Tag Latin Capital Letter N Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter N was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁎 U+E004E


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Yola Bandz ‏@Peep_Yo_Swagg

Good dick make a bitch forget she got friends to hang wit.

𝓴𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓲𝓮 ‏@joonslilbub

brb gonna paint my nails ^^

Joe Rutigliano ‏@Coach_Rutz

@haleyyy_thomas same https://t.co/56xVwckqrk

bladimir lenning ‏@mountingdo

@meohmyapplepie is tgat real

Ju$tin Frierson ™ ‏@Jfrie_

He’s gone for real he said fuck all yall✌🏾 https://t.co/ZCLzXVK3fW

Cakes Land Egypt ‏@Cakes_Land_Egy

Toys from our toys corner 😍😍 https://t.co/R13TF3gViN 121 mohamed el maqrief end of abu dawood elzahery. Nasr city.… https://t.co/rm6BpRQW6V

Gavin’s Libido ‏@TimesUpGavin

@HuffPost Costco needs to install metal detectors.

Muhammad Ariful Islam ‏@muhaarifulislam

With some moments of happiness 😍😍 https://t.co/x70tj4PtIZ

Ray Arvizu Jr. ‏@rj_arvizu

@evan_mobley7 Happy Birthday young fella. Hope you have a great one!!

Kidue ‏@cleanaturalady

@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @abcnews @BretBaier Okay. Here’s something you win BIGLY. You win the stupidest tweet of… https://t.co/uOjjaHvcG7

Yolanda Jones ‏@Yolanda20716157

@rlswtpea13 @dellchildrens @YeeYeeApparel Waiting patiently!!!

adilene ‏@AdiiRivas

@yose_nakceli @Jazzy_Hi @Tevez0415 Agreeeee!!!!

Bas#5✨ ‏@AlhagiBas

@doneldee @IvanNyakana Advice him not to ever play bet for man U

Jay♉️🦍 ‏@EazyMoneyy33

@_Lamarcus33 They all probably bad as hell

SWORD [COMMS OPEN] ‏@chocorinpa

glad that bot accs are so easy to spot on this site

Josephine Whitaker ‏@pheenywhits

I have to wonder, though, to what extent we can consider e.g. funds under EU-Turkey deal "unearned" income. Doesn't… https://t.co/agA8Nhobyw

Evette Williams ‏@WriterEve

Hardee's. https://t.co/gXylr4S6oO

Mel Montá ‏@OfficialMelOpEd

Sometimes I sit and think about the bullets I've dodged.

Oralia Peña🐾 ‏@oralia_1991

@TheMissPrissyK @ArielleMonai She is gorgeous in her own way...

Ashley HomeStore ‏@AshleyHomeStore

@Steves08400076 This isn’t the experience we aim to provide. Please send us a PM with your contact information and… https://t.co/axVlaaaXps

Brian V Diesel ‏@BrianVDiesel1

@CTCullensArt @RepMarkMeadows It is. As much as can be lawfully done.

Darrell Goodliffe ‏@dgoodliff12

@Amojak2 @Fight4GB @brexitparty_uk @TiceRichard @Nigel_Farage @UKIP @GerardBattenMEP Notice the cute dismissal of v… https://t.co/OtMdzlwlRQ

ZsaZsa Daniel ‏@ZsaZsaLovely

UK MPs sign pledge to protect ocean for generations to come https://t.co/bhb6sg8HTf via @sascampaigns

R_G ‏@RebeccaMedrano0

@hannahinvt @New2018World Happy Birthday!

✨Vishala Kumar✨ ‏@VishalaKumar

Honestly could do with some hot soup right about now🍜🍜🍜🍜🌧️🌧️🌧️♨️♨️

First Distribution ‏@FirstDist

Data centers are moving towards #cloudnative tech partly due to how efficiently it can run a workload. @ron_miller… https://t.co/szs19b8bXP

nephron ‏@smellysmily

@khandisna @dvncho how old r u exactly

New England Motor Press Association ‏@NEMPA

Lori Scholz has worked at @Hyundai for nearly 30 years. She helped transform this company to the acclaimed success… https://t.co/LG3lU983D6

Me 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦 ‏@Reem22345070

@N_MoeJ @Weezy1748 @bellahadid She looks like him btw.

Jennifer ‏@prettyhotbooks

The Settler by Orit Arfa https://t.co/nI7RVGOYnB

Tessa, ‏@winterlargos

ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ✧ ⊹ @dustofangels   —; when your voice won't make a sound, here it's safe, in this place, up off the cloud… https://t.co/NEXcDEASs6

chexa #AINGBELEGUG jfb? ‏@Chaerosiex

@AUTOMNFS Hello captain/?

Hot Girl Oshun 🌻 ‏@Janell_Corinth

@CP91_ I'm legally blind....

bye ‏@Vurydd

@Lxazee Good one da

carolineᴮᵂˢ ‏@rycnjien

@RPAutoBase reply

m ‏@mchlmrnto

Hppnss is in the simplest moments.

maria #forcersei ‏@cissyissues

@penelobae imagine her reading that like https://t.co/yXv9XpExC5


@7NewsSydney Dr. Suave https://t.co/0YC9SCvTCX MY NEW CD COMING 2019 https://t.co/GsfTry0pTh… https://t.co/JPuSDnPs1o

Hindley St Benedicts ‏@HStBenedicts

#Year6 After learning about the importance and benefits of exercise, we observed how it affected our heart rates.… https://t.co/o2AAeFpjhf

walkingbomb💣 ‏@Uniqueeeeeeee__

all this work i’m putting in , its really starting to pay off .

Gypset Dreams ‏@LAGypsySoul

I’m so fucking sad today for no reason. Constantly on the verge of tears and feeling so defeated

Pucks A'Plenty ‏@MxPucksAPlenty

Tonight is the night! #thefreshdish returns to substation206 for a night of #newbieburlesque served hot! Look for t… https://t.co/oxdEknobPk

Christian Anderson ‏@chrinder

@MikeKatulka @ZacharyJeans @gwestr Same here. Where did you go @gwestr?

Chayeon ‏@ichaecyeon

Hello jisung! Wassup?? https://t.co/3PAWAw7J9D

Kanji Tatsumi ‏@GetBentKanji

Teddie broke my 419 combo

oh boy ‏@Welcome_2_Moes

@missbte @MikeDrost28 @jimgeraghty @DavidAFrench Easy win

n ‏@jaehyunisty


lovebts ‏@luarmy4

How do you get over Pied Piper? Cause i can’t😍 #bts

Craig Clungwyn ‏@riverlevel_0835

On 18/06/19 at 14:00 the river level was 0.58m.

Sheik ‏@Sheik_SSBU

@Marth_SSBU @Violet_CPUCS He’s right.

chuu ‏@tokmyg

@softygvk conclusion: ur a wolf https://t.co/DegjoWjI6k

margaret dixon ‏@dixmag2

@CirioUK Tasty #TomatoTuesday

‎bbh maid ‏@WJSoldNothing

my laptop battery.. sis........

🏳️‍🌈Catherine🏳️‍🌈 ‏@americano_felix

update: of course i didnt survive what did yall expect

🎠 ‏@wendyprint


Ibrahim muhammed ‏@saratu_ibrahim

You can see urself!!! For how long will u continue this lies. https://t.co/F3DU88QkK5

Emɑ Tɑrgɑryen《ℓαυrєท's sυsнi ‏@lmjbloodflies

@daeneryswrath I really can't stan us https://t.co/ybo2wZ4b0X

The mad computer scientists errant simulated human ‏@MadCPUScientist

@FrankLuntz @ImperialVienna Impossibly stupid

sean mahon ‏@badseamus

@AshLoveridgeSNJ @FGRFC_Official @Ebouadams @EUFCofficial that's Reece Brown covered then..

Nyree Matthew ‏@matthew_nyree

Sophie from gshore is funny as fuck on Twitter has me in stitches all the time😂😂 @SophieKasaei_

Jake S. ‏@matzamafia

@Triwidow50 @RealSaavedra It's "border" and AOC had NOTHING to do with Amazon. She wasn't part of the negotiations… https://t.co/iolqtcNOkO

Alissa ‏@Chuuspeachy

@BT21_ lonely bro

Mohammad Zafar ‏@ZafIndian

@cmkhealthatwork @RealGacinski @BBC @FasdhubScotland Ohh thanks.

Grandview MO Chamber ‏@gmochamber

Welcome new member, Friends of Lakeside Nature Center supports Lakeside Nature Center by providing volunteers & fun… https://t.co/DkhdSo2B18

Ashley Parker ‏@xsincerely

Someone might not be happy with your performance today, includ... More for Leo https://t.co/tvt8lUr9ga

David Cantu ‏@davidcantu841

@PaulMcCartney Happy birthday Paul.

The Dalai Farmer ‏@Grove_digger

@milkymoobiscuit I'm posting this picture so often in response to stupid shit like this that it may as well be my p… https://t.co/ehftKCimUP

Dún Laoghaire Vinyl Festival ‏@DunlVinyl

43 years after 'Horslips Live' was recorded in Dún Laoghaire, Barry Devlin @lockyjim and Johnny Fean of… https://t.co/FanxwpbMEM

Muhd_No ‏@mhd_indriatno

Oh baby why do you run away - Maps Maroon5

HOLLY ‏@cherryblsmgen

@mightseduce_ or seokjinnies but mostly satans.

Alissa Rose Patterson ‏@alissaroseford

@blackbaud why is RE down??#justacitygirl #livinginablackbaudworld #chatisdowntoo #imstartingtonotbelieve

Rick Dolphin ‏@RickDolphin1

@EricRWeinstein My favorite is the “tough luck” responses. Like millions of desperate people wouldn’t be a problem for everyone 🙄

Tee-Pee ‏@TPizTheKiNg

Initiating a serious discussion with a friend or colleague can... More for Pisces https://t.co/z2deuEHvWv

aranela ‏@aranelasworld


. ‏@taetaeyunk

@Kodaline @BTS_twt @steveaoki COLLAB PLSSSSSSS

TJ🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 ‏@ThomasFirmino

@LivEchoLFC @lfcisabelle No Trent to Origi!

Granard Primary Sch ‏@GranardSch

We’re settling into our tents too! Watch out - we may need your help to vote for the cleanest & tidiest tent via a… https://t.co/kw2xwyBGgU

Dani Loves Super Junior 💙 ‏@Mamacita5212

@OfficialMonstaX and @shfly3424 released music videos today so y’all better stream both of them or else 🙂 #monstax… https://t.co/atb9wHliKz

Ben Mintz ‏@Benmintz531

I am seeing Louisville -140 on Bovada today......all about it. Big difference between 18-20 year old kids bouncing… https://t.co/vHEeSZns9y

chino ‏@Christo51042041

People really be bitter

Maribel Lozano Sanchez ‏@8maribelLS

Really would Love to have this scholarship or any other! https://t.co/03dzgLEzQW

McGill Dentistry ‏@DentistryMcGill

Dr. McKee's Research Chair in Biomineralization continues his important work on the mineralization (or calcificati… https://t.co/Cty9mpDwzD

{RUZ}#UhOh📻 ‏@g_idlebts


무 ‏@_illust0907

@ShadowNaoto Yes fam, i dmed ^^

Usable Knowledge ‏@UKnowHGSE

School's out in much of the country, which means students from coast to coast are cracking open To Kill A Mockingbi… https://t.co/zCiJJa7Tly

Straight Outta Soy Rehab ‏@OuttaSoy

@Angel0fTheMorn @HuffPostCanada Yep, and since James Woods isn't posting anymore I hope he doesn't mind me stealing… https://t.co/rjL03A0EYx

Al Pops USA ‏@AlPopsUSAFB

With the @USNFT Middle School Bowl Game in Canton, Ohio coming up June 25-29th...let's take a look back at some of… https://t.co/tPnRljOM7m

🌸 ‏@manzuma_

When someone thinks they know everything but you hit them with the facts #LateLateLondon https://t.co/EydrMcQHEa

Adam Warlock ‏@StagBeChillin

They still want big men shootin from the concession stand I see https://t.co/8Y24YHDcYx

MCGW ‏@MombasaCGW

#Mombasa Dear all there is serious flow of sewerage coming out from above building on biashara street .for about 3m… https://t.co/YuFUvI7aHQ

Garry Garry Garry ‏@garryplaysmusic

We did done did it 💪 @ Drumlanrig Castle & Country Estate https://t.co/L17NL9yZT7

David Parks ‏@pgasaluki

@PoliticalShort @DineshDSouza We'll ask questions later.🤠 https://t.co/o5a6TvSVXW

Simon Spencer ‏@CoffeeandCave

This is only viable strategy. It’s also good long term politics as Brexit will rebound on Brexiters. https://t.co/F3nkyHo40t

ひ ₭Δ$ ひ ‏@polo_buck

Extra wrangling is required to get on the same page with a col... More for Virgo https://t.co/FYlwqkAHcL

iEliteOreo ‏@iEliteOreo

Thumb sleeves 10/10


I have so many downloaded videos I now can’t access

Mike Rider ‏@JustMikeRider

@PreppyProf Just a bit fiscally conservative. Can’t give up those social programs though. https://t.co/G9YuE8arF4

ET Canada ‏@ETCanada

When #TomMorello says "don't take a selfie", he means it https://t.co/rOc9s7JRrX

Andrew Pericak ‏@andrewpericak

Very cool, very normal https://t.co/K7PY7G16Uu

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