Tag Left Square Bracket Emoji

Tag Left Square Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁛 U+E005B


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if yur homie ask u for money and the next breath offer to smoke you out thats a dumbass mf

Ryan Callahan ‏@RyanCallahan13

@yrnehhcaz @dpinkz23 if you keep this up, you got it 😂😂😂

DarkKnightAcc ‏@DarkNightAcc

@Glxwz @FaZeCobain Already did when you shared his post 🙂

SpookyMuffin 👻 ‏@poutymuffin

@MsDBZbabe Child* babies cant walk 😏

Stu Zakim ‏@stuzakim

Jersey Strong ⁦@CWCBExpo⁩ in Boston. @LaQuayJuel, ⁦@_NJCIA⁩ ⁦@NJCannaPR⁩ https://t.co/pFxJvlCoCG

I am the Kwisatz Haderach ‏@KimVanMunching

The trees kept voting for the axe https://t.co/O9EgX6EXpQ

3 November 199# 🎂🎈🍕 ‏@MaguraAaron

Just in case you don't know https://t.co/zAxiOUuzpv

Jesse Hamilton ‏@MusicEdMunster8

@BuffFanatics It’s the Browns because the AFC North is WIDE open. The Bills aren’t gonna make it this year but mayb… https://t.co/bBq5gt4bBg

sam ‏@chronic_sam


agustinafigueras ‏@mafigueras

Yes! Best pre-Christmas event in town! https://t.co/ik27EOsgdc

MOB ‏@MartinOBL

@Breaking911 Stand on train tracks watching the sky surrounded by thunderous noise. What can possibly go wrong?

Tianna T. Bartoletta ‏@tibartoletta

I loved our talk! Thank you. https://t.co/z6KRbnsiJs

UF Humanities Center ‏@UF_Humanities

What is a space that makes you feel comfortable in your University/College? How can we make those spaces for others… https://t.co/1eAzEneCdu

#SAC_AFSC427X3 ‏@BLignell

15 years....progressivly corrupt, but in no way progressive. https://t.co/TaebsCsBXx

Aaron ‏@justanotherhan2

@ConserVKat @talmage_lisa @patton6966 @KrispEventPhoto You sound like my wife 😂😂

TheRawDosage⚡️ ‏@Dolcespeaks

@DohDollars @merrpppp thank you ! And definitely got you. Checking it out now

chantal de pierres ‏@karenstones

Saudi ministers are harassing critics on Twitter https://t.co/6BvUdNhfiM

Rendy Reviews ‏@rendy_reviews

"Invigorated by the chemistry between Reilly and Phoenix and pioneered by the grounded direction of Jacques Audiard… https://t.co/I15M943LuV

maira ‏@danseavev

today has been such a beautiful day, i surprised my best friend for her birthday and she was so happy

carine Tanagila ‏@CarineTanagila

Behind every fur trimmed hood and down stuffed coat is a brutal reality of Coyotes trapped and left to suffer in th… https://t.co/2837g5a49U

~∞~ Curry Season 😏 ‏@I1MDB

@XavierWoodsPhD @BABYMETAL_JAPAN She left the group? Man this sucks!

Oscar de la Gente ‏@oscvrb

People legit almost die and still come on here talking crazy. Wild times indeed. https://t.co/kDiHhbcvmJ

Anand Verma ‏@clickanand

JOURNALISM AT ITS BEST #PunjabTrainMishap #TrainAccident #PunjabCM #Amritsar https://t.co/8dchRY9LsU

RissyRoo Loves Tay Too 🇺🇸👸 ‏@ChereeCarissa

I got out and voted in Tennessee today! Feels so good to have a voice, get out and use yours!! Even wore my rep mer… https://t.co/U4gObvOB5Z

David Hwang ‏@DavidHwang82

@MarneyBeck As the campaign manager for @Justvotejoe campaign, I find this picture on the article very distasteful.… https://t.co/bHBCWA2NVc

Tyler Jones ‏@TyRJonesNews

@Squiliammarkham "unsportsmanlike conduct. Hitting the quarterback 9 years after retirement."


@ANDREWNOMCMAHON you should nap, getting proper sleep is more important

Jrobs ‏@JustinRobinson0

Can’t stop thinking of chicken express’s corn nuggets :]

Sam ‏@SamuelHowitt

I still don't know what the reference is https://t.co/vwPAWYNh0x

Anthony D Powell ‏@AyePee2272

@korrupted @cisleysports @jemelehill @briansflood Facts.

DJT❌ ‏@CurlyGurldt

Looks like they've changed their colors from white w/pointy hats to black w/skullcaps but still hiding their true f… https://t.co/k448EESgQG

dante ‏@DJones55_

@only1robb0 I been wait for that mf to 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

The Romanoffs ‏@TheRomanoffs

@ericreeds @ericreeds Nyet. We’re all out. Time to watch #TheRomanoffs on @PrimeVideo.

manda 🔪🍂 👻 ‏@amxndasantino

@EEnricaa You’re going to love it 😂 https://t.co/5zCOxcNpX2

Bri ‏@__BrizZy

HAPPY 23rd BDAY to my friggen best friend 💗 HOPE ur day is everything u could wish for and more and i’m excited for… https://t.co/PvUF0gRb6b

lisa ‏@getblazedoff

@greedyforyuh im as active as possible:) ilu

Catherine Clarke ‏@CaffClarke

@davemacladd @JHowellUK Can I bring this to your attention (you are my MP)? This is a shocking admission, and surely warrants investigation.

Hyperfanbot ‏@hyperfanbot

I have a life outside of you, Critic.

zach🚀 ‏@Pyrrhvc

When gays go from “in a relationship” to “single” they make their middle name into their last name online and that’s my hot tea for the day

Erik Noble ‏@CrossbowROoF

@Falconeio Awesome!

mrizzyy ‏@mrizzyy

@CySevy nigga and u was just pressing me for trynna miss class

Ice Player ‏@IcePlayer10

@soledadobrien The white supremacists crowd is more dangerous than Trump


THAT MY SISTER https://t.co/FDmxQvOvMl

هَاجِر | HaGer ‏@HagerWa7ed

User ? — privacy or Ask me personally https://t.co/3oFzIy8jTe

fi misses jimin ‏@jimintro_


RBLHenryII ‏@HenryiiRbl

@RBLjocelin and where is @RBLBecket . Send him to my chambers, and gather the court. This is important. #henryii

Tuba Dar ‏@tubaz1997

I swear!!🙏😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/IIHPeQ3V74

Ian Gavin Smith ‏@Ian_G_Smith

@BlickyIan Sorry I'm not what you think. I had a moment of anger and frustration. I actually have one of your books… https://t.co/qmieBluRal

jade d e h r i e ‏@dehries

With @gg_auro @SetAzro @mgqt_ https://t.co/2axPlmosl5

Tom Ferry ‏@tomferry

@MatthewCheney Thanks!

A ‏@Asmaalshohumi

You gave me comfort but falling for you was my mistake🎶

Madd Slander ‏@madd_slander

@Jlegend100 Not mad at him, he could've been robbing old ladies

Amy Page ‏@AustleysFashion

This print is simply lovely! 🍁🦔🐻 . . . . . . #kidswillbekids #mumbloggers #mummyblogger #mummybloggersuk… https://t.co/87ySHZbmcI

naebelline ‏@naeebelline

@EvanEdinger okk will be there anyway ☺️

Jones ‏@Audio_Guerrilla

#Superstore BACK OFF, CAROL!

Megan/Sophie2017 ‏@megansophie2017

@richnairn Yay! That's wonderful news (the wristbands, not the sinuses). 😺😺😺

Joe ‏@The_realest84

@tiggr_ @rlDrakesden This was the article. From venture beat months ago. Its on other articles links too. EA promis… https://t.co/hFBvMqm6yO

Y̴o̸R̵H̵a̴ ̸N̷o̷.̴2̶ ̴T̵y̴p̴e̷ ̸E̴ ‏@YoRHa_Unit_2E

@GCFF I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make it better... I am still up to--...

Big Hoss (Jamyson like the whiskey)🏈🏀⚾💪 ‏@nflplaya77

I don't agree with the trade at all man, the dude is a fucking monster and having a great year, and is a beast on goal line, WTF smh

kenn ‏@KennKoke

what’s y’all snap ?? im adding everybody!!

@Eazy_Clips9 ‏@Eazy_Clips9

@YamkelaMatu @Phile_Masilela Can we have a 3some?

iago✌ ‏@iago1504

Tryingtobehappy (fail) https://t.co/QXDvACbCUp

And ‏@a23ryan

@DaddyDaddymac not the same, but i have a friend of 30 yrs who has become a pizzagate type republican. she spends a… https://t.co/zFeRSpTk7n

Ears2You ‏@Ears2YouVlog

@AphyCee There will be several more chapters of the Funstache story to come!!

al💥 ‏@fuxk_al

@lewis95bailey Yeah took long but worth it

Jasmine Lashawn ‏@DarkNLoveelyy

Just look at me! FUN, FREAKY, FLAWLESS, FLAVORFUL! https://t.co/kIyQ1X4xL0

Lady M❤ ‏@LadyM_07

@sugarlouise34f @msevilroyslade I've had that too😕

Ladies of Comics🎃 ‏@ladiesofcomics

@LetsTalkWasp This woman as basically any character but I think she could make an excellent Amora The Enchantress.… https://t.co/FHGtfyhykT

Shurla young ‏@YoungShurla

@geminicollect I give up. The flippers can keep them. I was already logged in? Got on at 3:30 and sold out? Impossible.

MERC SUMMERS ‏@MercSummers

@Dpressdd Idk I think it’s something wrong with my page

Kristen Richardson ‏@butwhyevernot

@Nicole_Cliffe I was walking down Fifth Avenue outside the Frick in the rain when a very good-looking man, who was… https://t.co/QjlGa6az7i

𝒸𝑜𝒿𝑜 ‏@aeinxh

lol how old is he???? https://t.co/id3kMHKWBt

OSU Copyright ‏@OSUCopyright

The 11th circuit says one cannot copyright Georgia law. https://t.co/wqjk3ZTnfw

M V I X ‏@mvxcine

and so I drew you once more before I meet you in my dreams again.

JamesWoodsMartin ‏@Tonymar15755720

@JoaquinCastrotx @jaredkushner Innuendo based on what? The press?😂😂

sarah 224 ‏@dansmorph

dan is so funny i hate and love him

🎃The Dirty Clergy 🎃 ‏@realdirtyclergy

@ABC3340Wendell @sarah3340 Hah good one

Fernando Sánchez ‏@FdoSanchez3

@1053SS Buy a Mega Million tix tonight!

IPuttheHipinHippocampus ‏@InncentBystndr

@CHSommers @nypost "It's OK to not think about the need for physical protection...as long as somebody does." Portland motorist

Danish Hussain ‏@DanishH92039564

@SamraAnsari_ Hi how are you

chloe,, 25 ‏@xchloereagan

one of the numbers that texted me when i tweeted zion my number when his was leaked is texting me again send help

𝓚𝒆𝓵𝓵𝔂 ‏@EvilRegalKelly

@JessicaRegal1 No one can tell anyone how to cope with anything really, because we all cope with things in differen… https://t.co/KHATpFZR3s

AA to the.........RON to the ‏@DoubleAwalk

@BrianWilliams80 @ayiehsot @ThisIsChibs @timadkins1_tim Your tweet good sir https://t.co/pBlnEu2Q8J

Good Books ‏@GoodBooksG

(Lot 10) Q3961A 122A Genuine HP Cyan Toner Color LaserJet 2500L 2550LN 2550 % https://t.co/ePLQriLNfl

chanel ‏@morphgrande

i’m in class https://t.co/TJKntUE2S8

Sean Ferigan ‏@ferigan

Amazon WorkSpaces introduces a new PowerPro bundle for resource intensive workloads https://t.co/Xu3lkSaIUE

The flying Dutchman. ‏@mohamed_zoohair

Hey guys I love Salboy https://t.co/3wLNqsy1X5

Narls Barkley ✨ ‏@Bitemysar_casm

@HaitianBeauties I’m saying I have a little more home spice is all 🇭🇹🇭🇹

Chimaek ‏@awwhalenawl

It's in my next batch https://t.co/iKHLvgXWo5

𝑒𝓂𝓂𝓎♡ ‏@bhoneylwt

289 days on 365 https://t.co/3rdLbqomP2

SpinBros ‏@SpinBros

@tommyturk33 Yea maybe not. He’s a great CDM

Fictional Frontiers ‏@FFrontiers

@kyle_newman @netflix From D&D to this? Talk about diversifying your portfolio...well done!

Kari Lynn Dell ‏@kidell

IMO, those are the people who are going to get locked out of the polls by this law--and it's no coincidence that th… https://t.co/mgNdOl3Vof

Gabe LaSala ‏@AIMGabeLaSala

Awesome https://t.co/FmMSsYaSEr

gwen ‏@baabekyuu

Lethal League BLAZE looks so amazing, I loved the original, if anyone on here is thinking of getting it what platfo… https://t.co/PrfnvUCXyQ

long long kat is a yoshi & gucci enthusiast ‏@kkyunnies

pls respond w heart memes i need more

Kashish Das Shrestha ‏@kashishds

@Sumstha @TDAmeritrade Well, on Oct. 23, they list on NYSE as ACB. So I guess you'd be able to then. There may even… https://t.co/rxEiDfOcl0

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