Tag Latin Capital Letter T Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter T was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁔 U+E0054


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Jerry DiDomenico ‏@SurvivorFan2016

Who is that? Princess Lay Ya? https://t.co/JNilKlBHky

Chad ‏@socksnsandal

@BurtFister @YahooNews And as they his business practices get exposed, he may want to pull the parachute. There’s a… https://t.co/sJ2xIrXLGU

Will ‏@willmoriarty86

@sportynory Congrats. Associates in what

Sareetz ‏@lagrimas_rosas

Trying hard real hard every day not to lose my temper

Cristine x ‏@iAmCroe

@DammyRosewood @Bankski1 @Olufernao Bring me a Christmas present on Saturday if you have feelings 🙃

zelle ‏@neurotypikaI

FOR WHY THE FUCK https://t.co/Douea9b1Eq

Jeff ‏@rsnjeff

I think Twitter's algorithm needs some work. https://t.co/cROkN5TFam

Sheanna Ramlogan ‏@SheannaRamlogan

"A hero isn't the one who always wins. It's the one who always tries." #Quote #MilesMorales #SpiderMan #Marvel

Tony Snark ‏@TonySnark5

@OSUmommaDOC Now you're thinking about it, aren't you. You're welcome. 😘

Dr.Gohar ‏@doc_goh

@Kallerz37 @ThreeUK @WhatsApp just u I think

Queen Black ‏@QueenBlack12

@Salon Women have known a man's weakness for eons. People laughed at Pence, but he had the right Idea when you can'… https://t.co/ugaXmNCnlo

511 New York ‏@511NY

Cleared: Construction on #NorthLine SB from New York Penn Station to South Amboy Station

511 New York ‏@511NY

Updated: Incident on #NJ55 NB from Exit 58 - Deptford Center Rd to NJ 42 https://t.co/vQFTx0GCx6

Shannon Reardon ‏@ReardonNL

@howdouglong @CONDESCENDANT @ChillyWhillyNL She could be nasty and arrogant, nothing to feel sorry for.

ariel turner ‏@arieltu14119402

So last night I decided to dive head first into auditioning for theatre productions literally beginning the 1st of… https://t.co/n8RALuC1d7

Frank Miniter ‏@frankminiter

How Andrew Cuomo’s War On Guns Turned Into A War On The Bill Of Rights https://t.co/247hI57W1J

Nur Syafiqah ‏@syafiqahsidek_

@zoullunatics Nicely wrap the hantaran with the same theme/colour ok lah kot. Tak minat colour cacamarba 😂

caoimhe ♀️ ‏@Keevez_

relatable content https://t.co/KpkAUMD0KZ

Mr Black ‏@MrBlack____

@WillowsWinter MIGHT do a people vote 1. No deal 2 accept the May fudge 3 not leave. Possibly!!!!

Elsa O. ‏@eandko

@chaptersindigo @matthaig1 What do you mean “no longer in publication” it’s a two month old book?!? Have you had it… https://t.co/z4sO6Fh4qN

_vv15_ ‏@supercatawsomev

@molly_knight This is pumpkin. A very happy cat who loves to eat https://t.co/Wmga8xrDnn

Caller.com ‏@callerdotcom

It's Election Day in Corpus Christi! Here's what you need to know for mayoral, council runoffs… https://t.co/0EABM3ES7F

Britt ‏@brittanyjalisa_

It was so convenient having that gym across the hall... now I gotta drive

Avery Rodriguez ‏@Aroddddy_3

My bff comes home from the military in 3 days. That’s getting me through the week 😍

Sky ‏@SkyUK

@KaustubhSolanki We may be able to help you switch sooner with our switching credit. Pop your contact number in a P… https://t.co/X50d2Lbnr6

Mr. Bartowski △⃒⃘ ‏@rigodon101

EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS Finally Releases a Soundtrack Album https://t.co/sl1dQlEU8q

Johnny Maher ‏@johnnymaher76

@GaryLineker Best players 😂 have they any?

Sully Baseball ‏@sullybaseball

The last time the World Series was clinched by the pitcher who began the season as the team’s closer was in 2010 wh… https://t.co/sHJKSz3aoh

name cannot be blank ‏@bubbababab

youre already happy yet here I am thinking bout u every second of my entire dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GET OUT OF MY HEAD

Cindy Russell Daniel ‏@cindyleedaniel

Read "Licensed to lie" by Sidney Powell! The first 3 chapters will enlighten you as to DOJ/FBI tactics to win - in… https://t.co/OfUc8cuDx7

Katie Kendrick Isaacson ‏@katieisaacson

Well that was an adventure! #Lapland https://t.co/3UJx06dOQu

Geralt of Mandi ‏@thegeralt717

@Kuledd @SteMcTwinkleToe @ManUtdStuff 3 CLs in a row is not luck. Can’t agree with you there.

lets_get_wetup ‏@lets_get_wetup

Good morning Today is Titty Tuesday go view my status https://t.co/1HuHJlozjF

Missy Pony ‏@pony9991

@jihadwatchRS I think people ignore stories like this because they just can't believe their law enforcement could b… https://t.co/shE5uoPEcX

idê ‏@_truffl3s

but it's harder to move forward.

Charlene Romero ‏@Charlen61829220

community adult nunavut wet cam interracial girl sex sex dating seeking lonely women dating 18+ latins near me onli… https://t.co/j45p6ibMf1

ValariePS ‏@PerezSch

@RahneAlexander I buy all the same kind now, in only black or white. It’s my most Mom decision ever. If they want s… https://t.co/CxlRq0SZT0

steve ‏@steve57531038

I’m 23 years old, In my 16 years of being a fan of JETS KNICKS METS, I’ve never witnessed any of them win a champio… https://t.co/junIKSX9Eh

OLIVE • Jonghyun 🥀 ‏@capujinie

woke up to bighit uploading bts' fake love special stage thank u bc mnet failed us

Maja Mikkelsen ‏@MajaMFox

@DraculaFetus I need your dumb tweets to keep me sane 🙈

Lura Limani ‏@LuraLim

I like this delusional optimism - if nothing it is hilarious. PM Haradinaj says Kosovo will have visa liberalizatio… https://t.co/cVN4Rbce1s

Nacoa 🔆 ‏@NacoaUK

At Xmas, a child of a parent who drinks too much can have to deal with grown-up issues beyond their years. It affec… https://t.co/ZA0mP7oRq2

CLRowekamp ‏@CLRowekamp

@DGPurser What happened? Social media, for one thing. A 24-hr news cycle, for another. The complete takeover of edu… https://t.co/5TbjTOzrmd

jiaer. ‏@rdrwang

@rdrmtuan yes. TELL HER NOT ME.


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/jVNstvt2Ld Power of CURVES in PHOTOSHOP | Precision editing

©h€®€l ‏@CherrieLuvnmi

Your tendency to turn inward goes hand in hand with reflecting... More for Cancer https://t.co/tXedKYGp5s

Dexter K ‏@DexterK060316

@realDonaldTrump Mr Trump, your mouth moved again, so we can determine you are lying again.


Remember, the Holidays are not always a festive time for everyone. It’s very important that we talk to one another… https://t.co/0UoCT2O9VV

Caleb Lucifer Black ‏@hclypapi

@fakestdevil Want some white sauce???

STAR Procurement ‏@STARProcurement

Did you attend our #MeetTheBuyer event for @RochdaleCouncil @StockportMBC @TamesideCouncil & @TraffordCouncil in No… https://t.co/nyhDWm3rsG

Joe Cox ‏@JosephCox

@WiggoWiggo @michaelsawh Indeed. Easy.

Lori Eifert ‏@lmeifert14

@RandiRicoWLWT @LisaCooneyWLWT Happy Work Anniversary! You make the NDA alums proud.

Mirta💋 ‏@CuloSo_Spanishx

Forgot i had got my hair done and i looked in the mirror confused asf 💀💀


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/n8qhcXKSbE High Noise Workflow (Using Lightroom, Topaz Denoise and On1 Effects)

Roslyn Knox-Lockett ‏@DocRozz

@itsgabrielleu @BillHaslam She deserves an opportunity to wake from this lifelong nightmare and be treated with som… https://t.co/cer2ovMIcR


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/boCd9eFonH Photoshop Tutorial | How to Edit Outdoor Portrait | ( Blur & Color

K.A.Y.L.E.A./Colleen's a mother omg ‏@oofcmb

@ImHighKeyJames my idol eats my sock oh jeez

Aja ‏@HiMyNameIsAJA

Being fine is such a task these days... https://t.co/hS22Ddr6Ri

14th February ‏@ValAbraham2

@KifleMike Why are people saying Rest In Peace???? She is in ICU people

EHA News ‏@eha_news

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said that "No one in Syria accepts any talk about independent or federal enti… https://t.co/0yENtLS3Kh

Robert Thibodeau ‏@bob_thibodeau

I love this idea...Trump issues a pardon for Flynn and then appoints him as Chief Of Staff! Give the Liberals a me… https://t.co/x4TYQzcgxY

MARI ‏@LoveeAmari

I can’t wait til i’m owning my own daycare n working for myself 🤞🏾😫🥰

AA🥀 ‏@airaalbarico_

@goatangelsinner Yie thanks for today! 🤗 more vball and bball moments to come🏀🏐❤️

Dharmendra Kumar ‏@kr_dharma

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/e1B7i4Ek89 lord krishna flute music |RELAXING MUSIC YOUR MIND| BODY AND SOUL |yoga

Maki ‏@MiickaMaki

Wish you were here, the turn up was real @Fantomasini https://t.co/UEZ9xAHxi4

Val okoroma ‏@Valbraska

Have u heard ? https://t.co/LxYqclQVwQ

Jeanie ‏@jeanie31199

@PressSec Kelly, u mean the racist, lying jackass who disrespected the memory of Sgt La David Johnson? That guy? Mu… https://t.co/ZHrZn6F0oW

Da Infamous DTaTStAR ‏@DTatStar

You are known for your legendary ability to cling to your feel... More for Scorpio https://t.co/YMYb8zl685

Natalie Wehden ‏@NatWeh

@MEMRIReports @PrisonPlanet Is there a link to the full video?

Chan-chan ‏@VasantaWay

@J_Mark_Adams @ggreenwald GFY, Mark. You owe Greenwald an apology. He has a long, principled record. You can agree… https://t.co/pPF7fmwiXr

holy shit i need a dn ‏@KAlAPAPAYA

@chansdumb omg you exclusive bitch.

babyJoon :D ‏@joonsvena


🥛Noggiest☃️ ‏@milkiest_art

@NoeticChasm SUPER hot, looking forward to the imminent flood

Linda Lane ‏@Loyal88fan

We Have 2 Outstanding QB's Don't Understand Why There Should Be A Issue. WHOEVER IS HEALTHY PLAYS..SIMPLE BOTH ARE… https://t.co/yMpL3YIwXk

SonoranSoul ‏@sonoran_soul

@TrishFraga @JillWineBanks An emotional IQ test would be great too.

Jacob Little ‏@wall_classic

@joshh031 Well you were a marine so of course you understand nothing other than basic human impulses.

🆑🅾️⛎✝️ ‏@qincky

@boopyape this entire thread i-

E-Money ‏@EmilyPerretta

Ask me what I want for my bday https://t.co/c2j72KbXBR

Love Me or Hate Me ‏@29Tekia

You may be feeling hypersensitive today, and yet unable to fig... More for Sagittarius https://t.co/jARHVbNA3u

xmas giò🎄 ‏@ghosthiam

one last test before christmas break

ownaenae10969 ‏@aguilar_jastine

i wnt a love story, but we only did a short story ._.

cynthia ‏@cynthia07034954

@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @seanhannity @FoxNews she only cares about herself

Adrian Fury ‏@ADRIANFVRY

Dang, I woke up today.

Mac Der ‏@MacDer5

@WinamaxSport UD Leiria #FreeBetSoFoot MacDer18

Skipper ‏@DrmhausLife

A true friend talks you off the cliff when your to-do list is causing your head to spin into orbit. @RowdyJeepGirl

jA$$ ‏@jasminjames_

sorry but I actually don’t like to anything in this city without Steph 🤣🤣

Li. ‏@Lovelyyli

Old job invited me to their Christmas party. Def going they always give out the best gifts lol

Scout Clark ‏@CHC3

No doubt ✊🏾 https://t.co/wQYDlgLtok


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/EIKChgfujS A Simple But Effective Way to Create Luminosity Masks in Photoshop

Imoteda ‏@Imoteda

@obaa_boni Obviously now I’m aware of the reasons I believed that about myself. But if I had that belief as a dark… https://t.co/XWaaKvoJPS

Marcie Hargroder ‏@marciehargroder

#MYSTORY What's YOUR Story, I'd like to know. https://t.co/xBNQqQF8i1 https://t.co/ZSArrQpRNQ

Arts Unleashed ‏@arts_unleashed

Almost time for camp! January 2nd-4th a small group of creative kids will build a 100% kid-created production! Smal… https://t.co/tCbPxy4brj

karenrosenblum ‏@karenebayne

@kate__inglis So very true.

Robert Pattinson ‏@EternoRob

RTTT EternalGr8ness #VideoMTV18del18 Selena Gomez Lady Gaga

Tom McCool ‏@Cygnusx112

@ChrisG_NSF Do you know what the limit is?

Jamie Schler ‏@lifesafeast

@bakerpeabody Omg omg omg too much adorable!! Thank you!! ❤️

David Gerzof Richard ‏@DavidGRichard

If you steal packages from this @ring equipped @NASA engineer, a galaxy of glitter followed by fart flare is your f… https://t.co/x7k1dk8U1w

Samantha (Alex babygirl❤) ‏@Samanth71161671

@corbynbesson Why did you do that for Corbyn

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