Tag Right Square Bracket Emoji

Tag Right Square Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁝 U+E005D


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Louisette Lanteigne ‏@lulex

Imagine an International class action lawsuit against Canada for systematic racism. Perhaps if we win and they go b… https://t.co/EcL22VQVDc

Tony ‏@iProjectSteps

I want more tattoos ):

Clare Turner ‏@Claret40

@Devastated_Diva They ARE people in panda costumes 🐼

jullie ‏@semalihaa

i never realized how deeply intertwined i was with your soul. when you touch me i'm out of control. touch me again… https://t.co/03HjlRZjSd

jess♡misses panic! ‏@pokemonpaege

@breathincharles u always look good regardless of what photo u choose to post

Tanwa. ‏@MoTanWa_

Available, home delivery also available...dm for price and other nice cloths nd accessories. https://t.co/WpiUGfZdyi

Abba Babangida ‏@AbbaBabangida15

Best of all, much love https://t.co/RKoNB9vP6v

MULAAAtto ‏@_yellowwdiamond

Waited too long to get my nails done and now i broke one ☹️

dickless dennis ‏@williamkaplans

belly https://t.co/V17eLlIzYf

Montgomery Toblerone ‏@mntgmry19

And Devlin v Starr, Pac v WALTER... Fuck it it was all a highlight. Even Justy Jitsu @Justy_FishHook

autumn ‏@astralmagick

@mellissvv @acidfawks my angels on earth! so excited to be blessed by ur presence it doesn’t happen nearly enough

TMJ-KY Bank Jobs ‏@tmj_KY_banking

This #Banking job might be a great fit for you. Click the link in our bio to see it and more. Mortgage Supervisor a… https://t.co/3MZ8WynFMX

Eric Richards ‏@SirEric2221

@AndrewScheer what did the former conservative government do for students? I guess they weren't a corporation so th… https://t.co/dPlxWCkNyk

𝕳𝖆𝖓𝖆𝖎 𝖍𝖚𝖉𝖘𝖔𝖓 ‏@hanaiixo

ready for March, May & August with my roomie 🙄 @mayagaloreee

happy hobi day !!! ‏@halfmoonjimin

gna tweet lik this frm now on. no words tht r lngr thn 5 lettrs

❤️Happy Birthday Hobi❤️ ‏@HoseoksWife0218

I have to start reading my manga "The Desert Harem" again because I read now the mangas that I got borrowed from my niece.

LDW ‏@louisedolly85

Definitely 😬 https://t.co/dbhn0g2kdm

BUKUNMI ‏@damajoski

@OsH_LAN Make them sha no lose tomorrow

F.O.L.A.S.H.A.D.E😙 ‏@Datyorubabae

@ManOfMadness3 They also take so much time before getting married

slow ‏@slow2death

@ass_dentata hot sauce is cool put it in the ranch to flex

liss ‏@hyrusbiebs

How I feel cuz I just got 13 favs and 3 RTs in one of my tweets https://t.co/wqCqTpkxAl

petit ‏@grellu_

and jongkey ;) — i've been reading some ffs all day today and omg i want to watch some jongkey fancams too XD https://t.co/hC3g26qHjY

SuperCoderBot ‏@heroes_bot

@sara_munoz_h • “The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future is worth the fight.” -Martian Manhunter #goodJob #coderBot

♡♡ J boogie ♡♡ ‏@JazmeenBRI

@vickto_willy He needs to listen to comprehend like damn let her talk..

tplat ‏@tpatpeppers

@zakwarner You mean $215 for all 4 right?

Tamorah Shareef Muhammad ‏@MGTModesty

Now some of the Jewish people that are under the Talmud...they think so much of themselves. Now you black people, y… https://t.co/7sHdlmlDZz

🤞🏽 ‏@__Nadineeee

@demillz84 I’m cracking up.... that is hilarious lmfao. They’re leaving their marks

JE$$E ✈ ‏@FRAG727

Need a few more for 10s

Arron 🇮🇪 ‏@AstricAJ

@FURBZlE @mulberrymilo @IntakeCP take a read

☘️ 호석's yuu | 약속 & 풍경 ‏@manggaeteoks

this is the night i miss hakyeon the most oh my god 🥺 https://t.co/1Q4MJTQaz5

h u S T L e 📍 ‏@mochamakesme

@anthonydathird I got my niggas hipp on game things ain’t the same 💯

Burnt Peacock ‏@Burntpeacock

@Thomas1774Paine Truer words were never spoken.

❗ ‏@omophagos

im so stressed out... i really wanted this job and like the work, pay, and perks are really nice but they suck so b… https://t.co/hSTZINFusc

Freedom loving Midwest gal ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‏@ASpraungel

@StormIsUponUs It rarely STOPS raining up here in SF! Deluge day after day. I keep thanking The Lord in Heaven for… https://t.co/tgtXvRoHuS

F0rFr33Sp33ch ‏@F0rFr33

@SenRubioPress @USAID Senator Rubio is bought and paid for by the #MexicanMafia He cares more about the people of… https://t.co/7RYjUl0Fu2

Ben Long ‏@FlatEarthExpert

@HngryLykMegWolf @dette_white @iamAtheistGirl They say it’s too cold to fly over Antarctica. Mostly a concern about… https://t.co/30gYLlFrpY


@KyleKulinski Venezuela was once one of the richest country in whole South America, I was lucky enough to live ther… https://t.co/hPb5mWedUm

chloe ‏@caddisonwebb

I'm so happy linds has someone who makes her so happy https://t.co/MPexCMXFnl

gabi ‏@camiphias

quatorze CamilaQNoDingDong https://t.co/MJAzATiFWU

mike ‏@MikeKodua

@UrAvgConsumer Not me!

the real cal chuchesta (official account) ‏@fantoroVEVO

@Dragonogon and I'm still figuring out my sexuality

Empowerment House ‏@empoweribadan

Highlights from today's service. 17/02/2019 Always an amazing time in the presence of the Most High!… https://t.co/g1wSbfNqiD

وسام ☪️ ‏@salehxwissam

Me and my arabi music https://t.co/g8L1pjSEov

usman🎗 ‏@dumbforbrains

@dylansgrayson @baaadistani I SCREAMED

odek ! ‏@kylodek

@kardemaddie 😢😢 shoulda let me eat my watery pasta

lea ‏@leahhackett98

This has me tripping balls https://t.co/NEKmJ9913N

🎂February 18🧡💜 ‏@ayaabdeen_

Last day of being 15 years old... What a great time in California🤩 https://t.co/AhHoMNdwWV

BONES JONES ‏@bonesjones1

A master of Destruction,first he tried to destroy the NFL because they wouldn’t sell him the Buffalo Bills,he start… https://t.co/a43aA0KbZs

Rhonda Beauchamp ‏@Rhondabeau

Relocating? Here's How to Feel at Home Faster https://t.co/bP8OyeNTxK https://t.co/grA2yRGTUz

Poncho Hodges(THESPIAN) ‏@PonchoHodges

@Brotherhood05 2 words CHIP ENGELLAND

Mariana Yeni ‏@Yenim64

I miss laughing with you.

Jskorn ‏@Jskorn

@JoyceWhiteVance Well said. Might I add he is also an #IllegitmatePresident

Bridget Kelly ‏@Bridget00513181

@jmr___18 He was also superb in Weird Science!!

Alex Anders (Not Alexander Anders) ‏@alex_anders

@matteo_bas @davies_darrell @SCElites @StSupercoach @SC_Kev7 @GenSorenessSC @LekDogSC @ChrisBonfa @Pistol_DRSC @JB_DRSC @Cheezo_DRSC Agreed.

Aughamore Stud ‏@Aughamorestud

@leemottershead @leemottershead RP derive a chunk of their income from interviews with trainers etc. Does that mean… https://t.co/dKkULtQDb5

san ‏@goodnghtgo

@sorryidipped yes 😳 i said what i said

☢ Page van der Linden ‏@plutoniumpage

Saved you a click: it hardly says anything original or anything, period. https://t.co/LkS9COgmSl

Masuda ‏@masudabeg

So close... yet so far 😪

TE3 ‏@1andonlytony3

The fact that Godorn didn’t win this is still ridiculous https://t.co/a9x59mm5AP

toast ୭: ‏@toast_ryu

IDOLiSH7 Part 4 PV roasted & then fed me my own ass

Old Bhoys Soccer Club ‏@OldBhoysSC

We are now less than 1 week from our final tryout! With a full slate of competition planned this spring / summer, w… https://t.co/8FomjYQOpD

Owain Sutton ‏@OwainAlty

@seanlondonandon For all the massive amounts of training the police and others get, it's only based around specific… https://t.co/nNB1YJja97

jrunk ‏@dgoahn

Lmfao “A weak collar symbolizes a weak man”

みやび ‏@AyhUCn2aJLFj6VL

Cherry Gummy & Candy Bar Girls !!! https://t.co/qWEG4QSUxZ

Harvey Bent 🥴👹 ‏@TombStonedUp

U already know ‼️🦀🦞🍤 😁 💪🏽 https://t.co/d1BxpLW7W2

Piotr Lewicz ‏@PiotrLewicz

House of Yes Creates an Inclusive Space for All | Inspire the Night https://t.co/OdsCRNrkpE via @YouTube… https://t.co/fZ22VmoGeT

erin ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ‏@ezzazzle

i hope my neighbour doesn't mind me blasting take me home, country roads at midnight :) on loop :)

Big Chill LC ‏@bigchill_LC

This is the Deep State stopping Brexit....The Unelectables- ChukaRudd #EUFourthReichParty @bernardjenkin… https://t.co/cHWTAN2AFU

𝐑𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝 ‏@roland__do

Sergey Lavrov "happily noted the strains, remarking that the Euro-Atlantic relationship had become increasingly 'te… https://t.co/VbZmLjLtZI

Abdullah ‏@AbdullahElSaleh

@MissusFeder "This nigga" used it ironically. Last time i checked, Sudanese people were never enslaved. Now remind… https://t.co/DAAfzGGch8

marcelle ‏@Marcev_eira

@KimKardashian north ta a cara da kourtney

H🌞BIUARY 💜 ‏@queenofilsan

@Hope17My @BTS_twt Yup! And I made the same face!

StevefromLongIsland ‏@NYsportsfan1960

@StevenLacy FIOS dropped GSN in my package

🏆™️ ‏@TheSixersEra

@mianniversace The opportunities, culture, history, the winning factor, isn’t costly compared to other cities, and it just being nice.

🌧jenny mack🌧 ‏@hekxate

mood is aso me forgetting to follow some of my friends on my public for over a year

David ‏@eosman223

@AOC I do agree with her that hate crimes are up in last couple years. But almost all of it is from the fascist left.

Salem ‏@fuckyeaKAY

I’m going to need y’all to turn those thinning middle/ side part frontals into a bang and call it a day

David Breen ‏@db_dublin

@eoghanymurphy @jwray6490 Who got ran from the bar 😅

Stebers ❤️ ‏@Ste_Tasselli

Amem https://t.co/auMd85EoL7

Medallion D'Great ‏@MedallionDGreat

@MeetTheRichard Thank God, I will not see this tweet😊

𝕫𝕠𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕤 𝕔𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕤 💓⭐️ // 43 ‏@revivebarnum

@hcIfbloods heres the thing. from my own personal experience, having a therapist is actually rly great. u don’t hav… https://t.co/iK7ZSn2H69

BobK ‏@manster54x

@KarenHarveyGray @AlrantAl @WhiteHouse I am assuming you have a nice big wall around your house for security. Right… https://t.co/cymOMUQIqA

Adrian Sharman ‏@BigAdeBrewing

The humans call this 'cat/cow'. I can't see the resemblance myself... #CatsOfTwitter https://t.co/aKphDc2ztl

BrandonR ‏@BrandonRoussel1

Just saw #TheLEGOMovie2, and all I can say is... @prattprattpratt, @ElizabethBanks, @arnettwill, #AllisonBrie,… https://t.co/pmwgbmYXdw

DaveLynch ‏@TheLynchTone

@8Notables Shame upon those who put her, support her in office. This must bring tears to the eyes of those who foug… https://t.co/QQT1STU158

Pawn check ‏@hadem5150

@TnNationalist @Michael_me @Krm1285A @bigbirdx2 @nunyaGator @RRRoxy @NickWalsch @carterlandon300 @KMF2028… https://t.co/frqCugPuGU

CoolFootLuke ‏@Iambatluke

@LizzysLyrics @timwilson032 @DonutHolschtein The bad thing is that’s actually pretty accurate 😂

cherry | sunshine day ☀️ ‏@jieunisart

@jikooksextsbr @BTS_twt so what #Duckprints

Mark Gotschall ‏@GotschallMark

@HouseOfGryffyn The next James Bond might be female?

aj. ‏@ajvandunk

Twice! https://t.co/UgTFcwcxfE

King Supe ‏@amabe10

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Madden NFL 19) live at https://t.co/JziliKpvyT

Sam ‏@Skershhh

@toulousestanacc @SportsTalkBarry @ArianaGrande Lmao but you sayin that he shoudnt be proud of getting 300 likes😭😭 clout chasing 12 year old

Jonny Will Chambers ‏@jonwillchambers

@DPJHodges Enough is enough after years and years. Got a nice ring to it.

Molls ‏@theartistcoach

@JackGfy @Schdummbe1 You too Tom 😘

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