Tag Right Square Bracket Emoji

Tag Right Square Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁝 U+E005D


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‏‎‏‏‏‎‏‏‎‏﮼ياسمين ‏‎‏‏‏‎‏‏‎‏﮼احمد‏‎‏‏‏‎‏‏‎‏ ‏‎‏‏‏ ‏@yasiminAli

Follow back #هلال_واوس_وفولووباك #زعيم_تويتر_فولو_الثلاثاء

RealityTV Fan ‏@kittens526

@Strandjunker @NoTrumpJewel Hung!

Gary and Susan Eby ‏@WeEmpowerOthers

Faith, Science And Climate Solutions Tour Is In Chattanooga Monday - The Chattanoogan https://t.co/P3VBl874Uw

Lauren ‏@LaurenC99013378

@JoshuaBenevide2 @DarkNookShop @sulabar2 @cheritanner14 @casersatz What’s your biggest problem here? Hollywood love… https://t.co/2U46heMqyZ

TalkTalk ‏@TalkTalk

@Dee47051416 Hi Dee, can you send over a further dm with some information re-gardening the threatening behaviour yo… https://t.co/mzasvgodJ7

Welding Dog ‏@Matthew50225

@GravesTopher @GeorgeTakei One good point at a time.

shaggy is my dad ‏@happyesterday1


ً ‏@deIIcrke

i’m crying in so many languages https://t.co/DhmO3TfVoZ

BlairHirtle ‏@omg_productions

@79reasons @CameronAhmad @cathmckenna @CPC_HQ And after climate emergency comes climate hysteria!

lilylemayian ‏@lemayian_lily

#Heaven is the future home of the righteous,where God himself lives. Heaven is preparing well to receive the righteous and holy.

GameMaster ‏@TotalVideogame

The Last of Us Part II Seems Like It’s Releasing in February 2020 https://t.co/HFNlIJLucY

ken atwood ‏@gigrape52

@TIME That's the way to go and put McConnell in his place.....

//𝔇𝔞𝔫𝔦 ❀ ‏@daniellaxxo

we broke up last september btw

get back,honky cat✨ ‏@HonkyTaronn

him in those looks eye— https://t.co/7V63oFMoqs

behold ‏@whosbeauchamp

you say I'm like the ice I freeze

David Gibson ‏@DavidGibsonTV

I thank God for all my family, friends and mentors helping me get to where I am today. It’s crazy I been a reporter… https://t.co/5NayWPAlEg

JNEK ‏@neknek_

In so much pain 😣

Anu Thapa ‏@thapa_anu_

@ba_run69 seriously ?

⚡️⚡️⚡️✨⚡️💥🤐😈👿OlafDaBlunt 😈👿🤐☄️⚡️⚡️⚡️ ‏@olaf1962

@JamesMelville Give it up will you! It’s just getting tiresome and predictable! I’ve voted in every GE since 1983 s… https://t.co/X2VQPLIQGa

x ‏@serenityxsk

@misbrug old friend I suppose, glad we in the same team now, you good on the sticks, let’s get this bread

Andy ‏@bigandylock

@bermicourt @DanHillHistory Stoats Mortar?

양도 ‏@smyangdoh

@byunqim DM open. Your DM is closed 😭

Howlin' Fantods ‏@HowlinFantods

It appears @ewarren is getting a little less wishy-washy about #MedicareForAll. Good! https://t.co/uTLGFN2Ezx

nevs ‏@Marcelojucas

@putasubmissa3 Mostra 😀

PILL KELZBY💊 ‏@LadiesLuvvKellz

@FatBread6 @TristanTwill No sir, that ain’t really his page

kelsey is WITH HANBIN ‏@_joonjulyaugust

@speakyourself @jungshine_quinn bro but like rm looks like namjoon too and i sWear something’s going on

Mike "Sherlock" Sinibaldi ‏@elliottwavelive

Do I have to read this to imagine the +/- impact upon markets? https://t.co/lcx2oC2Dfo

Darren Hemann ‏@DarrenHemann

@germanrlopez To be free from a big federal government.

alya ! ‏@wonniest

wow what did he really mean this https://t.co/cCIvB0L1CS

RedWillow ‏@elliput

@spur4trish @CNN I agree that there is no system in place for deportations on the scale he is declaring, however ev… https://t.co/GLLDPb05A5

Uno.Leezo 🤠 ‏@Leezo____

Jealously is a disease You can Die Mad.

AlystairWesley[TSAN] ‏@AlystairWesley

@LevelUpPixie Oh my gosh that's hilarious. You got trolled hard

ninfeta de orará ‏@marcusmpcs

eu dei match com a janna do lol

💕 ‏@shebooji

Okay Jody 😂🙏🏾 https://t.co/OWF6yR9xJ3

Minchin ‏@MissMinchinMo

You said the gun was mine Isn't cool, no, I don't like you 🎶🎵 #FearlessKisses @KissesDelavin

MrJae 🇺🇸 Jerseys Greatest Elected Official ‏@MrJae16

@KyleKashuv did nothing wrong. Seriously, the boondocks killed all sanctimony of that word plus this isn't the firs… https://t.co/Yen3iLtspA

Afaq ‏@Afaqnfb

“in my thoughts I use the technique of positive visualisation”

The God of Side B. ‏@Codekun1

The only one awake was my dog and I'm not surprised. She was a small and light sleeper. Though what made this situa… https://t.co/vbAh3lnCyc

rien ‏@_seokjiningly

i hate it whenever i'm asked to do something in front of the class cuz what if i fail or do something wrong? befo… https://t.co/mtDZXc8knQ

GastroVec ‏@GastroVec

Super tasty: My dog's disgusting pizza. Ingredients: green shredded cabbage, black pepper, lean beef, large sliced… https://t.co/YeAMld9era

Pat Griffith ‏@sandydog21

@AngrierWHStaff When is enough enough???

YYCSAFC ‏@yycsafc

@SoCalTheist @MindShift2018 Local? Wasn’t it a global flood? What did they do wrong? Why did they have to die? If h… https://t.co/XonWE1XzX8

Keith Greiner ‏@GreinerKeith

@BillyGoldfeder You can eliminate your exposure to these toxins by putting F-500 Encapsulator agent into your water… https://t.co/QTLJ14PKSw

Chris Frayne ‏@OneFInCFrayne

@GrumpySkeletor I think that's Man-E-Faces. He Man has obviously slipped him some Eternian Sheckels to roleplay his fantasies.

Stephaine Bessette ‏@Sixxwitch1

Same. It will set a hella dangerous precedent for any current and future potus if we do not act. We also can't nece… https://t.co/7eTnZ5zqBl

𝕓𝕚𝕛𝕠𝕦 *⋆✩⃛ ‏@bijou_brat

@pxstelcat natasha denona tranformatte (ノ)'ω`(ヾ) its expensive but i only use a tiny bit !

raja sk ‏@rajask71933604

@Jessica82792697 Hello

Joe #BurnBlue #LetsGoHunt ‏@ThePhantomJB

Orisa is literally a robot horse why is she so slow

Rob ‏@RobhRyan

@X62048239 @behr_bones @Liz_Cheney @AOC Which part didn't I live through? The lies that started the war? The hundre… https://t.co/hzo9Lw1JF5

😇Gemini😈 ‏@misssuga94

@tabarak_l4 Awwww u r so cute 🙈🙈🙈

Thuralbred38🇯🇲⚾🏝️🌏✈️ ‏@thuralbred38

@MissCocoDeluxe OMG YOW!!! I hollered😭😭😭. Now he had to learn that from somebody.

𝓒 🥀 ‏@minjimiin

@equaltaes Lost

nur ‏@noorkiswani99

My friend is more beautiful than yours🔥 https://t.co/WKLbO9iv3M

Andrew Pulcipher ‏@andrewpulcipher

There’s clear evidence nationally that long lines suppress votes. @cstewartiii et. al. ‘15 explains that, based on… https://t.co/yjGmTiPA8O

Winter Soldier ✪ ‏@alpinesbucky

@illusionssoror "Definitely" He kept quiet for a bit before speaking up again. "I really miss her. It got better… https://t.co/8gRyOCDHDo

Jasmine Nicole✨ ‏@Jizzy_Jasmine

@LiquidStranger absolutely blew my mind 🤯

Ross Consults… ‏@rossgk

“I’ve always been attracted to solving really tough problems,” she says. “Problems actually create opportunities.” #LisaSu

Istihbarat Servisi ‏@TC_Istihbarat

The Unholy Alliance Between DNA Sites and Facial Recognition https://t.co/50G7JYftsh https://t.co/9hOepiVq3s

basically gay ‏@jos_weirdo

@Jack_Septic_Eye Thats my all time favorite movie

Eagles Netball ‏@Eagles_Netball

Apologies but tonight’s 6-7 session outside has been cancelled due to the very wet courts https://t.co/BhOQLhtTe0

V. Kinkel (V for Victory!) ‏@vkinkela

@heyitsCarolyn @Sekusa1 @AsiaTaterTat @ROHLL5 @BarbietheBrain @LisaNiebs @NevaCoblan @alley167 @NeensCa… https://t.co/z2WFIqMPRF

Weaverbot ‏@WWeaverbot

Willingness to sacrifice selfish short-term interests either personal or national in order to get the equivocation.

حَنِيف‏ ‏@ZishanKhan_

@Abdulkhaaliq What is it that he did after saying £400 😂😂😂

Deedoanes ‏@Deedoanes

I'm featured on Yahoo for article about #happiness 20 Biggest Myths About Happiness https://t.co/0mncW1gzcC via @YahooLifestyle

𝐭𝐲 ‏@neoncarnations

okay i know no one else is judging me on this but i tweet about two songs way too much for my own good and i need t… https://t.co/5UOEWfwBKN

Chris Norman ‏@cb_norman

@marcdraco63 @pigletish I agree, it's proper sinister. I always tell myself I'm not influenced by all that, but I s… https://t.co/dOqSp59aMD

Mike Miller ‏@RealMikeMiller

@craiggroeschel a book you’d recommend to give to culture Influencers of my church?

Horaland ‏@horaland

@NBWattKnot @CRTBoating @hybridmarineltd @ortomarine Although that does assume the conventional diesel will pay £5K… https://t.co/Gut91UmQJz

4u2get2no1776 ‏@HB33314788

@JapuntichKim @Lightworker2012 @Quebec99335648 @930VM @BrianCMulloy76 @freenaynow @LoveBling6 @P0A_Triot23… https://t.co/e9VSRcDfn2

MIke Thompson ‏@ThompsonToons

Mitch McConnell: what's the upside to starting a fight with a late night comedian? #JonStewart #MitchMcConnell #Sept11

dewi ‏@kiyow0ng

"no reason to stay is a good reason to go." https://t.co/RMypVtHoWu

Yvette Gonzalez ‏@YvetteG24707719

@consmover @BeachCity55 What a bunch of bird brains!

Joe Yerdon ‏@JoeYerdon

@djsaletta That’s not til November though. Lightning have seven preseason games.

Ri. ‏@kyn_ria

@loudmouthwillow Honestly lol

Matilde ‏@Matildetduque

Im backkkkk yoooooo

Argus Media ‏@ArgusMedia

Fuel crisis denting PdV upstream ops https://t.co/cH5tYf6uxM

Abdul ‏@Abdul34045595

Plz any one know this lady ....inform me ....plz https://t.co/Ke6ZEeCQvW

Axis🖤 ‏@AxisionYT

@RemixHaze Yeah, exactly. I’m trynna get all exclusives just like Herizen.

Link ‏@EpicGamerLink_

@Hughtesticles @VAndreiVD @bobafettparody Got connections with all the big boys at nintendo

yZoM ‏@Aidan_yZoM

Live :) https://t.co/vkM5NOsvyG

Nico ‏@Nico61522652

@FortniteGame Use me As a "excause me wtf" button

chichu ‏@scbcortez

okay goodnight.

Richard Lewis Brooks ‏@richardlbrooks

Happy 18-year-old died falling 50ft from walkway on holiday https://t.co/biIS7OLi6H

pineapple princess 🍍 ‏@trapunzellll

I’ve been looking into companies that help people with low income get really cheap WiFi plans & I was surprised tha… https://t.co/6lpdfLbPBY

writing as Caleb Tyson ‏@AsWriting

@MMcLaughlinsong @LisaQthinks If I, if we, could all follow Jesus' command to Love him, our neighbor & even our ene… https://t.co/G6ELYQt04Z

@jumavikta ‏@jumavikta

@NelsonHavi Are you asking for suggestions to win your case counsel,I think at this rate we should share the legal… https://t.co/Bmz3iLBLEp

Rolando ‏@Rolzzzz_

@NoIimitChris @Tranquilbell_ Congrats😬

EmPiRe Of ThE aNtS ‏@EmPiReOfThEaNtS

Future Self... has landed https://t.co/sz6ZZKhoOe

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