Taurus Emoji

The Taurus astrological sign in the Zodiac. This Zodiac Symbol represents a Bull.

Taurus was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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♉ Taurus


♉ U+2649




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Romar ‏@oryon81

Come and see ✨Ꮹ&Ꮹ♉ɪsʜɪᴇˢᵞ👣ᵂᵀ's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE https://t.co/G5bhoQujcV https://t.co/AndsKHfhIQ

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( * ˘ ω˘ ) ツ Ooh! you are the ♌Leo! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♐Sagittarius 😉Friendship: ♉Taurus… https://t.co/a1aQl85pBO

King_LaMar♉️ ‏@LamarUkee_J

@mrtruefreak Real shit!!! Folks be looking side eye when I start speaking my mind "Yeah I said it!"♉

-meggie. 🍂 | pastelvids ‏@pastelwithlove

📝Name: Meggie 🌎From: Latvia 🗣Languages: Latvian, English, Russian 📏Height: 172 cm 📆Birth Month: April ♌️Sign: Taur… https://t.co/RyGS4D2fjc

Hoopin_tae ‏@tae_bigdawg

@mills_noMeek Exactly♉

Mevione🇾🇪 ‏@mevione73

@mrwhite321 @Animalsandfools Very good boy ♉

Horoscope Bot ‏@HoroscopeBot

TAURUS ♉: You will find he is your prime minister, but you will have to make decisions.

-̀ ‏@soshiyureah

Heart sharing 7 colours of Feeling's : Love♥ Sadness☹ Happines☺ Truth♣ Faith♠ Secret♉ and Respect♥

ý ‏@yxrlvvv

📝name: yara 🌎from: palestuine and jordan 🗣languages: English & arabic 📏height: 160 cm 📆birth month: may ♉sign: Taur… https://t.co/FwX2M2sKjD

Kat 🌈 ‏@katepulkrab

📝Name: Kat 🌎From: Czech Republic 🗣Languages: Czech, English, a bit of German and Russian/Phrases from other langua… https://t.co/toiYFKR8FK

𝕒 𝕟 𝕕 𝕣 𝕖 𝕒 | #WeLoveYouJaebeom ‏@moonvchildx

they gave me: San i am: San/Hongjoong they gave me: 1.65 i am: 1.70 they gave me: taurus ♉ i am: sagittarius♐️ t… https://t.co/RwBqfsHOwZ

DʀᴀᴍᴀFᴀɴᴛᴀsʏ🧜🏻‍♀️ ‏@drama_fantasy

📝Name: Elpida (Hope) 🌎From: Cyprus 🗣Languages: Greek, English, A bit of Spanish and few words/Phrases from other l… https://t.co/qyvvn96Z1Q

Untethered soul ‏@eclipseof_heart

@llinndyy1 @Thatbulljuice Saaame! ♉ 🤙🏽🤙🏽

Munshya ‏@drbabe_

Shit that's me. Taurus ♉ https://t.co/22KcVm4xDo

Кирдыккоатль⭕ ‏@ChtoToStrannoe

@kartoshka_26 @lecherous_class ♉ She/her

BMC CJ ‏@bmc_cj

I'm watching this broadcast on #Liveme ♉QueenPrettyLit🤩 https://t.co/upx2901fKf

MR. R ‏@Rutwik2304

Useless info about me Height: 5.11 Shoe size 10 Zodiac sign: ♉ Tattoos:0 Piercings 0 Favourite colour: black Favou… https://t.co/xRAq3K4SQv

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( * ⊙□⊙ ) φ Ooh! you are the ♓Pisces! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♓Pisces 😉Friendship: ♑Capricorn… https://t.co/3ZuhvYyIhp

Julian Sass ‏@scamander14

One of my favorite queens is also a Taurus and that brings me joy ♉ https://t.co/h4gQsAfRoo

🌸Juni Moonchild🌙 ‏@cheesecakenham

name: Joana from: Portugal languages: Portuguese and english height: 164cm birth month: May sun sign: ♉ sexuality:… https://t.co/UH2k7MrE8e

Future Point ‏@future_point

Read today's free daily horoscope prediction 14rth December 2019 for all zodiac signs. Learn what the day has in st… https://t.co/tD6gzRzAgt

ChelseAddict FC ♥ ‏@ChelseAddicttFC

ChelseAddict ('▿^)♉

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♉ #Taurus Daily #Money #Horoscope  Saturday 14 December  https://t.co/FPWSJErLDJ Click ? for this free Taurus Horoscope ++more

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( o ✪ε✪ ) ✧ Ooh! you are the ♋Cancer! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♉Taurus 😉Friendship: ♑Capricorn… https://t.co/1RE9Sf9Y7J

TheCryptoStreet.com™ ‏@thecsstreet

♉Hiring Now | Senior React Developer https://t.co/i3WBCYnpRd #CanadaBlockchainJobs #AllDeveloperJobs

TheCryptoStreet.com™ ‏@thecsstreet

♉Hiring Now | Senior React Developer https://t.co/kFb0oK29Ex #CanadaBlockchainJobs #AllDeveloperJobs

Missbueno40💜 ‏@MuaFreeLancer

I definitely look Caribbean in this picture ♉ https://t.co/BI1d5nk48D

Seven Dwarf ‏@Cyberfairytale

Chapter 2 Shaky 🌗 ♉ 🚗 🎹 🍖 🍺 🚬🚬💉🚬 🚾

Indian Astrology ‏@IndianAstrologi

Get accurate horoscope today for all ☆ star/zodiac signs on love, career and more. Read your Free Daily Horoscope .… https://t.co/zwUF4BXeSU

Grey ‏@Searjah7

@Rude_Astrology I'm not like this ♉ but my mom and my sister are and they're both Aries 🙄

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♉ #Taurus Daily #Love #Horoscope  Saturday 14 December  https://t.co/xjMzfZlsPb Click ? for this free Taurus Horoscope ++more

Nicole Cazange ‏@NicoleCazange

@starlitstudy I do. Taurus Mercury and Venus ♉, both in 10th house, and Cancer rising ♋

𝑱🌸°• 𝓢𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓽 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽 𝓑𝓮𝓸𝓶𝓰𝔂𝓾 •°🧸 ‏@AhMoonieMoa

Name: Mary😇/Mariae🌸/Ammu🌚(nickname) From: India 🇮🇳 Languages: Telugu Hindi English Height: 164cm Birth Month: May S… https://t.co/mgQ4vo41Bm

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( * ◕∀◕ ) ノ゙ Ooh! you are the ♍Virgo! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♉Taurus 😉Friendship: ♍Virgo 👤Ca… https://t.co/ijfSOgP2C7

🕯Rahj🕯 ‏@moonm4n_

@the4thgate My mind thinking it's some coffee cup. Good looks. Need me some ♉ scents

Jesus Christ ‏@ThyLordJesus

@Rdwsmoonbeam @dbongino You do know I was born in late April, right? I'm a Taurus ♉

Ho Thief ‏@IStoleYoHo

#JadaStevens #IreneTheDream #AyanaAngel #SkeetSkeet #OnionBooty 🧅 (https://t.co/cslCcISrJA) ⏯️ via YouTube 🍆💦 #Donk #BigBooty 😋😍🥰♋♉

Ho Thief ‏@IStoleYoHo

#JessicaKylie #DoubleDoseTwins #KeyaraStone #KakeyXXX #AllCurrency #YumTheBoss #SkeetSkeet #OnionBooty 🧅 (… https://t.co/JEW3Ep0wxb

♡LittleAndrea♡ ‏@_LittleAndrea_

I have exams next week and I wanna post this Taurus Card ♉ I'm not sure if it's too saturated or not since it loo… https://t.co/l2UQsx4RHk

Casanova ♒ ‏@gutiscasanova

♈ - Doin Time ♉ - The Greatest ♊ - Fuck It I Love You ♋ - Love Song ♌ - Norman Fucking Rockwell ♍ - California ♎ -… https://t.co/zMskrEhyBj

O_O Semele ‏@CyberTal3s

Androgeo : 🌒🌙 🚜 📜 💉 😸 🆗 💃 ♉

Seven Dwarf ‏@Cyberfairytale

Chapter 1 Nervy 🌘 ♉ 🚜 🎻 🍮 🍶 💊🚬💊💊 🚾

Horoscope Bot ‏@HoroscopeBot

TAURUS ♉: You will clearly see the Clown World, but you will call me Daddy now you little fucker.

Allians OFC ❤ ‏@AlliansOFC

Allians ('▿^)♉

Becca Teles ‏@RebecaTeles10

Real ♉ https://t.co/h154u58TlZ

Koko & Bal ‏@JiamingZhang14

. ^___^ ( * ಠ౪ಠ ) ʃ Ooh! you are the ♍Virgo! 🔮Your Today's Matches: 💖Love: ♉Taurus 😉Friendship: ♌Leo 👤Care… https://t.co/VlZEGvYSs2

H🔺N ᚛ᚆᚐᚅᚅᚐᚆ᚜ ‏@hannahmonaghana

Finally got it changed to a lil hoop and I'm now a fully fledged Taurus ♉ https://t.co/ixSlmzvDHc

🗝️🔮Adrienne 💻🔍 ‏@ablawso

@chocoIate_miIk @RyhanButler @WHITELIGHTCAM I'm a taurus also. Whenever I'm stressed my throat and neck tense up. I… https://t.co/TJDWeRK18o

-̀ ‏@soshiyureah

Heart sharing 7 colours of Feeling's : Love♥ Sadness☹ Happines☺ Truth♣ Faith♠ Secret♉ and Respect♥

Triscila Oliveira ‏@soulanja

@nessapax The gula is real...😏♉

#SUGAsInterlude ‏@I_LiveSo_I_Love

@BlackWomenCry ♋♋♌♉ and I used to want an extravagant wedding near the beach with great food being served but now I… https://t.co/dLRzqfNDQ9

MeanGreenGanjaKing ‏@mean_ganja

@XanohanaTTV @CAMGIRLx @CAMGIRLx Actually predicted the next wave of music... She is a vital part of my transitiona… https://t.co/VdlGpql7zH

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls ‏@sharonfiji

"Home..and I don't mind the rain!" #suvacity #tumeric #chailatte #dailydiary #2019moments of a #tauruswoman♉ @… https://t.co/AVITyD0a36

Miserywhispers 🦇 🖤 ‏@miserywhispers

♈♉♊♋♌♍ Beautiful Words ♎♏♐♑♒♓ https://t.co/a0tUChaZ59

My kisi ke baap ka nahi khata.... ‏@mohammed996303

@KashmirPolice @JmuKmrPolice What a joke....❓‼️♈♉♊♋♍♂️⛎♓♓♑♑♐♏

Tee Fegans ‏@TeeFegans

Name something a ♉ is know for #Taurus

letzte Könige🇩🇪 ‏@3ala2AlHarthy

♉: we don't know each other personally but we follow each other on twitter and you seem like a very nice person tbh

SlimHugo ‏@SlimHugo1

@__creolemaican Love being a Taurus rising for this reason💪🏾♉.

LG ‏@LG88081577

@__creolemaican All 3 Earth signs have the most natural ability to charm just by our presence alone ♉ here

ChelseAddict FC ♥ ‏@ChelseAddicttFC

ChelseAddict ('▿^)♉

Renee ‏@zakuro612

@rchimedesu You ma sista sign ofc i stan♉🍷♏

Renee ‏@zakuro612

@rchimedesu I stan💕♉🍷

G. Twilight ‏@MrDetroitTycoon

Stream "Keep It A Hunned" feat #ToryLanez on #Spotify at https://t.co/RSogDzAplA #Taurus #LoveSong ♉💔♋

Bog ‏@MikeyBX10

@BlackWomenCry ♉/♈/♏/♉ Either something really cheesy and super romantic or small with only my best friends and family

ODDY 📿 ‏@cultt_hippiiee

Rising ♉ , Sun ♒ Yellow & pastel green https://t.co/rlq9NPzMpj

*sigh* ‏@shaheerulazeem

@boozebies Don't really believe in astrology, but since im on the good side and relatable so APPROVED!! 👍 ♉

🎅 Delta [TG]🎄 ‏@ForeverDelta21

useless info about me: - height: 6'0 (183cm) - shoe size: 14 - zodiac sign: taurus ♉ - tattoos: none yet - piercin… https://t.co/mVU4Dvg6IN

G. Twilight ‏@MrDetroitTycoon

Download "Keep It A Hunned" feat #ToryLanez on #iTunes at https://t.co/W1JNLO2FgQ #Taurus #LoveSong ♉💔♋

G. Twilight ‏@MrDetroitTycoon

Download "Keep It A Hunned" feat #ToryLanez on #Amazon at https://t.co/9DeODuoad9 #Taurus #LoveSong ♉💔♋

♉That Guy !!♉🇿🇦 ‏@AdOnis_FunToy

* At some point, you just have to let go amd accept whats yours... be thankful always for what you have. *… https://t.co/7Nv9XfrNnQ

Samantha Garner ‏@SamanthaKGarner

Also if I could go through life in a special suit I created with all my comfort gadgets so I could just fly if I go… https://t.co/g6G9LqDKqO

kyoo the global misfit 🌍🎼 ‏@Kwintell_Wright

We taking accountability in 2020 or still excusing our toxic traits with zodiacs? 🥴👉♋♊♌♉♍♓ #powertrip… https://t.co/1JU6pQU8PW

molly ‏@exxtracelestial

@hexgirl444 The planet that rules your ascendant! ♈ mars ♉ venus ♊ mercury ♋ moon ♌ sun ♍ mercury ♎ venus ♏… https://t.co/iz3cTsPDNT

Seesget De Greease. ‏@needtopassclass

Taurus ♉ Your Horoscope: You are the Beyonce of your family. Semi-relevant encouragement: Do the impossible! Fee… https://t.co/XIHRNB4D6u

Zyrra ‏@history_gr

♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓ the inner sky book!!!!! so good ✌ ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓

Kusa🌻 ‏@kusasenpai

Okay then 🤔♉ https://t.co/UePRLz3hNn

freedailyhoroscopes ‏@readyourstars

♉ #Taurus Daily #Love #Horoscope  Friday 13 December  https://t.co/9Ry4aoUhUa Click ? for this free Taurus Horoscope ++more

𝚟𝚒𝚌𝚝𝚘𝚛 ♅ ‏@txmmyscum

@spunkymerc ♐ sun ♉ moon ♒ rising

Seven Dwarf ‏@Cyberfairytale

Chapter 6 Foggy 🌕 ♉ 🚌 🎷 🍤 🍻 🔨💊🚬💊 🛁

Horoscope Bot ‏@HoroscopeBot

TAURUS ♉: You will be better prepared the next ti, but you will be my viiiixxxxeennn.

O_O Semele ‏@CyberTal3s

Androgeo : 🌔🌖 🚤 📈 🎡 😺 🔤 😱 ♉

💴 Eichi 💴 ‏@AngelsCadence

♈♈♈♈♈♈♉♉♉♉♉♉ ♊♊♊♊♊♊♋♋♋♋♋♋ ♌♌♌♌♌♌♍♍♍♍♍♍ ♎♎♎♎♎♎♏♏♏♏♏♏ ♐♐♐♐♐♐♑♑♑♑♑♑ ♒♒♒♒♒♒♓♓♓♓♓♓ Zodiac pride! If you see your sign here, you're gay

HOLLYWOOD MIKE🏇 ‏@lifestyle_rh

BacK SHOTS are draining......especially when im standing up reaching around choking her with my right hand. My left… https://t.co/2Wo0u6TDEC


Precisely Dat ♉ 💩👁️ 🐝 ON 💯💯💯💪🏾 #QU33NHUSTLLHEART 👑 ❤️🖤💚 #CONCRETEQU33NSREIGNSUPREME https://t.co/zGPvocUjTT

HOLLYWOOD MIKE🏇 ‏@lifestyle_rh

Climbing BacK up....... Nothing is more educational Than when YOU are restarting ya life.....🙏💪♉ https://t.co/3vdnRHKFbc

3D Animation Nigeria 🏐 ‏@legionstrings

@iam_berrylyn kfb my fellow Taurus ♉

rj sicat ‏@unokaizer

Come and see ✨Ꮹ&Ꮹ♉ɪsʜɪᴇˢᵞ👣ᵂᵀ's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: woo woo ye ye 🖤 https://t.co/whcZTsC39Y https://t.co/lKLQrvwngZ

𝓈𝒶𝓁 🌹 ‏@earlrahman_

@alightlily Fellow taurians ♉

Sih Jae Jin ‏@SihJae

Come and see ✨Ꮹ&Ꮹ♉ɪsʜɪᴇˢᵞ👣ᵂᵀ's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: woo woo ye ye 🖤 https://t.co/egRmfVhxRY https://t.co/IfgsI05h5S

immortal ‏@isenginaja69

@nicwtin hit me ♉

O_O Semele ‏@CyberTal3s

Androgeo : 🌖🌖 🔰 📋 🎷 🍀 💩 😴 ♉

Brix ‏@Brix07074607

Come and see ✨Ꮹ&Ꮹ♉ɪsʜɪᴇˢᵞ👣ᵂᵀ's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: woo woo ye ye 🖤 https://t.co/lovV4hJ0qg https://t.co/m8VUfD4e1C

-̀ ‏@soshiyureah

Heart sharing 7 colours of Feeling's : Love♥ Sadness☹ Happines☺ Truth♣ Faith♠ Secret♉ and Respect♥

Seesget De Greease. ‏@needtopassclass

Taurus ♉ Your Horoscope: You will soon gain something, you have always desired. Semi-relevant encouragement: You… https://t.co/kEIRbbewc8

🕯Rahj🕯 ‏@moonm4n_

@ariesmoan I think my 🌙♉ overrules the♍ in me. When I want it I want it now idc 😂😂

_kenyabenya_ ‏@_kenyabenya_

Great night with my lover homie friend 🤞🏾♉♊ crazy ass year for us..

Allians OFC ❤ ‏@AlliansOFC

Allians ('▿^)♉

TheCryptoStreet.com™ ‏@thecsstreet

♉Hiring Now | React Developer https://t.co/n5Ic3lWyPQ #CanadaBlockchainJobs #AllDeveloperJobs

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