Tag Left Curly Bracket Emoji

Tag Left Curly Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁻 U+E007B


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vanessa ‏@Vanessa_Annee

@Kim_Testoni Thank you kim🎉😎

🌻Audrey🌿 ‏@HazelForest

@LilSproutCare I think the way your doing it is great :) But if you did want to give people another option to guara… https://t.co/7Fif7HbNn4

Alex Hardwick🇬🇧 ‏@redketchup80

@piersmorgan @RadioTimes Love how people fall for his character so often

C. ‏@realcases

It was actually nice of the cops to radio over their “pals” in my area my plates to let me slide on home last night… https://t.co/H8lyw77THe

BEAST BOY 👹 ‏@labeastboy

@_alxsn @lexcontreras_ Ink my whole body I don’t give a motha fuck.

Alex Cristiano ‏@alexcristiano_

The #RaptorsChampionshipParade was such a surreal experience. Happy to share it with so many amazing people. And ha… https://t.co/euuUqJpSve

AlshStar ‏@AlshDEC

M6.4 #earthquake at #Japan at approx. 13.22 UTC today as seen on #spectros at #DynamicEarthCommunity on YouTube.… https://t.co/IxFRgDd4a0

M I L L I O N $ S M I L E ‏@supremegddess

wait I thought turtles was slow ? he must be a crackhead https://t.co/s0wlnmzvkQ

ThisEmoRatIsSoFuckingProudOfDan🖤🏳️‍🌈 ‏@emobandmemes100

@rainbowsdan They're both got good energy. Like Dan's soft like a flower and Phil's like hurt my children (the phandom) I'll hurt you.

Threepenny Writer ‏@sanmonbunshi1

in a blitz operation across major U.S. cities.

ky will wait for iKON ‏@hotbarhoe

@iKONnixx pure love and trust right there😣❤️

TINI #QV ‏@TiniTeAgradezco

Oh my GOD so little is missing!!!! #SadSong @TiniStoessel @Alesso https://t.co/57j7hSHxV4

Talia Fae ‏@FaeTalia

@DaniellaNLevy Oh, that's a good one. I hadn't thought of that! I have plenty of ideas but as you know there are de… https://t.co/0BYYB4xLnq

rom popopom ‏@capirotissima

@_narafernandes CREEPY

Dr. Leroy Thompson Sr. ‏@DrLeroySr


Nelson Royster ‏@nelroy78

Maybe I was thinking of the boys coach, either way, this is a tremendous loss for RS

B ‏@wastetime

@Iguananaut @MrAndyNgo Did you know that tens of housands of people were killed last year for being white? Can you… https://t.co/zloxYjuCaX

🇲🇳 bruh ‏@cogo666

Pull up, pull up. Chci Mercedes.

Adam ‏@AdamHardesty

@AOC Buchenwald was just a detention center, guys. Thanks for clearing that up.

Singam Memes ™ ‏@SingamMemes

Let's Have a Big Trend On June 22 Evening [ Saturday ]📣 Tag Regarding One Month to @Suriya_offl Birthday 🔥 TARGET… https://t.co/gI7M5cp2Fc

SHC ‏@ChampsAndPups

@RantsByMegan Thank you so much!!!

Justine ‏@_justinegalang

https://t.co/JzvvrPwmTJ please!!! sign!!!

I $TAN DT ‏@lovelydolansxe1

Prouddd of themmm ! They came so farrr ❤️❤️❤️wowww ethan is smiling with teeth ❤️❤️but seriously they deserve this… https://t.co/bu7o4XFgy7

Jonavfc15 ‏@Jonatha89331393

@footymadluke123 Will play for England one day I'm certain of it

🏎 Dave Hopkins 🏎 ‏@StoppoDriver

@ThoughtPoliceXX @mikeparry8 Jog on loaf face.

humnawww ‏@theHumnaArchad

@ItsHarriss How terrible would it be to BE YOU. TCH TCH ! sending power ya way.

wanheda ‏@queerality

@aominedaikirai @xiuminccino Ooooh. Yes. Both are correct

Army with luv💖 ‏@Blossom_KpopBP

I was just doing an edit.. And then...i stopped at the perfect timing..... Yep..😌 https://t.co/bYd8LPfTYf

Matt Leary ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏎📒📕❤️ ‏@FarnhamRef

@JennieGow @F1 @LoveIsland It’s not a bad shout. Reduce the amount of live telemetry available to the teams during… https://t.co/xv0wVWihVm

neville powerbottom ‏@lilboy_leslie

@kaylieewayliee With my wine and a red silk robe on 💀

mia!! 🦕 ‏@donghyuwuckie


Yolanda Mgcina ‏@Yolz_Mgcina

@kimmylati @Sbu_Fo My friend and I would like to help, please DM me

Jac🏳️‍🌈|90 ‏@jaclauren782

In Schitt's Creek @danjlevy has created something extraordinary, a place where hate does not exist and in doing tha… https://t.co/agThfS1Mkj

Act.Víctor Ávila ‏@ActuarioAvila

@GMonroyEnergy @moisesrosado @vicfc7 @Elie_Villeda @RobLozzano @CHEQUI51 @M_Madrigal_M Usted es un Crack.

accio apple cider ‏@yaretziadzj

@johansthetic who said you did?

Vikingstad ‏@HockeyRockBeer

@theDeepSea4 @krufrank @arsmaster69 @thisthomaspratt @SatiarShah @pheenster01 I'd be into that but wouldn't do it u… https://t.co/YlschoBHwk

22OnSloane ‏@GEN22OnSloane

Host Your Event at 22 on Sloane. We have the most amazing spaces and our team will go the extra mile to make sure… https://t.co/MiRzfoaoIU

footmdrph ‏@footmdrph

Unbelievable, black students steal from the store and the college calls the store racist. The college obviously thi… https://t.co/UlK71mYKW9

Saad Azim 💬 ‏@lakakalo

@EricVBailey @BurgerVonStadt It's a weird experience reading news articles about the government trying to establish… https://t.co/6T3mve6G9F

Sloth Armada ‏@BoatOfSloths

@AdamDork @NonTrotski I would assume the InfoWars email acocunt receives a whole bunch of junk. Lord knows I don't… https://t.co/GJ5yylV4XO

Trev ‏@IamTheTrev

@WjdPablo @AnimeAjay @hichammca123 @Slider30100808 @pickle_ya your stealing someone else work to make money. How d… https://t.co/uyjlIV0JBz

kale ‏@hirae__

@SuperRaeDizzle Omg! I’ve done similar things. Feel better soon!!

Chay ‏@roseejotaa

thank you so much girl ❤️ proud of you also!!! Girl power! https://t.co/ajDL0xck5X

Stefanie ‏@stefanie051205

@QuotessOfficial questions ?

aaliyah ‏@bbyhucci


久唄(クオン)不戦の約定解かれ申した ‏@kuon10071107

I am sorry that my goddess so bad. Miss Amiru a little Love. bat You’re special to me. https://t.co/dXeO5DQrW7

Giovanni Trejo ‏@TrejoGiovanni

@AndyG93_ But have you ever had a torta de chilaquiles from DF

Harry ‏@harrytpk

MAJOR FIND: Here's More Ammunition for Roger Stone: Mueller Claims Russia Hacked Clinton Campaign Volunteers and Em… https://t.co/Od6hnxqn70

Daniel C ‏@Chuksbey

⚘Do not let your account stop growing! ❣❣Follow Retweet and Like fast! ❣👃10K ❣👃❣20K ❣👃❣👃30K ❣👃❣👃❣40K 50K👃… https://t.co/HytLEGatpX

Nadeeen ‏@nadenabouelnaga

I'm falling again, and no one really cares.

🍀Patricia☘ 🐜#1827 ‏@patricia_1827

This is after.... What we have been up to the last couple weeks.😁 https://t.co/myv2DBANMK

TheBonald ‏@TheBonald83

@FirstTake @SHAQ @TheRyanHollins The best part of all this is them ignorning Max. Nobody respects him.

UNG Admissions ‏@UNG_admissions

Adding 🖐️ more nationally competitive scholarships to the list! Our students really are the best and the brightest!… https://t.co/g1CjL0xOok

Jo ‏@VcfJo10

If you don't use this please don't open your mouth near me https://t.co/JuHmlL0giU

nurse (dumb bitch) joyful ‏@thethirdrider_1

Within the span of 10 minutes from posting my lost contact tweet I got two big boss comments. Which brings me to my… https://t.co/foeq7ErkKt

Justin FluffPalmer ‏@JusP

Meanwhile at #OldTrafford #ENGvAFG 😂😂😂 legendary bants https://t.co/CfRoP6fmbf

Entrée 3000 ‏@ReyynoldsWrap

@GullyGawdess 😇😇😇 we making progress okay?!

banks. ‏@marcusraymond_

I’m grippin. I don’t care.

Not a Rob Schuster burner account ‏@robpalooza

@Baba_Booey4L Idk. In this draft any pick is gonna be a project so my thinking is take a dude with high potential a… https://t.co/MlWryPab1V

M₄🤫 ‏@asika_99

Wheeew, the ghetto https://t.co/fasJKiatA1

Labour Left Voice 🔥 ‏@LabLeftVoice

@AccountOfSaRaH @kasim_hafeez @daniboy104 @leekern13 @jeremycorbyn wow.. great find that

j e n g k e h ‏@heyjinky

@itstrinamarie Cheer u up!

Luke ‏@ChristopherLknb

@amanda7085 @cajunsoulfire74 These people are sick. Lest they forget: There is no greater power than God. ❤️

Bryan Vargas ‏@bryvrgs

I feel like I need to meet my twitter gay friends. Thinking I should have a summer party? 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

We Accept Pets ‏@WeAcceptPets

The new #summer #barmenu has launched at Suie Hunting Lodge Hotel. The food is looking incredibly delicious at this… https://t.co/vfcDNONekD

scürvy ‏@russel_godoy

“goin ghost” 🤔🙃

. ‏@YofavDA

I aint mad atchu-Tupac

Pat 🇵🇹🃏 ‏@pat_sousa1

@imagineforevera @luhvss @sidemansed @BEMlNEE Tf are you on about? You defo piss sitting down

Tomthunkit™ ‏@TomthunkitsMind

This Would Be So Nice. https://t.co/Cd1CG7FuWI

Sparkle Moon 🌝🌚🌛🌜🌟 ‏@sparklemoooon

@carolinepennock I'd bet good money that the male:female ratio of your letter will be significantly higher than the… https://t.co/f1l8DgggPu

Iza, Selesnya Viceroy 🌺 ‏@Desmyeolada

#NewProfiIePic cause I'm feeling pretty and selesnyan today https://t.co/KeJIRyDOMc

Pukk👽 ‏@Pukdelange_

@troyesivan Do. It.

Ali N. Damji ‏@DrAliDamji

@jjustneel @FamPhysCan Thanks Jayneel!

🌈ZX Wife🌈 ‏@zxwife

@Carnivius @doone128 @iHarbonaut Did you do the C64 version as well @iHarbonaut ? It doesn't seem to get very much… https://t.co/YDrALvSQrD

Urtaza ‏@urtazablue

@chaseaguiar No just get over it lol

Dejmonii 💋 ‏@Deja__Famous

@taaauree Okkkk! Back like I never left

Sherrae Egbert ‏@SherraeLindsay

New product in my shop, hope it heals! (Link in bio!) https://t.co/HTWOmF3vCW

MCondon ‏@Marc_Condon

@Druid2131 @jadeneuell_ @chico_garsidia @Anthony76818149 @MarcGivlerBG Blame the player too

Luke Butler ‏@lukebutler

@enchanttheory There are experiential / mental / physical causes...forming of habits of anxiety and perpetuation /… https://t.co/gib3zapG1O

Snapshots Made Yesterday ‏@snapshotsmade

Do you like adventure with a bit of #Disney mixed in? Check out @jofalltradesb California Adventure Trilogy!… https://t.co/SSSeWGeKJg

jayde misses bts 💓 ‏@Jaydekta

Basically 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/kJtZinFXa0

Lean 🌴 ‏@marlonnn0

@tru_buddah On Crippp 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Tari ‏@Tarpie55

@RyanHillMI @realDonaldTrump Since your numbers are off Ryan. You cant be trusted with this information either. The… https://t.co/EBEJtPEzu4

Ayana ‏@yobntr

@Mestrict98 Done

God Awful Adam Hunt ‏@HuntWMD

@amin251 @PatrickHilsman @MichaKobs Well, that didn't take long. I'd take your post more seriously if could spell c… https://t.co/ayuN6p0DcJ

Andrew Wood ‏@Andrewwood17

@Dukester12Paul @MayorJohnBiggs @Glo_Thienel @AbdulHai23 @LoveWapping They are parked in the pound and then drive t… https://t.co/IKCnDpHlFO

yue ‏@cherryujus

@jiminscafe stoppp I LOVE HIM SO MUCHSHSG

LeNora Jaye ‏@lenorajaye

LET'S GROOVE TONIGHT!!!! AND EVERY TUE NIGHT!!!! #motown #soul #disco #randbmusic #performer #livemusic #vocalist… https://t.co/6A1GpTYxuB

Sunday Roast ‏@BuhayNaPickle

[email protected] currently watching Hotel Artemis. LOLed hard when you said "she's bangkay for real." Much luv from The Islands sir

백뷔옹지딘. ‏@fiveforlove


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