Tag Latin Small Letter U Emoji

Tag Latin Small Letter U was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.


󠁵 U+E0075


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KSA✌ ‏@FkYourFeelings

The frantic energy of the last few days finally settles down, ... More for Taurus https://t.co/kNHa0hjlx1

Jenna Rhodes ‏@rhodes_jj

Yes!!! Classroom discussions are my favorite. #innovtivenotboring https://t.co/4p9cKF32Pg

Ian U ‏@IanUnitt

@salsa442 @paularich1977 @WeNurses @dmarsden49 @samabdulla @ross_6479_RNLD @florenceella @WeLDnurses Thanks to ever… https://t.co/HSYg992H1a

yan-yan ‏@YanieBanana

@mauiarbis Same here hahaa

Style By Zenith ‏@StylebyZenith

Own your style by staying fit! Join StylebyZenith on the 29th and 30th of December 2018 Visit… https://t.co/VuPraS3fF5

Jacob Witmer ‏@Remtiwitmer

I’m reticent to label this as “ADHD storytelling” since I tell stories like this and I’ve never been diagnosed with… https://t.co/asPrQtjxmg

Zoya ❤ ‏@Zoya7261

They are My Happiness 😭❤ #CelebratingManan #KYYS4OnVoot @anupkofficial @BBCStudiosIndia https://t.co/JWax8QGF92

Mirah' ‏@Pretty_Explicit

@__YaMom It’s me I’m her lol

mami dinero ‏@sydlbarlow

Oh y’all smoke CRACK crack... https://t.co/IIY0Z7Q3Sq

Tim B 🌊 ‏@blueflame60

@BravenakBlog It's not that I don't like him - I think he has some good ideas. We need candidates that can get peop… https://t.co/qzR9H2iu4V

Atheist intelligence ‏@JimMatisi

@championalways7 @BenefactrChurch @AustinS16539011 @JohnKrahn2 @RossGilroy @KrisQuestionz @ooohglobbits… https://t.co/fYiHTZA6CG

Lucy ‏@outxstripped

YO, kindly quote this with your username to get described uwu🤘🏻 https://t.co/FDofuU5q2c


#NewMusic #UnityRadioPlaylist Shouts to @yxngbane & @fredo, new addition on the Unity Radio playlist with 'Problem'… https://t.co/rkYTOTVco3

Colt ‏@Its_Colt_

@thetiddlywinks @IamPolarBear79 That looks thicc like my boi @Smchooch

Matthew Bradley ‏@MattJBradley85

Two stunning dishes on fantastic crockery @EurestUK @churchill1795 @Vadischef #innovation https://t.co/Nmlm4lS6Ls

Derro ‏@one_malinga

@BuMbugua It's ok. Baadaye after I've consumed it with happiness

Cool Flame🔥 ‏@LongeSegun

@DOAkinway @AjibolaFasola @TOlakotan @princess42008 Abodi United

MAXX🌹 ‏@Killahmaxine

Omg 😲!!! My friend is so beautiful 😍 🍯🍫 https://t.co/uMy6pgtRXw

Trevor Spink ‏@trevorspink

Help this get to number one for Christmas by streaming on Spotify today! #NowPlaying https://t.co/WjCAspgNSc

Sam A. Malek ‏@bejsam

The Rural Art Auction #streetphotography https://t.co/AZQsbuxr4w

Cynthia 🌱🐥 ‏@isaidthankyou

Is protein mark on the rise again

Tim Wiggins ‏@timwiggins1

@jamesgolding1 @SchwalbeUK Really good mate, amazing weather and some awesome rides. Actually just typing up the fi… https://t.co/Gk0CIfFjbw

Pam Rose ‏@sockgirlie

This is my first Christmas in this office location and most of my co-workers don't know who Krampus is. I can't wa… https://t.co/qIX74vWxpa

a.KYS's ‏@akysolar

@hitter_98 Nothing💁🏻 https://t.co/ZCtPBLqsnk

neriel83 ‏@neriel83

@Quee_nistion Im already a fan of Kisses since PBB Days, and become a Donkiss fans last September. 😊

Lex ‏@LexHargrove

Lord, here we go.

Sophia Stamas ‏@SophiaStamas

TRAFFIC ALERT #ATXTraffic https://t.co/20IaxF6fu7

Matt Massaro ‏@mattmassaro

The unstable landscape of personal relationships appears to be... More for Capricorn https://t.co/IcaTpmeIrI

Alan Hindley ‏@radcliffe78

What an absolute weapon he is https://t.co/AtS15pOclf

Laurie driver ‏@lauriedriver910

France On Fire Again... https://t.co/6QbSB0nPzB via @YouTube

hannha ‏@hannahowochea

is this a game? IS THIS A GAME? i am in a simulation beep boop

TheLiterateFlamingo ‏@WestThornhill

Although you might feel out of touch with the world around you... More for Gemini https://t.co/JaU9F9Amr0

Long Neck 🦕 ‏@LongNeckLass


FXStreet News ‏@FXstreetNews

ECB's Makuch: Central bank may need to rephrase guidance if slowdown continues By @HareshMenghani https://t.co/Fzd27NAlx9 #ECB

Omar ‏@Eriitrean

@Lyon160 Bro u tripping

Hendrik Hörsten ‏@no_names_plz123

@KISAKI_Studio1 So you habe a mold for this?

thor's pikachu propaganda ‏@C0REZI

from now on i will reply to everything with a screencap of crying alucard... it's just... so relatable, you know. l… https://t.co/blNzdpnNzF

Taay $ 😻💋👅 ‏@fetchontaaay_

exam time ... all hopes for the best 😩

Tommy Whitelaw BCAh ‏@tommyNtour

My mums Name was Joan My Mum had Dementia This is Our Story 9 Short Films https://t.co/oRz6z7B8cj https://t.co/1AepIOXE2K

Baba Tunde ‏@BabaTundeZM

@BaneysGirl_22 Lmao it really happens???? 😂

Snim Tell ‏@SnimTell

@HappyBadgerUK @langtraining @nickkeca @ruthheasman @guyverhofstadt @drphilhammond We do have an external to EU pol… https://t.co/KrWf5KPaTV

Shade ‏@Shade_YTube

New Update! Hunters Camp, Raid-Proof Base! Last Day on Earth: Survival: https://t.co/7ttfHEQ41Y via @YouTube

No, It's Not Anna ‏@YesThatAnna

👃THE CAST IS OFF!!!!👃 Surgeon said my nose and face are still very swollen and will slim down over the next few we… https://t.co/h4KTxzaHdp

David Hackro ‏@DavidHackro

#AndroidDevApp #AndroidDev Arrow 101 — How Higher order types can be amazing – Leandro Borges Ferreira – Medium https://t.co/oVRFMpbKqC

Bonnie Simmons ‏@bonnybay48

@TinaMaga5 @RP4TRUMP2020 Stand up to them, Barry is gone, you don’t have to give in to them!

1D lover ‏@loveisvacation0

@BRITs One direction 😍😍

Mustapha SAADI ‏@envnews365

Contribution of Russian zoologists to the collecting and first descriptions of the World avian fauna… https://t.co/8TipR49pMC

rakesh ‏@RakeshTrickey

Congress' Campaign of Calumny, BJP leader dubs Rafale controversy https://t.co/9RvlTNLALK

Gimme that good stuff ‏@StephanieGuaj13

@petcheetan Please show me a pic to change my mind 😂

MissStonedKitty ‏@MissStonedKitty

@Sanliee0 I'm trying !!! Had to block someone

IG: @ndishane_ ‏@Ndishane

it could all be simple, but ke befokery hooreh

Annelovespink ‏@talktoomuch51

@LisaADonoghue3 I really felt like I should've been there. My husband is a Beatles fan,we've seen Macca several tim… https://t.co/nWB0EmCNZD

🎀 ‏@ricecatte

hello friendly reminder that if you see a group for a world boss w/ a title like -Warmode ON- and you still join wh… https://t.co/qY5euL0ixp

Dukie B ‏@brucekenerson1

@NFLfantasy Jamal Williams or David Johnson or Sony Michel .5 PPR??

😀😀 ‏@viratlover_18

DC of delhi capital is reminding me of deccan chargers. #IPLAuction

Gurnardpink #FBPE #RevokeA50 ‏@Gurnardpink

My daily routine starts at 4am with another 5 hours sleep. https://t.co/BM7gTiGK6A

Stephane Gentile ‏@FrenchScotPilot

@SimonLeeWx True, y-axis wronly labelled, should be knots but still doesn't explain why GFS keeps rising post day 3.


@Amy_Siskind Why not just say you’ll support the best candidate regardless? Why indiscriminately eliminate “white m… https://t.co/mcIXgRsekG

Lisa Mootrey violinist ‏@MootreyLisa

Check out this Amazon deal: 5ft Self-Inflatable Gingerbread Man with Cand... by Joiedomi https://t.co/stPv1r3nEQ via @amazon

Bb_Anne2💗 ‏@itsreannehoylar

We really have a friend nga mambulgaray ug crush😂

SmallTownGirl 🇱🇷 ‏@sddonaldson

@TIME The young people will win.

Stephen Matusiak ‏@StephenMatusiak

China's #biotech game is on point. In a terrifying and morally questionable way. Cloning pets, #crispr editing huma… https://t.co/DB6xvdocbT

a l m a. ‏@crmlfrppccn

@mingoosunbaenim aminnn

klw331 ‏@331klw

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Guess leather bag. https://t.co/7pjroB5gPc via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

René Glloq ‏@ReneGlloq

@clmuseum @LJFlashback @johncardillo I was referring to any legislation pertaining to health care. It's usually a s… https://t.co/hzHIj7Aevg

TAK ‏@TakP_an


ֆɦօʊɢ ‏@neotechkids


Bahlé ‏@Bahle_M28

@sello_mojapelo @Blac_Maleficent @zazashongwe00 It’s girls only but👀😂

🐼 | meg ‏@aketnam_met

@iloveyouself143 where I could provide something as a spokesperson. If I could teach also people to be grateful, we… https://t.co/84lrw9QNX6

Job Guide ‏@JobGuideME

Are You A Visionary, an Executor or a Processor? Why Your Company Needs All 3 to Succeed. https://t.co/J3hXHn7YSS #news #feedly

''Bri'' 🌻👑 13 ‏@ParksandthePond

Ok google how to forget that your family make you a surprise birthday ?

✨Juan Ricardo Lejarde🇵🇭 ‏@jrddddclejarde

Thymos(righteous anger), distinguishes a Martin Luther from an Erasmus; a Rousseau from a Voltaire; a Martin Luthe… https://t.co/LcE5W2vhZh

Nick King ‏@puritani6

@MalteseTenor I think it's sad the art of conversation has gone but more importantly actually looking around and se… https://t.co/9xb0YUUYOR

Nick Civello ‏@VenomGHO

@Krypton_Youtube Thanks man!! Appreciate the help!

♚kingvee™ ‏@Lovely_Weirdo

@OGSpankeyJ Lol man I’m just the good friend in the background yelling subtitles “PERIODT”. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Mvelase ‏@CeboMthembu

@SuperSportTV Conte the best

Richard's Ghost ‏@DaGhostOfRichie

@cormbreab1 Tis a blessing yet a curse to be in one...

Kaylie ‏@Kaylen_Nkosi23

Yoh. Lol https://t.co/aEj5IGCDjh

Herman Hermawan ‏@HermanH66898033

Earn $ by watching rewarded videos ! Earn 5$-50$ a day ! Min 5 $ withdraw in Paypal ! https://t.co/aLs2gC549n https://t.co/80ld7Pr8EL

باغر ‏@Baqer182978931

@ferferijan Betternet. Free VPN

See you in 2020 ‏@QcHudson

@marcorubio Because you’re not a senator of Saudi Arabia.

Simon Jordan ‏@Sjopinion10

And the hits keep coming #mufc https://t.co/6HAxBymt2s

Grahamn Rooke ‏@GrahamnRooke

How many of you can forego the shiny, colourful wrapping paper this year? - it may seem like you're being a cheapsk… https://t.co/IGNdCQueUT

Backpack Drizzy 🦉🌹 ‏@Steviee333Henry

10 of us we moving as one...

𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙚 ‏@fallinalIin

omg KING we going✈️big tingsss https://t.co/Jf85LhZulE

Nduka ‏@Daniel_ND_

Woodward had to it. Just imagine if the January transfer window opening with Mourinho still at the club. Raiola wou… https://t.co/1cYT4eByzv

RandomLobster ‏@RandomLobster

It’s a relief if people seem more cooperative today, especiall... More for Libra https://t.co/oIvOCp02PC

FrightBat ‏@Redted797

Feel free t Tweet this about. Gotta get his money's worth!!🤣😆🤣 https://t.co/nk0aplUgsv

am gonny sang sherloid bai sherloid ‏@maelouise7

i love being an adult bc i can have pom bears for breakfast and a fredo for lunch and nobody can stop me (except potential type 2 diabetes)

Предраг #1244 #23898 👊 ‏@PredragCvijic

And here we go with an anti-system D candidate. She has serious chances to beat candidate #Trump. Q: will she give… https://t.co/bIVJMVFkUL


Hiking in South Africa looks amazing 😍⛰ Video: Chelsea Yamase #everythingextraordinary #dmafrica #southafrica… https://t.co/EBZh2IJgjT

imjus_STARMEKA ‏@Prettymeka_89

People may react to your quirkiness today in ways that makes y... More for Aquarius https://t.co/sxTDVDpZjk

sunkissed ‏@Gorgeous_Nae

People may react to your quirkiness today in ways that makes y... More for Aquarius https://t.co/0ArftoXmb6

r a c h e l ‏@rachellllll

I definitely did not bring enough trousers here!!

tem ‏@uwubrigade


Mason Phoenix ‏@Moody_Phoenix

Have you ever noticed that have the stuff they teach us all semester for the final still leaves us so unprepared for the S.A.Ts

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