Tag Less-Than Sign Emoji

Tag Less-Than Sign was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀼 U+E003C


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k :) ‏@kahliahalise

ppl that trophy hunt are real dicks, but it actually really does help conservation efforts if its done the right way.

Camryn ❤💀❤ ‏@DanniRyn

@samcanliftacar I doubt she would be bothered by a student taking their assignments seriously, Sam

Cemetery in York: 'ARRRGH Voice Actor GNNNNNGH' 🎃 ‏@Cromerty

@stevenjgibbons Vitamin c - what's not to like?

Bec Clancy ‏@becclancy

Vettel has been penalised for not slowly enough under red flags in FP1. 3-place grid penalty. Game over #F1 #USGP

David Campbell ‏@david_f_campbel

@Ancestry @SenWarren I hope you got the discount.

Alexsnowbell ‏@AlertHerbert

@ismaeelnuh @30BillionOTT Anybody that's is replaceable 😉

Kas ‏@kaassidycip

@isabelaseraffim This is me with you

Mᴇʀ• Like my pinned pls ‏@MaraisBean

When @SeaveyDaniel realizes that I’m going to be aunt 😂 https://t.co/T5PBSDUJ6C

duckworth ‏@LucyyKT

Notice a lot of Senegalese people don’t like plantain smh

Ruby ‏@pranabeauty6

Feelings someone’s presence under your skin is weird af! Universe you got any U-Turns on this ascension journey?? 🤯

Momma Van Beek ‏@mommavanbeek

We’re on our way!! #pullmanorbust #gocougs #collegegameday #duckhunt #64myfavoriteboyoffall ❤️🐾🏈 #weallwegot… https://t.co/9EDanE8MBd

cutieshy ‏@cutieshyflutter

@CookieByte_ a very influential person i have had a good time being your friend ccokie through all the stuff you've… https://t.co/DwcK75RhqB

Lunarein ‏@Lunareindeer

I think we all know the answer is Cuisine Royale https://t.co/1Bg4SmursI

Hundepapa ‏@Errydraven

@MadeMyDaycom Up where the mountains meet the heavens above Out where the lightning splits the sea I could swear th… https://t.co/J5ih7Bvc9C

Paul Lagan ‏@CFCJourno

I was there - happy days indeed 👏👏, Gav https://t.co/oWOsDprgqQ

n ‏@aftxrhours

@yelyahwilliams us the vocalist of our generation no printer just fax

abuunda dada ‏@44crosses

He found the devil ...

5sos & ||-// ‏@emptyghxsts

I'm too weak to change my @ and actually leave it so I changed it back to my original. I'm keeping this @ ❤

Myla Luise🌸 ‏@MylaLuise

I’m glad you asked bc I was wondering the same thing https://t.co/JzwCsL0xiy

Joshua Lapin-Bertone ‏@TBUJosh

@MoorparkFx @kiku_el @SuperBeardVH @elmayimbe I mean...I was responding to someone else and you responded to me… https://t.co/guSfRrZ89y

🔮Carolina🎃 ‏@lost_angel

why is tae crying noooo >.<

zoe starr ‏@zoewoeey

gotta limit what u do for ppl if they don't do the same in return, mfs get too comfortable

roshin montgomery ‏@rxrxmx

@Light_W8 @hosthetic I think it's in the making

ImmortalSlay ‏@ImmortalSlay

@TheOverguard @LeaderboardNet @FortniteGame @FCSeSports How can i join

VAPULA ‏@mario__eleazar

@CashSlime They crush the head with a giant meat tenderizer

PyramidPower ‏@pyramidfire

"We may laugh at Permit Patty and Corner Store Caroline, but when white people call the police on black people, the… https://t.co/QfAKqnU2ji

JimJim ‏@97jimjim

I-.... Really?

ℓoe ‏@thefacesofIove

killing for sport should actually be illegal. fuck yall seriously https://t.co/OYtHNhyjI9

Frank Opara ‏@fopara03

@LYLawal And some die-hard IPOB sympathisers. But knowing U & Ur ilks, U must give a dog a bad name. Pls come wit… https://t.co/DVohxpCYdv

Huntington FriscoTX ‏@HLCFriscoTX

...In other news, our mini-pumpkin decorating contest is coming along nicely... Winner tbd Monday 🎃 . . .… https://t.co/CPZEYW7ATN

ShelbyDouglas ‏@Shelbyd1824

@BatchyHD Aye all them extra hours are paying of for ye aye get them dance moves on BGT 😂😂😂😂

Chris Ford ‏@Chris_Ford_


Earnest Donuts ‏@EarnestDonuts

Apple cider baked cake donuts are back! (Available Saturday and Sunday through December) #earnestdonuts… https://t.co/q5UNDdLSkm

3choBoomer ‏@3choboomer

@MrcoEsquandolas @ShameAboutRach And this is why I have you on notifications @MrcoEsquandolas. Always with the musi… https://t.co/f2uLd9q21M

emily ✨ ‏@goldenclosetwt

@epiphanswer apparently he started crying before the last song ):

Oscar ‏@MadoraTExplorer

“She Just Wanna Test Drive”

🎹 lucaspiano 🎹 ‏@lucaspiano

#Rensta #Repost: jcrudess via @renstapp ··· “ Fluidity at the piano! #keyboardist ##technique #piano #rhythm… https://t.co/tG6XwwCkpm

David Crutcher ‏@DavidCrutcher14

@realDonaldTrump Hate to say it, but you have RUINED this country!!!! It is no longer America. It is a devisive n… https://t.co/tYiynoR8RG

Michelle 💀 ‏@HOME_BASS

People who think you can’t be a goth unicorn Irish Native American who likes Star Wars and Harry Potter are wrong.… https://t.co/RDOK8rF766

renee :) ‏@ReneeRodriguez2

I just need someone to explain to me why guys think it’s okay to be assholes for no reason

Cortez Whaley ‏@MADvideogamer

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/cITBnVHeRW SMITE Patch 5.20 - ANOTHER Neith skin?! Hera Buff! - Patch 5.20 Live Viewing

Pauline ‏@LadyCultist

@JackieKane @lord_mchaggis @MichelleGr4h4m He's contacting the snp as apparently the girl who has falsely accused h… https://t.co/wObNEBVehR

Dave Fleming ‏@dfleming16

Sectional afternoon and evening continuing for @AP_Athletics along with @SpecSportsAlb ! Go AP! https://t.co/9xZ5vyS89B

مبارك ‏@therealtina__

Michigan next weekend with the girls it’s littyyyy🤪

Yung Allah ‏@MrAzuzAli

If being a cell phone provider was an act of [email protected] would be the lips and the throat. Y’all are the Spectr… https://t.co/XoMX5oDjX7

Mathew ‏@MathewBrett

@KillerMike Happy legal 420 from Canada!

Mrs. Gersie ‏@MrsGersie_CBE

These Johnson fifth graders hold our record in hand tennis. 269 consecutive hits. That is great tracking!!… https://t.co/8SVyHtYjas

Clothing by AIM ‏@ClothingbyAIM

#TheNewAfrica : Friday in the 6. 💯% African #MotherlandCertified #Hoodie. #gold Available in all sizes .… https://t.co/Wjc6gRPNUS

CorsairCrew ‏@UMassDAthletics

Watch tonight's Corsair Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony live at 6:00 pm https://t.co/NtzaIJ8YAX https://t.co/4CjphQ7N4v

Sara Sawdey ‏@teaching2tech

Collaboration is key! Teaching each other ROCKS! Great idea @winland_mms https://t.co/SlN3HLnReb

harley is spooky ‏@cevanshoe

i want to watch the hate you give so much!!

🎃 Larxseen Too Much Spook 🎃 ‏@SanguinaryNymph

"But you're still forgetting something, aren't you, Sora? The most important thing. When that poor girl hears you'v… https://t.co/H3ZMnxiDtH

Kathy Crawford ‏@crakeka1

@Raymartin55 @MSMWatchdog2013 #Nizamdeen How many times has our government trumpeted terrorism charges against some… https://t.co/kq1L7Qnspj

Lappe Mountain Tabletop ‏@LappeMtnTbltp

@ChaoticRogueEnt @LibrisArcana @ClasslessCast Thank you!!! Have a fantastic weekend! 😊😊

clara ; jungoo soft bot ‏@tardiskook

oh mygod :((((((((((((( https://t.co/D5cJLlyMMF

ali ‏@mangarunner

@a13x7s @DiannaLandes1 @librarianprblms Thank you! This display is in my teen section so of course it was an elderl… https://t.co/9cPCN1tP61

pumpkin paige🎃 ‏@pamiejaige

have you played any kingdom hearts games and if so what are your thoughts — I haven't played any Kingdom Hearts gam… https://t.co/F6kwrzqLdm

Craig T. ‏@bensangiacomo

I’ve gotta know what makes Italian-Americans so fucking proud. Your mom won’t leave me alone, I don’t want her food.

Vegan Future ‏@veganfuture

Australia’s Hungry Jack’s Runs Commercial Promoting Vegan Cheeseburger https://t.co/gFhtG31o4w

Cristobal ‏@OrozcoCristobal

@jennxgal I still rock them why you hating on me

shaybug☀️ ‏@shaylasicurella

grandma: "I look fat but that's okay, I'm fat and sassy" 😭😭😂😂😂

INF Agency ‏@INFAgency

@SsssamanthaaMUA inspiring vision

EDUKATED QUEEN👑 ‏@tayybae__

🗣fuck y’all I’m at 4pm right on time today!!

Carlos Lozada ‏@CarlosLozadaWP

And, full disclosure, @StormyDaniels, too

Mark J Engleson ‏@MarkJEngleson

@nathanoseroff I think you list your assoc editor position because you *want* the weight of authority that goes wit… https://t.co/NZlI4w4AyU

Leah Helen Rooper ‏@leahrooper

Struggling with my #NaNoWriMo project outline. Can I just write a fan-fiction this year? 😅

hydrangea🌱 ‏@hydrangea_fics

I was waiting for the grand prix to start but apparently I need to catch up with figure skating NOW because I've be… https://t.co/1LKArbORYi

Julian Rossi ‏@JulianJRossi

My birthday stuff I bought myself today. https://t.co/AyS5nh6Aap

Thomas smith ‏@Tumpa86Smith

@skyscottminto you absolute suck arse man bigging boro up with that performance which was fucking diabolical grow some pal

BTD ‏@betheredad

Men in Blythe. Derrick led the first meeting of the year with mentors and mentees. 17 committed men have voluntee… https://t.co/t3vul0WX7q

Malta Independent ‏@IndependentMlt

BOV Premier League: Borg and Atkinson lift Saints to second consecutive win https://t.co/mwhdlz2nmf

Myrene ‏@heymyrene

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Jwa9ryH4VB HALLOWEEN - Monster Town - Haunted forest | Monster Trucks Cartoon for Children

David Pecotić ‏@djp1974

Only the real Doctors among us know this pain ... https://t.co/qT9Zrjbdkk

Derkah ‏@Derkah_Derkah

Only an hour till I’m back at my dads to grind some BO4 and Fortnite also lmk if you are interested in Fortnite pro… https://t.co/usnT0U5p88

tay 🦇 ‏@Emolga

did norm just say he wants to see the 12 year old twins from the parent trap making out with each other...........

Joey Kay ‏@JoeyKay20

The Seinfeld reference on this weeks @alwayssunny was all kinds of amazing 😂

bup [🇦🇷] ‏@suuuuntae

I feel bad https://t.co/8loEuJ3Kzp

9 & 10 News ‏@9and10News

Cut River bridge on US-2 is back open to traffic. @AaronParseghian explains what local businesses have to say about… https://t.co/u4KOUNZIFt

BetVictor ‏@BetVictor

@nickbuckbarrett We should be however this would be available tomorrow

Laurie *Coral is Dying* Kilmartin ‏@anylaurie16

Baron can do anything: https://t.co/plFU66VsC1

Taylor Collins ‏@ntaylorcollins

I guess GOP people are really this dumb— what does politics have to do with believing facts? After Hurricane Micha… https://t.co/qGSmQUgy4B

NoThanxMate ‏@NoThanxMate

@AyoCaesar These mass-rapist gangs are, going by all the recent cases, comprised of people who are, by & large, of… https://t.co/6bHfQ3Fi1L

Justin Belton ‏@TheCreatureHero

@jlist Is the left one part of an uncensored version?


@david_temidayo1 @yeahmesee_zylta Young man, this isn't something you should be happy about, your sug should be pro… https://t.co/dSAcGq2nMB

Bren ‏@Bren05_

@YoungJames33 @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Blame Sessions like the rest of us.


I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/rQuVIvFcmc The iPhone XS is NOT worth $1000 - Pocketnow

hi, im Niya, nice to meet you guys. ‏@niya_niya3

despite how many times i see this tweet on my tl, it still doesn't have 1 million retweets OR likes??? https://t.co/13DIFutMWo

Jazmín♡ ‏@JazminRuizL

@Paulinaleymo Y que pasa con And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell You know you love me XO XO Gossip Girl.

Tamales ⓥ ‏@leyenda_delgado

Time to do some online shopping https://t.co/76ZyfPxjod

PJ D ‏@pjjdoran

Need to get to Saggart but only tallaght Luas from town now. Get to Belgard to change and Saggart #Luas waiting th… https://t.co/YnJ6pjoyLJ

DJ DEEZE ‏@_DjDeeze

DJ Muggs and Roc Marciano 'Kaos' Album: Listen to 10 New Songs https://t.co/gWMv32RnYz https://t.co/no6KqIOEDl

💷 ‏@MOLFC9

Sounds like a mental illness https://t.co/c8HPkkHw2k

Seven ‏@PissBaby69

i swear i nut every time i get a good parking spot at work

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