Tag Latin Small Letter C Emoji

Tag Latin Small Letter C was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.


󠁣 U+E0063


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Callan O'Keeffe ‏@Callan_OKeeffe

@seandoyleracing Didn’t get the #CorenelCombiDouble though did you 😂 #ImKindOfABigDeal #NoAutographsPlease

Dan Hedonia ‏@draculawolfman

@evansilva Held onto chubb all season. This is great news.

ŁKP🤫🤫🤫 ‏@Lkadep606

We started off as close friends.. :((((

Hillary Monahan ‏@HillaryMonahan

This thread kinda made me flinch cause that first tweet is me. I'm super bad at reading a room and people who were… https://t.co/80194Xd5xY

👑 キング 𝓛𝓸𝓰𝓪𝓷 👻 ‏@KingLoganLive

@DimesOnTwitch @Frizzable And they’ll just happen to see this one tweet out of every tweet that has every existed or will ever exist?

O ‏@2OIIy

Stream dropped we back https://t.co/zHyDBGpxPn

Akin Emmanuel ‏@akynnis

CBN cannot regulate us, MTN tells Lagos court https://t.co/7JOhrp4mM4 via https://t.co/WLbpyekAsO

TheNotoriousH.O.P ‏@OThenotorioush

@geminicollect Got got by the bots...again #PutAPasswordOnIt #Skeletor #SupposedlyForTheCollector https://t.co/1l0VjPcn0a

a(f)rodite ‏@sheisaicha

Denisse picks out the best friends lmfaoooooo I mesh well with all of her friends 💀

Ludwig W ‏@LudWitt

@nytimes This is worth reading for summing up many long standing ideas of the @GreenPartyUS platform some of which… https://t.co/uF8opm7803

Zac Bozeman ‏@bozelightyear

Vacation Bible School in 2019: Eve: Adam, I just ate the forbidden fruit..... Adam: oh, so you were TEMPTED tempted

Mike Fredenburg ‏@msfredenburg

Perhaps it has been the non-stop attacks by the Left and Media on White males as being the root of all evil. Of co… https://t.co/Kkq6UHE8jL

Anne-Maria Yritys ‏@annemariayritys

How can you change any negative feelings and thoughts into inspirational activity? Learn more here:… https://t.co/99h43gaSFU

Stephen Morgan ‏@Stephen_Edits

@rainbowrowell AGREED. How did you feel about later episodes/seasons? I adored the first season, but the singing b… https://t.co/vruhOMtLij

TorirepublicMedia ‏@Tori_republic

Group seeks presidential pardon for Kanu, IPOB https://t.co/w9Dbqkwunz https://t.co/mdzqW5zequ

Zabdiel de Jesús 🇫🇷 ‏@ZabdiDeJesus_Fr

🎥 | Instagram Story Mariopereatv (17 octobre) https://t.co/iMdanEjrM4

Guilherme Miranda 4️⃣5️⃣ ‏@GAMirandaa_

Eden Hazard feelings #CFC ⚽️💙 https://t.co/1beFRymJpe

allenbot ‏@all3nb0t

i saw that perry!!!!!!

Prickett ‏@prickett70

You have an umbrella https://t.co/X939zZhiSD

kayleen ‏@kayleenmariex

looked away from twitter for a sec and i look back and this appeared and visually yelled at me https://t.co/Y776Vrd6FN


there's nothing worse than changing guitar string.

レースカー画像bot ‏@Racecars_bot

Blancpain GT Series/Endurance:2014 Bentley Continental GT3 #200 (Generation Bentley Racing) https://t.co/IsKrUHatz3

Curren$y D ‏@DXNlEL

it be so hard trusting people.

Sway 🎼📷✨ ‏@SwayDoechase

Idc what nobody say but New York is really the GOAT of Reality TV

Cotton ‏@cottonbeckfield

@cilvanis I feel attacked 😂

Gabi Joseph ‏@jabigoseph

yoko ono. oh my god i’m so stupid. yoko ono is a witch

Meelah ‏@MeelahDarling

Mega Million just hit 1 Billion go buy a ticket yall !

molly 🐻 12 ‏@taehyungs_co

@jnugshoseok i had a shower:(

BlaiseTM ‏@ToasTyourThroaT

@NeroTweets Hopefully this year they will allow the weapons to be unlocked via a challenge like IW

vampiriri 🕸 ‏@daisunyan

he said i looked cute today. Soft

Miguel Piedrafita🐘 ‏@m1guelpf

Just updated my #Hacktoberfest2018 article with new shirt opportunities: https://t.co/6p31OM82wA

Ryan Hollenbaugh ‏@redneo117

0083 Card Builders Reiko Holinger with RGM-79-C Kai GM. #efsf #earthfederation #banpresto #bandai #gundam… https://t.co/jgx5NCqEJ0

J W Howard 🇺🇸 ‏@jwesleyhoward

@freedom_moates Yes. Technically he could run again and serve 1 term if he won.

Jack Slipper ‏@JackSlipper10

@KermodeMovie “What I'm looking for is someone who can contribute to what England has given to the world: culture,… https://t.co/RR4XbQBBy5

Shona Reppe ‏@shonareppe

@DavieGreig @XLPM Yes GLOw, you beat me to it.

JustCallLefty ‏@AnimeAntiques

Check out Walkers Shortbread Tin Scotland #Walkers https://t.co/e7Jg2n0rHz via @eBay

ChristyLongfieldGolf ‏@imsocrabby

and again! love the lead leg rehearsal. #thisgirlcan #wedgeitinthere #upanddown @ The University of Texas Golf Club https://t.co/P8F7zNbKr3

🐍 ‏@_edwiin11

@gabep72 @Magic__Mike21 whenever they tell me I’m cut off from drinking https://t.co/Dj6pqvaprV

suga ‏@WhoaaBill

It is damn near impossible to find some soul food in Maryland🙄

Tony Entwistle ‏@tony_entwistle

@SteveBakerHW @DavidJoBrexit it beggars belief that a remoner as been allowed to negotiate us leaving the EU dictat… https://t.co/EQUGRFI88G

London Scottish FC ‏@LSFCOfficial

33' Carnegie win a penalty at the scrum, kick to touch... but it doesn't go out... Scottish build from deep... Tyas… https://t.co/N8Aq3fHDvs

Space Cowboy: T.G.O.L. ‏@Original_king79

@4thdimension44 And of course the soundbite gets played over and over and all you hear is him sounding like he doesnt wanna practice

Jughead 🌻 ‏@VegasSadBoy

I feel like I’m losing you more and more everyday and it breaks my heart all over again.

The Nelson Market ‏@R6ENwVMKMxolQbo

Mega Millions and Powerball Are Up to $1.5 Billion. Here’s What to Do if You Win Both. https://t.co/Wo3MJFVCNc

Á𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔩🇵🇷 ‏@empatheticeyes

out of body experiences o_O

F. Christine Lowery ‏@fclowery

What a nice Christian attitude. Jesus must be weeping. https://t.co/nGJB8Ka0EW

Evangelist G. Kamuti ‏@kuabudu


Jase ‏@A_Jase_Odyssey

@PaulDon1989 @pww8afcb 😥😥😥 why do I ref


swamp in my ass https://t.co/lZm0RGsDJE

Rashmi ‏@RashmiNirgun

Cowboys' defense gets boost with return of linebacker Sean Lee https://t.co/GyN3fr9Bgw

Tio ‏@UncleMari

Why shouldn’t you put your bag on the floor?

Miikey ‏@_xMikeyjx_

@_morgaaaaaan THANKKKK YOU BESTIEEEEEEEEEE💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️

opedaydydx #atikulated ‏@opedaydydx5

@pinkie_jennie If they have small bress

MARRIED KNIFE CAT ‏@balphinaud

@CarnivorousCat @WindupXaela DJSKDIFJS it's ok.. you were there just in a different dimension 😂😂

FolasadeAccountant ‏@FolasadeAyegbus

I am currently going live at : https://t.co/tuSRot3eG6

Barbara Reichick ‏@AtlantaREchick

4305 Hopewell Manor Drive, Cumming | Dorsey Alston https://t.co/DrELx1CjgM

Jaylen Hinckley ‏@jayyhinckley

Game day mood https://t.co/6W6OKNzdLJ

Krys JFB ‏@kystajl

It is 19:32 UTC now

Tee X ‏@__tvh

im honestly gonna be sick what the fuck ?? https://t.co/xmkn9XMwyD

KWIZERA Jean de Dieu ‏@kwizera136

Explore live radio by rotating the globe. https://t.co/1L7MJ8L3Hs

💕💕💕 ‏@kimandlip

might have to accept that Save Me Save You is better than Secret https://t.co/pu8Wfh7P9I

Saint George ‏@DieuEtMonDroit1

@maxthethird3 I know, I mean in the video lol.

Trump2020 ‏@MI_4_TRUMP

@RealJamesWoods @realDonaldTrump BEST PRESIDENT EVER!

Limerick FC ‏@LimerickFCie

@PikeRoversFC U9s providing the half time entertainment tonight @marketsfield https://t.co/Deq6YwQtag

Toni Toni Chopper ‏@RumbleHorn

#Nopetopia All the Rubys are saying it #RWBY #Bot

DJ Rich ‏@hangdjrich

Is it just me, or does Derrick Favors look like the grown up version of Rod Strickland?

🐉 ‏@stormiethehutt

@SSJStevenD I’m tired of you

KEE 👑 ‏@_akeliaa

@the__ambitious1 I don’t see anything wrong with it 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

YogaMatStore.com ‏@yogamatstore

"The more you know, the less you need. ~ Australian Aboriginal saying"

Eric Lawrence 🎻 ‏@ericlaw

Presumably they'll pay up to $40 to have Google set as the default search engine. https://t.co/FwYWXNAIt2

the band💛 ‏@huntftmendes

I'm missing Holly loads😭

“Mission Accomplished” ‏@beg_chris

@Stop_Trump20 “WAYYYY TOOOOO FARRRR !” (I don’t know why I’m yelling) . https://t.co/L3Htyn971b

Paul Ludovici 2 ‏@PaulLudovici1

What really bothers me is that Women's Rights are being hurt by Trump, Kavanaugh', Jim Jordan and now This Tyndal G… https://t.co/QtGSkEN6Dr

Robert Shepherd ‏@pcsd9101

@PressSec @JoaquinCastrotx Ranks right up there with some of the false stories out of the White House. The alternat… https://t.co/4PaTYTeMhK

. ‏@yvslrt

@axaneer Lain la u girls mmg housemates with the locals. I think it'll be an easier approach to make friends and ac… https://t.co/DX2z5os6M5

staple ‏@seplta

om Magic sonic lit moon Zach

Kilburn Hall Books ‏@kilburn_hall

Candace Owens, tells #MeToo and Planned Parenthood to F**K OFF. Rapid rise defending two of America’s most compli… https://t.co/AmjiZ9V7rh

🧚🏽‍♂️ Sakinah 🧚🏽‍♂️ ‏@TheMuslimHippie

@merazyy I don’t know yet but I’m thinking of something 😂😁

🦇Milché🥛 ‏@KawaiiGiddy


Alexandrew ‏@AlexandrewHost

@ThomasSowell @benshapiro Perfect analysis of what has happened to society.. We have lost common sense and the conc… https://t.co/JVgzAVWqut


I got this pre ordered #iphoneXRRed thank you #Apple price ranged for me and got the same as the #iPhoneXS hardware… https://t.co/NyHJ50VKEd

Rob Knight ‏@RKphotographic

@Hyperopia Revolutionary 😂

Ed Morgan ‏@mo6020

@kevdunndata @Nick_Dyer_ @Just_The_Lowe I let this one be ignored and on his 3rd follow up gave him this delight (h… https://t.co/jfUCWCutuY

Jobs Hampton VA ‏@HamptonVAJobs

JOB: us - Project Manager - Carpentry x2F construction experience Strong business acumen in project plan: Carpentry… https://t.co/vW5gJk6xxY

Jazzey1 ‏@theresannn1

@realDonaldTrump Fake news & Lies

Doğan Emre İlgar ‏@doganemreilgar

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice https://t.co/gC0Y9rVWWe

Kuya Manzano ‏@kuyamanzano

Backstage team cut petals and help in the quick changes, they make the magic happen! TY so much guys!… https://t.co/wzrdNtvVV4

Turrigiano Lab ‏@TurrigianoLab

@DanFeldmanPhD @amylemess nice. now do it for V1!

Jord ‏@Witness_Jordan

@Chilloutzy Lmao bro get outta here

niia ‏@bitchsana

omg jason 😍 https://t.co/3bXm6ssnKJ

I AM: spoooooooky zuzia 🎃 ‏@sunflowersolji

school life WE LOVE INTELLECTUAL😩😩 https://t.co/peq5MpQQhg

Hannah Mathias ‏@hmathiasedtech

@scottdhayden @TELCAVC @MJacksonJones @scoolkid1 I hope they all stick it out! https://t.co/agZFmUhITd

Jeannette Augustine ‏@majah2012

A white police officer could have shot a black child; instead, he talked to him https://t.co/iQIhElxSLV

Imtiaz Alam ‏@ImtiazAlamSAFMA

@BBCUrdu Fight Taliban, if you can or talk to them and stop this tirade

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