Tag Left Square Bracket Emoji

Tag Left Square Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁛 U+E005B


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Esomchi Henry ‏@Chi_agozie

I just wish to save these pictures here ! If you feel they are worthy of saving and Retweet , please feel free.… https://t.co/ulT5gKnt1J

Lou ‏@therealloobylou

@JakeQuickenden This is like a dream come true! You actually really needed to get one😂😂 Pics please😍

Live Here Love Here ‏@isupportlhlh

Have a watch of our own Community Development Officer, Nicola Fitzsimons speak to @BBCNewsNI about the value of loc… https://t.co/WybKFF8biD

KKunt ‏@RealKKunt

Lmao hw u get suspension lmao jtus donT say tha n werd!

idjit melange ‏@MintPossum

@F0ckmyl1f3 @Idolomantises A complete lack of lighting knowledge doesn’t constitute “good art”.

MindSeize ‏@MindSeizeGame

@balmut_ Great choice 😅

deadric ciggory ‏@fleamonttpotter

i'm watching the sense8 finale wish me luck lads

ً ‏@dotjuyeon

it does, and the angle too. https://t.co/WvNVm6sNy9

Black-Riff ♕ ‏@LoveMyFFAJacket

@NaomiReneee I’ll give you my thyroid

Ashley Shuttleworth 🏳️‍🌈 {Revision Mode} ‏@PaperAshes

@moniza_hossain I know you said you do this so that you stop picking things apart but reading things out loud is a… https://t.co/8v0UNwvt2r

ES Lifestyle ‏@ESLifeandStyle

Wine tasting with a difference at @WineCarBoot as London’s independent #wine market returns to @CoalDropsYard for t… https://t.co/m8zpxVRkuO

One News Page (United Kingdom) ‏@OneNewsPage_UK

The EU Dismisses UK Demands Of Brits Abroad In A No-deal Brexit: https://t.co/U3tWYjQCfq #TheresaMay

Marlyn L. Gross ‏@marlynlgross1

People tru colors always get revealed. Always.

kαe♛ ‏@mamakaexo

When you see Maleni and Chicklet drinking the same rosé champagne you love, you know you must have good taste 😋😍

LuyandaG ‏@lgobo123

@BabaDumi @DyasiArchbishop @MYANC Countryside was never, I mean never developed for people to find any meaningful w… https://t.co/aF8GnQY51p

Hash× ‏@THEVOID_17

@Hudaifa786 @creativejimsez Take this down now

Edward Bright ‏@DonnaEddie46

@PaulONeill29 Just looks like Wales 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/7CzEydUhdU

Arun ‏@ManUtdSZN

Robson never rests https://t.co/iMDOd0PPsr

Derek Hall ‏@D3r3khall

@washingtonpost Kahn's attacks on Trump are a sign of bigotry. There are plenty of leaders of color who Trump does… https://t.co/Z5tynHzifR

ً ‏@zhuhuua


Flavor Text ‏@Flavor_TextBot

When the banks are panic, class is gloomy

♫ SifiChick ♪ ‏@Sifichick

@ImTheRealJennaJ @ALMagicCityCon Stranger Things could be interesting

# प्रवीण ‏@praveen25in

@rssurjewala @adhirrcinc Only raise and support ???

TRIPPY ‏@trippy1984

Getting bored of playing with bots on apex! Game is strife with cheaters hackers and laggers, so many people can’t… https://t.co/avfqYGj5nX

ㅎㅈ ‏@HYUN_tothe_A

here’s to our ten years and still counting~ https://t.co/2TMpSJiop1

Zakhe Nxumalo ‏@zakhenxumalo89

Trevor Manuel case is a reminder that NOBODY, has a licence to insult and escape our laws!

dinda 『RPM』 ‏@nwiyoung


~S~ ‏@ShobsMAdhi

So Abir n Mishti are supposed to solve everybody's issues before they can get a life?!! #YehRishteyHainPyaarKe #Mishti #Abir

Telegraph-Journal ‏@TJProvincial

T-J journalist earns national award for health reporting https://t.co/yL6ptdt1vb https://t.co/iGS1lUMJkL

GenerationIntact 👶 ‏@GenIntact

@hrmqueenscarlet Very glad to hear; thanks for speaking out. Every person who speaks out helps significantly

ledge ‏@shonka14

@k9_raider Hey Raider please be safe and take care of your handler because after what happened by those scumbags in… https://t.co/WswMoKc7U9

jessicaj ‏@jessicacjus

@Eloisa_Amezcua It's dank af

Gone Away ‏@APierianSpring

@RebeccaErol Enough faces for law enforcement to track down the majority involved.

bactérie ‏@Soso_sulfur

@gumbarius @betcrockerbook Because people want to engage with their favourite characters and sometimes struggle to… https://t.co/32jFwU9bIv

ŠÄRÃHÆŸÖ ‏@sarahazleenn

@akbarazman Aaaaaaa most welcome kebapekaba

Rich van Donkersgoed ‏@juniorpork

@jerodmcdaniel To this day, I'm scared to step on wet sandy soil

Ceri Jones ‏@cezjon

I might have just gotten myself ready for #CraftBeerHour tonight https://t.co/Dy5ZbJBcvJ

leaf hazuki ‏@evergreengirI

@ariadoses Yum, carb up. Hey, it’s not the first kitchen experiment I’ve taste tested... pretty good actually. Pr… https://t.co/FN6BrL43O9

m ✵⁑✧ ‏@EUPH0RlAL0VE

@My_Serendipity7 thank you!! x

shine ‏@shiinyyyyy

legit https://t.co/taWw9FC4hL

Anders. ‏@SianAnderson

Afro B - Joanna is playing in Montego Bay Airport looool this tune has no limits. A whole Jamaica.

Wire Radio, Hit Music ‏@wireradiouk

Now on air : Monsta X - Who Do U Love (Feat. French Montana) @OfficialMonstaX @FrencHMonTanA Follow & Retweet to k… https://t.co/4rtiamLYI6

Haneenj ‏@H_andthecity

Is the World Cup canceled? https://t.co/dJHaWUVSSx

4YourEyezOnly ‏@SammyNas92

@Sonjoe_Kutuh You saw who ehh? https://t.co/j1TWCnW96W

Lyndsey D'Arcangelo ‏@darcangel21

@richarddeitsch Thanks, Richard.

Fat DAT 🐊⛪️⛺️ ‏@TolliD

@KlvyPigeons I couldn’t say really. The nigga that killer my potna got life but I want blood

Dannie🌸 ‏@tru2this__

I hate all white socks. Black socks or color socks me pleaseeee😩

Ninja_Sex_Party.txt ‏@NSPtxt

They are your bitches!

Shannon Boland ‏@MsShanBo

Booking options for the #Honeymoon. Right now, flying direct on AA from ORD to ATHENS! Trying to figure out if we… https://t.co/ozB6vkveI7

Burry Scurry ‏@burryscurry1

@FraserburghFC Not keen on that at all.

일테카 | #이밤 by JIN 🍒 ‏@meotjjin

@JiminxSy Rest In Peace little angel...I’m so sorry for your loss 💔

RVElites PREORDER #TheReVeFestival ‏@rvelites

Wooooow u guys smash it! #RedVelvet_RVF_D_1 #시작된_레드벨벳매직_짐살라빔 #REDVELVET @RVsmtown

Marshall Legacy Inst ‏@MarshallLegacy

Landmines affect not only the men, women and children who are directly affected by them, but also place barriers up… https://t.co/I980Dq4GnY

BitchAssNess ‏@DopePrimate

@LukeOfficialGay 7 brought Festival Plaza LOL

Chronicles of Riddy ‏@HeavyRiddy

Every time I see this photo of Sam Neill in Possession I think it's Dan Stevens. https://t.co/AHBCoOwqu4

Channel Adventure ‏@channelventure

@LearnersFoxes @FoxesAcademy What a great day!

i saw rv!!!! 💙 zimzalaaaabim! 🎪 ‏@reveluvvelvety

@rvelites @RVsmtown TURTLE #RedVelvet_RVF_D_1 #시작된_레드벨벳매직_짐살라빔 #REDVELVET @RVsmtown https://t.co/rD0mwp0ojK

ً ‏@fmnjaehyun

you slept for like two seconds.. https://t.co/AnTghdoklY

Muhammad Kafeel Khan ‏@kafeelkhanTLP

Here Western followers are active in Pakistan,completely want to eliminate religious Teachings We should go ahead i… https://t.co/VNGrxUSLXj

🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🏿🙏🏽🙏 ‏@__btslaps__

@aidjungs also maam kpop "talented" artist don't even write their songs produce trash...... isn't it frustratingl… https://t.co/bzqweLxkJV

Ellis ‏@ell1sj

@BleacherReport @wojespn Mans not about superteams respect to him. Kawhi and 1 other star on the Clippers can make a great team too

laitan! ‏@laitankoko

Drake the earth is dying https://t.co/YLLOVad7T7

alma garcia ‏@almanago

@Jaimecasap , Google, “don’t ask students, What do you want to be when you grow up? Ask, What problem do you want t… https://t.co/i4ICzf1gm0

rrn ‏@rairifqin

what's the fucking benefit of helped and being superhero for the others.. meanwhile when you’re poor no one there’s… https://t.co/U7O2PJwTAk

Sumit Somani ‏@somani555

@narendramodi @PMOIndia - Slogans in parliament? This is a bad start to your new inning.. again I’m your bakht and… https://t.co/LeijJ78BOK

Ted Gideonse ‏@gideunz

I booked you on United Airlines. #sixwordhorrorstory

heather🦋🕸⚡️🧸 ‏@hotfussxhearts

This is what happens when I’m burnt out. This is why people need to listen👏🏻to👏🏻peopl👏🏻with👏🏻mental👏🏻illness👏🏻.

Sai Karthik ‏@saikarthik789

@contrarianEPS What's your view on alcohol companies?

Conway Twitty's Black Step Neighbor's Plug ‏@M_WatsonLeigh

@KaleyW408 Good for you. My point is that what you claim to be indicative of what occurred during 1940s Germany was… https://t.co/ZaFhbAW2n9

Niala Charles ‏@NialaCharles

@SarcasticK9 The struggle too lol

Colonel Texas Outlaw ‏@col_potter94

@epeterd916 Because he isn't an avid Trump supporter. Narrative dead along with his dumbass.

The Village Reporter ‏@Village_Report

Accident Blocking Traxler Driver (Menards' County Road) @ State Route 15 North Of Holiday City - The Village Report… https://t.co/pjkmS9qDuy

John Ric Adolfo ‏@jhnrcadlf

Scarlet is adorable 🥰 @VickiBelo

John Gibbons ‏@djjohngibbons

Shout to @JackRoseReal for including #Hotstepper in his current @spotify playlist! Thanks man! 🔥 https://t.co/btEWa6AxFo

güs ‏@dreamdroplaunch

this is both a shoutout and a callout for my uterus for waiting until the end of vacation to act up but for also be… https://t.co/PZV1rSIGn7

Dean Spencer @ Eitex ‏@EitexUK

Congratulations to Thomas Szczepanski on winning the Microsoft Surface Go give away #WBW19 https://t.co/kvWiz4puCN

MaryamIrfan (Janbaaz) 💕IUH❤️WB💕 ‏@MaryamIrfan666

@Maryam94949 @Fan_Sumii @FeelMyWords_ @faheemabbas @iihtishamm @RapunzelMaryam @SowaibaNazneen @RehanShakir1994… https://t.co/pKFRpmgzzz

T ‏@T_henn52

I just wish Emma would quit tweeting about the bachelor 900x a week

R&B Dope Boy ‏@iampvblo

@legendyungg That’s my shit tho fr. They be goin hard

Devin Salvione ‏@Salvione7

@KClemente21 ... the Oswego Fam will confirm that is correct.

windycitychick🇮🇳🇲🇽 ‏@windycitygal847

@MakeupMom2 Well, I have to find a Dollar General now! Those flavors are calling my name! Plus, these are my niece's favorite. 😍

krizz ‏@eleizamarie_

if u keep telling the same old story, u keep living on the same old sad life —

ᨢᩰડƿɿძ૯ર 🕷 ‏@SEspider

@3_spooked_5_me @meaculpau27 @JoeyNoCollusion Metal straws are just as disposable as plastic ones, "stupid".

R. ‏@MrAwwtistic

@MyHyness Almost near though..

Polarich รับทำโพลารอยด์ ‏@polarich_

nite nite ⭐ 💕 https://t.co/CmqGmKG1vt

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