Tag Latin Capital Letter T Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter T was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁔 U+E0054


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alex 🦉 ‏@dingleperalta

fuck off matthew #ADiscoveryOfWitches https://t.co/MJZhHKmkIL

Nora Valentino ‏@valentino_nora

@ShiftNB Have a great weekend

nodnarB ‏@HoopsandCash

@YooZayyyy Boy had the All time Cavs 😂 bron and Kyrie combined for like 10

#⃣WinTheDay ‏@THURSTY_JD


Andrew ‏@ReevePara

I struggle so much to spell ophthalmology that I am considering having it on a bit of paper stuck to my monitor

mari MISSES BTS ‏@vmjnt


London Globe ‏@GlobeLondon

Hoodies and drill videos banned to disrupt gang https://t.co/kjpbngDKib

Cayelan Carey ‏@CareyLab

So grateful to have the fabulous @FluvialBenthos down the hall! I can't emphasize enough how imp it is to have awes… https://t.co/tHSuBJGlSz

krookedkross ‏@tomiac1

@FantasyGuruSite I have an error “fumble”show up when I try to get on the site. Any idea why?

Steven Jacques ‏@Steven_Jacques1

BARELY FICTION. Advance Man ➡https://t.co/CClsGScRIQ https://t.co/XfgaDbekUW #kindle #ebook

Hideyoshi 💋 💄 ‏ ‏@methegreat

@ChimchimSeok Is asking this a must? #BLACKPINK, obviously 🤣

Korina 🖤 ‏@Charmander_kay

Exactly what I say when I go to IKEA 😂😂 https://t.co/rEXrDYFGu8

Andrew Baxter ‏@AndrewBaxterxo

@_frannn___ If it’s away from the cold then I’m down bc screw the cold

Natural💫 ‏@Na7uraI

@AMPITlVE @HaiIous @EvanIgnxte I can’t

Khadz misses BTS💜 ‏@composertae

BABIES https://t.co/lAhM93okxz

NO DOUBT ⛵❤⚓ ‏@Chillarrie924

Tag yourself. i'm Liam in the first pic, when he already knew Harry would say something he shouldn't. 😅😅 https://t.co/OQJAMJ37Pw

🌙Ginaaaaaa✨ ‏@polaroid_mars

I’m bored can I go home

冠霖 ‏@kuawnlin

2 Twinning. https://t.co/auuYVPGIho

Define Your Path ‏@DefineYourPath

Photos That Will Make You Do A Double Take In Order To Understand https://t.co/olR62Xnd9L

Queensland Ambulance ‏@QldAmbulance

QAS responded to a single vehicle into a light pole at Old Cleveland Road #Coorparoo, the ault driver was the sole… https://t.co/X9ddFCVZfE

Ademola Balogun ‏@ENIGMATHICK

@MzJUDDIE Huh? Hate? What?

Annaballs ‏@BrownStache

@MichaelMavxxx @andrewchristian @ACenEspanol @Men4Menn @Dudes4Dudes @HotMaleStuds @aussietrbl @jockboy1113… https://t.co/pCPGyeg7G2


@LaneSmith11 @Kassiiiii20 I’m sayinnnn

☁️ ‏@vixxns

@ultgotbap i don’t hate u let’s fight

the one and only ‏@sexgodfrank

@lucymalone97 Looking fit babes xx

Andy Randall ‏@andrew_randall

@krisnova Buildah is probably my second-favorite open source project name after Calico :-)

Geli ❁ A.C.E [D-36] (ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) ‏@dopetwtcongrats

@Julieeluna5 A.C.E as zombies are still so handsome haha You should they're so good!

Eve-Anne Cullinan ‏@EACullinan

Mmmmm thanks Monaghan mushrooms my takeaway from #Irishbioeconomy were yum but I’m not sure these ones would have b… https://t.co/MYVZqJ6wSk

esmeralda🎃 ‏@_esmerallda_

Listen.... I hate myself too😂 https://t.co/eWN2MVoSuX

Jenny 💜 P-A-S-T-A and P-I-Z-Z-A 😉🍝🍕 ‏@iAMme_j19

Omg! Was Tae crying in the end?? 😭😭 Noooo it's ok...is it because he was struggling to sing at some parts? No Tae,… https://t.co/E0ORJpYGhf

🚑Cody Comms🚒 ‏@K_corns1

@kelseyurbank Yeah unfortunately they did.

Michael McCusker ‏@MichaelMcCusker

Oh, I love him so much. https://t.co/K3jjQX4RRL

medusa 🖤 ‏@friesandpizza__

@young_goddess27 i see that. 😒

Kimani Okearah [kɪ-mɑ-ni] [ɔk-əɾ-ɑ̈] ‏@theKimansta

@bretthuff22 @gwiss @TimMaxwell22 I think Waluigi should stick 🤷🏿‍♂️


@JODYHiGHROLLER Have you heard any of these? i think you might enjoy The Champ https://t.co/zfW2HgfZln

👻spooky🎃grace👻 7 ‏@larriegrace

make it your job and get that moola https://t.co/eInfYfm23W

rach 🎪➰ ‏@horansflicker_

@sammyib01 Honestly, same

𝔤𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔢 𝔞𝔟 ‏@IaIouvre

@bonfirelsx i’m a ‘i fucking miss one direction with my whole heart but i’m happy that they’re happy’ stan

Sparks ‏@xSparks

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/ObRLq2hdex The Most Improved Rogue Deck In Yugioh! History - Full Day Of Yugioh!

✗☀SaRkOzY☃™✗ ‏@jocndelly

Everyday above ground is a blessing. 👌

Ankur Dubey ‏@dubeyankur007

@Sohni_Bose Screenshot please anybody?

Elisabeth ‏@LizzyVugutsa

@KTNNews @brian_aseli @thandiwe_yego Stop lying to the people to support your drug habits.

fara ‏@fadedwithzayn

@Camila_Cabello love u

Wheres my wife ‏@3D50N74

@karliii__3 @Kevonlee88 @Official_Frambo I took no part in that

Jamie Karr ‏@jamieakarr

@JCshow71 @samanthanelson1 ok, how and why is he the icon he is?

Fiddleback ‏@Fiddleback

Check out Sidekick Quests: Mystery of the Moon Stone by James Stowe on @Kickstarter https://t.co/fukAfkK5SY

pumpkin spice ‏@Kitty404

@Dangerdane911 Saw a mustang with a tag that said “crwdseeker” It was hilarious !!!!!

triki2Years ‏@sheriffofknokem

@BILDERBERG_GP @gerardjasper @terencehooson We don't need to justify why we voted .....The ball is in the remoan co… https://t.co/kDKowTgojP

John Hartsfield ‏@JackmoveJohnny

I'm not going to fully cancel the P4G stream, but it will be heavily delayed since I have to return my current spli… https://t.co/FWt22OC5QL

steffy Sky ‏@SteffySkyrider

@ASTROSEASONTS You were the one that told me to grow up. Why are you hating on furries exactly? Is it blind hate or… https://t.co/uSNimFgG4S

utapri_UNIT4 ‏@utapri93

Im crying ❤💚😍 https://t.co/fOzOeqlqhx

Kennie 🌊 ‏@Kennie2479

@SteveScalise You’re full of it.

Jay ⚡️❄️ ‏@jasonn__2

@fuckdoopy @yunngggoscar Shutup pussy

Christian Head ‏@c_n_head

People who stand up right when the plane reaches the gate...why?

🌙 ‏@hopeewoorldd

@BSTforBTS @Lisashoee @jenjenmilk And fans like you in the army fandom think your doing a great job by discrediting… https://t.co/r2cbJDLKXT

LFG Cj22savage ‏@cannonjason

Supporting one of the best up and coming content creators!! @WHIQK watch out for him https://t.co/WIPcsKPiCe

Donovan ن ‏@Donovan_B

@KCHReed @CbusSoccerNews Three weeks in Indianapolis for me...where/how do you watch the games?

pj Garcia ‏@pj_garcia55

@justinsgirl_143 @RiahLove05 @lilahrodriguezz @gabbbyrenee__ @arianagonzo @aleaya_a @brother @gabriel_v05 That’s tuff😂👎🏽

wojak ‏@coinwojak

@TheCryptoDog @binance check the replies, the bots are cleverer

cristina silvAAAHH! Real Monsters ‏@silvacristina_

@adatta02 dev environment are u broke or firewall one more latte plz

shayna pearl ‏@shayy978

currently playing Zoe Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen. writer. cat enthusiast.


@PearlJam Actually managing a record store, and sharing it with the masses.

John ‏@_real_John

"That’s what successful business is all about – spotting new opportunities and exploiting them." - Alan Sugar https://t.co/aibOP8m2gh

B Z🎃🎃k ‏@Bzookah

@AvalancheTwitch @OpTicHitch @hudsonwisler Aren't we all?

Zackiyah ‏@__PrettyInRED

I want to change my number, but i haven’t even had this number a year yet

Fortizar 🎃💀 ‏@fortizars

@GameGerbil @Hellz_Gates Congrats dude! 🥳🔥

𝔈𝔩𝔩𝔞 𝔤𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔢 𝔥𝔲𝔤𝔥𝔢𝔰 ‏@EllaHug05000117

U know when you feel so emotionally attached to a character in a book that when you finish reading it you could cry… https://t.co/o1xddUXEkI

Paramus Ortho PT ‏@ParamusOrthoPT

@captainstefano exploring New Jersey with our own Dr. Phil Lombardo before the MovNat certification course begins.… https://t.co/OUA9050Zt6

Bennett D. Bennett ‏@TheAcecapade

Nah, makes us sound like the songs most people associate Joe Budden with. https://t.co/kRrYeiVoSp

˙ ʎɹɹɐl ‏@apinkstarburst_

@BIGBLIZZZY his shit not even that good lol he just a sad boi .

The Weak Days ‏@thaweakdays

@smmyheck @MELTTmagazine @brokmash @foxydads @chatterbotrecs From us in person until after tour!!

🍯 ‏@CallMeChrissii

All I want is happiness, more money, and good vibes 😊

Tempus Fugit ‏@B_Abstract

@VICE @KCPLDistrict was created solely for suburbanites to pretend they're in an urban enviro. The experience begin… https://t.co/2EcbbKJKVy

Motion XI ‏@realmotionxi

Lil Peep’s Mother Approves of Her Son’s Upcoming Posthumous Album https://t.co/VCa02WgeGm https://t.co/xM63TDbklV

🎃 Brooklyn 🎃 ‏@brookyjade43

@Sethrogen I love you seth

NEDEAN ‏@DeanAlmo97

@Will__NE I'll get George to sort u out haha

warren is part of the 1% ‏@riceman79

@DavidCayJ @cynlistewnik Are there other ways to vote other than polling station if they don’t have a car?

meli☾ ‏@yvesmalls

kiss and make up in my ass https://t.co/3GuVOtnGjz

B Upton ‏@Upton_B9

@Phenomenal_Cat @obbibb @Rosie Is Pedowood in Alabama? Never heard of it. Sounds terrible.

Pretty&&& ‏@TurahTheFinest

u live whereee librays and jobs are by your local address

Calvyn ‏@Calvyn_S

@kikiphillip I’m Northern Irish, I ain’t ever doing something like this.

Renae Maglay ‏@LmaooRenae

F was my teacher😂💀

Leslie in Fort Lee ‏@MongoGoesInsane

@BigDickFrancesa Fuck you.

KittynPitty ‏@KittyAndPitty

@Robstark50 and Im the girl on the island. . . equipped as described. . .been there/know the outcome.

Velorn Van Dolton ‏@Velorn

Earned 2 PSN trophies (2 bronze) in Batman: Arkham Knight https://t.co/iPrBR9ZSL8

UnknownDreamer ‏@Ameliaroxy

@Bbyxiu24 Can’t wait for the Exo comeback!

Meg Watts ‏@megggwatts

hiding from the shadows in your head

Mikaelly.💰 ‏@BlaiseMikael

@showtime9_ gon swag this fasho!! 😈 https://t.co/W4PTouwexO

horny satan ‏@pproblematic

@kschoon00 oh my god yall

Kaidin Larson ‏@KaidinLarson

*slides into dm* hey gurl, send mlems

أمــيـن 💤 ‏@Aminzzx

Indeed .. like so much indeed https://t.co/lUWLl1qVIs

Peta Stinson is hiding her harassment ‏@LimaBeanHoagie

@DiegoARosario @CholericShyGuy @Runk138 @whinygothbitch @loudandobvious They definitely are in a sheltered mindset.… https://t.co/JRtLeQ2Mie

Gal Jammu Di ‏@GalJammuDi

IED Blast in Trichal-Lassipora #Pulwama #Kashmir in which 7 jawans were injured. https://t.co/T8zvKzRL21

Maredydd 🇼🇸 ‏@tropical_vet89

Its a red TL this morning

jafet con leche ‏@tortilla__soup


A Deal Alert ‏@AmznDealAlert

Start From $3.74 NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss, Creme Brulee, 0.27 Ounce @ https://t.co/P1RzizbiZE https://t.co/y7K6VRKyar

big hoss ‏@abbybirkel

Rice https://t.co/yWUZ795jJS

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