Tag Less-Than Sign Emoji

Tag Less-Than Sign was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀼 U+E003C


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Pamela ‏@Pamie_gee

@TAKEALOT Don't know how long you need to look into something you said it would take a day or two.

👻 ‏@aeydachero

I saw the light in front of my eyes like????????????????????then bang my tv died

topo chica ‏@mangosIice

@jungkookks i love a good stray kid

Peter Krelle ‏@landandnewhomes

What were the main factors driving the lettings market in 2018? https://t.co/Wh6EkDzylt https://t.co/ob9Z7hyDUz

Pandaily ‏@thepandaily

Check out Elon Musk's most shocking quotes! 🤣 https://t.co/aEknSi4eLh

Tommo ‏@TomBartlett01

@MaybeAbdul We're alot younger then you don't forget 😂🤣

☜MrsJeremyCorbyn♞ ‏@Tua_92

Honestly, God is REAL https://t.co/JOOXTieHEb

I Really Love Memes ‏@eddiearcher_bot

when I make meatballs I put my meatballs in them

A ‏@_b211407

mashiho's handwriting is beautiful https://t.co/cS1U7y3bKA

Amy Mills ‏@amymilllsx

@rebeccahague_ @Danilomaxox we need this kind of transformation for Ibiza 😂🤕

maryam. ‏@maashionya


enav #Izone #Kard #mamamoo ‏@enavanana

SPACE what is that??? hyewon and yujin in every group Photo hahaha https://t.co/sfqCUVs6Lw

𝑴𝒊𝒏 𝑨𝒏𝒂🍷 ‏@chiklatina1990

*BTS shows up on camera* Crowd goes wild! #MAMAVOTE #BTS⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ @BTS_twt

may abouzeid ‏@mayoussa2

Secret Santa ❤️❤️❤️love you Marwa Hamdy you are so sweet habibty

ニコール ‏@xxkimnicole


Cherry Jagmin(Mark Tuan's Wife) ‏@tserituan

@GOT7Official #MAMAVOTE #GOT7 On My Way

Jagannath Ajnabi ‏@JagannathAjnabi

This is gold! Only Modiji can prevent India from becoming a Pakistan. 😁 @Notepaid https://t.co/oWgsIjtwVP

jordan james 💡 ‏@jordanjamesbye

Why are boys in north face so sxc

December 11th 🥳♐️ ‏@_pokerrFace

Like I might as well be a piece of meat in the middle of a sandwich 🙄

GOT_Rainanana ‏@GOT_Rainanana

I send my miss to the scattering stars GOT7 #MAMAVOTE #GOT7 and wish you a sweet dream!

I'm A Little Sperm ‏@kokilam2000

@REALLYREVIOLIE #MAMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt I feel bad for you https://t.co/ZatihNBpDl

Curtis ‏@stevenacurtis

Via @NYTimes📌 United Nations Dispatch: Runners Extend U.N.’s Reach, One Sweaty Huff After Another https://t.co/O0f3SMGBEi

#SilverQuotes ‏@Silver__Quotes

"Very well." —Silver the Hedgehog #SilverQuotes

Ollie Connor ‏@ollieconnor1

Been watching all of @simonjwils videos for the past week now I’m up to date and have to wait for new ones. The guy… https://t.co/MeW30uw5yZ

IT Jobs Arizona ‏@ITJobs_Az

IT Software Engineer Senior: Job Description IT Software Engineer Senior Job Number****** FacilityBH Corporate Offi… https://t.co/82O8kUT0N3

Marco Ferrer ‏@FerrerMafehn

Do you agree? Child advice chatbots fail to spot sexual abuse #BreakingNews #bbcnews https://t.co/E2s6atFpPE https://t.co/fpv9bx5FyZ

Gladys Sanders ‏@K9wdQmrTLgdfMHY

pics amateur spanking vids filipina slender teen xxx olivia porn crazt sex free hot live sex university https://t.co/8gP5fROwGC

🌸💣 ‏@cloudsfairies

maybe if u made sungwoon sing solo

a big crow ‏@mountain_ghosts

probably not, this government literally preventing me from living a healthy lifestyle, smh

Butler Toll ‏@butlertoll_uk

Thinking of setting up a #trust & need some understanding of how best to approach your plan? Talk to us about best… https://t.co/HXmMiXjNUk

New Climate Economy ‏@NewClimateEcon

Today – Join NCE and @OECD at a #COP24 event as we discuss why #ClimateAction and economic growth go hand-in-hand.… https://t.co/1SSDmCYpAb

CatEye ‏@CatEye0611

@therealrthorat @dkegel @carlsmythe @doritmi @kevinault @Rosewind2007 @markmcdougall13 @gorman_garry… https://t.co/7Vjo5gtRwG

glaiza ‏@glaizsm

I hope everything is fine

NetworkOfNews Kenya ‏@NofNews_Kenya

Two missing after floodwaters sweep away car in Samburu East Rescuers are searching for two people who went missi… https://t.co/gTMb8W4N14

Fabriano Boutique UK ‏@FabBoutiqueUK

3D #Christmas Cards Truly original greetings for your festive season: three-dimensional cards.… https://t.co/sje2eTWC5p

Alex IN2U AND IF / ISAAC DAY ‏@AlexxIggy

@xxmaddox_ WE LOVE YA BACK EVEN MORE 😭💕💕

IT Jobs Fort Worth ‏@ITFortWorth

Manufacturing Automation Engineer – Fort Worth, TX: Back to search results Search by Keyword or Job ID More Search… https://t.co/Q1aNRZJLcC

autocowrecks ‏@autocowrecks

A Scheme Uncovered https://t.co/iNxs7NESug

BookJubilee.Com ‏@BookJubilee

Mark Fisher’s “K-Punk” and the Futures That Have Never Arrived https://t.co/YFTJ3SGgpN https://t.co/s02m5ToP6h

Black Ace❤️🌈 ‏@zipho_lindi

Been waiting for this word document to open for an hour now 😩. Hp laptop ain’t shit 😭😭.

ar.sya [ Rest ] ‏@lil_meow94

so cute #MAMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt https://t.co/hCQVvDw5X9

Dr.Tarannum Islam ‏@DrCmoshislam

@whitespeaking Just to kp everyone mum one yr ban kiya....after one yr everyone ll forget it nd then he ll again mk Dumb shakal

Rouss ‏@roselenaa3

French police sought to arrest suspect ahead of Strasbourg Christmas market attack https://t.co/1TFuH0x7Bl https://t.co/z4nHbbxIhT


As much as you enjoy a lively debate, sometimes you resist ano... More for Gemini https://t.co/dHIjyPny7a

jwyyyyy. ‏@jwyyy2

I love your new song ”hard carry” GOT7 #MAMAVOTE #GOT7 really nice!

Jack ‏@JacquieNought

@tortuga_rebel @DawkinsLevi @Rory_tech *watching the two* Gimme a run up and I could maybe bust through it.

Akanbi omoiyaolobi ‏@akomoiyaolobi

@YemieFASH Do we have NANS? NO.

Nick Tesla ‏@electrocoilz

@HelenRosenthal Yet people make this about her race. NYers go there every time. As if this same story isn't playing… https://t.co/MCxOhMHBTT

Jason Rennie ‏@thesciphishow

Playlist: Death Cult https://t.co/tocRPXUyBZ https://t.co/NthmIBRv44

büb ‏@blathalainn

@ayuuh_ hay, from a very respected and prestigious school😍

حمد الشريعان ‏@HamadAlShriaan

Every one of my books had killed me a little more. - Norman Mailer

North Devon Firefly ‏@NorthDevonFiref

TICKETS There is good news for all regarding ticket prices. Stallholder fees are held at the same level they have b… https://t.co/pLEW7FIfW8

zak 🔥 ‏@poeticDNA_

@KylieHxe @realdreamdoll You don’t stan Nicki anymore? ✈️ unfollow 😭

Wild flower ‏@summerof0993

@btsvotingteam @BTS_twt MY KINGS #MAMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt

kei ‏@tfkeii

*cries in pain*

Fraser Stewart ‏@FraserStewart7

@NicolaSturgeon Who are all of these balloons commenting? You don't live in Scotland, so what we do up here is none… https://t.co/0S6FvhWlC8

Ryan Thwaites ‏@InThwaiteImmune

Just signed up to @BSI_Inflam @EdinUni_MeetCIR meeting https://t.co/BGBct8g7G9 great speakers and who doesn't love Edinburgh in Spring?

South African News ‏@SANewsRoundup

Top 10 smartphone cameras of 2018 - MyBroadband https://t.co/3pAZiCbaIX

minari~ 미사모 ‏@twicepengui

congrats babies, chaeng is so cute with that speech hihi ❤️ #TWICE #MAMAVOTE

Trauma Queen ‏@mz_mimi1114

@marcusleshock My cousin texted me that she felt it in Atlanta

clarisse 🍁🍃 ARMY™ ‏@hiHOBIhi

This added years to my lifespan #MAMAVOTE #BTS⁠ (@BTS_twt) https://t.co/1OKAXfNlQD

Richard Earl ‏@RichardGEarl

Gifts of kindness help parents of sick kids https://t.co/ukdleOeTdL

DoorDash Help ‏@DoorDash_Help

@100daysofJ We understand your disappointment about what happened and we're sorry for that. Can we get your email… https://t.co/xownnq1Wfr

Elijah ‏@xbluearrow

Gah, mogao bih ponovo u Delhi. I miss being able to wear this. https://t.co/0ny9VGFgNk

Radhika Tiwari ‏@Radhika_Tiwari9

With #ICICIBank ‘Advantage Woman Aura Savings Account’ you can do free unlimited transactions on the said bank as w… https://t.co/vKHrSmyzK9

HTA News ‏@HTAnews

Each month the HTA’s ‘Gardening Is Good For You’ campaign will explore many of the benefits of gardens and… https://t.co/ILpC4FAnEH

Jobs in Phoenix ‏@phoenix_HR

IT Software Engineer Senior: Job Description IT Software Engineer Senior Job Number****** FacilityBH Corporate Offi… https://t.co/0csX1o4oGA

The Google Car ‏@thegooglecar

Technology: Brexit: More than £100K spent on Facebook and other ads for May's deal https://t.co/dllPX8fBZX

NE_sweN_odoyK ‏@Kyodo_News_EN

North, South Korea verify removal of 22 guard posts along border https://t.co/YAjUaOmwjd https://t.co/BwPnkhXRwf

HomeRunDirect ‏@HomeRunDirect

Anthony Rizzo Cubs Signed Blue Replica Jersey - Fanatics https://t.co/JjZgnxD2tg Check it out here: #sportsmemorabilia #autograph #jersey

Harmeet Sooden ‏@HarmeetSooden

Upgrade Would Arm Japan With First Aircraft Carriers Since World War II https://t.co/4SM5iFq4yJ

Totally Looks Like ‏@LooksLike

Forever Alone Guy's Face Totally Looks Like Stan Smith's Face https://t.co/biufZdrwib

Wolves Ian ‏@Wolves_Ian

@StefanMCampbell @wolvesbradders Yeah, whichever way you look at it, there is a massive impasse. Somebody somewhere… https://t.co/bbqUHDXqIh

Kekistani Maiden ‏@GenikChechnya

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Izoaxd0txy CLOSED VS OPEN BORDERS

Collin Wolthuizen ‏@CDub_32

Tbh I don't give haley enough credit for putting up with my ass 😂 I appreciate her so much. 🤗

KristinC ‏@truthhurtzeah

@realDonaldTrump You had a temper tanturm like the baby you are!! I have never seen a president act like that.

Redbridge Council ‏@RedbridgeLive

@Threadtangle Good morning, please contact [email protected] explaining the situation a… https://t.co/ik3LVLEGtm

Duke of Slayfontein 🔥 ‏@LordAzania

@NhlexMajola_ 😂😂🤣 you lie 😂😂

hard boiled meggo ‏@Megan_HB

@MelieGoldsmith Me with my phone immediately after https://t.co/WZpdNsasVu

yadi is in the endgame ‏@galaxysgroot

I’m not done studying but I’m gonna study before my test tomorrow we going ✈️ sleep see y’all in two hours xoxo

Olivia Jacobs ‏@OliviaTheTall

#badcusomerservice Terrible service from obag Europe. Bag ordered in Oct, never delivered to me, returned to Italy,… https://t.co/vy9RsJCPcB

Tomeeka Elliott ‏@MsMeeka3

The passionate manner in which you communicate can be a lot fo... More for Scorpio https://t.co/1EJWWhiaq5

Eye of the I Hate Christmas Tiger ‏@3y30fth3t1g3r

@Illse12 Or did you not read the article... https://t.co/B5lp6FbHsO



Peter ‏@Peter85689877

@heidiallen75 Because the one you have is destroying the Tory party and the Country. Seems like a good enough reason to me....

sayy ‏@sayyongdy

penshoppe- bench- oxygen- watsons- dd- mcdo nd rem's please 😴

valen 발엔🌸 ‏@bangtan_hope07

Dark and wild #MAMAVOTE #BTS⁠ ⁠ @BTS_twt

kat misses jjong & bts ‏@blaq_katt

but also like majority of this canvas is gonna be painted white so 🤷🏻‍♀️

Gary A. Morales ‏@MoralesGary

The reality TV president just got beat at his own game @CNNPolitics https://t.co/ZjpTPjh4XG

★garry baylon★ ‏@chunky66

@gra_produce yes pleeeeeaaaasssse! 🍎📲🍏😊😁😁👍👏👏👏👏 #WIN #Competition #Grá 🍏🍏🍏😊

wwwhen ‏@wwwhen_

Today I have made up my mind to say GOT7 #MAMAVOTE #GOT7 I will always support you!

shivansi sharma ‏@shivansisharma1

Student Database We provide Students Mobile Number, Email id, and Other Contact information,You Can Download For Su… https://t.co/fNSXLUeam9

Robyn Richards ‏@Chicagorobyn65

@ohmsv1 @cspan @realDonaldTrump A common sense idea. Which most of our “leaders” (sarcasm) are sorely lacking.

aleya♡ ‏@xaleeeyax

@baxster28 I speak from experiences

Citroen Durban ‏@CitroenDurban

The new Peugeot 308 is better than ever with an updated design, superior technology, and ultra-efficient engines.… https://t.co/fnv6cioJ5H

Denise Matthews ‏@DneeceM

Making the Right Financial Choices in College https://t.co/erQ5XW5DwZ https://t.co/DIKgBrzW8f

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