Tag Latin Capital Letter T Emoji

Tag Latin Capital Letter T was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁔 U+E0054


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The Scalpel ‏@TheScalpel1

@Israel @ohboywhatashot @UNCCD Simple process. All you haveto do is steal other people's water and use it for irrigation

GILGASLOSHED ‏@TrashDadabelle

He thinks he's being sneaky 😂 https://t.co/Csm13dXZxU

Geloof ‏@ttmakwela

@SeedAforika Welldone! Great step.😁

Dan Greenberg ‏@StoolGreenie

Is it crazy to think that even if Al were to leave, no matter where he goes he'll still get cheered when he returns… https://t.co/CeUnr1V1PL

gleesoc 🌈 ‏@gleesoc

@ShowTime_JHill @AfroLatinaGold If you look on her feed there's a pic. He's pretty hot 👀

Carl Lawrence Knauf ‏@carlLknauf

#JackSwift #LyricoftheDay: The 2018 #LyricoftheDay #spotifyplaylist! Jack certainly loves his music. Have a listen… https://t.co/fovhS00kiR

Justin ‏@mijitdragun

@WolfeyGlick Gotta be DUX, the OG Duck.

1998 ‏@petruquioE9

Tmnc Instagram dnv https://t.co/Z9cdln3mOB

PBR Northern CA ‏@Clemmens_PBR

Always our pleasure @n_kresnak. We mean what we say https://t.co/lKhVuAb71j

Terry Newberg ‏@SoOverThem

😊 Hong Kong porn sites shut down in support of protesters https://t.co/CnVbEyRI83 via @TheFeedSBS

Zach ‏@zachparsons12

Take it easy baby, middle of summer I’m freezing baby !!!!

Vianney ‏@Starski19748296

We all make wonderful promises to God so long as nobody says anything to us, and all goes well .... - Saint Vianney +++

Barbeg ‏@dunaway54

Had a talk with Anas coach about her poor nutrition and she's soo mad at me! Well maybe after she puts her foot in… https://t.co/0Ukntdq1Xm

Saraaa ♕ ‏@iamsarahgee

I’m there for you no matter what. 🎶🎶

BengaliTvSerial ‏@bengalitvserial

Shakti 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant Gets Soumya Arrested https://t.co/wJwIOs3oeP via @TellyUpdates.News

Troy Bentley ‏@tbentley08

Watch "Still Loving You" on YouTube https://t.co/T6Beew0YBL

todayIwilltry... ‏@TIwilltry

Today I will try to feel ease when I feel obligation.

recca ‏@reccagodinez_


lovely ‏@Cosmic_coco_

@Micheal44766861 check dm.

𝙈ℴ𝒸𝒽𝒾 ♡ FESTA 💜 ‏@glowingjikook

@JinSofty No doubts that will be my reaction https://t.co/cUHJlbnpc4

M J Walmsley ‏@markwalmsley88

@SolGamsu It really pisses me off how bad they are, because it should be core to what HEIs do. When I interviewed f… https://t.co/QzwI7zWsdm

Siddarth Raman ‏@thriddas

We Need to Save Ignorance From AI https://t.co/hbSKbzRBXp

lena ‏@leem2rk

a rememberance https://t.co/eQkbCaLIxy

Let's not be stupid this time ‏@Zoemae31

@SpringB90 @washingtonpost None. My opinion only sir.

waud squad ‏@keyri92080334

@Joewaudd Morning joe

Sophienk ‏@mdphlse

@hannahhamad @LennartSpion @MTWSoton @bellecobb @FilmUoS @sarahsmythlou @ostrutka Many congratulations Shelley!!

🚁🏴The Dude🏴🚁 ‏@thedude929

@dandanorly @MikeJon12797095 But I’m on the side of the freeway in the car.

greenlight ‏@stevenk11011

@Acosta maybe now, @TeamPelosi , you might consider impeaching?

Jake Keebler ‏@KeeblerYesTime

@LuckySoftworks Yay! Go be an art homie and pursue your dreams

bestcornishcat ‏@bestcornishcat2

@TeaKayB I thought you had it cut for your recent audition for a part in a film which is still ‘in talks’.

mary ‏@guccihsx

In conclution: i’m here for a movie starring mila kunis and harry styles. (can she have another baby so harry can b… https://t.co/TsmfKMa7a2

nonchalantOne. ‏@_lifewithko

niggas really doing that🤢 https://t.co/valtKw5iPw

baby kim ‏@GlamPlug

@daleydoseofroe i’m in the still in college part but her ass. can’t blame a nigga for being trash when the red flag… https://t.co/6QTeUqvJR1

Mauri Virtamo ‏@MauriVirtamo

@coffeeftwords Truely a nightmare scenario

P0nyP0rridg3🦄 ‏@P0nyP0rridg3

@jenxslay @xkotakmagikx @aigmamaeva You talking to us? Odd, there's no criminal here though. 😂

Braden Ridlehoover ‏@B21Ridle

@DunkingWolvesFS @Tayler_P15 Thunder wouldn’t consider trade 3, Wolves wouldn’t consider trade 2 and the Spurs wouldn’t consider trade 1

aiden👁\bp in ur area ‏@jennieperiodt

@Phay_GotBangtan Ummm u stan idle tho??

Altair_626 ‏@626Altair

Check out this event in #GranblueFantasy! https://t.co/nQCWM4jJz8 https://t.co/pwVuj0LXTg

ayesa 💌 ‏@ayesa__g

do you even do a level chemistry if you don’t have the organic synthesis route hung up somewhere on your wall ??

🦋 ‏@Tanya_Suratos

@extraordinEricK @pat__vergara @PauliineeG @dianeengana @MeannieMousee @EMvip12 @romacalder_ @SaiRoll14 uhhh affected much?

snottyboy😪 ‏@backforestsosa

@ExtendoBans untitled unmastered got me into kendrick so imma go with that

alley ‏@_irrelouvant

@hspinkish Sksksk STOP I’m crying

SNI ‏@MargaManSnizz

@SargStinger Bruv shutup man you shout me Kmt after you’ve been ghost for how long

Mookie ‏@MookieIX

uh?! I never knew? https://t.co/bcMIWel1u4

(((David Avallone))) ‏@DAvallone

@zoebritton This person just followed me. Reported.

## 𝐦𝐚𝐲𝐚 ♡ ‏@Iuvjieuns

send me ur favorite hobi, nammie and yoonie photos everyone (together or individually) its for science

ᵁ ᴳ ᴸ ᴱ ᴱ ᴴ ᴼ ᴱ ‏@fijikoya

@anasiajohnsonn @DemetriusHarmon the hbo show euphoria starring xandaya her self🤣

WeThePeople ‏@_CommonCitizen

@Lovethyyyselfff @sneheshphilip Not knowing & refusing to sing are two different things i am sure you will agree. I… https://t.co/NcIIkiriYw

Cinzia🌸Sakura84🌟🐺🌸🕰️🌾🌟 ‏@sakurachan84

@WatanukisGlass_ I mean we can't look away 1 second 😂😂😂😂 wtf While we're not looking these kids are already "having… https://t.co/dBPfOBJCda

TheRealTutweezy ‏@kingtutweezy

I choose me over everything and everybody. Nobody got my back like me. Can’t really trust many people.

foti ‏@foetee

@_ThinkersInc in other news my balls itch

Brooke ‏@brookefreia

I really feel the need to thank Ms. Strub now https://t.co/noRW77zqsm

🇧🇼CityzenV🇧🇼 ‏@CityzenV

@manashpritam5 @Suprockxxx @TacticalRole @benmendy23 @ManCity @Zinchenkology Angelino will be a backup to Mendy FFS… https://t.co/eHoKgvKA0v

lex ‏@LexieTambe

@ChattAllen They both are great🤨

NiceVeloso ‏@nicevelosoya

@mantoliva Show! 👏👏👏😍😍😍🍀🍀🌹💖

no context Hat Kid ‏@NoContextHatKid


킴벌리🖤 ‏@Kmmbrlyy

Be bold, wear your pride. #RemitlyNHBF https://t.co/YEhEajXIXL

Okonomiyaki 💕 ‏@pressxietyd

Have an extra calcu? Wanna earn some extra cash? Or gusto niyo makatabang mo sa uban karon prelims? Lend a helping… https://t.co/r0p2RVg3Zn

Rameshhhhh ‏@RameshJeirii

yall gon think im gon whisper the whole time

Queen Kay 👑✨ ‏@LoveStonerXO

@Deendalee 😂😂😂😂😂 dyingggg

Fernando 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@nando_aze

@tazreentasnim @LukeyLupin I'm sure they are doing it step by step. 350 swatches is a lot of work depending on how… https://t.co/1YrpgFMs6I

Rahul Shukla ‏@4urahul2

@TajinderBagga If it was in US, the moment he took the sword, he would have been shot. He is lucky.Whatever was the… https://t.co/rflj7Murcq

Frances Grahl ‏@francesgrahl

The roofers repairing next door's slates woke me up at 7.30 singing 'Dancing on the Ceiling' along to the radio on… https://t.co/Lt3kA0CYBR

Andy Richmond ‏@Bickley14

@quevega @garethtopham @Chepstow_Racing @BrightonRace It's Ffos Las ;)

Brian ‏@rustygram

@_TyAnderson Why not sign MJ with more signing bonus cash, low year 1 salary and then bump it up year 2 with the 3M… https://t.co/sZFeECrDfz

T A M A R A ✨ ‏@maraaa_____

@jayvenice_ Thank you soooo much! Love you too ❤️❤️❤️

Angie Skys ‏@AngieSkys

@jim27182 Exactly 👍

shownuday ‏@hamptonhousehoe

yes im here https://t.co/VnlKJb18mD

ashley prochoice prosecco prosciutto ‏@Oh_Lovelacee

@ArashKolahi @pinklady_ktown Well fuck that’s accurate.

KHYgoddess🦄 ‏@Khyyyyy_

factsss. cuz they said you sit on yo ass all day but sis gotta whole job. smh https://t.co/RO8amtSnxy

julian ‏@spicyhotcumx

https://t.co/xvOt7Q3feJ see me in camera


@iStanWhoiStanOK @BuzzFeed Okay but my point was, besides the people in the article, nobody’s running with this com… https://t.co/akqVJkUEZr

baby jade ‏@JadeAbigail_3

this happens to me all the time 🗣🗣 https://t.co/YV3Itevo0i

kristina 🌿 ‏@kristinamacomb

As soon as Addie hears my alarm in the morning, the girl knows it’s time for some morning snuggles. She’s wonderful

Lor-D’🗽 ‏@LordMaountain

Thieves and #fascists. https://t.co/Uu8xrJYmMC

eboy ebooks ‏@eboyebooks

This is the name of my she.

Nícolas Andrade ‏@nicolasandrade

@shannongsims He is fighting for democracy and that is causing discomfort on every corrupt politician!

whemleh ‏@whemleh

@Cobrahhhhh i bet you're ready for everyone to go back to zadash & spend some time relaxing, maybe catch up with pumat sol

Gary Parker ‏@WiteWulf

@garyexplains Touché 😏 My issue is that multiple node/high CPU count, isn’t what makes a supercomputer. That’s jus… https://t.co/oghPwrrqsX

Tomiko Clough ‏@tomikocamille_

I love my eyebrow lady because she be giving me a bomb forehead and temple massage after threading my eyebrows that… https://t.co/ZlFOGdc0pm

lou ‏@chois6n

@jimpIy when .... im lazy 2 calculate 😋

Sean Regan ‏@seanjregan

@michaelbatnick @acohenNY @asanwal And they run two monitors for medium, one to read, one to write. At the same time....

Sara K ‏@Saraakay

Happy Paul Day. Here’s a reminder that McCartney II is a goddamn new wave masterpiece & you’re all cowards who thin… https://t.co/oALUzmQvNy

MadLife Stage & Studios ‏@MadLifeStage

#WOODSTOCK 🌅 WAKE THE SUN are bringing their KILLER ORIGINAL ROCK to #MadLife this SATURDAY 🤘 Click the link for ti… https://t.co/tazsoPNDLp

Mahateme Michael ‏@MahatemeMichael

@wisdompetertm @talk2kadrex I have no idea being one myself. iPhones are just so beautiful I can't explain it.

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