Tag Latin Capital Letter N Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter N was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁎 U+E004E


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Ryan Okerson ‏@RyanOkerson

New tech is not your savior. The tools already exist for a better world. #climatechange #tech https://t.co/M7PS0SohOR

Pritika ‏@pritikasawant

Ever wondered ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ its shown ‘Pyaar dosti hai’ but 8 yrs later ‘Ae dil hai mushkil’ says ‘ajeeb kah… https://t.co/UMzpOXcOCO

Media Hard ‏@mediahardnews

WATCH: Migrant Caravan Tears Down Border Fence, Storms Mexico - https://t.co/gY7i20TB8i

Christophe Lance ‏@christophelance

@nexcess @wpbeginner No thanks, but we'll certainly switch from a biaised hosting provider #joomla

Pvt. Alice Perez ‏@UNSC_Grenadier

@EliteBreaker “ Perfect! ” She'd be lying if she said she hates him bonking her helmet. Must be like a dog… https://t.co/4jKoJLFK1r

Hilary White ‏@hilarityjane

@pattif21 A long time. But nearly all my friends are English, Canadians and Americans. My Italian comprehension isn… https://t.co/9CcM1l5nWk

Barry Connolly ‏@RAMS15rule

@AdamsFlaFan I disagree with Steve... what they did was discusting, deplorable, absolutely illegaland inhumane... d… https://t.co/lHlxrOPDYS

Olivia ‏@livstixs

@balesjor Please send all request to my business email

Tasha | RØYLS 💃 ‏@tashsplash9

@sadierosemx I actually stayed up til 11 on Monday just call me a rebel 😎

SwervefrmYgf💫 ‏@FajSwervo

@Golden_Hippie Didn’t see the vid

Jordan Furniss ‏@jordanfurniss

@neilcul @DjRedBroad @Erto171 @peoplesvote_uk @nick_clegg MEP’s are like a passenger with a toy steering wheel. The… https://t.co/cKynBjIx0d

sarah| love ya 태형💜 ‏@wthkimtaehyung

taehyung didn't sing his part in TTU and let army's sing instead :(( I hope he's okay and doesn't stress on his voi… https://t.co/JesojET8Xv

𝙞 𝙨𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙣 ‏@ayeaislinn

@LaneyR25 yess me toooooo😊😊😊

❤️💋✊🏽CoCo ✊🏽💋❤️ ‏@JazzyCoCoBelle

@RuthMarcus Keep your opinions to yourself! Thanks, Signed: #ImWithHerStill https://t.co/BeHXQueBz9

SpoopyWoomy🎃👻 ‏@Chloe_Woomy

@Zorcon_95 @BandanaToastie @averysmallkaito @Kitsune_713 I will keep that in mind :D

Jim ODonnell ‏@Jimod3O

@NRO @RichLowry I don’t really understand what these guys are about. Are they alt right? Are they urban rednecks? D… https://t.co/roBJtfgwbA

[email protected]£LL£ ‏@gaelledings

Happy birthday 🤗 @DerickNsom

Alt-Hug Bot ‏@AltHugBot

Here's The Ironic White Pride Activist Who Is Going To Kill You If No One Stops Him

DA ‏@dave_landman13

@MADDDoggisKing @BuckeyeGuy6080 @Reflog_18 @BauerOutage MuST bE DoINg SoMEthInG rIGhT

Angéla ven aquí -my mom ‏@nuggetstreet

Adan was fr gonna snap my neck for my bag of hot cheetos. <3

Vera Vox ‏@VoxVerae

@JaredLeto Too far away in Germany. Really hoping for a livestream. Sending all my love. ♥♡♥♡

Rina ‏@nighteth

i read james as loml not because i’m dyslexic but because he IS the love of my life 😎

Judy ‏@jphil1968

@sueperkins That's next up for me after I finish The Haunting of Hill House! 👻

Caleb Beames ‏@CalebKTRE

@kbtxsports @Sandiesfblife The Lions Den will be the place to be tonight.

PoofTheGhost ‏@pooftheghost

@GorshSavage It’s just interesting everyone thinks tcu will keep this close. If txu does keep this close then Ou ha… https://t.co/E2gJoSIwYM

Jœ ‏@Tbh_Joe

Roundabout near Maccies has blagged my head big time

Honest Opinion ‏@NoFakeOpinions

@MediaMongersInc @PinesInTheSky @Exposingpoliti1 @yetiglowbot @thelogankyle @TeenVogue You can't look at companies… https://t.co/Ovzvg9n8jg

Danny ‏@CosicDanny

@STFLIckUp @AdamSchefter @TomPelissero Really bro a 5th round pick for Hyde. What good is Todd Haley if he couldn't… https://t.co/hkTGQUYmmj

Chase Swope ‏@chase__swope

@BeerDabbler @RudyRetamoza_ Catch a couple sours?


@__tegaah__ Lmao I’d have paid if you weren’t actually enjoying it😊😊

MEW ♓️ ‏@Makemwetwatkins

@afRHOcandessert You need to log off for today 😂😂

Johannes Klingebiel ‏@Klingebeil

„Nikes have always been a product of unpaid labor, but only varyingly a symbol of one. Now they are a symbol of ant… https://t.co/ZUHNdJ6bWS

‏ً ‏@seokstober


C.I.A ‏@Dai_verse

@SympLySimi @IamMayorKun You didn't even score

Adelaide Kane ‏@PrivOfAdelaide

Its friday and I'm drinking alone, anyone care to join me?

jov ‏@HaruhikoGyoten

#QCinema2018 Screening Schedule https://t.co/sTNDr0RZ29 #QCinema2018 I'm so excited for Shoplifters and Burning! Th… https://t.co/whero392fC

Richard McGinley ‏@Richiestoke

Celtic v Hibernian. Hearts v Aberdeen. But the tv game is Hamilton v Rangers. Then we complain the only sponsors we get are bookies...

Only rock radio ‏@Only_rock_radio

It's a pleasure to introduce you Everglow and the song Let It Out on https://t.co/AuCo4O5sS4

#⃣0⃣ ‏@DoIt4Zero

@_JoeFarrar @yungneenrod @LAFLAREDAGOAT Lol say less foo

lauls is sad ‏@nerdofcolor

@freneticnuggets @threedoIIars I feel atackened

Hirsty 🇺🇸 ‏@TheHirsty

@TheGreekBrah @hey_IoI @Chlovfefe_ @maxheadroom0 @PunishedAustin @LICATHNAT @timothyeet_ @Fellow_Groyper… https://t.co/vXylWZFQCD

Balogun Teniola ‏@BalogunTenney

@gbovo_lee @SubDeliveryZone Bro you read my mind.... Seriously where do they find them smh

MyGeekBay.com™ ‏@mygeekbay

Thank you for the massive amount of likes there @geekimprint That is how it is done! #likes #thanks #signup #geek… https://t.co/DIFlzgtdMB

Vivianna Van Deerlin ‏@vivivandeerlin

@ChefErikaS @rm_natasha @NuovaRealta @mayemusk He’d fit in my Model S frunk! https://t.co/hBZ0sbJa69

Top hits music ‏@Musicstradio20

All classic hits music pop rock dance now playing Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him? on https://t.co/WJhNWCqJnm

Eka ‏@Lionezz__

Need to find a partner for Friday night cuddles.... .... but as friends.

Jefferson ‏@P2Jeff

@milcaps_USA @realDonaldTrump You call yourselves “capitalists” while supporting Trump’s particularly anti-capitali… https://t.co/07OIhAsIEy

Carol Olds ‏@cjolds

@TheNoahRing @golf1350 I feel the same as you do. I wouldn't know the woman if she walked through the door. Perhaps… https://t.co/GAu6S8HAp9

TMJ-CTN Legal Jobs ‏@tmj_ctn_legal

We're #hiring! Read about our latest #job opening here: Paralegal - https://t.co/V093h2QD7a #Legal #Springfield, MA #CareerArc

em lay ‏@emilythegreyy

I’m so sad I’m in Ottawa missing this :((( https://t.co/GhhNz5SamY

aug sicko ‏@tonio_slime

It’s cool though

IG:RCLS7 ‏@FreshPrinceR_

I cast my Heisman ballot for #WillGrier! Click the player you think deserves the Heisman House vote. (📍@NissanUSA)

Alice Lynn ‏@AliceRuthLynn

Audience laughs after Beto O'Rourke explains why 'Lyin' Ted' nickname stuck to Cruz https://t.co/hE63DjA9c1

❤ ‏@cveese

It is 21:54 CEST now

Mugdha Singh ‏@mugdhasingh

"Don't walk ten miles into the forest and expect to get out in five" ~ Uncle Harry

Chawan Bahd ‏@chawanbahd

@RealPaigeWWE @RealsarayaK #SDLive Paige I Like you

Peace Muwani ‏@vamuwani

Finally next week Zimbabwe International Book Fair [email protected] @Innov8Bookshop https://t.co/ltO2OQFYBd

Joseph அமுதன் ‏@Joseph_Amudhan

@icvkumar Woweee.... Happy to hear...

skin like buttttaaaaa. ‏@sarahhanem

In other news, my party is a week away. Are you excited????

brat 🇨🇲 ‏@lulhadaa

when white people get on public transportation and think looking at me means I’m gon move. HA! Try agin! I will alw… https://t.co/KnWrL5oUll

baby bi bi bi🌙 ‏@GAYNATlON

@Iesbianenergy she’s hot

marti ‏@divingdory

fucking hate how fucked up our generation has ended up to be like

LowQualityBitch☝️ ‏@Blackpanther_18

And you cute asf! https://t.co/Wn8RgRrRl3

Leedslad ‏@Leedslad15

Boro doing what we should have done. Cmon Leeds do the biz tomorrow

Senria - ルフレ🐦 ‏@Tactician_FEA

//i answered all rps if i'm not mistaken so if someone wants something, pls use my dms. otherwise i will do a chill evening

MULTI / jamiexjimin ‏@loonasonce

pick a hi high stage outfit:

rashad ‏@Rashad_Wooten

I just sent a fat invoice ☺️. Gods awesome 🙏🏾🙏🏾

El Verso ‏@WesleyPerich

@ByMikeMooneyham That may have been the least violent event in Baltimore (my old hometown) that weekend.

JASON ‏@Whatwegoingtodo

Im going to apologize right now for the language im about to use this is for you low life pieces of shit that stol… https://t.co/60Sz12aE2Z

jh ‏@notJHclash

@SharpThrone @SaakethKoka I got four wrong, which was really surprising because it felt like a perfect score, and i… https://t.co/0skiu4vrGH

TMJ-VAP Nursing Jobs ‏@tmj_vap_nursing

Want to work at Maxim Healthcare? We're #hiring in #NewportNews, VA! Click for details: https://t.co/B9xODHN3w7… https://t.co/qzraysezGv

TMJ-MD IT Jobs ‏@tmj_MD_it

This #job might be a great fit for you: Software Developer, Mid - https://t.co/Ku8oqFKitC #BoozAllen #IT #StInigoes… https://t.co/LLoonnLexh

Softie🔥 ‏@OryaJennifer

Just because they have guns in possession, they think they can harass someone. What a useless country

Righter than Right 👉🏼 ‏@Danger_bha1

@Ruchi_Mahi Nice analysis .. what work do you do ? Investment Bankin ?

RebounDeD ‏ریباؤنڈیڈ ‏@TheGreatPandejo

@jacklespad This is blasphemy of the highest rank. Someone please, tell me how to reverse time so I can kill whoeve… https://t.co/Rm3ZmFNGJh

👻Sami Phantom👻 ‏@quadlutze

@Xeyra yep, same channel as last year. they have the video for the stream link up right now

i don’t got time ‏@breyuuuh

Can’t go nowhere w this damn IV

ًkiki ; 169 ‏@8Ietters

@SeaveyDaniel i wanna move to london

Enrico Maran ‏@Enrico_Mrn

That's it. I want a racoon https://t.co/XVbSrbSIPj via @YouTube

TMJ- ROA Educ. Jobs ‏@tmj_roa_edu

We're #hiring! Click to apply: Speech-Language Pathologist - https://t.co/85DliKWVtm #SLP #SLPeeps Roanoke, VA #Job #Jobs #CareerArc

chløe | 3 days 🎃♡ ‏@cheekycondor

@SeaveyDaniel See you on Monday x

FarmingdaleChamber ‏@FdaleChamber

New Daler #Deal: Merchant Services - Cardworks Acquiring https://t.co/19HzQJudca

I Just Wanted To Follow Kanye ‏@KanyeDicksucker

I was watching this mans videos in the background while I was playing too. just a cruel twist of fate smh.

Naut ‏@_Fry_it_

AI fails: Why AI still isn&rsquo;t ready to take your job 🤞 https://t.co/oznLn1abnw

Tomas Lekstutis ‏@Tomaslek

@AMAZlNGNATURE I don't get it how people enjoy killing poor animals. How can we stop this cruelty?

A. Carlson 🛫🌊 ‏@acarlson1018

@collsstore @thebard1313 @kandygill7 @Southwe28526749 @GePeirson I like you. You're the one I like.

Scott Poole ‏@Stlknight25

@BigRed_STL I was there. Good game!

Shitty WompWomp ‏@Lil5wole

... she wanted some of the Nike money lol. https://t.co/j0aHuD0KxZ

Antoinette ‏@amnarch

@notcalledjack @MichaelAvenatti A balance of power is need to check authoritarians. Citizens United opened the door… https://t.co/sIkDgzeSxe

وظائف 2018 ‏@2018jobs

Senior Recruitment Specialist - Debbane Agriculture Holding https://t.co/LIYALwNvwt https://t.co/DrJR7gyhgj

Kelly Molloy ‏@kelliamx84

Finally catching up on #GordonGinoandFred 😂😂😂😂 My new fave show. @Ginofantastico is amazing!!! 😍😂 xxx

Afropages ‏@AfropagesEn

Premium Times - Hailstones fall in Abuja @AfropagesEn https://t.co/AAaFqyi28j https://t.co/IHWkX91iiw

Robert Madden ‏@waderoberto

@stucam7771 It's theft

Terry A Moore ‏@terrymoorelcac

Thank you Grasshopper. 👊 https://t.co/DPvr69KjJj

James Harmon (MK ULTRA Victim/Survivor) ‏@TheRealJMHii

No matter how many different types of guns they disarm from citizens, the best (secret) weapon for protection will always be communication.

Kathy VOTE NOVEMBER 6 Elias ‏@Kathy_Elias

@mattgaetz New low for you. Congrats.

Rouen Métro Basket ‏@RouenMBasket

Fin du 3ème QT 🏀 RMB 4️⃣7️⃣ - 4️⃣9️⃣ Denain #PROB | Episode 2 https://t.co/q6SjsBUXw5

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