Takeout Box Emoji

A tall, cardboard box with a folding lid. Most commonly associated with Chinese Takeout food in the USA and other western countries. The color of the box may vary by vendor.

This box may show an insignia or logo on the front, and/or be accompanied by chopsticks. Sometimes referred to as an oyster pail.

Takeout Box was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🥡 Chinese Food Box

🥡 Oyster Pail


🥡 U+1F961


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Camille ‏@khamilleesi

chinese takeout 🥡 https://t.co/aQss4qgJl2

Deborah Chen ‏@MissDeborahAnn

My Birthday Dinner 2018 🎂👑♏️🐶🥡🍷#scorpioseason #yearofthedog #birthdaygirl #novemberbaby @ Hunan Taste https://t.co/MkZwhytHUw

Deborah Chen ‏@MissDeborahAnn

My Birthday Dinner 2018 🎂👑♏️🐶🥡🍷#scorpioseason #yearofthedog #birthdaygirl #novemberbaby @ Hunan Taste https://t.co/AMVoRVh26Z

Stephanie Macapagal ‏@MacAppleGal

Ahhh floating chao fan 🥡 (Others: it’s Tangled you uncultured swine) https://t.co/kLLIuIYj0B

Deborah Chen ‏@MissDeborahAnn

My Birthday Dinner 2018 🎂👑♏️🐶🥡🍷#scorpioseason #yearofthedog #birthdaygirl #novemberbaby @ Hunan Taste https://t.co/PVSesBhm1W

Deborah Chen ‏@MissDeborahAnn

My Birthday Dinner 2018 🎂👑♏️🐶🥡🍷#scorpioseason #yearofthedog #birthdaygirl #novemberbaby @ Hunan Taste https://t.co/4N3QEughiV

FC|ArticHero ‏@pepantig

@MaxKetchum_ Dim Sum, KBBQ and pork buns should be in the tier list as well 🥟🍱🥡

AmiBel&Art ‏@AmiBelArt

🎁🥡🎁ThankYou WalesEngland,. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿~🌽


[🥡] #SJUPDATES RE: NCT 127 R-I SUM GOODS 📦 REFUND We have refunded all those who opted for BDO 😄 Thank you for your patience, Czennies! 💚

[WIZ*ONE] 빅토 ‏@Victory_IZONE

@curime0 Rose-Flavored Cream🌹🥡

Madam Weera 🦉 ‏@MsWeera

Set to be a super flop 😂 soon I will get to eat chana or laiyya by street vendors on it’s pages. 📖 =🥡 https://t.co/TKTCSVeiIL

LuvXDre ‏@DatDamnScooby

| Asian Barbie Doll 🥡| . . . . Model. yaya_flawless Designer. flyshitonlyclothing_ . Shooter @DatDamnScooby… https://t.co/W6kldOX6EW

Christina Marie ‏@christinaMMSD

Sometimes you just need some @jackshardcider and Chinese takeout with your work family 🥡 https://t.co/FQHn2y1SVp

koops ‏@KoopsXP

@BiggestBake @seawolf_14 Woah I’m just dropping all my balls all over the place ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🎱🍽🏉… https://t.co/1IgFMYaWY3

| 𝚛𝚘𝚣𝚎𝚕𝚢𝚗𝚗 | ‏@__rozelynn__

so.. i just found out the im allergic to myself. 👌👌🤠🤠🧀🧀😔😔👏👏🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🙏🙏🙏🍫🍰🍣🍙🍢🍜🥢🥃🍷🥡 yes 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

Cindy ‏@cindysuen

💖My 2nd iMessage sticker pack is now on @AppStore ! Please buy it!! 💖 ----> https://t.co/obOS20qN9r Total of 25 ani… https://t.co/6Hu1WQdXXQ

Lady Gaga ‏@followhelpgaga

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PROJECTO FOLLOW ‏@projectoidolsME

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Peter Beer ‏@PeterjBeer

Visiting my lovely friend @laehey in Plymouth tonight (🍷&🥡) before a few days at the parentals. Sharing my bed (sof… https://t.co/DjySQMCcaI

Big ‏@BigR50792436

@GretchenLynn48 I hope you get some rest and next Friday get Takeout 🥡 there’s no cooking or cleaning just enjoyin… https://t.co/GOGXhqt3xi

#FreeHenry 🙏🏽 ‏@MarcoSo100

Finally got my rice & wings.. 🥡🍗

ZERO ‏@tharealzero

#Repost @eventsidaho (get_repost) ・・・ Get your pre-sale tickets as low as $10! Don’t wait! $20 at the door to see J… https://t.co/i2OJJUbfAh

Degrassi High ‏@DegrassiHigh2

@CBCAlerts Weight Watchers will be thrilled🍕🍟🍔🍗🥓🍖🥞🥨🍳🍲🍿🍮🥧🍰🍦🎂🍪🍩🍨🍧🍦🥡🍝🥤🍹☕

C. Fung ‏@titaness

Discovery of the day: https://t.co/FLAmJWVL7J 🥡

Feelin' Whisky ‏@feelinwhisky

SEND NOODS 🥡 thinkin about this Japchae (Korean noodle stir-fry) I made for dinner the other night and wishing I ha… https://t.co/cBr4kgdlLl

ً ‏@blemfr

trade free follows 10 or less 🥡

🕴🏽 ‏@felipelowvibes

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𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚜 ⛄️❄️ ‏@theodraws_



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ALTER EGO ‏@Ego9Alter

@turamkirk @WilliamShatner This could all be a very clever bluff by William. Maybe he’s going to take every followe… https://t.co/ga7nagM7Kf

ALTER EGO ‏@Ego9Alter

@shysteee2018 Lol. He’s a man. We’re all useless! Ps/ order a takeaway!🥡

Craig Gamble ‏@cgamble02

Got mine pal the other day £26 boom 💥 set for a takeaway 🥡 lol 😂 https://t.co/mwwtcGDVXE

Eat Drink Anthem ‏@EatDrinkAnthem

Fall leaves, football, bonfires, rainy days and... Kegged Mai Tais 😉🥡 | 📷 @chocolateismyvice https://t.co/pQgwzKFG3F

Chris Peach🌲 ‏@ChrisPitfc

After a very busy & exhausting week I think me and lozbruce87 deserve this !! 🍷 🥡 #Indian #RedWine #Takeaway… https://t.co/oKMEH2NoOV

Vinewood Motors ‏@Vinewood_motors

My wife knows whats up!🥡 https://t.co/M3CfK6HCMf

Janna Hall ★ ‏@fateddiva

Happy Friday! What is everyone's' plans for the weekend? 🥡

JayGotSomethingToSay ‏@jnicoler3

I swear...all I do my days off is sit home and think about food 🤦🏽‍♀️ Today the craving is shrimp fried rice 🍤 🍚 🥡 #NoVegatables

🌙midge ‏@sometimesemilie

NY bests MA in basically all food, except Chinese food 🥡

Jessica York ‏@jessforlaughs

#Repost Say Allo with @get_repost ・・・ When you're waiting for your takeout to arrive. 💛🥡 #imissu #thestruggleisreal https://t.co/RVQ0iUZ0KM

dejun ‏@xiaojuniorr

[ 🥡 ] — 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐲 https://t.co/ezM7mT0Qwt

Soul Sauce ‏@skimane314

A lil bland but a close substitute 🥡

Christian Alexander Cruz ‏@cacruz03

Today’s the day, everyone go check it out!!! Congrats bro, we’ll be watching!!! 🥡🐼🥢 @makanasay #dreamworks… https://t.co/1932uYmvzE

Helen ‏@HelenAu08098776

When you come home to find your boyfriend has bought you the new Spyro game and is planning on treating you to a ta… https://t.co/FWxP4NqYr8

gain bts mutuals ‏@Proffxhelp

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Lost Whale ‏@LostWhaleMKE

platecollective is coming to whale!! 🎉❤️🔥🍹🥡 ・・・ Tiki! We will be @lostwhalemke December 23! 5 cocktails & DanDan fo… https://t.co/3uNHMToRXr

Ozarks FOX AM ‏@OzarksFOXAM

What's the top food joint of 2018? We've got the answer on today's National Fast Food Day segment. Thank you to e… https://t.co/aIZ0ebeVfo

þórbjørnúlfr ‏@KuyaL18

@elaizhacarias Chinese takeout 🥡 hahaha joke

JΞRΞMY ☆ BL♜SS ‏@0fficerSoAndSo

@Birdyword @TheStalwart Roast Pork Lomein 🥡

Chilli Banana L'pool ‏@ChilliBananaLvp

TOD MAN PLA - Spicy Thai Fish Cakes served with Cucumber and Peanut Pickle Tonight, £1 from every takeaway order w… https://t.co/FRycTuV4Mc

AmiBel&Art ‏@AmiBelArt

Unless IAmBeestōwHH MiOpinion As I feel itis #AEnlightTruth⚖️ Bias: Ofcourse Mi Opinion, & AU EU Experience, Will… https://t.co/mwMHBRrN3G

Michael Barker ‏@mick_barker

Yo @vietshack, can we still get our friday Quack Fries fix to take out at Ancoats, or do we still need to go to the Arndale? 🥡

David Levesconte ‏@DavidLevescont1

@LBC @10DowningStreet I wouldn't trust may to deliver my takeaway 🥡 unless it was ordered from Brussels?

zoey 📌 love list ‏@wujoonies

[ 🥡 ] . . . making a new love list! since i’ve fallen behind on sending love to my loyalies, i will be making a ne… https://t.co/NptY4ogApP

Hazel🕊 ‏@Haazell0

@chrisvsco Lots of love💛🥡

Beauregard Stonewall Newton-John ‏@DoktorHekyll

@filmabudhabi @Tomcruise678 @TomCruise @2454abudhabi #ThisIsNottheGeorgiaAlienMonkeyHoaxEither #PutHerdown Tiger… https://t.co/zHu6l1Xyyr

Dhlees & Sons Ltd ‏@DhleesSons

GOOD FRIDAY MORNING FOLKS and we are open till 5pm today for all your quality meats and homemade pies and hot food… https://t.co/eEMJLpHUlc


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Lady Gaga ‏@followhelpgaga

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Théo Paul ‏@theopaul

Chinese food delivery 🥡 @ Shanghai, China https://t.co/YSzB185paM

Johnny Flight ㊙️🌳 ‏@JonathonFlight

🍜Eat up Tribe 🍱🥡 https://t.co/jZxykot3NK

Vinny C ‏@VinnyCam05

I Just Liked A Tweet: Migos adding adlibs to Sweet Caroline low key bops 😤 https://t.co/gQ84PuditQ — Tommy 🥡 (tom… https://t.co/uHMDFN21ZO

🤡 ‏@daisyy16__

Best China food in Orlando love it 🌴🥡 https://t.co/nap4yFTBwy

. ‏@HighClassCass

bouta pick up some food and watch the game 🍜🥡

ؘ ‏@ilysejun

🥡. . › click here! ~

Steve ‏@4CASTSteve

China was awesome! #Epcot #Disney ⛩🥡🍶🥢🥟 @ Epcot - Walt Disney World https://t.co/HvriCr74XT

€$t.D¢¢¢xix® ‏@HustlerSociety

Big Trouble in Little China 🥡 Jack Burton v$ Lo Pan 🈴 Warning: Product Not For Use Of Minors #IndieArtBlast… https://t.co/H83F9mmvi3

🕴🏽 ‏@felipelowvibes

All Content In Bio ‼️Go watch my new video out now on YouTube 🎥🥡❤️ - - - - - - - - #NewMusic #IndependentLabel… https://t.co/XLps9fRfmH

mikachu 🤖⚡️ ‏@GoggleBoy

@AmityMouse I feel your pain 🥡

Yellow Green FMkt ‏@YGFarmersMarket

from the_tipsy_floridians - Event: @ygfarmersmarket Hollywood, FL 🌴 - On Our Menu: 🥡 •Crispy Cauliflower Bites •… https://t.co/xLEy9Knpaw

jodie 🌸 ‏@jodie__mae

Chinese & Netflix. I’ve missed my babe 🥡💗💏

Wok'n In Memphis ‏@Wokn_in_Memphis

It’s almost the weekend. That means BRUNCH! Wok’n in Memphis will be sillygoosememphis this Sunday. 12pm-4pm 🥡 - -… https://t.co/fESufdAHgg

car2go Calgary ‏@car2goCalgary

Ginger beef sounds amazing on a cold winter day... But did you know that the dish was created in Calgary?… https://t.co/4QFvpkSwFD

stitchedpanda22 ‏@stitchedpanda22

@TheSupermandude Speak it into existence!!! 🍪🌰🥡🍧🍘🍱🍚🍲🥗🍔🥙🌮🌯

Kwame Green ‏@green_kwame

@ryancameron Blessed Earthstrong Kai 🎂🥡

CourtChrissss♡B ‏@PoshYoungLady

i’m just one big synonym 🥡✨

rudi ;-) ‏@eMbeddedHome

#RDA5981 was still moved 😎 🥡 https://t.co/JirXLiJTnb @UNISOCTech can you say, when are developing tools online aga… https://t.co/9GuUVun4Yk

CruiseDirectorMitch ‏@MitchMerucci

Vacation Mode begins: 27 days in Asia! But first a 22 hour flight📍 #toronto > #beijing > #chengdu > #shaanxi >… https://t.co/x5JyPqTY8W

Tanking4Zion ‏@j2tim3s

Happy birthday my guyy 🥡 @jonnyweaver_ https://t.co/WNRc5Swi4b

AmiBel&Art ‏@AmiBelArt

🥡 & spiritually, the energy, feels MagnificationExposedEnergy & #lookingateABHH, The 'Liaror' Liar or Claimer or… https://t.co/sWgTpeHX5I

AmiBel&Art ‏@AmiBelArt

🥡 ~#Boundaries💜? ~Please ensure YOU stayclear of,Mi Et #PEAceSAFEness.~AmiBelHodgsonHowe-PennWard,?,🌽🕊️&mi,#writing?🕊️🌽

AmiBel&Art ‏@AmiBelArt

🥡 #FMCG ShortOrderFoodUsedByStandards:🍊 #UnclearEnergy of industri IAm or AmNot selfExperiencedselfEducatedselfTra… https://t.co/vTjYkADy1y

AmiBel&Art ‏@AmiBelArt

🥡 #FMCG: I do NOT know of any person annd I have NEVER been friendswith or had a conversation with any person who… https://t.co/HZJGazZcm5

BlonkBiggavellJR🌊📶 ‏@BlonkHarris

This that good takeout 🥡 & Lay Up weather 😌🙌🏾

⋆Ari⋆ ‏@arimari____

babes & i are so cuteeee. we both had cute personal chopsticks sent to each other hehehe 🥡

𝒩𝒾𝓀𝒾𝒶 🔮 ‏@goodi2shoes19

@Womb_Beater_69 Chinese takeout 🥡

Jessica Holoka ‏@lavidaholoka

#Snowday kit: leggings and a comfy shirt, Chinese food 🥡, and a good movie. ❄️ Currently watching:… https://t.co/2bk6GcKZ25

〽️ook ‏@2TGift

good gas ⛽️ and some door dash 😋🥡


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gain bts mutuals ‏@Proffxhelp

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Notso Events ‏@NotsoEvents

T E A S E R T H U R S D A Y 🥡🌱🚀 #COMINGSOON https://t.co/bEscoT8rDo

Law & Border ‏@law_border

@TheaRosacia Yummerss 🥡

CALL ME LUCKY 🎰 ‏@mobluciano

Let me take you out the woods baby 🥡

Jan TJ Tuček ‏@tjey1337

tonite. 🍥🥡 https://t.co/TRijoJ4vhm

❌ Timhortinz 🇨🇦 ‏@Timhortinz

@NineDragons3 @DrTeckKhong Yeah, but Chinese food is so much better than British food! 👍 🥢 🥣 🥡

Heather MacFarlane ‏@hnm732

Happy Birthday Kristy‼️‼️‼️ I love you to the moon and back beautiful‼️‼️🍷🍺🍰🥟🍱🌭🍕🥩🧀🍟🥞🍹🥡 @ Koto Japanese Restaurant https://t.co/LqgbrWskXd

cahaya🦄 ‏@nurinuha

FOODS 🍗🍖🌭🍕🍔🥪🍟🥞🥨🍔🥖🥖🥐🌮🌯🥙🍣🍙🍘🍢🍠🍝🍜🍛🍚🍲🥘🍳🍱🥣🥫🥗🍤🍧🍥🍨🍩🍡🥟🍪🥠🎂🥡🍰🍦🥧🍯🍮🍫🍬😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 https://t.co/ei5wkjhu4R

Syahfira Angela ‏@S_AngelJKT48

DNA que. 🥐 🍙 🍘 🍕 🥖 🍲 🥨 🎂 🥞 🧀 🍪 🍖 🍪 🍗… https://t.co/YITeye1Z4J

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