Tag Latin Capital Letter N Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter N was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁎 U+E004E


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Dantoy 🦁 ‏@Dantooooy

NEXT YEAR MA RN KO 🙏🏾☝🏼 Dannesse Marie C. Largo RN June Board Passer https://t.co/tsGlYErcwQ

🌤Jasmine(재스민) ‏@JAHM_

@FUSiiZAA Thanks for the sub❤

sebastian ‏@nasapuppy

man was my favorite club all through out child hood until sir Alexander retired. I know it’s a shitty thing to say,… https://t.co/woZAL855Fi

newcountryent1❌🇺🇸 Sam Benton ‏@newcountryent1

@POTUS Comey and Strozk are the real RATS!!!

Rick Lane ‏@LaneRic185

@CourtneyEisan @CNN I don't really think a child knows what they want a child may want ice cream for breakfast but… https://t.co/w7pDpzBGz6

EarthlyMails ‏@EarthlyMails

A million California buildings face wildfire risk. ‘Extraordinary steps’ are needed to protect them https://t.co/xHhkWdWTBm

Dustin Costescu ‏@BirthControlDoc

Obstetrics and #medtwitter! At handover @McMasterOBGYN (MUMC) this morning, the teams were split on Foley placemen… https://t.co/JCLPkmmu3H

The Stock Family ‏@stock_family

https://t.co/hhBWC0CQ1k Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. Announces the Sale of Its Surgical Product Line $APEN $RSLS

thedarkgeass ‏@yusuke3250

@LCBebop And the time i got my foot chewed up by floor stripper chemicals

Kevin Skelly ‏@KevinSkelly11

@Lisa_VoteBlue @SouthernKeeks @DavidAFrench Well, based on the lack of evidence and corroboration, I can indeed say… https://t.co/hoWL6OOLuy

Jo Preibus ‏@JPreibus

@NBCNews So Roger Stone is just like CNN.

daveia ‏@abrushoflight

its so cold outside i swear my nipples had icicles on them. drinking a hot cocoa & listening to @JackieSchimmel's… https://t.co/7S9iitWhQl

비아 | via 🍑 ‏@choexya

@nanojaems Sheet mask pls 😭😭

deliya syahbilah ‏@SyahbilahDeliya

Good job❤️❤️ https://t.co/45MW6tMeVN

Anees ‏@AneesLDS

@AkhrobaticLDN Never

Farukh D Abubakar ‏@farukh50

What are you really good at, but kind of embarrassed that you are good at it? — Making people laugh https://t.co/YTMxN3uIHK

CaptainFlash ‏@MikieL10

Circumstances at work may be challenging your carefree charact... More for Leo https://t.co/JtWRoWA2nl

Damjan Gajic ‏@MuscoloGajic

@ManUtd @OfficialFPL Now let gigs do the job ,and start playing real football 😎

sam 💫 mmsd 📌 ‏@yourgaIaxies

@tinyggukk i downloaded an app called thedaybefore hehe

Firaz Qassim 🇱🇰 ‏@FirazQassim

@officialunp You guys are agreed as its a victory of people and people are herr to celebrate their own desire with… https://t.co/a4cqSFpJSo

Teach King Ticharwa ‏@KingTicharwa

Today I’m feeling lonely 😞

Binwoo ‏@Binwoo19

@foxconveni Next time, I will open Event "FREECARD" for Undernineteen's fan, special Jungwoo's fan in Vietnam. I re… https://t.co/UbpeccSRmc

ʎᴉɔuɐɐɹʌʇɐ 🌈🎀 ‏@milatalati

@BnazF My girl and I have an age gap and I couldn't have found a better woman in this world. ❤

Hashim Kalathil ‏@HashimKalathil

@RCBTweets @Heini22 Jalal Saxens All rounder, see his ranji true fighter.

Junead ‏@JunJaMedia

@mo21_r7 He thought our two goals on Sunday were luckier than your goal. That’s just the guys mindset now.

Lisa Howlett 🦄 ‏@Lisacuddlylisa

@AldiUK Wow many thanks

kim ‏@Iukesagb

who's going to the show in amsterdam i want to make a gc

🦅 Biker Gang Gang 🇺🇸 ‏@BikerGangGang

@BuyMyDietShakes @realDonaldTrump @KatrinaPierson ^^^ Not True

Cal P. Logan ‏@CalPLogan

@Lionessbardhart You're a lion whose spirit animal is two lions? Lion cubed? That's like... a lot of lions.

Yogesh 🇮🇳 ‏@yogashar99

@aajtak @JM_Scindia Going round and round.Lols Sonia will give it.😊

The Rockstar ‏@wastedglimmer

@MVYordle A ROCK CONCERT!" She spun back around. With one throw, she hurled her set of keys straight at the yordle… https://t.co/wtqzils2ae

Andrew Anane ‏@AnaneAndrew

@jonostrower Boeings are so damn unreliable.

Melanie Anne-#VetsResistSquadron ‏@MelAnneRose

@fred_guttenberg The God and Guns fetish is VERY real. These folks are into a perversion that is mind boggling. J… https://t.co/yOd475656A

Rajesh Kasturirangan ‏@rkasturi

@wenstephenson Reminds me of how store "sales" are preceded by markups. Here's an algorithm: move the center two st… https://t.co/PRTHKIageH

Devin Waugh Fitness Training ‏@waugh_devin

DEVIN WAUGH FITNESS TRAINING: Cleaning Up Your Act https://t.co/RZXk7Ifo6t #appreciation #attentiontodetail… https://t.co/ZCPqwczbEy

keniyha🌹 ‏@KayColle

I already have the software. Just need mics😊


@Juwonathon where did you buy them from?

Adam ‏@FallofCthulhu

@LucidFoxx For sure. I mean, I suck, so dignifying my play as having a main may be preposterous, but I do love cannon locking people. :-)

chicago buhl ‏@ShawnQuinn93

It’s a relief if people seem more cooperative today, especiall... More for Libra https://t.co/MJh2AUfMze

Cres Magliacano ‏@cresmeboy

Won’t say shit to my face Can’t say shit to my face

saga ‏@abobinal

girl... find the will to live

hello ‏@DadWatchDisney

Minnie drops everything and travels to mars the second Martian Mickey hits her up. None of my business but Mickey s… https://t.co/tAid1gtUoi

Richard Henson ‏@RichardHenson3

Talk about an emotive title!! But Bruce is one of the best in the industry at communicating cyber security issues t… https://t.co/68DGyiZnBQ

arviem AG ‏@arviemAG

IoT enabled real-time data analysis does not only solve the challenges faced by conventional data loggers but also… https://t.co/PyMTjF0sSE

Sharmine Narwani ‏@snarwani

The new normal: “I am going to tell my grandchildren that I had lived to see an Arab soldier holding a gun pointed… https://t.co/8V7HJIcE3Q

Maher ‏@brightcap2017

College students Class party dance, BSISC, Dhaka Cantonment: https://t.co/oP9q4A933F via @YouTube

Lexxx ‏@CasaclangToni

Classic 💖 https://t.co/Znpm6hMpdO

Andrew ‏@blake33071

Aqours niconama Friday. Hopefully I won't forget or oversleep and miss it because it's been a while since I have seen one

yesWEcanMAGA ‏@yesWEcanMAGA

And a horrible party line too! https://t.co/jU9WA6JguV

gemma cox ‏@gemcox87

@jodiekjodie Merry Christmas hun. Xx

Bhanu Prakash Ojha ‏@BhanuPrakashOj5

@_aishbachchan_ Great lovely knowledge every one should read and follow this article, beautiful awesome

Yelrish Elbmirt ‏@Icanbelieveher

@krassenstein How is this not treason?

Chloe 'Merry Chlingles' Adams ‏@addamschloe

this whole video was worth it just for the bit at the end with Jerma listening to the Village Rats https://t.co/xpH7vVfet6

El Bicho ‏@RedDevilPES7

The best day of my life! https://t.co/F3VsJrAkNZ

Flying Roti ‏@_Mxlkshake_

@basicrayaan I didn't tweet a paragraph are u seeing things? She didn't need ur approval either so I don't get why… https://t.co/dU1kMLiBUK

Kimberly Taylor ‏@Princess64943

Circumstances at work may be challenging your carefree charact... More for Leo https://t.co/gIporASVxa

yang🐘 ‏@azaleyyuuhh

Things I do for my precious baby boys😭💖

Last Phrygian ‏@hakki1917

In Defense of Communism: Truth and lies about Stalin - An exclusive intervi... https://t.co/KyfvAuw4r2

Christmas_G⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@CasualG73

@DplrblesUnite @gex_daniel Prayers up 🙏

Eric Cheung ‏@Fat4y

@ManchesterisRED Wouldve like woodward out too! I really wanted him to be a success but just didn’t work


@QueenMeghanStan @qsteph @Sussex__Archive Amen!

Kotsela ‏@arcimiracle

My Gurls! Thank you so much guys! I missed you all, 💕 @danielaagaid @ursleepyhead_ @leizeljoyy @marjgascon… https://t.co/8nSw7E39ec

Cecil ‏@Cecil02516990

@williamleework @erineisorange @dvorakoelling @realDonaldTrump 3 million/trip. Google is easy, try it some time sno… https://t.co/XwXWuTtKNS

kekllian antiquck ‏@kekllian

PEOPLE MAG: which political icon are u going to Slaughter next... ME: I have set my sights on "The Meenie Weenie Minister of Alcamoth."

Nastassia Pukelik ‏@npukelik0001

@TwentyOneFerns Same!!!

April Preston #PeoplesVoteNow ‏@AprilPreston_

[email protected] is right there is a housing crisis one which the lux apartments sector hasn’t seen. Where we depart i… https://t.co/wbMlvC7SjF

jane ‏@janecatacutan_

my parents are the sweetest thing i've seen in this world

Karroll ‏@karrolmay

Thought the Church was where you went to to avoid hell. Now hell has come to Church. What a life. https://t.co/xRVGK6YBoD

charleigh ‏@oneslaststime

ITS REAL https://t.co/hBBGcnm5U5

Flo ‏@VenabelFlo

@YNCasiad @Rancleyy Oh sorry

Linda Cas O'connor ‏@CasOconnor1

i Need to sleep If ONLY my brain would shut down for awhile

Katelyn ‏@kate_frye

@MomAboveAllElse @gregstier @mrbill6761 @MelissaSwihart - My 💜 needs some encouragement. I don't understand how any… https://t.co/Ou4f0l23lc

Ethan Lunt ‏@QuaziDraws

@Xenobel Battlefield?

a💦 ‏@_DevAkshi_

I do remember and look at Jin! Ahh https://t.co/Ir6gw9JtrU

reina maria ‏@LaQueenRM12


Mark Jeffery 🇬🇧 ‏@Marknonpc

@ollroberts2311 @Jo_Coburn @BBCPolitics He's against a second referendum.


@verypopularname Which episode?

Taxdude 🎄 ‏@The_Taxdude

@realDonaldTrump We had weak leaders before you. STAY STRONG. Shut down the government for as long as it takes.… https://t.co/icu54jNHXE

Lord Shadowspawn ‏@LordShadowspawn

@realDonaldTrump FUN FACT! They actually WEREN'T deleted. The software responsible for capturing the conversations… https://t.co/ZLeIDgfIFw

フひレ乇丂💎💎 ‏@YoungJules_

@Imqueenmaritza No it’s my sophomore year of college and Disney reaches out to us and ask if you want to do a inter… https://t.co/khKfEL5405


@pinkishdelight Wadaw. GET WELL VERY SOON TEH❤❤❤❤

Emily Holubowich ‏@healthfunding

"More than 420,000 federal employees deemed essential would continue to work without pay during a partial shutdown.… https://t.co/yqfMWcscje

SPK Search ‏@SPK_Search

These were the 10 biggest European #tech stories this week https://t.co/KJl1BLv6Ue

uhhhhh ‏@_willnee

@biancaspam1711 @ImAllexx thanks i hate it! :)

𝐭𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐨𝐫 ‏@DAV1DBOW1E

me asking joe for song recs >>>>>

Kathy Vogel ‏@kathyvogel

The subject lines of some email, just... wow! https://t.co/JzKI7ylEQX

AnzacPearls ‏@AnzacPearls

That's funny! https://t.co/ACKYDiPczj

linlen ‏@lynnrchl

Cheer me up :( https://t.co/wKhA5lHgck

RickInTennessee🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@RickInTennessee

I will never buy your products. See, it works both ways. https://t.co/dcu0xoQ8Su

RealBucsTalk ‏@RealBucsTalk

4&4 AFTER A TIMEOUT! This is what we dial up! I like the concept but not the personnel. This should have been Hump… https://t.co/mRn71oKQVE

♡Arkel █ Ψ █ ‏@ColorMeKellz

You are finding it nearly impossible to understand the extreme... More for Virgo https://t.co/26t3dG4Htz

Marco M ‏@ShowMeTheMorey

She gets it. https://t.co/C4otJfr8Sq

Mara ‏@Mara90100167

the worst kind of pain is getting hurt by someone you explained your pain to

KDN🍑 ‏@peachnielba


Ali Martin ‏@Cricket_Ali

In better news for Surrey... https://t.co/nHkt5aK1A6

Aunty Socialist ‏@auntysocialist

Leaving with a bad deal is a disaster https://t.co/krlLWiwspB

Hunt ‏@HuntWendell

@CoachJonBeck @nlaaahl That got to with age group.. at a minor level , relationships with coaches are bogus..Parent… https://t.co/0c8mW8Sb0g

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