Tag Latin Capital Letter L Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter L was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁌 U+E004C


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hope ‏@gguksweets

so my two friends are Pisces and Cancer and I'm Aries. water against fire eye

Capri "Eat Shit Nazis" Genesis ‏@CapriGenesis

Obviously I will not get anywhere near 30 likes so I'm just gonna answer them regardless.

MRNG ‏@MRNGmusic

Another demo out the door! That marks 5 so far for 2019. We're off to a great start. #NewMRNGwhodis

Cody [email protected] MAGFest ‏@BareBear_Hands

I've said it before but I'll say it again, the mirrors at Planet Fitness make it look like this isn't my first day… https://t.co/gKuwesoWyP

Mint ‏@UAishaXO

I will never forget you 🖤🌹🙏🏿

Mudassar ‏@M_SRHI

@nashsocial I want to sign up so could you please send me a referral code? Thanks 🙏

taeil's bitch☽ 戦士 ‏@2taelove

@gothkunt birthday twin??

True American 🇺🇸 ‏@IronDiesel58

@charliekirk11 Ilhan Omar's busy hometown https://t.co/AXs3B0djgC

Julie Tomkinson ‏@JctomkinsonH

@YorkKnightsRLFC any news on JJR after his head injury??

Aaron Dotson ‏@aaronsdotson

@JessicaMaerz Free vacation?

Uma LOKA Por BTS ❤️ ‏@UmaLOKA10


Joudaloo ‏@Kekragagi

@_Heisateki Land

sharigone ☁️ | taylor 💕 ‏@sharig0ne

T A N G L E D Premiere! Come watch with me please! https://t.co/1Mitt3siHz

Kay ‏@K56174798

Me.President, FUCK YOU for putting children and parents through this pain you sick orange fuck https://t.co/7SsoEB4FLq

Jason bybee ‏@reaperj3

@WillBlackmon @LeonCoTheThird Classic!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Coolhandute ‏@coolhandute

@wendeelue @TheRightMelissa @xxJTXxx @realDonaldTrump Melissa has 163,000 followers you have 163 I'm betting on her.

Joydeep Ganguly ‏@joydeepg9

@islahmufti @TypoMantri Lets remain united. #Pulwama was very sad & was done for us to lose balance lets not fall i… https://t.co/P3zPQXk8XA

victor ‏@bigbrainz49

@SakasticBet @DeGraafschap @J_asmineA @MisturBets @Predictionhq @ms__finest @BettingTipsMan @brightutd… https://t.co/24TJ2BGHHI

Rev. Kurt Huber ن ‏@Rev_Kurt

Both the thread and the article are worth reading. We have a lot of work to do around respect in our country. https://t.co/E13AmzFGYb

Bill “Fake Ice Storm” V ‏@bilcool

@indiebooknerd Drivable. Back of car is wrecked. Add to the list of things I have to take care of this week!

💕 ‏@seta_genesis

@BaybeehSc00by @2xpetty @lfeaomoeata Love ya sammy girl!

Christ Fellowship WI ‏@CF_WI

Listening to "Grace Gifts: Part 1" | 1 Corinthians 12:8-11 | Dan Loggans at https://t.co/tJDvgUVWnn

Shay ‏@Shay221608

@andylassner Seems to me he's explained himself; some people just don't believe him. Until I've seen facts I can on… https://t.co/tD1h2wlNs9

Delkristoffer Wade ‏@KrisBlessed8

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Essi Linnavirta ‏@essilinnavirta

@lifeafterhardin @Margret56929468 I literally just tweeted about how perfect Tessa Josephine is 😂👏 but I totally agree! 😍💕👏

Nikki Becerra 💖 ‏@nailsbynikki_

I want to cover my walls with pictures!

sabrina #BUTTERFLY ‏@pinkwon_

@chuulovr omg queen

Dyelle🌙I love my sunshine🌻 ‏@cinnabonyoongi

@BTS_twt Aww!!! Happy Birthday Hobi!!

leito ‏@LJLopez31

Cozy queen 💕 https://t.co/uXdNlpwhu3

Fallon J Mayne ‏@FallonMayne7

@Ainsworth1996 @WilIMckenzieN0T @jackedmndsn @callumxzc @AngusLivesey @MattyShaun95 @SimmJoe Just been sick in my mouth a lil

PsychoBacon ‏@ThePsychoBacon

@TSB1020Smite @FirstbornSMITE Sure you do

:) ˡᵗ¹ ‏@louiestardust

RESPECT LOUIS STREAM just hold on https://t.co/mhDPbhyVtg just like you https://t.co/6aMuu1IEtF miss you :… https://t.co/q73fyw5wJn

MoonFace 🌝DARLING ‏@__mayen__

@iyke_daviez Wise😊

Meme. ‏@emansonpol

And you would think they’d get it but they never do.

Marissa ‏@mjbrowning98

I wish someone would just like, lock me in a room with a lot of animals

Oluniyi Gates ‏@oluwapower

@Daunted14 Must be the intro

georgia ‏@okayyygeorgia

@catxjxx we might both have dementia and not remember to unlock the phone oh no

MAGA_ANON⭐⭐⭐ ‏@cogdor

@cnnbrk Not the only time @realDonaldTrump supporters were smeared. Liberals have gotten out of hand https://t.co/JcbhVnMmqy

Deedee 💖 ‏@_dynastyii

#OLBRDURHAM the hottest Mardi Gras party you’ve ever seen🔥🔥🔥 @SelfWaveEnt is bringing you the ultimate Playhouse..… https://t.co/46LQhxegLv



antunes ‏@i_antunes

@Daniela_Rocha31 @_diihmendes love u too💗

angy 🎗 ‏@trapsoulethan

I genuinely feel like it’s okay for people to post tuesday selfies this week not that it matters but for those who… https://t.co/DYvZGtQ9sq

lennie ‏@nothelenoftroy

@ArtOfChloeRose My name is the one I was born with the blue sheer and the pills My age is that the only thing is t… https://t.co/ItaXukggtv

SylThunder ‏@syl_thunder

...Fuck https://t.co/jhIH89gNzh

✨Y U M A✨ ‏@yuma4699

Mood https://t.co/wZlb303MdZ

мαηι 👑🕊 ‏@brownxsugga

I’m bout to be sick 🤒

tailorsailor⚓️ ‏@asiaft_

chella man and maryv constantly make me feel like i'm missing out on love

ḱ ‏@ThatsDijahhh

@qualanilee Lol I’m so over you

Custom Airbrush Tan ‏@CATSalonMN

Before the new week starts it’s time to scrub off the old and bring out the new! Try our @norvellsunless Revive Scr… https://t.co/pXshJ3U6f3

j-chillen ‏@jchillen8

Lol, tarasenko gets hit so hard his helmet comes off and pietrangelo breaks 2 sticks on 2 shots! Most entertaining part of the game so far!

TeamHopeBBHopeLoganSpencerAnnikaNoelleScottClifton ‏@GrangerGlen

@alovelymeka @CorreeLee @lishibalove @LetsTalkSoaps @HenleyStaci @JohnethaW @SandruSom @rick_rica @frenchkatherin1… https://t.co/ah41ryJqko

m&m ‏@michellemetzgrr

Isn’t it weird how everyone can agree summer 16 was the best summer of our lives

rosaleen | sunshine day 🍀 ‏@cheektone

what CALM https://t.co/BlG4DYiSQZ


@andrewwommack AMEN

redacted ‏@daisiesdazes

same body same mind separate memories separate responses

lily🔮 ‏@lilyaolani

y’all ever wanna take a bite out of your salt lamp

bitch ass ‏@assyrianwargod

@TrapDio @LilyAle23366814 @AlexandriteDeer i do very many of squats

Jack Dukes ‏@ATG_Official

No way! #IbizaWeekender

animeheadsretroworld ‏@animeheadsretro

Rewatching Fight! Iczer One for the first time since the 90's and noticed a few cameos!!! I remember noticing Tetsu… https://t.co/w3raeDxrYD

Jim Petrino ‏@jpetrino57

With hold the Constitution? Do you even know what’s in this document? You voted and supported everything Barry did… https://t.co/wA5r7tw3gt

Kourtney Brangan ‏@KourtBranagan

6/ I have two daughters who are unique and explore the world completely different. I remember watching my brother s… https://t.co/1hujKS6wWW

GetAGrip ‏@FUPittsburgh

@Dean79551462 @FuctupMike @RealMattCouch Thanks...just made my day!

ozzie barreto🇺🇸🇨🇺🇺🇸 ‏@BarretoOzzie

get a clue clueless...the hate crime was staged! https://t.co/GljFDDWugc

ΔΔROΠ #X_X #Butterfly 🦋 ‏@HiddenInOrbit

@orbitmoonlight I feel excluded🙃

Joraan Baloch ‏@BalochJoraan

#PalwamaAttack befitting reply’s to Jeremy @Swamy39 @majorgauravarya @Vikram_Sood @AdityaRajKaul @TajinderBagga… https://t.co/RUz1qBMdy8

Ruby 🧚🏻‍♀️ ‏@ruby_j4ne

@heyitsclaud_ didn’t happen 🤥

Thornleigh History ‏@tsc_history

And then on to Brandenburg Gate at night... https://t.co/Uy1zqqeJAL

Ben ‏@SocialAtrocity_

@quietyouth I regret not heating it up before eating, its disgusting

'Wale Alaiye Pelumi ‏@HardayPearl

@waletomtom So, this was the outcome of the investigation done by the presidency and APC? Just to discover that PDP… https://t.co/JdHvGuHUlb

Nick Biggertstaff ‏@biggertstaff

@DannnyB0ii @hess_quinn The Adapter because I’m a fucking nerd apparently.

‏ً ‏@mixtapetwos

hyunjin's attention video just nonstop playing in my mind

Alen Dedic ‏@AlenSomeone

@nytimes annother cheap hit piece on Berni by the establishment media. They are so FUCKING scared :)

Richard Lunnin ‏@BiggaSpendaa

@larrabee1997 Liesss

Tracy Dunn ‏@tracychapeldunn

🤬This is BS https://t.co/pOJfLjwhNn

mandy milkovich love bot ‏@gcllavichs


Keith Miller ‏@keith_miller_nz

@tmudder4 @ThisIsROCK2019 Well, front of the queue. Or top of the heap. Or something 😁

Z💕 ‏@zahnnii

Who’s an Aries I’m trying to see sum 🤔

CRAIG D FRALEY ‏@all4plate

Great time jamming at Celebrate Recovery! It is well... @ Fumc Clermont https://t.co/0QRGDzLGJv

Sehel ‏@OneTouchPlay

Mbappe uno, Nelson far better

Braden Q. Mack ن 🇺🇸 ‏@bradenqmack

@MichaelKBryden @neilmcAvoy @ElenrielGray @Topcleric @bob_beelzebob @LeeStrobel It was stupid to think there could… https://t.co/IgWswV9T4v

D̶̲̥̅̊ΔrεxD̶̲̥̅̊Δmεx ‏@DarexDamex

@_justDamee Almost 10gb. Boredom still at its peak.

pj ‏@zaku1982

@dduk_ Yup have our family kilt colours and crest on the fridge 😊 lots of history!!!

Mark Meyer ‏@MarkMey89886965

@mitchellvii My prayers for your Mom and your family. The Lord is good and will wrap her in His loving arms.

Zack/The Deep Sea Tycho-Precipice of Darkness Guy ‏@MrMovees87

Volume 3/Part 3 is already 12 pages deep, and there’s plenty more action to come! https://t.co/2NDke7n6KD

ems🍂 ‏@emsjane_moore

When you talk about the future, just makes you want it now😩✨

Kiauni Jones ‏@KiauniJones

I cant wait to move

FisherTim 🎣 ‏@Scottishbhoy5

@martinblack325 @BillRockSport Tenshun! Look at the boy in fancy dress 🤡

s t e p h ☾ ‏@sweetandsowers

next shop update i will be making 🌙MOON WATER MAGIC MIST! 🌙 get ready for water infused with the moonlight of a n… https://t.co/uzR5KufjGp

Faculti ‏@facultico

Total cost of this education/school intervention: ~$10 per student per year. https://t.co/kppbO7AyQS

Michael Harris ‏@Aksyum

@MikeEvans13_ What’s so fun about seeing a dude turn into an 8-story skyscraper whenever you shoot him. Trippin’. A… https://t.co/2d6BUoRDBM

$$$$$$$$$ ‏@hermajestykyla1

shit her name is spelled with an i

angie ‏@seavmendes

@RUINRACHA i love U the most

SouthwestLola_Libra ‏@MsLibra10_1

I think you'll like Liz Herd, click the link to book an appointment online https://t.co/6LsvhZU7mY

leo mama ‏@yourlunarbaby

@hypothermiaaa I literally have no idea tbh, I just did a regular ol Venus persona chart

🔝 ‏@putih_m_

A good read. @sandiuno @saididu @sudirmansaid @fadlizon @Gamal_Albinsaid @Dahnilanzar @fery https://t.co/BeMDCUgZDp

*sarcastic emoji* ‏@ThinkSarcasm

when ur ugly but ur personality is on point 👌 https://t.co/fodcieXKWS

ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ ‏@130MUSE

@GlRIWON @seosikk Well well welll look at the side ting acting up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

Scot Hansen ‏@ScottHa03896948

@shantra85 Who cares what you believe. The cops say that’s what happened. Lol

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