Tag Space Emoji

Tag Space was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀠 U+E0020


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Amani Inglish ‏@Young__Bouze

This Uber driver stink or maybe it’s car Lmfaoo

c̸r̸i̸s̸ ‏@ihateyoucris

oh. my. fucking. god. https://t.co/o3R0GKW9v5

Dionne Gee ‏@PUNC_dionnegee

Essay complete! Now for an evening off with Chinese and Harry Potter 🙊🙊 #PUNC18

Batıkan ‏@secondplunge

goat https://t.co/xUNktWocQm

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 ‏@SoapFanForLife

Monday! #GenieIsGH #GH 😃 https://t.co/v9wG16Xhop

The Wolf Channel72 ‏@Channel1Wolf

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/zGSQ8sYzCf BEING A YOUTUBER IN MINECRAFT!!

Mauricio Tavares ‏@DerRaubvogel

Oregon trail winner @bsidesrdu https://t.co/UCaAWeLiFb

exo + zyx day !! ‏@xiusbyun

It's 1am i am up for at least an hour more because I'm tryna complete assignments ahead

🌼April 🌼 ‏@Ovo_1030

Why am i cryingggg at this😭😭 https://t.co/ujsdiWHJKh

matty 🎃 ‏@mattymurd0ck

@Luna_cariad You’re having a wild October

IdentityV Queen💦🐳 ‏@SavageeQueennnn

Omg the dancer is so pretty I love her ❤😍💃 #IdentityV https://t.co/xx1rWh5Sgo

Elmarie Wepener✞ ‏@elmariewepener

Coffee mail preview- the way the Holy Spirit summarises events makes that everything really makes sense. The bigger… https://t.co/7GTX3wE8F9

Patti Butler ‏@Pdbutler2018

@CBSThisMorning @JoeBiden Vote Blue!

ghost of turdmerchant ‏@jonsghosted

@wwwdotyoutube No wonder they hired him

Hannah Grubbs ‏@HannahGrubbs513

Thanks mom https://t.co/2zIj73Ui5D

EIND ‏@EindH1


WordBurn Steinem ‏@WordBurnSteinem

@freedominvision Please tell me you are being facetious!

Слэнди ‏@my_little_yeba

#Venom venom and eddie https://t.co/sLj6II1xB4

Ms. Andry ‏@NoireN

Previously on The Queen Of The South... https://t.co/E4ZD6G00cB

anna / GAIA'S DAY! ‏@Iovetolust

you dont need a concert for suicide pervention what the fuck

Bishesh Bajagai ‏@I_am_Bishesh

@Barca19stats Wait what.🤔😂 Hope Sevilla’s manager isn’t as smart as you are

Evelyn Arguelles ‏@evelynnnicole

Wasting my time 💯

تُرك ‏@sheturkwolf

@Shamlawista this song is an everlasting masterpiece✨

J.R. ‏@_jrgarcia

@geminicollect Yes! Thank you!!!

𝚋𝚛𝚞 ‏@ifspepi

i think me and helo are both crackheads

A person ‏@careful_now0

@lisaluvstoast Beans on toast with cheese on top (dash of worcestershire sauce too).

MSFT ‏@ChaseWirtz

@ayeemiky_THCG Travis always got the sick video edits

Strong Style Jiu Jitsu ‏@CaliforniaMMA

@Attyg3 @FieldYates To be fair I wasn’t letting everyone know that. But I get you.

issie loves spencer ‏@dreamtari

idk i was literally in such a good mood 5 seconds ago and now i feel sad ahain

Amy Marie ‏@AmyMari39487401

virgin defloration orgasm porn huge dick small dick porn first time sex videos virtual blowjob penis massage japane… https://t.co/qZ7lp5wzVv

Alex Soti ‏@Ajsoti

@jenniferlee_75 im scared for your mentions rn

ᴋʟᴀʀᴀ ‏@cloudyeth

i’m starting to break out, rUde

Plz RT Pinned || A-Truckk [2.2K] #FaZe5 ‏@IAmATruckk

@SetSniping Thank you for the support 🙌

American Tommy🇺🇸 ‏@TWN228

@gfberner @LisaM3732 @Tom_Winter @MaddowBlog And there are many uninformed and programs leftists who haven't figure… https://t.co/KgqsN02oIE

Racing ‏@racingtheband

@bellaleysampson Animals

Federico Andrade Rivas ‏@andradefederico

Pretty much like my first academic networking, when taking my first steps in a new field!! #phdlife @AcademicsSay… https://t.co/iMbXFBZelE

Laura ‏@Lolly_Jean

@notlarrysabato What the hell???

Laura Brown ‏@socalaura

@ipheebzz @PressSec @JoaquinCastrotx Sanders accuses Democrats of what her boss is guilty https://t.co/naH4afVKDV

The Nopes ‏@the_nopes

@CreativePens_ YAS (lol 😋) https://t.co/BkyFsjk60c

Virginia Cavaliers ‏@VirginiaSports

[email protected] knows to be ready for the Duke offense tomorrow. Hear how the Hoos are preparing for tomorrow's ACC s… https://t.co/60pe0NkEIX

Genji ‏@LEKGenji

@Jerdah904 @painfuhly @Acentiic @Vorrty @Slawpster @HorizinsFall @Nioxist @SmutzTheJoke Done fag

QUEEN ‏@favour_emma

Thank you Vaughan! Love you 🤗 https://t.co/E8oghV7u4H

vampire🦇rickhates🎃spice💜🌹🎧 ‏@yungbrizfe

@KyuPretty @Twitter Why is your pupper so adorably cute he's not even trying lol Videos are always best to showcas… https://t.co/l7w61a23uy

Thomas Ward ‏@ThomasW73562147

Compromise https://t.co/dX5dqyuJIQ

Scary Cherry 🍒🎃 ‏@misscherryjones

@donachaidh How are there people even more dumb to believe him.

ㅤㅤㅤw ‏@debbysjournals

can my mutuals stop quoting selulu stans? i don't want to see this shit on my tl pls n ty

Jarrett Seidler ‏@jaseidler

@spelledwithaZ tfw you win the race to add Duke Johnson

𝒫. ‏@etheraI__

dealt with too much that I didn’t deserve but I’m still going to keep my heart genuine and pure. I’ll just be more wise

Stephen Williams ‏@valdanowill

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/FSK7UTywOc *NEW* Trick Or Treat Gamemode in Fortnite Battle Royale!

lauren 👻 ‏@LaurenMcKenna92

@Faye_Tozer can you please please teach @alfonso_ribeiro some steps dance routines while he is here because i need… https://t.co/k2wq4HlHVL

Marcia Ueber ‏@Maarcie

@preponxvause This Photo is from 2012

ˢᵠᵘᶦˢʰ and bts in Paris 🇫🇷 ‏@jeoncurious01


🆎™ ‏@ABB3127

I love visiting Marshall, Missouri. It’s so beautiful. https://t.co/pThjaL2dGk

TOPPER TOP🍾 ‏@RevErskineGH

Part of my family reside there ❤️ they own the bakery. https://t.co/ystv316pq0

Esca Jensen ‏@EscaJensen

@thedad "There Was Only One." That's not ominous at all... (The babe) Alternatively: "Three bozoz. One ballet com… https://t.co/DCgNo9kIkd

Jack Bruford ‏@Jack_Bruford

@phibbs10 @ProD_Soccer Pro direct soccer means as their advertising them butt 🤣

Peter H Todd ‏@Peter_H_Todd

Stats & Facts: @RGrosjean 140th F1 race. #USAGP #F1

moe ‏@mgs_xo

@OkayBoog @karaajayy That’s why we love you forever 🖤🖤🖤🖤

YaCy Search Engine ‏@yacy_search

@CAISnrw With a YaCy Grid demonstration on screen and a supercomputer simulation model for the #Grid on the floor..

Debbie Gonzales ‏@DebGonzales5

@NewInNineteen @Kim_Chaffee @PageStreetKids @WilbursBF_Char @Kristen_Nobles @SoCalledYALife @bookendslit @KVSwitzer… https://t.co/mBGTEPhQzj

Bushido Brown ‏@rebelgabe

Run the ball @Eagles

Theresa ‏@theresatruth

@FoxNews @POTUS Do that Mr. Pres.! Close that southern border now and use the military to keep them out! This would… https://t.co/urQ8dU1byW

Jessie ‏@janey357

@nytimes Shame on the U.S. if people are afraid of their vote being suppressed, we had citizens die to protect that right!

YTS™ ‏@Lilsoso_

@maxxwinner Having another team is fine but rooting against like hoping they lose is weak lol

azura did that ‏@Ilovekumiko

Stan!!!! https://t.co/SkTDmjBmFZ

🧛🏼‍♀️lyzz @twewyween 💀🎃 ‏@lyzzillie

tip 2: when said stranger politely asks your kids to stop blowing bubbles in her face, don’t let them fucking stare… https://t.co/hw1aJRqi1W

Emmma ‏@EmmaDeSanzo

@SERJ93653069 Noooo excited https://t.co/sChZOWEGtC

Jay Cifer ‏@Jaycifer_

@lazcful @vKylza @Knzha_ @ING Kyle is trash

Denielle 🧜🏻‍♀️ ‏@theblondiee__

Shoutout out to ya ex cause yall will never meet again 🤷🏼‍♀️

T U C K E R ‏@MsAshleyTucker

Today I used a pencil sharpener. Really took me back.

🔍uotecasm🔥 ‏@Shayarcasm

Enjoy @miakhalifa https://t.co/ZN3Mw4whAy

Katia ✨ JK ‏@_KatiaMarquez

@ultkwons Thank you I shall add him to my thread of idols with tattoos

Aristotle Quotes ‏@Gr8AristotleQ

Anybody can be angry, but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, that is not easy

Landen Wyant ‏@LandenWyant

CLAIM NOW https://t.co/ZDHNWZXk81

kai ‏@medicalmoment

fake you out can eat a dick https://t.co/4cTCYY0sE7

Yvette J R ‏@YvetteJacqR

@zombiRN @toSaveUSA @britin17k @ForeverBeloved1 @rieth_damon @quaker4change @AviFlyGirl @WineAndCheet0s @jontester… https://t.co/Gt8JtBoGin

Hyungwon t1,7k ‏@hyungwoi

It is 21:30 CEST now

feareturn 🦋💋💄 ‏@fearandturn__

That thing of khh artists liking Jennie ain't just a rumor. Lot of them follow her on Instagram and sometimes also… https://t.co/jQksZqRSmh

Gelly ‏@14gelly

. @TheXFactor contestant Danny Tetley boasted that one of the biggest voices on the planet, @adamlambert , slipped… https://t.co/rgpR5jDkl0

Martin Andrew Schultz ‏@mas2live4gold

What is this man doing to test anything he's overthrowing Assurance measures I'm not insured by you that you didn't… https://t.co/3ChwRPeQHO


“Defined by sex”?? 😆 GTFOH with your excuses. https://t.co/zyHh9buHLx

Chris ‏@seismicshed

@martinlee_ @bhsayn Never been one to mince my words Martin...

b2b trade leads ‏@b2btradeleads

Cotton Seeds - Sell Offer: we are intend to buy Cotton Seeds for end use purpose ...... we… https://t.co/7qpljFK8po… https://t.co/MqJcDB2uRB

Millionaire la flare ‏@DeeRene_

@leenuhbee Right! I know it’s not a perfect system b/c u fly standby but I wanna try lol

Royals👑 🔜@TwitchCon ‏@RoyalsGio

@WishYaLuckk Damn man. This hurts to see, but good luck. Ill be there but as a spectator unfortunately

Fire Boi [email protected]@Kizer_Ken

@BornFreeTweets See you there!

ya mammy. ‏@Mz2euceBOSS

My fantasy team holding on by a thread. Imma have to give up something by Wk 9

Jags México ‏@JaguarsMexico

Fifth round? It’s ok for me. Welcome Carlitos!

I_Am_Sibusiso_Sibaya ‏@sibusiso_sibaya

Goodnight everybody... 😘😘😘😘

Apocalypse Dad ‏@_oz___

Film is absolutely fucking magical

Jasti Yogesh ‏@PseudoSarcastic

@TechPluto @jetairways Sure, I will. Looks like you're gonna be the saviour for all those passengers/victims of ca… https://t.co/oCte0gEj9I

The Sage ‏@WhatsUpSage

@RichardLopez67 True

Micheal Brown ‏@MoneyyBee

don’t bother name the nominees travis just won music video of the year https://t.co/XMjHteraE2

Akeem Williams ‏@AkeemyMcDreamy

A pleasure watching my man @vandellandrew do his thing @delaneyvineyardstx Side note my favorite wine there was the… https://t.co/EjsXM2niY2

GENZ 🦄 ‏@DazzlingGenz

@kodeerants 💕👏Good Luuuuck love ☺💕

JCU Compliments ‏@JCUcompliments

Patrick Keohane is A great person. Very compassionate

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