https://t.co/SHrYxmi5QF

katie ‏@katiee_wardinoo

I’ve been out with my gorgeous friends ALL weekend but I am still SO excited to go out with them all again tomorrow… https://t.co/t9DXB0HdAv

‏ً ‏@sofftlouis

respect louis send tweet https://t.co/BY5RbBK5DW


@boye_g @elnacionalcat_e Borrell al atake. https://t.co/GehBRoejuA

Nitro ‏@BotNitro

@Vypahs @AvalancheTwitch inspect element slander

SpooksandChills ‏@SpooksandChills

@Super_Beppo @ChillingPolls @OddNMacabre @Vincent_D17 @ZombieRiot @12nighthorror @werewolfe_vamp @MonsterSquadFX… https://t.co/2AuqFDzGqZ

evelin ‏@arisochanel

@scooterbraun @ArianaGrande nothing but love to the best manager ever

Kennett Youth FC ‏@kennettU6810

@kennettU6810 2 x pitch sponsors left for our Summer 5v5 tournament, Sat 29/6, £40 per pitch with company/organisat… https://t.co/8gU5oVE8Kl

Doyl L Watson II ‏@eph4_15

Planned Parenthood's CEO Just Admitted Abortion Comes First - 2ndvote - #PJNET #CCOT - https://t.co/y4XH5fqTnb

Michael Johnson ‏@OathKRoxas99

@SaigoGetsuga @jadbsaxton @JoshGrelle @littleramyun @BKarbowski @Bryn_Apprill @KDramaFoodie @18moptop @TiaToony Watching six girls is hell

ʀʜʏs ‏@Riskfvl

anything to play?

Melly ‏@shironell

Pro tip: don’t listen to a murder podcast while you do laundry by yourself...just don’t

aisha. ‏@ecstacynights

THE ACCURACY 😭💀 https://t.co/qvtnwqUqHQ

ɴᴏʀᴍᴀɴ -ノーマン ‏@SumatoNoKibo0

❛ What did you do Emma? Whatever it is..don't worry about it. ❜ https://t.co/rdT7uCJUeF

Chanel Anne ‏@chanelannemrtrz

Let it sink in, self https://t.co/y4TA6f3l1H

javmiester ‏@javmiester

@realDonaldTrump Resign racist puppet

King Emmy Wise ‏@montee_93446

@Exifam @I_Am_Ilemona That's what happened you u rush to write useless article that is full of lies. Useless countr… https://t.co/StkzRwsd7V

blackflameteostra ‏@TeoBlackFlame

I accidentally skipped the intro mission for Apex https://t.co/K3wIU3eIUg

K.W. ‏@SisKahrima

Happy Birthday to Michael Jordan!

B ‏@_____queen_b

the sweet lil munchkins I’m babysitting just watched the kissing scene in Megaminds and they squealed and covered t… https://t.co/dc6Jcu0qMT

angel💍 ‏@angelmoonIight

@trishapaytas stop making up lies about ur "friends" and maybe you'll find some

Althea Marithe Bonifacio ‏@realithea

Sana productive tuhdayyy!!!😌☝

Melanie Jay ‏@M_J23

@YaraMej haha, happy birthday again bro, wishing you many blessings & lots of success !

Chemi ‏@Nottanannother

@HBCUfessions @pharoahpharrell Soooo he’s been unemployed for 3 years and still gets what he wants? All you can thi… https://t.co/K4pehp4oUo

gham ‏@DATGHAM

John Wick's a class film tbf https://t.co/KZ2PmuWMZq

ShoutIRC ‏@ShoutIRC

This is Auto Dee Jay, the bot with Style. Coming up next: Tork Sport by Shoes and Socks Off

Jamie Van Oort ‏@jvozsol

Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue Hand Knit Infinity Scarf,Thick & Chunky, Neck Warmer, Cowl, Circle Loop Scarf… https://t.co/nB6tV2W97b

brieshαα ♛ ‏@_shes_GORGEOUS_

@_DoloRedd nope I want it from the fair

mario 🍂 ‏@maaariiio_

guys who wear overly tight skinny jeans scare me

Koby Temple ‏@WhiteMamba11

@CalebJHull @jtLOL Mortal Kombat, SJW Edition, coming soon!!!

Clarissa ‏@diosousoure

Girl @DavenportConni @marvin_isue #editorialfashion

Erica Gurd🆖 ‏@Hrvyxgurd

Was good to see you today @ItsLeeHinchy https://t.co/RwZcvCMlZZ

. ‏@Majae22

@ImTheOnlyMike They look fire

lily ‏@killlerrqueen

i made @rogerendezvous a beatles fan wow i’m so proud

katelyn ‏@joeIsmiIler

she’s stunning https://t.co/cWqXLeqBkR

Eagle Eye ‏@DebbieAdmussen

@cubanadeanna @JordiVilasuso @DougDavidsonYR @joshgriffith59 @YandR_CBS @YRInsider I soooooo hope you're right!! 🙏❤️😃#YR

wen👩🏻‍💻 ‏@DD_Wen_

Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There https://t.co/Iymi9qdA1n

Christopher Fuchs ‏@Cf1Martin

#BuschContest #Car2Can martinsville speedway. Would love to win one of those awesome cans!

The Spice 8 Rack ‏@Spice8Rack

I’ve gained over 100 subs since my Goblin Video which now has well over a thousand views. This is so so silly and I… https://t.co/8J7ZwmXsfd

La Cautión ‏@Drunk_SubVet

My mother just tried to tell me to try a chain pizza place because it’s better than the rest of them…like fucking hell

Aminah Jalloh ‏@Aminahjalloh

Somebody can nuh go to Canada 🇨🇦 and enjoy free WiFi in peace 🤷🏽‍♀️ My big sis @JallohMariam1 called lil sis & mum. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

♚ ‏@samkafs

That feeling🤗🤗 https://t.co/zIDGkOD2k6

Emy_Zhong ‏@emy_zhong

#HAPPYJHOPEDAY Happy birthday hobi I hope you have a good time,you are a great person and I hope you fulfill all… https://t.co/SpTYSH8N0T

Sir Gallihad ‏@gallihad


Lynas! ‏@Lynas1989

@MarcMelrose Your no telling me that’s a red are you? Come on noo Marco. Cunts would be getting sent aff left right… https://t.co/V3G1Vq7Xvq

𝐥𝐢𝐯 ‏@greediegrande

@ArianaGrande hi @notearsgrande blocked u by accident pls follow him back ...... the name says it all

Elina ‏@Elina21458891

@ximij @sasharoiz Good evening is in good company❤️🤗😘

stephen is exhausted rip ‏@notbendyonion

Is it too early in the day to say I wanna suck a titty

🐲🖋👶🏽💛⭐Pixiestar⭐💛👶🏽🖋🐲 ‏@PixieStar84

🔴 LIVE @Iron_Mouse on #YouNow https://t.co/dlOgNUb4Y8 https://t.co/P2pRepLZiR

Robert Allen ‏@BAllen73

Hey @NASCARONFOX I got your new digger!!! https://t.co/XiB3anA14n

hana ‏@niallersstide

What is something that you're proud of yourself for? — how far my photography career has gone in the last two years https://t.co/KT2XhcTMoR

meggo ‏@megoobian

@pvperstvr accept it cute bitch https://t.co/9rQWWxpTsQ

jim ‏@mybeardishairy

@SmallGiantGames are you aware this bug on empires and puzzles. I left the titan edit team screen on while I had to… https://t.co/mfhG0GScxR

P ‏@PrestonThomas8

@mpwgroup hi Marco. Went to your restaurant in one of the most expensive locations in London. I tried to pay with m… https://t.co/lRiOmdB0vZ

Aleks 🌈 ‏@aleks_wolan

Thx everyone — I went to the gym... AND I walked both ways.

Jake Abernathie ‏@leather__tramp

@sleevesmcfly omg I feel this so deeply

Nameless here forever more. ‏@tooorangeyfor

Throw enough of your shit. Some will stick. 😒

MAGA10x10 - ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@MAGA10x100

@556_daniels Pepe that big red pill is bigger than you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lance Lemke ‏@imagesbylemke

Late afternoon @Chapel Rock on Painted Rocks National Lakeshore. Hoping to visit again this year! Any time of day… https://t.co/QzY5v1ozeW

Preferred Peer of Pocket the Cat ‏@GaryBuh

In a loot game, your average pickups are +1% frost damage, but you're trained to get excited for +4% frost damage.… https://t.co/ceizlfxEwR

leanne ‏@rembws

how was ur day luv — it’s was good thanks 😌 https://t.co/fa9JZWgkvi

The Minivan Punk ‏@MinivanPunk

@DMCFFD Sure he’s long gone, obviously. Just infuriating that a girl can’t even run up to fucking Walmart without some bullshit like this.

𝗮𝗸𝗶𝗿𝗮. ‏@antiheroarsene

@DP79860509 i is this a genuine confession because if so Goro Akechi i accept

PAULAandJAZ ‏@AandJaz

@Sara15214514 @ArchersLana Little chicken mcnuggets 😻🥺😍🤗

dr. rottweiler ‏@sulliv_n

@frasierseinfeld i’m playing night in the woods, i’m a cat who dropped out of college and i’m currently at a party… https://t.co/F2esK3U6Qk

Bunyip ‏@Bunyipwhisperer

@theheraldsun And thats why i won't agree to a police check until i can see theirs. Ps, mine's clean.

Canadaguy🇨🇦🎮 ‏@JamesTCanadian

@Pipsqueakenator Yes, that was from a few years ago.

stanley chen ‏@stanleychen0402

Feb.18,2019 Titled : there are 11 Things #ClimateChange #Dismissive People Say On #socialmedia. Source :V/@forbes… https://t.co/MZQvGlpe2O

sajoo ‏@8baeKai8

@9elomr you lovin' the size

DaEnixSquared ‏@BelkinTheKid

@redfeef Is that a fidget spinner?

Buena Pinchy ‏@triggertractor

@baxtermom1 @AdrianTheMadGuy @SirRonHale @GreaterNATI @TexasTribune Well exactly, but laws in New Mexico allowed th… https://t.co/EKizDgjwqa

Devante Smith ‏@devantesmith2

@JuicyJ515 always good🤧 but now you can't reply

Maui_Speaks ‏@Maui_Speaks

Imagine if Republican FBI agents and directors sought the overthrow a legitimately elected Democratic President. It would be Armageddon.

Nancy McGee ‏@nlmcgee

There are really wonderful, compassionate people in this world. With such acts of kindness, there is hope! https://t.co/EOzpGqmkcQ

Anthony Carter ‏@mobambacarter

@jordanjaracz @CharlieLore77 I’ve done it .... got tossed too 👋🏻👋🏻

Sheila Branyon ‏@SheilaBran

@Stop_Trump20 President Obama.

Rebel Cowboy ‏@VegasStrong1

@RazzorGhost1 @RandomActivism @JonesyRobert @ilikekoba @_The_Puni_sher_ @Kneel_son6er @7h3h1V3 @vcpunx… https://t.co/xksUyVYHaO

ReeseBuc_MG ‏@ReeseBuc

Fake love is worse than real hate in every category known to man!


I might be the only and that’s fine.. but I wouldn’t be against Charlotte winning ! https://t.co/nM7QkJ0sOX

James ‏@jimmyjazz102

@thotmuIIigan Until I Return or Dial Tones

𝕭 ‏@nursebeatrizp

A relationship built on physical attraction & sex is doomed to fail. A relationship built on the foundation of God… https://t.co/YAeuYuRuiB

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