Tag Latin Capital Letter L Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter L was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁌 U+E004C


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kat LOVES taehyung ‏@taehuyngies

hello love of my entire life https://t.co/MTM6eTEfyr

D R E A M - B I G 💸 ‏@BadProductBot

The textbook that recites the amount in your current account every hour. We do it to fix the world of its ills and wrongs.

BlindBoxPodcast ‏@BlindBoxPodcast

Corey's nothing more than the new Ronnie2K but for FIFA, he's always around to push promos and talk up the product… https://t.co/eb7jwqlc4E

Chromeeh ‏@Chromeeh_Gnome

Gnome ghost hunter! https://t.co/MTYA2avFC7

mimi ♡’s minnie ‏@daegupjms

airplane pt2 fancams always make me feel thingsssss

TeeBBy ‏@__GorgeousTee__

And my Granny 🤣 she never counts me out !

🤝 ‏@GodTookTheWheel

@ghaddohasan On my fucking way to kidnap your ass https://t.co/6UFlUOXTaE

𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐞. ‏@KcteMcKinnvn

Someone recommend me a good movie.

robYn ✨🌹 ‏@ROBYNwiththeY


Baesd(based) ‏@BAESDart

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/fdIFVg62V9 Inktober Day #19

Best On Twittter ‏@OneFormerKeeper

@thesimongregg Another affirmation that I was right to leave Fakebook 18 months ago. Won’t be going back!!!

Kincaid ‏@Hunter_Kincaid

@NoxEtCaligo @AcidBurnAndLies Hamsters have a retirement plan? -He is amused by conversation and it shows on his fa… https://t.co/0nR8yP3iQS

Brucio McGuire ‏@dunord

Today I met Chung-Cheng Chang Fantastic name I asked if I could call him C3 He loved it

Gemma O'Driscoll ‏@mumof6daughters

Come on @scarlets_rugby there’s a lot at stake here. It’s the battle of the @NationalSAIF Past Presidents and I can… https://t.co/fKNYfgQAsX

Mat ‏@Marbies3762

@BosSportsExtra Legit thought that was Isaiah Thomas

Rob in the Peak ‏@Rob15333645

@Wytchelm Happy to help x 😌😁

KT🌼 ‏@kfsanders6100

If you don’t scream the lyrics to “you should’ve said no” in the car we can’t be friends

Alexander Kluge 🐣 ‏@Naii

Introvert or extrovert? As a personal side note: The fact that I can make an extrovert impression on some people is… https://t.co/Ry3Y9TtuHO

✿Rina✿ ‏@weebyrina

@CummieDotCom @sleepytsun because there's the homestuck and earthbound Halloween hack versions which preceded earth… https://t.co/NL0fTA0izt

Sri Thiruvadanthai ‏@teasri

@pearkes @ryanpsawyer @DavidSchawel Here is a chart of mortgage affordability. 2018 is an estimate. Has risen sharp… https://t.co/j4VZ3quSUF

Esther Rodriguez ‏@Esther188rod


the monster ash ‏@ashtondeer

More commissions for @rusatus with REVISIONS because she’s a picky bitch https://t.co/cjUZDMJB7Z

1000CstNE ‏@1000CStNEDC

Good, stay in your lane. Keep your eye on the right type of Enforcement! 😉 https://t.co/IyngRFYmlm

Eclecticity ‏@twistopherrobin

#Art #CarlJung #Illustration from The Red Book #Replay https://t.co/P07b33x4fJ

Degenerate ‏@Fingo2Drisky

Like a champion @AionSourceNews https://t.co/TegLyn89Qv

GHOST CRAB (It's a real thing!) ‏@Chartweetts

@loonytwin they were playing Black Pink at DAX the other day...

Art Frontier Project ‏@artfrontierpro

Art market skewered in new documentary from Philly filmmaker : Arts ... - WHYY https://t.co/bVMRnyg18o

ידע ‏@Find_your_chill

@JShowTimeMartin It’s 20+ and 20 is a reoccurring number in the Bible. When the Bible separates its inheritance it… https://t.co/NM1XXgLFbg

Jay the Devil Take You ‏@sleestakk

@mtoler Congrats on the new addition! Share a pic or two of your pupper.

James Dessureau ‏@Jbone1228

@TeamDeyonte That's huge facts it's honestly his best skill in the league

O. G. Jackson ‏@BossHogg6

@vinnydel31 @Buckeye12pookie @NathanT46215279 @nbsmallerbear @McInerneyJr lmfao...either got blocked or she said bounced

sportygal ‏@PatriciaKeyes8

@BrannanJulia Gorgeous!!

Δlex ‏@inpyoanti

I really have to sell my photocards huh. idek how?? I have like -2½ active followers no one is gonna buy them off t… https://t.co/BGIC3AA8EE

Headerop ‏@Headerop1

Is this the same horse or are uou beating a new one? https://t.co/YXAWcnuF1P

Yahyo Smiley ‏@YSPKG

you know I come with the flames https://t.co/XpGNH4RxBe #yahyosmiley #smiley #yspkg #southernlegion #slm #producer… https://t.co/IfFdrLFXNG

Ethan ‏@slay_24

@Jordan_Sather_ If the government is giving it away for free then you know it’s not something good.

kens ‏@SPlDERDAD

i don’t feel like the series stayed true to the original plot or thesis, i was left feeling confused and as if ques… https://t.co/A8tEhF9XX8

Kitty Kat ‏@TerriBrad

@krassenstein Trump is a coward. This is nothing more than a game to him. He thinks he’s still in high school and… https://t.co/xCxHoHJAro

val ☁️ ‏@xxetherealycia

💗💝❤️💖💗💝❤️💓💗💝💗💓 cute https://t.co/BW7dOXKvU4

i am ale #3yearswithtwice ‏@95J0HNNY

@HUlVERSE ok done! (: u can unfollow me i’m my second acc😜

Jon ‏@_memorable2

@MsGladysKnight Remind people to vote 🙏

Louise mc laughlin ‏@LouMMac

@Jimbob1978 Insider No 9

Seth Baird ‏@BairdSeth

@benjamin_bagley @Tjonesonthenba Or you could just be a decent person and not kill animals just for sport.

Jon ‏@big_billy_bagel

@Laloulabelle @KeefsLoveChild I think I have seen you get more today than then, to be fair. Change your birthday date, I reckon. 👌

ᴍaricris ‏@omfgmars_

3am thoughts when can i see you guys? @GallemaveraV @Hanceedars @grandefrancesss @ohcmae @jez_directioner @anzyasay

colin wooldridge ‏@colinwooldridge

@calumscott Amazing, absolutely love the song and my boy has loved it since your Hull show earlier this year

soph♡jungkook ‏@orbitsjjk

@ohseunghes Thank u and no its not the first time it was literally as we were getting ready to go to i was so upset… https://t.co/xes5eL2HF5

Troy Walker ‏@TroyWalkeresq

@GregtheGrouch Be probably has some kind of gadget or something

Michael ‏@michael_allen38

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/BCUwgxNbTy *NEW* CUBE ISLAND RUNES COLLIDE EVENT in Fortnite! (Fortnite Battle Royale Live

raina sunshine ☀️ ‏@RainaMccue

she posts this thread every three days https://t.co/Qb1CEJNvHH

Isaiah52 ‏@Isaiah524

https://t.co/4RU1e4naEz An interview with POTUS’ mom. Sweet lady.

Muhammad Bello ‏@MBAtiku42

naso my brother😅 https://t.co/UPTM7jK4v7

the void report ‏@thevoidreport

@CharlieDayQuote Be gone from me, vile man.

Лорд Гармадон ‏@Lord_Percy

@Duncan_Bell @NadineDorries @Digbylj Oh I understand that completely. They don’t care about how much misery there cause.

REurope ‏@reurope_stock

Marlin Business Services Corp. $MRLN Analysts See $0.49 EPS https://t.co/hdqSkmIFKv

Seven ‏@ItsMeSeven_

@GoldGloveTV It's stupid lol, they'll get caught eventually.

سُفُنُ النَّجَاةْ ‏@assafeena22

Cautioning of the Imam Mahdi to Aflatoon who calls for sectarianism in religion and splitting the believers >… https://t.co/O1whdQYold

Howie Klein ‏@downwithtyranny

As close as I can tell, it says the United States needs more progressive women in Congress for all of our sakes. Am… https://t.co/qkDw9DaUdL

Kola pro ‏@kola_pro

#KWASUvsLASU Some One Just Said Its Only In Kwasu There SUG Act As Assembly Prefect. https://t.co/tZRyJfK0fV

Ahmiracle ‏@ahmirsellers2

Lol Jags should have traded for a better QB

L E A H ‏@leahmrb

@DannyFromLA25 @PayPal @FieldsDavonj @brianpeterson70 @NiceChadDahc I’m disappointed in you for lying Danny. Don’t throw a tantrum.

Institute F.C. ‏@Institute_FC

GOAL! Free-kick in, hits of Joe McCready and goes in! Lucky but we will take it!! @NewryCityAFC 0-2 @Institute_FC

NYJ analyzer ‏@UnknownJetsFan

@AllbrightNFL @FB_FilmAnalysis Load of talent on that team.

JCorrado ‏@ForzaCorrado

@newstouse @DCFloridaChick @street_brice @ErinBode @SportyGirlC @ebcinpa @KEmilyCox @GiGiMcK @g_weazy @lindarutter… https://t.co/nJv6TqwmOZ

Mallikarjun Shurpali ‏@royalarjun

@PiyushGoyal sir please do the need ful

𝘞𝘶𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘸𝘶𝘧𝘧𝘴 ‏@WWuffs

Brain: hey remember that time you embarrassed yourself really bad??? Me: ..FffUCK

Capitalist Wolf ‏@wolfbe42

"I don't like this market, we are at beginning of a bear market in U.S stocks" “Be demonstrably less long of equiti… https://t.co/07NNguXLGr

Nov30🇲🇱 ‏@kenn15_

I needa stop taking all these drugs

Dream925fm ‏@dream925fm

NP Twisted - @Peruzzi_VIBES Ft @iam_Davido // #DreamLounge with @marcswagz & @IamdjRain #TGIF #TurnUp! 🐾☔️⚡️ https://t.co/IltkxHdWOR

Smarguello7 ‏@Smarguello71

THERE IS ONE AND ONLY ONE WEAPON = VOTEBLUE @TheDemocrats @AndrewGillum https://t.co/348vDzuyMZ

tyler🍯 ‏@strangestigma

pleath https://t.co/759iFZ0p8T

Danielle ‏@adani2remember

My dad to my mom after coming out of surgery “how was it” my mom “I don’t know”

Leroy Jenkins ‏@Hailstate31

@AmericaFirstPAC @SheriffClarke @realDonaldTrump Damn right! #Trump2020

oluwatise ‏@maintishe

lmaooo sis, any guy that calls me an oloriburuku is getting slapped ngl. I can take “sho ti ya werey?” But a whole… https://t.co/kAbl44L8nk

chloe hawkins 🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@chlohawks

@chelsey_hawkins Merry fucking birthday

eymard ‏@eym_perez

forever and always my girls 💘 #happyTWICEday #3YearsWithTWICE

Roland Keogh ‏@re_keogh

@mmsBA Yes. Spectacular. And. Utter wow!!

Richard ‏@richardm400

Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah. ~ Psalms 62:8

Benji Antoš ‏@BenjiWrestling

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/TvROsQx1NI Michael Myer's Theme - Halloween Piano Tutorial Synthesia.

LeatherRoses&Gifts ‏@LeatherrosesG

Unique handmade leather rose, 3rd anniversary For Him or Her 9th anniversary Leather anniversary,leather gift,weddi… https://t.co/p1zARcnHsT

Dermot McEvoy ‏@FenianLaugh

@RVacchianoSNY and they $90-mil to this jerk?

KSushant ‏@KSushant4

@mirinaam1995 @kmpathi It's simply true, we r blessed to have a mentor like u @kmpathi

ari. ‏@ariiiloveeee

Zara wasn’t super packed I was pleasantly surprised. Too bad I didn’t have enough to shop😫

nevermind ‏@akosiharvii

This time, two years ago, I arrived in Abu Dhabi.

Silvia Miguens ‏@SilviaMiguens2

@USArmy Excuseme, they'r [email protected] Is this scam?

Victor Tango Kilo ‏@GenghisKhet

@iowahawkblog #WhyIWrite En serio, it's because no one was writing the kind of stuff I wanted to read.

lostina-BOO-kbrb ‏@lostinabookbrb

@NickRevws @bookgeeksunc @jay_clementi @jasonats @BookWol @DWalters29 @athinsliceof @areadingmachine @LeEmz_D… https://t.co/d4ck1RQ49M

Paris a G♥ ‏@_Gucch

@_jussBilla No bitch so 😡, we compromised tho 😏

𝚛𝚑𝚎𝚊 ❤️💣 ‏@winrens

sighs lee naeun rly is the prettiest girl in the world

ben ‏@benjamin101005

@tomstakes agreed

Potato Head ‏@GBG_DJ

When You Decide To Play Overwatch At 3am: https://t.co/sZPlmhdQIv via @YouTube

Funko_Popper89 ‏@Funko_Popper89

@geminicollect Well it was a fail this time for sure.

Gucci Del Taco ‏@Bobalou27

Not great! https://t.co/r9ICLuue70

Maria 🌹 ‏@Mxriarose

@AhhTommyy Ur brother better stay away!

Jessica Anshutz’s Ghost 👻 ‏@flannelkimono

@UnfunnyHack @RonFunches I just scream laughed at this, holy shit 😂

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