Tag Right Square Bracket Emoji

Tag Right Square Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁝 U+E005D


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Chrissy Meow ‏@ImChrissyMeow

@SMTOWNGLOBAL @NCTsmtown For a second I thought Lucas was Minho omg

v 👻 ‏@outersuga


em lay ‏@emilythegreyy

I stg someone is clipping their nails on the train

Kee.Tingz ✨ ‏@_BeyonndReal

Bro I felt this and I hope everybody who has had me fucked up see this 🗣 https://t.co/rw6zvUyvOK

justreadingdontaddme ‏@justreadingdon1

@eddiek005 @Nate_Cohn Any anecdotes or just because of the suburban population?

GaySpeak News ‏@GayspeakNews

Have you heard ‘Can you give me protection from yourself?’ by Daaf Vapor on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/wFABi0Eml5

mike of boone county ‏@mikelw88

@MaverickAddon This 1 is not bad either https://t.co/d4T7XfHvs3

QUEER BITCH 💋 ‏@queenpuppies

Hang a noose around my neck and hang me like a Xmas ornament 🤐,

Sara ‏@SAwadh3

whitey on the moon 😂

mia ♡ ‏@nyumjun

i screamef https://t.co/AC8vFTAm1R

Sandra Douglas ‏@JazKat51

@MelissaMoore77 The Pacific Northwest has so much beauty to behold. Glad you are enjoying it.

EYES WIDE OPEN ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@airforcemomof4

I can’t pick one! #JobsNotMobs https://t.co/7dysqO2X20

John Brown ‏@Soccerstarzltd

@Jamie_Wright4 Fantatsic news don’t waste what you have!

grace ! ‏@vegaslightsIive

i hate boys. that’s it. that’s the tweet.

DimpleVerse ‏@Dimpleverse

@LexiIsAWriter Captivating! ♥

🦋 Zombie Dana Addams 🦋 ‏@TheDanaAddams

Alright, SO, how could you adapt the controls to a traditional button layout? Well, the overworld is obvious - stic… https://t.co/DwLrgHP8yI

Wozniak ‏@wozniak2727

@tarunk48 @CNNnews18 @Neethureghu Humanity need food to eat and without work no food

Sanctified Zaddy ‏@MrHeNotMe

Easily at 12 https://t.co/r0ZW9opJ7D

Winston Davis ‏@Winston59190167

@realDonaldTrump Well whoopty damned do. How bout you just fess up to your treason and turn yourself in to the Feds. #SpiritOf76

Adam Blix ‏@AdamBLIX

@hookahjeezus Omg it kept melting and congealing over the week that was so bad lmao

spooky jersey || TRENCH ‏@odetojersey

me too sis (but three months for me) https://t.co/2SRnOJppm1

Styles ‏@worth_wordz

My relationship with music is out of this world 👏🏾

Trey Best ‏@TreyBest6

@bessbell @benshapiro No fun...

Carolyn Boyd ‏@carolynboyd

@MichelRouxOBE Yes please! 😃

Emma Haslett ‏@emmahaslett

@EmilyJaneReed @jameshurley Do any of them sell bonds? That’s really all I’m about these days...

cass.🌻 ‏@loftmusik_


ᴊᴏʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇs sᴏᴘᴇ ‏@SEESAWY00NGI

@audreyoongii God knows i mIght

Pizza Pizza ‏@PizzaPizzaLtd

@stewssr Can you please DM us if you require assistance?

EcoCircuitos Panama ‏@EcoCircuitos1

@OfficialSting Have fun in the tropical rainforest 😊😊😊

babi ‏@parisdecaro

Na im creasing https://t.co/iq9zWRqOKe

Leah Rachel ‏@Desiderata_Girl

https://t.co/cygmaXoCLk Hey @SenWarren , South Park’s got your number.

lq ‏@livvkate_

But I get to wear trackies so it’s g

Aoife Shamhna 🎃 ‏@LittleMissAoife

@Raqidoodle That’s mine. I don’t drink very much

Sharp Wall Art ➡️AZFC ‏@JTudyks

@nbowa Accountant, investor, lawyer. A quick af divorce. Then a nice Adirondack style house, some 90's jdm cars, 50… https://t.co/ngxweruPJg

Stephanie Sigh ‏@steph_sigh

@DebraMessing They should’ve been trampled

itsjust_jaz🍷 ‏@JazzydJazmin

@russdiemon @tnagebitch go with me plz :(

Edna ‏@Edna49076642

Amen to that @JamesTheFAM https://t.co/UZUjKMD1pU

🔮 Simply one HELL of a Spooker 🔮 ‏@SableSeneschal

"Psst! I'm a bot!" #Tʀᴀɴϙᴜɪʟɪᴛʏ

Bhavik Brahmbhatt ‏@brahmbhatt1995

@Twitter Are we calling our madeup nickname or what? Then i’m @spiderman

Jig 💋 ‏@javonne_jones

@nikeassdamya @janiaabaniaaaa Right 😂

Elise Koseff ‏@elise_merril

@GodjesusThank @MeghanMarkleUK @harrymeetsmegs Here is my suggestion: If anyone in the UK isn’t over the moon abo… https://t.co/LiegDrbHV7

i miss bts ‏@seokjiddies

My field is so amazing and I'm so happy I found it

Reta ‏@retaozaras

Former Tulsa dentist sentenced to life without parole in death of young child - https://t.co/57gNuPXnVk don’t leave… https://t.co/WP27JwbZHD

brad ye ‏@bRADYLeetle

Does anyone remember if we ever found out what was under Edd’s beanie???? https://t.co/PlJn3G0znG

quantico2005 ‏@Quantico2005

@worldsoccertalk Should we really believe that

gen 2 ‏@ripkevincantrap

am i really about to perform at madison square garden i can’t believe

Jack Rafferty ‏@JackJRafferty

@jkwagnermd You are correct in how you feel. Totally unfair.

aaronbmarshall ‏@aaronbmarshall

Get out those worry beads, #BuckeyeNation! Bone up on some inside #Sportsbets info right here. Take the pts &… https://t.co/Tc8J6oMMb0

brian bentley ‏@brian3518

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/dqRPZnyYN7 Kid Gets Triggered In PlayGround 1v1 Fortnite Battle royal

Red Warrior #65 ‏@RedWarrior_65

Ashley and I want to personally invite you to the Expo. Asleep by Ten will be playing, there will be BASS anglers,… https://t.co/Opsc7S1RZJ

Jake Johnson ‏@jakejohnnyball

@NewRules3333 @nealplot @lindeeloo_who @zeroprimal How original

Hyungwon t1,7k ‏@hyungwoi

It is 20:43 UTC now


@TilleyEsquire @Reflectioncov @Coventry2021 @Carl_Cox @chenineb @KayneLynas @ace_national @trishwilletts… https://t.co/dLdSO9B88z

AHS Miami University ‏@AHS_MiamiOH

AHS has a big event coming up this Monday 10/22. Talking about the big issues of Russian interference, its effect o… https://t.co/Yp8gpHVROP

flaco ‏@EddieAbstract

@_kaifu You are good at sounds

Real Estate Law ‏@LegalRealEstate

Special Bulletin: Gov. Cooper Signs Hurricane Relief Package into Law https://t.co/bRc2UJJT7R | by @wardandsmith

Craig Farquhar ‏@CraigFarquhar92

@stewart9395 thanks again for the pic to get signed! https://t.co/sZO48wCTmX

mz-kaite ‏@KateOluwatosin

@trending_medic You welcome

𝔧𝔞𝔫𝔢𝔱 𝔰𝔫𝔞𝔨𝔢𝔥𝔬𝔩𝔢 ‏@rosamythology

are you even gay if you don’t have some kind of fascination with the 70’s and 80’s horror aesthetic

shabi💞 ‏@TheRealKaters

who knows a place where i can get my bike fixed??

ً ‏@breathinsdiego

@qtykae and you too sns

banessa ‏@suvanessaboi

going✈️kpop https://t.co/yJ7ZkXphn6

ᴶ. can dm jail fck off ‏@milkypjmin


Neonidas ‏@Ndymium6

@MarcusSquire2 @Theos_Unfeeling @PayeRyan @SpideySensesYou Sure. If you're 12

Heather 🐝 ‏@heatherzamm

@process_x @Iamchronicpain @steveconnieWood @louisec385811 @StarvinLarry @RobertDRoseJr1 @Jmkilingnyc… https://t.co/9fmoPKdxTm

Mikey Campbell ‏@cso_campbell

@513PRINCEAPE @AscendedAries That escalated quickly. Holy shit.

oc2o ‏@on2offline

Casio men w800h 1av classic sport watch with black band https://t.co/ZEmxkt8WeL

Simone ‏@simchaonn

@BarrettBrown_ The cynicism. Really, as if the New York mob was involved in the construction business. Next you wi… https://t.co/JR954BcDwF

Grant Maconachie ‏@GMacademic

@MandyGtfcMoo Might join you in there x

ashlee ‏@ashleedaniellee

@bxtchstagram Omg yesss congrats 🎊🍾

Happ Irving ‏@TonyFabboi3

What’s going on

𝙨𝙝𝙮 ♡ ‏@jinyoungmv

@0802doki for us it’s just kinda normal i guess? lighter is like literally lighter; aansteken is to light aansteker is lighter

bre. ‏@breaanaaaaa

@LaDaishaBriAnte Ain’t no telling when that’ll be lol

Mânica ‏@Annaa_Manica

Aaa to mt mal

adriana ‏@richjungkook


cata🍀 VI A CAMILA // SEE MY PYNED PLEASE // ‏@honestxcabello

@Camila_Cabello heyyyy camilaaa, can you read this tweet please? https://t.co/WwFdosRyok

Talia ‏@TaliaNelson

I feel like I’ve been through phases of both but food always wins 😩😂 https://t.co/lud8SSzcQU

Stephanie Brooke ‏@manx_maid

@Richard1483 @MattLewisAuthor @maharbal57 @Thehistorybits @DaveCJLP @loyaltemelie @rsociety_iii Warwick got his own… https://t.co/PHF3IP9vhz

Lenas🍀 Do I ever cross your mind? ‏@Lenasshipper

@wanderer765 I love this outfit too. Girl, I love your fanfictions! I’m a huge fan of you as a writer ♥️ Thank you for them

🇧🇧briniboi🇹🇹 ‏@khalidrosemin

@Jayizms Snatched by that voice and I ain't e'en mad lol. https://t.co/UDsVF38o3S

- honey ‏@Sugary_xo

I just received flowers with a note saying “ happy one year and 4 months baby ...... “ 😩😩 day made lol tht was so random 😩

emi ‏@according2emi27

netflix is so overrated

🏳️‍🌈Oumabot🏳️‍🌈 ‏@botkichiouma

when u walk away u dont hear me say... blease... saihara-chan... dont go

Lady Quixote ‏@LadyQuixote

Telling Isn't Bad https://t.co/7NsesBdHSC

Thrashmeister Klaus ‏@Thrashmeister14

@EmmaD_62 @Jintro_127 @zigzagtshirt @BruthaDee @FoxNews @BarackObama So it's ok to scare my kids to death because o… https://t.co/4ilIVpGjRm

nathan ‏@rezephos

I wish I could find more of these that are by themselves, and also ones from Adventure time. would be neat to do a… https://t.co/tNQ9BzHByN

💥Sarah O'Donnell RNa WeGPN ✨ ‏@sarah_searz

https://t.co/T479l0Z65R #TwitterDisco that don’t impress me much, but this does!

Jimmy Reefercake ‏@JimmyReefercake

@MattLech @Plex_Dave @JeffHisDudeness @WSPringle1 @_michaelbrooks @SamSeder @jamie_elizabeth @BF1nn @J0seph_Ballin… https://t.co/XlZ5nE6XvF

Mónica ‏@hobinIuvs

QUE HERMOSO ERES IM DYING https://t.co/g9v8a1L11F

Abu Heart ‏@AbuHeart2

@CryptoCircleX Crypto eXchange Crypto Circle eXchange is powered by a superior technological algorithm that is ca… https://t.co/7DGjBc6Fdu

Loui Downing ‏@loui_downing

@Fossil when will I know if my repair has been completed? Lost without me watch, it’s like I have no limits or cons… https://t.co/CbfZ1Vuyzl

heintron ‏@ethanheintron

When this happens, music can still groove like a boombox.

Ray Romano ‏@haylslovsjazz

Get your shadows up out of my room, I still see them

lev 🦇 ‏@fiveofpentacles

me: writes "celestial demise" in my paper my hell brain, immediately: https://t.co/fhLHYLaEnQ

Colby Clinton ‏@A1AColb

Things are pretty alright.

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