Tag Left Square Bracket Emoji

Tag Left Square Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁛 U+E005B


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Bae.tips ‏@Bae_Tips_

Get comfy🌨 Find yours here 👉👉👉 https://t.co/mdqWbkjnRo #home #trends #homeware https://t.co/6kd2jYqheC

Ernest Davis ‏@ErnestCDavis

Hi @meetthecrazy! Thanks for the follow! Here's a quick video that we made just to say hello! https://t.co/LRlPqixNMT

ThickIjawGirl ‏@Ayobright12

So my pastor just sent me friend request on fb,nahh it's pending till rapture sir..

Blove Barbon🍃 ‏@heyitsloveeee

Happiest Birthday ate @JemFerrer ❤️🖤

you mean the fucking car? ‏@babysinktony

@kaywee_uwu how am i supposed to sleep knowing my birds were jacking off instead of playing with their toys kaylee

dee ‏@deeokech1

I come back to see the British government in shambles, fly me back to the states pls

norrieblack ‏@norrieblack1

@DavidMundellDCT are you not embarrassed?

Big Drip ‏@Deadheart36

You Bitches Suck At Being Wifey Material These Days.

suicide 𖤐 angel ‏@ghostH0e

i just want to sleep but now my brain is like “woah bro.. think about how lik.... everyone around u ...that u know… https://t.co/HYpAK32d7x

순히 ‏@caitquijano

day mode is so ugly

Alexiss_Babyy ‏@Alexis23826592

Someone order me food 😂

Bent-Neck Butch Qween ‏@ronnieNOTRonald

@Jonniursa Keep it! https://t.co/BxKvS2JACX

Fake News Network ‏@FNNFeed

The chef is authorized to cook a table.

lu ‏@bbaeyoongi

cute baby https://t.co/Rymj8Qrigi

Dave Fensome ‏@davefensome

@sauusages If I've done a poo, it's difficult to escape the fact.

Jack De Wolf ‏@growthewolfpack

Hate finding things like this as Neymar hits £18 on football index. #footballindex https://t.co/R057Lpb8wa

Ray ⛼ ‏@__Raynn__

@noathehuman @TeamsuperRando @gelgelgelai @Guccivause @IISuperwomanII @pewdiepie It's nothing but tantrum at this p… https://t.co/8vAFwsxTOl

Iain Sherry ‏@IainSherry5

@GramSkin 🤣🤣 stand by his principles ...no chance he’s a Tory ....a chancer

O ‏@kentutnarry

Friends come and go. Enemies pile up.

Jeongguk ‏@jeowjk

I know you need my pictures, thank me later @awhynjin https://t.co/TZRFvS1ZCj

민윤기. ‏@mintyoongikr

@bttata21 Why should I?

Mikhail Shumilin ‏@heymikhail

@skyworxx @nimazeighami Haven’t read too much into the science behind it, but VR manufacturers don’t recommend VR for children under 12.

Bill Ellson ‏@BillEllson

@Don_Scott_92 @craigstealsheep @abritinthebay @marcushjohnson @Free_Fries_ @Fidel_ebooks @_waleedshahid NHS GPs, de… https://t.co/5WzaAXKlDq

AZZIDENT ‏@Mistabiyi

All that had was love, nothing else. https://t.co/V7vXIYp065

Z aka #Anchorbae ‏@DzifaJ

@jsnbestmitchell How yuh mean. I mean the quote that look Loy is passionate but not strategic is quite poignant

iBDWRudolph 🦌 ‏@iBDWR

13 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!! #Christmas #ChristmasDay #ChristmasCountdown https://t.co/WQ8GA8s28P

Keisha ‏@__KeishaK

Law & Order getting so good to the point I can’t stop watching it😩 I have to work tomorrow.

seel ‏@jminiaz

LET ME HUG https://t.co/tdp6NKZJS9

🌻 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@cryinginhoseok

#MAMAVOTE #BTS Literally sunshine 💕 https://t.co/1FzKBwFO78

Band on the Wall ‏@bandonthewall

ON SALE: Don Letts Carnival Sound Clubnight hits Band on the Wall on Friday 8th February with reggae heavyweights T… https://t.co/wcXDbbdDCw

Marc Palmarini ‏@Lars1701c

@realJamiAna @DianeRap @avgamerican58 @HeyTammyBruce Yeah so? would you give a gun back to a violent felon? If not… https://t.co/GkXzPWxDw9

sagala Jessica ‏@mae_sagala

I can see a million forever s within us lill see you when the road decides it s time for our paths to cross again… https://t.co/NyFYgdvOlN

Jayne 🍀 ‏@emjhayrrr15

@lyka_lagrimas @MYXphilippines Try this https://t.co/Dnj2iK4Kga

HoleCardBot ‏@holecardbot

You're chip leader and your hole cards are 10h Ac - time to shove it all in maybe?

Nigel Jarrett ‏@jarrettjourno

May's leadership challenge speech this morning was a mixture of arrogance and tired rhetoric. Disgraceful.

jasmine ‏@ccchansoo


캐미☾ ‏@misterygirlarmy

@shinyarmyy @Girl0fMinYoongi ABORTEN MISION

gorillaCAPITALIST ‏@GorillaCapitlst

Fake Pres Obama committed treason https://t.co/X8m3Dn6LI7 #WOKE @CNN @foxnews @realDonaldTrump @reddit @politico

kendra_evans ‏@naked_ravens

@andyparmo So, when does the Queen get involved?

Numero1 ‏@Numero190906537

@patcondell Put that way, scares me. She better get the kick. Not for my interests but for democracy.

emily ‏@jihyoonie

@JYPETWICE i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you

Alistair ‏@alistair_a

@JonBetts923 they had the vote, right? https://t.co/aR8hHmFxl4

🅻🅰🅽 | [нιαтυѕ] 💀 ‏@purpleangel_17

@seaestlavie @CherryCalicoCat @BTS_twt OMG but that's three days from now!! Prioritiessss 😭 I might not make it.. how bout you beb?!

Hamza ‏@hamz_mad

#Aligarh #YogiAdityanath #PMModi #SwachhBharat 365 days a year authorities turn a blind eye. Please saaf karwaien. https://t.co/21PYkbN6FC

jess ‏@themonsterplaza

joon’s hair probably isn’t purple. you know it looks different depending on the light

Teens Making Friends ‏@YourTeenFriends

FOR GIRLS ONLY ▸https://t.co/86lskHNZNF | #boyfriend #marriage #engaged #advice #family #living #woman #life #education #success and #friend

ElizaB ‏@FigandPen

@OorDayHasCome @KevinTREvans Some people don't understand the impact Brexit will have.

🌼Daisy_Curls🌼 ‏@Denny_CurlyGirl

So proud of you Gurl💃🏽💃🏽👸🏼💖 You freaking made it 💪🏽 Congratulations 😘🤗🌻 https://t.co/Mptn8HC07C

시소 ‏@mintsugapd

the cutest https://t.co/Gjq6UJxEJq

PG Liverpool ‏@PG_Liverpool

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas https://t.co/rsiqgdSyYp via @YouTube Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra

anj ‏@ynvmins


ChopTops77 ‏@ChopTops77

@mattwasfunny Never is a promise - Fiona Apple Laugh - It's not about love - Fiona (Make sure to watch the video)

anthony powys ‏@tonypowys1

@michaelgove if you're backing her that means, when she leaves, you can't enter the leadership contest. good luck boris.

BitMasterEthan ‏@HeckinEthan

@ItsPluss U should make a team :) (hint hint)

Todd Fannin ‏@tfannin7764

@LindaWSB @wsbtv Felt in Suwanee about 4:15 - having lived in CA, knew what it was right away.

YENA6969 ‏@YeNaa6969

I'll rant forever becauae mnet blocked livestream for MAMA 2018 tsk

Philosopher Kin ‏@rogerahicks

@DianaHenryFood @WanderingGaia By the time the consequences of global warming really kick-in, I'll be dead & gone,… https://t.co/KsBt428f4c

SHAKTIAN | Laiba | ‏@laibaazad_

@R_ShaktiLover @nidhivasudeo I have no idea what is your nazariya rn?😂

s i n d i ‏@CNDRYLK94

voices really triggers me but i really love that song so fucking much

Miss Marie ‏@THEMissMarie

@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/x6JvxZ6DRH I'm not buying this guys viewpoint about the Trump meeting at all and sa… https://t.co/61vNE7Sdwx

Mod Dio ‏@JagexDio

Called the GP today and left a message. Had to leave my name and number so they can call me back. Easy enough right… https://t.co/GJGD5jy2aY

Cor ‏@alletijden

https://t.co/f9G8Q1rZzJ Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses

Sad Guy ‏@mad_sad_guy

My Wife, thinks I'm sleaze ball because I like Fortnite more than Pubg.

Shuayb Mohamed ‏@shuayb_mohamed

@LFC Jordan Henderson is not allowed to argue with Virgil Van Dijk. Shut up, Jordan. Oh do shut up.

Tehelkaindia ‏@tehelkaind

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/hA27xD6ayW देखिये "GROUND ZERO" की खास पेशकश

Shannon🍉 ‏@ShannonJennings

Can’t believe it’s Christmas in 13 days this year has gone sooooo quick 😱

Hιℓℓу ‏@TNHills13

@nitrodanielle Wow, I'll check around when it gets daylight.

Rejoicing Heart ‏@Rejoicing_Heart

1 John 4:16 (#KJV) And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth i… https://t.co/AmLlpXn8Kd

あんり ‏@ichigyoza

@paIettejhs idk where to order it anymore orz HAHAHSHSHDH

Whetoski ‏@Whetoski1

December 12th no credit Alert yet 😤😓😓😓

Mattia Quattrocelli ‏@mattiaquattro

Eye in eye by Edvard Munch found via @dailyartapp #art https://t.co/kicoXpSB6Y https://t.co/y1Jr2KPcNb

Radio WHAT ‏@RadioWHATTwit

#NowPlaying Don McLean - American Pie https://t.co/oBBaLwbvsM #ListenLive

Sharman Court ‏@SharmanCourt

The Christmas spirits are in @theforumsheffield and you can get 20% discount anytime with one of their pledge cards… https://t.co/chy72LG7n0

PatriotLeader Rommel ‏@rrommel9999

@NancyPelosi @realDonaldTrump Stop voter fraud in California elections! Please Retweet!

Helen Usik ‏@GlazastikFinch

"Oh, I'm a little drunk now - that's why I went to war. And, oh yeah, you are my sober, when I'm on the floor". ZAYN - There You Are.

Sun-Earther Russ ‏@Russell_Andrews

Well ‘Mandy’ was a freaking trip. More of this sort of thing, please.

Matt Button ‏@BRMatt

@postmenon *subscribes*

Michael Fifield 🇬🇧🤝🇪🇺 #FBPE ‏@michael_fifield

@BBCNewsnight @johnredwood Why do you have him on? He represents a tiny cabal of extreme Brexiters. Or if you must… https://t.co/dK8MPl0RYk

baytranada ‏@oxyMonroe

That's how you know,, that the cost of tuition does NOT breed intelligence!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 https://t.co/5Gn7BvGT1r

Alex Dickinson ‏@AlexJDickinson

Gini uses his body better than a lady of the night

Mado 🔥🔥 ‏@biggame237

Chaiii #Mado, song go sweet so ? 😋😋😋🔥🔥🔥🔥 Big Game - Mado (Official Audio) https://t.co/AfOZzzuinX via @YouTube

Ahmed ‏@_AWagih_

When Lucas Moura scored last night https://t.co/tYXBxM7sTe

Chadwick Aaron Boseman ‏@HaaruunBoseman

@aytekintank My pleasure. Thank you for your work.

𝗡𝗮𝗼 ‏@softsp_ken

@BakingLogica ⠀⠀This . . Wasn't a normal happening for her, so she seemed at a loss. Either way, she gave the other… https://t.co/wzHV8cd94m

Saif-Al-Sham ‏@SyrianMIG21

@WestAsianQueen What's up with this guy?

Nenad Miljkovic ‏@iamnenad

Crucial match for the group win tonight for FC Bayern München. Listen to what gets Serge in the zone before kick of… https://t.co/S8f7KYwg4f

DenbighshireCC ‏@DenbighshireCC

Emergency Road Closure - A55 to J27 Westbound offslip is now closed due to a road traffic collision

nars is dying ‏@ykhmathighs

@pluvia306 oOF it’s fine ahuehue i guess i can make a camus with the given palette (i jUST HOPE I DO HIM JUSTICE)

Black Tourmaline ‏@thesalteater

This wig is soooo pretty omggg. Tokyo is IT. https://t.co/bSYslf9gzv

... ‏@mashedtweets

@LibDems And you lot can not even spell check your own tweet *Our not out 🙄

`` ‏@jhs__daydream

he is /confident/ confident https://t.co/g55SvSHERY

The REAL M_tt ‏@M_ttEbook

Your daily reminder that John Cena is challenging for the US belt on Memorial Day then you are automatically drafted into the skeleton war~

datinzza🦄🌈💖 ‏@siriusqistina_

@syfqahlokman i mean selain tvvvvv

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