Tag Latin Small Letter C Emoji

Tag Latin Small Letter C was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.


󠁣 U+E0063


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painmanwise ‏@painmanwise

Healthcare resource use and costs of opioid-induced constipation among non-cancer and cancer patients on opioid the… https://t.co/haQ3sA0AQq

Inmaculada Espejo ‏@InmaculadaEspej

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/6SBvPlgoDZ

olive magazine ‏@olivemagazine

@MadeByBob @MarkTaylorFood This is in the January issue, it'll also be available online in the next week or so :-)

marco ‏@maarcoliveira

stop and wait a sec, when you look at me like that, my darling, what did you expect?

Vanessa ✨ ‏@vanessabar14

lmao a garret cop just tried pulling over a state trooper 💀

reuben ‏@reubeern

Oh lovely, flat and in plastic https://t.co/vWNg7aWsd5

Joseph.W. ‏@Jo_W17

@youngthug is my favorite rapper of all time. #ThuggerThugger #Jeffery

Pnoyh(Bryan) ‏@pnoyhf

@stortikl I appreciate that! Thank you! Do you have a twitch as well? I'll stop by and give you a follow!

Nick. P ‏@taxinick1765

Hillary Clinton is at Bellevue psychiatric center again ! https://t.co/zu2CEUjvl8

Online Jobs for anyone! ‏@Nifl16

Trader On Chart - Mt4 App To Make Forex Trading Easier https://t.co/Hh6FWhvKKC https://t.co/9s97s1dVET

Silky Johnson: Player Hater of the Year ‏@MeMeSyndrome_

Y’all hide your stomach in photos like we still can’t see it

Em ‏@mocha_y

@Chuckles152 Girls, no question.

Danielle Mcculloch ‏@liabilitystyIes

@Lin_Manuel Boy, you are one busy guy.

Koka 🌼 ‏@magicdaisy_

@EnasMurad112 You know the struggle is real, grad school is where people die from the inside a million death per th… https://t.co/Ao9VpwUuZE

Adebowale Smith ‏@AdebowaleSmith

@abhaymudele @ManUtd Man utd is becoming a mediocre club. Am ashamed

Tanners #PeoplesVote #FBPE ‏@Tanners1983

@PeriGumpster @russelltalbot @RobbyRobot999 @aaronoshea1550 @TurraloonNS @afneil Exactly. There’s no single deliver… https://t.co/3QwyBVZ6Yf

rita qawwas ‏@RQawwas

@mustame3 How?Did Awni Mutea do any favour?Was it His choice ? AM was caught & brought in thru a legal system. It… https://t.co/KbVyj170l6

Funtimewriter ‏@Funtime_Writer

@Legentla @tumblr I cannot get to that page. What I took the screen shot of is all I get, and it just takes me bac… https://t.co/p9jtAFVL2c

Yubereguachau ‏@la_coniglia

Gud mornin, coolers https://t.co/sNqfGdPT6O

Noah Hurlburt ‏@noahhurlburt

#TuesdayThoughts @RTS_VT Students and Teachers- pick a number! Could this become a student designed chart, in which… https://t.co/gbEQysO7WC

Nozipho Zondo ‏@nozipho_zondo

@AdvBarryRoux Lol I know the driver 😂

Dave Bryan ‏@panther_daveb49

@Lawmantheking No you’re right, big test in next few games, just mentioned Blanc as possible caretaker? Interesting… https://t.co/Zs7OJGVE3N

Julie S. Maggard ‏@julesrprecious

For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is #God. Hebrews 11:10

2PM❤영원히34 ‏@destu95

Wonpil doing perfectly thruout the whole song just to fail at the end xDDDDDD

sector23 ‏@sector233

this is a generated tweet

ce. ‏@celina_cotton

i've literally been preparing for 2019 the last few months & i'm so excited to start watching my goals manifest themselves to reality


Three times a day really is a masterpiece that deserves to be performed live along with HO! And sunset.

Jon Lester ‏@gsnmaster75

@Hydrazard1 I got a little bit of info from a tweet last night from one of the sides. Scratch that, maybe from both sides...

GregTheAnalyst ‏@Analyst_G

@magotrader @JTSEO9 I'd even say morning drool...

Zaid ‏@CricHassan

@ESPNcricinfo About time...was the best batsman in PSL along with Ronchi

professional teenage dirtbag ‏@ThotPatrolPres

Bro I thought we were going to outback, I don’t want to film this a 12th time. https://t.co/r49tV0Luca

jeff vance ‏@jeffvance7

Dr. Lyon's Grain-Free Extra-Small Breed Dental Dog Treats, https://t.co/8w3tZEmW72 https://t.co/M0qi3d8oeU

Joya ‏@Joya47890153

Abelssoft CheckDrive 2018.1.24 Premium is Here ! Download link👇👉https://t.co/4QTA2Fj7S8 https://t.co/PDaXYi7vZu

Bricktown Brewery ‏@BTBreweryKansas

Bricktwisted Short Rib Burger … a Great Way to Start Your Week! #Bricktwisted 😋 #Wichita https://t.co/Bz1xfKYiuf

Debbie Brien ‏@BrienDebbie

We got a reply from #santa thank you @RoyalMail @ Washington, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom https://t.co/ug43ITHHIC

skezz ‏@ske22

This failed snooker commentator is trying to spread the lies of an historic forged document that has been powerfull… https://t.co/HBOUJLULwY

Charlie ‏@aintkdy

@BLACKPlNKJENS getwellsoon for your mood opah

scarlett ‏@scarlettstuff

Cheat gets told he's a cheat - trans formed into this propaganda broadcast on behalf of the patriarchy https://t.co/AD5D9Ogw5s

erika ‏@eeriikaadnr

Omg! Welcome home, angel 😍 @kelsmerritt https://t.co/VERA1tgCmB

World of Smile ‏@WorldofSmile2

Our #Fleet and #Worcester showrooms will be closed over the #Christmas holidays https://t.co/kd73sqxFny

Ripple Music ‏@RippleMusic

@RikiRachtman That would be none.

Chef ‏@UtdCem

@MourinhoMindset please tell me you have a good Pochettino @ saved

Tina Howard ‏@TinaHow24051885

@RepAdamSchiff Ppl R starting to talk about U n ur friend Buck, the child sex trafficking N anything goes in ur hot… https://t.co/QCq5tRAC4K

Beckett Li ‏@LiBeckett

What piece of world building or plot development did you not notice the first time you read the books? (Spoilers ex… https://t.co/NICNNowm14

Patrick Surguy ‏@pjsdrummerboy

YES JEZZA https://t.co/wVinqcBfiT

France Francois ‏@1stClassFrance

@kenrussellmiami @CityofMiami @barbarajordan1 @CommishEileen @DLCAVA Last week, I told @kenrussellmiami and the Cit… https://t.co/p7G4XFydU8

Luke. ‏@lukeand09

@tatespeech Best way to make money illegally

+ HSM + ‏@Hsmvote21

RTTT alcameau #VideoMTV18del18 Selena Gomez Lady Gaga

Ruth Asiimwe Musana ‏@RuthAsiimwe5

@kansiimeonesmu2 @Mubangizi1995 @kennethwabuteya @musanarobert @itsmidonah @PrimusBahiigi @actionaiduganda A nation… https://t.co/URFumEeAw2

EMEL🍭 ‏@emellyxo

@EsteeLauderUK I have still heard nothing back despite me sending you an email. I would like to put out there that… https://t.co/vCjFhSkQvi

Sagar Patil ‏@pro_sp21

Thank you so much @catocoin . Received 50 $CATO . Keep doing such more awesome giveaway & Thanks again 😊 https://t.co/8ZQqoO6Hvk

Kyle Riffle ‏@YoRiffman

with all that money Ray Liotta should really be able to afford a more convincing human suit


Dear Fellow Pakistanis, Assalam-o-Alikum! I cordially thank all of you with the utmost sincerity, for the time yo… https://t.co/d0cWNPF308

k. ‏@FroLifeFroever

Lmao yes. I make good side money tutoring kids for an hour to take their SAT lol https://t.co/yP9G1ZZfkk

Mike Forness ‏@mikefor2

I completed a puzzle in #PicturePerfectCrossword. Play for free! https://t.co/C42khLXFll https://t.co/KvoMcA4Bct

April Larson ‏@aprilsebay

#YourBestLifeNow: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential by #JoelOsteen https://t.co/dt1MvmZqAd

christine ‏@christi53622722

@iamlewisdean Have a wonderful day 🎅 https://t.co/VozzNyRR5u

Jr_ChandlerBing 😁 ‏@riteish_sahare

Happy Happy Birthday @RichaChadha 😘😀 A great actor a great human 😎

🎸🎶😜 ‏@AndrewKrieger

@jslez @4everNeverTrump Pssst. Dirty little secret here. The primaries are not supposed to be totally impartial. Y… https://t.co/VY56vBs0wI

JaS 🌸 ‏@JS_sunrise

Good morning everyone. I hope you have a great day!!! 😁

'S.A ‏@HrHCoolshegs

An all time low for Jose Mourinho

ً ‏@divinacommed1a

im soooo excited

Diana Whiting 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@MrsDianaWhiting

@ShiftyBea Yeah, I just find it strange that some people get so angry about it.

Made in Jesus 😎 ‏@immicks

Locate. Locate. Blessings dey locate me o.....Rotate. Rotate. Favour dey rotate me oooo 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🎵🎼🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶

sander van der bilt ‏@sander1957

@yeahunoeme @PWM62 @para82nd_1 @immigrantdfndr @thatsmydog8 @dogthecat3 @nipperdawg @Forest_Lawn1937 @cherylwillie… https://t.co/rlwADUo8hU

Suruchi ‏@DesireMaze

@Soberphobiccc It’s predictable but cute.

𝘯𝘢𝘯𝘢 #youdidwelljonghyun ‏@atinyys

@btshush @lipjoonie tbh i highly doubt it we live really far away 😔😔

Loonyforbooks 💀💬 ‏@loonyforbooks

I've reread this trilogy multiple times, it's sooo good! It's about a commoner who finds herself in a pit of vipers… https://t.co/9rC6d6JeNa

Maria Strangas ‏@mstrangas

@davidghamilton1 @cbye How cleverly named! Thanks!

Maureen A. Donnelly ‏@Mo_Donnelly

@OleHippieChick @Pappiness @realDonaldTrump i'm so sick of #Florida for electing these #KnownCriminalsAndHacks.

Lad The Devious King ‏@DeviousLad

@shleig God oh God 😂😂😂

εlεηα🍐 ‏@daveftpera

Tag yourself, yo soy Dave. #OTDirecto18DIC https://t.co/GrVDRcI5q7

Krishna Chaithanya D ‏@krishnacdunuka

@srtk_tmkr @MKBHD Yes! Yes yes yes!

Vijay Gandhi BE(Electronics) ‏@VijayGa21918400

@KavyaGu89224094 Happy birth day to you!

scott schrey ‏@scottschrey

@pdc690 @thesassysavant @charlaneuman @RealCandaceO Cool, thanks!

Archie 🥀 ‏@OvOLastKing

😳 the age of ultron is coming https://t.co/vaQzQtk8c2

Dom ‏@dom_foster

I wanna drown in the depths of you, were the water is so blue❤️

Sushrut Biswal ‏@sushrutsworld

@Reddit_Cricket Two chappals. The height would vary depending upon the height of the batsman.

logreen kevin ‏@logreenkevin

@aelfblockchain elf is my best portfolio

Sihle Desmond Shozi ‏@desmond_shozi

@ManUtd Greatest news in a while at united...now zidane plz

Big X ‏@khosakho

@Manyiki I love this boys. I bought mine a R1000. 00 toy car. When I came from work, all mirrors were broken and he… https://t.co/JgIsmyGMMf

J. McGrath ‏@jmcgrath723

@realDonaldTrump So now you've entered your Miss Cleo phase of your grift? Doesn't that usually come at the very end?


Never call 1984 a riot. It was a pogrom, a massacre, a genocide. 3,000 Sikhs slaughtered by Congress mobs in Delhi,… https://t.co/ZGabFo1bHY

Toyn't ヾ(-_- )ゞ ‏@Aseyeay

@WaniaHassan1 Ah okay :/

Josh Drum ‏@FourRingsDSG

@FullTimeDEVILS If the club hires a director to handle transfers then I’m fine with it. Can’t rest easy until Ed i… https://t.co/2k2D0LtIu3

Daniel Hoppenjans ‏@sugermycoffe

IKA 2020 – teams announced https://t.co/N4JlVdXfwQ

Kim LI ‏@Li2015Li

@etherflyercom @IGToken_net @tech_sura good project

jillianxdelilah ‏@jillianxdelilah

Anddd im gonna keep talking shit on finsta #iykyk

shao_hairDesigner ‏@shao_hairDesign

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/KVQiKDaoLG

Marketing Magic ‏@MarketingMagic0

I am about to reveal to you the exact plan in order to really make better money via the web https://t.co/1PFATkfHzQ https://t.co/n8g6rhhS7N

Jp Tiffin ‏@JpTiffin

@CharlieDaniels God bless you sir and Merry Christmas ...

GayPatriot got JACK'd - DANEgerus ن ‏@DANEgerus

Dershowitz: Cohen Doesn't Understand The Difference Between Wrong And Illegal https://t.co/oBx4uPcdqn

FloEazy ‏@FloEazyRocks

Have you listened to my song titled WAVEY?

Captain Steve Rogers ‏@CaptainSRogers

@BillyBaldwin @carriejorg Actually very sad to watch. @AlanDersh was once respected in legal circles. He’s now co… https://t.co/b3zX4n1xY8

👑RaRizzle👑 ‏@king_Rodney_

Hope everybody pass these exams today. Goodluck to all and me too.👋🏾

EN¹⁰ ‏@enganch3

😭😭 don't make me dream now https://t.co/pyCv0gJRl9

Skum ‏@Skumzu

can we agree @sorrowartics one of the best on bo4 rn?

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