Tag Less-Than Sign Emoji

Tag Less-Than Sign was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀼 U+E003C


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Travelaviator ‏@Travelaviator

#ChildrensPartyEntertainment #KidsParty #Caricatures in #NorthMiamiBeach #OletaRiverStatePark by… https://t.co/Dx2xknrQur

Elite_33🥃🥃 ‏@Elite_Empire33

When your dog gets more attention than you... ~real talk..

Advocate Tuwe ‏@BatanaiTuwe

Munoti nyaya dzangu dzobhowa and nhorondo dzacho dzarebesa...ma firimu ndowanza. In my personal capacity I was just… https://t.co/ozR7rPHG8O

nick ‏@demonetizedblog

@levbrans Yes I enjoyed following the whole discussion & came away with some different perspective. I hope Ben writ… https://t.co/Uowmw9Pyrm

SeyWerd 🇺🇸🇮🇪 ⭐⭐⭐ ‏@seywerd137

@IncarnatedET Duuuuuuuuuude.... 🤯

ETHER ‏@Ether_Detroit

@drawandstrike What's the Over/Under ???

Abdullahi Adeniji A ‏@akingGraphics

Want to brand or rebrand a Logo for you existing or startup business? You've hit the right botton. We give: • 10… https://t.co/87dCodvrXv

〽️ariFlex ‏@kamariyrt

I locked my mom best friend door and closed it so we had to climb through the second story window https://t.co/kP2zc8ii7b

Nicole Barelli ‏@NicBarelli

@DanielleBisutti @mattsophos @RichardGaubert @corybarlog @WGAWest @THR @SonySantaMonica Good luck!! Winning or not,… https://t.co/XPezYUmZoZ

mavensophie ‏@mavensophie

Integrity, integration, creating or embracing? – Sophie Benshitta Maven – Medium https://t.co/L2OBF03Hj3

KEDA 💕 ‏@ListaKeda23

@Nemo_Blues I did not! A-ha.

VON. ‏@howshitchanges

@Smollouis3 exactly.

DoughboyDahly ‏@DahlyLlamma

@BIGxGx UFC be that piff

~Ellie ‏@Elika22364279

@BTS_twt That dimples! 😍my gosh Jungkookie you're so pretty! 💜😭

ERASERMIC 🤲🏽 ‏@kaiizashi

@RRONANLLYNCH literally insee no problem

𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔂 𝓕𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓽𝔂 𝓡𝓸𝔂𝓪𝓵 𝓜𝓲𝓵𝓴 𝓑𝓮𝓪 ♡ ‏@thenpewish420

@bobtelefono ok but you're calling him fat. you know he starved himself, right?

ryan 🚩🚇 (Egg Man) ‏@Animal_Mothah

I wonder how many stickers these weirdos got in their order. Let me tell you something, it is not cheap to order 50… https://t.co/9PfRRT5WuJ

UNAI2K19 ‏@MK_1997som

@ridethespiral @CarlBovis_AFC Why are you going to ignore the tweet i shown his key box progressions inside the fin… https://t.co/RPJzgfctQx

minae ‏@kharmaenaamante

Back to being l8 and panget nanaman

inès met ryan & froy ‏@Niines_Bnl

@Louis_Tomlinson I love you so much

chloe💕chloeissad😔💔x tomorrow😘 ‏@adoringtappers

@JustTheBraveOFF you guys were amazing so upset I didn’t meet yous though xx

ًwant the mark cheat code? ‏@hihighyuck

watching cheetah girls...they walked so kpop groups could run

Nicholas ‏@Misterpiggykin

@donogaming @SansarOfficial I notice when you played minecraft with us one time in vr.

Sharon Norton ‏@SharonN64794403


oh ‏@Redvedev

@Dragonfireny no it’s definitely worse if you say it’s mayonnaise

NaomiH_nothing ‏@NaomiH_nothing

@NA_Dellsey @liftupkids777 @notobiwankenobi Change on its way? Unaccompanied by a responsible, modeling adult? Guid… https://t.co/UuAkxn5QId

hobi's day. ‏@taraxri

@saylorskapoor I hope you are smart enough to figure it out yourself

amanda2.0 ‏@amdixo_

I’m so fucking cute

5백원 ‏@cheogi

Yay! Tomoya participated in <Wasted Nights> - missed him in the studio jam session 😊

connor lewis ‏@connorlewis_13

@Txl___ @lukeman0902 @hanzoot420 I dont know why would would you boot anyone

Thomas·王 🍁 ‏@iChinadian

Hong Kong port slips from global top five for first time https://t.co/VSkSL1kWeC via @hongkongfp #HK #HongKong

Galen ‏@LowlyJoker

Fuck I love into the spiderverse so much

RevUp Nutrition ‏@RevUpNutrition

@TJ_Pittinger @MicahLee1024 @BHath4 @TaReefKnockOut @VPX_Sports DM us! Time to get the squad on a new preworkout....

💋SHER-BAE' SWER-VE' ‏@FaithLuvProsper

@bethanidxo Lol what season you on?

kwaku boateng ‏@kwakub83

@Aboss47 @billionaire_key I luv ur inspiration words, keep it up

The Latest With Maya ‏@msingerpop

I CAN'T WAIT FOR #PsychTheMovie2!!!!!!!!🙂💕🍍🍍🍍🍍#PsychTheMovie is one of my FAVORITE movies, and I can't wait for tha… https://t.co/uOfXUU2Edn

SRC EC YT ‏@Sethelijahyt1

@FatherSwarbz he has said on live streams that you don't rate him and actually want to fight fnr https://t.co/JniPqiWAlB

mocha ‏@dolokhovian

predictive text says my name is Isabelle i was born on January my age is the best time i like to be a good fit men HMM

Trumps warrior girl ‏@Kellie2727Paula

@mauidiver1 @BigErnie2020 @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @darylnelson01 @alexiaameriica @fedupwithDims @M4G4G1RL… https://t.co/9h7kymQpvO

Julia Diamond ‏@JuliaDiamonds3

I'm in this world to take care of my family, be kind to my friends and neighbors, and protect my country. If you h… https://t.co/JRJaJgno7v

🗣Yo Ali! ‏@BigBeard_Ali

Mfs wait til u get a girl to start acting right. Uhhhh no bitch exit stage left

Swissgirldrivesatruck ‏@apha4me

UTurn. “Forget this heckin nonsense, I’ll pee in the house.” https://t.co/dqpYumTMO8

Lynne ‏@PieceLuvNTaylor

@PLLTVSeries @SashaaPieterse Happy Birthday @SashaaPieterse !! ❤

jeff ☼ ‏@retrojeff3

obviously what he said is bad and shouldn’t be excused but people act like this wasn’t years ago and that he hasn’t… https://t.co/NZs1byVfwH

⚡️ mf angel⚡️ ‏@AguinagaRoxy

Omg i need cute outfits 😩


The Art of ROMANHO, #DallasArt #dallas #Bishopartdistrict https://t.co/II5uOOltYd

To SPNFamily with Love ‏@SPNLoveBot

Guys, life is brutal-FOR EVERYONE-every one of us is fighting something that the next person cannot fully understan… https://t.co/Z3Wtu3TWpd

Mark Carruthers ‏@MarkC_Avgi

@Irish_IreneB Hope you & your daughter have a great day togethter!!👍👍

Adam C Hernandez ‏@adamchernandez

As a matter of fact, ya boy was going to do an epsom salt bath after a run today, come to find out we do not have e… https://t.co/A8xyEgfMW0

zebi ‏@1mouradian

golden hour https://t.co/vBQrJAoKCy

playboi carson. ‏@CarsonZolanski


Subhi Sallam ‏@SubhiSallam

If this icon is not yet on your mobile, you’re missing something good.. get it now thru this link… https://t.co/ABOF2wZ0xL

nathan ‏@YeezusToYandhi

@JustinWobzo Ironic

marah ◟̽◞̽ (use code marah) ‏@Mxrah

@ClampnFN what do you mean and mnk?

JD ‏@jodied_14

As a worker at subway, if you think we judge your orders. You are 100% correct. Who tf gets tuna with hot chilli, b… https://t.co/RVC7XKblOA

Vana✨ ‏@vanaaaa19

Niggas talk but I don’t be hearing em

perc angle 🥇 ‏@yndfuego

straight embarrassing yourself at this point. fuck yea imma post this shit, I DONT KNOW YOU 😂😂😂 and you think i’m s… https://t.co/Ei5pdmWVfD

Feb25th🎉💕 ‏@cocaine_taeee

Team Pisces ♓️🤪 https://t.co/znmBd6vkOD

姚弛's dusia [D7] ‏@kinnovision

6. i just checked my chinese zodiac and im a SNAKE wbk 🐍

L U I S ‏@laurenjauraki

Well- https://t.co/rus3VK7hJ4

♡S♡ ‏@smilingdodie

@hopingitmight same wow

Skyler ‏@Skyler_Jones155

@Shauncore I think there's a strong case for Dwight at 1 though I'd put him at 2. Carries the show after Michael le… https://t.co/KBsGq5FUB3

Will O'Donoghue ‏@Will_ODonoghue

Happy 56th Birthday to the G.O.A.T., former UNC Tarheel and Chicago Bull, and current owner of the Charlotte Hornet… https://t.co/lmiH0jZiH0

March12th✨♓️🇵🇦 ‏@RawrDawneRawr_

My wash and go turned out so well today but no one got to see it

ً 𝒔𝒚𝒔𝒊𝒂 ‏@97__hyo

@TaengooVocals whistle

Jake Biggs ‏@JakeBiggs9

@RealEstateGuy44 @Lillianlm2 @seanhannity Check her post on or about the Benghazi attack’s! Seems a little weird bu… https://t.co/TxaH5RK9YN

safia ‏@DICAPRlO

@WkXooo you know i love you bruh😔😔

𝐞𝐦𝐦𝐚 ◟̽◞̽ loves louis more than life ‏@promisehappily

What an incredibly loyal fanbase I have. Thank you so much! What an incredibly loyal fanbase I have. Thank you so… https://t.co/Ofnib6UBWi

Stacey Travels ‏@Travel2Magic

Follow us on #Facebook @: https://t.co/Hr4OsYpPRQ

Ryn Chibi ‏@Chibiisryn

I Love Ryn ahhh

mars | comms open! ‏@spacey_mars

@CreateK0301 aww!! thank you so much :,>c

🍢 Marius Josipovic 🍢 ‏@kkellemen

@eastcoastnolee @seminole4life22 Clearly he’s a sports savant!! 😂😂😂

hunter. ‏@mhswv20

All these lame verified nobodies using Kacey to somehow come for Taylor. She'd have to learn to make a decent melody first. 💀

noni; seok n hans day ♡ ‏@noniechwe

↳ "when i'm with you it's paradise, no place on earth could be so nice" . . . feliz cumpleaños, mi adorado dolph… https://t.co/GeRCI1lMMm

john🐯🔪 ‏@icecreamcobra

@autogynefemme it's all about the moves, you have to forget all of your preconceptions about these Intellectual Pro… https://t.co/VkHJdslYvr

Dellie Wright ‏@delsterone

Cancel culture is garbage

Ànťon Ļouboūtin™ ‏@_PeepThisTweet_

@SirDom95 Barber Only Cutting The Sides Of My Head And Said 30 🧐🤦🏾‍♂️

Adam Daniel ‏@wesleyd777

@jax_persists How many calories were in his beer?

nostalgia, ultra ‏@_alligatorman

"well maybe you've just been on the wrong side of town" Or maybe this town has nothing to offer non students and I… https://t.co/u7ILBsugaQ

David A. Riley ‏@DavidARiley1

Anyone I know going to this convention? https://t.co/vR9Wq41s1s https://t.co/vR9Wq41s1s

ً ‏@fadedjeon


Cyril ‏@bones_780

@SI_Golf @SInow Golf shot.

nance ‏@DeadmanPunk

I think the only cd they had for entrance music was a best of early 2000s rock

wanyá ‏@WanyaSoBoojie

Wtfffffff someone look into this. https://t.co/Pb41uXCWiF

Martha-M-M Ferreira 55-11-22 ‏@So_Bloody_What

@SeremeMpuse @siphelele_p @shoba82 "...from 1836, any male resident who lived in property with a yearly rent of not… https://t.co/44m6kon2BO

Duncan Christie ‏@Christiedmc1

@realDonaldTrump Well I found it very funny!!

Vivin ‏@Vivin72959615

#HAPPYJHOPEDAY Happy Birtday My Hope, Wish you all the best 💜💜💜🎉🎉🎉 https://t.co/RRqwLwEXpi

Shakela ‏@shake0519

@BreitbartNews Shouldn't he be in the lock up by now. .

Pinky Promises ‏@PiinkyPromises

Too many people go through life waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen :)

Dan Gunderman ‏@dangun127

SAVE @Counterpart_STZ, #streamingservices | Counterpart Not Getting Third Season On Starz, Shopped To Other Nets By… https://t.co/78imij8Ibj

Colin Park ‏@ColinPark88

@survivetheark had a new event happen to me tonight on single player scorched, while off a level 160 dragon waiting… https://t.co/JdDU0VmbxI

John Herndon ‏@JohnHer04901688

@o_Matto @BloggerPc @jordanmoore @page_eco @s_mmmdv Libertarianism means the government builds the roads, has FIRE… https://t.co/z82qlS6GAh

PuertoRicoInterimPresident ‏@HigherWages110

Of course in any situation of #DomesticViolence #physical #harm or #maiming and #Adultery (#Hands and #Genitals sha… https://t.co/rD4aDApiDv

Curb Your Confucianism ‏@maidotsuki

@frendazoned I’ve seen it 3 times now, the first time I watched it I didn’t pay enough attention bc I was very drunk lol I love it now

Brittany Simon ‏@bruseruse

@HoustonTexans @jonweeks46 Happy birthday Jon!

4️⃣3️⃣ ‏@gtownbronx

Got 7kms and a chest sesh to eat up after work 🤪🏃🏾‍♂️ am I looking forward to it? Fuck no


cause that shit was drowned with spices and good shit im okay with sea food but its gotta be shrimp or losbter or… https://t.co/eEzcUBRzKJ

Arbalist ‏@ArbalistDev

@Iron_Cub It's a reference to Fremennik Trials. One of the impossible items you can be asked for by a council membe… https://t.co/cCHRYuAs8z

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