Tag Latin Small Letter U Emoji

Tag Latin Small Letter U was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.


󠁵 U+E0075


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FedEx Help ‏@FedExHelp

@capick Hi, I regret this happened. May I research? Please DM your name, address, city, state, zip code, tracking n… https://t.co/LuIKgeoQfZ

Joey ‏@JoeyKnock

For my #Outiversary I've written about nine queer moments that made me. Think of it as my abridged memoir, with add… https://t.co/z7WrGHW6zg

Sha’Bria ‏@SBriaforshort

@ihatelakkstacks Yea senator thinks it should be but i don’t think they gone do it

Carlton Gibbs ‏@Ramblewood1304

@RealSaavedra Why are you listening to a child?

Bad Kitty 1 ‏@Supermom1242

@rcjparry @CDMatthewMurphy @BlingBlong9 @AdamSerwer THAT THEY ARE JUDGES, JURY AND EXECUTORS. BUT YOU, LIKE MANY N… https://t.co/s2A1yJMYni

Dueybaby/Du Heff ‏@ItDontMatterDu

@princesskahlia @cubanlinkgabe Miss you bak but no he don’t fool wit us anymore

McKinney North Football ‏@MNHS_Football

🚨NEW DAWG OFFER ALERT🚨 Class of 2020 DB @RjBendert has picked up an offer from @RoseHulmanFB!!! #DawgNation https://t.co/qjesuMYShu

Nav ‏@NavDzns

Turning to get better at the stuff I’m not used to wish me luck xx also gn

🕊 ‏@AmalDakane

Like P is so cringe & Hannah acts STUPIDDDDDDDDDDD. #TheBachelorettte

stargazing_galaxy ‏@star_sapphire

Walking the Flower Path with You 💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌 From: Rock 🗻 Thank you for being the architect of my heart, Than… https://t.co/v8uHldpKhn

Felix Odinaka .E. ‏@odinaka_felix

Employment Generation: Gov Wike urges EU Countries to partner with Rivers State in commercial agriculture… https://t.co/2AVokyUBH9

Rabelani ‏@MuambiVharabs

@KennethMbombi Thanx Kenny

BaeBri ‏@MiNameGoesH3re

I probably tweet that like once every 6 months, but it was THAT amazing lol

Kevondria K. Cager, OTR/L ‏@KieraSaidIt

My head sweat so bad when I work out. I hate that!

Aid to the Church in Need NW ‏@ACNUK_NW

We couldn't be more grateful to @StClareFulwood-parish & school-for organising this amazing event to support Christ… https://t.co/IrfJjOeSRQ

Cam’ron Sandiego ‏@4LoQoJones

@Chadavellli Facts 😂

bitches ‏@yayahollaback

@iDavey listen...i’m with you on streaming!! plus i’m a sl*t for google so i’m supporting it regardless lmfao. i gu… https://t.co/4Y7GmCygig

Gucci Elf ‏@GucciE1f

@TekaDesigns @Dety0 LOL STILL FUNNY

jackhabit ‏@jackhabit

@stabbbyunicorn As long as you are going to do that, go for Ted Cruz after Mitch

‼️‼️ ‏@LJT_AFC

@TxttenhamKai Michael Dawson tho😂😂😂

T ‏@6Brks

can someone send me £2 pp and i’ll send them it back on cmg


@tremoribus morning!

Secret Ninja ‏@SECRET_NlNJA

If you haven't felt that way yet, just hang on tight. Someday you'll be thankful you didn't give up. 😉

A Huggs Life ‏@its_huggy

I miss my dog 😕

Ahnaf Muizz ‏@AhnafMuizz

Get Free Robux for Roblox https://t.co/eGdgkJtdJu

w ‏@dsuals

my luggage is still lost been a couple days :/

Dianne Bearinger ‏@DianneBear

@DoerflerHelen @BriansNewHeart @DearAuntCrabby @debakes @Deborahohio @debramayberry @DebraMessing @DeepPurple007… https://t.co/V4YSib4eYq

Opportunity Finance Network ‏@OppFinance

Exciting morning ahead at #SBFF w/ concurrent sessions focusing on best practices for #tech transitions; serving in… https://t.co/CEnix6idWz

XenZone ‏@XenZone_UK

We are at the Mental Health in Schools Conference run by @WMinsightUK. Listening to an impactful last talk of the d… https://t.co/fZXRnXG52N

Kath 👩🏼‍⚕️ ‏@fueledbyrameen

daaaaamnnnn https://t.co/KkkopPxqdX

sᴘᴏɪʟᴇᴅ sᴜʙᴜʀʙᴀɴ ʙɪᴛᴄʜ ‏@badbitchcionce

this some bitch shit 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/h4ffy5iDg3

Antonio Figueroa ‏@totaldanger

@DjsAviation I believe the MAXs might go to Level instead. It might be more logical seeing that the rest of IAG alr… https://t.co/WropFquWuT

Mizuno Golf Europe ‏@MizunoGolfEU

We still have #swingdna Fitting events planned across Europe through June and July. Check if there is a day near yo… https://t.co/B9ZG3R0dvm

Yuusuf Sheekh ‏@YuusufSheekh3

@TurkiShalhoub Masha allaah you talk true my Allah reward you wahat you are saying

Boundless Magazine ‏@Boundless_Mag

Ibe Kachikwu Reveals How Nigeria Can Grow Crude Oil Reserves https://t.co/i2l1YIM4Mr https://t.co/pa9HfGGFz1

Sara Diaz ‏@lou521

Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: What we know https://t.co/GA3bJ2q0cB

Nadia 🥀 ‏@Doodles

@iRxborn Best Black Ops!!

Logan Harrington ‏@theFeuerfliege

@TomDent_ Amazing! Well done, brother!

Brook Fisher ‏@brookfisher98

@Katie_Batts been there, done that😂 i feel for you

Ebony ‏@POWitsebby

I love people who say ‘Wee-Fee’ instead of ‘Why-Fye’ hehe

IFF WFC ‏@iffwfc

There are minor changes in the Women's WFC 2019 match schedule: This will affect the face-off times of both the fin… https://t.co/1H1726V5vs

I is a person ‏@IAmStillPerson

@arrow_awsome @yodaateabattery No, they already know that

ZAFIRA ‏@zafirazfzi

I feel so intimidated looking at my friends' cheat sheet.... That's not cheat sheet that's everything on the slides… https://t.co/GdNVFDx39V

WeedStocksNews ‏@WeedStocksNews

#Marijuana Isn’t Driving Impaired Increases, #Police Say https://t.co/tbITHUMNR8

starfirehomebuyers ‏@starfirehomebuy

@TXFireDamage Thank you!

EagleGaming10 ‏@Gaming10Eagle

@TheeFrench @TRetweets20 @TwitchReTweets @SGH_RTs @FatalRTs @SmallStreamersC @SupStreamers @supstreamersrt… https://t.co/MTWzYi803x

Lokcha®️ ‏@LokcheloBw

@khuduMogorosi @AnnieModiba That's the spirit my broh https://t.co/2VseeTF14z

Dan ‏@danthfcuk

@dougbagleyfdl Classy.

👸🏽FatimaYahuza👸🏽 ‏@farhanerh

@badblairr @MOHD_ALEED Insult 🙄🙄

We Got Married ‏@INTLWGM

Good evening, Eggy unnie! Thank you for taking your time to see me💛 https://t.co/asdMibrvbr

Shrimp Farming Guide ‏@ShrimpFarms

The growout ponds do not salinate agricultural land, as do those of inland marine #shrimpfarms.

America First For President Trump ‏@JOECIOLINOSR

@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @BretBaier Don't forget MORE FAKE NEWS @marthamaccallum @BretBaier Both Liberal-Dem-Socia… https://t.co/jRUTARGDZA

_uloma.x🇳🇬 ‏@xerwah

@aboladejohn_ Brother thomas

PDX Traffic Alerts ‏@TrafficPortland

@ORStatePolice Gah! he's tiny! how did anyone even notice him?

Jossa ‏@jossa0329

@myyongdsm Yesss. It just got posted today. 😍

Jessica Ferrari ‏@ferrarijessie_

@MussumAlive mr burns

Болаинас Турамбар ‏@zhiamako

"If I get busy then I couldn't care less what you do"

Graham Brown ‏@GrahBrown

Whilst we all know the fan's relationship with the club is quite dismal in recent times and we know some things sho… https://t.co/Q4kkzGFahF


How dyou say funjabi in English lol I’m maaad confused

PJnZoey ‏@jn_pickles

@josecanyousee @WalkerBragman It's early. I'm waiting for the debates.

John MatherPhotog ‏@John_Mather

@Uglyy_Betty_ @nick_hill86 @hulllive I disagree ,at the time of his arrest he was a suspect in a girls dissapearanc… https://t.co/xOKSRstG7m

AffordableCareClinic ‏@ACCWalkinClinic

July fireworks sale! Wednesday July 3rd only! 321-802-9080 to book now! $75 off all fillers $9 a unit botox $8 a un… https://t.co/iEzOfiG7kc

Daniel J. McLean ‏@DJMcLeanVO

Check out my Voice-Over Demo Reel: #SoundCloud? #VO https://t.co/YkS1ClDAYH

IAmJLW💙🏁💘💎 ‏@jezusgurl55

@johnfkirby63 @yashar @FreeBeacon @TIME Donald Trump Trump barely manage his real estate let alone the world's oil reserves.

oops you’re not invited 🥴 ‏@visgoodboy

@proffxhelp @gofollowheehee ifb friendsss‼️🥳

alex ‏@alexandratajan

@TriciaAbanilla_ i have come

Moira Rogow ‏@MoiraRogow

@lisa_smith40 @KyleKashuv So you don't like Jews either? What a surprise.

Gale warm ‏@gale_warm

@ihatebigblue @RepJerryNadler Correct


Still sick sadly and teething 😪😪 https://t.co/5gFNKANHps

Y33T ‏@Ayye_ItzDuck

@FNBRHQ @FortniteGame Is it a free style for My oG SkIN?

Principal Goodbling ‏@SewerSpeedway

Cucked https://t.co/Iy5HB3EOXg

Jack Skyrme ‏@jackskyrme99

@ODDSbible He also played in a much shitter league

Totoro's Oba-chan ϟ ‏@kutumoni04

@gtoplol @TensaiTKuroneko Wtf wth wtb people in YouTube make dreams come true.

ً ‏@koolvurs

should i study for my test at 1pm rn or wait a bit https://t.co/7FZdCroaEk

Williams brown ‏@William83060469

I dont make fake promise,I'm willing to spoil 20 sugarbaby with $800 everyday,dm now so we get to know each other a… https://t.co/6Y9sfy3Jhr

ananya ‏@pizzayeols

@nonantesix want is by taemin... sha la la is by pentagon... eye

tem ‏@fuckoffspastic

@fuckoffalonso 10 minutes in and already don't like it

☆ ‏@xiusloey

@yeolfluff https://t.co/27c2ki5rCa (10k of fluff, has patronus & pining) https://t.co/Dt7gqHyd9n (14k, has loads of quidditch & mystery)

Maverick Eckstein ‏@LE_Props

New project on the workbench. https://t.co/Nxfmj83ZsV

Bastardized Law Courts of Punjabi Speaking Judges ‏@Pig_Judges


garbanzo beans ‏@aliidrews

today marks one year since i started working at my job. wow time sure does fly lol.

Anym🏳️‍🌈 ‏@AnymOfficial

@Rogue @nickyromero omfg I called it 😂

🥀 ‏@pxletteiu

I actually don't know what I'm thinking anymore 😊

Quantcha Trade Ideas ‏@QuantchaIdeas

52-Week High Alert: Trading today’s movement in WALMART INC $WMT https://t.co/cRIv7icazv https://t.co/jE0c5vXgf7

Ignoble Dirtlump ‏@IDirtlump

@JohnAll63815927 @IBAConservative @HaveWeAllGoneM1 @JIsaacsonV2 @jeffg463 @Canadian_Chris_ @NewImproved9… https://t.co/ZXNt4u4BP3

ciara ‏@be4rtooth_ci

the perfect man doesn't exi... https://t.co/joPNvum8o7


omg spyfall sounds so fun but i’m bad at games SKSKSKS

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