Tag Space Emoji

Tag Space was approved as part of Unicode 3.1 in 2001 and added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.


󠀠 U+E0020


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kevin'13 ‏@blurrysire

@mcateesire oh im taking haleys ticket LMAO

Gerald Sanders ‏@GeraldS676750

@thekiranoir Ok! Pretty Lady!

Mario Level Ideas ‏@MarioLevelIdeas

Gimmicks: Bullet Bills & Goomba Theme: Castle

coast moet ‏@coastmoet

@ForeignCubaaan_ I rap 2 times better than that nigga

Ashish C Shah ‏@_AshishCShah

@SirJadeja @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @PakPMO @KSAmofaEN @MoIB_Official @PTVNewsOfficial @arabnews @gulf_news… https://t.co/Y6Rn5JPYOV

parker ‏@sophieluvr1

testosterone - boys harlequin - girls

FAT ASS KELLY PRICE ‏@zeroonewatts

@_tylatee magical, good, peculiar. that’s all i can say so far 😂

Mr. Completely ‏@Mr_Completely

@ConnorSouthard just straight to hyperspace galaxy brain all the time, no fucking around with any of the earlier pa… https://t.co/zuaN1psZmc

Arianna ‏@aeezus

Only people from de will understand 💀 https://t.co/tOhavv40Sj

A$AP A$TRID 💸💸 ‏@_Astridmariee_

Started writing poetry today and omg , I’m dark

Expendable Blood Bag ‏@AndRuKeller

@immerspaetlin @theadvocatebr @AOC Good

TC ‏@ToneCFC

@EmenalosBAWA @NiceGuyKenny @CFCCallum Or won the league or UEFA cup or competed in the champions league etc etc

i s a b e l l a ‏@BellaRebellious

I wonder if anyone would legit notice if I walked out right now and didn’t come back cause really considering it 🤔

Aleysia✨aisyelA ‏@_ProjectLeysia

Twitter is for you to say whatever tf you want stop typin then deleting bitch post that shit!

lry smith ‏@MeAConservative

@bangordailynews Thank you BDN. I do not approve of your socialist slant on most articles, i DO appreciate your fac… https://t.co/XdHGK5i1E8

Chen Cheng ‏@chencheng890

@coolcoffeedan Drop them already !! https://t.co/TmiSRxhzAo

Reece A.J. Chambers ‏@ReeceAJChambers

Romania - Eurovision 2019 reaction https://t.co/EIxtAfuFYg via @wordpressdotcom

Sehost ‏@SehostXer

The one time we go 6-1 in duo we lose the game because our team can't do jack shit. This matchmaking is really real… https://t.co/2E1Q2GnYfk

Lindsay ‏@lindsaycaite

Wow my wives @SammKMC and @j___ill brought me flowers so I would feel included in their vday date 🥰🥰


@RJMcL Heard Killie tried to claim at a Q&A that to put grass down would cost the club £10million. I'd hate to thin… https://t.co/V4tH9C0u72

ISS Above ‏@ISSAboveYou

Hello @Space_Station from Garden County Students In Oshkosh, NE 255.4 mi away @NASA_Johnson #issabove https://t.co/iuRH6bZW1f

dizznmo ‏@dizznmo1

@realannapaulina Thank the lord! When we become ok with killing a babies beating heart that’s when our world will e… https://t.co/11M7EXS1AB

Hoops N Brews ‏@HoopsNBrews

Maybe first year Wade after that nope -Pavy https://t.co/F1R4uipSzN

Lisa ‏@scrappnlisa

If only this were true. https://t.co/Z80roXuI3M

Tei Hiratsuka ‏@HiratsukaTei

50D9CEB7 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 120 Grimnir https://t.co/ofLu7j6Y6z

ALY ‏@AlyssaDaguro

salbakuta x andrew e 😂 early morning jam.

The Kid Jr ‏@suaven2g

@_JRS79 I’d have I meant

Owel ‏@owelChaOs

Good morning!

Rich ‏@RichFiend

@soapachu I saw it straight after I posted this

Adrian Pedersen ‏@Adriansen

@schish76 Dette er beyond creepy.

Mark Keske ‏@milehighkeske

@JasonSobelTAN Looking at a Monday finish 😂😂

aran ‏@sunwillris3

okay this makes no sense at all okay i'm gonna sleep don't mind me https://t.co/qlqpdUEowS

Made in Anos 90 ‏@TheEvilKim

@Juhnicornio27 Sim!!!!!! Smash com 8 players!!!!!!!

Maskquerade ‏@cafranklin98

Update I am gong to be ready in 20 mins @valeriagonv @EnchantedMining @CohenWasNotHere @ReggieTheGamerX @gabinunescg @bezpop810

Sammi ‏@Centch

Fully shaded commission for Mimiero on DeviantART! https://t.co/jbMYPKoYe2

Ruck.Beer ‏@RuckDotBeer

Wow! Here's a throwback for you. This is the very first post I ever wrote about @GORUCK. https://t.co/B5lR3oBTTj

Myles Deschamp 🐢 ‏@MylesDeschamp

I would honestly hope that “people with true integrity” would recognize the difference between positive, constructi… https://t.co/oHUJneivcb

Marvellous Person ‏@bilalsaam

When Republicans Favored Taxes https://t.co/bhbmvs4cwL


@Sweeegu @AyoJaguda Me too please.

COPA DEALS ‏@deals_copa

Hot Daily Deals | Bringsmart 5D200GN-CC 12-24V DC Motor 200W High Speed Motor 1800-3000rpm Permanent Magnet High To… https://t.co/RKYQMgaWTk

Geppetto ‏@TheGreyGenesis

Never, never, never. https://t.co/pzIk8RDRIM

raffa 🐝 ‏@mariephantom

@champagnefig RUDE

MOST HATED ‏@Novmbrsown

Funnel cake fries & apple pie 🥧

mark stewart ‏@postyboymark

@georgiebingham A fucking melt

QueenLovatoX ‏@glowXlovato

@lodevamito208 Goodnight <3 Ily 🤟🏻

Mimi🤤 ‏@LovingOnMimi

I really be acting like I don’t have options

DCtheBruin 💛💙🐻✌ ‏@DCtheBruin

Q: What happens when you shit on your allies and align with the world's most evil dictators? A: ⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://t.co/Lb3hQ8gaBm

уєѕѕι ‏@yesdilex

@lion_boi1 @hecateandhoney Juneily NO

H.R. Christian ‏@bumbobumbo

@ChatByCC @realDonaldTrump When @realDonaldTrump opens his mouth to lie, & the media reports this lie, who has beco… https://t.co/C7NfAUjAMy

Skylar ‏@realKirky_1

8 when I was a kid I did this weird thing where I wasn’t depressed

Devildog [TBG] ‏@AdamMWilson2

@Phantastik6 I legit have only hit three headshots.

Astranamic ‏@AstranamicRBX

@TrustyTrus (Through Drive Thru)

(Very Happy) Jack Frost ‏@YoungJackFrost

If you are upset right now tell me. #YoungJackBot

Doug Edge Sr ‏@dedge1325

Democrats Pass Bill to Fund College for Illegal Immigrants with Taxpayer Money https://t.co/Y0Ym64HcCa

Calhan Market ‏@CalhanMarket

Skull ice is festive year-round if you're creepy enough. Snag yours here: https://t.co/pkSQO9KanQ https://t.co/T8Q21i31Q9

lucille ♡ ‏@arianasxnasa

@atherianaGrande now it’s so much easier tho

Harland H.T. ‏@AvengingLiberal

@thehuntinghouse @kellywind @paulkrugman The reason Hillary lost was because 1)your boy Bernie unnecessarily divide… https://t.co/9XC5bqUjPU

Jamie selenium ‏@SeleniumJamie

@seleniumsnake 02/17/2019 21:44:22 |Love the Awful Ninja


@S_h_a_z Fuck that 😂 I'm not giving ea money for making a shitty game

. ‏@OfficialJSoulja

Kinfolk going in https://t.co/VI9q91DBw8

Judy C ‏@chanbersJudy

@TheMarkPantano @AOC In all of my life I have not read anything as funny as this piece on AOC, absolutely hilarious… https://t.co/5jze5URfWU

Aqua News ‏@AquaNewsAlert

Bernie Sanders Stumbled With Black Voters in 2016. Can He Do Better in 2020? https://t.co/nD19DpEnDE

محمد شعیب ‏@shabee62

@sayedzbukhari @ImranKhanPTI THANKS is a very small word. We cannot pay THANKS to PM Imran Khan. WE LOVE YOU, All… https://t.co/xywqEDG32E

Rudelle ‏@katlantis7

This big dumb

Annie:) ‏@_asabeaa_

@nii__amu Send

𝑅𝑢𝑠𝑠𝑒𝑙𝑙 𝑇ℎ𝑜𝑚𝑎𝑠 ‏@MrMeritology

@generativist As you might already see, this is YUGE! The reality of it is still sinking feeling in.

M. Badry ‏@NotBadry

@haxodeel Lol just be careful not to drop him

DK-Nonie-Hobi Day ♡ [17's Ale] ⋈ Cheol's🍕Stan SF9 ‏@soft4Ten

What is something that you're proud of yourself for? — Aver imparato a dire il fanchant di Thanks senza sbagliare ✌🏼 https://t.co/HGXqbxjwPu

les bien ‏@Iavrakinney

lrt- me whenever something isn't right in the house

Vic Henderson ‏@vicstaa

@NASCAR this stage system is garbage. Stages are for rally racing ... Not 43 cars going in a circle.

L. Searing ‏@lsearin9

Congratulations to Naz Dance Team for coming in 2nd at the UDA New England regional competition! @nazathletics… https://t.co/xTI0rVNdle

aka ian ‏@GarynotPhil

@othersuttree @LilyWaite_ More to that story noel...

Pussy Poppin' Pauline💋 ‏@kiaraa_brielle

okay but like One Day At A Time szn 2 finale still has me bawling 😭😭

Nieboogie ‏@SeXiiNie

Now I need a cookie

. ‏@fiImcinema

everyone on the timeline getting exposed https://t.co/Vq62JhHLoK

mamma h ‏@r3dhagg

@NellyNellieNels @DoloresCatania Well this old news

John ‏@wannabreak80

@eff_yeah_steph you def dont look forty! hope this doesn't come off weird but I see the "little girl" you in your eyes!

Learna ‏@Civilsin_

@catherine_allin ❤🤗 ( happy tears I'm hoping) https://t.co/bAnPfaipov

cool milk 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@fellbloods

My goal in life is to have a Pavlovian effect on people, and to be so abrasive with my humor that people look at me… https://t.co/PgXUsJGZFv

Naci💡Ak ‏@Reisci_Nefer

@HatemVatanseve2 @M_Suyabatmaz53 Amin amin👍🏻

Craigory Mintz ‏@CraigMintz09

Princess night @ToledoWalleye https://t.co/Y9Ywqd6xK6

NW Ohio Wx ‏@NWOhioWeather

Most of the mixed winter precipitation has tapered off for now. Still some light snow in northern Williams County c… https://t.co/OrHpsApvdy

Mike Tunac ‏@MikeTunac808

Noam Chomsky when he and Edward Herman wrote that book had some serious foresight. https://t.co/fzr12Ah0mb

Deborah Mertens ‏@sailseeker10

@manufalcetti @sottoinchiesta 😄❤️🤙🏼Very Funny!

Donald 4 Trump 2020 ‏@daherr10

@hrtablaze BAA HA HA Damn were YOU played @FoxNewsSunday by Steven Miller. Just like a fiddle. https://t.co/ZnIw0OV6U8

Alex🦅🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ‏@cpfcalex611

@TomCannon93 @Robhtafc @MaccaGio Surprised you can see your phone with that beak

s ‏@fondbean

@LiamPayne ur so good i’m so proud of you

محمد راجي بن عبدالله مويى ‏@Official_mallam

@SerieAinPidgin Make dem just give the Old Mama this cup already. Her dominance dey frustrate no be small.

Portal ASTRO 🌿 ‏@portal_ASTRO

[VID] 17.02.2019 KBS Open Concert: ASTRO - Bloom #ASTRO @offclASTRO https://t.co/5A0IoLzYj2

Elsa Ramon ‏@ElsaRamonOnAir

I noticed! 😉 https://t.co/37NCDIhYkG

nicole ‏@buteraxw

gurl ur right https://t.co/Hn9hepWJm0

Ian Potter ‏@ianzpotter

@TheLisaBowerman @purves_peter @MatthewVernon3 @0tralala @tomallencomedy @bigfinish That Vardan wasn't bad either.

Jacqueline Williams ‏@jacwilliams

Oh yes. https://t.co/96EZfxf5Kv

i *still* have post ii depression :( ‏@rainyhowlter

Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: ADIDAS WOMEN’S 24/7 TRAINERS. https://t.co/hZEKSA9fXN via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset

Jackie Harrison ‏@nanny2lucie

@unitextiles Love these PJ's

Teal Mango ‏@MangoTeal

@WinningNiche Do you have a Snapchat tryna collab on a beat ?

Finnré 💛🥨💙 ‏@advmdrivers

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? — IX to go the way I hope it will (Bendemption and Finnrey), a bi… https://t.co/ZfvOFcA3ky

pey2x ‏@damnusleep

baby i’m comin after you to do a 69 with you baby girl & i been doin tongue exercises

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