Tag Space Emoji

Tag Space was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀠 U+E0020


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Hannah Kay ‏@hannahkcoon

@e_morisette19 I honestly feel like I could tell you anything and you would make sense of it for me 😂❤️ you da best

CasinoNews4You ‏@CasinoNews4You

A Total of 79 Operators Indicate Interest in Netherlands’ Gambling Market https://t.co/m5lSLFtCVf https://t.co/v1ZVZJag8z

Распутин ‏@DatoMehmet

@staronline Its Irrelevant whether its an Inside Job or its a blowjob, but Azmin has committed an Offense against N… https://t.co/wRT5x3uLR6

Quoth the Raven Nevermore ‏@LadyRaven3

@TheTrueAmerica5 . Sad—when everything Mitch does is for the wealthy & not for the people who elected him. The Tru… https://t.co/iuj641F3sN

Galaxy ‏@KarakuriGalaxy


Severe Warnings ‏@severewarn

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for George, Perry, and Stone County in MS until 10:30am CDT. #mswx

Jordan Ari Gross ‏@JordanAriGross

Someone just had a genuine laugh on the subway to themself. I caught it. And now, I can’t stop laughing now.

Marnie LePere ‏@marnielepereya1

@DonaldJTrumpJr Donnie I personally would vote for an orangutan before I would ever vote for your corrupt father!… https://t.co/ZWoyHcAHMh

ForgottenBeauty ‏@ForgottenBeauty

" With a scream the Princess rushed forward, and before her wicked sister could prevent her, she had upset the caul… https://t.co/yJLwxjz2XJ

qeen ‏@_biyutiful

i just need someone to talk with

KatVonay ‏@Mile_by_Mile

Joe Biden is talking *really* big about the 2020 map @CNNPolitics https://t.co/1Tg9xx8one

Joseph Vianney ‏@vianney_joseph

Yo who's the rudest actor in the mcu and who's the kindest @TomHolland1996 #AskTomAndJake

h ‏@hvanillla

I’m too attached to my man it’s sicckkkk😭

Highlander was a documentary ‏@MetaAdamJohnson

@dblsuited @peter__stern @goodopinionhavr @nataliesurely I mean no one in the statistical sense, Einstein

Bitcoin Sportsbook 🥇 ‏@SportsbookBTC

NBA 🏀 Sources: Horford to be unrestricted free agent https://t.co/v9LFHC4RMo ► https://t.co/0I4IIflkwI √ https://t.co/nxaCBYkVf6

Ron Witman ‏@ronwwitman

The 10 best college football wide receivers and five best tight ends for the 2019 https://t.co/VYWUBtow0z via @USATODAY

MDB4 ‏@MarquisvDougie

Humble ppl r so focused on serving others, they don’t think of themselves!

OUTMemphis ‏@outmemphis

Our LGBTQ Youth Job Fair is coming up NEXT WEEK! We've invited a whole slew of LGBTQ affirming employers to join us… https://t.co/sUxyHq2WIo

|| 🎧 Chalo Bollywood 🎧 || ‏@bollywoodyyc

Get ready to immerse yourself in the romantic mix of Tere Meri-Phir Se with fadnavis_amruta & BPraak. Out in 2 days… https://t.co/cM4jRwUa5P

Frizzo ‏@FrancescaRoseA

Say it louder for the people in the back!!!! https://t.co/C2oOuu2CIL

Tayy Henn. ‏@kloutboy_

Today is such a good day and its only 9:43 lmaoo 🥳 yall are so funny

TheReachFM 104.9 ‏@thereachfm1049

#MusicWeyDeyPlay #emotions @iRuntown on #Wakawakaexpress with @orume_tobore

PrettyTea💅🏾 ‏@imperfecto___

I'm bout to test this out... https://t.co/vhXNhSr4Ha

ApolloB ‏@ApolloB94

will it ever go down again ;D

Samuel Machat ‏@samuelmachat

@simonsarris @TheAnnaGat HOW ARE YOU UNDER 1000??? Your content is so good ❤️

Toni Olumide ‏@toniOLUMIDE

Your Life is too precious to acquire ALL life's lessons through pain. Learn from others #WisdomTooth #LightBreak

Robbie Trickett ‏@KillerBlaziken

I love digital art like this! https://t.co/tF3xsGx7rP

Jagga ‏@JaggaBTS

Jimin being a little mochi again plus Cooky getting tired but cute 😂💜 https://t.co/fjdYHrJqx4

Dope_Boy❗ ‏@StrapzE

@SommaSaraa Lol but I actually like "PREP SCHOOL" That school was fun to me, but I never remembered you getting a hard time

Patrick ‏@cahulaan

Trump and Xi to Meet at G-20 After Stalled Trade Talks: President Trump confirmed he will meet with President Xi Ji… https://t.co/TdgkTvXtnr

T R Robertson ‏@trrobertson

The Met Covers Up A Chagall Masterpiece To Highlight World Refugee Day - Gothamist https://t.co/l8phQxqmhO

Reno Vasaturo ‏@Nunz_and_Moses

Ehhh not amazing. https://t.co/WPsjtESUSo

Jose Castaneda ‏@joemcasta

@mhanes it's Google's only day off I guess

Dillon Seas ‏@dillon_seas

B515AFE1 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 100 Gabriel https://t.co/8Jnj6oH4v4

South Wales Argus ‏@southwalesargus

Derelict Newport building to be developed into crisis centre for victims of rape and sexual abuse… https://t.co/GTpmJ99zSr

Bring Halo Back ‏@BringHalo

@AaronRespect @lgbtdubu Stop

james smith ‏@jamesWMS

@Druhorton @Andfoz @LanceForman @AlexRitchie147 @vanessafrank3 @RoryStewartUK @Peston Years of EU building ‘trade deals’ ...

Golden Tiger ‏@TheGolden_Tiger

Hey all! Join me on the mat tomorrow night 5:45-6:30PM for a vinyasa flow! Looking forward to flowing with all of y… https://t.co/WmUpxMfRQ8

Shahrukh Ahmed ‏@Shahruk448425

Phad Muh https://t.co/pmlv6AJkUZ

MgS🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦 ‏@MgS_2011

@DrJayDrNo Are you starting to name the voices? /s

2 Brows Only ‏@NebraskaCeltic

This but Kyrie https://t.co/EYAuXKVuNO

Francis Ingham ‏@Ingers1975

@hakalakazoom @tnewtondunn What balls.

ACCG ‏@GACounty

Special announcement! Today at 1:30 pm, @GtScii will reveal the GA Smart winning communities for 2019. The event wi… https://t.co/71ZSwfVj0L

Nacho Escobar ‏@Werth76

@Cinemelodic Bogart, John Wayne y Clint Eastwood

©️®️ ‏@cslick100

I fucked up when I thought niggas was like me for real 🤦🏾‍♂️

Clinton College ‏@Clinton1894

This week we celebrate Juneteenth, the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the U.S. Gas… https://t.co/6CuziKKYn9

Mya 💜 ‏@shookyykoya

@Giddy_TaeTae @Kodaline @BTS_twt I genuinely thought it was fake at first but then I saw it was real and my heart nearly stopped 😭🍀

Lo 🌻 ‏@jupiturd_

accidentally spent R1340 at @shopglowtheory within 5 minutes. https://t.co/CZMuUJBqSt

Hot Buns ‏@ayibas

@Boladeismyname @Rasho_Mcqueen @pharouque47 Lool no o he has been giving me food and light

IPM ‏@PlaceManagement

We're hosting a webinar to introduce our MSc in Place Management and Leadership. The webinar will be led by program… https://t.co/ZvsCOfNrUI

Patch Florida ‏@PatchFlorida

Baby Trump To Fly Over Orlando To Protest Trump Re-Election Bid https://t.co/JilSiw5r5o https://t.co/j5G7DvJTpR

emma!! ‏@cujohlyne

they https://t.co/hXaogLxLBI

☣️ ‏@GiovanZay

@Mido9790 It's the only accessible place I know where I don't know anyone (other than family)

Huai Mao ‏@mao_huai

Terror attacks you mean ?

K. Williams ‏@VZRSportsThunda

@_kbelljr nigga shooting 10/10 from the Field lmao

Gabe Lacques ‏@GabeLacques

@mikefreemanNFL guess Frankie's not triple-platinum, eh?

ನಾನೇ ‏@HindiIlliterate

@nair_hena @Anju1951Purohit @paperrose2k @SUPERINDIANIST @ShuchiG1 @LaxmanManjunath @1_kewal @gouranga1964 @_ankahi… https://t.co/NkXTBoqbql

Joel ‏@jkbedolsky

@realDonaldTrump Your good pal Putin, Comrade Trump. How 7.4 Tons of Venezuela’s Gold Landed in Africa—and Vanished https://t.co/1rsHcSjFUs

FelixtheCat ‏@Felixth30430912

@NadineDorries well thanks to over priced housing , i can't afford to buy a house. So i don't give a rats arse .

Kinky Strange ‏@kinkystrange

Literally https://t.co/6cxnXyX1RF

StayTune 😛 ‏@TyniTreni

I needs a helmet for Jah... all he wanna do is stand and climb but his balance not there yet 🤦🏿‍♀️

geo rog ‏@georog3

@ProudResister @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats #Impeachcoupplotters #DemsInDenial You were duped and now look at y… https://t.co/iPpNPIM8DY

printalloverme ‏@printalloverme

35% off all tanks and muscle tees on https://t.co/Y9v8eRGP1D with HAPPYTANKS 😃 https://t.co/1mVBgRdERl

Brownskiñ Papï🇬🇾 ‏@ZAC_CHOSEN

@ms_octoburrr Yooo where these niggas stay??

♡Sylvie♡ ‏@sylviethesnake

@HadesARG ^She kisses back staying close to him^ ''All I want is for us to be happy together.''

Manfred Rosenberg ‏@4PawShop

RIP my best friend of 9 years. I’m devastated. https://t.co/tVhjMRRNhp https://t.co/GA5oXyiqcm #catsoftheworld… https://t.co/alJ5qdI5Oa

J. Michael Moncus🌹 ‏@hangedman1984

@shaunking He's literally babbling just as much as Trump does

Violet loves Jay!! 💜✨ ‏@NotStraightKiri

Do u ever just look at bakugo and thought of him mercilessly fucking u? Bc I do

Matthew Kyle ‏@KingoftheBorks

@jdmumma @darren04 @kayleighmcenany @realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump Barrack Hussain O?

DeltaRichmond Greens ‏@DeltaRichGreen

@TOGreens @ElizabethMay What's more important? A #ClimateEmergency determining our future or #Raptors? Shouldn't ha… https://t.co/F6VcEJDL9B

Tim Tamimi ‏@ttamimi0

NPM has no faith in me. https://t.co/egYvLfNPBC

Jess 'CinnaBite' Pak (she/her) ‏@HealthPakStream

@CurtCarbonell welp. I guess need to make a trip from Boston to BC soon.

PIX11 News ‏@PIX11News

Police investigating after baby found dead in Queens: officials https://t.co/nmOBykbVya

Monica Carvalho ‏@MonicaLNDN

Armin Donhauser @AOFoundation on how he and his team are using Salesforce and Fonteva to do more good in the world!… https://t.co/Ks6CYYPs3N

I deserve some accolades. 🇬🇭 ‏@AlmightyUncle_

@MAYXL_ Cos niggas can’t afford to stay there b 🤣🤣

JP ‏@CaxtonJP

@aklolu @kayodea @OlumbeAKinkugbe @wnmlimited nice initiative @aklolu

Jason Elliott 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@xlJasonxl

@_TheTrueBrits does that pictures of Pogba confirm at man utd are licence this year https://t.co/qROaa1sMZm

L Boogie™️ ‏@honcholance

@empresscrys not the ahh yes tho lmao

Val ‏@val40z

Omfggggg 🤣😍 https://t.co/Y27xZR6N04

Maveric Lopez ‏@Mabesaurus

@Benzzz_Sam More? More! https://t.co/ESD1SHE7jf

RollinFrosty ‏@RollinFrosty

Why can bhad Bhabie be black but not ari 😔

ʜᴀɴ #fairynakoday ‏@joyuriz_


🌎 Sarwar 🌐 ‏@ferozwala

Sputnik #Google Calendar reportedly down all over the globe https://t.co/PVqSKE7qaG

Michael Bugarin ‏@Mitch_Legit

Please heal my fresh wounds and be my guardian 🙏

Erica Wilkinson ‏@EverywhereErica

@Nicole_Cliffe Desi Arnaz had this reaction too -- what is it with brilliant straight men unable to keep it in thei… https://t.co/TJYaSew8TU

nm.afqh ‏@afqh_nm

help me with this mentality

Mustapha ‏@_MustaphaUsman

@AbdullahiUDK Wooow😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I stan a king

J I Walkup ‏@jwalkup

@DionneMCustis I wasn't disagreeing with him. He's worried and I'm telling him that perhaps he doesn't need to wor… https://t.co/PKcDzHtjtR

DepressedBrit ‏@DepressedBritYT

@TheInsideMan7 @BoomPlatang @JayDubcity16 Yeah

Andrus Rock ‏@andrus_rock

@TheGM11 If only it could work that way. Could you imagine: Gobert Harris Ingles Mitchell Beverly Favors Crow… https://t.co/S7UFGjpzVt

Dennis ‏@omp87

Not quite the way I wanted to see a former student make the front page of CNN. https://t.co/W2EYpVVHQh

Gooner Nayr ‏@NayrTheGooner

@FabrizioRomano What about news that Atletico are interested in Xhaka?

Em'ya Rhythm news BC ‏@Emya05

@BabatundeKoiki @NGSuper_Falcons I wish this feat achieved by these God blessed heroines of Nigeria is imbibed by p… https://t.co/aF1W75ZBpn

Izzit Ulysses ‏@IzzitUlysses

His hand turned the page over.

Izzit Ulysses ‏@IzzitUlysses

Gibraltar and Rehoboth, Dolphin’s Barn.

Shahbaz Majeed ‏@Shahbaz_M796

Sometimes later becomes never. DO IT NOW

SlnScarlet ‏@_minzin_mz


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