Tag Latin Capital Letter L Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter L was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁌 U+E004C


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ؘ ‏@intoseuIgi

5 minutes https://t.co/sN2HIyinxM

meredith miller ‏@msmeredithm

@kylegriffin1 @JoyAnnReid Pays not to flip doesn’t it!!

77Flack?? ‏@77Flack

@Carlitoes Please me I’m your biggest fan

✨SuperStar!✨ ‏@TheOriginalSupe

I wish I could remember my dreams. I had a really good dream last night, but only remember bits and pieces 😕

Jamee Smith ‏@SmithHZN3

I love this idea!!! https://t.co/i8ivV8lq2X

Aaron ‏@ABright209

@Spenncer_74 Ya hes just getting old and none of his family wanted to take it over. So another legendary spot is gone😢

Daniel ‏@danlcg

@22Words Only 17 words in this tweet. Blocked

Awesomesauce Me ‏@Awesomesauce_Me

@_SJPeace_ #RelationshipAdvice #RelationshipGoals #relationship #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation This couple c… https://t.co/TlKb7tttbL

Martin Tomsic ‏@mtomsic4

@WalshFreedom No, it's not. Whining and complaining is the new national pastime.


@mmaricela__ Well yeah basically

frank! ☔️ | ❣️ #AB6IX_DEBUT ❣️ | 🍀 ‏@sixteenmp3

at least sanggyun wore those dumb 'patched up' ripped jeans that i hate and also on his top half was styled in a wa… https://t.co/TUV2zPSqRp

THE M1 SHOW🌊 ‏@TheM1Show

@E_Odong2 Uncle this is an outrageous comment, now read the comments🙄

Being Sami ‏@saminuxyz

@TimesNow @thevaibhavag @RShivshankar Let Lord Ram, whose name was used to win elections, come and save the children!!!

SourLimeYT ‏@SourLimeYT1

@LeArmenti Your the besttttt❤❤❤

Blue Lake Casino ‏@BlueLakeCasino

And good morning 🌞 to you too! Here's $15,500! #jackpot #slots #casino #bluelake #win #cash #morejackpots #whosnext https://t.co/ZF6QKzAUgM

vanny ‏@banessuh

in the past 6 months have you.. 1- yes 2- yes 3- yes 4- NO 5- ofc 6- no 7- yes 8- slight HHAHAHA 9- uhm no(?) 10-… https://t.co/2SGp3EG3qS

United Way of Williamson County ‏@UWwilliamsonCo

☑️ Volunteers ☑️ T-shirts ☑️ Compassion We're ready for #UWDayofAction. How about you? Join us this Friday! Visit… https://t.co/pgJcQ59aCj

AKmerchpimp ‏@AKmerchpimp

@FrankLuntz @ImperialVienna Solid point @FrankLuntz That single elevator is an accurate representation of all of Eu… https://t.co/NovJjt34Vh

‎⎊ Stark ‎ ‏@KyleBobier

in six months you already... 1- yes 2- haha yas 3- HMHM yes 4- idk yes? 5- hhmyyesnt 6- no 7- yes 8- ooOf yes 9- y… https://t.co/PpTi1hauzp


@brieakgae it’s literally madness??? like it’s the meanest fuckin flex

Ghazlawl ‏@ghazlawl

Had to upgrade my 9-5 space this morning because I’ve spent too many years writing code like an idiot instead of ta… https://t.co/XxgwK9zxwY

Moiiiiii ‏@DuanoMarco

Love does not retaliates.

True Love Tattoo ‏@TrueLoveTatts

We are EXCITED to announce that @bendeadtattoos will be guest spotting July 26-27 from TEXAS 🌹 !! To book in advanc… https://t.co/UhbKULWMXh

ㄅサ∆๒๒∆. 🤧 ‏@Shabba1k

Folks said they tryna scare kemba away 😂😂😂 https://t.co/J4RFC20SOZ

Black Dog Walking Club ‏@BlackDogWalker

The term #BlackDog came into being from this man who suffered at times... #ItsOkNotToBeOk Seek support! As Pica… https://t.co/o4kwQhtoOA

American Barbarian ‏@HarryBmore_Real

Lmao women fall in love with a mans personality that’s why when we break up they see how ugly we actually are..

Andrew & Sabrina ‏@PsychScientists

@wgervais Te Papa in Wellington is ace

eBay Funko Bot ‏@ebayfunkopop

Check out Funko Pop Games: Borderlands – Maya E3 Exclusive Shared Sticker https://t.co/192rZoe6mF #funkopop #originalfunko

_BossShxtONLY$ ‏@_ShesHerOwnBoss

Joined Twitter 8 Years Ago TODAY 😅

Mud Turner ‏@DirtTurner

@SmithAgConrad I've been saying it for years. The shift trend is dumb because it is easily defeated. And virtually no one does it.

T! ‏@Tartantrums

Earlier today, a @YouGov poll showed a sizeable majority of Tory members would happily give up Scotland for the sak… https://t.co/DAh8ZVmpot

🍷 ‏@tiredsansa

Marco Polo S02 was so good that I still think about Kokachin when I take baths. Her descent into paranoia and madne… https://t.co/SjtSbNvgEL

Gail Galinis ‏@scogasjg

@realDonaldTrump Just as we will be working quickly to remove YOU!!!

watch tales of the city on netflix this pride ‏@dannitheworld

@yeehants its not rude! just say hey remember when i bought an album from u i was wondering if theres any progress… https://t.co/MSfwdI4jgw

jowan ‏@jo1ballester_

happy day 😊

Honey ‏@Honey66079715

Mad asf I had to start a new Twitter 🤣

Ris ✨ ‏@marissa_dubeck

Wow I miss basketball :( https://t.co/c2DluAjM5H

Camilla Zapolsky ❌ ‏@cdzapolsky1

@KShoatzbey @catturd2 @Lrihendry @POTUS @VP You have to donate directly to the candidates. For POTUS, I only donate… https://t.co/inesbmhvMX

Fenix Black ‏@Raw_TKO

Only show ya pic to prove they can say nigga 😭 https://t.co/57o3ck6rox

Eisberg ‏@Forumposter2

@4Andlu @FSAPOJake @RashBandai @ayushyash12 But that is unrelated to EGS deal. It would have happened without the EGS deal anyways.

˘͈ᵕ˘͈ ebg ‏@luvpcw

i don’t wanna go to the dmv today do i rlly need to drive legally wtf 😔💔

GG ‏@XXGeorgie78XX

@DANIONEAL24 Don’t touch my shit!!! 😤

Tae.Tae.Is.De.Wae ‏@TaeTaeIsDeWae1

@fireawaybts Haiyo, im from Jersey! Well Jersey City to be exact lol

ㄣ qq ㄣ⃒ ‏@JoeSqwo

@jasonffl Why not let Kerryon save his body this year, he was beat up last year why you want him to have 70% of touches?

Abena Dufie Agyei ‏@mzAgyei

@jnrtwum Beats by Dre , airpods ( these 2 have amazing sound quality ) I personally attest to them

Angieee baby ♏️ ‏@BagladyAng

@__kylesister This page fake as hell anyways 🤣 Ari DONT have a Twitter lmao

DirK ‏@Dirk_JDR

@iFlaccoTV @DinoLee23 @MilitiaLeague @Big_Brudda_PURP Yeah we had our team actually on and active at the start there literally nothing

Stacy L. ‏@AdultingCzar

@ComfortablySmug Seems apropos here. https://t.co/Hs5AfMLPRw

slimmac69 ‏@slimmac69

@marcorubio #PhonyChristian who sold out your country.

VintageChartreuse ‏@octavya360

@wildbangarang @TrekCore ‘Shroom undies would be colorful

michael asena ‏@Asenaic1

@Safaricom_Care Wished it would much better if you choose the people you want them to do reverse call as per your say loved ones...

iKON is ❤🔥🌈🇵🇭 ‏@iKONicahija

@haneulwifeu Yaas! I heard bout that. Tho I think it's underrated here in my country. I'm still begging some people… https://t.co/qXEklQmIsf

ً ‏@sichengrte


billy ‏@bistratus

@nopeifyaltalt unless you're not playing team rumble in fortnite if you're not playing team rumble you dont respawn… https://t.co/OqV2qbMQkk

James King ‏@jameskingmovies

Such an elegant performance from Bill Nighy in @Sometimesmovie. And a pleasure to hear the music of Bonnie Tyler d… https://t.co/7axx5DydSS

chloe. 🦋 ‏@chl0daddy

bdubs https://t.co/WBHCdFrs60

Jet Convoy ‏@unclejel

@hatefreezone70 @rossiej67 Can't even differentiate women or woman in their bio. Trump-bot signal failing...

Brian Leckie ‏@bleck1022

@handicapper53 @TVG It’s there, just have to search for it. What sucks is you can’t bet to place. Only win.

maryam مريم jameel ‏@mrym_jml

"The agency now has the lowest number of inspectors in its entire history." https://t.co/MKOz9vt1np

Carly D Maughan ‏@CarlyDMaughan

A MUST watch!! ❤️💛💚💙💜 https://t.co/kwwxxVcYKB

Rob Barron ‏@RobBarron5

@SarahChampion @IsleOfWightFest Haha, hopefully he doesn't do that to his bed!!

naomi ‏@VincntVanGhoe

ahhh summer 16 https://t.co/TQEu0ejoMw

Atutala eee Baby💋 ‏@LaimiAtutale

I got good news today. God I see you working♥️

Ken Feinstein ‏@FeinsteinKen

@KyleHickman80 @Oxfraud You have this sick world of fighting with Oxfordians and you want to draw me into it. It has nothing to do with me.

Andrew ‏@ShapterAndrew

@domluszczyszyn Do Point and Rantanen deserve Matthew's money as well? Fearless forecast. None of these guys get more than 10 per

George Bush ‏@iamgwbush

@Rob_Brazo @politico A black boy was held at Rikers without trial for 3 years b/c his mother couldn't afford bail,… https://t.co/PNOaqbtRKB

Jodie ‏@Jodii_Lauren

@Dorothy_Perkins They look so comfy #TuesdayShoesday

IN HANBIN WE TRUST ‏@_junamarie

@chanustanhere It might be possible but shipping will be so pricey.


This is the content I need my life! My body is ready @shanedawson come make me scream! 👻👽👁🔺 https://t.co/MPm9HjYwd5

Dreamvisions 7 Radio ‏@DV7radio

Exploring the #GeneticVision Today Tuesday Host Adam't Gardener Living Now for over 30 years on a #WholeFood 30 yea… https://t.co/muZT7Z45hn

Cj’s Muva ♡ ‏@__dec6x3

Bitch wtf I am sobbing 😭 https://t.co/iuBi57uBKn

Brian Mossing ‏@bmossing

Gartner: The top 5 personal technologies empowering digital business transformation https://t.co/3PFX3OI5mJ via… https://t.co/6VTyOQV2Lb

Karl E ‏@therussophile

Yamal’s new retail center to offer Uzbek and local agricultural products https://t.co/fn0ZjbGRBW https://t.co/TbvuqH4Ck4

Pat Gray ‏@PatGray70469534

Let's talk about your home's value! First step: Request a free, custom report now. https://t.co/EjLFxtEwvQ https://t.co/9iZC1mtr43

/dev/urandom ‏@_dev_urandom_

surprised that some people think one shouldn't love all these cute and awesome people just because it's "gay"…

Diane Jarmon ‏@djtj31

@CBSThisMorning Gives democrates time to line up for protest. Will they wear pink hats, signs for abortion, anti gu… https://t.co/BxRyOhHx54

🇺🇲 #Flagsout ‏@Cornyhiggenboth

"We know that old boy didn't actually steal any horses, but he's obviously guilty of trying to avoid being hanged f… https://t.co/rzhbpgZ1Ex

lukie ‏@devonshire_luke

@zxeyxxx He's a lucky guy

kara loves lauren ‏@sunsetmani

I remember this had my 17 year old pussy WET hdjsbdsj https://t.co/uPPgebJ5V6

whoami ‏@yanitchka_hapi

In Spellbound, viewers/fans will realize that a multi-awarded actor can still do fun movies. Hindi kelangan mabigat… https://t.co/lJZ9M7VIMH

Natasha ‏@TaashhPointOh

if you prefer stove top mac and cheese over baked mac and cheese you’re not allowed to offer me food suggestions

Sαɾα | 5 Days ‏@itsxsxrx

Gonna buy them at the concert and nobody can stop me 🌚 https://t.co/eGBWdmqInh

St Anthony's PS ‏@SaintAnthonysPS

Showcasing super music skills @nacmusicservice at our Leavers' Assembly #excellence 🎶 https://t.co/koS3eyeXZe

Brett Cira ‏@BrettCira

@SpencerBoyd From St. Louis, I go to Gateway and The Kansas playoff cup race.

Micheal kerr ‏@Michealkerr222

@TianaLense Good morning. Have a wonderful day. Gonna be a record rally tonight.

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