Tag Left Curly Bracket Emoji

Tag Left Curly Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁻 U+E007B


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John Junior ‏@JohnJR306

My draft analysis hasn't even been up for 6 hours - you guys are NUTS! https://t.co/JAjBLGDbGi

Rocky ♊ ‏@123inger

@nickmellor35 @SkyNews I know, always on my Twitter feed in some form. Might mute the name lol

davis bloom ‏@davebloom9

@Ehimawilliams @Nduka2019 @Biisi96 Let me correct this, some boys tho

Ayanna May 🥰 ‏@prettygirldomm

@blueEyeBallz @VDVince I’m not gone take you back cause you broke up with me, not cause you slept with another girl… https://t.co/GjCHotiB6p

Awara🕊Panchhi ‏@Awara1Jutt

@iHassanSaleem Im already 6' 3

Jo Ann Burke ‏@jpbflyers201

@icehockeymike37 never underestimate the power of the Best @NHLFlyers Fan on Earth!! https://t.co/FAgA8ADhZu

gayus van barbells ‏@noahfronsenburg

@loping419c @SomethinValiant YEAH

christopher p. luz ‏@christotampabay

@TheRealDaytime @SaniyyaSidney the real spends so much time jumping into this slander & racial agitation, the hate… https://t.co/bAsdsBZ6rM

Alan Cerrie ‏@grinder41

@BuffaloSabres @WNYDentalGroup Pommer on the 4th line??? WTH Phil??

𝐥𝐢𝐯 ‏@stripnari

@dejahofficial hi hoes

Jill Davis ‏@Jdavis_Halton

Members of the RCAF deserve new equipment not hand-me-downs. https://t.co/8iltRR5bCk

KiloIndiaAlphaRomeoAlpha ‏@_DamnGina_

@niyathebrat Nah...she gotta go all the way to jail. Not Orange is the New Black jail, either. She gotta go to Tartarus.

DTR_Pay💙 ‏@Pay_Foohley

“I thought I was ona pole I was delicious”😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m dying g💀💀💀💀 https://t.co/tHBEjgic8i

karen benford smith ‏@karenbenfordsmi

@Coach_TMalone Very nice!

Heavy J ⚾ ‏@HeavyJ28

@vossbrink @oriolesrise @marcbrubaker @nightowlcards @SABRbbcards @Markhoyle4 @mjpmke @pksteinberg @GoodenCollector… https://t.co/0TqisCL4II

antiquoter ‏@antiquoter

Ignore the much things; a large leak will sink a great ship. - Benjamin Franklin

b ‏@undercovabri

this guy asked for my number and I said no so he came back and left me his business card “just in case I change my mind” lmfaoooo same

addict 💚 ‏@rockyftvodka

@sonsofeva @RossLynch @RossLynch dude you have to see this!!

riccardo ‏@fanctasia

i'm really happy bc i really want money

Horny Pussy Girls (+18) ‏@minaevad330

porno krystal pussy may anderson naked miss deja hardcore teen sex video singapore naked rugby league https://t.co/hFsxaFDnON

Ryan O'Hara ‏@OHaraSports

Caution debris #NASCAR #Daytona 500

SR Ellis ‏@SREfitnfab71

@ChatByCC @realDonaldTrump America did not reject Hillary she beat tRump by over 3 million votes.

gabby♋ ‏@l_veislouder

@SimxPossible If you're interested in checking it out its up on the sims 4 gallery under my Origin ID: Gabbster714

AshortyWithAhoodie ‏@Maybe_Krystal

He acting like a bitch lol

Antonio Heras Arpón ‏@AntoHerasArpon

@joethebrew Nationalist government https://t.co/ka4KumHoqb

Larry Trainor ‏@IFlewAirplanes

|| Here’s a poll.

💚 ‏@sophiabiba

MY FUCKIN HEART— https://t.co/q96FQIUaFJ

corrie woolgar ‏@babygirlcorrie

@LTHlondon And the blood bath continues, what a lovely city we have become comments @SadiqKhan ? No? Thought not.

Benjamin Burns ‏@bungeeman17

@robinlvalentine I've found that it's all about having decent attachments on your weapons, as well as high level armour/helmet.

The Target ‏@TheeTarget

. . . after trying for four years. . . what exactly are you looking for by stalking me, because my relationships go… https://t.co/o7f1LP0CCy

kyle 💍 ‏@beyonceilish

juice world isnt talented lmaooo

Scorsese ‏@Iuvenis_CBG

Need This Statue https://t.co/UHQOzGCUJs

#yoongi ✨✨ ‏@_tttnyg93

happy birthday jung hoseok ^^ pls take care about yourself more, be happy and have a very happy birthday with ur fa… https://t.co/7mKsHrgnxp


Who is awake??? Let’s Quickly Gain before we sleep 😴 Reply with “Hey” and follow who ever likes your reply No… https://t.co/RmvjRbnXni

may ◟̽◞̽ |‏ au larry 📌 ‏@bitetomlinson

@Louis_Tomlinson ok Louis, urgent Louies or Legends?

meltthemdown ‏@too2much

@krassenstein Conman-in-Chief lobbying to run for Miss Universe. And Poet Lauriate. And Pope.

Jacob Tellijohn ‏@Jacob_Tellijohn

@DFS_Squid Not seeing many more contests to enter at this time slot. Why aren't they making more. I see a $33 and that's about it

D1SportsNet ‏@d1sportsnet

Florida State 78, Pittsburgh 46 Kiah Gillespie had 18 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and two steals and No. 21 Fl… https://t.co/MAPylIEsFv

Chanelle ♡ ‏@lulnelleee

You will always have a special place in my heart

A.. ‏@_alvnnvh

I’m stuck between “why am I so insecure?” and “I’m really that bitch”

Val 🔶️ 🇪🇺🇬🇧 #FBPE #RevokeArticle50now ‏@valerimelnyczuk

@GorettiSimon @joswinson @BritishInEurope @the3million I hope so.

scarlett ‏@Scarlettmunzxx

Some absolute fucking weirdos who play coin master. Freak attacked my village 8 times

Wilson 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@the_sidecarist

Give me Murtagh over Jamie any day.

Ell ‏@Ellielangton1

@BIGSAM229 New ford focus st line😌

Dave Davis ‏@Davedav98496762

@lbcbreaking @LBC Do you think she will assimilate back into society get a job pay rent tax etc?

+ ‏@_ASAPLuke

I’ve had ENOUGH https://t.co/K8RwumBL3W

Lιαɱ - (⊥N∩OƆƆ∀ N∀Ⅎ) ‏@ManLikeVirgiI

Getting a girl full stop would be an achievement for me https://t.co/6cixayShRy

AW🧸💛 ‏@laredgal

My birthday though ☺️🙃

DominicMychel ‏@dominic_mychel

@emilynels8 I just have a feeling you’ll be super successful, I can already see the blue check by your name. Have a blessed day !

Minhyukisnotreal🐊 ‏@LeeMinfuck

@kyunslovebot AAAAAAA HAVE FUN

Hugh Jass ‏@Ayyo_Danny

Reel Big Fish was so fun to see at warped tour. 10/10 fun ass set

eneroliz ‏@Enerolizz

@GarciaMichael10 Fck you

JT’s mama✨ ‏@l0rdzee_

My last week of work.. time to start getting ready for baby JT💙

Aggressively Challenged ‏@MiiNi_mB

Prediction: Harper signs with the nats.

Esther ‏@Esther5_

Took lsd for the first time this morning and I’m still tripping ballllllllls hardcore 😩🤩🤩🤩

ice cream stan🍦 ‏@dheanifa

happy birthdayy dikeyyy💖💖 https://t.co/YBuerymhTK

Emine ‏@BalzacKaderli

monday-pass https://t.co/sCwK6j9ep0

Patt 💞 ‏@GracefulPatt

@DxsasteroIogy Me @ you a lot of the times

𝒦𝓇𝒾𝓉𝒾 💎 ‏@by_kriti

@jmtkyo @BTS_twt Thank you!

Daniel_Coelho ‏@DanielCoelho98

@mirandoca19 @trajaza Ammmeemmmmm 🙌🙌🙌🙌

🇺🇸Cal Neva Jen🇺🇸 ‏@jensinspired1

@nucrash @1PardonMyFrench @cvpayne You are linked to hate! You want to see a hater? Look in the mirror! This Jussie… https://t.co/pgP3LapwdV

Pedro B.💚💚 ‏@chiquitinB

@just_tailor Tomate platense 😍

fatima | A REDMARE TODAY ‏@voiices


Jamie Johnson ‏@J_Johnson_10

@__kylesister Who is that

Tayee 🐬🌸 ‏@SavageeSheWrote

@SouthernBaee Thank you

Matt ‏@WagzWon

@chrisdelia I didn’t take you for a club soda guy. But agreed on the lemon - needs to be asked for.

Jason Pillar ‏@JasonPillar3

@thickandmorty The Mam who helped The Christ bore the cross. As compelled by The Romans.

Gary Feltham ‏@gary_feltham

To paraphrase the wise feminist Justin Trudeau, sometimes people without a sense of humour (also known as progressi… https://t.co/UAsvzJItPQ

LoVe Sneaks :) ‏@VeSneakers

Join The Billionaire Yeezy Boost Boys Club https://t.co/dgBQNODgYO https://t.co/6yC6LKoZUG

Robert Taylor ‏@Blacksamurai22

@iboogers @trnrtips @TeamYouTube Lol how is Pokémon Go associated with nudity?

lovelivejac3 ‏@lovelivejac3

one time i shouted start dash to my brother and he started to smack me

potato ‏@bxglez

@gnarlyxangel Don’t play with my heart like that 😩

Tess ♥️ ‏@TessLewis4

@sophiexmm Oh babe how sad for you, heartbreaking news 💔 thoughts go out to you xxx

Mike4SFmayor ‏@CaccioppoliMike

Sanders has an army behind him. By far the biggest base. Everyone else is scrounging over the crumbs. He knows it a… https://t.co/wsVjmGDfb7

All Might 🇳🇬 ‏@Nosa_Imafidon

Never front on a click that you can evaluate

Vicki Vallencourt 🥀 ‏@brelixir

@ChipdNudePolish Rihanna, September 28th. The irony that this iexaxr shade of Pink is my absolute favorite color. https://t.co/crDEEpk53U

Jubilee ‏@backatchaslick

@WittySassBasket @MomOnFire I LOVE Polka https://t.co/pmn0BNptfH

» 𝓰𝓲 ‏@louisvingative

hey sun @Louis_Tomlinson is watching the follow button huh? could you squeeze it and follow me and my friend… https://t.co/iOduKOnMhj

Brendan “Tim Drake” Bean ‏@BeanBrendan

So no joke, the only Bond movie I’ve seen all the way through was Skyfall. Hopefully all the positive things I’ve h… https://t.co/EXpnLHjJVf

𝙵𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝙳𝚊𝚛𝚠𝚒𝚗 🐒 ‏@friendsofdarwin

@LukeTurnerEsq I’m totally crap at cars, but weren’t there loads of Mk II Jag police cars in earlier series? Or were those Mk Is?

D2AA🐐🏌🏽‍♂️ ‏@LeParisien514

Real life >>>>> social media https://t.co/oVO3hvQCHW

There is no Nate, Only Zuul ‏@EvilestResident

@kayms99 @twintailedjock @rhowardbrowne You’re really stupid if you think that’s what is happening here. No one’s e… https://t.co/LBqffLz5tW

♡ ‏@urmygrandee

@kiansdol @dejahofficial Needy

laura / SUNSHINE DAY ‏@paradiserogers

@taeberrrry BC IM ON BREAK

☆mønrœ☆ ‏@Monreezyyy

I had a great birthday thank you to everybody who wished me happy birthday, I love y’all💛 if you didn’t say happy b… https://t.co/cRyOdfx6gS

Cʰᵃʳᶤˢˢᵉ Vᵃᶰ Hᵒʳᶰ: Cᵉˡᵉᵇʳᶤᵗʸ Iᶰˢᶤᵈᵉʳ ‏@charissevanhorn

"So hold on tight...it's the beginning of something so bright..." #love #music #magick #peace #spirit #flow… https://t.co/P0iS1VQK6a

JoJo ‏@Jojo_1906_F1011

I’m just waiting on a Walt Disney Space Jam meme denying R Kelly’s song request for Space Jam 2.

Laura Bradford ‏@SUPERMrs14

@SenSanders Let’s uphold our laws by making people enter the US legally Thru Legal points of entry THAT is the rule of law

I'M IN HOCKEY HELL!!! ‏@TrueFanJames247

@GirlNamedBoston Thank you. Always makes me happy when I get one whether if it's in person or social media. Anyways #LGRW

♡ ‏@Mahomie3432

If I knew someone named Jack I would say this https://t.co/XGm4oXl1zL

The Handicap Breaker ‏@theHcpBrkr

@RosannaPownall @quevega Fabulous!!! I can’t wait to take my son racing (he’s due in May 🥰) and won’t let these sce… https://t.co/yYa3J2MNnT

buji ‏@Leann_garciaa

@AgusGarciia_ Supergay

Si💙 ‏@arjhaneeee

Value yourself 👑

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