Tag Latin Small Letter U Emoji

Tag Latin Small Letter U was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.


󠁵 U+E0075


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K y 🌶 ‏@Kyannasalinas__

@auroraxxmariee @Ziladoll2016 Omg 🙈!!!!! FINSH IT

Tammy Bateman ‏@TammyBateman

ARE YOU HOME YET? 💥‼️ 8607 Beckett Lane,Houston TX 4 Bed(s) 🛏 3 Full Bath(s) 🛁 1 Half Bath(s) 2,975 Building Sqft.… https://t.co/gMuFEe3ljq

Miss Can Patriot ‏@Romcan2

@CQualtro @mary_ng @canadabusiness Where is the Men Entrepreneurship Fund? #genderequality

Izzah Kamil ‏@izzahkamil__

i feel like imma stranger in this house

BiggBoss12 ‏@BiggBos04659756

#DipikaKakar .. #SURBHIRANA took your stand when #Sreesanth spitted on your name.. She fght for you against all..… https://t.co/QdaUeeQHuF

The Record ‏@TheRecord

Check out our New West events calendar! https://t.co/1MYetdCxij https://t.co/P88SNlXKN0

Sauce SpillBerg ‏@o_TheG0at

You gonna fuck around and drown from this drippppp

H♡ misses BTS :( ‏@sserendipitypj

Jungkooks getting better :)) I’m so happy look at him goooo #BTSinParis https://t.co/U9hQmZErIh

Shikha ‏@Shikha199505

@dulQuer #Fahadfassil what great a actor man.when I first saw you on screen I was like why this man is having scene… https://t.co/6fxnkfWyZM

𝔊𝔢𝔪𝔦𝔫𝔦 ‏@briellelexico

Any girls trying to get in the studio and dance this week?? I’m trying to do something sexy! DM me

René G. Seidenfaden-Lassen ‏@Xzylium

@thetinyGM Unfortunately no to far away :P

binaali 🌸 ‏@fallinruin

@stanfhelp Shawn Mendes

Plain Facts ‏@isnotpolitics

New Video: Teni – Case https://t.co/ps3JjgyhnA https://t.co/urlrT1ufpQ

Maurice Chavez ‏@monghe_baozhi

@mtaibbi Examples of those reporting sites?

Sam Rykard 🦂 ‏@samrykard

Chipotle has the best guacamole I’m convinced

Ms.beasley ‏@2bMsbeasley

@seanhannity Jesus please no

Queen Vannah👑 ‏@iamvannahilene

No one deserves to feel less than what they are

Valeria ‏@valeriesworld23

@Dripping_Rayys Kiaraaa you GIF is better than the actual scene!!!! ❤

Brandon Colligan ‏@B_Colligan

That being said, the new blood and renewed enthusiasm we're seeing now is good. I will always welcome and encourage… https://t.co/1umnDfRJlb

Simon Acevedo ‏@simon_sacev3773

@KmMarkel @Acosta @donlemon @CNN @MSNBC @ABC @maddow @andersoncooper @RepMaxineWaters @EricHolder @HillaryClinton… https://t.co/QGNlz8ebD1

. ‏@jeonggukpics

I mean 🔥🔥🔥 #BtsinParis https://t.co/OMnBAFpH0l

David Orellana ‏@AriazaDavid

Fake news https://t.co/mWfZaMz25p

Ocean Radio Chilled ‏@OceanRadioChill

#NowPlaying Burning from the Inside (Tenishia Frozen Mix) (feat. Tiff Lacey) - Tenishia

Jessa Julian ‏@msjmentions

@ArtemisHi Well, it was homecoming at work, mom had to put one of my childhood dogs down, a friend died, and then w… https://t.co/npnAouGrfV

bastard ‏@dabhyunq

@nyagustd i’m sorry i had to let it out

ebb✨10.24 ‏@ebbnivory

@lolameup I just now started doing different colors. It was always black or red for me.

Nontsikelelo Ka Lloyiso Gijana ‏@Kayse959

@Thando_Thabethe Maxwell, Usher/Miguel

maria ‏@clankyankles


Nira Datta ‏@DattaNira

Timely work by @codefornashville Cory Rice on making it easier for #immigrant parents facing deportation or detainm… https://t.co/6JVozJYr16

🍀 ‏@shotbyqvesii

@Essilfieee_ I was singing . ( Asa )

Photography by O.I.A ‏@bilar01

@richyboy08 @Qdbanks Just halla if you Don move

Al-Ghazi ‏@al_ghazi1

@brianstelter CNN every night: “TRUMP SUCKS!”

JimTheBastard ‏@JimTheBastard

@Idiot_for_hire @NimkoAli Exactly

Slobbering ‏@slobberingblog

SLENDER MAN is Now on Digital Platforms, Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip Focuses on the Film’s Friendships :-]... https://t.co/NZFHsugyt2

Willie C ‏@willie_c

Now playing Wish I Could Be There by Silhouettes! (https://t.co/ntjRnm5rag)

Eugene Rupinski ‏@GolazodelGringo

@lgbtqfc Ugggh Kim you’re making me want to buy this and I already am behind on my writing...

Jebby Krueger ‏@JebHindle66

I'm gonna be spending 2 of the next 4 weeks living in a hotel for work with a 100 dollar a day food allowance. Ther… https://t.co/EFD6nBbD9s

FlashMusicMp3 ‏@flashmusicmp3

FRIDAY FREE BEAT: JoshStixs – Wire Wire https://t.co/zx46ZyHHSI https://t.co/IFYN6vcVQc


@alexa_janine Take me with you next time!

Sheldon Liberman ‏@SheldonLiberman

@micheleahern @nikkihaley @SenWarren Get back in your clock cuckoo bird.

patrick dillard ‏@pcdillard

we’re not going to throw away our relationship with them. we’re going to throw away our relationship with you. https://t.co/SvA06QuKVL

Don Baba Dee ‏@De_Don123

@sammarie_c @GallardoIzMe @ElkaNahKipNgeno Jesu!!! Funke !!!!!! Eleyi gidi gannnnnnnnnn this one is strong!!!!!!!!

The Blossom Twins ‏@TheBlossomTwins

@VivWrites @HQDigitalUK Thank you Viv! Aww I know, the team did amazing. It's so pretty! 💛💙


On October 4, 2018, the Supreme Court of Appeals entered an Order which annulled Stephen C. Sluss' license to pract… https://t.co/5igFRiZuUy

Josh Petrel ‏@I_Am_Rory_

@smokestack_j12 Book 4 - “the gifts of the church”

Kieron Donoghue ‏@kierondonoghue

Friday night is turning into demo night, so much new music coming my way. Feeling very lucky

Angela Archdale - North Norfolk Holiday Cottages ‏@NNorfHolCotts

Dog & family friendly selfcatering holiday cottages in North Norfolk #holiday #dog #woof Book Now 🐾… https://t.co/LwGjXFKBVp

Stanley🇩🇪 ‏@imgimlifan


Liv ‏@oliviahollyxo

@NerdyPerspectiv Congratulations hun! Here’s to many more! ✨✨ xx

netinho ‏@santosneto_

need to know the return we got tho

Chad Loder ❇️ ‏@chadloder

Anyone remember working with SAP? I remember all the error messages were in German and l, to add insult to injury,… https://t.co/h3nZS7nzb6

shashi mohan ‏@shshmhn

@jio the jio signal at my area suddenly vanished and your customer care says it would take 4 months to fix it. Is this a joke?

Richard DeRuyter ‏@rdderuyter

@FeliciaCombs_ @WPTV Happy Friday Felicia! Have a great weekend! Still missing you on KY3!

East Tennessean ‏@EastTennessean

Lending a helping hand: ETSU Response https://t.co/49OUypBni3

New Technology News ‏@Gander_News_a4

A tutorial on PCA: mathematical derivation, numpy code, test on a toy dataset https://t.co/C6BWcsZ4vN

Slipknot 歌詞bot ‏@Slipkno02152654

My flaws are the only thing left that's pure.  Can't really live, can't really endure. ―Everything Ends―

Queen of Sass 👸🏻 ‏@Hai_im_Amy

Just got tickets to @intanetz in March 😩 so excite https://t.co/mzBPgVlLbi

Luxury Maids ‏@LuxuryMaids

We love this beautiful #PalmBeach community we're apart of! Here's a shout out to this awesome community at large a… https://t.co/dTlixDmv6l

Alia ‏@LilBabyLia

I just feel like if your relationship was as stable as it should have been . That wouldn’t be happening

Heather Victoria ‏@theevickjagger

@madonna_MONROE Shidddd. Hopefully soon on both!! Miss you 😍😍😍 I’ll be sure to let you know sis

Captain Meliodas ‏@_spydah_

@WebDev_Rob_ @AceBillionaire @HappyBelatedDre lmfao...you'll die with all that butter.

Pallyberry ‏@Pallyberryy

@SweetlouTV @InvalidToaster I can buy a house on an island! ...hell I can BUY an island!

aileen ‏@aileenarze

im abt to cry at work bc of young thug

Maxi ‏@GunboyGuncrazy


Jessica | Preptober🍂📖🍁🦔 ‏@jessedenwrites

Loving this book #heartless https://t.co/kD0ZDVQrpS

َ ‏@vshaika

call me some time

kiruku ‏@kirukuuu

funny https://t.co/QD8J9aaq6J


@cacherojaypee I love you too! ☺ Good Night. ❤

Alexandria ‏@AElizz__

A lot of confusion and misunderstanding is on this tl


Now Playing: That's What I Like (Brandon Fox WIEE Bootleg) '2017' by Bruno Mars |Listen https://t.co/pJwkpxtapZ https://t.co/9vCxkz82xT

debs ‏@Debs8765

@SkyFantasyFooty hi Guys.. just curious, are we getting any transfers for week 11 of FF? thanks in advance

Andre Sobolewski ‏@AndreSobolewski

@ianbremmer It's part of our overall strategy to entice your brighter minds who feel restricted by your heartless,… https://t.co/bQ0NNSGU8F

mzee26 ‏@mzee26

101-year-old who’s believed to be the oldest working man in Texas shares his secret to life https://t.co/5l2g7ALLMC via @janapruet @theblaze

... ‏@vawlsballs

@bound2yeezus @REALGLlTTERGlRL Imagine blaming bad training on a dogs mental issues. Did you get a CAT scan or a DO… https://t.co/B3EWkbGiIh

Kayla Price ‏@KaylaPrice04

@_hayleynichols Y’all jump in the car & pull up

Jordan ‏@jordo0223

@prettytoughh Man glad i have them both! Drafted Chubb in the beginning stashed him away. Whew

Vero† ‏@unamediana_

@lauromoralesc We go?🖤

tori ‏@vxxxxxxa_

Yes Andy!! I STAN 😭🎉 https://t.co/IWU5a7daGz

Baby Chola ‏@Reena__Beena

Hiding in a conference room watching 90 Day Fiancé

Sole👑 ‏@Sole_Reyes03

Why haven’t I seen this? Wtf ! How am I 3 months late?!? My gaaahhh😍 yasssss Weiserrr worrrkk ittt😭😍😩😩 https://t.co/zpyIcfG6ic

Guy Dawe❌ ‏@grimangus

@kimjongahiskali @rnuslim @maryhussain_ Only when replying to geniuses xx Mohammed a text book racist

David Obenauf ‏@AngryObie

@MatthewBerryTMR Should I drop Belal Powell to get Chubb?

cassie mayfield❥ ‏@cassie_babyy76

@_bfosterr @courtneyyy_m_ I wanna do this https://t.co/Zjpf57XTIG

Jason Hess ‏@jasonhess187

@VickiMcKenna I found a ten year old pop tarts at the pig while remodeling. Still good

Willis Raburu ‏@WillisRaburu

The ten #10over10 @citizentvkenya https://t.co/DxTaj8fVYb

Kakashi Hatake🐺 ‏@DuRagPapi_

My mans did a whole kick out before he started getting his eagle on 💀💀 https://t.co/Eo48xiTC0a

WRHS Soccer ‏@RuralSoccer

Head Coach at Manhattan HS, Frank Alonso, was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Frank is an outst… https://t.co/85HPjoKBi5

Mike Rhyner ‏@theoldgreywolf

@profjimmyc @JulieAnnDobbs @GreatDonovan Which is exactly what we were going for...that’s never been outed before...good on you

NuNu 👑 ‏@jaelaahhh

@maiyagalore Soooooo is that a no? https://t.co/iHVQpqoQjs

amber ‏@amberliyu

It is 21:30 CEST now

Kieran ‏@KieranJames1999

Lisa hen give it a rest for one day eh. Come on tae fuck https://t.co/7rrcmGlHVT

wechh ‏@wech_h

Most fun: warzone Least fun: siege https://t.co/GfykRYlMyy

Rond Burgundy ‏@Mondkeyboy06

@ketaminedream Off early I see

Chibzy ‏@TaafzyCee

@IntThings Bible Showed me the light

Tatoocheck ‏@tatoocheck

@EHC_Freiburg Yeah!

Bibek Mallick ‏@i_m_bibu

@hvgoenka lol.... take a bow 🙏

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