Tag Latin Capital Letter M Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter M was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁍 U+E004D


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brin ⭕ beardwizard ‏@boringbibs

@rile_sumo would love to send you big hugs and best feelings until you realize you're wonderful and important and loved rn

♡ 지민 ♡ ‏@bts_badassss

@BTS_twt u mug 🥰🥰🥰

TheSilentOne ‏@TheSile44058350

@cheekybunbuns @AlecMuffett @MrTomGray @mmasnick @crispinhunt @Creators_ECSA @techdirt @EFF @EuropeanPirates… https://t.co/e1S6ZjEbAv

IAMSTARWARS ‏@Iamthelastjedi1

@DagothValentine @LolWhitey @SOMEGUY7879 @smudboy @GeneralCatana Id Personally would like to have as little contrad… https://t.co/h9pocUBkFj

nini. ‏@kjintr

@ntrnaeun but i still get super nervous super quic k. djdjjd.

Hurricane Fina ‏@YouCantBe_STEPH

My old niggas be sooooo messy lmfao I’m watching this nigga baby mama & his “new bitch” argue but whole time litera… https://t.co/9kbODzZTfw

Sneaky Pete ‏@truespartan01

@RBReich Alex I’ll take “Weekend at Mar A Lago” for $1000

thelma. ‏@bIackishbarbie

when is kim gonna give north her own IG account already she's the future

SILLE ‏@Sille_94

Think I’ve basically grew out of playing my PS4 it’s sad tbf im gettin MK 11 when it comes out tho I wanna play thi… https://t.co/x3EYkBkOAj

jacob beaulieu ‏@JacobBeaulieu

Whenever Jackson hears emergency sirens go off outside he howls lol

J ♡ ‏@JackyyyGeee

I might just say fuck it and throw all lipsticks away cause I’m too lazy to organize them 🤷🏻‍♀️

Rita L ‏@ChihuahuaCheech

Ya! I'll second that! Tell Trump fast! https://t.co/lIj7O0dsrL

Tyler ‏@Tylerlori13

@natedoggpd @AdamStites_ @Jabbathehuff You and James still think Bortles ain't a trash can or...?

Dean Ritchie🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🙃 ‏@DeanRitchie89

@KittyMugsy @i_iove_nature Aye looks proper distressed that wee fella being fed without looking and not watching it… https://t.co/jNkXiWNpNe

Climax Larvae Mannikin ‏@mlvanlancker

@Teflon_Tape becoming a successful talent agent just to destroy the rich

🌚 ‏@DailyBrainGame

@payinallNickles @Not_KevinD35 @SportsTalkBarry Yeah favored because of regular season record... His teams were goo… https://t.co/6FVLfcIk41

sℓυsαท ‏@SlusanSusan

@Pieater69 Blimey! Thats a trip & a half! You guys week have a wonderful time💕💕💕

🧜🏼‍♀️ مرام ‏@Maramv7

I fucking hate my esoteric life 🙂 The worst is like therr is no therapy centers for the shit you go thru “ESOTERIC… https://t.co/YK2tNin6P1

momma b ‏@brookegallerr

SOOOOOO BEYOND FUCKING READY😩😛❤️ https://t.co/Jace9h4sIM

sara 🧚‍♀️ ‏@tomyjimin

I got Jeon "Jungkook" Jungkook! https://t.co/GoAf5kvP5N

Indiawalleh ‏@lumarko2

@HarbirSingh_ @TarekFatah @TimesNow @majidhyderi Times now belongs to the traitors of India group eventually !

J.B. Lyle ‏@jblyle_battle

Laughing . . . this is great! https://t.co/FZQE6bd2Va

Goo🥧 ‏@gooeh

I had a startling realization that I do around 50-90 comic panels a week (50 if im really lucky) cause im doing 2 c… https://t.co/UdpLYnVelg

Arcticalbear🏳️‍🌈 ‏@ArcticalBear

@HFKRYAN Could be worse imagine not using proper capitals in your name

HamboneJamboree ‏@HamboneJamboree

@NieRGame @SquareEnix So what's the difference between this and the original?

C. Davis ‏@Crys56

@WSheepdog @ZwartblesIE My, Little Bit is sure full of personality, isn’t she? Poor Big Fella, he’s a prime mark, s… https://t.co/QHpkukfrfY

Luolah ‏@Luolah1

@Flockybirds @patLee64029993 @xUrSoLosTx @free_2017_dom @SonOfScotland70 I never seen Muslim charity helping non Muslims , never

SJCChaplain ‏@ChaplainSjc

A pleasure to have you with us! https://t.co/IPfBs2ihXK

MR A ‏@MRA522

@kiki_daire Only been on a plane twice. Not a fan.

Esmee🎃 ‏@pieces_mended

@nxncybxy Love you ♥️🖤♥️

Chuckleberry Finn ‏@floydnelsen

@RealJack And she’s educated how much? Probably didn’t know its not a good thing to marry your brother either.

— Jᴏʀᴅʏɴɴᴇ. ‏@WriterOfSavage

LMFAAAOOOOOO https://t.co/nPiaWPySfa

ice ‏@wysterhiaa

@bpbillboard @ygofficialblink “square four”

Janet 👻😈☠️😎◟̽◞̽ ‏@zakfan22

@Mary73199522 @jaanasdotter @TOConnor1212 @virgolass93 @shanie_heger @Run_Shell_Run @NannouLoveGAC @Lisamdavis1… https://t.co/sIpSv6tWZZ

Matt Gallagher #FBPE No Confidence ‏@TammRehgallag

@Haggis_UK Can anyone point me to any EU country where a 2nd referendum caused lasting damage for a generation?

BeastMan ‏@Danny_de_Beast

@KarlAlon3 cis and trans performing their respective mating rituals

and then i saw his face.... now im a bielber! 💙💛 ‏@HRspeshness

@adzng5 Sorry for your loss. Sad news. R.I.P. 💙💛

🎗 ‏@chambiesphilzz

hi @emmachamberlain i love you

Lowkeyoncé ‏@Lowkeyonce_

@AskWhy05 I just got a new one it’s healing MF

❥ ʝεɳ ‏@tzhminju

Sungwoon is going thru: some shut

Mark Lawrence ‏@MarkLawrenceafc

@SkyNewsBreak you’re reporting of the Isis terrorist looking to return to UK with no regrets for joining ISIS is qu… https://t.co/GrCR1LFzoh

ReubenV ‏@OnReubensMind

I have so much catching up to do with my YouTube channel !!! Because this flu season going around is no F’in JOKE

story ‏@Storycontest

@KimKardashian Discover this great book. https://t.co/JVqbX9uzOR

ELECTRIC🇰🇪 ‏@Arnoldmukabi

@ArwaAbdallah90s It's good to be patriotic but it's just sad to see people talk of war so confidently and with such… https://t.co/Hfcn1AyhdY

GrindByFaith ‏@DPeezy3

@JordieCorleone Vomit Girl 😂

Nobody78 ‏@Nobody782

@Jenna_Marbles https://t.co/OzlfvYD5XP It's a hilarious video that you should watch in your next reaction thing.


LET'S TRADE ARE YOU READY 👌 DM/WHAT'S APP 📲 +1 (832) 429-6938 #bitcoinatm #investment #opportunity #sales #stock… https://t.co/gyk7pUuvl7

tu guapo rey ‏@DatBulRoni

@cici_interlude Right

𝓔𝓿𝓔 🖤 ‏@midnightwink

@ohDuel Thank u for appreciating me

Brian ‏@panadero

@ellwoodthewood @wbm312 What about Chuck Berry?

SunShinePatriot ‏@JollyBleek

@EdLatimore I was adopted in '68 in the age of closed adoption. I've never cared to find my birth parents or herita… https://t.co/6bwaBSILS7

e🖤 ‏@pastelell

i’m literally looking at dm’s that sebastian has sent me and literally he makes me the happiest person ever

mai.h ‏@yongthots


✾ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ɪꜱ ᴏᴜʀꜱ ✾ ‏@softjjungwoos

Thread of my favorite Jungwoo moments because it's his birthday tomorrow 💓🎉 #HappyJungwooDay https://t.co/WZxiU2v1YC

Rosaleen Maguire ‏@RosaleenMaguir1

@DrVBMK As a Monaghan woman I thank you.

Sean O Reilly ‏@seanoreilly85

@mholmesgolf Madness how slow he has been, all the rules to quicken the game yet hes taken an age to hit every shot & i mean every shot 🙈

Claudia ‏@claudiasophias

Never taking Caliber to a job site with us again bc the man never stops talking 😅

Ayaana ‏@Ayaanapana

Idk who needs to hear this but your feelings are valid

[email protected]@HipHop_musashi

@Tauntbutton16 alex nation have their arms well extended brother

Leandro J. Melo C. ‏@lejameco

I miss you, Ayron. 💔 https://t.co/wOtm4WxdXs

✨ ‏@kinnyboo

@Rebel2Amerikkka I guess they take a womb from a dead woman

Southside Bari ‏@1SAUCE_

21 Savage is really UK Savage, YNW Melly killed 2 of his childhood friends, and the gay dude from empire paid to ge… https://t.co/XhpsVyNsNY

Ana ‏@ana_annarie

Have fun tomorrow, 02

Tom Fierro ‏@48fierro

⚡️ “This discovery of a 30-year-old Apple IIe computer is a real blast from the past” https://t.co/dNU72OBDQP

J💎 ‏@_JTheRealMccoy

Bro ever time I watch this I can’t stop laughing https://t.co/MmuyKB3XS2

The Ghost of Tom's Chode ‏@jerdbertly

Boomers are hypebeasts for stocks

ShahNoor ‏@thatMuzlom

@qasim_taraq Did u finish the dlcs?

Cameron Williams ‏@cameron_w21

@RMunroe_17 Ever been to Galveston? Didn’t think so

Rahima Muhammad ‏@SisterRah

Trees don't have knowledge, but they do have lessons you can learn by studying. #SD19CHI #Farrakhan

O'YaKnow ‏@eloquentcomic

How dare they express joy? How dare they do anything other than punch other dudes! https://t.co/6PVcQX8kpT

r e a p e r ‏@reaprsan

@Legitlyy @NAMELESS we have potholes deep enough that when you drive over it, you slip into russia for a second

John ‏@jsoupzzz

@jshaunAU2006 Cause they gave it back or what?

Main Event Wrestling ‏@MEWrestlingUK

@peter_gallagher @ShreddybrekGYM @WrestlerBenji Thanks Peter :)!

Andy N ‏@fintanbear

@ian262 At any point in time that is simultaneously too few and too many.

36% 👑 71,1% 🌸 ‏@andreuuca

@SweetSalvat0re Sad girl 😂👏🏽

Cait♡ ‏@lunarcait1

found my new main https://t.co/mVVhdFj2XS

Somerset_Stro ‏@SomerSet_Stro

Paid In Full IV “The Grand Finale” super_phly #paidinfull #grusa #80s90sparty #ggboyz4L https://t.co/qg4xQduZu1

gennie ‏@not_your_shorty

Inside scoop: no one wants your scobies.


I’m a bald bitch?

lexieee😊🖕🏼 ‏@lexieeramirezzz

I got a massive bead ache yall fml

ABOLISH ICE ‏@beagewill

@maltyhops Uuuuuummm... I really need a chicken poncho (can’t find one anywhere) if they have them in stock. I know it’s a longshot.

finden sie sich damit ab ‏@HonestlyAids

Karen for the love of doge please return the goddamn semen

soıpnʇsʞɐǝɹɟʎɹɹnɟ ‏@FurryFreakStudi

@lvanhound no problem! ikr its one of my favorites!

Billy ‏@billyfirgi

@chelcantik Awesome

Jerry Correll ‏@jwctrnj

We need to invest in the youth of tomorrow! https://t.co/Rq6HDgOMJ0

Sammie ‏@Ragtilx

@PandaWolf2360 Yeah I have the app x

48 HR HOSEOK LOCKDOWN☘️ ‏@diorrknj

@badboyjoon 15 🥳 but still im an Adult tank u :))))

E M M A _ N U E L ‏@kvng__nero

What does it mean when your bf/gf doesn't pick your calls and reads your messages but doesn't reply?

Gareth Heaton ‏@Gareth_Heaton

@Toni_bang13 Absolutely beautiful ❤️

CryptoNewswire 🌐 ‏@CryptoNewswire

Analyst: Bitcoin Holding $3,550 Means Next Strong Move is Building - https://t.co/KOPXYS5KGZ $BTC #markets #blockchain #trading

Dan Hancox ‏@danhancox

@berniebiatch You're too kind mate! Funny thinking back that this and early grime were happening at the same time, vaguely

Steve T ‏@SOThomasnet

@DarlaShine Measles are a serious issue, that's why it was virtually eradicated 3 decades ago. You sure as hell did… https://t.co/kHcpq8mVh3

ᵒᶠᶜᵒᵃʳˢᵉ ‏@aussieCHAE

@bpbillboard @ygofficialblink THIS IS REVOLUTION @ygofficialblink https://t.co/x6mTb2vIov

Mark & Nic ‏@MarkWilce

@CallawayGolfEU @ApparelCallaway all decked out in my callaway gear pitching in to greens out of divots https://t.co/bKrSWrE9XX

✨ Yurin loves Wen Ning ✨ ‏@JJFoLe

To feel better on my parents' death anniversary I matched an OC birthday so I can feel a little better.

Lucy ‏@lyrratic

Changed into A2!!! It's cold!!!!! https://t.co/N3WEcmUS3L

dhanyero_wacho ‏@DanielShalomJNR

I see no bias https://t.co/mXytgBD6Oc

Harrison Holmes™ ‏@Harr_ison

@brady_crole Nice girl

Paca Whisperer aka Jayme ‏@SageHillfarms

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://t.co/3IItCzOESD

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