Tag Latin Capital Letter M Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter M was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁍 U+E004D


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Nick Westcott ‏@NickWestcottRAS

Delighted to speak to the African Group of Heads of Mission in London today, hosted by HE Amb Amar Abba of Algeria.… https://t.co/s7lopwoS15

U.S. Department of Education ‏@usedgov

🏅 Edwin Bodoni ⭐️ Englewood, Colorado 🏫 Cherry Creek High School https://t.co/sQrJtmghGP

lio. ‏@NurSyawal9

class thread 😂

angela clavijo ‏@angelaclavijo

Morning runs at random parks in random cities https://t.co/plEaIbuSik

Jane L. Sumner ‏@JaneLSumner

@JustinEsarey Are death threats higher impact than hate mail? Does the hate mail have higher impact if it's written… https://t.co/Wd5AyCowYM

ChyseQa Patrick 🦁 ‏@kisekkapatrick7

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Why don't you assume that they can't waste that energy on singing!!! They went to play football https://t.co/hxiW8IspOM

Ben Locke ‏@BenL1981

@mary_annastle @Sotlive Good break then?

angel vicky ‏@Vicky_smalz

@LabiDexter @Crhedrys 😭😭😭 confam CDSS Ikeja!!! You garrit!!!

Chasing Amy ‏@AimingRightAtU

@rossiej67 Twitter is a private company AND CAN SUSPEND YOU FOR ANY REASON. Ya know, the same way you want to allo… https://t.co/vRlZfMewL6

Mc Abel ‏@AbelTheMc

We start a fresh! https://t.co/hrQjQ5oIkF

Brandon. ‏@B_Wi11s

@iandschultz Jimmy Smith or Earl Thomas.

Scarab ‏@ScarabOfficial

@TwitterMoments I'm so glad they named it after a feminine hygiene product. It makes the association then with keep… https://t.co/PHKvXQGRRb

Surf Manx ‏@ClayCalif1

@johncusack And yet you use fascist propaganda just like a true Nazi!

Marijo👽 ‏@fauxawakenings

@DarcyCarden @nbcthegoodplace My sweet chili babies, I love you so much.🖤🧠🌻

Pflugerville Community Development Corp. ‏@PCDC_TX

☑️ Create revolutionary 3D Printers ☑️ Print Iron Man suit ☑️ Attach 1,000hp jets to fly #Pflugerville, TX based… https://t.co/ZysbS5NGxR

L.A. Daily News ‏@ladailynews

What California cities have the biggest credit card balances? https://t.co/VfByh1DEMP https://t.co/Njngw7BmYt

ingenierasiete ‏@ingenierasiete

Precio: 50 Confort: 1 IDThing: 743

shel 🎉 24 ‏@suneatcrs


a ♌ ‏@anushtree

my mom and i made plans today for lunch and haircuts and she actually decided to go to work instead... i just got dunked on by my own mother

danu ‏@danulmao

@IlanaNight13 SELF CARE

Paundra ‏@faisaladji17

trust the process

ʷAxel🇸🇪 ‏@ftblaxel

@ajxthfc Exactly, shit defending from England right there

Don Deisher ‏@ddeisher

@ewarren Quit making up Stuff Russia was Messing in our Elections & Other things when Obama was POTUS he said they… https://t.co/FnOk3KmeFU

noemi. ‏@mimixn_

This to cute lol https://t.co/cvYkiOYY7G

Char Gust ‏@ndsledchic

Sometimes I'm in a STATE of confusion but today I'm just showcasing my homestate of North Dakota. We've got graphic… https://t.co/m0Bekp8FhM

Abe R.J. ‏@hellboys_master

@Michael812 @yf29785 Do you know that is probably that soviet union has been contact with UFO Person from about 194… https://t.co/hom9Kcw5dg

‎ᴇᴍɪʟʏ ‏@fawhovian

@kiyokostempo 🤠🤠twins!

deniz ‏@deniizkesicii

just put it in ur mouth i don’t get why a thread is needed https://t.co/DK25zL6rP1

TedBundy ‏@JussNish

@NeeneeBabyyyy I like the blue on u 💙

Kam Miller ‏@Kam_Miller6

@Coach_Scott31 The possibility of life!!! #EverydayIsABlessing

Daniel O F C Hale ‏@1hale

@kaceyainsworth Gorgeous and Stunning

an cermet™ ‏@chyschaut

That’s how it be I guess sometimes. https://t.co/E6lwhNL3Uf

M.K. Wilson ‏@AlottaWitchy

This!! https://t.co/ptbikmwqDE

bmconley ‏@bmconley

Is it really this easy to stop tear gas? https://t.co/P6HJEAxhd9 via @slate #govt467

sinnerswift ‏@sinnerswift13

@TS7Track07 that's a Kanye song 😭

Cody ‏@CodyJoakes

His reaction is priceless. https://t.co/uarC6bWnWi

Jamela Pinile ‏@JamilaRus08

I wasted my love for someone who is not worthy to love.

Bkstar00 ‏@bkstar00

@HandmaidsOnHulu Can't wait for the new episode!

Bear Raid SIREN ‏@BearSiren

@clutchbryant Did someone say something

jillian🍔🍟 ‏@getawayc4r

@shookitoff i’m sorry bb :( i’ve been struggling with mine lately too. just take it one step at a time and if you need to talk i’m here💕

Tarun Thakur ‏@BihariBabuTarun

@Akali1469 Oh now i am mentally ill. It's called freedom of expression.

my name is STILL Austin ‏@austinleeko

I’m gonna be in Canada tomorrow what the heck

Александр Кадыков ‏@kadykov44

You are my best friend, my human diary and my other half. You mean the world to me and I LOVE YOU. https://t.co/PCH2DKqQUt

olgabcncat ‏@olgabcncat

@TotBcn The Oscar goes to...

G-Man ‏@gkgguy

If the media is going to blast the airways w/Trump’s Campaign Rallies as they did in 2016 they should give ALL cand… https://t.co/a65wARLw7R

Pope Duncan Trussell XXX ‏@duncantrussell

Homelessness, Typhus, Bubonic plague, deep fake technology and secret rituals at Fox News all this and more on this… https://t.co/ZZIH97yPQC

hzo⁸³ 🥺💙' ‏@Shamri83

@cuteDH_ Happy trip 🥺♥️♥️♥️

Emilie ‏@emilierevitt_

Hate it when Hannah's ill😫

Marza ‏@Maksoortiya

What do you guys think of the names Nizar and Yara?

flo ‏@flowintegra

Do i enjoy suffering.

Tammy V🌸 ‏@Tammykayv

@SocialNature @ChosenFoods Thanks for the chance!!

Momo ‏@moringtone

@MlNNYIE No worries! It'my pleasure. Good luck for your comeback 🙌 And please send my regards to the other members

Youth Ministry Link ‏@_YMLink

After July 1, the price goes to $45/person for #SPEAK19. Don't miss out on the best price! Register now! This year… https://t.co/ZotMno4pfe

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Ozarks ‏@vanguardozarks

John Legend Joins Movement To Get Changing Tables In Men's Bathrooms https://t.co/lfy3yIiI7j https://t.co/PJw36dbMXO

Sarah Ashworth ‏@SarahJAshworth

The ‘after’ shot after celebrating a national Edward R. Murrow award for Overall Excellence at ⁦@vprnet⁩ #murrow ⁦… https://t.co/oA2TVkHwrF

kb ‏@klbreuer

Please share and help catch this SOB. #LivePD @LivePDNation @PascoSheriff @TomMorrisJr1 @Sean_C_Larkin @danabrams… https://t.co/eKmqad8nWq

Lavanya Residents Welfare Association ‏@LavanyaWelfare

@DEEPAKKAHUJA @DC_Gurugram @AmitKhatriIAS @Vipulgroupin @cmohry @mlkhattar @kMakrand @mukki181 @DXPAssociation… https://t.co/vaqIIP13DU

00000 ‏@neroscaeva

@Yuffentine Its so stressful

ama addo ‏@ama38addo

@sussexpodcast @wandycole0531 @MaameAgyeiwaa36 @adzo72 @GirlTema @TawiahAdjoa Whaaaat?

soo hwa #Uh_Oh ‏@seshuhuatu

@soocoilor oFC, there's not a single day when my woogie isn't pretty 😋

A. S. ‏@Broadsword21579

@Lots_Of_Fun_69 While the average retired person pays more to survive, the CRA picks and chooses who should properl… https://t.co/khEgYeleNH

Fraumaj le Chat ‏@Fraumaj

@cClemBomb @UneTourte good bye

[email protected]@sotuiofficial

@tanchiky I AM SO JEALOUS

Craig Geraghty ‏@CraigGeraghty

@RedHourBen I had the pleasure of directing your mom in a film and we screened it a few times for her and your dad.… https://t.co/YopRBX9G1u

sylvain come fuck 🔥 ‏@argenaurum

omfg around you just Now got to 1.8 mil... how long has it been since we started 'streaming' cause it doesnt seem like anybodys doing it

milano thee space bugatti ‏@milanthotdottir

@mrmac53 @msmrveI @LoveAndShalom How would Shuri make sense? She has no connection to ANYTHING within in the Iron H… https://t.co/2kxdmt7Yme

Faza ‏@Ghirinniexx

@ShoutOut3Sub "Hello! It's nice to meet you!"

Lisa Wooten ‏@lwooten1990

Lisa Wooten Sold A Framed Print #LisaWootenPhotography #FramedPrint #ParadiseParkNashvilleSign… https://t.co/F0zSFFv5Gr

❄chanbaek 💎💛 ‏@itsmejuslin

@MYE0NM0NEY Words cant define how much i love EXO. btw im not just an OT9 stan im an OT12 bitch. https://t.co/OJ8r3O0MqW

BitFlyerPrice[15m] ‏@BitflyerPrice

BTCJPY ↑ ask:985155 bid:984253 FXBTCJPY ↑ ask:1020469 bid:1020347 ETHBTC ↓ ask:0.02959 bid:0.02911

Vee. ‏@vidalstallings

' Gucci, Louis, Hermes, and Givenchy on my body. Rollin up sumn' super strong I'm sorry, I'm on molly🅿

lupe ‏@chanelaulait

@celinemargiela same! they fit so good also and they are not long on me (happens to me always)

Wombats ‏@wombatsapple

R: Can’t endure without Lisa. J: Can’t dance without Lisa. L: Can’t eat without Lisa. Lisa: Can’t decide. #chaelisa… https://t.co/2reyhzweQT

TJ ❌ ‏@Tjhf78

@mike_settino @ewarren It'll take more than this to get him to go to war. Trump isn't about war.

ザックリ– • パッチ ‏@confusionofzach

I really need today off from work. Bonnaroo has made my entire body sore

Norman Hardwick ‏@jn_hardwick

@bbclaurak Q. How many MPs does it take to cross off names ? Answers please

Adam Slater ‏@Tatakai_no_Kami

@HolyCaGnolli Or maybe that's "Gnolly Parton?"

Mary Branscombe ‏@marypcbuk

@rodtrent @sbisson Kaizala is mobile first, front line worker first. there's going to be some squishy venn diagram… https://t.co/e4V2Ftp9ti

𝒜. 𝒞𝑜𝒸𝑜𝒶 🇬🇭 ‏@FiaaCocoa

Okay, but can we talk about how gracefully auntie Mo’Nique has aged?? 😍 https://t.co/HZXUiti5gT

Marko Talevski ‏@TalevskiMarko

@johnlcooper @koreycooper @JenLedger GET BACK TO THE US NOW!!

SAMSON AHIRO ‏@SamsonAhiro2

My Girl Friend's Phone always Shows a Plane ✈ Whenever i am with her -I think She Wants To be a Pilot in Future- Ia… https://t.co/2tLQzx2iKn

David Lane ‏@davidlaneimages

Oh, bugger me. Well that would be the UK well & truly down the pan then ! https://t.co/LXg87hi2VY

acaso-sun ‏@coreyteixeira_

the only girl I’ve ever seen dress good is @ChristianeCCC13

Kim Hyo ‏@hyoriinnie

@IMJOONSCRAB @btshamsterr Excuse me https://t.co/zFli4OwJCW

Tyler Dozier ‏@bigdoz710

Holy fuck today must be everyone bitch at Tyler day 😂

Ann is so proud of Daniel Howell ‏@annisnowonfire

Good Omens as Vines 2: ye saga continues https://t.co/LLM5gPY71f

dhphoto ‏@dhphoto

@yol1s1 @LeaveEUOfficial @Arron_banks @SadiqKhan Because of austerity? Bollocks

WesternWorld74 ‏@WWorld74

@nico_manocchio @KerridwinR @mirandadied4u @jools6691 @Schmoop0521 @Megavolt1 @Catheri77148739 @TerryExSci… https://t.co/rbDhQcf2XN

cris ‏@cj_paulino

@EndlessJeopardy what is egg-on nog

bay ‏@baycrosby

@sufferxconquer oh my god i totally see it!!! can i have an autograph

12 Russians in a spring 🌸 trenchcoat ‏@HorridHenryVIII

@KevinKay500bee @ByronYork Thanks, I’ll read it.

Aylwyn Scally ‏@aylwyn_scally

@Peston 'bring the Tory party into disrepute'?! In what universe is that an actual consideration.

wiwing ‏@jejeromecapili

Wrong timinggggg

Kia🍁 ‏@kk_rae_ab

@Mister_Puppers @vestenotcer 😂😂😂😂😂 thanks

Later ‏@theverytiredboy

It’s always nice to end the day with yoga.

Fahad Mohiz ‏@FahadMohiz

Actually we can't....coz both planets sets earlier 2 hours ago https://t.co/c1nlokNtYo https://t.co/UAH8BNKCsI

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