Tag Latin Capital Letter L Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter L was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁌 U+E004C


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Lazy Money Method ‏@LazyMoneyMethod

Will you be contemplating more people for a home based business? stop by this unique solution… https://t.co/IqckZnMuZp

Will ‏@ewillGa

@steakshapiro Good luck. You clearly weren’t better than Fromm or you would have been playing more. Maybe get your… https://t.co/UTzMDz0sm5

🇬🇧🇯🇲Zig ‏@navrd22

@rahkelseo Legends stay up late

Abducted Entertainment ‏@AbductedLLC

@SimplyM68639083 @BenjaminEnfield @eta_solo 🔥Fuck off my shit juanna man

Yara Patricia ‏@yarapatricias2

Amem https://t.co/mBRRKzykVf

BrandonUpson ‏@BrandonUpson

Don't wait. The time will never be just right. -Napoleon Hill

M. I ‏@UMARjnr2

Finally the virus has gone https://t.co/nNBxMbRvSN

TheTartanCon ‏@TheTartanCon

@NotThatBigIan uncomplicated by prior professional links. ?????? now I am intrigued


First time in Ipl good luck Jhony barristo https://t.co/6CXcAqGxfM

Best Bengal ‏@best_bengal

The city will be hosting a two-day #GlobalBlockchainCongress2018 #BestBengal ##WestBengal… https://t.co/xFim3pHRYe

Steve Woods ‏@woodss

@tomcoates @Glinner Did I say you should celebrate someone attacking trans people? You're getting carried away with… https://t.co/KrA2UL4SqK

Ana Ribeiro ‏@AnaDreadful

Don't you love the smell of corruption in the morning? https://t.co/w0jt5r0zoT

Keith Bales ‏@KeithLBales

@KenCarmanShow Jamario Moon!

Jayy ‏@no__jayy

@ComedyCentral I love South Park

+ HSM + ‏@Hsmvote42

RTTT CharlotteNCakes #VideoMTV18del18 Selena Gomez Lady Gaga

chotto uno minuto ‏@lovestoned

@solidor THE ACTUAL SHIT I USED aka the adventuring notes. where i keep track of my HP, consumables, spell slots, e… https://t.co/XxMOYvhZUm

Little Stocking Stuffer ‏@LutherLittle10

Something something sexy Christmas innuendo

pau💚 ‏@stephaniebesas

Eyyy wer ka boii

prince glucose ‏@GlucosePrince

@baddiebangtan I gagged

lucas gg ‏@heregoesnoth

@C24051993 @Curiosidades_PL Demorou hein haha

Ross Lawson ‏@Ross_Lawson

@simonbayley @Novembervivi Yes, but without the budget.

kirsten ‏@kirstenrxs

“laws are meaningless, child”

StreetHistory ‏@streethistory

. @madebygoogle night sight. Pixel 3 XL https://t.co/afaacRvadb

Pat R. Icia ‏@luvthegrands

@Newsweek That is not a picture of Stacey Abrams.

Kwabena Bilbao ‏@Pimp_Fada

Renew DDG and Martial contracts. Let Blanc have a crack until the end of the season then say goodbye to him or whoever.

thiscantmylife ‏@thiscantbmylife

@iseeyouugly U know they don’t be knowing its little, 🤦🏾‍♀️

Lim Sokchanlina ‏@SokchanlinaLim

Around Tentacles 🐙, BKK, Thailand https://t.co/z9oeSwzjIh

WomansBuzz ‏@WomanSBuzz

Trump’s ‘Space Command’ army of astronaut soldiers just days from launch as president prepares executive order https://t.co/pIeiD3kK7Z

Poundland Christmas Tree Angel 🍉 ‏@GabrielNeil

@lituainianach They did what now?

Craziii_Dutch ‏@CraziiiD

Something Prophetic is Happening in Europe https://t.co/NjBlwKunbi via @YouTube

Carl Jean-Jacques ‏@miamistaff

@realDonaldTrump Had breakfast with your model-looking racist adviser Stephen Miller?

🐯 ‏@chaoticbtstan

@fcuksope fake love, so ill end up dying without truly loving myself or finding someone that truly loves me (that s… https://t.co/5hhdpaoeCm

🌻 반녕! 🌻 ‏@yuuqiqi

okay that's enough social media for today knowing jww will have girls

Risah Khrystine ‏@rizzuhx

Agree. https://t.co/jS6LJ26vfR

Boost Music ‏@BoostMusic1

The perfect mix — dogs & our music! 🐶 Festive usage on this promo for @Channel4's #SupervetChristmas 🎄 #Supervet… https://t.co/kJPIpXuVbO

कहानी वाला ‏@KaviKiKahani

@RoflGandhi_ I still remember how he was remanded on the issue of Anti-romio squads by the media. Talk facts. Not b… https://t.co/DlPjk4FXN3

‏ًً ‏@armyIuvs

think i finally decided my snsd bias line 🥰

JessicaRabbit ‏@tulseraflew

@PatMargera @elskey_ @kbm_xiii I’ve had some random person login on our old Xbox for years but HBO is getting rid of their app for 360

Camille ‏@vampettexx

@SammyAlbon Two of my presents have already been sorted, I have 2 left to sort out

AJ's Takeout ‏@AJsCateringNY

Daily Menu December 18 2018 - https://t.co/QPys3NUcGE

Melanin Magic ✨🌻🍫 ‏@EraiseC

I think I ga just tell my nail tech to do w.e she want cuz I really don’t know what I want

Politics 2018-2020 ‏@Awps_Politics

... the Federal Reserve Bank is independent —for good reasons. One is illustrated by the tweet below. https://t.co/FY7Vd9kbv6

McKel ♡ ‏@sunset_zjm_

@icarusfallsot5 @NiallOfficial You’re living good 2 OKAYYYYYY

Deser Rose Essential Herbs ‏@GaiasBrew

#tuesdaymotivation #greatful #beyourself @ Desert Rose Essential Herbs https://t.co/YLAYOCeYoA

Ibrahim H Umar ‏@IbrahimHUmar3

After the news https://t.co/ivGluHfVrr

Jackie Hartsuff ‏@jjhartsuff

This is for all my coffee drinkers! https://t.co/kw3sg7oLE6

Bottom Chikage Agenda ‏@RuruSeru

speaking of mysmes i wanna start playing but i know id be up all night skdndnnssnnsnsnsns

Tracy Ann Wilmott ‏@Dallasuk

Current highest bid is at £321 Come on everyone get bidding lets get as much as possible for this good cause 🎯😎Its… https://t.co/H4WadRmdEx

Bryan B.Louie Mayo ‏@BLouieMusic

They way they talk about it I thought he was the rapper haha https://t.co/zj531aUSVG

azalea ‏@azalea_csgo

@csgo_dev Still no acknowledgement of FPS drops? Is your mailbox too full, thereby making the problem seem less prevalent? 🤔

Daniel foy ‏@Danielfoy11

@BBCPolitics Why is "facial recognition" going to target mostly women and black ppl Owen Jones? 😵

near ‏@near_ow

Reading run-on sentences with zero punctuation makes me feel like I’m having a stroke

Alexandre Maio ‏@AlexandreZarok

Archia, a neo-geometric sans serif font by atipo®. Download regular weight for free!! https://t.co/ukXoSBAxUu via @atipostudio

Arthur Morgan. ‏@E_coastOverdose

That's a golden moment right there https://t.co/M1NHAKd0ps

최 윤 ‏@Mateo_ChoiYoon

No masters or kings when the ritual begins There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin In the madness and soi… https://t.co/V5TKlvNsUQ

LOLITA🌼 ‏@peace_love194

@leoneltudo That 70's show

GatheuX Gogasi ‏@emhaye_

New package: timbl Version: 6.4.13-1 by Maarten van Gompel ... https://t.co/Q1Ktjz5N4Q

Leanne ‏@_magicianed

being suicidal and rich dont go well ://

Callum ‏@Calluum28

Grabbing some food then gonna throw the stream up! Will be playing CoD and Fifa all day! #Twitch #Stream #SmallStream

constitutionem ‏@constitutionem

@realDonaldTrump I just read "don’t just go by meaningless numbers. Good luck!" ???

Sims Creators Community🎄 ‏@SimsCreatorsCom

With tumblr finally coming to their senses with flagged content, we are re-thinking how we want to do the SCC website. Any ideas?

Andrea 蔡徐坤 ‏@bbhfcccxk

Hi @yhartists please bring Nex7 in Manila

Marco Zamudio Piña ‏@zamudio_pina

@KAEE3_ bc I just get played with 🤷🏽‍♂️

hahahaydee ‏@haydeedekeyser

@dylanv000 I LOVE DIS

97 saVAge® ‏@Tafadzwatifah97

@hillzy911 At first people used to confuse u with @Nasty_CSA ,,,your rap is on point maan...I liked ur verse on @stunnerzim's zvinei nemi 👌

Wanderlust. ‏@amazoniancub

Stopppp 😂😂😂 https://t.co/ROwER1qnXa

Scrooge McDan ‏@philyd94

@GameDesignDan I mean Britain is pretty snafu

Fenrir ‏@Ob_Eyes

Goodnight I can finally do black chins oh wait no.. https://t.co/OHdWBeucGU

Cyclonus ‏@cyclonus_ebooks

If I can't break into a church to get drunk on communion wine I'm calling this whole quest off

bitchihopethefuckyoudo ‏@cassiewixom

I worked from 5am to 10pm yesterday and got up at 3:30am today for work 🙃

#@RENEGFCTM ‏@ReneXdlol

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/40Gy2s5akr Gvano - Niña Bien (Video Oficial)

من كان آخر كلامه لا ‏@waytoallah

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/uSbEFVvdPJ

Suzanne Berbery ‏@SuzanneBerbery2

Actually I just woke up one day and decided I didn´t want to feel like that anymore or ever again... SO I CHANG… https://t.co/lE0P9530rr

Ozon Baby ‏@OzonBabyBot

Symptoms of decompression sickness include: Joint pain. Dizziness. Headache. Difficulty thinking clearly.… https://t.co/GyFm3eJcI8

590 KQNT ‏@590KQNT

TotalTrafficSpo: Traction tires required. westbound in #SnoqualmiePass on I-90 on Snoqualmie Pass #traffic https://t.co/ylHDgcZqQi

Charles Jennings ‏@Charles57633261

@MattSmithWales Seriously, why is this news?

soundslikesound ‏@Soundlikesound

The Alchemist releases his short but sweet EP ‘Bread’ https://t.co/if0cgIOnJb

cat lady ‏@p0lariss_

@solidusxsadboy We appreciate socks but appreciate fluffy socks even more

George Oryang ‏@boyflvcko

Things one can do while waiting for service in a Centenary Bank branch; 1. Meet a good woman 2. Marry her 3. Raise… https://t.co/WZAV1nZdaM

Tyree Pompey ‏@TyreePompey

@NBA James Harden studies films on refs. When they look for the call and when they do not. Gardens opponents watch his game tape.

Nhlamulo Evans Mthombeni ‏@iRealEvans

The times we are living in are tough MR President. #FreeSpeechIsDead https://t.co/NM1RdbCgoF

Danny Feder ‏@FollowFeder

@easa63838607 @AskRobinhood And they won’t ever respond. File a @FINRA claim ASAP and get a lawyer. That’s what I’v… https://t.co/L5LVCdCNeH

ae✨ ‏@AltheaEra1


(reu)(💩) ‏@juniorandyx

@Global5SOS @chloe_nr1 -- no one even knew it was copied song and they still believe it to be real ahahahahahahaaaahaaaa


Check out my Gig on Fiverr: design professional print ready business card for you https://t.co/54fjzlPRmm via @fiverr

GHM ‏@GlendaleHM

Read our new blog on, Glendale Highland Market regular, Calum Montgomery's new restaurant @EdinbaneLodge.… https://t.co/3fD3ixyrt6

EatOut ‏@EatOutKenya

@iamthe_anderson @_CoffeeCasa Hey, the offer is available all day. You buy the casa Burger for KES 1,000 and get another one free.

❤️ Mindy ❤️🎄🕊 ‏@Brendy438

@CharlieD2749 @beachkatie @LaydiHD @eavesdropann Good Morning, Sweet Charlie ❤️

X299 ‏@Vortac9

#Gridcoin banner back on BOINCstats — Steemit https://t.co/SWOEcm3KHc

kepa ‏@arrizabalagy

@indykaila @CPFC Flop of the year

tinyman ‏@somberpunk95

controversial but i can't wait to get back to working on the vamp comic....i'm ready

rathna Devi pbr ‏@rathnaadevi1

@din7jj6 How is going for today

. ‏@pukhtoonpotato

@Einstonerrr wow. u don’t even know my name.

vendors4hire ‏@vendors4hire

12-year old boy accidentally kills his 6-year old sister while their parents were at a Christmas party in U.S.… https://t.co/7OwvOMPUOW

aoki 🍜 ‏@chellyjae

@Amiohmy he’s so cute but looks so mean... just like you 😂

Eddie Morra ‏@MorraYarty

international moves right? 😜 https://t.co/vFSDb5NXd1

Kokomo Kid ‏@KokomoKid1

@marcorubio Little Marco, why do you support Trump, who considers that OK?

Drizzy Jay1k💔☘️ ‏@driizzyjay1k

Happy bday @visualsbydab

KingBaccay ‏@haring_king

Rapbeh https://t.co/GXMeNEDqHG

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