Tag Latin Small Letter U Emoji

Tag Latin Small Letter U was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.


󠁵 U+E0075


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Alicia ‏@hopeful_phan

@TARDISisHome Goodnight, Doctor! I'm excited for school tomorrow for no reason, isn't that great? :) I hope you fin… https://t.co/HvFNasTv4U

Simran ‏@simranvandyke

@kyliekitten We have a high chair and a bumbo seat! We use the hair chair for meals, and the bumbo with the tray fo… https://t.co/8Zx0y6xwKT

Sylvester Highley ‏@KinGSLY0727

@LxrdTVE To say an offensive star who doesn’t play within the flow of the offense is better than an all around ski… https://t.co/m5XthcUpfY

Jared ‏@ThatDudeJare

@DjoneWay__ Fr.. fuck em.

Liz 🐾 ‏@Alvay_J

Movie day w/ Isaiah,Jeff & Adrian 😁

Golden Wifeu 💜 ‏@mnchldjjjosg

a simple reminder that I saw that

mira ◟̽◞̽ ‏@soft_louiss

So people are spreading louis’ leaked snippet around and I haven’t heard it yet and I don’t want to. Louis has work… https://t.co/A0wmB6CQoE

Duncan Willis ‏@Superproprep

@ChrisFergy The other one was Walter (Wally) Schirra. If Jeff Tracy had been father to seven sons, International… https://t.co/d7FcCs9ycU

andrewツ (theganesh) ‏@polyesterdick

anybody that follows me have a galaxy tab S4 or a samsung note 9?

carney ‏@carney1997

As I’m taking a nude a prayer line called me 😫 God is not happy w me rn

C e s 🌻 ‏@FrncsLz

Goodmorning 😍

cait ‏@c8lynbrynne

@ToriGlass Right?! I was like, well... that got a lil dark didn’t it?

Gary Barndt ‏@bmanphoto

@emadagahiCTV @AllisonM_Hurst Young punks 😜

Leng ‏@LynJened

not feeling so good right now 😷😷

Straight Outta Suspension (ง •̀_•́)ง ‏@NaimaMuhammad13

@nativehebe This whole album had me crying over the ex I never had, God I love Kelela 😭♥️♥️

Gord Whalen💀 ‏@jellybellyoo

#Ford is absolute shit for standing behind RECALLS Leaves people like me with my hands tied .Notice Dec 13 and a c… https://t.co/9IrNJ3iboE

Dawna Olson ‏@dawnaolson

😂😏 #MikePence —the sound of silence🤭 #doh #Trump https://t.co/apb6la3jut

Ross Mcewan ‏@RossMcewan16

@BufaloSoldier20 Alfie I'm a rangers fan of 45 years but sort your patter out . That shite is for kids . Imagine Bi… https://t.co/sZtO3F60BX

Emilie is READING BLOODWITCH OMG ‏@inknotblood

I officially tag the following BookTubers! @amygetslit @bookish_bethany @SMcKinlay @book_invasion @cerilouisereads… https://t.co/3xBWAgbIQk

Pika Priest ‏@PikaPriest

@BeckyLynchWWE @baleezy You only have so many hours in the day, and we are legion Becky Getting to everyone would… https://t.co/9Hx3A7pCfQ

vinnie1715 ‏@Vinnie1715

@devrajdubey5gm1 @realDonaldTrump Because he is president of the United states of America not india.

GREEN HAIR ‏@promisuee

His my hope, His J-HOPE I love you, keep smiling #PieceOfHopeDay https://t.co/n3f9mqArkr

Brigitte 🔥 La liberté guidant le peuple ‏@weareafreeworld

@HillReporter I can't think of anybody living less worthy than Trump to receive Nobel Peace prize. BTW: the TAX RETURNS are still Missing.

Sep-The 🦄 ‏@septheunicorn

@Independent That dang song got triggered in my head... https://t.co/d7vqJDC2vo

ℋ. ‏@TheWitchGcddess

Now,,, I have muse

YOU TRIED IT... 🌊🌊🌊 ‏@ToeTyler

Couple questions about #BB20 and then I'm done: Am I correct when I state that the Leigh's, Swaggy & Fessy dont s… https://t.co/qvhdirPQfd

Jinri Fox ಥ_ಥ ‏@JinriGhostFox

@itshopsital I mean......... Sometimes 😏

j ‏@flyingjisung

oh man i really love jisung a lot

jesperi’s smile ‏@JespSmile

@CanadiensMTL What’s the lineups? I’m bored af rn

K O'Shea - No, YOU Move ‏@osheamobile

@queenanthai ...that's.... that's the joke

Michael Mollard 🇦🇺 ‏@mickers_au

@KassyDillon This alternates between really cute to stuff nightmares are made of.. https://t.co/CuL0Vd5usx

Morgan Feldman⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@MorganFeldman7

@shivabeach @joser290 @realDonaldTrump Barriers work b/c barriers give BP time to prevent encroachment. It also giv… https://t.co/FrzVFJldiP

♡ 🦈🦋/ avocado vice president ♡ ‏@sadken0bi

@wujusaelip every time you reply this im gonna send you a gif https://t.co/727rhexf8x

🥰 ‏@coldwaterraia

attacked! https://t.co/oylgDjGXOR

𝐯𝐢𝐯 ‏@afirauhls

this was my first ever draft past me has had taste https://t.co/gaL8xjPPEa

Adam ‏@dodgevadar

@COTB_Crotty @yorobertaa I looks like the slightest of victors

#SOSforAlberta ‏@SOSforAlberta

@GovCanHealth @JustinTrudeau @JustinTrudeau You can start with free measles vaccinations now! Not sure why you wanted through the warnings.

Thaddeus📑Thomas ‏@detective26AD

@planefag Ah yes. 🐁 I remember that. I picked yo the secure season cheap. It wasn't as good as the first, I think,… https://t.co/KqmO7DZ8Lg

Dublin Informer ‏@dublininformer

Conor Skehan: ‘Q: How do we fix Dublin’s traffic problems? A: Start in Galway’ – https://t.co/oC9lalWHoS https://t.co/SqNgcYdimN

married to de pizza🍕🦄 ‏@azzawrag

@duyaAmir What's the lipstick shade it be BANGING

Defeat Trump #ProtectMueller #ImpeachTrump 🇺🇸 ‏@Defeat_Trump2

Are U.S. tax dollars wasted on Afghan helicopters nobody will fly? https://t.co/sCXhgjnVe8

Cam ‏@spnhood1


Habboi ‏@sir_habboi

@AbandonedLuna Well I'm sorry partner, I come from a far away land is all. Lotta sun and a whole lotta fun. You dig partner?

Lady Patriot ‏@Giddygapper11

@ripley_blue @ninamoini @InlawsOutlaws @IlhanMN Honey your in the USA act like it English is the language of choice… https://t.co/2vqP12Sl84

Jack Davies ‏@JackDaviesSCFC

@Daniel_James_97 I love you please don't leave

youngglobal ~~~~~✈ ‏@youngglobal

Some much ❤ yesterday at the Art For Breakfast conversation with summaeverythang, #troycarter and @youngglobal host… https://t.co/bybVgXM5Et

Ice King ‏@LonelyWizardBro

@OpalescentBeing “ We'll be married soon enough-” The old man flew up to a secluded cliff and dumped the princess… https://t.co/GU9RtLb8VE

David Reilly ‏@DavidReilly007

@BlancoIndian @ros2456 @Lead1225 @Surisskeptic I have no doubt. Conversion, deconversion are not evidence of what’s… https://t.co/QycN6tRe9R

Alan Nahuel Sanchez ‏@alansanchez412

@samharveyuk Sam i request to you a song Sing the song of I Believe Can Fly from R. Kelly i love this song so much 😘

the k man ‏@thekman67

@shaunking Who taught him to sit during pledge? Why was he being disruptive? Blame his parents for brainwashing him.

Vendetta Velox🌹🇺🇸😏 ‏@PippasRevenge

You are absurd. You are so ugly and despised you can’t even show your own face on social media. SAD!!! https://t.co/f3qmj0EhBb

Josh Gerber/Wayzata Results ‏@wayzataresults

Full results for the Mixed 800 Meter Run are available. https://t.co/TD60RM13XP USATF Minnesota Indoor Meet #5… https://t.co/5NLu6M55II

HSM ‏@habeelz

@sir_abog @bash_90 Turf Moor never forgets

Rogicsslippers ‏@rogicsslippers

@McKenzieJoe9 Away and take yer nail varnish off ya helmet!

BeccaLovesSam ‏@_Becca_Seymour_

I just saw this quote on Pinterest so I felt like sharing it on here “Even when we’re miles and miles apart you’re… https://t.co/ibQ4IN2J6x


zackoid (L18 BaFi) found a gossamer rune of Zot. (Spider:4)

aléx ‏@chalametdceu


eb2b_Communications ‏@eb2b_comms

There are ways to use Twitter that not everybody is aware of https://t.co/ULE0AMKXRD

bank cfo (struggling) (poor) ‏@wuvqt69

Getting published in the NYT for saying We’re All Human and We Live In A Society

Fullmetal Feminist ‏@redskyie

@PMc276 Of course, why would she still be working.

ree loves syusin ‏@itzdoongi

@RYUJ1NS terry loves itzy


@corbyyns WHAT

Bibi ‏@blcm_brlk

So she is smart enough to know how law works (given D words she uses) but dumb enough to join ISIS? Cant help it I… https://t.co/7jkWhyyBZT

QAnon 5:5 ‏@QAnon55

But the truth has always been there. At times I feel like I wish all these red pills never came to me, although I’m… https://t.co/O8nMgWPtAk

C $hmoney 🍒 ‏@Cgeeeeee_

Oh my god I’m crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/BJD1MpH22u

CB ‏@WhitneyBound

@MCFryeWrites @LunaLuvgood2020 @Rey_Sistance @lfkraus @TrinityResists @B52Malmet @TrisResists @DebbieDoesTwitt… https://t.co/WpYOqAMfC9

LT1 era is coming BITCH ‏@louisismyson


Andrew Bloom ‏@AndrewBloom97

@thathonkeynick @TalbertSwan Swan - *thoughtful reflection on state of race crimes in America* @thathonkeynick - *hehe im so clevr guyz*

Scott D. Shaker ‏@scottdshaker

@secupp The dude needs to apologize to the imaginary white guys..

lyd ‏@catsunbean

i miss the marias x triathalon

Hatpin Drill ‏@PippinDrill

@Chr1stinaG @DrAdrianHarrop Last spotted in Heathrow sock shop, picking out new snazzy numbers to bolster his followers.

Kevin ‏@Kevin26921

It's the flag we Republicans claim, it can never belong to Free Staters, For you've brought on it nothing but shame. https://t.co/1nvoNDVIfn

JessicaTorres ‏@JessNirvana95

I genuinely think that when @nbcsvu finally ends, now hear me out lol, they should do a final episode with the orig… https://t.co/18KeO9OCMa

jksynth ‏@biancakimsmom

I bet My sister Barbara and Chuck. And Chuck's mother ripped off Mr. Hardaway.

Matias Albrecht ‏@Mathy1705

@Sergindsegasoni The best dibujo of Sonic ever :v https://t.co/4X4e0bl9af

playstation 2 ‏@tsuiokuserenade


ML ‏@petitethirty1

@FranncescaRobi1 @LMAO_in_Fla @saltymom51 @Billy_Ray28 @TeaSippingBarb @tizzywoman @realdebfarmer @Spartan2dn… https://t.co/gKJCBYvRjg

kanyebot ‏@tweetbo09504711

Howdy, I'm kanyebot! a tweetbot that tweets Kanye lyrics: 'I'm sensitive, got a gentle mental'

Billie from the block 🦋 ‏@billieshotme1

Did anyone else count how many people were in front of them to read out loud in class and practice their paragraph over and over again

Madeline Slattery ‏@maddieslattery

Wow - pic from Christine’s backyard in Vermont south. This is the hot air balloon in her backyard (the basket part… https://t.co/pwIHglhFVv

Zulu ツ ‏@ZuluThaGoat

Yo should I get Astro a20 or a40

WakeupNZ ‏@WakeupNewZ

@SeanPlunket @DrJessBerentson She won't because it's outside of her feminist echo chamber. We'd love to see her pre… https://t.co/SPyYXfRxLK

SLiM JiM 😋 ‏@Jasmine_T17

@Afro_angie_ @briamay9 You aren’t the first to say that 😂 we don’t see it

this lizard is gay ‏@Fliffyy

rgb lights plane dragon. . . https://t.co/CvzG7Q5DOO

Art & Human Nature ‏@GudulaPauli

https://t.co/7upCMAwxWf News from our greatest German Rock singer CLAUDIA CANE ... #rock #Rockstar #rocknroll… https://t.co/br6A4CAVwN

Loudbyte ‏@loudbyte

Vertical stairs #cambodia 😮😮😮 https://t.co/qjzykJI128

Rob Cosgrove ‏@rcosgrov

@jdickerson How would you like her to update this, John? The semantic correction (given that information had been t… https://t.co/jX50NryFU4

Wretched Soup ‏@WretchedSoup

@timand2037 Interesting that Rohuani and Erdoghan didn’t shake.

Boltonforever ‏@Nigel100007

@SBBWFC @PhilipShortland @MarcIles @LionOfViennaSte Surely not just the £5 loan but the £15 million has to be sorted.

stensland fan account ‏@remorselessgay

if hux survives i’m gonna snap in the theater and they’ll have to drag me out by my hair

Onintze ‏@OnintzeP

@KimGriffithsEng Rhythm. Mnemonic device: *Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move. *Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving.… https://t.co/aDi7WB3jE0

Hernán olivera ‏@Hernn69785014

@rialjorge Im pre Sen ta blesssssssd

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