Tag Right Square Bracket Emoji

Tag Right Square Bracket was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠁝 U+E005D


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ku arenurain ツ ‏@AreiynYin

I'm so tired and I can't even sleep

Martin Baum ‏@Baumski

@LBC What a fecking 1970s antisemitic throwback. The sooner he’s back in the home the better.

Ovie ‏@Ovie_cleo10

Yuk follow trus booking ya Exclude only say Minat lgs wa 082257678909 #bispakjogja #bisyarjogja #AvailJogja… https://t.co/JIdRmlzez8

2 Motivate ‏@meet_nykeba

No matter what I’ll always be.blessed and no one. Can stop my shine no matter how they try know that eh

𝗌𝗁𝖺𝗇𝖺 / taejinweek 🐾 ‏@wiildcamomile

should i start therapy again? i’m so tired

Jord ‏@jordan_wadley98

I’ve become uninterested in looking back and I’m doing so much better👌🏼

ℜ𝔬𝔫𝔦 ‏@fineLikee_Wine

These hating bitches gmfu!

Fed Min of Info & Cu ‏@FMICNigeria

2 things are important for Tourism; Peace & Security and Infrastructure and I'm glad to say that this Govt. has con… https://t.co/na8KXWxYNP

Tavo Murcielago ‏@NemmyKash

Imagine being so horny u turn your penis into a knife https://t.co/3gxyG7VV3X

Jedediah Purdy ‏@JedediahSPurdy

This is an important, thoughtful essay by @samuelmoyn; ignore the unworthy title & subhed, & you'll find much to en… https://t.co/Pz6tVfq6yB

Dwilight ‏@DwilightF66

@MichelobULTRA @NicolesChoice1 Ugly Athleisure quarter zip. #Sweepstakes @JohnnieBowers47 @NicolesChoice1

Monsters in the pocket of God. ‏@NaahidJohnspoon

@jon_snow_420 I saw it when it came out and literally this was my takeaway. Also “you’re the gay friend, Jane” if you’ve read the book

Jefe ‏@__Noordin

@ArianaGrande record https://t.co/rZsTkoQZ46

Jose Mikalauskas Ⓥ ‏@FantasticJose

HA. The oil, car, utility, and fossil furl companies are so scared for the future that they had their biggest pawn… https://t.co/pRaNHGUejr

AndrewSparrow ‏@AndrewSparrow

Cabinet orders no-deal Brexit plans to be implemented 'in full' - https://t.co/LyhaxzxzRx

🇿🇦Mathaba Jorge ‏@Senoamady

@Tah_pelo We still love you♥️♥️♥️

Chey👸🏼 ‏@cheycnne_

nothing worse than feeling ill 😟

El Patrón ‏@gabbyvanderpuye

@realDonaldTrump So likely false also means it could be likely true too ☺

Urban Dictionary ‏@urbandictionery

Filtering the Mamma - Masturbating. https://t.co/ClIPM4T3Qw

Vikram Asgaonkar ‏@VikramAsgaonkar

Mourinho digs have begun folks https://t.co/ZJX0QoG6Uo

ebbi ‏@eeeeeebeeeeeee

I know i should be revising rn but honestly i really really dont feel like it lol my motivation is actually nonexistent👌🏽😭

🥀 ‏@kryiztla

5554544 It is 13:45 UTC now

Mimsyy Cooper ‏@imaaanajmi

Fav song ever 😍 https://t.co/U0pciir1pe

abby glauner ‏@22Glauner

@JIR0US Math is red and science is YELLOW

Kayla 🔪 ‏@bangtansalyak


E.J. Guler ‏@Swingvoter44

Fact check: Trump misleads with latest Obamacare claim https://t.co/qgyNp9VYks

GILDA O ‏@gilda_o

Miss Philippines Catriona Gray wins Miss Universe 2018 crown https://t.co/Gmdpbm6u93 via @YouTube

Thirty Three ‏@33YouSee

@Russianvids1 Planes in space ? https://t.co/cBvthcslE6

honourable rob_nthibelang ‏@HonourableRob

@ManUtd good move to sack Jose,can i be a care taker coach just for 3 games and you will see what have being missing there...

Debra Hirsch ‏@DebraHirsch1

@AimeeDemaio @ShrodingersCake @CNBC @AltDept_of_VA 91,000.00 tweets in two years..bot account.

Ciaran Hickey ‏@Ciaran85Hickey

@NottsCC I know your pension fund is invested in fossil fuels! Time to divest! #ClimateActionNow https://t.co/Ke7yceQ444

Mr. Coffee&Beats ☕️ ‏@bmeads17

@SoLovelynAmazin were you ever in to Cap’n’Crunch?....

Mel 🕊 ‏@AmirulAC

What a great experience when we can become a copilot without having a license, dapat feel turbulence, jantung jatuh… https://t.co/ZLKZCKcEJJ

Duckman ‏@duckman511

@realDonaldTrump Where do you get this number?

AYPH charity ‏@AYPHcharity

Wonderful to hear the voice of young people so central to the @HealthFdn #FutureHealthInquiry https://t.co/J3Pz2ITeUe

mÖbius ‏@vedantadhobley

some of these are not like the others https://t.co/Fhg1kecrrW

cag ‏@c_j_love_1

@Mitch_Stainer2 Always the case

Big Head🧠 ‏@Chillliepepperr

It’s day 30 of this dream journal and honestly shit is making a lot of sense 🤔

🐾🌻 ‏@GiuliGrezzi

@angie_grosso Whats???

kotoamatsukami ‏@Aceofspades414

@reddboneash218 Aging like fine wine tho.

Francis Burns ‏@FrancisB_

14 weeks to go you're telling me I need to prepare for a no deal brexit? Public services - defunded. Benefits - cut… https://t.co/10G7XgW64z

FatIrishman ‏@fatirishman

@City_CountryGal @LIRRpassSuck @lirrmisfits @LIRRcomplaints @painandtrains Unless they got up to give their seat to… https://t.co/XBklYx14NC

B ‏@dondrapershadow

@NotTheOpera why do I smell toast?

Margaret Reis ‏@margreis9

Trump made the conservative dream of remaking the federal judiciary true | Andrew Gawthorpe https://t.co/ONSyN2DGDW

Jennifer Christie ‏@LooniCat

@Dr_Eoin_Malcolm @emmaofyoung Place it in a lead-lined container and bury it in a hole in your garden. That should keep it til Christmas

EdurneZabaleta ‏@EdurneZabaleta

Dressings and topical agents for preventing pressure ulcers - Moore, ZEH - 2018 | Cochrane Library https://t.co/kzUfnrh12e

❄️ ‏@delicatefrost

You are really sweet and adorable I wish we could be friends!!!!! — just dm me <3 https://t.co/rb7fZJD6Ps

Undead Munchies ‏@undeadmunchies

@jamesdraper @luke4496 @Peter__Field I mean true. But at this point you might as well wait, take the money you woul… https://t.co/9R1MXmNYF7

ผัวเธอไง ‏@BaM_93_bAm

@makubemu Woow so lucky

Elizabeth Resch ‏@TygrGyrl

The Beat: $200 Lowe's Gift Card Sweepstakes: https://t.co/sXGUnpUlmF

511PA StateCollege ‏@511PAStateColl

Roadwork on US 15 southbound between Cardinal St and Albert Blvd. There is a lane restriction.

Tsundere Ceylan Bot ‏@tsundereceylan

Let's hang out, Guren! I-I have nothing else to do, so d-don't take it in the wrong way, okay?

eshraùhl ‏@ezeysh

my sabr right now is over the limit ugh

kelly ‏@bieberkjnk

this is so pure omg. ur a literal daddy djsjjd https://t.co/sXUj9MNECB

MC Sunchine ‏@MCSunchine

SweetHeart Your ....Especially The...Of You Sweety In Black & White 29MC&M1 You Are The Most Beautiful Girl I Have Ever Seen !!!!

hypebeast. ‏@aytnigga


abby swain ‏@abby_swain8

@megaan_richh Uhm... yes it should cause me Austin and Avery are all Gemini’s 🤷🏽‍♀️ #bye

jeffswarens ‏@jeffswarens

@DSLikesIt @goodoldcatchy List them. Cause I think the left has been throwing fits from day 1. But he can prove his… https://t.co/0sey2UnBpw

Meliodas 🇿🇼🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈 ‏@Tiniwana

@DeadHyper This is a genuine issue in the black community away with your jokes 😡

Ninja Assassin plus ‏@assassin_plus

Hotaka "I can't hold still much longer, okay?" (Sweet Ending)

The Casual Smart ‏@The_CasualSmart

Peel Hunt Reiterates The Buy Rating They’ve had for AA Plc $AA Shares https://t.co/9CNQzbnpcn

Pauline Burroughs ‏@paulinefbook

Come and join in #MudpieFridays #ChristmasAdventGiveaway #Giveaway #Win #WinitWednesday #FreebieFriday it will run… https://t.co/AMsOiE6NnC

Jasmin Porter ‏@JasminTPorter

Keith Richards’ Wildest Escapades: 19 Insane Tales From a Legendary Life https://t.co/LU4wGMjDSY via @RollingStone 🤘🏻🖤

espn_freshmook ‏@_Da_Class

Lately I been goin threw some things✊🏾 but I’m still focused! December 28 album drops❤️

jimin’s minnie ❄︎ ‏@Ioveforpjm

the way his nose flattens when he smiles it turns into a little triangle:(

Tyler ‏@thehart_oftx

@propjoesays @claydeezy This is all my doing 😎

Ann Michelle ‏@chellyyy06

Yung 1M new followers agad after a day of winning Miss U. Queen! #CatGanern

Rajnish Choudhary ‏@iamRajnish_jaat

Why are you not responding to my messages and mails ? https://t.co/mpALlz4nHe


@WeGotLoves Follback


Common sense is hard https://t.co/u3JoWyC0hs

merdar ‏@merdar7

Pasok kaorhys u r my sunshine my only sunshine..hahaha!!! #iKAOangRHYSonNgSmileKo

Captain John 🛶 ‏@YakBoys_

@5Oshadesofcrazy I just gotta get through today and tomorrow and I’ll be off 6 days. Pray for me lol

Musonda andrew ‏@Musondaandrew2

Sabbath Keepers Lets Confuse Them...Sabbath Was Made For Man And Nt Man For The Sabbath

_SubZero ❄️ ‏@MissAzadd

So so so restless

Jamaal Taylor ‏@jamaal2025

@Thatboinezy I have no idea what traveling is anymore....? This is crazy!!

renzhel ‏@renzhel_

me: alecse: http://weheartitdotcom

🌹 ‏@dyoshn

@bbhyeoI can u make this into a graph im a visual learner

Bec☃️ ‏@Hamster_jinnie

I see there aren't many tall people in this fandom huh

Oli ‏@OliCole99

To stop the car moving if the handbrake fails😂😂 https://t.co/jWUOSccVeo

mosa🧜🏽‍♀️ ‏@missmxshxti

Yoh let me listen to my favourite Guru’s.

Kevo ‏@staywoke_14

Lol never pulled this one before https://t.co/3axEhn4wxf

Peter ‏@BlackRyu82

@GabrielNeil No reason other than crap theatre. Plus Tory the rebels might decide to vote against her in a token v… https://t.co/5QbGAJ24m4

The Jammu Sun ‏@jammu_sun

Govt issues fresh instructions for leaving Headquarters by Officers | https://t.co/x7SXD2bdWO

Haziqah ‏@ziqbaz

Int 15 Baby visit💞👶🏻🌸🌺 https://t.co/OiyoEAa1qP

TCLabz ‏@TCLabz

Good read. These companies certainly have the customers with data overload. And there are hundreds of small startup… https://t.co/h4dXZluhve

Ole ‏@Olemann98

@AmericanDadLive The new sneaky trap

Duncan Heenan ‏@kingpie79

Forest scum .... there is NO justification for this I hope the scum bag who did this is found #findthescum https://t.co/qTyowA6sK1

Midnight Rambler ‏@MidnightRambl20

@mikejbain @SeanPlunket 9/ However, as you can imagine, his is a rather grand intellectual project which it is easy… https://t.co/cYM4Hh7A9W

fxbio ‏@thefabioaugusto

mood https://t.co/3NgmrYHFb6

Andrew Moore ‏@DREW_BarryM00RE

*Driver going 72 in a 65* *sees police officer* *slams on brakes causing a 10 car pile up with multiple casualtie… https://t.co/HHPVkjVySA

Sebastian Athea ‏@SebastianAthea

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/lX8iEAcJT3 Katamari Damacy Reroll - Easy Allies Review

geophf ن ‏@geophf

ROSARY: 1 Sorrowful Mysteries 2018-12-18 By the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, May five babies be saved… https://t.co/JvENrlu23G

JKP ‏@jkpirie

@ripplescrafts @Psychogirl77 @jenireidmog @LidlUK We have the cheese :) https://t.co/z1IEO52SUu

Scuba Steve ‏@TakeOff_Tray

I know I got these fuck niggas pissed off. Im all over they bitch house on the WiFi 🤷🏾‍♂️

steve cowen ‏@a_million_tmrws

I've gotta be honest, I tried to escape you, but the orchestra plays on

Bud M ‏@BudMusgrove

@DavidCornDC @realDonaldTrump @Isikoff So where’s the evidence Trump “colluded” with the Russians, Dave? You’re the… https://t.co/WBIItVOnQJ

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