Tag Latin Small Letter C Emoji

Tag Latin Small Letter C was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.


󠁣 U+E0063


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🎃Soul Burner🎃🏳️‍🌈 ‏@evilme202

@thy_badream_exe @AnsgarTOdinson @Socchi_Kurokawa @ClaudeL1979 @BuseyMemes @GrowlyBiteBite @DecayMedia @DukeBonanza… https://t.co/YsclJZsZPH

🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@xoJLT

Youuuuu seeee riiiight thru mee

94.7 Hits FM ‏@947HitsFM

Remembering XXXTentacion on the first anniversary of his death https://t.co/yVZT2oyimu

Debz_carter ‏@Debz_Carter

Craving cake so badly.. sweet butter icing cake 😋

Alison Richards 🌹🌹🌹 ‏@AlisonR84198452

@rachel_e_reader @theresa_may A naive view indeed...cannabis isn't unique to social housing, many throughout all co… https://t.co/e07sSAUFN2

c loves edward lai 😳 ‏@ventimaknae

Freaking Chris Bang had the audacity to wear a sleeveless top and show his guns ?

MB ‏@xox_marybeth

Literally!!!!! When people are mean to me now I’m just a smartass and reply with gifs https://t.co/5WgsXzYzrZ

Brandon - #SPSLondon ‏@imfbrandon

This was a great turnout! I enjoyed speaking about the #PowerPlatform. Be sure not to miss our next User Group meet… https://t.co/dj70n0kyhP

The Real Gaffer ‏@GafferReal

@Mills5283 @FootyAccums 😂 in the old days mate 😂 that’s what we used to have....ham in tins😂

rhiannon ‏@rhigabrielle

@gerrymcginty88 @elliebridgettt @abobrien_ @__niamhd @thomasssscc @_DHOTYA more men SHOULD open up about it!!! we n… https://t.co/YqjrpaSs4O

shauna morgan ‏@shazzyxox

@istanWY @bandwildyouth I’d say I’m worse than u to be fair they love us all really they always say they wouldn’t b… https://t.co/OU9qZvDEow

The Punisher® ‏@emvula_

It's a lie.. https://t.co/VpMaD0AjLP

ㅎㅂㄷㅌㅅㄴ ♡ ‏@gomshownu

@OfficialMonstaX saving the best for last, i see.

Pedant ‏@tapirtim

@ScotlandSky @DoctorChristian @SkySportsNews @PartickThistle @spfl @SkyFootball @JojoCardle Love it.

Skipped Tick ‏@Skip_tick

Diet makes a big difference I guess. https://t.co/dKeYfSsI3D

norah ‏@kissythumnn

@thvmann love U

kookie™ || bangtan™ ‏@Pinay_With_Luv

@mimemimuu Nice~ Keep it up!~

Delilah ‏@lylarockmusic

Buy my album! https://t.co/NMYxmjbYNu https://t.co/f3A7bYnaf3

K Diamond🔮🌻 ‏@DiamondStarrlet

@OfficialFBMA yes REAL men deserve to be spoiled too💯👌🏽

Ally ‏@Allayva

@aghakamilhamid there's some pushback on it because the frequency it's been allotted is right alongside what's used… https://t.co/0YpSQTDkgQ

nix🦄 ‏@itsmenikewl

one of my favorite sa cls https://t.co/pUCkRfVHQU


& every month they have socials/parties, they got showers in the damn office g like omfg the kitchen??? i want my k… https://t.co/vzAMahXlWD

Naive Character Loyalist ‏@TeamSpaceBadguy

@dead__empress @lucalucaria shout out to games with no difficulty options

leslieixxiii ‏@LihaTaliha

Why is Ariana a mood like everyday 💕

Shaun Smith ‏@Shaun7559

Man calls for unity whilst simultaneously attacking members of his own party. No wonder Comrade Incompetence will n… https://t.co/1CL0hY0cBX

messi ‏@m_eli_zalde

Nasty ass abuse of calorie counting apps and weight predictions: total net calorie goal? 0. Wearing men’s clothes a… https://t.co/wQ8fQh4TvT

Ray Ray ‏@RayP2

@slit71 @JonL1966 @MarkMaddenX Loved the days of the OK Corral!

sammie ‏@02Sharper

@chvrrys @temptedethan Love that

opednews ‏@opednews

Trump Says ICE Will Begin 'Removing Millions Of Illegal Aliens' Next Week https://t.co/is4p2gxuSf

Saghi ‏@saghihosseini

One of those mornings where I read @OKPolicy In the Know, @shiakapos Illinois Playbook, @ZachMontellaro Morning Sco… https://t.co/cVJnlaiOtq

🔋GNDK🔋 ‏@lace_ash

@Emjaaaaayyy Ouch

Aryan 🌈 ‏@wildchanted

@Katheryn_Goddes omg well seems like worse than that

mirror kisser ‏@earIyeyes

this SUCKS i don’t even remember everything i’ve done i’ve been playing all morning i hate this this the second tim… https://t.co/UY9P3N3hMC

Malaka ~read my memoir!~ Gharib ‏@MalakaGharib

@TomBollyky thx for sharing! 🌺🤙

Matt Wynn ‏@MatthewWynn8

Keep raining now for Shaman please !

dumb girl ‏@manthaaa__

I can’t wait to get off work and get my nails done 💆🏼‍♀️

Franxells Global ‏@franx_e

Have You Started Making Plans For August?. Spend Summer In Dubai This Year. ___ Date : 16 - 22Aug, 2019. (Rate N435… https://t.co/p7qbVq6tXV

Ö Z ‏@Squidriffic

@MRBLEUFACE another L, tf kinda name is that

King ‏@espresso2k12

@NYCChelseaGirl @johncusack @ResethO still a hospital, still humans being used as shields.

Kirill ‏@kzonov

Feeling of an ongoing architectural discussion. War is peace, freedom is slavery, 300 new lambdas is simplification. 😒

Briguy ‏@briguyflyers

@TPSOperations @TorontoPolice @OCAD @GBCollege @RyersonU @humbercollege most likely some idiot trying to get out of exams.

Mario ‏@Chocoboco_

@DF_Taimou You were nerfed by god bro. You’d be op.

Fabiënne ‏@F_BIENNE

@xedaen I FRICKING KNOW RIGHT! Some people are so quickly butthurt it's just pathetic

Sri Harsha ‏@DonotleavemeBTS

@moonlightggukk Go gurl

sam ‏@emtnlmess

in six months you already... 1- yes 2- no 3- no 4- no 5- no 6- yeah 7- yeah 8- yeah 9- yeah 10- yeah 11- idk 12- m… https://t.co/AOzMCdabfL

George Tan ‏@Naplestan

Got a call from +1 (603) 864-6488 googled it because it was an odd call. #phishing #spam #alert #robocall https://t.co/Jh7AVjC4R0

Floor Focus Magazine ‏@FloorFocus

Builder Confidence Declined in June but Remained Positive https://t.co/RCSDmLYUVt

myblocktyler ‏@myblocktyler

The Dubai Food Festival Experience https://t.co/01WzZM33ol

humangeneric777 ‏@humangeneric

Lucrecia, My Reflection ~ #deepdream #deepdreamart #ai_dream #DreamAwake #textureart #digitaltextureart #art… https://t.co/N7WxpInCi2

Coco 💟// sope au📌 ‏@strayarmylyfe

@fraisefelix love you can’t antagonized the short one @softrenjxn it’ll aggravate it and it’ll attack https://t.co/bDxf037AqK

Queen-Quanda ‏@MsQuanda83

Okay sir! Lol I had thee cutest, nicest Uber Driver!

Brian Bilston ‏@brian_bilston

@tee_katy @thebookfayre I’d love that!

شقراه ‏@shaqirahamsen

I couldn’t ask for more

It’s Above Me ‏@Chill__PickMe

@_KingKi_ Yes... and i’ll tell her how good Robin Givens is looking when she pops up on the screen as well

Guruprasad Naik 🇮🇳 ‏@GuruprsadNAik

@ajitanjum Good job sir..

Richard Brynj ó l f s s o n ‏@sillygwailo

@adamrg I have a call with a college buddy every two weeks. I’m so grateful for it that I have to stay up until mid… https://t.co/hgwSX7rFYQ

swoleil ‏@soleilnicole_

I have the worst dreams ever wtf

J O S I E ‏@lapeachbb

#BigLittleLies is the best show eva @ReeseW

Luke Adams ‏@chronicleladams

A single from Croft (34) takes Lancs to 200/8 and that is a batting point. Lead by 47. Reece 6-58.

Small Metal Owl ‏@SmallMetalOwl

@rushovrushov @iowahawkblog Windsor. In the background behind Cobo Hall.

elmenanonimodelauds ‏@udsnoestamuerta

Miiiiisteeeeeer https://t.co/dHdHSjc3ju

Ceren Altınok ‏@cerenaltnokk

@hamamc_hatice Aga bee

Sandra ‏@seb4466

@mkraju So Mitt will be working diligently with Mark to refine the proposal?

Thomas Lambert aka(The Real Uncle Tom) ‏@ThomasL36820065

Ep. 1003 The Whole Case Falls Apart. The Dan Bongino Show 6/17/2019. https://t.co/ZBNQJO5dGj via @YouTube

☻ ‏@torusgsm

Thank you. I’m honored to be with you today for your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world.

Christian X Clemons ‏@HexedZebra

BHM: I'm obsessed with self-defense, and even have brass knuckles.

§sydney elise§ ‏@sydney1005

Sick how girls are so quick to run to social media to claim who they fuck with.. but does he really fuck with you?… https://t.co/Oye1OHhCpk

Capt. $andy ‏@Captandy5

@shyldn You forgot Faiz sahab

Ebong Jr. Ibokette ‏@Ibokettee

@Sammyskopi Baby can i put my mind in your country

BW ‏@BW952

@CBSScottWhite missed you

Duluth News Tribune ‏@duluthnews

Phase two of Lakewalk reconstruction begins June 24 https://t.co/qty0TaFNWa https://t.co/wZe1o8p26E

cryptokid ‏@bitcoinkarate

LIBRA is not going to do shit for us

britttttt ‏@britt_vny

my mom didn't beleive me when I said I get up 15 minutes before class and can still be ready on time

Jjong Bby ‏@princehannie

i fucking need those bangs back for irene NOW

Pokemon Shaming ‏@PokeShamingBot

I ticked off a bunch of Mewtwo fans (SSB Greninja)

emma ‏@_walzy

Oh thank god https://t.co/LoFORe1MTA

💪 Mt. Bridoriyama 💪 ‏@br_tal_ty

I can't pick a favourite, so they're all my favourites. https://t.co/VRrdMu7p3w

Post-Modern Richard-Marxist ‏@MarxistPost

@AOC Thank you for speaking truth to power, Representitive. Your willingness to articulate uncomfertable truths is… https://t.co/MJ5O0ot7Kc

Baz ‏@Baz48686789

@SexySassyMinx Ohhh dear are we bothered are we fuck just enjoy your holidays hun😅😅

mystical0404 ‏@mystical0404

@YUrbai The Magnitsky Act, rather, is about money. It freezes certain Russian officials’ access to the stashes they… https://t.co/1FAFKI1FXh

Fixed that for ya ‏@Fixedthatforya

📷 stevie-nicks-daily: June 18, 1977: Fleetwood Mac goes to No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Dreams’, the group’s… https://t.co/rskTghbyPP

Bearded & Wholesome KB 🧔🏾🧔🏾 ‏@KBDatGuyTho

My homeboy from Atlanta said that all the women from the west side kno how to shoot dice and and sell bundles but a… https://t.co/4HUMilZJIK

Melanie Walsh ‏@_melaniewalsh

I love when films highlight cool things happening in our region! Working on this article made me so excited for Fri… https://t.co/0Y5NlXg5fA

Étaín ‏@etain_vaac

"Guillaume Valette was left with severe post-traumatic stress disorder which deteriorated to the point where, in 20… https://t.co/89wab2jScZ

Aleena ‏@alinaamajeed

@BerozgaarAbhi I am calm


Back to it today and the first one to go out this week was this awesome Ranger finished in matte metallic black wit… https://t.co/gUcTBrX9uF

ions ‏@ionswtff

@9325 thsi means shoappy britdhay

ohbeeko 🦅 ‏@ohbeeko

@Stockpiled Yeh that is true ! I have it programmed to my eDPI for fortnite currently !

euphorialuvr97 ‏@bcilovebts

jimin come here https://t.co/bZ1AfO2ylu

🏳️‍🌈OwO🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Doomguydraws

@PerruPls This guy is https://t.co/CW7IPW0rfy

stradiost1 ‏@stradiost11

Now playing Ride by Twenty One Pilots on https://t.co/UxOKRZK8AB

mygospel_365 ‏@mygospel_365

Master's Voice - Sowing The Good Seed

Khemist49 ‏@khemist49

@preme_soles @domysaint @liamseskis @hunter_bdm you entered an AMNotify x Cybersole Giveaway hoping to with an AMN… https://t.co/iMShYPZUYu

Andrea B ‏@Dragonfy03

@SocialPowerOne1 It's more like "they are so close to turning everyone away from it

A ‏@AkimAmzah

@syawalhalim14 @Hafiz_Izzat03 @zahiruddinz Daddy wal

Kuldeep ‏@Kuldeep36669869

@Sandro_power $appl great plan

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