Tag Latin Capital Letter M Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter M was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁍 U+E004D


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James Turcios ‏@JamesTurcios3

Today is the big day time to make a difference.

detunji ‏@lexxharry

@_solanaofficial Happy birthday beautiful.. God bless ur new age

Kelly Morgan✌🏼️🇺🇸 ‏@KellyMFun

@DanBestor @HollandTaylor @noctulapress @seungminkim @KevinMKruse @Bencjacobs Why would anyone vote for a man who b… https://t.co/hLJF6s3z6q

BBWFan ‏@bbwfan12

@Cernovich GUILTY! Until proven innocent. Give them a doze of their own medicine.

Rob and Caz Mason ‏@RobnCaz

@mattfarrell08 @RLCentral Revolving wolfpack door ....

Jude Abzakh ‏@happinessmyfate

Yeah that crazy ass god like he’s only 9 🙄 https://t.co/D7BjLk5bEr

Claire ‏@ClaireNicoles

Changing the world is exhausting

Giving Back Magazine ‏@gbmag

Today’s #FeelGoodFriday feature the opera originally banned in Vienna, the "Marriage of Figaro" which will official… https://t.co/MOLp0wbV98

zoe ‏@softaeqi

feel like pure shite just wanna hug taehyung

The White House Resistance ‏@Foxrealfakenews

@realDonaldTrump Excuse America, you praise a Republican congressman charged with assaulting a reporter. You cal… https://t.co/9blNqsdq2S

musiclady ‏@musicladyelaine

Time to get our military to the border, before this mob gets here! https://t.co/fhUBx7MldL

wildlifelover4 ‏@wildlifelover41

@inthenewsuk @TNLUK @ThesunLondon you have to be blind not to see that dont play

Shiirts ‏@shiirts

Betty Boop Ladies T-shirt Shes Got The Look White Tee Shirt https://t.co/QzVcarbZ4k

Mister One Fire ‏@thunderm10

@thundernitro Plewonas✋

Jeremy Azevedo ‏@Dangersharkz

@languagehacker_ @IGN Same! I'm lucky to have met ya, champ!

Pierre Dumas ‏@dumasp19

@hebert_mic Glotto Blaster

Bitchface 😎 ‏@Burghgirl69

@BraylenNapier @mikepkenny @seanhannity Not BS.

Alex Ford ‏@_alex__ford_

The Mellow Yellow Chellow Bellows @laurenjames_00

Troll scientist ‏@OfficialTrolls

This legend 😂 https://t.co/dnsKfv7V8s

laylay ‏@LeslieeMirella

@xoelisuh hopefully! if i find a ticket 😅

Eric LaPorte ‏@Real_MartyMcFly

@Alyssa_Milano Stay out of politics HOLLYWOOD!!! You have no business and don’t know the real world!!

TeamSwish ‏@RobisonJeff

Sashi, that you? https://t.co/UN2EWSiMCP

Ron Mackie ‏@Americalsgt

@wpro @TrilloforGov I have to say this, and I know people will call me out for it, but I just can't believe he's n… https://t.co/KtQXyLAcFZ

liamkmac ‏@liamkmac

John Goodman: The Show Has A 'Hollow Center' Without Roseanne https://t.co/VOxo2Ycg1i @realDailyWire

Coonley ES Library ‏@CoonleyLibrary

@bylaurenfitz @roalddahlmuseum Roald Dahl Funny Prize ran from 2008 to 2013. Having trouble linking on twitter ...… https://t.co/TR0vz99am8

WLSN ‏@twilltterr

Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/VTDlUwtgNf WHAT’S GOOD?! FENTY BEAUTY HOLIDAY COLLECTION REVIEW

candis ‏@kendicanes

@carastaa IKR SAME :(((((((

ov ‏@ov96832950

hit go on

SleepyHollow ‏@SHES_Dolphins

What a great way to engage students using https://t.co/R5stYkB8xl to review Virginia Studies content #FCPSR2 https://t.co/ZfwOvhvKmm

𝓛𝓾𝓴𝓪𝓼 ‏@_lukas_cr

@CR_Visaith @SlyGuyCR "too young for the army" lmao you're acting like he's a 13 years old kid

Taylor ‏@TaylorPatrickC

Old and busted: Cultural appropriation is racist New hotness: Calling out Warren for cultural appropriation is racist

kun’s coffee date ‏@goldennmakbae

My little brother is trying to get into nct and he’s got most of them down pat but he keeps getting yuwinil mixed u… https://t.co/Ucs0aDB2el

Ronin ‏@RoninWick

Because @CNN is terrified to offend @donlemon White Boyfriend. https://t.co/WXPN9jMaa1

MadeInHNL ‏@Reeceezyy

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they look different in Flipped selfies?

HeForShe ‏@HeForShe

This is important, check this out: "Toxic masculinity, loneliness and being a man in 2018" #HeForShe #GenderEquality https://t.co/aqoVXB7ZOl

Barton Hall ‏@brtnhll77

@NewsRadio930 Note that Russians exploit the same bigotry and racism that MAGA propagandists do. It's no coincide… https://t.co/EqY80DlLU0

EXO DROUGHT ⚠️ ‏@Angele_KimTuan

@berrywoos Yess I’m bored. BRING IT ON lol

🇺🇸Kim Yen Nguyen🇺🇸 ‏@KimYenNguyen68

This is Sweden. This is terrifying. Don’t be like Sweden. https://t.co/aEqik494MK

Km Surgical ‏@KmSurgical

Avenue Health is home of KM Surgical & Dermatology Associates. Our theatres are now available for hire. Take a tou… https://t.co/5I3Yc18kb7

ّ ‏@xvmh10

happy birthday to my favorite person in the world, keep smiling and enjoy your life, i wish you a new and happy yea… https://t.co/ZfkPL6ZNhm

Fat Nigga Named Norris ‏@Nrriss

New controller luck?👀🤔 prob not cause I’m shit https://t.co/Fn008o5rfJ

EyesWideOpen ‏@WWG_1WGA_

You know who DID have hit lists though, Obama and Brennan https://t.co/BfJhybWPW0

charli. ‏@ROSYFLWRS

i’m currently feel https://t.co/bD8jJlQSov

˚✧⋆ʚՄӀԵɾɑѵíօӏҽղԵ♡⃛ɞ✧˚ ‏@Deathfulintents

Honestly, today’s vibes was all I ever needed to step up my healing process and brighten my mood. <3

skeleton in a sweater ‏@youaretreasured

my heart swells for these humans, these friends who made my humble words their own. thankyouthankyouthankyou. and… https://t.co/P5PRd7qgNj

Trace the Mighty 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@allthesequeries

I'm surprised Making a Murderer Part 2 isn't trending yet, honestly, given how crazy people went for the first episodes.

Matthew Charles ‏@FunnyMATTers

@williampugh714 Yessir! Love gaming and I love the people who hang with me! Sometimes I start streaming after a rou… https://t.co/7BUA0IwPMi

Robin ‏@robin5362

@WickedCats @ReneeLibby2 I would like to knock some sense into people that still support those in charge

Michael booker ‏@Michael50004375

@BangTidyHQ @AmberTurner_x On it 👌

JenFox ‏@jenfoxbot

In true maker spirit, was up late last night finishing this *adorable* obstacle for my Robot Mini Golf workshop: a… https://t.co/1R3jZbsgQ9

Pepe Silvia ‏@bloodgutschoco

I thought they were giving out free crepes at Manhattan vintage but they were actually just gluten free crepes lmfao

will Morley ‏@willMorley5

@peterwalker99 But assaults on the average republican is ok! U Dems are totally bankrupt. Kill unwanted babies in… https://t.co/tZfqvDTxMA

Oak Park HS AVID ‏@Northmen_AVID

Had a great time walking in the parade. https://t.co/vLEPMhpnpV

liv ‏@lostkairos

ya girl is officially president of AHS Spanish club,,, yeet,,, also this dude winked at me twice today ? i am thoroughly confused

Laura Aley-Taylor ‏@LauraAleyTaylor

@CurtisForeman8 Oh how I needed that reminder 😀 I find myself really getting angry with some of the people tweeting at me.😡 Thank u,CF 💓💕

💫Chani Evenstar™💫 ‏@ChaniEvenstar

(((Bruce Berman))) https://t.co/xujpluNeXe

Juan C. Reneo ‏@ReneusMeister

@NickJacksonYB Do you like Football(soccer)?

🌿Cute Polly🎀 ‏@cute_polly12

@abipop It’s okayyyy😭💖💖💖 https://t.co/5jRrG1ZITq

عبدالعزيز ،⭐️ ‏@iiixi46

I'm at TheGathering in Alsalhiya https://t.co/oLNOoarPnR

Sy Freedom ‏@Sypanderp

Whelp, I took a bunch of photos of me in suit about 3 weeks ago and then my memory got wiped soooo... have a repost… https://t.co/EA64eN2BAa


@kimberlyarchie What is the “right” thing to do? We are all ears.

Liana ‏@lianagreyp

A coworker made me laugh while I was eating a donut and a shard of glaze hit the back of my throat and almost kille… https://t.co/jYmDXshowY

Marioh fuck off ‏@Marioanddj

that's that cute shit

syedafalak ‏@syedafalak3

@xtayaway Seriously 🙄

Thomas Berg ‏@Cockofthewalk00

@gtobynj @GrimReaperInc If history has taught us anything I'm thinking the French and the Germans are coming to blo… https://t.co/IAxZ6s3QMf

PRIMADONNA ‏@LivClasiclyDope

You niggas fell off and you’ll never recover

ecstasy of gold ‏@mahoganhogmanay

I wonder if there are any secret memos or directives going out about stopping Democratic-leaning voters from voting… https://t.co/gYaFcFXnBe

Cassandra Bucio ‏@CassandraBucio

@pitbull Vote spread the word before your followers lose more of their family

An⭕️nym⭕️use ♟ ‏@SiteNook

Republicans, Proud Boys, and Nazi are afraid of large mobs of Dim-ocratic libtard snowflakes that will throw snowba… https://t.co/7YFr8mz8cE

𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖍 ‏@bbygrandx

sky when i try and show her love 😔😔😔 https://t.co/oIRwjqLXpE

Flat Mars Man 📡 ‏@SweetSpaceship

@Rabidcow1 @ricco1039 @nickapls @MarkDice Also there is nothing wrong with soy.

Missy Elliott ‏@MissyElliott

If I do nothing else in life seeing things like this put a smile on my heart❤️ if my words can help inspire or moti… https://t.co/0xmMvB5ibB

Andrew James ‏@badbrainAJ

@_FeachNews @WillBlackWriter I will go for Ian Dury - What a waste.

Indie Music Success ‏@iMusicSuccess

Out now! New song called “No Cap” by hip hop artist Rashaad. Watch the Youtube music video:… https://t.co/S3PSykMwu2

Ellie ‏@ell0306

Remember my dad sneakily pinching a boys arm hard enough for him to cry on his way out the school gates after he le… https://t.co/uktYojpphK

ً ‏@solotwts

omg my baby. ilysm https://t.co/eLpvm3PxNa

Jillian Avery🌟 ‏@JillianAveryxox

"I'm sorry that's not vegan" Wait😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭 https://t.co/3Wb3CgszDm

F. dey worry ‏@FawelFaiz

@kelvinadjei_ oh i want help you speed up the process, or make i call @germainemilap make he do 😂

Tim M. ‏@Flyersguru

My guess is that Howie wanted nothing to do with that remaining contract of Hyde.

shivanie ‏@hereformarcus

@tehegeorgia for real. when i watched the music video i was like wow this is amazing i gotta show him more support… https://t.co/HUJhy8te0v

Anthony Lee Devanney ‏@AnthonyLeeDevan

@MaajidNawaz YES! Maajid is our Guy! The only cure for bad Ideas and hard truths without using violence is sunlight… https://t.co/9RQTSkRQIw

Pam VS ‏@PamVS2

@david332465997 @ToddAultIII That link is so 2017. Are you the reincarnation of FRR, or just a new troll?


I have the worst headache I don’t even take medicine like that but I need some medicine like right now 😭😭😭😭😭

Yao ‏@Cypr_

@Melanille__ Thaaaaaaaanks 💜

Safroi ‏@safroihq

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/Vb0f1E2aRu [Electro] - Pegboard Nerds - Emergency [Monstercat Release]

Vanessa Rocha💙 ‏@vanessa_rocha88

@KateArthur76 @KatiexMcGlynn Sinead really needs him by her side 😭

Ben Macintosh ‏@NotBenMacintosh

@RachelWentzell @CooperKenzie09 @Ashley89125374 I think if everyone is taking about mental health then it will crea… https://t.co/fr9j4uzHCN

🇨🇮🇺🇸@WhatsOnDraftNFL ‏@j_fid

@BradKelly17 C'mon bro. If you ain't snappin up an 8ball of Dominican dust & washing it down w Mountain Dew you ain't tryin.

Stock News Times ‏@stocknewstimes

Fis Group Inc. Invests $1.58 Million in iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (IEMG) Stock https://t.co/ZKFSbuc0wx


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Grill Of Diamonds💎 ‏@TownLala

@ciara Awww So Precious “He’s A Good Brodee!😍💙 #blessthemhearts💙💕 @ciara @DangeRussWilson #staybless

Charleigh Burn ‏@DarthVenjus

Imagine being the guy who fucks up so badly that Putin looks like the good guy in this situation 😳 https://t.co/MFsljZGrOB

🎃Spooky🎃Shay🎃 ‏@Shayman94

@anaitatel Don't do something dumb pls.

Kimberly Mae ☾ ‏@kimburrlymae

I have never loved anything more on YouTube than @shanedawson’s Jake Paul series. It was beautiful.

Calipeach69 ‏@Calipeach691

@LeonardGilbert2 @CNN Your president lies everyday. Spare me about CNN

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