Tag Left Curly Bracket Emoji

Tag Left Curly Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁻 U+E007B


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Mikael Krogh ‏@mikaelkrogh

@TrondRiiber Interesting - I also have the same experience with the female founders I've invested in. We need more female entrepreneurs!

The Dragon Of Dojima ‏@Pokezard

@Zeno2071 For sure, we must promote it😅⚔️😇

charlie riggle ‏@RiggleCharlie

@NanaVic11 It’s sad to see how low the left has taken politics. It’s sad to see that it’s OK to hit people cuss at… https://t.co/cNWEcbhpSf

💸Ro ‏@roheezy96

Juice WRLD got one wit Gunna on that aint livin right

Alex Moreno ‏@AlexMor44816518

@thesethbishop Read the comments on your last tweet. It will make you feel better. ✨👍

Beverly ‏@bvrlymnl

deepest fantasy? 8-12 hrs uninterrupted sleep.

KendallJaye Collard *blue check mark* ‏@KJHighsocks

@Cubbee_Girl @DartTalk @bradrobinson8 Special teams for offense and defense belongs in football. 🤣

🍤🔪🎃™ ‏@novatawsys

Depression->Functional adult Even the lights were out, except for ONE. (xmx (Still need to take the trash out, but.… https://t.co/TVGUITLW9P

MochiFtw ‏@Mochi_FTW

My ultimate stand...a weapon to surpass metal gear #SoulCaliburVI https://t.co/FveWOQXs1b

Jazzy☯️ ‏@17mustangJazzy

@BTR_brazilian @jamesmaslow @itsdominique @PerezHilton 💋 thank you lovey

myCrafty ‏@MyCraftyOnline

@KFCraftaholic Good evening Kerry, fabulous news, your first sale on myCrafty. Hopefully the first of many😀💕🌸Karen #TheCraftersUK #myCrafty

Enverus Medical ‏@EnverusResearch

Follow us on Facebook too! Click here to like our page: https://t.co/RCv066DVYo #followus #dermatology https://t.co/7ouvAoHDeD

Vincent Vartabedian ‏@MGR_Vinny

@hpate32 Not yet my man, but maybe what I'm doing has some implications! (As it all does lol). How're things going for you dude?

annahowie✨ ‏@annahowie_x

Always feel so much better after a few sunbeds😅😅

. ‏@Nii_kofiii

God is good

Brittany - STREAM CRAZY - NHC ‏@Brittany_Tilly

@pictursofus @JoeManager @fixedbibs @talkxlater @georgemyboy @blakesgiirl I agree. People work. People have to t… https://t.co/YntHIgh2w9

CampOFalcons2018 ‏@CampOFalcons

it's time... #Falcons #CampO2019 @LIBERMANN_SAC @LibermannCHS https://t.co/1ukSc171Oo

sam mikaelson ‏@szu___

@Akhrobatic ffs rax FFS

MWMW ‏@Mmwb777

@AllyHutzler @Newsweek @NormEisen NEWSWEAK

J. M. ‏@pinkerton_zed

Not everyone on pain meds is a junkie. Not a CPP, but I advocate for them. #CPP #iamkratom #keepkratomlegal #CBD https://t.co/09fYGWP29y

Divine K. Augustt ‏@DkwameK

@gtconway3d @JoeNBC They have shown they lack common human decency; yes, they are "disgraceful and pathetic."

Luana Rezende ‏@Luanarez

@mariiarruda same

Quiles21 ‏@Pr3ttyprican

These people tried to get me to work 4 double back to back..... fuck that✌🏽

Rational Comsumer ‏@RComsumer

@Acosta You people are out of your damn minds.

Lexi 🔜 LACC 🖤🎃 ‏@queen0fsassgard

@SerenMind @izzysaek0 @IAmSaraAkane @yakfrost @kali_neko I’m living for those tights

Atiku nikan lo le ṣe o ‏@UpdatesItu

@BennyUmoren @Baloobogero @OwolabiAdebayo @officialKolaO @NGRSenate @SenatorAkpabio @bukolasaraki He did Don’t min… https://t.co/2BJHPtr1zI

Graham Turner ‏@turngraham

Great decision tree to selecting best ads #socialmedia #internet #brandawareness #decisiontrees https://t.co/ymKqa76IvF

Mr Razzle Dazzle ‏@DaRazzleDazzle

@KWurls @JordanFringe94 Nice!!! I got mine already going and the smoke through the nostals is awesome. Hope you lik… https://t.co/C6CoZgcwzk

Brian ‏@bagretto42

@ArcadeRegiment Oh god

Susan ‏@SusanTPohlmann

@GOP @kayleighmcenany Plus, they get sick and senile and then they’re a drain on Healthy Americans!

Mariie 🇨🇦 ♕ ‏@_flawlessmarie


JIWOO & ANNA DAY ‏@koyaful


Allison ‏@yursassysunflwr

Because nobody wants the backlash. Those of us saying something are already being bullied and don’t care anymore https://t.co/syed8SMIEX

Jean Bon ‏@Jean_Mijatovic

@UltraCrack Exact

Liz ‏@lizetruvalcaba1

When he sends me love songs to listen to 😍

Dave1900 ‏@Dave1900

@ABC Trump is a dangerous looney

Vardamir ‏@Tar_Vardamir

@stevehosid @racefansdotnet Fining drivers, especially the top ones, won't be effective, since they're millionaires… https://t.co/ThXZbTy0ez

sam ‏@cyphersjjg


tan ‏@bichungha

me: jake paul: sup u fucking beaner

geena ‏@liveIyoongi

oh of course i wear socks thatd just be nasty without😪 https://t.co/YFw4DKsb9o

Austin Texas Things ‏@austintxthings

Hey Scott Whitaker(@scott78748), thank you for following me

Austin Gaule ‏@austinomaha

Little 5 o’clock bowling tourney to end the week off! https://t.co/bIg7AbP7DI

stradiost1 ‏@stradiost11

Listen the best pop rock disco music Five Finger Death Punch - Jekyll And Hyde on https://t.co/Gz5ZOySqv7


Lawyers for Brazil's President Ask Top Court to Annul Police Graft Accusations https://t.co/iVCE2GCyAP


"Top 10 Megatrends in Agriculture" https://t.co/B2LmOfbR36 @KnowGoGrow #business https://t.co/zyWn8LpkDi

คѕмα 🥇 ‏@asOom7

@IAmSteveHarvey Chatting on whats up!

. ‏@jenniesbottom

bts crying... this is not allowed

Adesina Tosin Nathaniel ‏@Donteewrites

@simileoluwa_89 @solaadio Nothing is wrong with questioning...

Jackieboy Man (Jackie) ‏@Heroissms

@OfNightandDay_ "You don't need to, it's already been proven..."

SA^ ‏@salemalhemeiri

No one cares what you feel.

PIZZA HUT'S BUTT SLUT ‏@twennytwenny

i have been busy https://t.co/BQVaSigWNb

Jordon Bradley ‏@JBreezzzyyyy

So.... anyone gonna say anything about Leonard and the Raptors? I’m cool if we all don’t https://t.co/xtBqyXx8Yj

Carol A O'Brien ‏@CarolAOBrien1

@danielgoduti True - and I don’t even know what the prompt was. Had this discussion with third formers today already worrying about exams

my calico cat | elena misses BTS so so much ‏@calicocat_pjm

Jimin or Jungkook. I would like to try Jimin's style bc its all fashionable and nothing like me and I trust jungkoo… https://t.co/SObfA5IxEV

Cosmic Gypsy ‏@christnagavier

@xskinn That's what friends are for 🎼🎺🎷🥁good title for a song 👍👍😅have a happy day mate!

⛤Darʞness⛧ ‏@sto_morishita

@Captain_Revo Oh, that reminds me, that I still have to do some shots of it in STO!!! 😬

David Adam Byrnes ‏@davidadambyrnes

What’s up Philadelphia?! It’s been a loooooooong while

Harris ‏@Kurapikx

Don’t have to stink up our TL and force that shit down our throats too

L Boogie 🍍 ‏@laurarozay

You're not going to make me feel bad for being myself 🤷

- ‏@jessicadamsb

I CANT STOP WATCHING THIS 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/42VfMUPnJ0

David Rozansky ‏@DavidRozansky

On Cons: Now-10/21: MileHiCon 50th Anniv., Denver Now-10/21: Destination Star Trek, Birmingham, U.K. Now-10/21: Va… https://t.co/pr0vggA6eF

Taiwo ‏@Taiwo72700066

@BAMBO_HAFIZ He go fail for sure

💀 A spooky puppy 💀 ‏@BrigitteLucario

remember everyone this tweet so at the first bratty thing i do you could warn daddy of this ^~^

Toni Brook ‏@funforbrook

@tgrier3 @Bakari_Sellers Cute

Fall-ther 🍂🎃 ‏@featherstorm77

@CreatorCosmic NO???? you're taller than ME

⚯͛ Hermoine Granger △⃒⃘ ‏@__LaLoba__

Cran-Grape https://t.co/8D3hQcNzxe

Linda Georgiou ‏@LindaGeorgiou

@ADiscoveryOfWTV @SkyOne @NOWTV Yet another tense episode of #ADOW. Until next Friday! 😬😬😬😬😬

RBlazick ‏@RBlazick

Ive always loved you, just you never told me you love me back!

US Harley Sales ‏@USHarleySales

eBay: 2008 Harley-Davidson Touring 105 Anniversary Edition https://t.co/Vj8IVyYeT1 https://t.co/cmW40GUjA3

katie ♡ tae ‏@skeletata

hey um. why was he. un crying

Elise 🇭🇹 ‏@TheRealZoDak

I go crazy about mine

MatteoZic ‏@MatteoZic

@CallofDuty Best Noscope Ever https://t.co/m3qnagrnha

Debbie Maltzman ‏@DMaltzman

A caravan of migrants is nearing Mexico's border. Will authorities turn them back? @CNN https://t.co/wCgePc0zHh

Samantha Beltran Cabral ‏@SamanthaBCabral

✨Juntos Somos Fuertes✨ My first #blog post is now up! Read about a very challenging moment of my life where I almos… https://t.co/fB8S96Abod

oscar ‏@OscarWW7

@Gaming101_tweet I cranked it too

Flamini ‏@Luucaasns

Caray https://t.co/frCKvk2VJO

Bryan ‏@BrySoup

@NSnitko @CorSec Good week I assume?

#TheLand ‏@chuckjrsince90

@Ricky__Z @thereallisaann Nah, I disagree. But its Chubby time!!!

Impera 1⃣7⃣ ‏@IMPR09

Real !!! https://t.co/pv6x87BNwy

eahsamiyd. ‏@shaeeglizzy

how can you hate some one that fly?

Matt L ‏@321mdl

@MojitoDangerous If you would actually click on it, there is data. If you don’t believe data, I can’t help you.

Diane Cluney ‏@DianeCLovesJoeM

@JonathanRKnight Very excited for you & very excited to watch! Can’t wait! Hope you’re having a great cruise

wt_2050129560 ‏@wt_2050129560

@wt_2050114894 test reply 1539982745977

Mom Life & Mimosas ‏@MomLifeNMimosas

Work at home jobs and opportunities that are legitimate: https://t.co/uRlrtOVdy8

Dan Hoff Marketing ‏@SuccessMyWay

How To Boost Your ROI By 223% With Conversion Optimization Tools by Victor Ijidola   Conversion optimization tools… https://t.co/0nTt7A1xJw

leonor ‏@taeofme

I’m so proud of you, the world doesn’t deserve you, you're an angel that has fallen from the sky. https://t.co/IM8GjmpBQM

Forward Motion TX ‏@ForwardMotionTX

Trainer Leah trying out the new gym! #Repost @leahjohnstonfit ・・・ In honor of my FIVE YEAR work-iversary with… https://t.co/MBjc4dUOn0

🎃Jack Rose👻 ‏@jack_rose10

@F1 Vettel's Season in the Nutshell. https://t.co/ejVafK6vux

nat ‏@nataliesvibes

how badly do you think fourteen year old me would have actually turned out if she found out that in five years she’d be into geology

🦇 Lauren Elyse 🦇 ‏@laurrrelyse

@Bitterblue55 @mermaidthuglife Etsy!

Mark. ‏@MarkBFoot

@gunnerpunner I can’t back this shanter

jiminie | jimtober | misses bts :(🇨🇦💜🌹 ‏@MaHa_242000

@agirlinthepark @BTS_twt Even though he had a cold he performed so well, I wouldn't even know he has a cold 💕

h.judith💛 ‏@its_helen014

I was really hoping it would be cold this weekend

Emma Victoria Jones ‏@JonesEmmie

@Guesswh00219617 @SamRobertBird I just like animals and pizza Tbf

🍒 ‏@elmbx_

I wanna be this happy in life https://t.co/fInDqEXXqj

ʝα∂є ~ ѕαω вαиgтαи σи 10/03 ‏@jaeislit

@jhopedidthat Thank you I’ll try ); 💞

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